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File 135989670618.jpg - (103.44KB , 226x320 , Bakuon Rettou Vol_18.jpg )
1615 No. 1615 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are your favorite Slice of Life manga?
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>> No. 3022 [Edit]

No, there haven't been any new releases lately. I hope it doesn't take too long. I thing there's only like five chapters left.

I'm a little sad that it's over. I want Suu-chan's life.
>> No. 3023 [Edit]
File 149138511893.jpg - (182.69KB , 704x1000 , 71SHzxXXRoL.jpg )
Recently I've read Toyoda Minoru's Love Roma and Takeo-cahn Bukkairoku.
They're lovely series, especially Takeo-chan, so I highly recommend them.
>> No. 3024 [Edit]
Onani Master Kurosawa. Aku no Hana if you can count that as slice of life.
>> No. 3025 [Edit]
They're not, especially the former.

File 129162387789.jpg - (15.42KB , 186x248 , the more you know.jpg )
117 No. 117 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I was just looking through my pics, I found <--- this and I got an idea.

Let's have a single panel thread!
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>> No. 2936 [Edit]
File 147229344539.png - (1.01MB , 838x695 , dobuwa.png )
>> No. 2960 [Edit]
File 147647310776.png - (34.22KB , 321x206 , asYJG2a.png )
>> No. 2997 [Edit]
File 14860334151.png - (622.57KB , 749x480 , tasty treat.png )
>> No. 2998 [Edit]
File 148603358213.png - (263.52KB , 459x525 , balls deep in sixteen year old puss.png )

File 144589116112.gif - (0.96MB , 500x374 , 1429488781433.gif )
2503 No. 2503 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
the majority of scangroups were active a decade or so ago.

these guys usually hosted their manga with XDCC bots over IRC, sometimes ddl on their sites. but this was all a long long time ago.

Today many of these sites and IRC channels have disappeared or people moved on. A lot of the scan work is being lost.

The modern way people read manga, I guess, is to read on web2.0 sites in browser. I'm just sad to see the traditional ways dying out, and content lost..

What do you think?
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>> No. 2957 [Edit]
File 147634776335.png - (422.47KB , 595x541 , 1458256951852.png )
I miss them too. But they collapsed with the subbing scene when shit like Crunchyjew and the like too over. Just like VHS subbing before it, It's the end of an era.
>> No. 2958 [Edit]
File 147634790839.jpg - (103.72KB , 799x590 , 1436633809151.jpg )
If only you all had learned. The last real hope is to learn moonrunes.
>> No. 2959 [Edit]
b-but learning hurts my brain!
>> No. 2987 [Edit]
>seven seas
I'm currently reading their version of Kisses, Sighs, & Cherry Blossom Pink, and it has no memes, Americanisation, or similar bullshit. It even keeps the honorifics. Maybe their other translations are different, but this one has given me nothing to complain about.

File 147673115539.jpg - (45.91KB , 350x355 , claudine02.jpg )
2964 No. 2964 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anyone here into classic shoujo, like Year 24 group stuff?
Personally it's an obsession.
>> No. 2983 [Edit]
Onii-sama e is one of my favourite mangas. Definitely the best "short story" I know.
>> No. 2985 [Edit]
I've read the manga a while ago to see how it compares to the anime because I heard there were a bunch of differences between the two versions but unfortunately the manga didn't do it for me. There are a bunch of other Dezaki shows I really enjoy so it might've been his influence I guess.

As for old shoujo my experience with Onii-sama e pretty much sums up my entire experience Year 24 and old shoujo - I wanted to like it more than I actually do, and the part I enjoy the most is the artstyle.

