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File 154258683782.png - (296.85KB , 551x787 , unknown (6).png )
3735 No. 3735 [Edit]
I saw a panel from this and thought it was some slice of life or romance manga. Turns out it's like sci-fi/fantasy/superhero type. There are a lot of sex scenes which I wasn't too fond of. I still somehow managed to read all 60 chapters over a few days though. It's not bad.
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>> No. 3740 [Edit]
>I saw a panel from this and thought it was some slice of life
Literally how?
>There are a lot of sex scenes
Meh, I'll skip then. I don't mind it per se, but if it's a selling point it almost invariably means something else had to be sacrificed.
>> No. 3741 [Edit]
File 154267637116.jpg - (84.28KB , 785x621 , thepanel.jpg )
>Literally how?
Here's the panel I saw.
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