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File 129879848784.jpg - (230.00KB , 700x875 , 5fcb954ce3e703747b96e39ee0809854.jpg )
412 No. 412 [Edit]
This will be a thread for beginners to post their pictures and have people who are more experienced give them advice on how to improve.
I will be posting some of my work shortly.
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>> No. 2994 [Edit]
File 156782248761.png - (296.49KB , 2048x1536 , ZZD 018.png )
One of the biggest issues I find with learning is that I don't know what exactly I should be drawing to learn so I just draw pictures of a girl standing by herself. Sometimes I modify how she stands and I do get better bit by bit but I feel I should be practising in other ways.
>> No. 2995 [Edit]
While you're learning how to draw people, you should do them naked. Learning how muscles expand and contract depending on the position. Draw individual body parts too. Definitely do other poses. This is called a study.
>> No. 2996 [Edit]
I think I know, more or less. I don't know how to fix it.

I focused on anatomy and perspective with additional exercises for development of the most basic skills.
So I studied anatomy of separate body parts constructed with elemental geometric forms as shown in numerous tutorials, and basic gesture drawing trying to integrate these details.
For perspective I practiced mostly two-point with simple shapes and forms, and did some additional exercises with basic transformations and stuff.
I get lost when the vanishing points are off the page, and I was unable to advance to three-point.
The basic stuff involved different repetitive exercises based on drawing large amounts of lines, circles, ellipses, boxes and cylinders.
I did these the most as I feel I won't be able to ever advance without first acquiring strong line control and ability to properly draw geometry in 3D space. But I never got any better with it.

The worst thing is I can't combine these elements.
I have problems with all aspects of drawing but the major ones are with proportions, construction, practical application of perspective, proper placement of objects in space and in relation to each other.
The logical thing to do would be to keep trying to use everything I learned together until it works, the problem is I'm so bad at it it's fruitless. Especially when trying to draw from life.

I don't always know what I'm doing wrong. I can't seem to learn anything when I'm overwhelmed by everything being wrong.
>> No. 2997 [Edit]
File 156787438372.jpg - (34.51KB , 533x388 , download.jpg )
You can't progress by just doing tutorials and basic exercises. You have to go out of your comfort zone and get an intuitive feel for these things. Did you try drawing from life? It doesn't matter how well you have basic techniques down in an exercise, you have to utilize what you do know to get better at the techniques. Have you picked an object, a figurine, fruits, real people, anything, and tried to draw it? Draw it as exactly as possible. You don't necessarily even have to look at something actually in front of you. You can search for subjects online. When I tried drawing, I focused a lot of netsuke and I got pretty good at replicating them onto paper. I never did the exercises you did, and really I should have. I failed to go out of my comfort zone. Don't get caught up in rudimentary exercises. Go at it from a different angle and then go back to exercises and back and forth.
>> No. 2998 [Edit]
Yes, that's what I did. I chose to do the exercises because they were specifically focused on things I can't do which are "out of my comfort zone."
Going back and forth between exercises and studies is literally what I did. But what little I learned through exercising I was unable to put into practice.
I don't know how to explain it. I'm stuck and confused.
>> No. 2999 [Edit]
Thanks. I think I am going to stop drawing on tablet for a while and just do it on paper, that way I won't feel any pressure to make something presentable.
>> No. 3000 [Edit]
Maybe your progress was being stifled by the medium you were using? Paper and pencil might be more natural for you. I could never stand tablets.
>> No. 3001 [Edit]
No, it's an Ipad so I find it quite fine. But I find that I tend to focus more on making individual images and not so much on practising through drawing multiple sketches, there is a feeling that because it's digital it should be more polished. I think if I draw a page of scribes everyday I should improve eventually and I won't feel any pressure because nobody will ever see them.
>> No. 3036 [Edit]
File 157641653488.jpg - (49.38KB , 600x800 , exercise (1).jpg )
I've drawn a little before, but I never tried anatomy. Could somebody give me critique please? I feel like I miscalculated a few things, but i'm not sure.
>> No. 3090 [Edit]
File 159346155852.jpg - (1.81MB , 3019x2529 , 20200629_160026.jpg )
I think this one came out better, though the angle is easier. I have to start doing faces. Any advice is very welcome.
>> No. 3092 [Edit]
File 159352282321.jpg - (2.19MB , 2941x3129 , 20200630_091310.jpg )
>> No. 3093 [Edit]
File 159363582345.jpg - (2.06MB , 3111x2641 , 20200701_162403.jpg )
>> No. 3096 [Edit]
File 159383737699.jpg - (2.11MB , 2991x3199 , 20200703_235703.jpg )
Her head is too long.
>> No. 3099 [Edit]
File 159404337115.jpg - (1.97MB , 2745x3729 , 20200706_094234.jpg )
>> No. 3102 [Edit]
File 159441915646.jpg - (1.95MB , 2613x3285 , 20200710_181318.jpg )
My first attempt at referencing a face. I had no idea what I was doing.
>> No. 3104 [Edit]
File 159467796541.jpg - (2.80MB , 2577x3617 , 20200713_180738.jpg )
This one was very far off the mark.
>> No. 3106 [Edit]
File 159502933337.jpg - (2.17MB , 2649x3553 , 20200717_185529.jpg )
>> No. 3108 [Edit]
File 159624330277.jpg - (1.69MB , 3608x2712 , 20200731_205403.jpg )
I didn't reference the face, it came completely from my imagagination and it looks as bad as I would expect. Taking a "break" and rushing it didn't help either.
>> No. 3109 [Edit]
File 159638917363.jpg - (1.91MB , 3975x2105 , 20200802_131102.jpg )
The torso is too long yet again. The angle between rib cage and hips is also wrong. I don't know how I can improve.
>> No. 3110 [Edit]
File 159649047678.jpg - (2.53MB , 2561x3514 , 20200803_170325.jpg )
The perspective of this one was tricky. The torso issue is there yet again. I'll try putting the torso right next to the hips.
>> No. 3111 [Edit]
File 159673330283.jpg - (1.39MB , 2197x3341 , 20200806_125745.jpg )
The outline of four faces, numbered by the order in which I drew them. Number 3 is strange and disappointing. I like to think I improved after 1.

