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File 160599754591.png - (308.66KB , 960x720 , vlcsnap-2015-02-09-03h14m02s93.png )
36754 No. 36754 [Edit]
Not much seems to be left of the original userbase, so I'm wondering where all of you got this adress from?
Is there any story to this website?
I like it, nobody here wants to enforce his or her beliefs.
This site feels so old.
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>> No. 36755 [Edit]
Someone recommended it on another imageboard. Tohno-chan has been around since 2009 and since its inception had middling activity. It was made because /jp/ was getting shittier in general and especially for people with waifus, so tohno made this site with some of his e-buddies and advertised it on /jp/ a lot. There pretty much wasn't ever a "golden period" and there's more activity now than it had for most of its existence. I don't know how much of the "original" userbase is left, but most of the tripfags have left, which is to be expected.
>> No. 36759 [Edit]
I was tired of how terrible other places had gotten, and so started going down that large list of text/imageboards hoping to find some place where one could still have a coherent discussion and where references to 3D were minimal. Out of the hundreds I tried, this was the only place that not only fit that criteria but was also active.
>> No. 36760 [Edit]
What >>36755 said is mostly accurate. To be fair though it was largely because of /a/, and we advertised on both /a/ and /jp/. To be more exact, I made TC just for fun on a site called Imageboard4free that allowed anyone to make any kind of imageboard they wanted, for free. Shortly after, waifu threads were getting raided and spammed hard. We tried a few ways of getting around it such as making threads that don't say they're waifu related, but those got spammed with letteral shit posting too. I offered up the imageboard I made as a means to have some peace while hiding from the normal. It turned into something of a club house, and grew from there.
But yeah the original userbase is almost entirely gone at this point. There was lots of drama, rival boards made out of spite, members having personal issues with each other, mods debating the direction the site should be taken, and so on. I'd say it's mostly calmed down now though. Maybe it's me being nostalgic but I feel like things were more fun and carefree in those early days. Users were more friendly and as such did more stuff together, like playing mmos or watching anime together, not that those didn't cause problems from time to time as well. I don't really expect anyone to stick around as long as I have here, and while most have gone we've still got a few people around who have been here for nearly a decade. People come and people go, it's a cycle that if nothing else brings in new blood with new ideas and perspectives to keep things fresh and interesting.
>> No. 36765 [Edit]
i am part of the original userbase. i found this place because tohno put a link to here in the email section of the ghostboard
>> No. 36977 [Edit]
Was that you who posted that ad on 4chan a few months ago? I was a bit confused when I saw it and wondered why the TC ad?

Post edited on 12th Dec 2020, 8:23am
>> No. 36980 [Edit]
The demographic that not only visits 4chan but also doesn't have adblock is probably not the kind you want to attract to a slow imageboard.
>> No. 37001 [Edit]
I came here because I saw the writing on the wall in /a/ and /jp/ as far as anyone who actually cared about anime beyond some casual teenagers pastime was concerned, and looking at that website in its current state it seems I was right. I will forever hate myself for the times I made fun of tripfags who were telling posters to lurk more.
>> No. 39490 [Edit]
we should create another otaku pandering imageboard. this one looks lile barrely dead
>> No. 39491 [Edit]
File 165082107396.gif - (1.31KB , 64x64 , 13048755_p0.gif )
If you create a newer imageboard and only people from Tohno-chan come there it's gonna be even smaller and dead-er.
Personally, I like the slow speed. I can keep up with all the posts.
>> No. 39492 [Edit]
>> No. 39494 [Edit]
I appreciate it being slow I'm kind of slow myself too, so less people and more time to read sounds good honestly.
>> No. 39495 [Edit]
>looks like barely dead
As others have mentioned, if this one that has existed for so long is dead, where exactly do you think you're going to get the userbase for whatever new imageboard you create? By spamming the link on other imageboards?

