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File 158922265029.jpg - (215.54KB , 850x1244 , __prison_school_drawn_by_hiramoto_akira__sample-8b.jpg )
3828 No. 3828 [Edit]
So,I just read this. It was a fun read, especially at the beginning. Things were going very good so far. It looked like it was going to be a very funny read.
But then came the kibasen. That unbearable kibasen. The quality hit bottom-tier pretty fast. First there was the whole shtick with the director, going into the woods, for what? A complete waste of time and paper. That thing lasted like forever and got more and more pointless with each page. Meanwhile on the athletic festival, all realism had been abandoned. The giant horse fight. The turn based mechanics. The angels descending from heaven. That was all utterly ridiculous. And then the author has to pull a Deus Ex Machina mechanism with the Mitsuko's hair buns. At least that brought an end to the ever-annoying director saga at the woods. Many times I thought I will stop reading this crap, but then I remembered how the beginning was fun, and came back some days later during this part. At last, it came to an end. I was skeptical about the next chapters.
The quality had returned, or so it seemed. There were one of the best erotic scenes with slut-senpai. But the Mari-Meiko-Kate thing remained still completely unresolved.
In the end, the aforementioned triangle ended up just like that, the director was in prison for whatever reason, but hey at least the bastard won't go the woods again. The guys went out with the girls in a let's celebrate youth stunt. And the ending for Kiyoshi's love triangle came close. I admit I was satisfied, I was very skeptical on the possibility of a remotely good ending, following the example of the Mari situation coupled with the direction it seemed to be going in, so I just assumed he would make Kyoshi have his happy ending and be done with the manga. And that was very much likely the case, or so it seemed, until the last pages came up. The author managed at last to savage some of the manga, and the twist at last gave it one way out of the predictable confession accepted ending.
>> No. 3833 [Edit]
This was a good manga (probably the funniest ive ever read) but the school festival arc showed it was definitely on its last legs. I don't think Raw Hero is anywhere near as funny as Prison School. Judging from the author's comments I don't think he cares that we hate the prison school ending.
>> No. 3834 [Edit]
>Judging from the author's comments
What comments? Mind sharing it?
>> No. 3844 [Edit]
At least he's consistent, the ending for Raw Hero is as you would expect.
>> No. 3863 [Edit]
it was on one of the raw hero pages, it showed a comment about prison school ending and then it said something like 'i dont give a shit'

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