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File 134462727919.jpg - (1.59MB , 1750x1441 , welcome to report world.jpg )
7066 No. 7066 [Edit]
Thread for random video game-related news, so we don't have a bunch of small dead threads
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>> No. 7067 [Edit]
Blizzard Hacked:
>> No. 7069 [Edit]
Maybe they would take the time to fix up Diablo III as an apology.
>> No. 7105 [Edit]
File 134505808940.jpg - (89.50KB , 640x344 , PSN-Down.jpg )
PSN got breached again the villain says he have 50 gigabytes of raw data in possession or just trolling ten million people to change their passwords.

the old thread 404
>> No. 7106 [Edit]
Yeah I posted this earlier, but it turned out to not be real
>> No. 7111 [Edit]
EA possibly going up for sale:
>> No. 7114 [Edit]
Onlive closing:

I didn't even know it still existed
>> No. 7120 [Edit]
For all the time EA spends shitting on its customers, sooner or later they'd file for bankruptcy. And it's not because of EA, more and more gamers are becoming educated about their spending habits and spend less money on games. EA could get away with shit earlier because their customers were idiots who would gobble their shit day one, complete with day-one DLC that involved the main storyline.

I used to remember that during college I used to spend hours on Dragon Age. When the Awakening DLC came out, I was disappointed because I finished it in less than a day and the story was absolute shit. Talk about a huge waste of my time.
>> No. 7121 [Edit]
I think a large part of EA's current problems come from the fact that SWtoR was a massive flop
>> No. 7122 [Edit]
the people who are outraged about things like day 1 DLC are a vocal minority.
>> No. 7123 [Edit]
I think EA's problem is treating the video game industry like a monopoly board.
All they do is buy up as many game developers as they can, and force them to produce by the numbers video games on a regular bases with nothing but profit in mind.
That sort of pig headed greedy approach while completely ignoring customers and only feeding them what they believe they'll buy (not 'want') based off the words of researchers out of touch with the gaming community and stereotypes, that gamers are all dumb and will pay for just about anything as long as they first pay off review sites and magazines for goods reviews to their mediocre games.
It just can't end well down the line.
>> No. 7127 [Edit]
>> No. 7137 [Edit]
Fucking SE. TWEWY doesn't need a sequel, it was fine how it is.

I'm mad now.
>> No. 7149 [Edit]
Nintendo Power ending:

This kind of sucks. I was a subscriber for over a decade and remember being a kid and really looking forward to each issue
>> No. 7163 [Edit]

Ah, what a shame.

>Nintendo is apparently "difficult to work with"

No shit. They always were. It's just that other companies learned not to take their example and everyone in the business got fed up with N.
>> No. 7199 [Edit]
The World Ends With You set for iOS

I guess this really show that Nintendo is soon irrelevant for their market.
But telefon mobile-gaming has always been popular in Japan no big surprise though disappointing if true.
>> No. 7200 [Edit]
>> No. 7201 [Edit]
File 13458496314.jpg - (34.35KB , 519x400 , sonyadverpatentjtjtedut-1345811442.jpg )
what the fuck
>> No. 7202 [Edit]
>say 'mcdonald's' to end commercial.
Holy fucking ass rape on a stick of shit fucking corn molesting monkey dicksgrefgrftegftrt
FUCK! I can't even... just FUCKL@E!Q
>> No. 7203 [Edit]
we're through the looking glass people
>> No. 7204 [Edit]
File 13458520615.jpg - (43.50KB , 500x384 , JaBRz.jpg )
>> No. 7205 [Edit]
Dear god sony...
>> No. 7206 [Edit]
File 134585262091.jpg - (16.71KB , 500x281 , 3523463535.jpg )

Everyday until you like it.
>> No. 7207 [Edit]
Joke's on them, I have autism and thus my emotions are undetectable. Your move Sony
>> No. 7208 [Edit]
>Say McDonalds

So...if you don't say it does the commercial just repeat?
>> No. 7209 [Edit]

It records your face and sends it to all the ones near you, with the label "SPIT IN THIS MAN'S FOOD"
>> No. 7210 [Edit]
Oh god, I just got the idea that the future might look exactly like it does in Idiocracy.

We'll soon have a president named Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho and all of the plants will die because they keep on giving it some weird version of gatorade.
>> No. 7211 [Edit]

Am I the only one who thinks this is pretty funny? Like, I actually laughed when I saw it. Then again that might be because I don't give a shit about Sony (or console gaming period I guess).

Burger-kun banzai!
>> No. 7212 [Edit]
there has been a very rapid increase in games slightly modified to contain RAT viruses, that gain access to everything you do. make sure to be careful with your downloads!
>> No. 7213 [Edit]
Do you have any examples?
>> No. 7215 [Edit]
Huh. I torrented Dark Souls yesterday and it would fail to install ( missing or something). Hopefully I'm safe.
>> No. 7217 [Edit]
I got the FLT version uploaded to thepiratebay by extremezone. It works perfectly, even with the resolution fix patch.
>> No. 7223 [Edit]
Same as I got and it wouldn't work, weird.
>> No. 7252 [Edit]
It's actually happening to a lot of games, but it started with someone taking already existing indie games that aren't too well known to begin with like "The hunt" or some of those horror games that have been coming out, infecting them with the remote administration tool and using their accounts to post the infected file in even more places.
Though, it only seems to be happening with lesser known games, so if you're torrenting popular games such as dark souls, you should be fine
>> No. 7253 [Edit]
I actually know a guy who gets paid to do that to games.
>> No. 7260 [Edit]

>wake up Gordon
>> No. 7263 [Edit]
Oh wow, this is actually coming out? I had just assumed they gave up a long time ago.
>> No. 7265 [Edit]

Same's been years so it started to feel like "vaporware".
>> No. 7266 [Edit]
It's not gonna have the Xen levels. They sucked ass so that's cool, but I have to wonder why they left them out.
>> No. 7267 [Edit]
I am stunned. I too thought this was long dead.

The first Half Life still is my favorite fps even after all these years.
>> No. 7268 [Edit]
This is the oldest trick in the book, they had the same exact page for half life 3, and nothing happened when it hit 0.
>> No. 7281 [Edit]
Steam Greenlight will require a 100$ fee to post games on it now:

It really needed some sort of filter, considering all the ridiculous garbage that flooded it. They probably could have picked a better charity than Child's Play to donate the money to though
>> No. 7282 [Edit]
would you rather they keep it?
>> No. 7283 [Edit]
I would rather them donate to the red cross or something.
>> No. 7294 [Edit]
File 134716006274.jpg - (87.29KB , 600x526 , azwhy.jpg )
Piracy for profit!
>> No. 7296 [Edit]

>"I think that if people who torrent the game are aware that there is a live person behind the game, and makes the game for a living, they are more willing to provide support than to a giant lifeless studio," he said.

Yeah, because games made by big studios are made by robots who don't need no pay or any of that shit.
Then again the ones who are really to blame for this state of things are the studios themselves as they fail to establish such link with any of their customers. 'Sure, we want you to buy our game but we care about enjoyment, too.' Literally two devs come to mind when I write this, I might be forgetting about some, though.
>> No. 7299 [Edit]
Andriasang is closing down.

I really liked this site since it gave a ton of interesting video game related news. I also liked to read the user comments.