And this place isn't really head, it's slow. And that too, only slow in terms of organic chatter. And it's not really, "slow" but more of "slumbering" since if you post a pointed question or discussion topic, you can usually get good quality replies in the same day. What more could you ask for?
>> No. 39497 [Edit]
It's been done, a few times in fact. None of them lasted more than a few months. Like >>39491 said, you'd more or less be fragmenting an already small demographic. I mean by all means, you're more than welcome to give it a try too. It'd actually be pretty awesome to see a booming and flourishing imageboard with an actual legitimate otaku community. But you can't really create something from nothing. Younger generations don't like imageboards that much, and older ones tend to move on with their lives.
Without opening the flood gates and allowing in waves of cancer and shitposting from underage b&s, I don't think it's even 'possible' to have a good and active imageboard these days. I may be wrong but those feel mutually exclusive. If you don't care about it being good and just want it to be active, well, there's always 4chan.
>> No. 39498 [Edit]
shouldnt tohnochan be an imagebozrd full of neets and hikis? why it is slow then?
>> No. 39499 [Edit]
shouldnt tohnochan be an imagebozrd full of neets and hikis? why it is slow then?
>> No. 39500 [Edit]
Because just because are online all the time doesn't mean there's always interesting things to discuss. Hence why I said it's "slumbering" as opposed to "slow." If there is something interesting to discuss, then there will usually be plenty of replies, and the replies to your post demonstrate that point.
>> No. 39501 [Edit]
>If there is something interesting to discuss, then there will usually be plenty of replies
How to make manga more interesting to discuss? I would love to have a more active /ma/.
>> No. 39502 [Edit]
For better or worse as the other anon has said, there's not much chitchat. At some point we developed a culture here of generally only saying something when you have something worth saying.

Make more threads, ask questions, and raise topics that are inclined to make people want to respond and comment. Just like with everyday conversations, short and direct responses kill conversations. Show interest in what people are saying, respond back in a way that shows you're paying attention to what they said, that'll make them more interested in continuing the conversation. People need a reason to keep coming back. But keep in mind that while this works fine for one to one conversations, it's hard in a group setting. It's like a plant you have to seed and water regularly, and with lots of care and work it could flower someday. You might not see results for a very long time.

Post edited on 24th Apr 2022, 4:03pm
>> No. 39503 [Edit]
There's no real trick, just post well thought-out replies and that itself will invite further discussion. Thinking of this more like a mailing list as opposed to a forum helps get you into that mentality. Good quality content will naturally attract other good content. The same principle holds true for any communication medium, and if this principle is followed even boards explicitly meant for funposting like /lol/ can have interesting discussions.

Scanning through /ma/, there's already lots of good threads on there. I usually prefer to find and revive a relevant older thread rather than creating an entirely new one since it allows people to catch up on the conversation history and potentially find links between content.
>> No. 39504 [Edit]
>why it is slow then?
Too few traps.
>> No. 39506 [Edit]
if this place ever goes under im going to lose it. i may not post here often but this is the last place i feel at home and id do anything to see it survive until the very last final user bites the dust. it has a charm that you cant find anywhere else
>> No. 39507 [Edit]
I do post there enough that it's pretty much only my posts at the top, then I stop for a while because it's embarrassing. I guess the trick is not caring about that and be more consistent. I'll treat it as a sort of log I can go back and read, more than expecting a response. Anyway..
>> No. 39509 [Edit]
I started using the site when the irc was #waifu on rizon. I don't remember where I discovered that from. I think someone was probably posting it on /a/ or /jp/?

