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File 129879848784.jpg - (230.00KB , 700x875 , 5fcb954ce3e703747b96e39ee0809854.jpg )
412 No. 412 [Edit]
This will be a thread for beginners to post their pictures and have people who are more experienced give them advice on how to improve.
I will be posting some of my work shortly.
Expand all images
>> No. 425 [Edit]
I think one of my main problems is that I rush too much to finish. I need to take my time.
>> No. 426 [Edit]
File 129884072899.jpg - (55.15KB , 800x960 , rumia.jpg )
This is copied from a picture because from what I understand copying pictures is the best way to learn how to draw. It's not much but any improvements?
>> No. 431 [Edit]
File 129884390088.png - (179.67KB , 842x1191 , 21ef6cca34d73c3a.png )
The most important part of drawing is breaking things down into simple shapes. You tried to go line-by-line and draw the picture all at once, which never works; try it again, but this time, start by deconstructing the reference before you work on the details.
>> No. 434 [Edit]
File 129884639324.jpg - (77.35KB , 800x1000 , swimsuit.jpg )
Thanks for the advice, I did try drawing shapes underneath in a different layer than just put the lines on top like I did with this one, I'm working on my anatomy and I know this is pretty bad but here it is.
>> No. 435 [Edit]
This one is also copied from a picture.
>> No. 436 [Edit]
Weird, I wonder why it was so off.

Anyway, this one is much better. I don't know how I could help much aside from doing a total red-line, though I don't have time for that, sorry. For now, move the head, neck, breasts, and right shoulder to the left; it's rather lopsided.
>> No. 437 [Edit]
File 129884724545.jpg - (104.13KB , 800x1000 , redrine.jpg )
this is an exaggeration to get you to see the parts, not really an accurate redline.
>> No. 438 [Edit]

Pose maniacs for 20 mins a day.
>> No. 442 [Edit]
File 129884915558.jpg - (93.84KB , 800x1000 , redline2.jpg )
>> No. 443 [Edit]
File 129884932968.jpg - (209.92KB , 607x841 , 20ee2846c28bea8e88aaf74cfcf002e1.jpg )
>> No. 444 [Edit]
Posemaniacs is DEAD ;_;
>> No. 452 [Edit]
Is there any hope for a 22 year old with VERY crappy drawing skills and overall bad coordination to learn how to draw? If so, are there any good references you guys could give me as a place to start? I've seen some great art around this board and I'm convinced to give it a shot.
>> No. 454 [Edit]
Yes there's hope. It's all about the amount of time you put in not at what age you start.

If you spent 3 hours a day every day practicing you'd be very proficient in a year. It's just like any other skill. What commonly happens in art is people do like 3 drawings a month and then wonder why they're no good compared to someone else. They just guess talent or whatever. I know in my art classes the best students didn't just magically do well, they had piles upon piles of sketchbooks at home to go through. There was a reason they were the best.

Are there prodigys out there? who cares. The correct question is if you can do it, and if you can post on this board you most likely have the skillset and tools to do so yourself.
>> No. 455 [Edit]
also here http://alexhays.com/loomis/

Loomis is always a good start.
>> No. 460 [Edit]
File 129886463077.jpg - (45.54KB , 720x843 , Miyako.jpg )

Thanks, your answer was really helpful. In return, a blow to your nutbladder.

It might take a while, but once I'm satisfied enough with my progress I'll come back here. Fortunately, knowing Tohno, this thread might still be alive.
>> No. 462 [Edit]
No reason to hide your progress. If you ever want help go ahead and post here and we can take a whack at it.
>> No. 463 [Edit]
File 129886876568.jpg - (399.57KB , 1680x1050 , 1296842703756.jpg )

Thanks, I'll do that!
>> No. 466 [Edit]
I would suggest you don't start drawing with a tablet unless you know what you are doing with a pencil. It might be hard for you to show us your work but you will get much better results later on when you get back to it. I think you're getting bad habits if you didn't do this before.

