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File 131283475574.jpg - (695.42KB , 1077x1600 , 03a.jpg )
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[Karma Tatsurou] Gags and Erotica Made Fresh Daily - Free Snack Sample [ENG]
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>> No. 4307 [Edit]
File 14670294034.jpg - (248.28KB , 693x1000 , g20160805.jpg )
Oh mama
>> No. 4354 [Edit]
File 147346539995.jpg - (568.02KB , 1280x1860 , 20160912.jpg )
Ara ara
>> No. 4371 [Edit]
File 147588792369.gif - (0.98MB , 598x448 , 20161024Ryu.gif )
>> No. 4450 [Edit]
File 148823899242.png - (387.58KB , 430x583 , A job for my Loofa.png )
goddamn this made me laugh

File 140255521469.jpg - (185.30KB , 1548x1114 , 28fac34010388e42c2534d4c48d21e26.jpg )
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>> No. 4706 [Edit]
File 156259751117.jpg - (215.85KB , 850x1229 , y1.jpg )
>> No. 4733 [Edit]
File 157275199778.jpg - (180.09KB , 1105x537 , 0domrand.jpg )
Darkest Dungeon
“In those younger years my home was a hive of unbridled hedonism, a roiling apiary where instinct and impulse were indulged with wild abandon. A bewitching predator slipped in amidst the swarm of tittering sycophants.”
>> No. 4813 [Edit]
File 161509034664.jpg - (325.04KB , 1337x945 , sample-2c3b6697e7c3a66aebee0cdd9a15f37b.jpg )
>> No. 5009 [Edit]
There's a dearth of artists/mangaka that do cute/ warm yuri bdsm. The two I'm aware of are Maguro Shining and nonz-radznish (epicary radz)

File 129231437423.jpg - (1.21MB , 1200x1600 , 38e9f83533f9ee72d8f6a67a0b6b2995.jpg )
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ITT, post your fetish.
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>> No. 5005 [Edit]
File 170452846330.jpg - (462.60KB , 490x700 , 03b4f6534b6e243cdf3edb9ae84e22ab.jpg )
It's also good for your health.
>> No. 5006 [Edit]
File 170452851049.jpg - (0.98MB , 1568x2085 , b1a17a4746cf964b9f84248713321c1f.jpg )
>> No. 5007 [Edit]
File 170469217016.jpg - (554.11KB , 1328x1982 , Smaller.jpg )
Correct, seeing well-built women squat is extremely good for my health.
>> No. 5008 [Edit]
File 170469443787.jpg - (229.31KB , 1200x1495 , 0a3d0d1461e6b43b83252f1bd71c15af.jpg )

File 128910106731.jpg - (164.15KB , 640x800 , 1248065600861.jpg )
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>> No. 4965 [Edit]
File 16869212098.jpg - (28.25KB , 525x293 , 20230620.jpg )
oh my
>> No. 4977 [Edit]
File 168985325156.jpg - (40.93KB , 792x533 , 20230724.jpg )
my reaction
>> No. 4990 [Edit]
File 169262084658.jpg - (91.59KB , 1088x327 , clkda.jpg )
>> No. 5002 [Edit]
File 170056683527.jpg - (305.10KB , 1550x960 , Clipboard01.jpg )
oh my dear Celestine

File 132546434918.jpg - (314.52KB , 1000x1399 , zxxx.jpg )
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Nice to see the end of 2011...

Happy new year 2012!
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>> No. 4902 [Edit]
File 164825324831.jpg - (87.93KB , 613x952 , 20220327.jpg )
tsuki no i-min <3 azure lane
>> No. 4919 [Edit]
File 166337663949.jpg - (78.78KB , 756x1260 , aplay (5).jpg )
>> No. 5000 [Edit]
File 169910185492.jpg - (594.73KB , 1280x1812 , 20231103.jpg )
>> No. 5001 [Edit]
File 169920605155.jpg - (181.21KB , 989x1400 , 1699063567462.jpg )

File 135565969647.jpg - (578.35KB , 1263x1803 , SaHa_Crowded_Train_02.jpg )
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Post what you last fapped to.