File 131338353370.jpg - (23.73KB , 200x285 , gutsman.jpg )
636 No. 636 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Can we have a Berserk thread? I just started reading it despite hearing about it so much. I have to say, this is the only manga that made me speed through it because it was so damn interesting. I first thought it would resemble HnK because of some faint similarities but it turned into something I never expected. I feel so damn bad for Casca.
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>> No. 2577 [Edit]
It's almost hard to believe.
>> No. 2973 [Edit]
File 147774498748.jpg - (396.32KB , 1076x1600 , 0347-020.jpg )
But now we're in hiatus T T
>> No. 2974 [Edit]
File 147818822836.jpg - (475.78KB , 800x862 , 83bc8f59f3029e98af7aa9dc43460189.jpg )
Well considering I'm literally obsessed with Griffith and Guts's relationship I wanted to initiate a discussion for it. I'm pretty sure Guts is straight, but I can't get over the feelings for Guts Griffith was implied to have. Anyway, I don't really trust my own judgement as I read homoerotic subtext into everything. So I was wondering what people generally interpret their relationship as.
>> No. 2976 [Edit]
Guts thought they were comrades.
Griffith thought they were kindred spirits.

File 146712878053.jpg - (67.44KB , 679x618 , ClkQww2UsAABlRs.jpg )
2915 No. 2915 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Digital Manga Publishing and their new ecchi imprint, Pecchi's Kickstarter to fund a release of Kodomo No Jikan has announced that it has worked with original manga-ka, Kaworu Watashiya, to offer 3 more exclusive shikishis —one of Rin, of Mimi, and of Kuro.

The ‘From Watashiya’ tier level includes all the print volumes of Kodomo no Jikan, a 11” x 17” poster, a double-sided clear file, a tote bag, a set of three 2” rubber straps featuring the characters of Kodomo no Jikan, and an exclusive hand-drawn colored illustration from Kaworu Watashiya herself. There are three variations of the tier levels dedicated to each character. The tier level is priced at $1750.
>> No. 2972 [Edit]
Well, nice.

File 138571279589.jpg - (190.13KB , 800x1166 , 21.jpg )
1993 No. 1993 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A really good manga from the author of Blame!. I really enjoy the arms race between the humans vs gauna. The combat is great. But what I like even more than the action is the slice of life bits. its funny, it takes a sci-fi action manga to create good SoL
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>> No. 2342 [Edit]
I should really repick this up.

I'm gonna start reading Biomega next.
>> No. 2436 [Edit]
>I own the first 10 volumes of the manga. I love Nihei.

I think nihei is my favourite manga artist. Ive got the first 9 volumes of Sidonia, which is fantastic, all of Biomega which I think is better, and i recently got NOiSE of Amazon. I'll read NOiSE after I finish the scans of Blame!

All the architecture is breath taking in its size and scope. The world crafted by Nihei is so comforting to escape into, in a /cyb/ fetish way. I also love the way he blurs the line between organic and machine matter, if he demonstrates any line at all.

What do you guys think of the Sidonia anime? Its nice to watch but I don't appreciate the changes made, its not as weird.
>> No. 2680 [Edit]
File 145293492330.png - (2.79MB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_2015-08-14-21-10-50.png )
>> No. 2900 [Edit]
You all will be pleased to know he just teased his new series with an one-shot, 人形の国 (Country of the Dolls; You can find the raw on Kodansha's Young Magazine No.23. .
Plus you can see Nihei drawing here;

Hope you enjoy it.

Post edited on 4th Jun 2016, 9:26am

File 135395587510.jpg - (434.92KB , 1032x697 , 4e460d66de15fb689077d39dac1923d4.jpg )
1386 No. 1386 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
To celebrate complete scanlation of Kaiji pt III let's have a KFMT general. Akagi, Zero, Kaiji, Kurosawa - everything FKMT goes here. Please remember to use spoilers when needed, even if you refer to something you might believe to be common knowledge (like Ten's ending etc.).
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>> No. 1650 [Edit]
Rude 39's first chapter is out.
>> No. 1911 [Edit]
File 137639503522.jpg - (395.79KB , 1456x1006 , 397217admirable_ant.jpg )
You fought well Kurosawa. You fought well.
>> No. 1963 [Edit]
File 138184914913.jpg - (131.20KB , 479x792 , exploitable.jpg )
Hox finished scanlating Zero pt II, I read it yesterday. It was terrible.

