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File 151125413161.jpg - (109.84KB , 1280x720 , [aniKoi] Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu S.jpg )
380 No. 380 [Edit]
What are some thing you believe that most people wouldn't agree with, or would possibly get upset about if you told them how you really feel about it?
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>> No. 381 [Edit]
Chivalry should have died when feminism was born. That's not to say feminism shouldn't have been aborted with an old rusty coat hanger.
>> No. 388 [Edit]
File 151132629220.jpg - (113.98KB , 400x400 , 76e2784b2b0eee9aa7ad4264d63cb68bb992da41.jpg )
I think women have life much easier than men do. They do have a couple of things harder than men do but their difficulties don't outweigh the things that come easy for them.

I don't know how popular or unpopular this opinion is but I think that it's not wrong to stop kids from being bullied because I feel like kids getting bullied is what can lead to school shootings in the first place if it doesn't lead to them growing up severely crippled in some way be it in terms of emotional competence or lack of self-esteem. I read a study once about hardship actually making it harder for you to deal with problems the future brings but I don't have the exact source in which case this one may have to do:
This is relevant to what I'm talking about because they might not have been able to deal with those things in the past and then they get denied self-esteem and inner strength at a time when it most needed to develop. They are essentially cut off from a vital resource early on in their life and as they go on it becomes harder for them to get that resource.
Sometimes the child does not go on to become miserable but instead becomes violent, in certain cases this violence is controlled or it is not. Some strive to learn how to fight and have their anger directed, this is a case of "getting stronger" but other times their anger is uncontrolled for various reasons. Those could be what cause some kids to lash out at everybody in that school. For these kids imagine this scenario: a man keeps kicking a dog he found at one point. The dog, usually calm, wants the man to stop but finds no way to do so by any other means than violence so he bites the man. I would imagine it is the same way for humans. "Asking doesn't work? Use force."

Frozen yogurt is better than ice cream. It's not as unhealthy and the texture is smoother and softer. The only problem is the price but it tastes so good.

I don't like chocolate ice cream, it leaves a bad aftertaste all the time and for much of my childhood I preferred vanilla over chocolate. Also I didn't like strawberry because there were always strawberry bits in there and I don't like the texture.

Comedy is dying. Memes are becoming increasingly common, are very effective, and seem like a much better alternative to having to make up your own jokes and actually be clever until you pay attention to the fact that it really is just the same joke over and over sometimes done differently but it's all way too similar to other instances of it that it's not worth calling it a joke, not in my opinion. I don't know if comedians are using it now but I dread the day when they do.

I like music without lyrics better, I think it allows the imagination to wander and can be good for promoting creativity.

I know it isn't unpopular here on TC but I do think 2D women look better than 3D women. Aside from the face usually looking prettier, they don't have to wear makeup for any reason and actually look worse with it on, their faces are usually perfectly proportional, and their bodies don't have wrinkles up until a much later age. Older women still look good later on in 2D.

Also I just think makeup makes women look uglier altogether, it looks so artificial and ugly to see unnatural colors on people's faces and drawn on eyebrows with eyelashes that look like they double as fans. Moderation, dang it.

That's all of the unpopular opinions I can think of for now. I don't know how many of these are unpopular because I don't get out much anymore and haven't for a while.
Why are we posting our unpopular/controversial opinions on /tat/ though? I don't really look forward to arguing about petty opinions. Can't we post about it on /ot/ where we can take it easy?
>> No. 389 [Edit]
Amen to all of that brother.
>> No. 390 [Edit]
>Why are we posting our unpopular/controversial opinions on /tat/ though?
Maybe so that no one gets annoyed by any opinions they might find too controversial.
>I don't really look forward to arguing about petty opinions.
It's not like you ever need to reply to anyone replying to you. Just saying.
>> No. 391 [Edit]
>I don't really look forward to arguing about petty opinions
I think that's the point of the board.
>> No. 392 [Edit]
File 151138265811.jpg - (361.61KB , 750x750 , b6f171125643d00578053f0311324ea7a911bb6b.jpg )
I know that, which is why I asked if it couldn't just be posted to /ot/ where we don't have to debate.
>> No. 403 [Edit]
File 151355321676.jpg - (28.54KB , 450x331 , 8noyvfmt5z301.jpg )
anime > western animation excluding feature films.
People like to bash on anime endlessly but it's at least nice to look at while some cartoons don't even do that.Anime has a lot of worn out tropes but it's not like cartoons are never guilty of this either and to bash on one thing for it's flaws while what you're pretending is superior has the same flaws and even more is just silliness.
>> No. 404 [Edit]
File 151356652168.jpg - (372.43KB , 2500x1000 , 1343177989521.jpg )
I think just about anyone who has actually bothered to give anime a chance knows this to be true. Why else would so much anime be creeping into western media? Western made animation mostly comes in three flavors. capshit, poorly drawn low brow """adult""" comedies, and even more poorly drawn mindless kids garbage. I'm not a fan of capshit cartoons, but at least they seem to put in 'some' effort into the art and animation of those.
It's decent reflection of American culture where in most everything is crude and ugly but over bloated and convinced of it's (misplaced) superiority, there's very little creativity and even less originality. Meanwhile the only fields it excels at is excessive strength and power.
But no one really respects the medium so that's the best you can hope for. Meanwhile anime has a large range of genres from light hearted to soul crushing stories. Art that can range from crude and ugly, to stunning and beautiful.
As far as I know they don't even make cartoons anymore. Last I saw and heard it was almost nothing but 3dcgi now with just a few long running exceptions.
>> No. 414 [Edit]
>it's not like cartoons are never guilty of this either and to bash on one thing for it's flaws while what you're pretending is superior has the same flaws and even more is just silliness.