>> No. 7303 [Edit]
will Sony announce their new model of the ps3 on TGS?
>> No. 7312 [Edit]
File 134754776387.png - (160.39KB , 405x451 , 1347546713215.png )
WiiU price: 299 basic-349 premium usd/euro
Release date: us 18th november eu 30th november

Bayonetta 2 exclusive
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

that is it.
>> No. 7313 [Edit]
Pretty expensive...
>> No. 7315 [Edit]

Isn't that about normal for a newly released console?
>> No. 7318 [Edit]
for a console with new hardware yes but the controller is the actual greater price.
What I am more concerned about is the low memory of 8 gb on the standard model how will dlc,buggy games be fixed compared to ps3/360 with 250 gb harddrives,the wii did not have support for updates broken games stayed broken(i am not buying a external harddrive for a console)

Post edited on 13th Sep 2012, 1:22pm
>> No. 7319 [Edit]
File 134756732369.gif - (2.92MB , 300x168 , 1347562830015.gif )
Published by Nintendo
>> No. 7320 [Edit]
they'll probably re-release newer versions of the system every few years with more and memory, like how the ps3 started with 60gb and now they're up to 320 GB
>> No. 7321 [Edit]
I wonder if Nintendo is finally going to stop exclusively pandering to (man)children and the elderly.
>> No. 7322 [Edit]
I am still interested in the Wii U.

A bit more than I hoped, but not surprising considering the controller.

I still applaud them for bringing something new to the table. Most of their detractors keep saying they only release the same old shit, only then to be excited about the same old shit with the same old controller over and over again.

Online FPS were hot back even in the late 90's when many a gamer was still a baby.

I would think that would be what the younger crowd would be tired of, instead of other genres. But it isn't for whatever reason.
>> No. 7324 [Edit]
I've got to say that I'm also slightly interested in this thing.
>> No. 7325 [Edit]
Black Mesa Source is out. The torrent is 3GB and will take me 2 hours
>> No. 7326 [Edit]

I was excited for this, too, until I learned it's not even complete yet. 8+ years and they've only finished half of it.
>> No. 7327 [Edit]

I think it's just the Xen levels that are cut. But yeah it's weird they would work so long only to have an unfinished project, might as well go all the way
>> No. 7328 [Edit]
I've played it a bit, just got up to the cascade. It's really well done so far, I'm pleasantly surprised
>> No. 7340 [Edit]
File 134775015361.jpg - (155.25KB , 1600x900 , 2012-09-15_00013.jpg )
played up to Apprehension and I think there's a bug with the physics puzzle that raises a platform from out of the water, which doesn't raise high enough to move on.

I tried stacking up boxes and other stuff on the end to jump off, didn't work, tried placing everything I could in the gap and jumping off them didn't work, tried removing and replacing the buoys to see of that would do anything, did nothing, and of course I tried running and jumping the gap countless times.
>> No. 7341 [Edit]
I remember having a little trouble with that part as well. Keep adding buoys/wooden things until the end is out of the water, then do the jump + crouch thing to catch the other ledge. Some of the buoys are in rather awkward places; check you haven't missed any.
>> No. 7342 [Edit]
Had all the buoys, just needed to work on my crouch jump skills it seems.
>> No. 7344 [Edit]
Bayonetta 2 being a wiiu exclusive is completely fucking retarded, and I don't care what anyone says. the first game wasn't even on the wii. all they're doing is giving a kick in the balls to the people that played the first game.
>> No. 7347 [Edit]
I don't want to sound mean, but I find all the Bayonetta 2 hate absolutely hilarious as a 3rd party that has nothing to do with it.

I mean like, no one even wanted to fund Bayonetta 2, its not like you would have been able to play it on the PS3 or 360 anyway right?
>> No. 7349 [Edit]
There are rumors and stuff flying around that they're due to unveil Half Life 3 soon.
>> No. 7352 [Edit]
File 134796967039.jpg - (35.87KB , 620x349 , wR1Gx.jpg )
>Polish Retailer Teases ‘New PS3′ Design.jpg

I think it will be alot thinner and new harddware support for gaikai.
>> No. 7353 [Edit]
I, too, found it hilarious.
>> No. 7359 [Edit]
When did I say I wanted to play it? It's just retarded. and you seem to have missed the part about the first game not being on wii. it's retarded that you'd have to own two different systems to play the two games. this is just like mass effect 2 and 3 being available on ps3 but not part one. I don't know about you, but I don't like to get down with sequels unless I've experienced the prequel. hilarious right? fuck you.
>> No. 7364 [Edit]
Sony is a premium brand and they release this shit that will break in matter of months,oh wait
this is the 21st century.
>> No. 7366 [Edit]
What do you expect when they make a lighter and smaller version of an already slim version?
Did you think it would be made of solid titanium?
yeah sure, the top sliding panel thing looks like crap, but the slim ps2 also had something similar to that and I don't remember people complaining much about it.

Post edited on 19th Sep 2012, 2:46pm
>> No. 7368 [Edit]

I actually like the sliding thing.
Reminds of old consoles, with the cartridge on top.
>> No. 7369 [Edit]
I don't get where you get that.

Really why not a pop top like the original playstation, dreamcast and late model ps2s. The slide away door seems cheaper than that for some reason.
>> No. 7370 [Edit]
Dead Island: Riptide announced:
>> No. 7371 [Edit]
Wow, another overly dramatic prerendered trainer that shows no game play at all and probably has nothing to do with the game itself.
They have some real balls to try that shit again.
>> No. 7372 [Edit]
Well the gameplay is going to be exactly like the first one. Even the characters are the same.
>> No. 7420 [Edit]
>> No. 7443 [Edit]
File 13496966453.png - (274.99KB , 739x1748 , 1349686538334.png )
thanks americants appreciate your adhd among normals.

>Americans know who Steve-O is but not Stalin

Post edited on 8th Oct 2012, 4:51am
>> No. 7444 [Edit]
you're missing the point.
>> No. 7447 [Edit]
File 134995618323.jpg - (125.77KB , 1024x576 , cEWjI.jpg )
Dark as my soul makes me edgy and modern
>> No. 7461 [Edit]
We bakka evelywhele now
>> No. 7470 [Edit]
Valve teaches counterstrike
>> No. 7488 [Edit]
Left 4 Dead 2 free weekend this weekend.
>The servers are too busy. Please try again in a few hours.
It seems some of Steam's servers are still located in some kid's back yard. Never change, Steam, never change.
>> No. 7489 [Edit]
File 135115278257.jpg - (164.80KB , 560x350 , acc.jpg )
>> No. 7512 [Edit]
I installed it, but after asking in the irc channle a few dozen times, I can safely say no one there wants to play it even if it is free.
>> No. 7513 [Edit]
Id love to play it but my computer is too crappy.
>> No. 7514 [Edit]

Asking people on the IRC channel if they are interested in playing anything that isn't DotA/LoL is a fool's errand.
>> No. 7515 [Edit]
Sorry. I would have said yes if I were in the IRC channel when you asked. Playing with random teammates in that game gets old very fast.
>> No. 7537 [Edit]
File 135198841736.jpg - (77.75KB , 750x422 , aFemalePikachu-2.jpg )
I guess her crossover will have one of two effects on the Ninja Gaiden franchise..
Dead or Alive.
>> No. 7538 [Edit]
I'm getting that game along with my Wii U.