Also, check out this basics tutorials from Matt Elder: http://www.mattelder.com/free-video-tutorials

Learn how to draw basic shapes then if you're good you can move on to bodies with Loomis >>455 or whatever you like.
>> No. 469 [Edit]
I do draw with a pencil as well, but thanks for the advice.
>> No. 470 [Edit]
Also I'll refrain from posting again till I am a little better.
>> No. 475 [Edit]
File 129904779537.jpg - (75.60KB , 800x1000 , kanade.jpg )
I drew this to practice my face anatomy. I used a reference. Suggestions?
I'm thinking of coloring it to practice that as well as I'm not very skilled there.
>> No. 476 [Edit]
It looks great from the nose up, but the chin and body don't look right to me and I can't quite put my finger on why
>> No. 477 [Edit]
File 129904906260.png - (117.11KB , 800x1000 , copy.png )

Maybe the neck could be a little shorter?
I'm not sure about the shoulders, but they seem a little big to me.
>> No. 480 [Edit]
Thanks for the input.
I'll be posting more sketches very soon.
>> No. 481 [Edit]
Not too bad of a drawing I must say.

Im no artist but I think maybe her neck is slightly too thick, making her look 'chunky'.
>> No. 482 [Edit]
File 129905121545.jpg - (61.91KB , 800x1000 , proportion.jpg )
clicked and dragged a few things with the select tool. I think this is a good proportion, but it's just off the top of my head.
>> No. 484 [Edit]
post your reference
>> No. 486 [Edit]
File 129913015226.jpg - (85.21KB , 800x1000 , is.jpg )
More practice.
Suggestions, comments?
Really, any help is appreciated.
>> No. 487 [Edit]

Yeah, that looks much better.


Same thing, the shoulders look too big or the head is too small, but it seems a little unproportional.
>> No. 488 [Edit]
>Same thing, the shoulders look too big or the head is too small, but it seems a little unproportional.
Now that you point it out, I do see the shoulders being too big, I even thought I tried to make them a little smaller too.
>> No. 489 [Edit]
File 129913362029.jpg - (88.56KB , 800x1000 , is2.jpg )
Are the shoulders a little better here?
>> No. 490 [Edit]
File 129913801655.jpg - (115.56KB , 625x850 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I don't know whats wrong with the shoulders, but her tits are too high up. You have the top of her breasts starting where her collarbone is, whereas it should start at armpit height. Example in image included (NSFW).
>> No. 493 [Edit]
File 129914425894.jpg - (37.10KB , 800x1000 , porportions.jpg )
More porportions practice, suggestions welcome as always.
>> No. 494 [Edit]
Her neck is a bit too thick, her upper leg is much too short, and the right arm should come to about halfway down her thigh when fully extended. Otherwise, this one is actually not bad.
>> No. 495 [Edit]

It's good, the waist could be a little smaller, but that's up to you.
>> No. 497 [Edit]
File 129919606478.jpg - (89.16KB , 800x1000 , jump.jpg )
Thanks for the suggestions.
This is supposed to be someone jumping, I decided to try this because I wanted to draw the body in different positions. As always, suggestions welcome.
>> No. 498 [Edit]
Also, I know the hands are drawn horribly, I'm working on that more.
>> No. 499 [Edit]
I think its okay to just draw crappy hands, hands are hard to draw. Just don't draw unnatural poses to hide the hand.
>> No. 501 [Edit]

That armpit looks weird, maybe the arm is too skinny for it, not to mention it's a little big.
>> No. 503 [Edit]
File 129921866267.jpg - (61.91KB , 800x1000 , swimsuit (2).jpg )
Practicing different poses.
Suggestions as always are welcome.
>> No. 505 [Edit]
there is no sag in the boobs, they look too...bulbous.

and the neck looks a little long
>> No. 508 [Edit]
I feel that my drawing skills are okay, but I really do need help with the whole visualizing what I want to draw part. Body parts really mess me up-- the length, and most of all: trying to imagine depth. So difficult..
>> No. 509 [Edit]
Well you sure learn quickly OP
>> No. 510 [Edit]
Thanks, I do practice a lot and am really trying to get better so it's nice to here that.
>> No. 516 [Edit]
I think posting your art here was a good idea. People here like to help. And with people to point out mistakes and make suggestions, you learn very quickly.
>> No. 519 [Edit]
One thing, though: you should draw from life and not from anime. It's not just an old cliche that doesn't work for everyone; I've seen it proven time and time again that drawing a real person is far more effective.
>> No. 520 [Edit]
Feel free to post some of your work here, people here are always happy to help.
>> No. 521 [Edit]
you should draw construction lines/shapes so you get the shape of the body right before filling in the details
>> No. 522 [Edit]
I do on a separate layer, I just don't post that part. I'm trying to get better at drawing the shapes of the body though.
>> No. 530 [Edit]

I'm trying this and holy crap it's so fun. I don't know if this is actually helping me or not, but I love doing this.