Indeed. It's amazing how fast people are to jump on the hate bandwagon.
'Young people get the foolish idea that what is new for them must be new for everybody else too. No matter how unconventional they get, they're just repeating what others before them have done.' - Yukio Mishima
>> No. 415 [Edit]
Loss of life isn't inherently bad, it only depends on the situation. Also, human life is not inherently important and can only matter from the subjective viewpoint of people who care about specific individuals that they know. It seems pretty obvious to me but so many people have this idea that life is the main priority of all humans, regardless of the quality of their life or whatever other factors may come in to play.
>> No. 416 [Edit]
Settling is a behavior that should be actively discouraged. If everyone learned to be happy with what they had, then no one would ever try to change or improve anything and the interesting things in the world like technology and knowledge would stagnant and be ruined. Being insatiable makes you a respectable human.
>> No. 419 [Edit]
Striving and content don't have to be mutually exclusive.
>> No. 427 [Edit]
I think there's a balance that needs to be found but I come from the opposite perspective as for how hard society should push their people. I dislike how strongly pushed the sentiment of "follow your dream" is. Especially regarding art. I dislike the push that your job is your identity and not having a concrete single aspiration and fulfilling it is treated like something morally wrong. My ambition is art. Not because the world needs art but because no matter how hard I tried I couldnt keep up. I was a shitty student but I was better than average at art so I thought pursuing that was the best chance I had at being better than average at anything. At being able to give back anything to society. It was all I had. So I've spent a lot of my early adulthood in self loathing because I couldn't make it. All I had. All I was. I tried my hardest and I wasnt good enough so I had this general life feeling of being a morally corrupt person because I was born myself and couldnt overcome that. Now sure these problems are more from how mush you pressure that ambition yeah? But it's only during my summer break that I realized how much better my life is as a neet. What it feels like to study out of genuine curiosity. To detox from all the adderal and sleeping pills I relied on to have a chance at being worth shit. To have the time to start doing exercise, doing art projects I actually care about, becoming informed about the world. My goal has simply become finding a decent job I dont have to work a lot to support that lifestyle and slowly keep working at improving it at my own pace. Since I become more productive in my free time this doesnt sound too much like a disagreement except it means accepting that Im never going to hit it big. It means finding a life style I can be generally "content" with. Personally I think drive doesnt need to be enforced by a culture because generally the desire to help and improve is an inherent human quality to most people. It's when we push ambition for the sake of ambition that we've started working just to justify our existence and our reasons for working become so muddy were not actually doing anything but putting effort into hurting ourselves.
Now this is just projection out of a desire to relate to your viewpoint so correct me if Im wrong, but you sound like your perspective is of someone who defaults to doing nothing when they have free time but it makes you depressed and self loathing so you have to push yourself with self imposed obligations to give your life meaning. Therefore it is for every individuals own benefit that a society should discourage complacency.
I come from a perspective of continuously setting my ambitions too high, failing, pushing myself towards self destructive acts, bitterness towards everyone and contemplating suicide. All necause Im scared I'll only be some "normie". Because growing up and finding an average job and living an average life is "pitiful". It would mean I'm not the "main character". But life has only felt worth living once I gradually started forgiving myself and seeing value in the possibility I could one day "settle down". Life has inherent value. As you long as you're being a good person and take care of yourself a person should be allowed to savor their life and achievements.
I could go on a lot about this sort of thing because even though there needs to be a balance as not to spoil our culture, I strongly believe there is way too much shame put in a making a modest living. I get scared when I think of how easy it is for a large organizations to manipulate ambition for the sake of ambition to make wage slaves and soldiers until it becomes the norm and we expect it of people to prove their worth through them.
Continuous ambition is an important part of the human spirit but I believe most people carry that enough that enforcing it too strictly into our culture only serves to break all drive more often than achieving greatness.
>> No. 438 [Edit]
I feel like I'm probably the only anime fan out there who dislikes Shaft. It seems like it's cool to hate on DEEN for making a few mediocre anime, or kyoani just for making 'Free' when people used to treat them like the kings of anime. On the other hand everyone seems to love Shaft and will defend them to the death as a studio that can do no wrong. I usually 'try' to avoid expressing any negative opinions about the studio because it usually leads to arguments but that's what this thread is for right?
While I admit I have enjoyed some of their stuff in the past, and they've got some undeniably good music, fact remains I hate two of their biggest franchises, they ruined one of my favorite anime by proxy, and I find their edgy punk goth whatever style obnoxious. Maybe if I was still in my own edgy 16 year old phrase I might like them more, I don't know. They seem to love incorporating cut outs of real world objects in most of their anime, and I think it looks ugly when they do. Not a fan of the power point text play stuff either, or lazy set designs passed off as intentionally minimalistic. Akiyuki Shinbou's style can be extremely hit or miss (Cossette no Shouzou for example was frustrating to sit through due to it's obnoxious style of animation, while Gen Urobuchi meanwhile is someone who's work I rather avoid since he seems to be a one trick pony who's trick is one I don't particularly like in the first place, both of them being key elements of Shaft.
>> No. 439 [Edit]
File 151672080522.jpg - (97.12KB , 750x394 , Motonosumi-inari-Jinja.jpg )
They started out as a very poor animation studio.
Their style reflects their roots, of minimalism by necessity (from being poor), which also reflects, in part, Japanese aestetics as a whole (id est: wabi-sabi).

KyoAni fans were never fans of Shaft, and vice versa. They are opposite ends of the spectrum.
>> No. 440 [Edit]
I think the problems are your personal outlook and where you're looking validation of your opinions. Hating KyoAni for making Free is just retarded because you can just not watch it and the issue is over. Hating Deen for some anime considered a disservice to their source material is more warranted, but still, as a studio they have dozens of classics and have participate on dozens more. Their positives vastly outweight whatever negatives. So hating on the studio itself is childish (in these cases, at least).
>On the other hand everyone seems to love Shaft
You wouldn't know if you look online. Lots of people hate Shaft for the same type of things that are relegated to subjective tastes.
>they ruined one of my favorite anime by proxy
That's on you, not them. If they release an anime series that ruined another (I assume disconnected) just because of your feelings, then they're not the ones to blame. If they ruined one of your favourite anime because retroactively changed something important about it (e.g. a sequel) then that's different, but you mentioned it being by proxy.
>I find their edgy punk goth whatever style obnoxious
>Maybe if I was still in my own edgy 16 year old phase
You're allowed to dislike Shaft and call out their flaws if you give relatively objective criticism like you just did (e.g. "incorporating cut outs of real world objects") but then you devalue your exposed opinion by adding things like the quoted sentence which is immature because you're assuming you need to be edgy and young to enjoy one or another art style. The first step to end silly "Studio Wars" is to acknowledge people have different tastes -and- that there are things that can be regarded as objectively bad regardless of whether people like it or not, like bad writing, pacing, edition, animation, etc.
>while Gen Urobuchi
>key elements of Shaft
What do you mean? Urobutcher has only done one series with Shaft. He has not been involved in anything with them besides Madoka.
>KyoAni fans were never fans of Shaft, and vice versa. They are opposite ends of the spectrum.
Speak for yourself. I like both studios and have enjoyed everything I've seen from both, and so does a lot of people. Very few (vocal) people are engaged in these moronic studio pissing contests.
>> No. 443 [Edit]
I'm sorry if not knowing the proper term for that style of theirs came across like an insult. I'm also sorry if I blurred the line between subjective personal opinions and objective criticism. That wasn't my intention. I really don't know what you would call the style they so often use as someone who has little interest in anything like it. punk/emo/goth is honestly the closest I can come up with. If you know a more appropriate (and less offensive?) term, I'm all ears.
I assumed from my first sentence it would be clear I knew this was only my own personal unpopular opinion. That I realize people like Shaft and their style, but that it's not for me. I'm not telling people to boycott them or telling you you shouldn't enjoy their works, or anything of that sort. I'm just saying I don't like them and why I don't like them. Much like the minimalistic style I mentioned which I know is very popular these days but that is not for me. The point was also that no one cares if you have a negative opinion about any other studio, but if you don't like Shaft people will be all over you about it. As shown for example by the relatively fast responses that post got on a partly hidden board on a half dead site. -not that there's anything wrong with that.- Just an observation. But again, sorry if that's wrong. I don't really hang out on other imageboards much so I wouldn't know if this wasn't actually true. Just the impression I got.

>you're assuming you need to be edgy and young to enjoy one or another art style.
Not at all. I realize people of all ages in a range of demographics like their works, I'm just saying that if I myself was still that age I might have liked their works better.