I hope that it's worth the $48 that I'm planning on spending for it. Also, why is the file name labeled as "FemalePikachu"?
>> No. 7539 [Edit]
There's a new trailer.
>> No. 7542 [Edit]
PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale
Princess Cake?
>> No. 7543 [Edit]
They needed more characters that would appeal to the western female audience. what better than a fatass princess?
>> No. 7545 [Edit]
File 135237330084.jpg - (113.05KB , 1092x732 , aD3.jpg )
>> No. 7546 [Edit]

Such legendary and beloved sony characters, like, enemy from bioshock? Sure
>> No. 7555 [Edit]
or that one guy from the new devil may cry game?
>> No. 7558 [Edit]

Here's news for anybody with a 360.
>> No. 7559 [Edit]
>The patent lists a number of options for determining the validity of the possible viewers, including counting their number (as in, making sure only three people were able to see a movie), or actually identifying specific users (to make sure Julie isn't watching a movie that Mark was only licensed to see).

if they ever tried this the amount of blowback would be immense.

what is the rationale behind it supposed to be? I think it would only be useful to stop people from sharing accounts.
>> No. 7560 [Edit]

Just because they patent something doesn't mean they are gonna use it. That said, I wish they would, since it would kill them
>> No. 7561 [Edit]

Rather than that I expect it would go through and other companies would adapt the same business model.
>> No. 7562 [Edit]
File 135245726550.jpg - (137.22KB , 1600x900 , aNinja_Gaiden_3__Razor_s_Edge_13475046997461.jpg )
RYU no NINJA (Japanese version)
>> No. 7563 [Edit]
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Attract Trailer

Nice light trail effects.
>> No. 7566 [Edit]
that actually looks pretty decent compared to everything else shown so far, almost makes me think the game might have been a bit better as a traditional 1v1 fighter.
>> No. 7572 [Edit]
>> No. 7573 [Edit]
File 13533527832.png - (10.88KB , 595x50 , shitman.png )
>> No. 7574 [Edit]
can't wait to beat up some slutty nuns!
>> No. 7575 [Edit],19180.html
>> No. 7576 [Edit]
I heard that it was only happening to retards who would unplug the console during the (long) update.
>> No. 7589 [Edit]
It doesn't have to be done on purpose. A quick power drop or a person/pet tripping over the cable would fuck it up just as easily
>> No. 7603 [Edit]
Bad design is bad...
>> No. 7604 [Edit]
File 135373793898.jpg - (120.56KB , 600x350 , aawarface-screenshot-01.jpg )
Show me your WARFACE
>> No. 7618 [Edit]
File 135380551152.jpg - (19.46KB , 160x120 , aPS2_gameplay_Screenshot_111412_020.jpg )
Free to Play MMO FPS?
What sorcery is this!?!
>> No. 7658 [Edit]
Kickstarter finally has a project worth donating to!
>> No. 7659 [Edit]
I'll kill myself if this doesn't out-fund the Occulus Rift.
>> No. 7660 [Edit]
It's only been up a day and it's already going to hit it's goal within the next few hours. For once the internet hasn't disgusted me
>> No. 7691 [Edit]
File 135470652220.png - (68.93KB , 586x409 , image20.png )
Is The Idolmaster Going International?
>None of the Idolmaster games made it overseas, but Namco Bandai might be localizing the Idolmaster: Shiny Festa series. Namco Bandai filed trademarks for The Idol Master and Shiny Festa in Europe.

>These could be protective trademarks, but the Idolmaster series is seven years old. It would be odd for Namco Bandai to suddenly care about the Idolmaster games and a spinoff series all of the sudden.

>If (and this is still an if) Namco Bandai wants to the Idolmaster to go international, Shiny Festa is their best bet since these are regular music/rhythm games, which have a larger audience than say an idol training simulation.
>> No. 7692 [Edit]
File 135473565072.jpg - (70.91KB , 802x601 , exclamation.jpg )

so it's like Cartagra suddenly being C&D'd so inogrey could potentially have a MG localization, only for im@s.

call me pessimistic, but I'll wait until something actually happens aside from this "well, it's possible that they might..." bullshit.
>> No. 7697 [Edit]
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - PS3 - Inside LEVEL-5 Behind the Scene #1
>> No. 7700 [Edit]
File 135495168992.jpg - (28.65KB , 530x223 , darksouls22530.jpg )
>> No. 7701 [Edit]
Interesting that its a direct sequel to Dark Souls. I wonder if its back to Lordran.
>> No. 7702 [Edit]
File 135496081386.jpg - (14.18KB , 250x305 , 250px-Quake2box.jpg )
hapee birfdey Quake 2 on yer fiftenen year !
>> No. 7712 [Edit]
File 135523069535.png - (96.39KB , 256x256 , 127b71b2b0a70ca0005fb2e49dbbed47.png )
Joakim N. Mogren

Luke Plunkett: How much does it cost, on average, every time you go to the hairdresser? That hair + moustache combo look luxuriously expensive.

Joakim Mogren: It is actually very interesting that you ask that. I do not go to a hairdresser, actually. I do it all myself. It is a daunting task, however. I probably take about 1.5 American hours just fixing my hair. The moustache is another story. I'd say that takes two hours on average.

LP: What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?

JM: I use a custom shampoo known as "Avföring Från Fisk" [LP's note: translation = fish shit]. The shampoo leaves my hair very voluminous and skön.

LP: I have to ask, what's the deal with this account? Is it more marketing, a joke account, a hoax? The world needs to know.

JM: This account is very real, and my personal Twitter. I am not a person that you would say has a sense of humor. Ask my former employee Sven. He wrote on our official site that all Twitter accounts aren't associated, as a joke. He is now homeless. I do not take jokes lightly.

I still need to remove that off the site, however.

LP: What is Phantom Pain, exactly?

JM: I hope it will b e a new gaming experience. Think a combination of Half Life, Borderlands 2, Angry Birds, and Faerie Solitaire. I expect it will be the bestselling game of 2013.

Thanks you much for your questions Luke. I very much enjoyed your article about me, though the comment about the photo of me was somewhat offensive. Have a good night, or day as it is in America.
>> No. 7713 [Edit]
he's the coolest
>> No. 7715 [Edit]
Ah, that reminds me, Doom's 19th birthday was yesterday.

I didn't celebrate by playing loads of Doom that day, mostly because I've been doing that for a month prior.
>> No. 7719 [Edit]
I adore Kojima.
>> No. 7748 [Edit]
File 135609181361.jpg - (16.61KB , 160x153 , afight.jpg )
>> No. 7771 [Edit]
File 135696350457.jpg - (46.49KB , 600x375 , achess.jpg )
Reviews count as news?
>> No. 7783 [Edit]
Good night sweet prince ;_;

2006 - 2012

We've reached the end of the ride. bitGAMER has been an amazingly fun ride, but all rides must come to an end.

For those who don't know, bitGAMER began as a small sister-site of Underground Gamer. What started as a side-project of several UG staff members quickly grew into a 65,000 member behemoth with an identity all its own. Our small hobby project turned into something that went well beyond all of our dreams.

Of course, you all know that the legal climate has changed over the years, so we won't bore you with that stuff. More importantly, the founders are simply ready to move on with their lives. Running an immensely popular gaming tracker is rewarding, but it's also a very stressful, and often thankless, task. We hope that closing this door will open other doors in our lives, and that we can take all of the lessons we've learned from bitGAMER into the next phase of our lives.

The bitGAMER community has been incredible since the beginning. We want to take this moment to thank each and every member of the community who contributed in any way and allowed this community to thrive for so long.

Thank you,

// bG Staff
>> No. 7784 [Edit]
blackcats-games and gazelle games are having free registrations if you're interested.
>> No. 7785 [Edit]
how long was open? because it is not
>> No. 7788 [Edit]
File 135710734930.gif - (106.40KB , 640x345 , Big Boss salute.gif )
>> No. 7791 [Edit]
It was closed for a while but it's open again at this moment.
>> No. 7793 [Edit]
Yea, just signed up. Let's see if all this talk about private trackers is true.

Now game-related: The GOW: Ascension beta should start 8 jan., right?
>> No. 7804 [Edit]
While we're on the topic of torrent trackers, Underground Gamer is currently open for registration.
>> No. 7832 [Edit]
File 135806447616.jpg - (485.02KB , 1280x800 , awhite.jpg )
Crysis 3!
>> No. 7864 [Edit]
File 135893965036.jpg - (108.64KB , 603x1000 , aLurker_SC1_Art1.jpg )
Heart of the Swarm
>> No. 7888 [Edit]
JAPAN 2012;
>> No. 7903 [Edit]
File 135978752276.jpg - (21.83KB , 600x300 , 01_jps4.jpg )
>> No. 7909 [Edit]
File 136006076097.jpg - (20.01KB , 600x390 , 1k.jpg )
Ouya updates. June 2013?
>> No. 7910 [Edit]
I had no idea that people cared enough to play Android games on their T.V.

