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File 158922265029.jpg - (215.54KB , 850x1244 , __prison_school_drawn_by_hiramoto_akira__sample-8b.jpg )
3828 No. 3828 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So,I just read this. It was a fun read, especially at the beginning. Things were going very good so far. It looked like it was going to be a very funny read.
But then came the kibasen. That unbearable kibasen. The quality hit bottom-tier pretty fast. First there was the whole shtick with the director, going into the woods, for what? A complete waste of time and paper. That thing lasted like forever and got more and more pointless with each page. Meanwhile on the athletic festival, all realism had been abandoned. The giant horse fight. The turn based mechanics. The angels descending from heaven. That was all utterly ridiculous. And then the author has to pull a Deus Ex Machina mechanism with the Mitsuko's hair buns. At least that brought an end to the ever-annoying director saga at the woods. Many times I thought I will stop reading this crap, but then I remembered how the beginning was fun, and came back some days later during this part. At last, it came to an end. I was skeptical about the next chapters.
The quality had returned, or so it seemed. There were one of the best erotic scenes with slut-senpai. But the Mari-Meiko-Kate thing remained still completely unresolved.
In the end, the aforementioned triangle ended up just like that, the director was in prison for whatever reason, but hey at least the bastard won't go the woods again. The guys went out with the girls in a let's celebrate youth stunt. And the ending for Kiyoshi's love triangle came close. I admit I was satisfied, I was very skeptical on the possibility of a remotely good ending, following the example of the Mari situation coupled with the direction it seemed to be going in, so I just assumed he would make Kyoshi have his happy ending and be done with the manga. And that was very much likely the case, or so it seemed, until the last pages came up. The author managed at last to savage some of the manga, and the twist at last gave it one way out of the predictable confession accepted ending.
>> No. 3833 [Edit]
This was a good manga (probably the funniest ive ever read) but the school festival arc showed it was definitely on its last legs. I don't think Raw Hero is anywhere near as funny as Prison School. Judging from the author's comments I don't think he cares that we hate the prison school ending.
>> No. 3834 [Edit]
>Judging from the author's comments
What comments? Mind sharing it?
>> No. 3844 [Edit]
At least he's consistent, the ending for Raw Hero is as you would expect.
>> No. 3863 [Edit]
it was on one of the raw hero pages, it showed a comment about prison school ending and then it said something like 'i dont give a shit'

File 159834505327.png - (276.87KB , 2216x1274 , media_Efd0KcUUcAINkgM_png?name=orig.png )
3846 No. 3846 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anyone following Shimeji Simulation? An excellent, relaxed, and mildly nihilstic 4koma. I think "depressive comedy" is a suitable description of it. It's the current project of tkmiz, the author of Shoujo Shuumastu Ryokou.

Waiting for the world to realign itself so I can start moving on with my life really does feel like watching other people dig holes.
12 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3859 [Edit]
cause america website is so cool, boy~~
Japanese people aren't immune to the narcissistic addiction of having an online identity and getting instant attention and feeback for pretty much every little thought and sketch. They never bothered to make their own website for that purpose either.
>> No. 3860 [Edit]
FC2, Pixiv, and Niconico also serve the same purpose. Twitter just has a higher success rate for getting exposure.

That's the prologue to Shimeji Simulation. To my knowledge, he hasn't been active in any doujin circles for years.
>> No. 3861 [Edit]
I like it. It has a very dreamlike atmosphere which I enjoy.
>> No. 3862 [Edit]
...This doujin doesn't make any sense.