>That's on you, not them.
Yup, I'm well aware of that.

>What do you mean?
My mistake, I thought he had more of a hand in their works.

Obligatory (apparently) disclaimer:
The views and opinions expressed in this post in no way reflect the opinions of any person other than maker of this post (from here out refereed to as the "poster") and are not intended to influence or manipulate the thoughts and opinion of other readers. Readers of this post are entitled to their own opinion on the contents of this post, with or without coloration to poster's stance or opinions on the mater in question. By responding to Poster, the reader there for acknowledges and agrees to these terms.

>> No. 444 [Edit]
>I assumed from my first sentence it would be clear I knew this was only my own personal unpopular opinion.
I think you misunderstood my post as a defence against your views. I wrote it in regards to the OP text. You mentioned that you feel like you're alone in disliking Shaft. My post is about why most people would agree with you (in disliking shaft), and why people would not get upset if you revealed how you feel about such Studio. The issue is the crowd, hence "where you're looking validation of your opinions". Reasonable people who like Shaft will understand if you don't like Shaft because of art style choices, but reasonable people will also roll their eyes when you expose your opinion in a way that is deriding, because it would make them think (perhaps unjustly) that it's likely your observations are shallow, otherwise you'd have gone through enough reflection of the flaws you found to properly explain what bothers you.

No need to be so apologetic either. The disclaimer makes me feel like I made a mistake in replying because I ended up hurting your feelings or made you feel attack, despite that you chose to write this in /tat/ instead of /an/. You'd make it worse if you address this paragraph, so I hope you won't.
>> No. 470 [Edit]
Madoka Magica is unredeemable trash and only got popular for its shock factor, for someone who watched it outside of its original airing period while knowing that it was going to take a "dark" turn there is nothing interesting about it since the story is badly paced and the characters are boring and hard to care about. Steins;Gate is mediocre and extremely overrated.

Homosexuality is a mental disorder and we may had have found some form of therapy to cure it if it wasn't for the forced social acceptance of it, similar to what we're seeing happen with gender dysphoria at the present date.

Humans are morally obliged to commit genocide if a certain etnic group is unable to archieve anything but destroying the hard work of all other groups of people.
As the population of Africa will reach 3 billion in this half of the century alone and they do nothing but procreate while living off donations of other people and are quick to illegally immigrate to western countries where they fall into crime, the only option to fix the future problems they will cause is to at least end the donations so nature can do its thing and a large chunk of the population will starve off until they are in the hundreds or thousands at best which is how its supposed to be given the shitty climate of their continent.
Jews on the other hand should actually be killed off with violence, even when they manage to archieve impressive feats in academic fields such as physics they always use their status, money and in some cases their own creations to cause further suffering on all non-jewish people as they have done since the destruction of the second temple.
>> No. 471 [Edit]
>Homosexuality is a mental disorder
I was originally vehemently against homosexuality on a "they need to disappear" mindset, but then I turned around when I saw enough scientific research. Since almost a year ago, after seeing how poorly done most research is, and how much preference agenda-aligning research is focused on I feel it's an abnormality that should be permitted as long as it doesn't encroach into education and society as a crutch. Apparently, though, the overwhelming vocal majority of homosexuals and allies seem to be hell-bent on infecting society from its most shallow to its most profound parts with their now-manifested corruptive ideology. I'm sure there are decent, (comparatively) moral gays out there, but they might as well be a drop of water in this current sea of depravity.
>> No. 472 [Edit]
I watched it out of it's airing period as well but I liked it.
It goes into things like the Red String of Fate and Eternal Recursion.
>> No. 473 [Edit]
Aside from cultural acceptance and agendas, I think the current state of western women has pushed more men to homosexuality. It's especially noticeable in the anime scene where women are in short supply and the ones who are available are revolting whorish ham beasts. Meanwhile many males in the scene are happy to become "traps" who look and act more feminine than your average women ever would, while also talking part in activities modern women find demeaning and offensive such as cooking and cleaning. I've known a few online buddies personally who turned bisexual or gay, and I suspect traps/3DPD to be what pushed them over the edge.
>> No. 474 [Edit]
Saw both Madoka and Steins;Gate way outside of their airing period as well, while being very biased against the former (due to a lot of people telling me it was awful + seeing a lot of disgusting individuals online having it as a favourite anime) and very biased in favour of the latter (one of the favourite anime of someone who help me get fully leave my anime hiatus period behind). I thought bought were masterpieces in different ways. I can acknowledge that what Madoka did right, it did it flawlessly, and what it did wrong, were minor issues for me (character development pacing and shock value); I didn't actually liked nor enjoyed Madoka particularly and probably won't watch it ever again, but I'm "grateful" to it for teaching me to never pre-judge an anime based on its fan base. Steins;Gate on the other hand is one of my favourites, but I do see how and why people deem it overrated, but I thoroughly disagree.
>I think the current state of western women has pushed more men to homosexuality.
I don't think that's true per se as a baseline as much as agenda pushing homosexuality as a healthier lifestyle (e.g. "No drama, bro!") while homosexual couples have a vastly higher percentage of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. I think it's mainly an issue of attention and loneliness, where attention-starved people with low self-esteem, lack of experience and/or knowledge, and histrionic personalities seek whatever will make them feel comfortable, at which point what you mentioned becomes partly true (gay men, desperate by nature, will invariably seem like more approachable targets). I think it's likely another cause is broken homes, single motherhood, and lack of male role models.
>It's especially noticeable in the anime scene
I think that has more to do with the medium rather than the whole. Anime is a (not as much anymore) niche community, and a lot of women (and men) gravitate to it for attention, the same way with any other medium. But, because this niche tends to be filled with less sociable people, it seems like a safer, less-judgemental, and maybe even more economical option than other venues like trying to be a sports fan or go into physical hobbies like vehicles, travelling, hiking, etc. Therefore, the type of women and men (outside of the ones with a legitimate and honest interest in anime) that will be commonplace will, imho, be most likely the ones that failed miserably at the default paths, and will put themselves in a positions where they can maximize the attention and benefits they get from others, hence why a lot of "nerdy" women and (like you mentioned) "traps" will virtue signal and quickly adapt to whatever is currently popular at an impressive degree.

