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File 142638122856.jpg - (499.03KB , 1200x1500 , 13_03_2015.jpg )
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>> No. 3807 [Edit]
File 142638148656.png - (2.32MB , 1654x2339 , 8a29f37fade1bb5a9513c117f1a8300e.png )
>> No. 3808 [Edit]
File 142638152367.png - (641.63KB , 700x700 , b91990028280379527c1cc6732da3fd1.png )

File 142501348845.jpg - (291.37KB , 475x872 , awesome kanikani.jpg )
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Anyone still have the original of this picture? I've been trying to get it back all day. Not even the wayback machine was any help. Artist is kanikani.
>> No. 3802 [Edit]
File 142503765365.jpg - (110.88KB , 704x987 , book32b.jpg )
Looks like a really old doujin cover, in which case its probably that a higher resolution didn't even exist in the first place.

Post edited on 27th Feb 2015, 3:55am
>> No. 3803 [Edit]
Not looking for the book scans. I'm looking for the image used on the cover from before that.

File 129231437423.jpg - (1.21MB , 1200x1600 , 38e9f83533f9ee72d8f6a67a0b6b2995.jpg )
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ITT, post your fetish.
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>> No. 3511 [Edit]
File 141007360511.jpg - (431.94KB , 1200x1728 , MAGNUM_KOISHI_COMPLETE_037.jpg )
My main fetishes:
Ahegao, Amputee (Quad or legs mainly), Anal, Catgirls, Blind girls, Bondage, Exhibitionism (Seen or unseen), Femdom, Forniphilia, Futa on futa / female / male, Futa exhibitionism, Time stop, Group sex, Gender swapping, Body swapping, Guro (Body part removal) / Cannibalism, Gyaru, Impregnation, Incest (Siblings, cousins, daughter-father, mother-son, mother-daughter, bonus points for multiple at once), Irrumatio, Large / impossible insertions, Loli, Nakadashi, NTR, Shotacon, Omorashi, Prolapse, Public use, Rape, Scat, Tentacle, Tomboy, Torture, Urethral insertion, Vanilla, Yaoi, Yuri

And some of my favorite artists + circles in these genres:
Kurenai Yuuji, Minazuki Juuzou, Juan Gotoh, Mizuryu Kei, ShindoL, Takemura Sesshu, Uziga Waita, Sumomo Dou, Kokonoki Nao, Tsukino Jyogi, Charu, Kiai Neko, ACTIVA, Akai Mato, Uchi-Uchi Keyaki, Kanyapyi, Fue, Ishigaki Takashi, Takumi na Muchi, Radiohead, Mayonnaise, kasuga, Uno Makoto, Piririnegi, Tokimachi Eisei, rt., Behind Moon, Seura Isago, Yukimi, Kurosaki Bunta, Kizuki Aruchu, Aji Pontarou, Yamaura Shou, Watosato, Shimaji (Cannabis), Homunculus, Distance, Suehirogari, Hisasi, Yuzuki N Dash, Saikawa Yusa, Nakamura Kanko, Satsuki Itsuka, Inuboshi, Rustle, Yamazaki Kazuma, Jin (MTSP), Takenoko Seijin, Takashiro Go-ya, John K. Peta, Oyster, Asanagi, Yami ni Ugomeku, Ootsuka Reika, Hino Hino, Aita Nikov, Yamatogawa, NaPaTa, Nanairo Koubou, Nagi Ichi, and Makuro.

I'm pretty sure I've masturbated to every genre at this point. I just really like hentai and doujins and as long as it's hot and the art is good I'll masturbate to it.
>> No. 3514 [Edit]
>I just really like hentai and doujins and as long as it's hot and the art is good I'll masturbate to it.
Same, I can appreciate almost anything if it's good. Femdom and ballbusting are my main fetishes though. Also loli if that counts as one.
>> No. 3632 [Edit]
File 14154298776.jpg - (167.47KB , 707x1000 , Red.jpg )
>> No. 3693 [Edit]
File 141828234876.jpg - (648.98KB , 950x1400 , 26.jpg )
I can fap to a lot of things but I guess my favorites are traps, ss and femdom as heavy as it gets

File 133550373622.jpg - (248.80KB , 986x1400 , 009.jpg )
2670 No. 2670 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Post what you have learned from hentai.

I've learned that when a guy cums in a girl, waves of flowing white liquid shoot past the cervix and fill her oddly spacious uterus.
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>> No. 3170 [Edit]
File 138149528595.jpg - (252.63KB , 1055x1500 , zechess.jpg )
Swimsuits hide nothing
>> No. 3561 [Edit]
Even if the dialogue says a girl swallows it all, cum comes spewing out of her mouth and gets everywhere. This one really irritates me. All the cum lines ruin the lines of the girl's curves.
>> No. 3573 [Edit]
if my girlfriend gets raped, i should be angry if she enjoyed it.
>> No. 3665 [Edit]

