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File 160599754591.png - (308.66KB , 960x720 , vlcsnap-2015-02-09-03h14m02s93.png )
36754 No. 36754 [Edit]
Not much seems to be left of the original userbase, so I'm wondering where all of you got this adress from?
Is there any story to this website?
I like it, nobody here wants to enforce his or her beliefs.
This site feels so old.
>> No. 36755 [Edit]
Someone recommended it on another imageboard. Tohno-chan has been around since 2009 and since its inception had middling activity. It was made because /jp/ was getting shittier in general and especially for people with waifus, so tohno made this site with some of his e-buddies and advertised it on /jp/ a lot. There pretty much wasn't ever a "golden period" and there's more activity now than it had for most of its existence. I don't know how much of the "original" userbase is left, but most of the tripfags have left, which is to be expected.
>> No. 36759 [Edit]
I was tired of how terrible other places had gotten, and so started going down that large list of text/imageboards hoping to find some place where one could still have a coherent discussion and where references to 3D were minimal. Out of the hundreds I tried, this was the only place that not only fit that criteria but was also active.
>> No. 36760 [Edit]
What >>36755 said is mostly accurate. To be fair though it was largely because of /a/, and we advertised on both /a/ and /jp/. To be more exact, I made TC just for fun on a site called Imageboard4free that allowed anyone to make any kind of imageboard they wanted, for free. Shortly after, waifu threads were getting raided and spammed hard. We tried a few ways of getting around it such as making threads that don't say they're waifu related, but those got spammed with letteral shit posting too. I offered up the imageboard I made as a means to have some peace while hiding from the normal. It turned into something of a club house, and grew from there.
But yeah the original userbase is almost entirely gone at this point. There was lots of drama, rival boards made out of spite, members having personal issues with each other, mods debating the direction the site should be taken, and so on. I'd say it's mostly calmed down now though. Maybe it's me being nostalgic but I feel like things were more fun and carefree in those early days. Users were more friendly and as such did more stuff together, like playing mmos or watching anime together, not that those didn't cause problems from time to time as well. I don't really expect anyone to stick around as long as I have here, and while most have gone we've still got a few people around who have been here for nearly a decade. People come and people go, it's a cycle that if nothing else brings in new blood with new ideas and perspectives to keep things fresh and interesting.
>> No. 36765 [Edit]
i am part of the original userbase. i found this place because tohno put a link to here in the email section of the ghostboard
>> No. 36977 [Edit]
Was that you who posted that ad on 4chan a few months ago? I was a bit confused when I saw it and wondered why the TC ad?

Post edited on 12th Dec 2020, 8:23am
>> No. 36980 [Edit]
The demographic that not only visits 4chan but also doesn't have adblock is probably not the kind you want to attract to a slow imageboard.
>> No. 37001 [Edit]
I came here because I saw the writing on the wall in /a/ and /jp/ as far as anyone who actually cared about anime beyond some casual teenagers pastime was concerned, and looking at that website in its current state it seems I was right. I will forever hate myself for the times I made fun of tripfags who were telling posters to lurk more.
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