Have you noticed how most people that unexpectedly (or suddenly) became gay, bisexual, transgender, etc. tend to seem irreparably damaged? At least since 2010s, I've never met someone online who had an alternate sexuality who was also not basically broken and/or dead inside.
>> No. 478 [Edit]
It does seem like the increased faggotry in the western world is a reaction to men just not being able to keep up with modern women. Have you ever heard about the mouse utopia experiment? I recommend you reading a bit about it, the mouses were forced to live in a "society" which reflected that of ours and both males and females gradually became homosexual due to the risks that were attached to mating with mouses of the opposite sex simply not being worth it in their eyes.
Could you perhaps explain why you think Steins;Gate is so great in your opinion? I have only seen praise online for it so far and have never seen anyone really criticise it so I really feel alone in disliking it strongly. Here's my stance on it:
One of the main issues with the show to me is the characters, who are insanely annoying. The MC behaves like a chuuni and while it was probably the writer's intention to make him come off as an eccentric "geek", it really just made it painful to watch any scene with him in it. His behaviour was quite unrealistic for someone his age.
Another main issue is that while I did like the second half, the first half was quite boring and it had nothing in it to make me keep watching. The only reason why I kept watching those first episodes was because it was Steins;Gate, it's famous and I wanted to see why the hell people liked it so much but the show itself had nothing going for it. I have seen the first episode serveral times yet I dropped it constantly half the way through because it was just difficult to get through it.
Then there was the ending which seemed badly paced to me, I would have preferred if the whole ordeal with Kurisu had been given a few more episodes.
While many online claim it to be one of the, if not, the best sci-fi anime of all time, in truth it's really just a bad harem show which tries to come off as deep by using somewhat obscure scientific terms which the writer had probably read a few google search results of and barely understood himself.
>> No. 479 [Edit]
>men just not being able to keep up with modern women
Men are perfectly able to, just unwilling. Marriages and families are very much still commonplace, it's just that entertainment and access to it has made life much more fun and comfortable than it has ever been, so socialization and its annoying micromanagement mini-games are taking a back seat.
>have never seen anyone really criticise it so I really feel alone
I'll assume you don't frequent any other imageboards because tons of people think S;G is overrated and cliched, specially women who argue the whole scenario is built with the basis of dating sim (which I don't fully disagree with).
>The MC behaves like a chuuni
This is explained in the series. [SPOILERS]Okabe acts as a eccentric mad scientist for the sake of Mayuri, who is stated and shown to be depressive due to her childhood trauma(s), and as a deterrent of her (apparent) potential suicidal tendencies.
>His behaviour was quite unrealistic for someone his age.
Now I'll assume you connect to the internet on a 32 kbit/sec modem from a remote 1-person island because I can't believe you have never met anyone over 18 (Okabe's age in S;G) who acts like a weirdo or even role plays for fun, specially online, where it seems people that act that way are practically in every single online community. And it's not just men.
>it was just difficult to get through it.
You're allowed to dislike what others seem to enjoy. If it's not for you, that's the end of it. I don't get sports / e-sports / space operas fandom and find them boring and lame, yet a massive amount of people love these, and that's fine.
>many online claim it to be one of the, if not, the best sci-fi anime of all time
More than sci-fi, it's the anime (or even just media in general) that has used time travel with the most respect to the physics and (relatively) realistic consequences, by far. So people that prefer hard science fiction rather than its mixed genres (adventure, space opera, mecha, cyberpunk, etc.) end up finding something that can't be seen anywhere else, specially when it aired. Now there are a few things that have done it similarly.
>by using somewhat obscure scientific terms
I'll make one last assumption and believe you are not acquainted with neither science fiction in general, nor an avid reader of technological advances outside of end users, specially since 1995, regarding computing and physics. Otherwise, you wouldn't make such a tiresome and ignorant comment. No offence meant.

To sum it up, you seem to hate on an anime that apparently was obviously not made for neither your interests nor your sensibilities (feel free to correct me), and if so, then there's nothing wrong with disliking it. But there's a difference between saying "I didn't like S;G" and "S;G is absolute overrated garbage" because there are dozens, if not hundreds, of walls of texts and essays deconstructing the entirety of the show and why it's deemed so good, all of which you can easily find by googling, if you're really interested in learning about what the series did right, rather than validating your opinion.
>> No. 480 [Edit]
>Men are perfectly able to, just unwilling
Yeah because they don't want to risk getting divorced and then being forced to pay alimentation for the rest of their life while lonely and poor and being played off as the "bad guy" by their mother to their children. Which is pretty much the same as not being able to because why the hell would you want to live like that? It's just not worth it.
That one scene where he talks about her being a hostage doesn't really excuse all the other retarded behaviour nor is it really a proper explanation since it's only shown once and never brought up again.
>I can't believe you have never met anyone over 18 (Okabe's age in S;G) who acts like a weirdo or even role plays for fun
I'm glad I haven't. If you're one of these people then you're sadly my first annoying encounter with this sort of person.
>And it's not just men
Why are you so obsessed with mentioning the differences between men and women? This is the third time in your post already, keep the subject to anime please. I'd like to keep identity politics and hobbies seperated.
>it's the anime (or even just media in general) that has used time travel with the most respect to the physics and (relatively) realistic consequences
That's just because there barely exist any anime about time travel. When there's barely anything to compare it to it's easy to say it's the best one. When you stop looking at it from a comparison angle and just see it as it is though you'll realise that it's really not that realistic. I mean, the trap guy becoming a woman has no influence at all on them becoming friends when him being a trap was an essential part of their first interaction? They didn't even bother changing his/her memories of this first encounter, it's just exactly the same. It's also never explained why some characters still have their memories of other timelines while other don't and why some remember things more clearly, it just convenient for the writer.
>Otherwise, you wouldn't make such a tiresome and ignorant comment
Aaaand thanks for proving you're extremely biased and can't look at this from another perspective nor can you properly refute any of my points, you don't at all explain why I was wrong at that last point, you're just going straight for the ad hominem.
>> No. 481 [Edit]
>nor is it really a proper explanation
Hmmm, maybe it's a language barrier thing or lack of attention. It seemed crystal clear to me why he acts the part of a mad scientiest.
>keep the subject to anime please
I was talking about anime, which I assume you have watched practically none of, at this point, if you have never encountered this stereotype.
>If you're one of these people
I'd say you'd qualify if you're the same anon who puts quotes when replying to others, like in that political stance thread.
>It's also never explained why some characters still have their memories of other timelines
They explained it several times. No wonder you can't see past your vitriol if you don't even pay attention. Unsurprising though.
>you're just going straight for the ad hominem
I didn't insult you though. An opinion can be ignorant and tiresome without the commenter being so overall. The irony is that you proved yourself to be the very same thing you described: extremely biased and obtuse. Why would I write a detailed sequence of posts to explain you the series, when you'll end up replying whatever you deem convenient to keep your position, specially when you can easily find that information already written online? You want me to spoonfeed you for no other purpose that to appeal to your own ego. And I never said you were wrong, because what you like or not is subjective based on your own personality and experience. Moreover, I even emphasized that there wasn't anything wrong with you disliking the series, but at this point you're just reading what you want to fabricate an excuse not to move from your standing.
>> No. 484 [Edit]
I'm against divorce.
Even if it might be for the "best" of both parties.
Even if it's an abusive relationship.
I don't believe that divorce is an answer. It's just running away, and it kill all the good things that might come out of marriage.

Marriage is a bounding for eternity, or at least for the rest of your life. Like life, it is doomed to have very harsh and dark times. Some things will be irreversible. You can't undo all the bad things that happened to you, nor could you undo all the bad things within a marriage. You can't runaway from your life, why should you be able to runaway from your marriage ?