Anyways, I don't really use the site anymore. This is just one of the sites I occasionally drift through and lurk on, but only when I feel like hanging out in the past
>> No. 39512 [Edit]
I only found tohno about a year or so ago after seeing it mentioned on another board, so I'm far from being an original user. I think I like this place, even if I only pop in periodically. I'd like to post more often but I can't think of too much to say.
>> No. 39513 [Edit]
The golden days (not really that golden but at least more active than before) were when it was on imageboard4free and maybe the first year of the standalone site. back then people actually complained about it being inactive, then activity slowly died until its basically staying at a plateau of what it has been the past decade or so
>> No. 39514 [Edit]
I honestly don't even remember where did I find it but thank you whoever linked it wherever.
>> No. 39552 [Edit]
File 165204639082.jpg - (276.33KB , 600x600 , cover.jpg )
I got this address from a Credits and Notes.txt left in a IOSYS PUNK IT! TOUHOU! album collection I downloaded off jpopsuki a long time ago probably around 2015. The file stated
>Ripped by [ CC-kun ] at
>#tohno-chan on Rizon
>--> <--
copied verbatim from the file on my hard drive. Was nostalgically going through some of my old music I used to listen to and found the file around 2 years ago. Came across the link and enjoyed the atmosphere and people.
>> No. 39554 [Edit]
That dude has archived a lot of stuff. He's still around by the way.
>> No. 39557 [Edit]
File 165210982384.jpg - (28.45KB , 262x325 , XYAP7051.jpg )
Given the posts on /so/, I think a lot of the userbase killed themselves. I have cried for the misery of the oldfags, and remember them occasionally. I hope they're happier on the other side, if there is one.
>> No. 39568 [Edit]
I don't remember how I found tohno-chan. It was definitely not 10 years ago directly off of 4chan or anything like that. It was much more recent. One of my "searching around for more small boards to add to my regular haunts" moods. I might have gotten to it from radio's big list of imageboards.
>> No. 39582 [Edit]
Found it on /jp/ more than 10 years ago. When Umineko VNs were still a hot topic. Liked the board instantly, especially /so/. Been visiting here on and off for 12 years. I’m too old for this shit.
>> No. 39584 [Edit]
Kind of unrelated, but this site has become less seething towards normalfags. A decade ago I'd be berated for being one if I talked about smoking or doing drugs lol
>> No. 39585 [Edit]
That's kind of something that's stricken me as a relative newcomer to tohno. I've seen several posts elsewhere insinuating this place as some sort of jaded, uber-elitist place that hates anime, otaku culture, and basically everything. Yet it sincerely feels like one of the most laid-back and genuine sites I've come across, especially when you compare it to the modern breed of imageboards. Maybe I just missed out on the bad shit.
>> No. 39586 [Edit]
Yeah. I really don't care for the wave of imageboards that came from 8chan getting killed. I get tired of the obsession over feds and drama. I'm not saying the feds aren't an issue for some sites, but I just want to talk about benign things. They ought to take that discussion someplace where it's on topic. They also suck at moderation.
>> No. 39587 [Edit]
>uber-elitist place that hates anime, otaku culture, and basically everything
Considering there's a dedicated /an/ board, I don't think that claim was ever warranted. What might be more accurate is that "weeb culture" (the kind that's unfortunately intertwined with the current crop of imageboards) is hated.
>> No. 39589 [Edit]
Ah, I went off-topic with my post. I'm pretty tired, sorry.
I like TC's "elitism". I wouldn't call it elitism though. It's good to hold people to a standard. I like discussions that consist of more than regurgitated memes posted by some guy that has no thoughts of his own.
>> No. 39590 [Edit]
You should be berated for that, you are disgusting.
>> No. 39591 [Edit]
Reminds me that I miss the original 8chan /jp/. It had a nice mood to it.
>> No. 39593 [Edit]
Try LSD.
>> No. 39597 [Edit]
Try cyanide.
>> No. 39604 [Edit]
File 16528101608.png - (324.13KB , 720x568 , EZ2TkZ4UMAAvNg4.png )
No u
>> No. 39790 [Edit]
I've never liked drugs, I've never liked the kinds of people who do drugs ( even occasionally ), and I really hate the way that people who do drugs talk about them. I can't explain why, it just gets under my skin.
>> No. 39795 [Edit]
If I recall correctly, I discovered this place, when I was looking up Frame Arms Girl on Nyaa. At that time TC was subbing Frame Arms Girl. I have been mostly lurking here since then.
>> No. 39797 [Edit]
The only reason you'd have anything against "normalfags" is because deep inside you yearn to be one...
I mean, why do you think /so/ is one of the more popular boards on here? Its almost comical how lots of people on imageboards will talk about their loneliness and how discontent they feel, yet continue to perpetuate those feelings and then bash people for having socialization and "real lives". You can't keep this up forever. Remember this. You've already relegated yourself to a small imageboard, likely because you feel 4chan has been corrupted somehow, so the hole is only being dug deeper.
Ask yourself if what you're doing makes you feel happy. Don't care about other people's perception. How do YOU feel? Who are YOU? What do YOU want to do? If you aren't happy, then what can you do to change the way you feel? Remember, nothing is hopeless, despite what you might think and what others have told you.
Only you can make the decision to change yourself in the end...
>> No. 39799 [Edit]
You can think that if you want. I've spent enough time around them and away from them to know that I truly despise the idea of being like them. It's always the same with you people, making some pretentious speech that you probably fabricated from a million other retarded self-help posts, thinking that you've got some unique view of the world simply because you're willing to say "faggot" when you talk down to people like me. When I look deep inside myself, a true look after hours, days, months, years of self-reflection, what I find is not someone who desires human companionship first and foremost. In fact, I've tried very hard to make myself spend time with family and friends, people who I really do care for, but at the end of the day I just feel like I'm "losing time" or that I could be doing something else, alone, when I do this. I like solitude, in fact, I don't just "like it" or "prefer it", I feel like I'm wasting my time when I'm not alone. For me, it's not a hatred of normalfags themselves, but that there's just something fundamentally incompatible with their lifestyle for me. I wouldn't be able to stand it. The major reason I never dated is not because I never had a choice. It was offered to me, I was never a pursuer, but I rejected it because I simply don't have the desire to put in the work required for a romantic relationship. I mean, if I already never spend time around my family or friends or acquaintances out of my own volition, how the hell would I get anything out of spending hours every day trying to build a relationship with some girl? I'll be a virgin by 30 and only because I never had the time for it. I don't regret it.