File 140209336510.jpg - (947.36KB , 1278x1818 , Image000.jpg )
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>> No. 3468 [Edit]
File 14024434921.jpg - (841.07KB , 1416x2013 , Image118.jpg )
>> No. 3469 [Edit]
File 140244350757.jpg - (502.13KB , 1376x2033 , Image119.jpg )
>> No. 3470 [Edit]
File 140244352448.jpg - (696.34KB , 1308x2020 , Image120.jpg )
>> No. 3645 [Edit]
File 141594987768.jpg - (216.54KB , 787x1000 , rosebnw.jpg )
Urushihara Satoshi

File 141325063489.jpg - (119.40KB , 1024x768 , loli.jpg )
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>> No. 3586 [Edit]
delivery wills start after 10 requests

File 141316056025.jpg - (206.44KB , 1360x920 , tomo.jpg )
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File 134208867426.jpg - (356.70KB , 675x900 , fbdf2b77b5fc18e84b31beded41c4b4747d0e6ba.jpg )
2774 No. 2774 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
ITT: The picture you have fapped to the most, and why.

Me, I love this picture. Its simple, but so many subtle features make this so incredibly hot. I love the look of her lithe, slender body- the curve of her hips drive me crazy and I love the shape of those breasts. I love the wispiness of her hair. I love her expression and the gleam in her eyes. The angle is perfect. My only complaint would be the dark figure is slightly too obtrusive.
28 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3479 [Edit]
File 140376006736.jpg - (283.43KB , 1484x1600 , ad5657c9172275323c4b38b8b1f02c2a.jpg )
I can't assure you that this is the one I fapped to the most, but I'm sure it's amongst them. This, and almost every other NGE drawing by this same artist. He has quite a nice style and approach to his scenes.
>> No. 3498 [Edit]
File 140690016612.jpg - (510.75KB , 1126x1600 , yRise.jpg )
>> No. 3499 [Edit]
File 140690261516.jpg - (651.55KB , 1444x1070 , yorg.jpg )
>> No. 3502 [Edit]
File 140752798953.png - (584.13KB , 750x650 , 10680444.png )
I know, I'm a freak.

I just like slave girls being mated with monsters or livestock, likely to conceive its babies.

File 129378118892.jpg - (492.98KB , 1936x1016 , dutch_wife.jpg )
702 No. 702 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I preferred not to post this on /mai/. The question is: if you could afford it, design it completely at your own content (presumably your waifu's) and disregard of your family (or any pretext alike),

Would you keep a Dutch Wife?
Would you use it sexually?
21 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3056 [Edit]
File 137419168761.jpg - (39.58KB , 540x350 , dollho-body-doll-onahole-set-4.jpg )
Now, this is an acceptable option: the beauty of a DD you put together yourself plus the "upgrade".
>> No. 3058 [Edit]
File 137420804012.jpg - (32.79KB , 480x480 , aee3f09682a748c17a48a1b6d859da01fadaf1c2.jpg )
The Booru, with several examples of usage for educational purposes (beware LOTS of pen0r):
>> No. 3204 [Edit]
File 138337194144.jpg - (62.58KB , 689x876 , 060 - VDD.jpg )
I just tried it for the first time today, Type VDD. It was the first onnahole I've ever used and I must say, as far a as physical sensation goes, it does feel pretty much like the real thing, for good or bad (women are honest to god useless at this time and age); just a little short of sorts, but with the right push you can get the entire thing in (I'm about 4.5 inches, though). So if you also love dolls and wanna try their erotic possibilities, this is a great deal.
>> No. 3484 [Edit]
I have to say the VDD+ DD is a great deal considering the full size dolls are upwards of a few thousand. And the smaller size is much easier to manage, and tuck away if you don'
t live alone.
I'll have to take his word for it on the realism because I really don't have anything to compare it to, but it feels pretty damn good.

File 139393851599.jpg - (861.86KB , 1292x1288 , 1393922410722.jpg )
3269 No. 3269 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Gentlemen, I have discovered the wonders of straight shota.

What are you thoughts on it? I really like the feeling of being enveloped in a motherly/big sisterly love. That warm feeling of being loved and every worry taken care of. That must feel really good.

I wonder if shota is less illegal than loli. It certainly feels less wrong. Sort of like its good for the boy rather than emotionally scarring or whatever.
>> No. 3270 [Edit]
File 139398508767.jpg - (133.93KB , 850x1133 , 1392960514007.jpg )
>I wonder if shota is less illegal than loli.
It's equally legal.
> It certainly feels less wrong. Sort of like its good for the boy rather than emotionally scarring or whatever.
This is the justification for a male teacher (age 30+) having sex with a female student (age 17-) and being arrested for 15+ years and put on the sex offender list, whereas a female teacher (age 30+) having sex with a male student(age 17-) means the woman is fired (no criminal charges), and if she gets pregnant, can get child support from the student's parents until he is 18, at which time it becomes his responsibility.
>> No. 3272 [Edit]
Neither shota nor loli are particularly my thing, but it can be okay in certain circumstances.
>> No. 3438 [Edit]
File 140224089685.jpg - (339.75KB , 1142x1600 , 17_Clutch_of_the_Scylla_017.jpg )
Why do monstergirls and /ss/ go together so well?

File 139918888647.jpg - (60.85KB , 500x500 , 1399183754749.jpg )
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