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File 160186057479.jpg - (373.12KB , 1700x1200 , 2.jpg )
3920 No. 3920 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Useless Ponko
This is about an outdated maid robot model living in a seaside town out in the country with a grumpy and stubborn old man and all the antics they get themselves into.
While it more or less has the usual trope of a strictly practical and traditional old man and an idealistic but naive young girl, I would say it's a little different. Ponko tends to get dragged around into situations a lot and is capable of a lot of different functions which make her popular in due time among the town. Yoshioka however, the old man, finds himself relying on her but never seeing her as much more than a friend, especially not since his granddaughter, Yuuna, stays over. Ponko seems to have more of a noticeable influence on many others instead.
It's an easygoing manga with a lot of different scenarios for it's chapters and I like it a lot. The length isn't too long or short for each chapter, the art is good, the jokes land (for me, at least) and I don't feel like it lets itself get distracted as much from the core concept as some other mangas do because most of the time, Yoshioka is involved in some way but there isn't much other than the small starting cast at the beginning to imply that it should only be about these two. But even when he isn't, the manga doesn't just change genre in favor of dramatic worldbuilding or drama in what feels like an attempt to keep the manga going, or the artist getting distracted by the appeal of doing other things with those same characters, or simple distraction on the part of the artist. While worldbuilding is present, I never feel like it breaks the atmosphere or goes against what I originally read the story for, especially since the concept of outdated robot models is presented early on to be expanded on later.
Though apparently there's some kind of concert arc which I haven't gotten to yet so I could be wrong on some things I said.
>> No. 3921 [Edit]
I'm following this series too, I would class this as an iyashikei. There are more plot development in the newer chapters which I don't see as a bad thing. Another thing that's interesting for me is that this is set in the near future so Yoshioka might be in his 40s/50s(?) in our time. The mangaka's representation of the future is also subtle which I find charming but this might be more salient because the manga is set in the countryside. The concept of being in a relatively remote and idyllic countryside plays a central theme in the manga.

Post edited on 4th Oct 2020, 8:17pm

File 158332547481.jpg - (262.54KB , 850x1202 , __ebisuzawa_kurumi_wakasa_yuuri_takeya_yuki_and_na.jpg )
3804 No. 3804 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Gakkou Gurashi recently ended. It was an nice ride. I normally don't like zombie stories, but this one captured something interesting about the scenario not focused on a lot by others, what makes life valuable enough to continue struggling to survive. You can sit in a room with nothing but a cd player to keep you occupied, and you'd be able to live for a while, but would it be worth it?

If you're living in this kind of world, you'd do everything to keep having fun like before. What's going around you wouldn't be what you want to focus on. Parts of it were messy or underwhelming, and the ending was a tad anti-climactic, but it was decent.
>> No. 3805 [Edit]
That's good news, I'll try and get through what I had left to read soon. It was a fun series.
>> No. 3806 [Edit]
I remember reading it up to the point where they "graduate" from school, although I don't remember much. Maybe I'll give it another read.
>> No. 3918 [Edit]
File 160182836569.jpg - (177.52KB , 850x1471 , sample_7d4a20ebe112a531a65f71038bcc8d68.jpg )
A sequel manga has begun called Gakkou Gurashi! Otayori. The first two chapters have been released and translated.

File 160160022099.jpg - (566.44KB , 1446x2048 , a ghost and a cat.jpg )
3906 No. 3906 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Ms. Corporate Slave Wants to be Healed by a Loli Spirit
Since it's October now how about a spookier manga? Loli Spirit is about an overworked wagie that doesn't look at all like Kobayashi who is told to leave her workplace by a ghost child and all of the cute antics that ensue from a ghost child trying to be scary to be helpful. Unfortunately, the ghost child does not succeed often but she still does her best to scare the wagie away for her own good!
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3908 [Edit]
I mean since it's october and we're talking about spooky manga, let me just drop that post about DokiDoki in here, hopefully it won't bother OP.
>> No. 3909 [Edit]
File 160160601784.jpg - (142.01KB , 822x466 , headpats.jpg )
I didn't really want the halloween manga to be kept in one thread since I wanted /ma/ to have more threads to post in but I guess that's fine too.
>> No. 3910 [Edit]
Healing damages the undead.
>> No. 3911 [Edit]
It feels like the artist doesn't know how to draw non-loli faces. maybe its for effect.

