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Let's have a drugs and alcohol thread. Please put kakusu in the email field as not to upset some of our more sensitive community members in /tc/!

So Brohnos, what are you drinking/smoking/snorting/injecting tonight? Generalized drug discussion encouraged, but please take anti-drug comments elsewhere. Let's try to limit comments about our drug usage to this thread~

I just poured myself another glass of whiskey, myself. Goes great with punk music and video games.

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mmmm gin

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I'm smoking a cigarette, having tea, and playing LoL. Turns out I'm not so bad at these games after all.

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i rike wine

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This post has been deleted.

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drank some whiskey. not enough.

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Tonight I'm having a bit of gin to celebrate some awful games of DOTA 2 and getting zlined from Rizon until Friday.


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This post has been deleted.

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Deleted my old post to prevent double posting (you guys ought to use this thread more often).

Going hard on 80mg of Vyvanse. Most tweaked I've been since June (and even then, that was fucking Concerta). This is amazing. I forgot how great it is with no tolerance. My amphetamine tolerance was eerily high last time I got Vyvanse. Like, it would have taken 120mg at least, to get me to the level I was at when I was coming up.

I should be like this until 11. And then it's a battle with insomnia and the horniness that comes from a stimulant crash.

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I'm taking pills from my cabinet, 899mg of edginess.

I'm gonna listen to my favorite musik (fuck haters xD!, hybrid theory was the best. I can super relate.

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I'm drinking for the first time in months.
I had forgotten what it felt like to feel okay and not want to die.

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Anyone else a fan of whippets? I just did like, ten. I feel amazing.

For those that don't know, Whippets are Nitrous Oxide, so named because they come in the canisters which are used to make whipped cream whipped. In order to get high off a whippet, one needs (a) a cracker, a small metal tube with a top that screws off with a spike in the lid and two small holes to let gas out, (b) a balloon to be slipped over the lid of the small tube for holding gas, and (c) a small metal canister with a thin sheet of metal which acts as a lid containing nitrous oxide, the whippet itself.

Drop a whippet into the cracker, twist the lid tight, pull a balloon over the top of the lid, slowly unscrew, and pinch the balloon when the gas enters it. Then, slowly inhale and exhale into the balloon for several minutes. You feel very buzzed, mellow, and high for a minute or two, then you have to repeat the process. It's easy to go through twenty or thirty whippets over the course of an hour.

BTW, whippets are completely legal, but I'm not going to link to places where you can buy them or to the crackers (which you can find easily on ebay).

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Last night I drank a bunch of shitty wine. It didn't taste very good so I just swallowed it in giant gulps. I got bored in my apartment so I stumbled downtown and walked around, grabbing my tobacco to keep me company. My anxiety wasn't a pain at all and I managed to go for a very pleasant walk before promptly finding a bench and falling asleep on it. I slept like a baby all night and woke up this morning feeling totally refreshed.

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I have decided to take a break from hallucinogens for at least a month, feels good. I think I'll start eating a sandwich to replace them, that way I might last two months.
Ideally I want to acquire DPT, LSD, DMT and JWH-250 and save myself for a combo of those four.

Any fans of mixing hallucinogens and cannabinoids here?
I had the silliest experience once on lsd and jwh-250, I was listening to various anime OSTs and I came across the open heart theme from Shugo Chara (http://youtu.be/b5FzlWL_nsY) just as I took a mouthfull of nitrous oxide and I instinctively raised my own hands like she does and this amazing charged feeling filled my body and poured out from my chest into a pink laser beam that I shot through my hands, and when I opened my eyes it for a second or two looked as if I blasted a hole through the roof.
I spent the rest of that night laughing at how silly it had felt.

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How does one make cheap wine at home with juice?

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Easiest and cheapest way.
Get a clean(!) pet bottle, fill it halfway up with juice (preservative free), add sugar (~4kg sugar for 20 liter of liquid), add yeast. Close it and wait, once or twice every day you will have to open it halfway to let the carbon dioxide out, make sure to not let any air in though and dont open it too often
You can drink it after a week, but wait 2 if you want it to taste better. Dont put it in the sunlight or anywhere too warm, it might explode if you dont watch it, keep it in room temperature.
Depending on the yeast you will get 10-14% or so

If it tastes like non alcoholic rat piss it got contaminated, if it tastes like regular piss with alcohol in it youre good
If you're serious about it you get a bigger can and an airlock

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I just took 225 mg of Diphenhydramine. I'm pretty happy to that there are over-the-counter drugs that you can get high off. Marijuana is nearly impossible for me..

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Just do DXM. DPH is shit. It's what homeless guys take before they rob convenience stores.
It'd help if you can smoke weed while doing it but it's not necessary.

This board is dead but I hope you'll see this!!

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lol dude im so hi rite now xD

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Yeah I usually combo it with lots of alcohol and dissociate. I keep myself in a mild state of derealization all day with caffeine too. I find if I dip back into my body the anxiety is overwhelming, but keeping a derealized state all day seems to work.

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I tried vodka, scotch and tequila for the first time today. The only other spirits has been bourbon. The vodka I brought may have been a shit brand because it smelt like hand sanitizer and tasted quite bad. But that just might be how vodkas are.

The scotch and tequila tasted similar to bourbon, a very sweet taste but very strong of course.

I don't think I'm cut out for spirits. If you mix it with something else like soft drinks of orange juice it tastes alright but that's like mixing beer with coke, you're missing the whole point of it.

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This post has been deleted.

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Bourbon for a day, whisky for a lifetime.

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A lot. mostly beer, scotch and weed. but amphetamine is always welcome too.

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Beer is on the go. I dislike strong alcohol. It grounds me to fast. A light buzz is way more comfortable.
I need to get my hands on some ethylphenidate again. There is this wonderful inner silence when I'm on the stuff, way better than benzos. Those fuckers just make me depressed.
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