Post edited on 6th Aug 2020, 10:32am
>> No. 3112 [Edit]
File 159677164097.jpg - (2.17MB , 2241x3681 , 20200806_233916.jpg )
I've posted over ten things and received no feedback. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~uwuuuuuuuu
>> No. 3113 [Edit]
I dunno. It looks like shit? I have no idea about drawing so I can't criticize your work.
I mean you probably know all the parts that look bad so just think about those parts and fix them yourself.
>> No. 3114 [Edit]
>I mean you probably know all the parts that look bad
I don't. And I don't know how to fix them either.

Post edited on 7th Aug 2020, 4:10am
>> No. 3115 [Edit]
That's a lot easier said than done, and if it was half that simple everyone would be a great artist.
>> No. 3116 [Edit]
Well I am the drawer of >>2994

I don't think I can offer you much assistance...
>> No. 3117 [Edit]
It's been almost a year. Are you still going at it?
>> No. 3123 [Edit]
There's not enough depth on the feet and arms, I think you perposely trying hide them behind for whatever reason. Draw some more thin lines on hair, the hair is one the most graceful thing in women. It is one thing that you should proritize getting it perfectly right. Do practice more on that. Overall I think your drawing lacks of thin lines and because of that, you have an over sized looking ear in your drawing. The part that delicately needs more detail turn out to be flat because there's little to no thin lines. Learn how to shade draw stroke properly. All these have some trick behind it.

I think you need a better design on your character uniform. It looks really dull though.
>> No. 3139 [Edit]
I have taken all the little willpower and energy I have left and decided to start drawing.
But what I should start drawing?
It's drawing objects useful at all? Copying pictures? Drawings of others?
I have read all kinds of tutorials and books but it's all too abstract and advanced. I guess I want to stick into something and mindless grind because if I think just a little about what to do I will immediately hate the whole thing and lose all my movitation.
>> No. 3140 [Edit]
Draw smiley faces. Today, draw 500 smiley faces, with slightly different levels of smile. If you don't want to think and drawing anything is okay, you should have no problem with the smiley face assignment I've given you.
>> No. 3141 [Edit]
>I think just a little about what to do I will immediately hate the whole thing and lose all my movitation.
Don't think. Put pencil to paper and draw fuck whatever comes to mind that second.
>> No. 3142 [Edit]
That doesn't seem particularly useful for improvement, it's some sort of secret technique?

You mean starting with drawing from imagination?
You don't recommend copying then?
>> No. 3143 [Edit]
No, my point was that you're coming at it with the wrong mindset. Drawing is more mental than physical. People get better by thinking about what they're doing more than getting stronger arms or whatever.

Doing monotonous, repetitive shit without thinking is how you train your body, not your mind(muscle memory is partially in the brain, but you get the idea). All three of the things you listed are useful in different ways. Learing "how to draw" can't be tackled from one angle.

