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If you're wondering where all the threads and posts are for /ma/, spammers sent all the threads to /arc/. Be sure to thank magic-chan for giving us their cancer.
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File 154259501051.jpg - (335.53KB , 1200x1801 , 000.jpg )
3736 No. 3736 [Edit]
The last thread was so successful that we need to make another!

full volumes available at the link below:
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>> No. 3737 [Edit]
Back when I first read it, it wasn't fully translated. Nice to see that it is.
>> No. 3799 [Edit]
Fun fact: this is a success story for small boards, since scans for the English release of Excel Saga were first posted on a couple relatively obscure imageboards.
>> No. 3800 [Edit]
File 157772296189.gif - (14.91KB , 77x136 , red.gif )
Time ago got the first four tomes in my native language, a really old edition from almost 20 years ago. I suppose they thought the manga could sell because they were selling the anime too but I guess they didn't really know what they were dealing with and the series got quickly discontinued. It's nice to know I could finally read it decades later.
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