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File 131348928652.png - (66.56KB , 250x250 , prospector-header.png )
960 No. 960 [Edit]
Most of us live through our browsers so I guess we could share add-ons/scripts to make it a even better place.

Mine(do not mind the strange link name)

Post edited on 7th Oct 2012, 5:29am
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>> No. 961 [Edit]

I think this is a very useful addon for people that save a lot of images, it can make it slightly quicker to do, and can leave them more organised.
(I think this thread would be better placed on mt)
>> No. 962 [Edit]
I updated to firefox 6 today and all my addons stopped working.
>> No. 963 [Edit]
Here's an easy guide for updating simple addons:

1. Go to the addon download page, right click 'Save link as' the download button
2. Rename the .xpi file to .zip
3. Extract it
4. Find 'install.rdf'
5. Open it in your editor of choice
6. Find a line that should say something like '<em:maxVersion>4.0.*</em:maxVersion>'
7. Change it so it says '<em:maxVersion>6.0.*</em:maxVersion>' and save
8. Zip all the now edited contents by selecting all of the shit and doing right click > send to > zip. Only a zip will work, not a .rar or .7z
9. Rename the .zip to .xpi
10. Open it with firefox.

It worked for me with Stylish and Linkification.
>> No. 964 [Edit]
I thought there was an extension that did that automatically (ignoring version data from the extension). It was the nightly developer tools, I believe.
>> No. 965 [Edit]

Quite useful, either for as a learning aid or to try to make sense of japanese sites.
>> No. 966 [Edit]
Wow thanks, that will come in handy.
>> No. 967 [Edit]
-DecreasedProductivity, turns any page into SFW
-ImageZoom, to change the size of the images
-MyBookmarks, makes a webpage of your bookmarks, so clicking on a lot of links is easier than going to the bookmarks toolbar
-ResurrectPages, access quickly to caches to see deleted sites
-PearlCrescent page saver, for easy screencaps
>> No. 1557 [Edit]
File 132839579716.jpg - (85.16KB , 1092x710 , fpwowdldd.jpg )
what do you think about the new built in tab page?
I do not need one.
>> No. 1559 [Edit]
>> No. 1743 [Edit]
The latest firefox nightly(14.0) now have a built in PDF-HTML5 viewer.
>> No. 1889 [Edit]
>This add-on intercepts connections going to shitbookservers (currently and and all subdomains) and blocks them (by returning Host Not Found, so it's as if those servers disappeared from DNS)
>> No. 1890 [Edit]
>> No. 1913 [Edit]

>Security firm Sophos is reporting that ShowIP, a Firefox add-on designed to tell you the IP address of the website you are visiting, might be exposing your browsing habits to a German marketing firm
>> No. 1914 [Edit]
The hassard of involving more parties than what is strictly necessary when engaging in internet related activities. If everything goes by the book of free software then unsafe code is avverted before it becomes an issue.
>> No. 1982 [Edit]
If you are a Opera user I think it is time to look for other alternatives. shitbookwants Oprahs turbo proxy on mobile,ad-network and their information on users(huge database)

>A shitbookbrowser that would allow you keep up to date with your social life from in-built plug-ins and features on the menu bar could be on the cards. Pocket-lint has heard from one of its trusted sources that the social networking giant is looking to buy Opera Software, the company behind the Opera web browser.
>According to our man in the know, the company could be about to expand into the browser space to take on the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla and now even Yahoo, who has recently launched its own browser.
>> No. 1983 [Edit]
File 13380588629.gif - (171.49KB , 400x73 , Tumbleweed.gif )
>If you are a Opera user
>> No. 2007 [Edit]

Why do people say this when its so much witter to say faecebook?
>> No. 2008 [Edit]
>> No. 2015 [Edit]
anyone use Firefox personas?
my favourite.
>> No. 2030 [Edit]
how about fordbook?
>> No. 2031 [Edit]