I guess that those Angry Birds must really be the bee's knees.
>> No. 7913 [Edit]

The ouya is the dumbest thing ever and I hope it crashes spectacularly
>> No. 7918 [Edit]
I didn't really have much of an opinion on it until I read the comments of the people that wanted to buy it only to stream Netflix/Hulu, play android games on their TV, and play the NES Super Mario Bros on an emulator.

I hope that it fails as well seeing as it's a waste of plastic when you can buy a cheap laptop that does all that and more.
>> No. 7919 [Edit]

>always online
>no used games

next xbox will be a killer!
>> No. 7920 [Edit]

I'm glad I stopped caring about video games for the most part, so I can look at things like this and laugh instead of getting upset about it.
>> No. 7921 [Edit]
File 136023611733.jpg - (233.23KB , 800x533 , 3pulse.jpg )
Will the PS4 be as restrictive? I hope not...
>> No. 7930 [Edit]
File 136049041624.jpg - (150.48KB , 640x921 , 2013yukifig.jpg )
Steins;Gate game Phenogram of Linear Restraint heading to the PlayStation 3/XBox 360 in spring!
>> No. 7931 [Edit]
>> No. 7932 [Edit]
Fuck that shit. PC gaming here I come.
>> No. 7933 [Edit]
microsoft and sony sure do hate used games. I wonder what this will mean for gamestop.
>> No. 7934 [Edit]
They hate everyone and everything.
>> No. 7936 [Edit]
"Said the straight man to the late man: where have you been?..."
Welcome, son.
>> No. 7937 [Edit]
I've been wanting to for a while. The stupid shit Sony and Microsoft keep doing has finally sent me over the edge. I'll still keep my ps3 for the classics though.
>> No. 7938 [Edit]
I can safely say for sure no used games means there's no way in hell I'd buy the next gen systems. and I'm sure they know many people feel the same way, so I'm willing to bet they wont incorporate it initially, but instead add it latter with a patch/update and pull the rug out from people who buy the systems.
>> No. 7940 [Edit]
I still can't understand how they can make such asinine decisions like this and think it's okay. The shit they come up with is just absurd.
>> No. 7941 [Edit]
They don't care if gamers like it or not, they just want to maximise profits.
>> No. 7942 [Edit]

People are going to buy this garbage no matter what, the PS4 and next Xbox launches will probably be the most successful console launches ever. It's just how the world works
>> No. 7943 [Edit]
I know. I just can't understand such stupid logic. It hurts to try and think the way they do.
>> No. 7944 [Edit]
>It hurts to try and think the way they do.
That's how you know you still have a soul.
>> No. 7946 [Edit]
but you generally cant sell used games on PC either
>> No. 7947 [Edit]
That's not really the point
>> No. 7976 [Edit]
File 136138641635.gif - (1.08MB , 304x168 , ps4.gif )
Today's the day
>> No. 7977 [Edit]
Like, hey, man. Why aren't you following the rules on the 3D stuff?

Also, why is Kaz grabbing a picture of an Uragaan like that? Did it kill his favorite childhood goat?
>> No. 7978 [Edit]
funny stuff
>> No. 7981 [Edit]
The PS4 is gonna be based around social networking and advertising even more than I thought. The controller even has a "share" button on it
>> No. 7982 [Edit]
I was certain this was a joke.
>> No. 7983 [Edit]
This PS4 event is basically cementing my belief that my time playing video games is over
>> No. 7984 [Edit]
Just play games from previous generations and pc ports. That's what I'm gonna do.
>> No. 7985 [Edit]
What's the problem with the share button? It'll be nice to be able to take screenshots without having to buy some expensive capture card.
>> No. 7986 [Edit]

It's not just for saving screenshots, it is geared towards facebook/twitter functionality. Almost everything "new" about the PS4 is, it's ridiculous
>> No. 7987 [Edit],2817,2415671,00.asp

>a lightbar for simpler, more friendly identification of players. A second peripheral, meanwhile, is a stereo camera that can sense the depth of objects in front of it.
I don't understand? Why does it need a camera? Why does it need a lightbar to identify people?

>if you're stuck on a level or need assistance, a friend can actually take over your controller and guide you through a level.
Fucking casuals.

>While aliases will still be available for "when anonymity is important," most of the interactions of the PS4 will be done with friends using real names and profile pictures. PS4 is designed to be "seamlessly interconnected" with your social life.
No. Just no.

Video games are dead aren't they?
>> No. 7988 [Edit]
So that's where they're at, where alias=anonymity? Great.
>> No. 7989 [Edit]
>I don't understand? Why does it need a camera? Why does it need a lightbar to identify people?

To keep people who didn't pay for the console, games, or movies from using them.

>Video games are dead aren't they?

>> No. 7990 [Edit]
>if you're stuck on a level or need assistance, a friend can actually take over your controller and guide you through a level.
My Atari 2600 has that, all you have to do is pass the friend your controller and presto!
>> No. 7993 [Edit]
But what if that person hasn't paid for the game!
>> No. 8000 [Edit]
Sharing is a horrible thing to do. Especially between friends.
>> No. 8003 [Edit]
File 136144126548.jpg - (198.97KB , 1020x680 , dualshock_4_controller_verge_super_wide.jpg )
if anyone was worried missing the ps4 conforenece yesterday you did not miss anything particualar.

x86 architechture
8 gig ram
game handles will be replaced with real names.
social media bullshit
killzone 4 looking like the original crysis from 2007.
no shown console.
streaming games and crossplay/connecting to the vita.
another demo of watchdogs.
controller looks kinda slick.
and lots of cgi and techdemos.
>> No. 8004 [Edit]
>game handles will be replaced with real names.

Guess I'll have to legally change my name to my online handle. It can't be helped.
>> No. 8005 [Edit]
He forgot to mention that it's optional
>> No. 8006 [Edit]
How would they force people to use their real names anyway? what would stop someone from using a fake name?
>> No. 8007 [Edit]
>another demo of watchdogs.

I can't be the only one to dislike this game. The game itself seems like a huge hock of shit.

I mean, sure, normals don't mind playing as some with some 1337 h2ck3r faggot with some 'super iphone', but this is getting beyond disgusting with how it's praised so much and how everybody loves it. I absolutely despise it. It absolutely reeks of the same shit hollywood movies are made out of.
>> No. 8010 [Edit]
What's the point of that big pad where the start and select buttons should be?
>> No. 8011 [Edit]
File 136146847233.jpg - (83.48KB , 640x480 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

Post edited on 21st Feb 2013, 10:04am
>> No. 8012 [Edit]
>> No. 8013 [Edit]
Touch screen
>> No. 8014 [Edit]

It's gonna be hard explaining to my parents why I changed my name to Toholiker420
>> No. 8018 [Edit]
Oh, like a trackpad?
>> No. 8020 [Edit]
Obviously it's not meant for real friends.
>> No. 8071 [Edit]
File 136213601723.jpg - (79.09KB , 500x414 , 2assassinscreed4art-500.jpg )
>> No. 8075 [Edit]
when i saw the picture I thought first it was written "Black Fag"
>> No. 8087 [Edit]
File 136226947535.jpg - (88.39KB , 1024x707 , 2Fate_Love-500x250.jpg )
Kinect + Skyrim =
>> No. 8106 [Edit]
Age of Empires 2 HD!!!!
The actual hd looks silly, but I think the main selling point will be the online multiplayer with steam integration.
Is it worth 20$ though? I played online once. Got rushed by cavalry. Not worth 20 bucks, I'd say.
>> No. 8110 [Edit]
File 136288665313.jpg - (103.54KB , 260x392 , 3mario_costume_mod_by_dsforest-d5v02ok.jpg )
Deadpool got game!
>> No. 8116 [Edit]

I couldn't be happier right now. I'm currently playing Drakengard and Nier is one of my favorite games of all time, this has the potential to be fucking great.