File 160147713941.jpg - (135.47KB , 728x1024 , 3.jpg )
3901 No. 3901 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
The fluffy series you've all heard of. If you watched the anime, you know what it's about though the anime deviates in order a little bit as well as the ending. The manga, however, is still going and updates with some frequency (I think that's frequent, I'm not sure). It still features the things that people who started reading early read the manga for but has deviated over time deciding to explore the strange black mist that plagues Nakano or introducing other characters to keep things going. With that said, s2 is probably a never ever but you can always read this. and cry yourself to sleep knowing you'll never come home to a fluffy tail wife
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3903 [Edit]
File 160148261761.jpg - (422.07KB , 1440x2048 , 22723v7.jpg )
I like it. It's a very cozy series. I haven't caught up just yet but it helps me feel better in hard times.
>> No. 3904 [Edit]
File 160148435622.jpg - (81.81KB , 724x1023 , milf senko from @EggNoodl.jpg )
I can't blame you, I don't appreciate those images either. I would tell you to check out the manga anyway since none of those images are canon but I understand your caution.
It is. I appreciate that Rimukoro brought the world such a wonderful character. On the other hand, I feel an intense sadness I'll never have a fluffy tail wife.
>> No. 3905 [Edit]
>I feel an intense sadness
This seems to be a common reaction to these sorts of things. Healing seems to upset certain personalities.
It kind of reminds me of how people can't read things like Aria or Lucky Star because the nostalgia makes them sad.
>> No. 3917 [Edit]
Touch the fluffy tail.
I have been enjoying this after giving it a chance, like all healing it is something to be savored instead of binged.
I really wish they would do first person pov chapters because seeing another man is throwing off my healing receptors.

File 159877699311.jpg - (13.43KB , 183x275 , download.jpg )
3864 No. 3864 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Why the fuck is the Great Teacher Onizuka manga so expensive?? I really want it for my collection but its prices are upwards of 90 AUD used!
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3867 [Edit]
I will never pay such ridiculous sums for a manga, I would preffer to get it in japanese and hope I will be able to read it someday. I still don't get why this it's happening now because it didn't happen in the past and it doesn't happen in most countries. Maybe there's a particularly high demand in the US and they didn't have too many copies to start with or something like that.
>> No. 3898 [Edit]
File 16013925732.jpg - (363.49KB , 1080x1789 , Screenshot_20200929_171148.jpg )
if you learn Jap, you can get the original for less than 30 bucks. Just try not to kill yourself when you're billed for the shipping costs.
>> No. 3899 [Edit]
File 160139974410.jpg - (67.31KB , 400x400 , 1572053867077.jpg )
I understand wanting to collect manga, but books are a really awful thing to collect just because of how much space they take up. A lot of people I know just buy the Jap releases for the shelves and read the digital ones, if you really are into full bookshelves.
>Everyone is nostalgic for better times and the market is going to reflect that. It's only going to get worse since the Y2K aesthetic is starting to trend online
I think that's bizarre. I understand wanting to go back to the 2000s, but aside from certain artists the Y2K aesthetic is really a transitional period from the 90s into the 2010s. It's not like anime, either where 2000s anime are typically warm and colorful due to the transitional period going on in that medium as well. Key faces, man.
>> No. 3900 [Edit]
File 160141678595.jpg - (464.76KB , 1600x1200 , 02016.jpg )
The resale market is currently in a very strange position. Japanese language manga is usually inexpensive and easy to find, but anthologies, artbooks, and doujinshi are much harder to track down. Last week, a number of older doujins from a relatively obscure circle were listed on a reseller website including two that I had wanted in my collection for years. Before I had a chance to put the second one in the cart after I bought the first one, it was already out of stock. I'm not sure if it was a scalper, but it struck me as odd that someone else was also interested in it.

>I think that's bizarre. I understand wanting to go back to the 2000s, but aside from certain artists the Y2K aesthetic is really a transitional period from the 90s into the 2010s. It's not like anime, either where 2000s anime are typically warm and colorful due to the transitional period going on in that medium as well. Key faces, man.
I've noticed an uptick in people referencing 2000s culture as a whole online within the past year in the same vein that 1990s culture was being perceived as back in 2010-11. It's because people who were raised during that era are now in their twenties and thirties. In my case as a 21 year old, my interest in otaku culture began in 2006. Most of what I seek out to buy and download is mid-Heisei era because it's nostalgic to me despite having been a transitional period.

File 160130717128.png - (2.15MB , 1302x936 , 2.png )
3896 No. 3896 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A slice of life about a cute (and very scary!!) wolf girl and her daily life with her animal and kemonomimi friends in the forest. They do all sorts of things like stargazing, helping a friend move, taking care of an injured bird, discovering shaved ice, helping a mother and daughter make up after an argument, and other things.
>> No. 3897 [Edit]
What does she eat on a day to day basis?