It's actually impressively bad. It's so distinctlively ridiculous that at some point I started to wonder whether it's not a stealth parody. It's either that or dementia is really getting to FKMT and he doesn't even realize how ridiculous his manga are getting by now. He's been pushing it bit by bit for a longer while now hence my theory. Maybe he's simply trying to see how far he can go before someone will genuinely call him out on it.

But in all honesty I really don't think that's the case, it's just that I did toy with that thought for a couple of minutes towards the end. It's weird, really, he spent a couple of years drawing that and it's so bad, it's kinda mysetrious in it's own way. He should really give up on his detective stories and focus on gambling. Then again his editor should've simply told him 'no, stop, this is stupid' at some point. Oh well.
>> No. 2571 [Edit]
Kazuya Hen is now completely scanlated!

File 144601404751.jpg - (104.47KB , 1440x810 , edenoftheeast_01-03.jpg )
2505 No. 2505 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I got the first two volumes of Vinland Saga in hardback and now I read manga while sitting ascot and smoking jacket clad in a large, brass studded leather chair and sipping brandy out of a large sifter
>> No. 2508 [Edit]
File 144607495872.jpg - (24.36KB , 252x422 , i_008.jpg )
Good for you.

File 13865247239.jpg - (157.48KB , 728x1055 , 1.jpg )
2005 No. 2005 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I can't stand translations like these. Somehow it manages to follow proper English structure but barely makes sense, and I imagine it must be an artifact from a literal translation from Japanese to English. I think one important factor in translation is to strike a balance between being literal and making the sentance intelligible in English.
6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2222 [Edit]
Sounds like typical Evangelion speech to me.
>> No. 2284 [Edit]
Taken out of context it seems like Smith is bashing the "neo-otaku" for liking "prettified transliteration", and I was going to criticize him it. In short: It's easy to fear that you don't get the "right" translation and that you would therefore rather sacrifice smoothness for closeness in the dialogue. Thus he can't assume that people will like his translations, especially not the otaku (they shouldn't bitch about it though), also, people should have the right to choose.
It was not until I read the article and saw that it was about publishing that he made sense:
>The hard-core otaku have been, to an extent, hoist by their own petard. The manga market has expanded explosively. This has meant that many new readers have entered the market, readers who aren’t otaku, just…readers. They aren’t fanatics, they don’t haunt the forums and message boards, and they are now the bulk of the market.
The two most important things for at translation is considering the reader and staying true to the original text. If the reader is one, translate it one way, if the reader is another, translate it another way as long as the translation stays true. If you want to translate manga or anime for the general public, it should be done with them in mind.
>> No. 2343 [Edit]
File 142529632198.png - (270.31KB , 901x1300 , 1425266431871.png )
Speaking of poor translations..
>> No. 2469 [Edit]
The translations done by ShoujoSense reade like a garden path sentence. It almost makes sense. It has all the right words and components arranged in a logical order. But it says nothing of any actual meaning. It's like a very smart teenager with no real experience of English syntax wrote something based on a bunch of google searches.

File 143174711749.png - (667.85KB , 900x1280 , 006.png )
2393 No. 2393 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Oh god shes so fucking hot
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2397 [Edit]
File 143176471484.jpg - (603.14KB , 1545x1677 , 1431748348219.jpg )
>> No. 2398 [Edit]
Is the title supposed to be a pun or am I reading too much into this?
Jimi na Watashi to Hen na Oji-san
Either way this is a fun manga, I'll keep following it.
>> No. 2399 [Edit]
It's totally meant to be a pun.
>> No. 2406 [Edit]
File 143262952732.jpg - (3.19MB , 1418x5770 , 1432607692234.jpg )
Chapter four is out. Here have some Shiori booty.

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