I just hope they disregard Drakengard 2's plot.
>> No. 8127 [Edit]
File 136341286747.gif - (17.07KB , 146x146 , 3c76f230b28bc9ca04721b378c55c540.gif )
Zombie Crossover!
>> No. 8128 [Edit]
Not a fan of RE6 but still, so happy to see PC getting cool stuff, and with Valve of all people.
More cool crossovers would be welcomed.
>> No. 8140 [Edit]
File 136377178417.jpg - (18.08KB , 200x197 , 1Aya.jpg )
"Dragon's Crown" Swoops into Japan on July 25 for PS3 and Vita.
>> No. 8141 [Edit]
Great news that i dont need to buy a psvita
>> No. 8143 [Edit]
File 136394859731.jpg - (15.88KB , 200x196 , DC.jpg )
Dragon's Crown has a Video Update;
Fighter Amazon Dwarf
Elf Wizard Sorceress
>> No. 8146 [Edit]
DuckTales HD
>> No. 8149 [Edit]
I wonder if this will lead to them re-opening the servers for Chip n Dale's MMORPG
>> No. 8161 [Edit]

Why does every series I love die? Fucking Christ, the one series I thought to be incorruptible has been turned into a shitty, generic JRPG.
>> No. 8162 [Edit]
Square Enix CEO is gone.

Will things improve? Or will they just put out the FF7 remake everyone wants. Sounds risky. That is their ace in the hole. Might give them some badly needed money, but then they will have to, you know, make new games. At least it would buy them some time if things really get that dire.
>> No. 8163 [Edit]
A possible new game in the APB saga

I'm assuming it's a kickstarter because no human being on earth thought another APB game would be a good idea.
>> No. 8170 [Edit]
File 136462957033.jpg - (1.56MB , 3500x1969 , 2YAIBA_NGZ_07.jpg )
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z
Shaka Ninja!
>> No. 8201 [Edit]
File 136522036925.jpg - (19.67KB , 160x120 , 2White_Queen_by_Anime_Projects.jpg )
What the-?!?
I want BRS!
>> No. 8202 [Edit]
Taken them long enough.
>> No. 8235 [Edit]
Halt those tears, fair maiden!

Surely this news is to repel your worries, yes?
>> No. 8239 [Edit]
File 136643509283.jpg - (20.31KB , 160x120 , images.jpg )
Indie doesn't mean bad...
>> No. 8240 [Edit]
It doesn't, but most indie games are bad.

Hopefully it isn't shit
>> No. 8254 [Edit]
File 136732586287.jpg - (13.07KB , 279x180 , 297257_full.jpg )
>> No. 8263 [Edit]
Ratchet and Clank Is hitting the big screen.

I'm pretty damn excited about this one, videogame adaptated into Hollywood movies usually suck but this is actually going to keep the same character models, voice actors, and even have the game's creators heavily involved in writing and overseeing the project. Also heard they'd be using the same plot from the first game.
2015 can not come soon enough.
>> No. 8277 [Edit]
What time is it?
>> No. 8278 [Edit]
Shadow of the Eternals

The spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Reqiuem.
>> No. 8279 [Edit]
I heard some bad things about the guy in charge of it, in that he would take all of the money and put it into other projects just to fund them and let the game suffer from it. The guy's name is Dyack or some shit like that.
>> No. 8280 [Edit]
Sounds like the guy who created minecraft
>> No. 8302 [Edit]
File 13694580526.jpg - (3.58MB , 3500x2334 , grid2.jpg )
Game comes with free car!
>> No. 8303 [Edit]
>only one copy of the edition available. Oddly enough the website actually says that the copy is now out of stock
cool story
>> No. 8315 [Edit]
Molyneux's Curiosity is over! What was inside the cube? A talking Minyneux, of course!
>> No. 8316 [Edit]
I was wondering whatever became of that.
>> No. 8317 [Edit]
File 136984532187.jpg - (128.59KB , 660x402 , godus_bryan.jpg )
Bryan Henderson is a God! We need to unite and destroy him in order to create a democratic anarchy capitalistic republic of kingdoms!

>Bryan Henderson is going to have to watch his back.

>Earlier this week, the 18-year-old incoming university freshman from Scotland became the lucky winner of game designer Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity cube contest. Henderson’s reward: He’ll be a god ruling over all other players of the upcoming “god simulation” game called Godus.

>But Molyneux says there’s a catch. “His reign will last a certain period of time … and then he can be overthrown,” he told Wired via phone.

>When he announced that Henderson was the player who clicked the final cube in his Curiosity game over the weekend, Molyneux said that as a reward for playing a virtual deity in Godus, Henderson will receive a “significant” percentage of the game’s profits. But, the game designer told Wired, other players will be able to usurp Henderson’s heavenly throne — and his salary.

>Will the fear of being overthrown make Bryan Henderson a just and benevolent ruler?

>Since winning the Curiosity contest, Henderson has become something of an internet celebrity. He’s already doled out high-profile interviews. His Twitter account has gained well over a thousand followers — and a parody account modeled after “Peter Molydeux.”

>At least one person has sent a gift to the 22Cans offices to be delivered to Henderson. Yes: The faithful are already giving him offerings in an effort to win his favor.

>Although 22Cans isn’t yet revealing exactly what in-game powers Godus’ god(s) will have, it assures concerned fans that there will be limits.

>“He can’t kick everyone in the world,” Molyneux says. “He can’t suddenly decide that everyone’s games get deleted. These [powers] are within the confines of game balancing. Some of them are moral decisions, some may be territorial decisions.”

>Molyneux, a man with an infamous reputation for big promises and under-delivery, seems to be trying to keep his excitement under control this time.

>“Godus is definitely, by a long, long way, the…” Molyneux began, then caught himself, trailing off.

>“Well,” he continued, “I’m not going to say it’s the best game I’ve worked on … but it feels like the most complete game I’ve worked on. I love playing it, and maybe other people will love playing it.”

>Mostly, Molyneux is relieved that Henderson is the person that won the Curiosity contest.

>“He could have turned out to be someone who couldn’t speak English,” Molyneux says. “He could have turned out to be 12 years old. That would’ve been philosophically interesting, I think.”

>Bryan Henderson told Wired via email that any potential heretics conspiring against him will have to come prepared.

>“If anyone tries to overthrow me,” he says, “they’ll have to give me everything they’ve got.”
>> No. 8321 [Edit]
File 137009110456.png - (301.51KB , 640x360 , swapper1-640x360.png )
>> No. 8332 [Edit]
File 137050592745.png - (637.77KB , 1074x881 , down.png )
Gazellegames and underground-gamer are now gone fuck this world.
>> No. 8333 [Edit]
Well fuck.
Back to JDownloader and DDLs.
>> No. 8334 [Edit]
Goodnight, sweet prince.
>> No. 8374 [Edit]
>SuperDAE, the super hacker behind the biggest hack in gaming history, has released his “insurance torrent”. Clocking in at 1.7 TB (yes, terabytes), it promises to hold everything from Unreal Engine source code to documents pertaining to unreleased Xbox One and PlayStation 4 information. If you have an internet subscription that has no caps and enough hard drive space capable of holding an extra 1.7 terabytes, go ahead and download it.