File 160105005617.jpg - (1.01MB , 1688x1200 , demon lord.jpg )
3894 No. 3894 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I Was Summoned By The Demon Lord, But I Can't Understand Her Language
This is a simple and easygoing fantasy romance about a guy and the demon lord who summoned him with not much of a story so far. There are not many chapters translated but what is there is really cute. It's a manga that helped me realize that loli truly is superior.
>> No. 3895 [Edit]
File 160105016529.jpg - (568.87KB , 1131x1609 , 3.jpg )
I couldn't decide between which image to post so I wanted to post both because Mary is just so cute!
>> No. 3915 [Edit]
File 16017651153.jpg - (55.05KB , 864x1008 , 14e0460743c4291be5602cbee98f9e74c29777e8.jpg )
>It's a manga that helped me realize that loli truly is superior.

It's a case by case basis, JK is a happy medium but loli are by far the most vanilla choice.

File 158470494197.jpg - (192.78KB , 728x1048 , 001___1582349496.jpg )
3816 No. 3816 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
do you guys know any manga with attractive older women with black hair, hoping you guys know of stuff that i havent found yet.

source is rakujitsu no pathos
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3871 [Edit]
How old is Yuuko supposed to be anyway?
>> No. 3872 [Edit]
Looks about 30-35 to me. But she's probably been around for centuries.
>> No. 3873 [Edit]
File 159968687459.jpg - (68.18KB , 400x500 , 昭和不老不死伝説.jpg )


昭和不老不死伝説 バンパイア
>> No. 3879 [Edit]

File 154259916610.jpg - (314.04KB , 1056x1500 , 465124s.jpg )
3738 No. 3738 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This thread should serve as a place to discuss any aspect of scanning or manga translation, but I have a question to start off that I have been wondering about. I have asked this in a handful of places but have yet to receive a concrete answer.

What is the best way to scan physical manga volumes? There is a lack of info online on best practices (from what I can find anyway, maybe I haven't looked enough). Of course, there are two ways you can scan books in general: Destroying the binding and scanning the pages individually in a flatbed scanner, or using a book scanning rig (details to such a thing linked below) which on a budget (which I am) one would set up an angled surface for the book to lay open with a lamp shining down and a camera on tripod to take pictures of the pages. Of course the latter method sounds better because you aren't required to destroy the bindings of each book you want to scan. However, my question now is whether that method is even viable for manga, which of course is not only text but images which would ideally be copied with good quality. I would think the rig/camera method would produce subpar images with any kind of comic in addition to photographing a non-flat surface with a volume laid open (pages bending towards the binding), but I'd like to confirm this with anyone who actually knows something about it and has experience scanning manga themselves. If scanning with a flatbed is the only viable way to do this, how do you go about preparing volumes for this? I have heard using a CCD flatbed scanner is best with a black backing behind what you are trying to scan instead of a white one.

Link to book scanning rig info (see cardboard version):
>> No. 3739 [Edit]
>What is the best way to scan physical manga volumes?
Quite simple: Laying each page or pages flat into a good quality scanner. The scanning rig you linked is made for books that are not worth destroying (for historical/monetary/sentimental reasons), which is rarely the case for manga, especially from this century. Distortion of perspective for books is nowhere near as an issue as for images (from a manga) so I don't think it really applies. The obvious and more expensive answer is the concrete one you're looking for.
>> No. 3743 [Edit]
File 154267879634.jpg - (36.02KB , 600x313 , 7da03205f0ect.jpg )
Thanks for the response. I figured the book scanning rig wouldn't be a good way of scanning anything with images, but it's good to have confirmation. Elsewhere I only got back and forth arguments about whether removing the bindings is really necessary, or no response. I'm trying to import some things I'd like to see available so I'll start looking in second hand scanners, if I can find any. One thing I did find out from my asking this question elsewhere, is that there are two different types of scanners. CCD scanners and CIS scanners. Most cheap flatbed scanners or those embedded into printer combos are CIS scanners, and are the cheaper type. CCD scanners use better camera sensors to produce an image which is of better quality and less prone to distortion from distance of the object from the glass surface, due to uneven pressure, along with some other artifacting things I think. Brand new CCD scanners run around $100, so I am definitely gonna look used. Manga can be dirt cheap if bought second hand from what I've seen so far, and shipping isn't 'too' bad if opting for surface mail and a lot of things are combined into one order.