Alright, I'll post some work after I'm done; and thanks in advance too.
>> No. 532 [Edit]
Of course it's helping. Drawing anything quickly is helpful; it forces you to be loose.
>> No. 535 [Edit]
its good to enjoy it, i havnt enjoyed drawing in a long time, which sucks when its what i consider to be my only hobby
>> No. 542 [Edit]
this is such a pain in the ass
>> No. 550 [Edit]
File 129956559838.jpg - (75.27KB , 800x1000 , quickoverlay.jpg )
>> No. 551 [Edit]
Er, maybe you should find an online tutorial for drawing shoulders and necks. You seem to have a persistent problem with it, which I think is because of some ingrained method or preconception in your mind. And although I hate packaging criticism with compliments, I really do honestly say you're improving.
>> No. 554 [Edit]
Thanks, and yeah I really do need to work on the shoulders and necks.
>> No. 557 [Edit]
File 129964689537.jpg - (54.43KB , 900x720 , pose2.jpg )
More practice.
>> No. 558 [Edit]
File 12996469006.png - (44.37KB , 900x600 , pose.png )
>> No. 559 [Edit]

...you are not doing the 30s practice, aren't you?
It would be really impressive if you were.
>> No. 560 [Edit]
you know? as you really seem willing to profit from contructive critique and advice, you might like joining in here (if you haven't):


many of them are pros, but they're always polite and ready to help amateurs/beginners.
>> No. 561 [Edit]
No, those are definitely long poses. I'm one of the people giving him advice, and I would have a hard time drawing that in 30 seconds.
>> No. 562 [Edit]
File 129965082775.jpg - (62.28KB , 900x720 , pose4.jpg )
These were not done in 30 seconds, no. I'm just practicing poses and porportions like this instead of going into detail, just get the shape of the body correctly.
>> No. 563 [Edit]
File 129965083394.jpg - (56.66KB , 900x720 , pose3.jpg )
>> No. 564 [Edit]
You should actually start posting images with the construction lines so we can get an idea of how you draw. That's what many colleges ask for in your portfolio.
>> No. 565 [Edit]
I'll do that for the next poses I draw. Do these poses look fine so far, any glaring errors?
>> No. 566 [Edit]
This is just a brief rundown, so it's going to sound harsher than I actually am.

Great job, no major errors.
Dat head/neck
Also her upper arm (for the arm she's leaning on) is too short. The elbow should come to just above the navel.
I'd have to see the original model to help with this one.
Tiny feet, giant left boob, circle right boob, and lopsided head/neck again.
>> No. 567 [Edit]
> so it's going to sound harsher than I actually am.

I'm just grateful you're taking the time to actually help me. Thanks, I'll look out for the head and neck for the next ones I draw.
>> No. 575 [Edit]
File 129972610815.jpg - (59.25KB , 900x720 , pose6.jpg )
>> No. 576 [Edit]
I'm thinking of going into detail with one of these, maybe >>557, just to see how it would turn out.
>> No. 589 [Edit]
There is no reason for the head to be so far to the left, plus its too small

and the breasts are pretty misshapen.

You might want to practice just drawing busts for a while
>> No. 590 [Edit]
File 129979327527.jpg - (571.65KB , 1100x1400 , Female anatomy patterns.jpg )
She has enormous breasts, her shoulders are too wide, and her head is too far left again. I have an idea: trace over the reference image and break it down into simple shapes, and then just post that. We might not even have to say anything, as you can just compare your old drawing to your new one and notice most of the errors yourself.

And here's an female anatomy tutorial just because
>> No. 591 [Edit]
File 129979331620.jpg - (54.83KB , 900x720 , 129979219429.jpg )
But don't take my word for it, I can't into anatomy.
>> No. 592 [Edit]
I just did that, and I can see what you mean now. In your opinion should I just keep drawing bodies as I have been doing and not worry about features for a while??
>> No. 594 [Edit]
File 129979626545.png - (67.53KB , 900x720 , 129979486420.png )
Neck needs work.
>> No. 595 [Edit]
You should try drawing more realistic heads, you've got a serious case of pointy chin
>> No. 596 [Edit]
you should learn to criticize yourself rather than posting every picture you draw and asking someone else to do it for you
>> No. 598 [Edit]
Well I mainly do post to get other people's opinion as well, it's not like I stop thinking myself. But I guess I should just stop posting them if it bothers people which is what I'm trying to avoid.
>> No. 599 [Edit]
I have to agree with this, this I think is the best way to produce better drawings.

