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File 15548043709.jpg - (109.94KB , 600x882 , 1550061768970.jpg )
3746 No. 3746 [Edit]
Anyone have any idea why the Squid Girl manga doesn't have an official English release?
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>> No. 3747 [Edit]
I think it does but probably because scans for this were very fast. I could upload the whole series if you’d like.
>> No. 3748 [Edit]
File 155488377814.png - (5.94MB , 1920x1080 , dryingcloth.png )
I thought only fan translations existed for the Squid Girl manga? And at this point I don't think anything official will ever be released (although the anime did recently receive an S2 dub in english so you never know).
>> No. 3749 [Edit]

That was recent? huh i didn't realize that than i guess yeah you never know maybe i will wake up one day and there will be an official translated version.
>> No. 3750 [Edit]
The likelihood of a manga being licensed drops heavily when it's an older (= no recent advertising) series with many (22 volumes, but for English standards they could be paired up for a total of 11) volumes. Too much risk when you can release other things.
>> No. 3751 [Edit]

The last volume was in 2016 which was not that long ago.
>> No. 3752 [Edit]
I'm aware, but Squid Girl's popularity in the West came and went with the anime, largely. Not sure if there's the kind of market English publishers are looking for in it.
Generally, publishers favor smaller series over longer ones very much. This is for a simple reason - if a series sells poorly on volume 1, they have to endure all the losses that come with later volumes (which usually sell even fewer units!) - there is very little acceptance for a publisher ditching series midway through, for good reason; after all, why would you dare to buy a manga in series if it had a non-zero likelihood of leaving you in the dust with an unfinished set? As such, longer series = more risk = less likely to be picked up; and one-shots are, of course, ideal.
>> No. 3753 [Edit]
I’m sure you could get the scans printed if you really wanted them for your collection or something
>> No. 3754 [Edit]
Many things don't. I'm still waiting for Ribbon warrior and Phase Erika even though they released GuP and Little army a while ago.
>> No. 3761 [Edit]
File 156173405313.jpg - (31.71KB , 402x306 , 1367266304498.jpg )

That is true but i think doing that would cost a lot of money to be honest.
>> No. 3764 [Edit]
You could always just get the Japanese version for your shelf and read scans, I’ve heard of quite a few western collectors doing this.
>> No. 3765 [Edit]
I think it's the best way to go about it, especially if you want to support the author.
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