I get their are special situations and exceptions. I get all of that. But I still hold my point.
Even my parents divorced, and I have a horrible relationship with my dad, to the point that I am closer to my step-dad. I completely understand my mom's reasons for divorce, and respect them. It even looks I am better off with my parents divorced. But still, I (or anyone) can predict what would have happened if there wasn't a divorce, how things would have evolved.
>> No. 485 [Edit]
File 152380085195.gif - (1.05MB , 500x280 , Night Crew.gif )
My unpopular opinion: /tat/, /lol/, and /mp3/ should be combined to increase the chances of users coming into contact with one another, and replying to each other.

also, fuck England. Gott strafe.
>> No. 487 [Edit]
That's an odd combo. I can see /tat/ and /lol/ together for a general shitposting board, but why /mp3/?
>> No. 499 [Edit]
No reason, really. I was just sabotaging my point with stupid humor.
>> No. 511 [Edit]
File 152617194363.jpg - (4.16MB , 491x375 , The-Male-and-Female-Brain.jpg )
Eugenics, apply it, Separate the wheat from the chaff.

>the current state of western women has pushed more men to homosexuality.
The current state of western women has pushed more men to reclusiveness seems more correct to me.

It might be part of it for feminine men, perhaps some porn fetishes helps self-indoctrinate themselves to lean more that way and traps in anime doesn't help either. From what I've read I think it's more the effect of declining testosterone (around the world but more so in western countries) and increasing estrogen which makes them born gay e.g. gay brains are similarly shaped as females instead of straight males. Something should be done about this.

Picture related can be opened as archive, it has the two books shown on the image.
>> No. 513 [Edit]
There's no such thing as being gay. People of the same sex who love each other confuse romantic love with platonic love, the latter of which is perfectly normal. Attraction to the same sex is a product of extreme perversion, which is separate.
>> No. 518 [Edit]
I fully agree with you, except on the "extreme perversion". I believer that to qualify as depraved, you have to be conscious of what you're doing being morally wrong, yet I have noticed (specially in the last 3-4 years) that there's a lot of brainwashing agenda going on trying to "convert" people into it by normalizing it in all forms as an ideal lifestyle. Point being that for some people, being gay is just "all they know" and get out of that prison without help. I guess the same rings true for all outcomes of degeneracy in general.
>> No. 528 [Edit]
Yeah, I suppose that's possible considering something like "affluenza" is a term that exists as well.
>> No. 532 [Edit]
Fahrenheit is a better measurement of temperature, in any use outside of scientific fields/math/etc. or where anything needs precise measurement. For regular use when describing weather or temperatures that don't have to be precise or specific, fahrenheit is best. It happens to be in a perfect range (0-100) of almost all temperatures we have to deal with on a daily basis and makes sense particularly with weather. I don't care as much about the other units of measure, but I do like fahrenheit.
>> No. 537 [Edit]
I couldn't disagree more, it's a dumb, obsolete and outright useless measurement. Celsius makes perfect sense: At 0°C water freezes at average pressure and at 100°C it boils. You just think that way because you use it. Literally everyone else in the world except for literal-shithole Liberia regards it as pointless.
>> No. 631 [Edit]
1. I believe that all life should stop reproducing, including animals and insects
2. I have a favorable view of North Korea
3. Not all cults are inherently bad
4. The South should have won the American Civil war

That's all I can think of for now. Feel free to respond, I like discussion.
>> No. 633 [Edit]
Why? To all of this.
>> No. 645 [Edit]
I don't think either of these are controversial or unpopular when proposed in the country which uses said system.

Now, have someone in France argue with other Frenchmen that pounds and Fahrenheit are the better standard, and then we have an unpopular opinion.
>> No. 646 [Edit]
The conception of a globalist, uniformed, omnipotent, clandestine organization or movement against the things you and/or your loved ones value or hold dear is a fiction, which only appears obvious due to a simplification of the end result of a myriad of interconnected power structures, most of which are completely indifferent to you or what you stand for if it does not translate into profit/power for them, or work against their profit/power.

Whenever I've bothered to dig into the motivations, inspirations, and mentalities of those who push for stuff against my interests, it is usually the case that there are a myriad institutions with differing goals and ideals, which may be competing with one another, or operating at different levels of organization, who end up countering my wishes or ideals to achieve their institution's internal goals. They're only synchronous so far as human nature results in predictable responses to certain situations and stimuli.
>> No. 647 [Edit]
>They're only synchronous so far as human nature results in predictable responses to certain situations and stimuli.
The main argument poltards have is that the behavior of Jews is different and results in a predictable negative outcome for them. Some think it's supernatural, while others think it's genetic. There isn't any empirical evidence to suggest this is true. Nobody has done a behavioral genetic analysis of Jews.
>> No. 666 [Edit]
I concur. Many fawn over their animation style but to me it looks lazy and sloppy, often lacking backgrounds with minimalistic text-laden slideshows passed off as avant-garde art. I don't doubt that it probably did take a lot of effort, but when watching the constant jump-cuts break my attention and interposing real-world objects takes you into the uncanny valley and breaks immersion.

Leaving aside the issue of artwork, I find that most SHAFT adaptations have a common trend of meandering dialogue with agonizing pacing that ruins any change of enjoyment. Just comparing two works by the same author: Joshiraku and Sayonara Zetsubou, the former was adapted by JC Staff and the latter was done by Shaft. While the style of humor should be analogous, the latter was entirely unwatchable due to the usual Shaft antics. I also think they ruined the Hidamari Sketch adaption for the same reasons, and when considering how much I have enjoyed every other Kirara adaption, I find that to be a huge loss.
>> No. 668 [Edit]
1. Nature requires human suffering to survive, so it would only be logical that we stop this meat grinder we call life.
2. I think a lot of what we see about North Korea is merely western propaganda. North Korea holds democratic elections, is innovating quite well despite being an isolated country, and they are not the trigger happy monsters that the American media tries to portray them as. They have a right to a strong military and to own nukes to defend their country. And as far as Kim Jong Un being careless in his threats, America isn't innocent in that respect either *cough* Donald Trump *cough*.
3. There are plenty of smaller cults out there that were formed merely for the idea of community and a sense of belonging. Yes, some of them end disastrously like The Manson Family or Jonestown, but others are just a bunch of hippies that smoke weed all day believe in some batshit interpretation of life. (not saying I would join one though. I'm not that stupid.)
4. My views on that have changed.