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>> No. 4925 [Edit]
File 166703721152.jpg - (293.35KB , 893x1500 , bb.jpg )
>> No. 4964 [Edit]
File 168692079221.jpg - (297.98KB , 1080x866 , 20230620.jpg )
oh yes
>> No. 4970 [Edit]
File 168830233364.jpg - (322.47KB , 1064x1500 , 2_toph.jpg )
Comic MILF
>> No. 4999 [Edit]
File 169910122060.jpg - (74.79KB , 1280x905 , 20231105.jpg )
CLeater 20231104

File 168686032059.jpg - (311.76KB , 1393x1087 , 38a92f6228480c98b6637f40c6b3c8fb.jpg )
4962 No. 4962 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
For which waifu would you gladly become a cuckold? Personally, that would be Karin. Look at her, if she were to be looking at me like that, I would instantly obey any wish she wants, fuck, the thought of being submissive cuck to her makes me so excited. Gosh, I fucking love her so much.

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>> No. 4980 [Edit]
I think the natural cycle of the body is somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks, usually ending in a wet dream.
>> No. 4985 [Edit]
File 169060357888.jpg - (73.68KB , 666x666 , __shinsei_kamattechan_drawn_by_gomennasai__85c8ec8.jpg )
There goes, uhh, 12 days? I blame whoever posted >>4982, dammit
>> No. 4989 [Edit]
File 169065040052.png - (224.58KB , 507x503 , Tomoko_Dogeza.png )
>I blame whoever posted >>4982, dammit
My apologies.
>> No. 4997 [Edit]
Went back to doing it regularly a while ago, sorry for giving only two updates

File 15794674681.jpg - (173.04KB , 600x800 , b73a19178bb6de16c3c4e1639eebd1e9.jpg )
4739 No. 4739 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you ever wonder how much you like your fetishes because they're taboo, and how much you like them for their own sake? I've always liked shota, but I only got interested in loli after finding out more about how contentious it is. Even then, I only get off to it easily if they have some womanly proportions. So do I just like it for the thrill? I don't know. After reading a bunch of threads about how disgusting 3DPD is and repulsive all their imperfections are, suddenly i'll feel in the mood for 3D porn even though it bores me most of the time and really only a small minority of people feel that way about it. Other people think it's gross and that might be what's exciting.

I'm terrified of insects, but if I stare at some types for long enough, maybe they actually look kind of cool and a little mechanical. Or maybe they're just disgusting. All those disgusting little details on a person suddenly have some odd appeal to them. Maybe 2D is too perfect and dull. Or maybe 3D people and their flaws are off-putting and disappointing. Disgust and attraction shift around in my head. Some stuff does just disgust me all the time though.
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>> No. 4993 [Edit]
i have a hard time understanding why many things within the context of anime, manga, games, and stories are considered "taboo", it all feels arbitrary to me.
people who only like loli, or really anyone who likes anything because it's "controversial" and makes other people upset get on my nerves, it feels like they're faking their enjoyment of it and that always bothers me. it's like when people only like something because it's popular, or because someone told them to like it.
i don't get how people can't enjoy something just for their own sake. i just think lolis are cute and flat chests are hot.
>> No. 4994 [Edit]
Most people don't live in a vacuum and are influenced by others in a variety of ways. Enjoying things because of those influences isn't being "fake".
>> No. 4995 [Edit]
i didn't mean to imply that, i think it's nice when a person's enthusiasm about something rubs off on others and gets people into that thing, i meant specifically the scenario of "i don't actually like it, i just pretend i do because it filters people i don't like/because it's a funny meme on the internet".
OP even mentions that he can only get off to lolis if they have "womanly proportions"; at that point, i'm not sure if that counts as liking something if there has to be some condition for you to like it. it strikes me as fake, and i hate people like that.
>> No. 4996 [Edit]
I am OP, and I don't think my fetishes are fake. Arousal is a biological response. You can't fake it. And if a loli has a big ass, do you lose attraction to them? What if they're obese and covered in hair? If so, that means you also have conditions.

Post edited on 30th Sep 2023, 10:17am

File 138179936285.jpg - (268.80KB , 771x416 , T&A.jpg )
3176 No. 3176 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Ok, /ns/, this is it. Time for the hardest decision of your life.