You can take your preaching back to the inc*ls on 4chan, they might think it actually means something. I'm old enough and know myself well enough to just think it's funny now. I thought of not responding but I wanted to see if there was a way to impart a different perspective to you. This was probably a waste of time to post, and I'm sure you'll give some snarky reply trying to put yourself back on top of your own need to be the master of your own irony and social situations. But maybe you'll think about it, I don't know.
>> No. 39800 [Edit]
>yet continue to perpetuate those feelings
Pretending to be someone else wouldn't "fix" the issue. If being myself "perpetuates" those feelings, so be it.
>Who are YOU?
Not somebody that would enjoy spending time with people I'm not similar to. They don't act, think or like the same things as me.
>What do YOU want to do?
I want an emotionless sex slave that accepts me exactly the way I am with no conditions.
>change yourself
I like most things about myself, so I'm not going to do that.
>> No. 39802 [Edit]
Reading some posts above ...If there was a script to turn "faggot" and "normie" into nicer words like "cat-girl" then that might keep under control these "You are a normie!, No, Im not, your mama is normie!" type of fights.

I dont mean they dont generate any genuine thoughts but they derail otherways nice threads.
>> No. 39803 [Edit]
What a stupid post.
>small imageboard
This is a good thing. It allows for better discussion over a long period of time. You can also entertain interesting passing thoughts, and you'll probably get someone else's opinion on it. TC's especially good because it's fairly focused and you don't get people making posts that add nothing constantly.
>> No. 39809 [Edit]
I'm still here. I should try posting more often. Imageboards are dying and so we must do an effort to keep them alive. The biggest Spanish imageboard closed after 10 years. Hikkichan, Arisuchan, Magicchan... All dead by now too. I can't let chans die anymore. My life would be empty and meaningless if all imageboards died. Tohno is a nice place and so it should be kept alive.
>> No. 39810 [Edit]
/so/ exists because of crippling mental illness
>> No. 39824 [Edit]
I don't think imageboards are dying, really. Userbases just split and are nomadic by the nature of anonymity really. Take a look at the Overchan lists these days, they're hardly dying these days.
I do appreciate the sentiment, though, 1 user can help an imageboard stay alive.
>> No. 39829 [Edit]
And Kakashi Nenpo just died
>> No. 39830 [Edit]
>I don't know what to do about the inevitable PHP update
PHP huh.
>> No. 39831 [Edit]
Yeah, I was going to make a post, but decided not to. I'll miss nen, it was a very nice place.
>> No. 39832 [Edit]
It's too cruel...
>> No. 39833 [Edit]
That's truly unfortunate. Nen and Tohno were the only sites left that I visited regularly, I suppose this leaves Tohno as the last bastion.
>> No. 39834 [Edit]
File 165511705535.png - (14.37KB , 874x235 , Screenshot_2022-06-12 The End.png )
>> No. 39835 [Edit]
File 165511706527.png - (565.72KB , 1593x669 , Kakashi Nenpo post mortem 2.png )
>> No. 39836 [Edit]
File 165511710977.png - (399.63KB , 510x710 , Kakashi Nenpo post mortem 1.png )
>> No. 39837 [Edit]
File 165511794833.png - (9.45KB , 580x279 , Thank You And Goodbye.png )
>> No. 39840 [Edit]
How easy it is to overlook something. I perused that ib a few times over the years and always assumed it was mostly a /jp/ spot for casual funposting that no one took it seriously, but I see now there's people legitimately sad it's gone. Makes me wonder what other imageboards I should look into more attentively.
>> No. 39841 [Edit]
It's sad. There aren't really any boards like it. It's kind of Like Tohno but the opposite, Yin vs Yang, positivity versus negativity.
Seem like the community is going to break up as well...
>> No. 39842 [Edit]
Same, can someone who used nenpo more actively chime in as to why they liked it? In my casual flits with it, it just seemed like the other /jp/ spinoffs, mostly cuteposting/funposting (which isn't bad in small doses, but I personally don't see the appeal in having an entire imageboard dedicated to it). What was it's uniqueness over the other /jp/-like forums?
>> No. 39843 [Edit]
What's interesting is how they compare each other negatively despite all looking the same from the outside.