Why does GFriend filter to 3DPD while we're at it?
>> No. 2033 [Edit]
hating shitbookdoesnt make you a cool and unique rebel. grow the fuck up.
>> No. 2034 [Edit]
neither does liking it
>> No. 2035 [Edit]
It doesn't around here, no. Hating shitbookis a given.
>> No. 2217 [Edit]
>> No. 2230 [Edit]
if anyone is interested in using a shell within a browser


Post edited on 7th Oct 2012, 5:27am
>> No. 2238 [Edit]
Become a wizard and enjoy a truly mouseless navigation of the web... unless you load a flash video and it grabs your keyboard.

For Chrome users:

Haven't used it, so I can't say how well vimium works from expierience.
>> No. 2239 [Edit]
Vimium is a silly rip-off.
Vimperator works, but it's not as complete as I'd like it to. It's being developed by more people though, so it gets praised for faster development.
I'm sticking to Pentadactyl myself.
>> No. 2301 [Edit]
tryout firefox new mobile OS
>> No. 2503 [Edit]
I noticed the site has been down for some time so add them here.

Firefox is being very Google-friendly by default. You should not.

Search suggestions: Send all characters you type (before you've even hit enter) to Google in order to make Google try to guess what you're going to type. How to disable:


-Certificate Patrol shows you new certificates and compares old and new ones when they are exchanged.

-NoScript keeps Javascript from executing randomly (good to disable Google Analytics etc)

-SSLGuard does just that: It enforces https on sites that provide both protocols. It comes with a little list of popular presets and needs manual work to learn more.

-Perspectives can be used manually when you really need a second opinion on the credibility of a certificate.

-Safe to avoid submitting login data over unencrypted lines.

-CipherFox shows the name of the cipher currently used.

-IPFuck is a firefox addon created to simulate the use of a proxy.

-BetterPrivacy is a safeguard which protects from usually not deletable LSO's on Google, YouTube, etc.

-Adblock Plus removes advertising from websites. (note : by default an option is checked to allow non-intrusive advertising)

-HTTPS Everywhere encrypts communications with a number of major websites.

-FireGPG use GPG in your Browser(further development discontinued)

-ShareMeNot Protecting against tracking from third-party social media buttons while still allowing you to use them

-Ghostery Protect against trackers (tags, web bugs/cookies, pixels and beacons)

-AutoProxy chooses proxy server depending on the site you are viewing. Useful for switching between Tor, I2P and direct connection automatically.

-Calomel SSL Validation Addon to show current SSL "strength", disable insecure ciphers, etc.

-FireGloves extension to limit browser fingerprinting by the sites you visit while maintaining most functionality. During limited testing worked for the vast majority of websites with the exception of LastPass addon's configuration dialogs.

>This page was last modified on 20 September 2012, at 01:56.
>> No. 2634 [Edit]
File 138141131583.jpg - (10.89KB , 225x176 , 287460.jpg )

Self-Destructing Cookies automatically removes cookies when they are no longer used by open browser tabs. With the cookies, lingering sessions, as well as information used to spy on you, will be expunged. Websites will only be permitted to identify you while you actually use them and can not stalk you across the entire web. This is the closest you will get to cookieless browsing without breaking every second site or tedious micromanaging.

Tracking cookies will be detected and removed immediately. They are identified purely by their behaviour - no need for a blacklist that needs to be kept up to-date. Self-Destructing Cookies also has LocalStorage support (HTTP-only for Firefox versions before 23) and will treat it just like your cookie jar. Defend yourself against ETag tracking and other cache-based black-hat techniques by configuring Self-Destructing Cookies to automatically clean your cache every time you are not actively using the browser. For the first time ever, this provides a realistic chance of beating zombie-/evercookies without sacrificing usability. See the zombie-cookie FAQ entry for details. Self-Destructing Cookies can also help protect against CSRF attacks by ending your sessions as soon as possible.

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