File 159486907313.jpg - (958.02KB , 2048x1536 , 2672986691_6a6ecb12cb_k.jpg )
3835 No. 3835 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I'm currently building a physical backlog of doujins that I've read over the years online. Because the majority of what I've read was sold from around C65-C85, most online retailers no longer carry them in stock. If a specific doujin isn't on the store pages of Suruga-ya, Toranoana, Mandarake, or Yahoo Auctions is it effectively lost to time? Are there other stores in Akihabara (or the rest of Japan) that still stock older doujins?
>> No. 3836 [Edit]
From what I saw while I was there, there are TONS of stores that sell doujins, many of which aren't big name chains. This means they wont likely ship over seas, let alone list these things online, but you could at least use a service to find books for you if you want them enough. Also, I believe the guys that run comiket have a museum of sorts with a copy of very doujin ever sold at comiket. That said, you'd probably have better luck searching Den Den than Akihabara if you're looking for old works. Akihabara has been slowly moving away from being a (true)otaku paradise and leaning more towards tourist attraction.
>> No. 3837 [Edit]
File 159490933097.jpg - (209.85KB , 1193x1956 , ERpLooZXkAAch-a.jpg )
If this appears from time to time (at ridiculously high prices) you can probably find anything, you just need to be patient and wait until appears.
>> No. 3838 [Edit]
If you don't mind me asking, by service do you mean proxy shopping or something else? I've used proxies before to order doujins that were still available online, but I wasn't aware of any that would search stores in person.

I'll see if that holds true for what I'm looking for.
>> No. 3839 [Edit]
I know Fromjapan will search online for you, but I don't know about offline. I'm sure there are guys out there who will do that but I wouldn't know who.

File 154259501051.jpg - (335.53KB , 1200x1801 , 000.jpg )
3736 No. 3736 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
The last thread was so successful that we need to make another!

full volumes available at the link below:
>> No. 3737 [Edit]
Back when I first read it, it wasn't fully translated. Nice to see that it is.
>> No. 3799 [Edit]
Fun fact: this is a success story for small boards, since scans for the English release of Excel Saga were first posted on a couple relatively obscure imageboards.
>> No. 3800 [Edit]
File 157772296189.gif - (14.91KB , 77x136 , red.gif )
Time ago got the first four tomes in my native language, a really old edition from almost 20 years ago. I suppose they thought the manga could sell because they were selling the anime too but I guess they didn't really know what they were dealing with and the series got quickly discontinued. It's nice to know I could finally read it decades later.

File - (3.90MB )
3744 No. 3744 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
The only type of manga that I enjoy reading nowadays.

Till Dawn, just finished reading it. It's short and sweet 10/10.
>> No. 3762 [Edit]
File 156173443070.jpg - (66.51KB , 590x383 , death-note-light-e.jpg )
I read somewhere that a new Death Note oneshot chapter is coming out.
>> No. 3763 [Edit]
File Pieces_of_You.rar - (818.66KB , Pieces of You.rar )

I have many, mostly short, older shoujo oneshots that somehow get translated of all things. The author of Gintama of all things has a pretty cool one. It is too large to post but this is a pretty good Josei piece about depression.

File 15548043709.jpg - (109.94KB , 600x882 , 1550061768970.jpg )
3746 No. 3746 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anyone have any idea why the Squid Girl manga doesn't have an official English release?
7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3754 [Edit]
Many things don't. I'm still waiting for Ribbon warrior and Phase Erika even though they released GuP and Little army a while ago.
>> No. 3761 [Edit]
File 156173405313.jpg - (31.71KB , 402x306 , 1367266304498.jpg )

That is true but i think doing that would cost a lot of money to be honest.
>> No. 3764 [Edit]
You could always just get the Japanese version for your shelf and read scans, I’ve heard of quite a few western collectors doing this.
>> No. 3765 [Edit]
I think it's the best way to go about it, especially if you want to support the author.

File 156034756248.jpg - (14.23KB , 210x240 , hikikomori manga.jpg )
3759 No. 3759 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What manga is this picture from? does anybody know?
>> No. 3760 [Edit]

File 154258683782.png - (296.85KB , 551x787 , unknown (6).png )
3735 No. 3735 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I saw a panel from this and thought it was some slice of life or romance manga. Turns out it's like sci-fi/fantasy/superhero type. There are a lot of sex scenes which I wasn't too fond of. I still somehow managed to read all 60 chapters over a few days though. It's not bad.
>> No. 3740 [Edit]
>I saw a panel from this and thought it was some slice of life
Literally how?
>There are a lot of sex scenes
Meh, I'll skip then. I don't mind it per se, but if it's a selling point it almost invariably means something else had to be sacrificed.
>> No. 3741 [Edit]
File 154267637116.jpg - (84.28KB , 785x621 , thepanel.jpg )
>Literally how?
Here's the panel I saw.

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