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Rule No.07
- Do not make worthless or inane posts (i.e. "shitposting").
- Do not misuse the quoting function (i.e. "greentexting").
- Do not post about or acknowledge "GETs".
- Do not misuse reaction images, specially without accompanying text.

- This section in particular and its enforcing falls to the judgement of the moderating team.
- Reaction images should be used, if ever, to set a mood or emotion the poster is trying to convey.
- GETs refers to pointing out having multiple instances of the same number in your post (e.g. no.5555).
- Shitposting refers to posts that fails to be constructive, informative, or entertaining, within context.
- Shitposting may also refer to posts that only have 1 or 2 words without media attachment, unless on-topic.

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