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File 135595217862.jpg - (147.09KB , 511x562 , Koshiro fap.jpg )
2920 No. 2920 [Edit]
So... How much do you fap, /tc/?
How often? (per week, per day... per hour?)
How you feel about it?
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>> No. 2934 [Edit]
what do you need them for?
>> No. 2935 [Edit]
I like looking like a man, thanks.
>> No. 2936 [Edit]
File 135598323329.jpg - (446.02KB , 900x900 , 7f109e643533a82c20d398ba7a2c421d.jpg )
My balls have never gotten sore, I don't know what's wrong with you guys.

Push your dick against the side of your leg with your thumb until you're ready to cum, then pull it out and jerk it to finish on the table. Simple. No ball pain, no exhausting arm movements, no fapping sound.

If you don't care about making a mess, don't pull it out. It's a satisfying orgasm when you haven't jerked at all and just cum from applying pressure; only downside is cum on your leg and pants/underwear.

I masturbate about once a day and only spend about 10 or 15 minutes a day now. I used to spend half the day masturbating sometimes, and I'd ejaculate maybe 3 or 4 times each day. I wish I had no sex drive at all, but my current masturbation habits are not very bothersome.
>> No. 2939 [Edit]
Indeed. Who knows how the body may react and, personally, I do not want to be the little girl.

I mean, yeah: "Your flesh is a relic, a mere vessel..."; the entire biological body is a a despicable prison of the mind, which endlessly rotes and someday will terribly fail. But what I want is to be in full control as man, insofar as a man, certainly not to be a broken one. As a cyborg? well, who knows.
>> No. 2941 [Edit]
A somewhat related question.
How many wet dreams have you ever had?

I had less than ten my whole life. It seems impossible to not fap for so long that one of those happens.
>> No. 2942 [Edit]
yeah, with a complete cyborg body, then I wouldn't mind. No reason to purposefully cripple myself if I can't have one though.
>> No. 2943 [Edit]
I think about five. Last time I had one was maybe a year ago, when I decided to abstain from fapping for a couple of weeks.
>> No. 2944 [Edit]
None that I can remember. But I've had many erotic dreams over my life (most of them ending weird).
>> No. 2945 [Edit]
File 135604542922.png - (815.38KB , 900x900 , 017b0a5c976031efa29cf3c9dabc027b.png )
I don't think that I've even had one at all. The closest thing to that might be when I find myself humping my bed at night when I wake up, but aside from that I don't think I've ever had that.
>> No. 2946 [Edit]
3. One was after I didn't fap for 2 weeks because i was on a family vacation, one was after I didn't fap for 4 days, and the last one was a few weeks ago even though I had masturbated the night before
>> No. 2947 [Edit]
I've had one. It was a dream about touching a girls' butt.
>> No. 2949 [Edit]
Removing your balls isn't going to turn you into a little girl, it'll just turn you into some kind of transexual/eunuch-type thing who probably can't stop their urine from flowing out.
>> No. 2950 [Edit]
Well that's bad enough.
>> No. 2951 [Edit]
File 135612148865.png - (553.98KB , 637x461 , Spoiler Picture.png )
>> No. 2953 [Edit]
Seconding this >>2945 . I've never had one.
>> No. 2959 [Edit]
0-3 times per day.
>> No. 2972 [Edit]
File 135847801373.jpg - (13.80KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
I find that if I don't jerk off for a few days I'll forget all about it. I can go weeks without getting the urge. It sounds all fine and dandy but I absolutely abhor wet dreams, they sound cool but I have no control about what I dream about.

For example In one of my wet dreams I was fucking the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.
>> No. 2975 [Edit]
That's pretty Robot Chicken.
>> No. 2978 [Edit]
File 135894529123.jpg - (350.42KB , 800x600 , aLArt1.jpg )
1 every few days
>> No. 2991 [Edit]
wait, seriously? Tell me more.
>> No. 2996 [Edit]
About that guy? that's pretty much it: he just passingly mentioned it once. I haven't contacted him in years, but I don't think he's doing nearly as bad as we may (he's not a NEET, nor a shut-in).
>> No. 3002 [Edit]
File 136263109044.gif - (894.95KB , 350x233 , mV3MJ.gif )
Future project:

A synthetic device for cyborgs modeled after a conventional and fully sensitive male member, but modified for sexual use as to perform like a Sybian.