Post edited on 19th Nov 2018, 5:54pm
>> No. 3758 [Edit]
File 155935367928.png - (723.18KB , 4441x6213 , klbij2.png )
A pet peeve of mine is the formats most scanners save their images in. Remember well that:
- Color pages must be saved as JPG and never at 100%. 95% is a good balance for most software. That JPEG quality slider won't overcome the physical limitations of scanning; and
- Black & White pages in a properly levelled (to remove paper texture and page bleed), reduced bit depth PNG. Aim to scan at a resolution high enough that you can see the discrete halftone dots to allow for level+cut without loss in image quality. See attached image for a good example. (4441x6213, 2 color greyscale PNG, 723KB. Note the small filesize.)
>> No. 3878 [Edit]
those are some really ugly jagged edges on the hiragana. I wonder if it was actually printed that way or if it's due to the reduced bit depth.

File 158895513355.jpg - (423.40KB , 1125x1600 , Asper Girl.jpg )
3824 No. 3824 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anyone is reading this?
There's 29 chapters out and I have to say it has been one of the most intense readings in a long time. It has caused me to many contradictory feelings. I never liked romance and I can't say this is an exception, but I can't stop reading.

At the beginning I thought it would be some bad case of "cute girl with issues goes to live with loser for no reason", then I was shocked by brutal realism in the depiction of mental ilness.
I think that's what makes me so ambivalent about it. Sometimes I simphatize with the protagonists, there's moments that hit too close to home like few things I have read. Others are repulsive to me. I find the girl repulsive but also cute at the same time, I would hate someone like that but at the same time I can't help but feel sorry for her.
I think few people could understand this manga though, but it's the kind of people that could be found here.
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3874 [Edit]
I read the first 3 chapters and I'm hooked.

Anyone know where I can get the raws? Online, I can only find fan translations.
>> No. 3875 [Edit]
I don't know but I will try to find it later.
I think there was raws until chapters 6x or something like that, translation is going dead slow lately.

I just found the first 4 tomes in nyaa, but I don't know how many chapters is that, there's still some seeds.
>> No. 3876 [Edit]
It seems it was just the translated part, sorry.
>> No. 3877 [Edit]
I did find the first volume on, but not the rest.
The Japanese name is アスペル・カノジョ by the way.

File 158922265029.jpg - (215.54KB , 850x1244 , __prison_school_drawn_by_hiramoto_akira__sample-8b.jpg )
3828 No. 3828 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So,I just read this. It was a fun read, especially at the beginning. Things were going very good so far. It looked like it was going to be a very funny read.
But then came the kibasen. That unbearable kibasen. The quality hit bottom-tier pretty fast. First there was the whole shtick with the director, going into the woods, for what? A complete waste of time and paper. That thing lasted like forever and got more and more pointless with each page. Meanwhile on the athletic festival, all realism had been abandoned. The giant horse fight. The turn based mechanics. The angels descending from heaven. That was all utterly ridiculous. And then the author has to pull a Deus Ex Machina mechanism with the Mitsuko's hair buns. At least that brought an end to the ever-annoying director saga at the woods. Many times I thought I will stop reading this crap, but then I remembered how the beginning was fun, and came back some days later during this part. At last, it came to an end. I was skeptical about the next chapters.
The quality had returned, or so it seemed. There were one of the best erotic scenes with slut-senpai. But the Mari-Meiko-Kate thing remained still completely unresolved.
In the end, the aforementioned triangle ended up just like that, the director was in prison for whatever reason, but hey at least the bastard won't go the woods again. The guys went out with the girls in a let's celebrate youth stunt. And the ending for Kiyoshi's love triangle came close. I admit I was satisfied, I was very skeptical on the possibility of a remotely good ending, following the example of the Mari situation coupled with the direction it seemed to be going in, so I just assumed he would make Kyoshi have his happy ending and be done with the manga. And that was very much likely the case, or so it seemed, until the last pages came up. The author managed at last to savage some of the manga, and the twist at last gave it one way out of the predictable confession accepted ending.
>> No. 3833 [Edit]
This was a good manga (probably the funniest ive ever read) but the school festival arc showed it was definitely on its last legs. I don't think Raw Hero is anywhere near as funny as Prison School. Judging from the author's comments I don't think he cares that we hate the prison school ending.
>> No. 3834 [Edit]
>Judging from the author's comments
What comments? Mind sharing it?
>> No. 3844 [Edit]
At least he's consistent, the ending for Raw Hero is as you would expect.
>> No. 3863 [Edit]
it was on one of the raw hero pages, it showed a comment about prison school ending and then it said something like 'i dont give a shit'

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