Post edited on 13th Jun 2022, 11:21am
>> No. 39845 [Edit]
why not creating a new version of thonochan and calling it season 2????? sounds like the greatest idea ever
>> No. 39846 [Edit]
Other spinoffs were just too shitposty. Nen was nice to just check in, make your post in the daily thread or maybe make a post in some other thread. Nen was much less abrasive and didn't just feel like 4/jp/ without rules. The posters also did their own thing. You didn't see a lot of the same tired memes you find on the other alternatives. There are worse things, but I don't feel any sort of belonging like I did on nen.
At least, that's my opinion on the current state of /jp/s.
>> No. 39847 [Edit]
Because it's not a TV show, and fuck videogames that do this. They're called expansions. Not that any game worth a damn does this.
>> No. 39848 [Edit]
I posted there daily, it was very nenly and a nice place for everyone to relax and take it easy.
>> No. 39855 [Edit]
File 165518000051.png - (33.16KB , 100x100 , logo3.png )
I keep refreshing the page, hoping things will be back to normal. Like this is all just a bad dream.
It's stupid, but I can't bring myself to close the tab. It's not like it's my first time, but it's different somehow.
On the bright side, it really shows how connected a lot of imageboards and their users are, despite the anonymity. In a way, it's like one big family of losers and outcasts. That's how I would like to look at it anyway, even if it's kind of lame.
>> No. 39857 [Edit]
I was the same when Samachan died, I do still try out the site every once in a blue moon hoping it might come back (again).
>> No. 39858 [Edit]
Nen was nice because it was slow.
It was a good place to take a break from the nonstop spew of content that the internet has become and, for someone largely retired from imageboards, visiting to read and interact with the handful of daily posts were often the best few minutes of my day. You could take your time putting care into your posts and replies without having to worry about the topic moving on or the post you were replying to being buried in the meanwhile.

The posters there were also the now-uncommon sort who respected an unspoken agreement of what their board was and was not, and acted accordingly. There were a lot of cute posts that played off others in creative ways, and you didn't see threads derailing into flame wars or attention-seeking spam getting replies. Unlike other parts of the /jp/sphere it wasn't consumed by the sort of metaposting about the quality of other boards or admins or personalities that most discussion seems to gravitate towards nowadays.

Which emphasizes probably the most important difference between nen and other /jp/-like boards: nen was run by an admin who cared. Back when spinoffs like ota were quickly devolving into what they are today, nenmin kept the /jp/sphere meta shitposting from leaking into nen and gave it space to cultivate a positive atmosphere. As a result, despite its roots as a spinoff, the harshness and incessant metaposting that's typical of most of the /jp/sphere was largely absent from nen. There were still infrequent references to its /jp/ origins, but those that showed up on nen were used as playful homages, and weren't endlessly rehashed into catchphrase soup.

But as analytical as this all is, I don't think I've properly conveyed just how special nen was. As the post in >>39835 mentions, nen really did feel like an island that was distant from the rest of the spinoffs. I'm going to miss it.
>> No. 39860 [Edit]
do you remember this chan calledegachan, it was like a board sister of lainchan but it died. any of tou have screenshots of megachan, I really want to know how it looked like and what was talked about there before. Also couldn't one of you revive it?
>> No. 39863 [Edit]
I like kissu but it's always sad to see an imageboard dying...
>> No. 39866 [Edit]
I guess it finally set in. I cried a little bit for nen. I've never felt comfortable doing so in the past, but these days I live for myself and the things I love. Nen certainly falls in there.
Makes me regret things beyond my control as well, but I think that's unavoidable.
>> No. 39867 [Edit]
why not making another nen?
>> No. 39869 [Edit]
I already have a site to take care of. Even then, I'm pretty bad at that. I don't want to make a successor to nen because I don't think I could live up to the expectations of it's users.
It's a task best left to someone far more capable.
>> No. 40085 [Edit]
I've known about tohno-chan for years. Nobody ever advertised it to me. Some time, I found out about alternate English-speaking imageboards to 4chan, believe it or not.
I merely searched "list of imageboards" into a search engine and found this "overchan" website that has this one listed.

I definitely want to donate money to this site being re-made. Based off of what I've heard from the moderation team, it seems this site is actually too old to be updated. Like, all of the posts on this current site just need to be archived, frozen forever, and a new one should take its place.
>> No. 40086 [Edit]
>money to this site being re-made
>and a new one should take its place
And why exactly is a new one needed?
>> No. 40089 [Edit]
What, why? Everything needed seems to work.
>> No. 40090 [Edit]
File 16585160652.jpg - (107.84KB , 956x956 , 49682906_1494682693998518_4851777883864437963_n.jpg )
I like the old-school feel of Tohno-chan. As cliche as it sounds, it reminds me of simpler times and the good old days of the Internet/imageboards. I don't see why it needs to be remade into a clone of every other altchan.
>> No. 40091 [Edit]
>I like the old-school feel of Tohno-chan. As cliche as it sounds, it reminds me of simpler times and the good old days of the Internet/imageboards.
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