Magnet Link:

Post edited on 17th Jun 2013, 5:43am
>> No. 8378 [Edit]
File 137164510913.jpg - (11.45KB , 160x120 , tumblr_lzno6fd6gl1qequos.jpg )
No Auction House?
>> No. 8396 [Edit]
File 137248072646.jpg - (214.91KB , 450x560 , 4150c649c87318f160e85d66f3766490.jpg )
>> No. 8397 [Edit]
Gonna take a lot more than that to remove the $ from micro$oft.
>> No. 8398 [Edit]
because other companies dont care about making money at all, right? its not like they have fiduciary responsibility or anything
>> No. 8400 [Edit]
There's running a business, then there's being massive greedy jews.
>> No. 8404 [Edit]
File 137276628365.jpg - (86.17KB , 600x900 , hb.jpg )
>> No. 8407 [Edit]
File 137292712520.jpg - (187.74KB , 350x699 , elf.jpg )
Playing Mystara Chronicles over Steam in prepartion for this.
>> No. 8423 [Edit]
I want an invite to this!
>> No. 8434 [Edit]
File 137379449052.jpg - (132.84KB , 624x690 , w.jpg )
Sorry, I'm late but have some E3 photos.
>> No. 8442 [Edit]
File 13739780218.jpg - (11.25KB , 200x182 , Fire.jpg )
>> No. 8448 [Edit]
File 137405852342.gif - (341.52KB , 500x268 , walk.gif )
Very soon...
>> No. 8449 [Edit]
File 137405942315.jpg - (160.64KB , 2370x570 , 557843.jpg )
The elf is so cute, I'm definently going to main black elf.
>> No. 8450 [Edit]
File 137413569348.jpg - (853.26KB , 885x4230 , DC.jpg )
Why the soceress is so protective of the hat- a doujin comic
>> No. 8451 [Edit]
File 137413609010.jpg - (901.87KB , 885x4308 , DC2.jpg )
>> No. 8452 [Edit]
File 137413618720.jpg - (600.28KB , 885x2937 , DC3.jpg )
>> No. 8458 [Edit]
File 137422115715.jpg - (5.45KB , 160x120 , zlogo610.jpg )
DoTA 2!
>> No. 8463 [Edit]
File 137428940168.jpg - (8.02KB , 200x179 , 2bd66f067f77667b1fbc56b699d6d7fa.jpg )
Ace Combat!
>> No. 8464 [Edit]
Oh god I hope it's better than their last game and they avoid all that real world call of duty shit.
>> No. 8465 [Edit]
>45 second trailer show literally less than 0.2 seconds of actual game footage

yes, i'm certain this is an excellent product.
>> No. 8466 [Edit]
There certainly isn't much there to go off of, but the meter thing makes it seem as if they aren't going to be doing the same old boring US vs sandpeople bull crap and hopefully go back to doing more large scale scifi type stuff like before. ...unless Iraqi rebels have figured out how to drop meters on us citys. But yeah it's not much to go off of at all. all I can do is just hope they learned their lesson after their call of duty clone bombed.
>> No. 8472 [Edit]
File 137466911266.jpg - (54.96KB , 704x528 , horraaa.jpg )
Please be good.
>> No. 8480 [Edit]
File 137496522125.jpg - (190.24KB , 1000x563 , BI7KeajCEAE2vHg-500x288.jpg )
New Guilty Gear.
<- That is 3D and not sprites?!?
>> No. 8493 [Edit]
Gazellegames is re-opening!


Dear GGn members,

We're extremely happy to be here and able to welcome you back to your favorite games tracker! No doubt you have some burning questions on how this can be possible and the events leading up to our return; so let's start:

Why'd you close, only to come back?
Two months ago we were in a position where we could not guarantee the ongoing safety of the staffers or members of the site. Rather than risk making that data accessible to some legal organization, we decided to shut down and fully give the impression we would never be returning (ha!). We've spent our downtime moving servers around and buffing up our security, as well as fixing lots of bugs and usability issues. The site and all your great work in terms of game descriptions and user contributions are 100% intact.

Really? All our stats?
All accounts are active again. You'll of course not be subject to any hit n runs or inactivity disables that would have otherwise come into effect for not logging in/seeding whilst the tracker was offline. No torrents have been deleted for inactivity. Now what is important is we get back to seeding the existing torrents so all your hard work in the past doesn't go to waste. To accommodate for the fact some users will have removed content, torrent inactivity deletions is disabled for the next month. There have been plenty of game releases in the last month that we need to catch up on, so there're plenty of upload bytes opportunities - get uploading!

What about my stats? And didn't you say you wiped the data?
All your stats, including torrents, seeding, forums, achievements, etc. have been fully restored. The plan was to wipe the data shortly after taking the site down, but the sysops immediately began talking about re-opening and decided to hold on to it for a little while should that happen. Rest assured, the data was handled with the respect your privacy deserves, fully encrypted and stored offline until a trustworthy host was established.

I've deleted files and now have/will get HnRs?
None of your current downloads will be processed as hit-n-runs for the next month. Re-download anything that will be classed as a hit-n-run due to lack of seedtime and resolve this before the month-long grace period expires. Anything you download from here on out though is subject to the rules.

Anything else change?
While we were down, we took the time to make a few fixes/improvements to the site. Most were around security, but some other back-end changes were also made to improve the site experience. If you look at the staff page you'll notice that it more clearly shows which staffers cover which responsibilities, and who is in charge of each aspect of the site.

As a welcome back gift, everything is free leech for the next week. Enjoy!

P.S. If you can start reseeding your old stuff we'd be extremely grateful!

>> No. 8506 [Edit]
File 137544462263.jpg - (660.87KB , 944x1238 , sm.jpg )
SF x Capcom
>> No. 8507 [Edit]
File 137544497394.jpg - (369.79KB , 1111x602 , mark42.jpg )
>> No. 8508 [Edit]
I'm guessing its going to be pay-to-win, like all mobile games
>> No. 8511 [Edit]
Neil Gaiman!?!
>> No. 8559 [Edit]
File 137694351532.jpg - (1.17MB , 2304x768 , 1376938994-mother-4.jpg )
Mother 4 teaser Fanmade coming 2014
>> No. 8562 [Edit]
File 137708123285.jpg - (27.03KB , 535x300 , games-for-windows-live1.jpg )
More like GFWDead
RIP July 2014?
>> No. 8572 [Edit]
File 137777354897.jpg - (109.09KB , 640x360 , sushitank.jpg )
Video Game update; JP version
>> No. 8576 [Edit]
Warning 3DPD
HydraDeck Humans - Infinite Realities demo for the Oculus Rift

Say goodbye to reality for good
>> No. 8577 [Edit]
File 137873798131.jpg - (36.51KB , 660x495 , psvitatv-660x495.jpg )
this is huge news

Sony will release PlayStation Vita TV, a small, inexpensive television game console, at the end of the year in Japan, it said Monday.

The new console is, roughly speaking, identical to the hardware from Sony’s handheld PlayStation Vita game machine, but in a tiny (6.4cm x 10.5cm) white box that connects to your television. Players use the PlayStation 3′s Dual Shock 3 controller to play games.

PS Vita TV will launch in Japan on November 14; Sony did not say on Monday when it would make it available in other regions.

At 9,954 yen — about $100 — it’s a very affordable option, about one-quarter the price of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4. Then again, the price conceals the fact that a Dual Shock 3 controller, required to use the system, is not included in the basic package. A more expensive package including the controller will also be available on launch day.

Sony points out that the device will play, at launch, about 1,300 games. That’s because it can play all of the PSP and PSone games that are currently available to download via the PlayStation Network digital games service, plus many of the games that have been released so far for the PlayStation Vita platform. Sony said in a press release that the PS Vita TV cannot play all PS Vita games, since many of them use the touchscreen, motion sensors, camera and other inputs that are only available on the handheld unit.

Sony is positioning Vita TV as a great device for video streaming; at the Tokyo media briefing it stressed that you would be able to use the device to stream video content a wide variety of services.