Hope this helps.
>> No. 669 [Edit]
1.Why? Suffering isn't required, it's inevitable. I'd argue that the good things in life make it worth it. Why is suffering such a "bad" thing to you? Other people should be free to suffer as much as they want if it doesn't affect me.
2.How many North Korean life bloggers do you see? How many do you see on message boards? The only information we have on daily life there is either North Korean propaganda or "western propoganda". That's a red flag. There's no point in America painting this wonderful utopia in a bad light.
>North Korea holds democratic elections,
Which are toooootally not rigged(are definitely rigged). It's not like their populace isn't allowed to leave, isn't allowed to communicate with the outside world, isn't allowed to say whatever they want about their leaders and other things we take for granted. I'm sure they just happened to have a dynastic succession of power in a completely democratic system with real opposition and everything.
>is innovating quite well
Is reliant on China and almost certainly full of severely technologically backwards villagers.
Right now you criticized Trump. Try moving to china and doing the same to their prime minister. Yeah, I'm sure North Koreans are actually more democratic and have Akihabara-like streets and doujin circles. America is just hiding it.
3.I wouldn't call it a cult if it doesn't have a strong hierarchy and us vs them mentality.
>> No. 672 [Edit]
The idea of sexual crimes is ridiculous. With the exception of violent, physically harmful, forced rape, no sexual crimes are valid or should be acknowledged as a criminal justice issue. Yes, that includes statutory rape. Why you ask? I just don't think sex in general is that important or that monumental of a deal for less than perfect situations involving it to really matter. Sex is really not something so powerful that an uncomfortable or unpleasant situation with it should be considered a crime or anything meaningful. Unless someone actually beats you, or causes meaningful physical harm, it shouldn't be the problem of the justice system or the community at large. In fact I'd say if something sexual wouldn't fall under assault and battery when judged by those standards, it shouldn't be acknowledged at all. People take sexuality way to seriously in every aspect nowadays, from what you prefer to how comfortable it was for you to do it.
>> No. 673 [Edit]
What about STD, unintended pregnancy, or emotional/mental scaring to the victim and or their partner?
>> No. 674 [Edit]
Happens anyway and regardless of whether or not the sex was wanted
>unintended pregnancy
Well one person at least intended it :^)
>emotional/mental scaring to the victim and or their partner?
A total meme, most women enjoy rape on some level seeing as it is what they evolved to deal with.
>> No. 675 [Edit]
File 156672533272.gif - (955.34KB , 624x656 , 1564528989560.gif )
Democracy is a lie. A small village would not need democracy, but a constitution kept alive, dictated to the village, by elders who were leading members of the local community, parents and grandparents who lived in the very town they managed. Any collective large enough to require democracy shouldn't exist in the first place. It's just a sham to convince people they aren't being taken advantage of.
>> No. 676 [Edit]
A man doesn't have to try hard to pin a woman down without causing large bodily harm. I wouldn't want an ugly, fat, woman to force themself on me and I think that sentiment extends to women. People should have the right to choose what happens to their body, whether that's getting a tattoo, or getting injected with anything, or anything else. Why is bodily harm such a big deal to you? Wounds heal right? Why does it even matter if you kill them? We're all going to die sooner or later. What's the big deal? Your standards are arbitrary while mine are objective. Their body, their decision. That's universal. What if your wife was raped?
>What they evolved to deal with it.
Have any evidence of that?

Post edited on 25th Aug 2019, 7:56am
>> No. 678 [Edit]
See I just don't see what the big deal is. You talk about it under the assumption your counter-arguments have some weight to me, but all I see is an underlying assumption that all humans think rape is bad. Personally, I would never have a wife, and if I did get raped, well, I'll survive. Why is killing wrong if rape isn't? Well hey, I never said killing WAS wrong.
>> No. 679 [Edit]
Theft, assault, murder, rape. Most people think these things are bad and would like to avoid them. That's one of the primary foundations of society and you not thinking they're a big deal doesn't make it ridiculous. You just don't value society. Nobody's forcing you to, but you are benefeiting from it. If I could choose between living with people who value the same things as me or living with people who don't, I'll pick the former.
>> No. 680 [Edit]
I don't see the pressing need to move "upwards" in terms of jobs. Even though many people will jokingly acknowledge the "rat race" that is society, they'll still nonetheless jockey for promotions or so on. What's wrong with just having a bare-minimum job that provides enough to live a modest life? If you live only for yourself, you don't really need much to live comfortably (especially if you abandon physical materialism).
>> No. 681 [Edit]
>If you live only for yourself
A lot of people don't.
>you don't really need much to live comfortably
Money gives options and freedom. The default option is always shit in America. Maybe in Europe, especially places like Switzerland, that's not the case, wealthy places with a small population and socialist policies, but it is in the US. Everything is ugly and dirty and low-quality unless you have money and can pay to isolate yourself from the peasants. That's how it is, even if most politicians wont admit it.
>> No. 682 [Edit]
>Maybe in Europe
Actually it's worse here. The nice places are very rare exceptions, and absolutely unreachable for plebeians like me.
>> No. 683 [Edit]
The typical food(even in poorer countries), public transit, and general architectural style seemed a lot nicer from what I've saw. Have you ever seen New York's subway?
>> No. 713 [Edit]
Trying to preserve endangered species is (mostly) a waste. Sure, killing animals for stupid reasons (like using their body parts as snake-oil "medicines") should be opposed, but extinction of species has been a fact of life on Earth for millions of years before humans even existed, and outside of the fools who think something like Jurassic Park would be the coolest thing ever, we don't miss them. If they can't compete or coexist in the current ecosystem, human activity included, tough shit to 'em.
>> No. 714 [Edit]
File 157211764838.jpg - (164.38KB , 850x478 , __original_drawn_by_watermother2004__sample-32419c.jpg )
>human activity included
Letting coral reefs or bees go extinct would be extremely stupid. There's such things as keystone species, where if they go extinct, many other things are fucked. Human activity isn't something most animals can compete with just like an ice age isn't. The difference is we have control over our own activity. Trying to not fuck everything up goes further than not making snake oil or fur coats. Unless you want everybody who doesn't die to eat insects and drink filtered piss, that's just how it is. Trying to save something like pandas though is a waste of resources.
>> No. 715 [Edit]
If they die, they die. If humans can survive without them, fuck em.
>> No. 717 [Edit]
There's more to life than survival. A lot, if not most people would also die.

Post edited on 26th Oct 2019, 2:25pm
>> No. 724 [Edit]
"Poor people just can't budget"
1. I'm not saying poor people are always poor because of things out of their control and
2. I'm not saying all rich people are like this, but
3. a big subgroup of people who say 'poor people need to budget' often lack any budgeting skills themselves and the only thing preventing them from poverty is the fact they're rich.
>> No. 725 [Edit]
Agreed. It's common knowledge that it takes money to make money. As such it can be very hard to make your way up when you have little to work with. I've had a lot of exposure to both ends of the spectrum and yes, the poor do have bad spending habits while doing stupid things but so do the rich like you said. For every poor moron who blows all his money on alcohol, cigarettes, and lotto tickets, there's a rich person who spends ludicrous amounts of money on luxuries and entertainments they don't need, such as cars, art, fine dinning, vacations, and more. I've known people living paycheck to paycheck with less than $10 to their name at times, and I've known rich people who spend more than $300 a day just on food.
>> No. 726 [Edit]
People that are bad financing their money are or become poor so yes more poor people cant budget than non poor people.
>> No. 727 [Edit]
To be fair, it can be hard to budget what you don't have and being poor in some ways can be more expensive than being well off.
>> No. 728 [Edit]
>being poor in some ways can be more expensive than being well off.
It's a lot harder to buy in bulk if you're poor.
>> No. 731 [Edit]
Well I find that they can't, I'm always amazed by it. I live among poor people and am poor myself but I find I am always financially better of than they are even when they make more, and this is with wasting money on anime merch and the like. They also rarely manage to save anything.
>> No. 732 [Edit]
It requires a community larger than a village to live in any degree of security or comfort, other wise you are living in Africa pretty much.

I agree about democracy being stupid though.
>> No. 763 [Edit]
Women live life on super easy mode, and the institutionalized patriarchy is what made the system work.

