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File 150188483740.png - (99.75KB , 160x159 , Hate this.png )
2148 No. 2148 [Edit]
I can't beat Perfect Cherry Blossom on easy.

Should I give up on touhou games forever?
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>> No. 2149 [Edit]
Are you using a gamepad or keyboard? Maybe try switching it up. Just keep at it anyway, practice makes perfect. Helps to remember you don't really need to move around that much, and you may want to avoid being distracted by stuff at the top of the screen and just focus on lower half where your charter should be.
>> No. 2150 [Edit]

I tried out both but mostly keyboard. The farthest I've gotten is Yuyuko for both keyboard and gamepad but I feel most comfortable having to perform specific movements with a keyboard.

Losing Hometown "Lost Soul's Village -Fatal Sin-", Deadly Dance "Law of Mortality -Dead Butterfly-" and Subtle Melody "Repository of Hirokawa -Ghost-" are the attacks that give me the most trouble, I've never gotten farther than that.

I've tried out both sets for Reimu and Sakuya.
>> No. 2151 [Edit]
Hold shift for focused movement. Bomb more.
>> No. 2153 [Edit]
Marisa B and Sakuya A are the easiest PCB characters in my opinion. I know that's a bit idiosyncratic and I might get shit for it; Reimu is the de facto "easiest" character, but that's how I personally managed to get through the game. I found I got a lot farther on those setups, and with more ease than the others.

Marisa B does a load of damage so boss fights are over in a way shorter amount of time - It's like a difference of 3 or 5 seconds, but that's a long time in Touhou. It's a bit hard to control her but her bomb clears entire portions of stages, it's really good during stage 6 when the screen is getting full. It also lasts something like 5 seconds.
Sakuya A is honestly bordering cheez-level simplicity. She doesn't do a lot of damage but her focused shot homes in from basically any part of the screen (aside from really weird positions), she also has the entirety of the screen covered with her fully powered unfocused shot.

Reimu gets a lot more cherry points due to losing far less from bombing but I find the latter sequences a little harder on her owing to her lack of speed and damage. Bombing as Reimu feels a bit less impactful than Marisa B, who has the best bomb in the game (IMO), and her homing shot is less advantageous compared to Sakuya A.

The Prismriver Sister you fight depends on which one you do the most damage to. I personally think of Lyrica (the red one) as the easiest.

It seems obvious but you should get as many cherries as possible, because the invulnerability is really valuable during the latter half - That system makes PCB the easiest Touhou game in my eyes. People claim IN is easiest but that's not valid past normal - it's difficulty scales really intensely in my experience. PCB doesn't scale as hard and has the cherry system. But the extra/phantasm stages are pretty crazy; I still can't beat Yukari without continues.

Use practice mode, and don't play on Easy anymore. That's actually how you get better. I'd also recommend actually going a level up in difficulty when you're encountering trouble/getting stuck, if you manage to reach stage 3 on hard/lunatic mode without continuing, reaching stage 3 with no deaths/bombs/acquiring all of the lives possible on normal becomes really easy.

You should also learn how to prevent deaths by bombing - If you bomb RIGHT as the "pshoon" sound is going off there are iframes that prevent your death. It's probably the only time you -should- bomb in survival runs but do it as you see fit.

Watch replays and figure out what you did wrong, even if it was some unlucky mistake, like flying right into a bullet that was in front of you, it helps to know where that bullet came from. Try to focus on the entire screen instead of just your character and predict the paths of the patterns.

If you're having trouble don't feel bad, it took me a couple of months to 1cc my first Touhou game.

Have fun, remember to take breaks if it gets too frustrating.

Post edited on 8th Aug 2017, 4:07am
>> No. 2155 [Edit]
File 150208078319.jpg - (179.89KB , 640x600 , d8e9b55c069320542803cebef75c6c842604cc7a.jpg )
OP here, I beat the game but I got the bad ending because I continued. Those ghosts better be happy with their spring.

I don't think this game franchise is for me, it's just too difficult and all of the characters that I have read about or encountered seem like horrible people to me with the music being the only thing that gives me any incentive to continue playing the games.
>> No. 2156 [Edit]
I almost got through easy without having to continue but it fell apart at Yuyuko. I'm mad.
>> No. 2157 [Edit]
Elitist here, don't be one of those losers that just likes the music but can't beat the games. Nobody starts out good at shmups. You can do it!

Seconding what the other Anon said about using Sakuya A. If you haven't used her, give it a shot.
>> No. 2252 [Edit]
I wonder if OP ever got his 1cc or really gave up.
>> No. 2274 [Edit]
File 156829159832.png - (15.87KB , 2142x1162 , why.png )
Only managed to do EoSD on easy, with no continues that is.
I've playing the old 98 games and trying to get through LLS on normal, I was feeling like maybe it was possible to beat it, and indeed for the first time I managed to get to the Last Stage, after beating Yuuka. I got that far twice, but never passed it. Yesterday I was doing a very good run and was at Marisa, in the very middle of the fight, when out of nowhere this shit happens. Does anyone have any idea of what the hell is this? I tried pressing all the keys there were on the keyboard but non would work.
>> No. 2275 [Edit]
File 156829187467.png - (7.91KB , 639x480 , why cropped.png )
>> No. 2278 [Edit]
The message translates to "It'd be good if you didn't recklessly hit the 'stop' key. (While in game.) (You can return by pressing the 'stop' key.)"
In your case it probably means the emulator screwed up somehow. I got the same message in HRtP because I didn't have the discs in correctly or something. Either way the error message itself won't be any help.
That, or you really DID accidentally press the 'stop' key, although I don't even know where that would be on the keyboard so that's probably not the case.
>> No. 2279 [Edit]
Thanks. Yeah, that makes sense, it must have been a bug on the emulator.
>> No. 2315 [Edit]
File 157903569050.png - (61.27KB , 640x480 , finalmente cropped .png )
>>2275 here.
Finally. No continues, on normal.
I feel this big sense of accomplishment.
Let this be the first of many to come, it was worth the effort.
Near the end, I ran out of bombs and had no lives, luckily I was granted a extend, that really saved me.
>> No. 2316 [Edit]
File 157906526379.jpg - (329.42KB , 688x1123 , 029321f44bf5187cd30f6ecc5be0473c53c381e2.jpg )
Good job anon. Reimu is very happy for your achievements.
I haven't played Touhou in a bit, almost 1cc'd Fuujinroku and then fucked up at the finish line then haven't played since because I got sidetracked. Maybe I'll try playing it again soon.
>> No. 2318 [Edit]
I'm thinking on giving up anything beyond Mountain of Faith. I can 1cc EoSD on normal, and I can beat PCB and IN, I have good hope of getting the good endings here too.
But MoF and everything beyond it feel like a huge shift in difficulty and design, I feel like I'll have an easier time with the extra stages in the earlier games.
Also touhou music is so much more fun to listen to when you are actually getting through the games.

Post edited on 30th Mar 2020, 6:33pm

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