I like the Vilppu Drawing Manual from what I've read so far. Read it and follow it, or don't. Doesn't make a difference to anybody but yourself.
>> No. 3144 [Edit]
That makes all the sense. It's an important disadvantage in my case, though. I can do things in the same way I do the dishes or brush my teeth, but if I'm doing something in full consciousness I start feeling stupid and depressed, while doubting about progress being possible at all. I guess I will need to overcome that or give up.
>> No. 3192 [Edit]
File 162438241268.jpg - (176.71KB , 1200x1600 , homu.jpg )
Oh here it was, my old as fuck post
I have improved, not by a lot considering it has been 3 years but at least I don't feel disgusted by my drawings now
Don't give up guys
>> No. 3193 [Edit]
I like the eyes and there's something dark and creepy, in a good way, that I find appealing. Could you post more? Not giving up after three years already seems like an amazing feat to me.
Lately I feel like I've been giving up on everything.
>> No. 3194 [Edit]
File 162438636075.jpg - (238.66KB , 1448x1448 , drawings.jpg )
Thanks, I've been trying to imitate the style of various artists I like
(twitter, I know, but I wouldn't be able to find them anywhere else)

>Lately I feel like I've been giving up on everything.
I don't know how hard thing might be for you man but don't get discouraged. A tip I can give about drawing or similar hobbies is doing the bare minimum a day to make it a habit
>> No. 3195 [Edit]
I think it's too late for me, but you should really keep drawing. There's something about some artists that goes beyond technical skills, call it "soul" or whatever, and I see it in your work. Could be the eyes or the mysterious expressions. Or the finger sandwiches.
>> No. 3196 [Edit]
These are excellent. Keep drawing. Make a comic.
>> No. 3197 [Edit]
File 162441819275.jpg - (24.81KB , 410x553 , Face2.jpg )
I haven't drawn since I was 13. I'm 23 now. You can likely tell from the style that I was a chuuni the last time I did any drawing.

I was inspired by Tetsuya Nomura to start drawing again. I'd like to become proficient enough to start a web comic.
>> No. 3198 [Edit]
File 16244182373.jpg - (34.03KB , 790x520 , Face.jpg )
The only thing I'm sort of happy with is the hair. I think I did a nice job considering the decade I've spent without a pencil in my hand.
>> No. 3199 [Edit]
hope it goes well with the comic.
I'd suggest to learn the basics, specially gesture. Proko's tutorials are a great resource for beginners (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBnwmlTQLxzEey1-lsLKjN8BoGtDhb9vS). But also embrace your chuuni side and try copying art you love, specially when you're feeling sick of exercises. If you practice fundamentals and the style you like consistently you will definitely improve
>> No. 3200 [Edit]
File 162443283821.jpg - (37.07KB , 644x646 , To.jpg )
Thank you, anon. I won't work on any comics until I've committed to the craft for a few years. Lord knows the world doesn't need more deviantART tier artists trying to make webcomics.

I sketched this using my memory of Tomoko from Watamote. It doesn't look that much like her, but oh well.
I'll give those tutorials a watch. I appreciate it.
>> No. 3201 [Edit]
Make comics for yourself, not for the approval or disapproval of others. A lot of webcomics will have mediocre art for the first few strips, then rapidly improve. Some will even go back to redraw their earliest once the artstyle reaches some consistency.
>> No. 3202 [Edit]
File 162454565362.jpg - (56.99KB , 598x741 , Today.jpg )
I return with today's offering.
I think the face/anatomy is pretty fucked, but I'm really proud of the hair in this one.
>> No. 3203 [Edit]
I would say >>3201 is right, just draw comics if you happen to have some interesting idea, no matter whether you can pull it off perfectly.
Besides, if you just keep grinding technique you might lose track of what made you draw in the first place and with it the motivation.
That's what happened to me at least.

I like the pic btw, the expression on her face is quite tomokoish actually.
>> No. 3204 [Edit]
Thank you.
>> No. 3210 [Edit]
File 162514443152.jpg - (51.27KB , 595x625 , Rindo.jpg )
I feel that I have improved.
>> No. 3216 [Edit]
File 162718179410.png - (62.49KB , 700x445 , Day and Anemone 7-24-21.png )
I'm no artist but I made some mspaint drawings two characters for a story I am writing. I wanted to at least sort of have an idea of what they look like. They are both named after flowers, Day Lily and Anemone, names of which are not really represent their appearances but instead point to parts of their personalites. They're both bunny girls.
>> No. 3222 [Edit]
File 163364588556.png - (41.03KB , 786x466 , dsfsdfsdf.png )
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