Women in a post-sexual-revolution, post-gender-equality, clown-world society get all of the perks and benefits of being a woman, plus the affirmative-action, plus the white-knight chivalry ingrained in society, a red carpet rolled out everywhere. There are more women in college, more men kill themselves than women, a woman if she is ugly or fat can still have guys lined up to fuck her with a swipe on the phone, still have people telling her she is perfect and beautiful the way she is and deserves Mr.Right, if a girl if plain or average in the face she can cake on makeup like 95% of women do, they still expect men to take care of them and treat them like princesses even after all of the equity. I dont see any women slaving in shitty construction jobs or stepping on IEDs, do you? Divorce is over 50 percent, and women always get the kids and alimony/child support. Prisons are full of men. Women get the easy-street pussy-pass equity at every opportunity but a man is still expected to suck it up and be a man and deal with it.

It doesnt work, its not gonna work. Women get every boost in the world but get angry they are stuck with relationship options are with so called low-value-men. Every woman wants to be strong independent and dont-need-no-man pussy-power, and still want a man who makes more money than them and has his life together AND is taller than her in heels and good looking and always happy-confident 100% of the time and is always ready to listen to her problems and watch The Notebook with her.

These sluts think if they just cake on some makeup and get some beta orbiters on Instagram that means theyre entitled to a Mr.Perfect Mr.Right. They think their twisted self-absorbed vain world-view is representative of the real world just because theyre women and have lived their whole lives having smoke blown up their asses.

Sorry ladies I am not prince-charming Mr.Right, if you aint down with that- DX got two words for ya...

Its lonely cat lady or betabux provider, the awful part about it is that women KNOW this but still complain. Being a man fucking sucks hard, why do you think there are so many trannies? We truly live in a dystopia.
>> No. 764 [Edit]
Boring post. Even if all of it was true, I still wouldn't want to be a women. Besides, whether woman are favored by society or not, personality wise, the average man is no better. The average person is an obnoxious, dull, self-absorbed cunt. It's easy to think women are the problem when you never have to deal with average men. Lots of them can't even bother to flush the toliet or lift the seat when they're pissing.
>> No. 765 [Edit]
Dont get me wrong, I hate men too, but women are worse. Men being assholes does not disprove anything I said.
>> No. 766 [Edit]
At least on the bus they take less room(assuming they're not fat).
>> No. 787 [Edit]
It depends a lot on what kind of contingent you are talking about, because everything is relative. However, I think you meant "popularity" and "unpopularity" on the largest scale possible.

1. I approve suicide.
2. I do not think most popular anime like SAO, DitF is good. Moreover, I am sure that the rule of 300+ titles is utter nonsense. This is probably just trolling, but I still decided to mention this stupid statement. From my point of view, it makes sense to watch a maximum of 20 titles and end your "communication" with the anime industry.
3. Avoiding wage slavery is not bad for me.
4. I hate children very much. Blunt pieces of protein.
5. I do not believe in overpopulation. There is enough space on our planet, as well as resources.
6. I consider the relationship with tulpa as meaningful and important as it is with a real person.
7. I do not believe in God.
>> No. 789 [Edit]
>it makes sense to watch a maximum of 20 titles
It doesn't to me. That's not how hobbies should work. Watch what you feel like as much as you like. I don't keep track of my number like it's a point system.
3.confusingly worded, but okay
5.less people is better though
6.that says more about real people than tulpas

Post edited on 11th Mar 2020, 9:53am
>> No. 790 [Edit]
>less people is better though
>> No. 791 [Edit]
Lots of reasons. I don't like people. Even if there's "enough" land and resources on earth, infrastructure may not be able to keep up, especially in shit holes. As automation becomes more and more prevalent, there will be less of place in society for low-skilled workers, the majority of workers. Rather than wasting time, energy, and money to support everyone, or going through the strife of a massive shift in economic system, less people with less need of workers is smoother. Oh, and I don't like people.
>> No. 792 [Edit]
File 158397143749.png - (257.81KB , 1247x1754 , born-in-2010-how-much-metals-and-energy-is-left.png )
>1. I approve suicide.


>2. I do not think most popular anime like SAO, DitF is good. Moreover, I am sure that the rule of 300+ titles is utter nonsense. This is probably just trolling, but I still decided to mention this stupid statement. From my point of view, it makes sense to watch a maximum of 20 titles and end your "communication" with the anime industry.

I have never even heard of that and the last part does not make sense either.

>3. Avoiding wage slavery is not bad for me.


>4. I hate children very much. Blunt pieces of protein.

Agree but I like them more than adults, they are less polluted by society than adults.

>5. I do not believe in overpopulation. There is enough space on our planet, as well as resources.

There isn't. Not in the long term anyway. There is also the massive environmental impact that our population is having.

>6. I consider the relationship with tulpa as meaningful and important as it is with a real person.

Tulpas are self induced schizophrenia.

>7. I do not believe in God.

I agree but that's a fairly popular opinion.
>> No. 793 [Edit]
File 158401741410.png - (243.87KB , 423x525 , 247.png )
>they are less polluted by society than adults.
Not their achievement. They didn't do anything for it, they just existed as unicellular.
>There isn't.
I was wrong.
>Tulpas are self induced schizophrenia.
Not even a little bit. Schizophrenia is genetically determined and cannot be caused by psychological practices, no matter how hard you try. If you don't have the schizophrenia gene, then even if you were to experience terrifying stress that should trigger the disease, the maximum that you could get is PTSD or depression.
>that's a fairly popular opinion.
According to sociologists Ariela Keysar and Juhem Navarro-Rivera's review of numerous global studies on atheism, there are 450 to 500 million positive atheists and agnostics worldwide (7% of the world's population). 7%, anon. And this despite the fact that atheists were mixed with agnostics.
>> No. 794 [Edit]
>Not their achievement. They didn't do anything for it, they just existed as unicellular.

It doesn't matter, the fact still stands.

>Schizophrenia is genetically determined

False, it is well known that it can be caused by external factors. The current thinking is that people are genetically prone to it, not that it is genetic. But even were that true, tulpas would still fall into that as an expression of schizophrenia, it would just mean that only those with a genetic disposition would fall victim to it.

>there are 450 to 500 million positive atheists and agnostics worldwide (7% of the world's population)

It would depend on where they studied. I meant it's a popular opinion on the internet, particularly on image boards. The majority of the world is made up of third worlders and most of them are religious. Even in the developed world, much of the population is made up of old people, who are again, often religious.
>> No. 795 [Edit]
>it can be caused by external factors.
And it may be caused because there is a dormant schizophrenia in your DNA. If it is not there, then there is nothing to talk about.
>tulpas would still fall into that as an expression of schizophrenia
You say that because you do not fully understand what a tulpa is. This is not a hallucination, it is just a fictional being in your mind that you have been thinking about for a long time and to which you have a very strong attachment. You will not see it in front of you, because thoughts can not be materialized. Schizophrenia has nothing to do with it.
>I meant it's a popular opinion on the internet, particularly on image boards.
I do not think your little observations have any statistical significance. You have not done any research or meta-research, you are just judging by your incomplete experience. It is easy to put you in an awkward position by asking you questions such as what boards did you sit on; how many people did you interview; how many of them have changed their minds; have you made at least one chart? And do not forget about the survivorship bias.
>> No. 796 [Edit]

>And it may be caused because there is a dormant schizophrenia in your DNA.