Come on, guys, let's make it happen.
Do it for her.
>> No. 3003 [Edit]
I haven't jerked off in weeks.I hope that once I fill my computer screen with hentai that I'll get some urge. Kind of weird that I am forcing myself to do it.
>> No. 3024 [Edit]
every morning wood . It only takes less than 3 minutes to cum and I spend the rest of the day sexually satisfied.

this feels incredibly warm and soft, and it drives me crazy but I can't seem to reach the climax
>> No. 3025 [Edit]
Fapping is my emotion medicine.
Im pretty much dead inside and wouldn't give 2 shits if parents died or something.
But if I go 3 days without a fap I can go for a year.
>> No. 3026 [Edit]
Usually twice a day, first thing in the morning and just before bed.
>> No. 3027 [Edit]
Once a week, if I do it more often I feel slightly empty and tired, if I wait longer I start feeling restless and attracted to live action females.
>> No. 3028 [Edit]
Once a day typically. Sometimes when I'm in the mood, that goes up to 5 times in a row. I don't even have to take breaks then.
>> No. 3029 [Edit]
1-3 times a day. If I happen to not be home the entire day or longer for whatever reason, then I end up not doing it that/those day(s). Probably the longest I've gone without fapping ever since I discovered it was maybe 4 days tops.

Letting it build by not fapping for a day is fun, but it's also annoying and challenging.
>> No. 3035 [Edit]
File 137208787932.png - (81.76KB , 500x359 , tumblr_ly81zeCu3g1r1ckuno1_500[2].png )
5-8 times per day.

I have nothing else to do.
>> No. 3199 [Edit]
Usually 2 to 4 times a day, but right now Im on a break for a day or two. I was starting to spend like 4 hours doing it 3 times in a row and felt worn out afterwards.
>> No. 3224 [Edit]
Once to a few times a day, but I feel it's unhealthy. I'm trying to spread it out more and more, hopefully I can get it down to once a week instead, but it's hard. I'm just always bored with nothing to do but fap.
>> No. 3226 [Edit]
It used to be 2-5 times a day. Now it's slowed down to once every few days - once a week unless I'm feeling extraordinarily horny. Last week I fapped 3 times in one day and I felt so sore and worn out afterwards. I wonder how much of the libido loss is the depression and how much if it is no longer being a teenager.

Probably around five... I think of three that I can distinctly remember although there are parts of my adolescence that I really do not remember very well/at all. I have had loads of erotic dreams though; I'd say around a third to half of the dreams I've had since I was seven or so have been erotic in some way.
>> No. 3241 [Edit]
4-5 times a day.
>> No. 4230 [Edit]
Love that picture <3 Rei-chan is my waifu

Anyways, I do 3-4 times per day usually, I think it is feels so good and relaxing.
>> No. 4231 [Edit]
Once every 2-3 days usually. It used to be a lot more often, but it went down greatly after desperately suppressing what was once my greatest fetish that I used to fap all day every day to.
For some unknown reason, I started feeling quite guilty about sexualizing 2d girls, making me feel like shit after every fap, so I'm trying to reduce the frequency.

Post edited on 9th Apr 2016, 8:50am
>> No. 4287 [Edit]
>How often?
I average about 3 times a day, sometimes more sometimes less.

>How you feel about it?
I think I would like a handjob from someone. I think a would be satisfied with one handjob a day, but noone wants to touch me so I touch myself 3 times a day.

Such is Life.
>> No. 4289 [Edit]
Varies a lot, from around 5 times a day to not fapping at all a week or more. I do get boners quite frequently though, if I'm not in the mood, I just wait until my dick has calmed down.

I'm sometimes disgusted by it but I think that has more to do with being disgusted by the human body and how it works in general, not really conscience or something.
>> No. 4313 [Edit]
File 146763685887.gif - (1.41MB , 425x604 , gchess.gif )
Twice a week
>> No. 4358 [Edit]
File 147346633197.jpg - (131.76KB , 850x1169 , 20160912.jpg )
No-sechs September
>> No. 4364 [Edit]
File 147407639322.jpg - (71.81KB , 850x368 , 20160921.jpg )
Be strong
>> No. 4366 [Edit]
File 14749820406.jpg - (225.35KB , 1046x1500 , 20160927.jpg )
2016-10 Resist
>> No. 4392 [Edit]
File 147956400063.jpg - (137.68KB , 681x1000 , 20161119.jpg )
Feng Shui!
>> No. 4465 [Edit]
File 149172439612.jpg - (90.81KB , 850x680 , 20170408.jpg )
No fap?
>> No. 4547 [Edit]
File 151160538119.jpg - (145.81KB , 970x700 , 20171124.jpg )
*I must resist*
>> No. 4588 [Edit]
File 152051089895.jpg - (601.67KB , 709x1000 , 20180308.jpg )
Control, Milady
>> No. 4604 [Edit]
File 152800281613.jpg - (70.60KB , 728x1024 , 20180617.jpg )
>> No. 4642 [Edit]
File 154634439068.jpg - (274.96KB , 1050x1485 , smoking.jpg )
It *will* get better.
>> No. 4644 [Edit]
It will (not) get better.
>> No. 4651 [Edit]
File 154815893825.jpg - (160.67KB , 850x1204 , 20190127.jpg )
Why not?
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