Additionally, a “future system update” will allow you to use Vita TV to stream PlayStation 4 games — if you have a PlayStation 4 console in another room of your house, you will be able to hook a PS Vita TV up to another television in a different room and play the PlayStation 4 on that television, via streaming. (Although the press release did note that PS Vita TV only supports 480p, 720p and 1080i output

>> No. 8578 [Edit]
This is worse than the 2DS.
>> No. 8579 [Edit]
yeah it seems really redundant, kinda defeats the whole purpose of a portable game system.
>> No. 8580 [Edit]
File 137875639496.png - (216.48KB , 860x264 , PSVita_hardwareTOP_main.png )
PS Vita 2000

>Called the PS Vita 2000, it will be 20 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner than the current console and comes with 1GB of onboard storage. Sony says the new Vita will launch in Japan on October 10 at a retail price of 18,980 yen (US$190)
>> No. 8582 [Edit]
I played the demo to gravity rush, and in it I never had to use the touchscreen, or rather I was comfortable with just the dual sticks. Due to this I'm wondering, can I play gravity rush on this? Or are there gimmicky sections in the game that require the touchscreen to pass?
>> No. 8586 [Edit]
But better than XBone...
>> No. 8588 [Edit]
File 137914145547.jpg - (16.36KB , 160x120 , zFade.jpg )
Turn-based espionage game?
>> No. 8597 [Edit]
here is the compatibility list
>> No. 8605 [Edit]
Fatman speaking at Gnu /Linux con about his plans for world domination in video games,pop tart hills and exploitation of mountain dews rivers.
>> No. 8620 [Edit]
File 13803054483.jpg - (100.11KB , 1065x820 , 1380302178094.jpg )
this happend
>> No. 8621 [Edit]
looks like a daruma
>> No. 8622 [Edit]
I'm unsure of whether the touchpad looking things meant to replace analog sticks is a good idea. I'm also not sure if the thing in the middle is supposed to be a screen or a touchpad.

Having the buttons all jammed in the middle like that seems very awkward, but I guess that the controller will be pretty small to ensure that people can reach those buttons. Also it looks like there might be a button on the back part of the handle on the right. On the left you can kinda see something poking out, which could either be a shoulder button or just a part of the controller so that it can 'stand' itself on flat surfaces.

It's pretty weird and could be interesting, but I don't like the button placement.
>> No. 8625 [Edit]
I don't even know what to say about this shit. And I thought the Wii U controller was bad...
>> No. 8626 [Edit]
File 138041849345.jpg - (8.55KB , 200x133 , usa.jpg )
Qanba Q2 Glow fightstick
>> No. 8634 [Edit]
File 138131562057.jpg - (593.60KB , 1055x1500 , ww.jpg )
Who wants?
>> No. 8635 [Edit]
File 138155624640.gif - (363.71KB , 383x400 , icry.gif )
>> No. 8637 [Edit]
File 138156710654.jpg - (22.72KB , 430x430 , 1316569403127.jpg )

I'm actually rather impressed with the controller at this point.

a position based method of using the pad as an alternative to the velocity based joystick is a gigantic step forward in terms of making the controller useful and allowing the player a greater range of control over what they are doing with the damned thing. He tries to point out just how much of an improvement that is, but he doesn't really do it justice.

And with the amount of detail he went into about how he split the right pad into up/down/left/right tells me that there is a massive amount of room for customization available for using the controller to do various things, from emulate a d-pad to the 6 buttons on a sega saturn controller.
>> No. 8638 [Edit]
File 138158981495.jpg - (29.91KB , 400x314 , jaguar controller.jpg )
>a massive amount of room for customization
You mean like this? I pass.
>> No. 8640 [Edit]
If you are going to use that, you might as well use a keyboard...
>> No. 8641 [Edit]
customization on the software side.
>> No. 8643 [Edit]
File 138216080377.jpg - (156.66KB , 800x450 , ztopr.jpg )
Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax
>> No. 8649 [Edit]
File 138277482866.jpg - (292.19KB , 724x1000 , z4f8c628aa5875b90fe4d6327ea0854b31382562407_full.jpg )
*Double-U(ltra) option
*Red Fous
>> No. 8653 [Edit]
File 138279904568.jpg - (254.16KB , 819x1157 , startover.jpg )
Another expansion?
>> No. 8655 [Edit]
File 138297249619.jpg - (484.76KB , 600x1875 , 1382968968964.jpg )
the true story
>> No. 8656 [Edit]
File 138303436219.jpg - (142.21KB , 703x1000 , ztime.jpg )
Gekijouban Madoka Magica Battle Pentagrams;

Old news.
>> No. 8660 [Edit]
File 138304594997.jpg - (1.61MB , 1500x2000 , 1383011936-ys-memories-of-celceta.jpg )
Ys: Memories Of Celceta PS Vita release Europe early 2014
>> No. 8662 [Edit]
File 138320884869.jpg - (611.90KB , 1000x854 , yoni.jpg )
>> No. 8665 [Edit]
that image was not related at all. Post the name of the video

PS4 Hardware Sizzle Video
>> No. 8666 [Edit]
File 138329713434.jpg - (111.04KB , 640x360 , yaiba_ninja_gaiden.jpg )
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z
F**kin' sugar t*ts
>> No. 8667 [Edit]
File 138329767135.jpg - (29.87KB , 480x270 , z131028b.jpg )
Spend those Microsoft Points ASAP.(August 15, 2013)

Finally! ( 2013.10.18 )
>> No. 8670 [Edit]
File 138333629752.png - (345.82KB , 473x283 , 1383335635455.png )

Nintendo just shut down SpotPass delivery of Swapnotes worldwide, after determining that some users were exchanging “offensive material.”

We are very sorry for any inconvenience to the many consumers who have been using this service responsibly; however this decision was made considering the point that many minors also use this feature of Swapnote. Thank you for your understanding.

Notice about service for Nintendo 3DS software Swapnote


Thank you for your support.

Nintendo has learned that some consumers, including minors, have been exchanging their friend codes on Internet bulletin boards and then using Swapnote (known as Nintendo Letter Box in other regions) to exchange offensive material. Nintendo has been investigating ways of preventing this and determined it is best to stop the SpotPass feature of Swapnote because it allows direct exchange of photos and was actively misused.

Nintendo always wants to provide a positive experience for all consumers and limit the risk of any inappropriate activity or misuse of a service. We feel it is important on this occasion to take this action.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience to the many consumers who have been using this service responsibly; however this decision was made considering the point that many minors also use this feature of Swapnote. Thank you for your understanding.

Nintendo will continue to work to ensure more consumers are aware of our Parental Control features, which allow parents to manage their children’s experience on our systems. For more information, please click here.

Service stop date: Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013, 7 p.m. PT
Service being stopped: Nintendo 3DS software Swapnote – Sending and receiving notes using SpotPass
Affected regions: All regions where the service was offered

Special Notes services are also stopped

good thread

Post edited on 1st Nov 2013, 1:08pm
>> No. 10358 [Edit]
File 138404384932.jpg - (54.02KB , 281x350 , Zzard.jpg )
Heroes of the Storm?
>> No. 10374 [Edit]
File 138516567048.jpg - (30.44KB , 292x136 , z1365938460297.jpg )
Kingdoms Rise

Looks and moves good!
>> No. 10376 [Edit]
File 138517274866.jpg - (69.84KB , 640x482 , uMIGHTY_-mainart0826_fix_0.jpg )
Not Megaman
>> No. 10388 [Edit]
File 138598281533.jpg - (8.91KB , 160x120 , ezlogicartist.jpg )
Next up, Xbone bans you for sharing videos with profanity...

<- Co-op stealth
>> No. 10396 [Edit]
File 138668008017.jpg - (966.71KB , 1920x812 , 1386609117-girls-und-panzer-master-the-tankery.jpg )
girls und panzer screens psvita
>> No. 10397 [Edit]
I'm curious how it'll stack up next to world of tanks.
>> No. 10398 [Edit]
>> No. 10402 [Edit]
It's a shame they didn't go the PS3/Vita route a lot of Japanese devs seems to do these days. Would've loved to import it for my PS3.
>> No. 10403 [Edit]
File 138747836978.png - (588.33KB , 850x467 , 1387388410284.png )
Hyrule Warriors for Wii U (spin-off, not Zelda U)

Also the MGR:Revegeance release date for PC is Jan 9th.
>> No. 10417 [Edit]
File 138909789090.jpg - (34.59KB , 744x177 , calendar.jpg )
Coinciding with CES2014, Deadbreed is announced;
>> No. 10418 [Edit]
File 138910389827.png - (422.20KB , 1852x647 , Machines.png )
>> No. 10436 [Edit]
It just dawned on me that Valve is nothing more than a sack of stupid that has only done nothing but help the devaluation of video games.