Well it's not the currently held belief in the medical community. Currently they believe certain people are more vulnerable to it based on genetics but that it's not wholly a genetic issue. Even the genetic component is based on the fact that having family members who have it will raise ones chance of having it as well. However, that in itself may not wholly b genetic. People tend to live in similar environments that there relatives, a good example would be drug use(a known contributor to schizophrenia), people who grew up with parents that do drugs tend to have a higher chance of doing drugs themselves.

>This is not a hallucination, it is just a fictional being in your mind that you have been thinking about for a long time and to which you have a very strong attachment.

Well that isn't a tulpa then, a tulpa is a hullucination. It's a being you created in your head and believe to be real, you believe that you have created it. It's not just something you have been thinking about.

>I do not think your little observations have any statistical significance. You have not done any research or meta-research, you are just judging by your incomplete experience.

I could say the same to you. Not calling you new or anything but it's a very popular opinion thrown about on image boards all the time. I am very surprised that you have not come across it and come across it often at that.
>> No. 797 [Edit]
>Well that isn't a tulpa then
Your problem is that you do not understand that this concept has transformed over time and has moved away from mysticism. I will not even say that paranormal phenomena are impossible, so the definition of tulpa will have to be changed. This is an imaginary friend, not a hallucination, or something that appeared right in front of you because of your power of thought.
>It's a being you created in your head
>you believe that you have created it.
>and believe to be real
Depends on what is meant by the real.
>It's not just something you have been thinking about.
You misinterpreted my words. I said that you thought about it for a long time and were attached to it emotionally.
>I could say the same to you.
Unlike you, I did not make questionable claims about the prevalence of atheism on imageboards, and when I spoke about the percentage of atheists in the world, I at least referred to a real research.
>> No. 838 [Edit]
The Earth is (locally) flat. It's not false or controversial, but most people don't understand what ``locally'' means, so they think I'm wrong.
>> No. 839 [Edit]
Kansas it flatter than a pancake, Deleware is even flatter. People are stupid as hell all over.
>> No. 840 [Edit]
It's locally flat even where rough terrain.
>> No. 841 [Edit]
Like, on a small enough scale? How does that work?
>> No. 842 [Edit]
I didn't like the second season of GiTS SAC that much. The refugee thing didn't really interest me and felt like a departure from the more avant-garde conflicts that could only exist in a sci-fi setting.
>> No. 843 [Edit]
I think most people vastly prefer S1 over S2.
>> No. 844 [Edit]
>Kansas it flatter than a pancake
thats your controversial opinion? ur really going out on a limb with that one, captain courageous
>> No. 845 [Edit]
u shud lern 2 red conteckts
>> No. 846 [Edit]
I think what he means is that basically if at every point you consider a very small section of the earth centered at that point, it is locally isomorphic to a flat plane (topological isomorphism, confusingly called a homeomorphism). So yes even on rough terrain it is still locally flat, you just have to choose a point and a small radius surrounding it.

Most mathematicians (or students who've taken some undergraduate level math courses, not necessarily topology in particular) should readily understand it by the definition of a manifold.
>> No. 847 [Edit]
I have not done multivariable calculus yet. Is sounds like a 3-d derivative or something.

Post edited on 30th Apr 2020, 2:45pm
>> No. 848 [Edit]
>Is sounds like a 3-d derivative or something.
Are you referring to a manifold? Or just the idea of being "locally flat?"

In either case, there's no calculus involved. It's just the idea that if you consider a very small section of some curvy surface it essentially looks flat. I.e. if you imagine you're an ant walking on a globe, from your perspective the thing essentially looks flat because the curvature is at a much larger scale than you are. A manifold is just a fancier way of extending this idea to higher dimensions.
>> No. 849 [Edit]
>Are you referring to a manifold? Or just the idea of being "locally flat?"
Locally flat. It reminds me of that because of the whole concept of limits and whatnot. On a manifold(or any curved surface?), a small enough area would be flat just like on a curved line, a small enough interval is a straight line. Are they comparable?

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>> No. 850 [Edit]
I'm not well-enough versed in higher level math to give a concrete answer, but I personally place them in a similar mental category: they're vaguely related in that for both limits or manifolds, what you're concerned with is the "local" (as opposed to global) properties of the object in question. Although I think a difference is what that "object" in question is – for limits it's functions, whereas with manifolds it's surfaces.

Confusingly enough, if you give some additional structure to your manifold (where you define that coordinate map from each piece of that manifold to that locally flat plane – Wikipedia has the nice phrasing of "formalizing the notion of "patching together pieces of a space to make a manifold" – and then make sure that each of these maps transitions nicely from one to another, resulting in a "smooth" manifold), you can do a sort of "generalized" calculus on these manifolds where you have generalized notions of things like surface integrals. There's the famous book by Spivak, "Calculus on Manifolds" which is about this, but that's beyond my grasp right now.

I tried to search a bit but I couldn't find any direct mention of limits in the context of these manifolds; I think they're just implicitly assumed to exist as a necessary condition (convergence within the space, and all that) for you to be able to do calculus.
>> No. 851 [Edit]
>"patching together pieces of a space to make a manifold" – and then make sure that each of these maps transitions nicely from one to another, resulting in a "smooth" manifold
Sounds like polygons in computer graphics. With enough you get what looks like a smooth curve, but isn't actually because you'd need an infinite amount for it to be perfect. Does that mean perfect manifolds don't actually exist?
>> No. 852 [Edit]
>perfect manifolds don't actually exist?
In the real world? Probably not. But it exists as an abstraction in mathematics (just as "perfect" circles don't exist in the real-world either, but we still talk about them).

Interestingly that brings back the question of whether the Earth is in fact a manifold. It's well-modeled by one on a macroscopic scale, but in the strictest sense things start to break down at microscopic levels (since if you go small enough you get random quantum fluctuations or something; it doesn't even make sense to talk about it as a "solid" entity at that level). So maybe if you wanted to be uber-pedantic you'd have to say "The Earth on a macroscopic-scale is (locally) flat" (or equivalently adjust how you define "flat" to only encompass macroscopic properties).
>> No. 853 [Edit]
Doesn't that mean every surface is locally flat in the real world?
>> No. 854 [Edit]
Yes, I'd say so (on a macroscopic scale at least), since the only violations I can think of at the moment are the pathological examples where you start entering the sub-molecular realm (if you had a really really fine tipped needle where the head of the needle was a few atoms across – I don't know if this exists – then you couldn't really say it was flat even though it's something that could potentially exist in the real world). But I think it's probably safe to say that every real world solid object you encounter is locally flat.
>> No. 855 [Edit]
I don't think evangelion is all that depressing. The endings of both the tv series and end of evangelion were pretty upbeat and throughout the tv anime there was comedy sprinkled throughout most of it. Its message is pretty self-affirming too. Texhnolyze is what's depressing.

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