You can only have one.
Which one will it be?
Tits or Ass?
76 posts and 59 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4886 [Edit]
File 163542511456.png - (109.27KB , 263x260 , aa2.png )
Bobby Li
>> No. 4908 [Edit]
it depends honestly. usually i would go tits but the pic you put in the main post would make me say ass.
>> No. 4961 [Edit]
File 16861405824.jpg - (196.21KB , 951x1000 , 2b00.jpg )
Ass -nudtawut_thongmai & mad_kimo
>> No. 4992 [Edit]
File 169601931744.jpg - (252.80KB , 700x1400 , c6f6eed50be2275f0d42df34aa6464b0.jpg )
my answer might be a bit out there, but...
i'll take flat tits...AND flat ass!

File 169057206382.png - (514.96KB , 1366x768 , spnatipng.png )
4982 No. 4982 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Strip poker night at the inventory is a game where you play 5 card strip poker with many different characters. You can even make your own. The greatest thing about this game is the interactions between the characters. Depending on the opponents you choose they change, and they can be hilarious. But also, sometimes you can choose poorly and the interactions are not that funny. Pic related was a very funny game I had. It's a fun browser game to play.
>> No. 4983 [Edit]
I was thinking about this game the other day. I played this some years ago. It's pretty fun. Wonder if there are many new characters.
>> No. 4984 [Edit]
Too bad I have no idea how to play poker.
>> No. 4986 [Edit]
Nor do I. There's a small guide in the FAQ, but you can mostly just fumble your way around and still get somewhere. It's partly luck-based, as I understand.
>> No. 4987 [Edit]
It's not too difficult. Keep cards of the same value (say, two 4's) and get rid of the rest. If you don't have any pairs or greater, just get rid of your three lowest value cards.
That's my strategy.

File 129498640053.jpg - (95.15KB , 875x625 , 1294130736601.jpg )
896 No. 896 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Tentacles? Tentacles.
48 posts and 44 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2490 [Edit]
File 132343175712.jpg - (254.05KB , 696x1000 , z37.jpg )
kirishima satoshi
>> No. 4923 [Edit]
File 166520520919.jpg - (828.23KB , 1600x1116 , Tako_to_ama_retouched.jpg )
You know the famous ancient The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife image? I realized I never looked up the translation for this before. Wikipedia has one, but it feels way too elegant.

Here's another one I found

>Octopus: “Wondering when to do the abduction, but today is the day. At least she’s captured. Even so, this is a plump, good pussy. A greater delicacy than even a potato. Saa, saa, sucking to complete satisfaction, then take her to be imprisoned in the Dragons King Palace.

>Sounds: “Zuu, zubu, zubu, chu!, chu! chu! Zuu, zuu! Fu, fu, fu, fu!”

>Diver: “This hateful octopus, fu, fu, fu, fu…rather, aa, aa..sucking on the surface of the inner mouth of my womb until I’m breathless, aa, eee, I’m coming! By that projecting mouth. By that projecting mouth the open vagina is teased. Oh! Oh! Are, are… What to do? Aa, yoo, oo, oo, oo, ooo, aaree, oo, oo good, oo, good, good, good, haa, aa, good, good, haa, good, fu, fu, fuu, fuu. Again! Yoo, yoo, yoo, yoo. Until now, although people have called me aa, fu, fu, fu, fuu, fuu, fuu…Octopus! Oo, fu, fuu, fuu. Why, why? Ee, ee, this, yo, yo, yo, saadeha, aa, aa, aa!

>Sounds: “Zuu, zuu, zuu, zuu, hicha, hicha, gucha, gucha, pichchu, chu, chu, chu, guu, guu, zuu, zuu.

>Octopus: “Say! How about the feelings of being entwined by eight legs?”

>Commentary: “Juices are flowing like hot water. Nura, nura, nura, doku, doku, doku.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 4939 [Edit]
Ah original source with context seems to be from https://shungagallery.com/hokusais-the-dream-of-the-fishermans-wife/
>> No. 4960 [Edit]
I don't know why but I have a thing for asian women X sea creatures

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