simply draw something, then ask yourself, what's wrong with this image? then fix it, and if you can't find something wrong, you're just not looking hard enough.
>> No. 600 [Edit]
Not really. Facial features are broken into simple shapes as well.
I don't think you should stop posting art completely, but I'm sure you've noticed some problems before you posted them. Just fix what you can yourself, and ask for help when there's something you just can't get right.
>> No. 602 [Edit]
>Not really. Facial features are broken into simple shapes as well.

Alright I'll keep drawing everything together.

>Just fix what you can yourself, and ask for help when there's something you just can't get right.

I'll try and do this more effeciently.
Also what do you think about shading/coloring? Should I be learning that along side of this or wait till I can competently draw first. I know how to shade pretty well with pencil drawings already.
>> No. 603 [Edit]
Thanks for your help I could post the fixed versions if no one minds.
>> No. 604 [Edit]
>you should learn to criticize yourself rather than posting every picture you draw and asking someone else to do it for you

>simply draw something, then ask yourself, what's wrong with this image? then fix it, and if you can't find something wrong, you're just not looking hard enough.

You guys are being silly. The easy part is knowing something is wrong. The hard part is knowing how it's wrong. That's the entirety of art. One cannot just keep fixing the same photo until they've drawn the Mona Lisa II. There's nothing wrong with him posting his progress either.

Point aside comments like this are disparaging and not needed. I applaud the OP for putting so much work into his passion and hope he continues.
>> No. 605 [Edit]
>Mona Lisa II
And yes, I do realize the Mona Lisa I was made by continually changing the same painting for years on end. My point is it wasn't Leonardo's first painting.
>> No. 606 [Edit]
theres nothing wrong with asking for feedback, but I think the OP is crossing the line into asking people to dictate what to do. Developing your own eye and discernment are important.
>> No. 607 [Edit]
File 129981412565.jpg - (17.73KB , 673x892 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Try drawing these in order in one session and then compare all three.
>> No. 609 [Edit]
File 129981415499.jpg - (40.35KB , 673x892 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 610 [Edit]
File 129981416847.jpg - (90.43KB , 673x892 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 611 [Edit]
>but I think the OP is crossing the line into asking people to dictate what to do.

I was only asking for comments, just to get an outside opinion.

>Developing your own eye and discernment are important.

This I realize, and it's something I am working on very diligently.
I'm sorry I came off as wanting people to do things for me.
>> No. 612 [Edit]
File 129982538958.jpg - (50.37KB , 900x675 , shoulders.jpg )
I drew them different sizes. But yeah, I noticed I kept drawing the shoulders longer and longer.
>> No. 613 [Edit]
File 129982673421.jpg - (99.56KB , 655x1040 , urpsridedown.jpg )
Here's another exercise.
>> No. 615 [Edit]
Its like you REALLY wanna show how the head and neck connect rather then just placing them down as they should be

One of the main problems i had when i started practicing drawing is i wanted to show too much, i had to learn its ok to put things behind other thing. know what i mean?
>> No. 619 [Edit]
I'm not great at shading myself, so I can't really give advice there, but coloring is easier than you'd think. I just made >>618, and I've only seriously tried coloring for a couple months. Just work on structure for now.
>> No. 626 [Edit]
File 129990702941.jpg - (63.87KB , 700x875 , upsidedown.jpg )
This exercise was extremely difficult for me, I should do more like this.
>> No. 639 [Edit]
File 130006118166.png - (105.47KB , 900x750 , kanadehand.png )
>> No. 640 [Edit]
the head is alot better in this one.
>> No. 641 [Edit]
File 130017856525.png - (131.41KB , 900x664 , isana.png )
>> No. 642 [Edit]
the jaw is wide, the breasts are low, nose goes where? and the hand doesnt connect well.

but it still looks pretty damn good. The jaw is the only really noticeable thing.
>> No. 643 [Edit]
File 130021818497.png - (120.11KB , 900x615 , isana2.png )
I should have noticed the jaw, my bad. And thanks.
>> No. 644 [Edit]
File 130023096170.png - (132.83KB , 900x1238 , mizore.png )
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