The stagnation of these shitty "triple A" titles only worsens the situation, especially when you take in consideration that some of them don't even take gameplay as a focus and try to sugarcoat it with a ton of flashy shit to cover up the terrible gameplay (it could also be counted as terrible gameplay ideas as they are only second to whatever the 'game' is trying to show off) or lack thereof.
>> No. 10444 [Edit]
Wargame Red Dragon, RTS coming in 2014.
>> No. 10458 [Edit]
File 13910007824.jpg - (186.76KB , 1898x1172 , 1390849001-l4d3.jpg )
First images of the Source 2.0 engine.

l4d3? (Source 2 reveal)

jU$st fel acros myd esk, mbight b a thin.g
-crazy buttocks on a train
>> No. 10474 [Edit]
File 139237809194.jpg - (200.57KB , 695x390 , z2014.jpg )
>> No. 10475 [Edit]
File 139244125661.jpg - (618.38KB , 1600x689 , z2014.jpg )
Rebel FIGHT!
>> No. 10476 [Edit]
File 139244158684.jpg - (121.99KB , 768x1041 , z2014.jpg )
Anime Brawler
>> No. 10480 [Edit]
File 139253262169.jpg - (372.08KB , 1920x1080 , z314.jpg )
World of Speed
>> No. 10482 [Edit]
File 139283664644.jpg - (48.47KB , 965x524 , image_315279_full.jpg )
Pre-order Wolfenstein The New Order and get the DOOM beta..

An insert will be included inside your boxed copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order," it reads. "This insert will include a key code along with code redemption instructions. Once the key code is redeemed, you'll be registered to participate in the DOOM beta once it begins. Check back at for updated information
>> No. 10496 [Edit]
File 139410663228.jpg - (36.42KB , 620x332 , abyss_logo.jpg )
Abyss Odyssey by ACE
>> No. 10509 [Edit]
>> No. 10510 [Edit]
Occulus Rift to be a reality soon?
>> No. 10515 [Edit]
State of the Video Games
>> No. 10517 [Edit]
... And now Oculus is officially dead. It really was going to be too good to be true.
>> No. 10518 [Edit]
I hope that Project Morpheus isn't the only reason that you're saying that because in my eyes it's nothing but the next Eye Toy.
>> No. 10519 [Edit]
a Eye Toy wouldn't let you shut out the world around you and engulf yourself into your media. I can't understand why people keep comparing this to motion controllers and other stupid shit like that. It's a means by which to enhance your viewing experience, like getting a HD TV and surround sound system when all you have now is a small CTR.
>> No. 10520 [Edit]
Don't over-hype yourself too much as you might find yourself disappointed with the end result. Just take it with a grain of salt and expect at least a moderately decent product and not an end-all-be-all product.
>> No. 10521 [Edit]
What's the stage beyond death?

Isn't there a third one apart from Oculus and Morpheus? Not that I expect anything good.
>> No. 10522 [Edit]
yeah you're right.
>> No. 10523 [Edit]
For $2,000,000,000 Fuckerberg sure got ripped off hard. I can only laugh at the filthy kike as he watches his investment fail miserably.

My expectations of what comes out of the rift are right on the level of what Microsoft is doing with their garage and kinect.
A couple nifty capabilities demonstrated via tech demo, but no application for it, and absolutely no support for GAEM DEVELOPERS to lean on if they wanted to do anything new and innovative with it (that fine print in the garage for the IP copyrights makes things doubly impossible).

And even on that end, Japan's miku lap dance + tenga attachment is beyond the cutting edge of any other Oc.Rift application; it's a proof of concept feasibility demonstration at best and still is by far the most advanced practical use for the damn thing -- as in there is a market that is lucrative.

The best part: it turns the rift into a hot potato with the temperature of the sun that will incinerate the hands and reputation of the person or business who owns it once Japan gets it's hardware package shipped out and available through retail. Not only will the kikebook logo be on the headpiece, that logo will turn around bite Fuckerburg right in the ass when fox news does a soccer mom rally to ban them; two billion dollars worth of beartrap clamping onto Fuckerburg's ass.
I'm hoping for some rather spectacular MSNBC fireworks as well.
>> No. 10524 [Edit]
he didn't even get $2,000,000,000, most of it was paid in shitbookstock shares.
>> No. 10525 [Edit]
>Japan's miku lap dance + tenga attachment
What? My google-fu seems to be too weak to find out what you are talking about.
>> No. 10526 [Edit]
File 139591768815.gif - (2.47MB , 620x650 , 1394999001734.gif )
There's a youtube video that demonstrates it in more believable manner, but this .gif made from a 1 second interval from that video should suffice to get the point across.

Post edited on 27th Mar 2014, 3:56am
>> No. 10529 [Edit]
>> No. 10534 [Edit]
Caffeine (SciFi Horror)
>> No. 10549 [Edit]
File 13972715826.jpg - (8.22KB , 160x120 , yjen.jpg )
Star Citizen update
>> No. 10555 [Edit]
File 139756167876.jpg - (12.40KB , 160x120 , ypay.jpg )
Grave (survival horror) by Broken Window Studios
>> No. 10567 [Edit]
File 139790239974.jpg - (19.90KB , 160x120 , ywave.jpg )
Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Aquarium time!
>> No. 10568 [Edit]
File 139790508894.jpg - (8.72KB , 150x212 , ywave.jpg )
Wolfenstein: The New Order
>> No. 10586 [Edit]
File 139951595388.jpg - (262.42KB , 800x731 , PAS.jpg )
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Hopefully this time there'll be some post-game content.
>> No. 10588 [Edit]
The new formes or w/e for Kyogre and Groudon look really cool. I wonder if they're megas.
>> No. 10589 [Edit]
That would seem likely. Mega forms for Latias and Latios were also confirmed IIRC, so we'll be probably be seeing those in the remakes as well. Hoping for Battle Frontier, too.
>> No. 10590 [Edit]
File 139977792514.jpg - (34.18KB , 292x136 , yElf.jpg )
Dungeon of the Endless
>> No. 10600 [Edit]
File 140039572665.jpg - (19.93KB , 160x120 , ySF.jpg )
Time to learn DoTA2?
>> No. 10601 [Edit]
File 140058724092.jpg - (27.27KB , 580x300 , y50.jpg )
Games Hardware News
>> No. 10608 [Edit]
File 140127716467.jpg - (186.61KB , 580x300 , borderlands_the_pre-sequel.jpg )
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel explained in detail in new walkthrough trailer
>> No. 10611 [Edit]
File 140135559743.jpg - (105.68KB , 580x300 , aw.jpg )
Armored Warfare’s latest trailer shows tanks
>> No. 10612 [Edit]
File 140150183752.gif - (2.81MB , 425x229 , Spoiler Picture.gif )
Mario x Mercedes ?!?
>> No. 10619 [Edit]
Mighty no.9
Work in progress
2015 release
>> No. 10621 [Edit]
That's kinda funny.
>> No. 10623 [Edit]
File 140195910462.jpg - (16.19KB , 160x120 , zMadocar.jpg )
Gauntlet trying to be like Diablo?
>> No. 10625 [Edit]
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
>> No. 10627 [Edit]
File 140226857593.jpg - (418.50KB , 1024x768 , ys9FbSZob.jpg )
Tech Update
>> No. 10646 [Edit]
File 140273141157.jpg - (50.31KB , 831x435 , yinh.jpg )
Kingdom Under Fire II
>> No. 10656 [Edit]
File 140317733312.jpg - (11.38KB , 160x120 , yNot.jpg )
>> No. 10670 [Edit]
File 140340250449.jpg - (216.22KB , 1200x675 , yNot.jpg )
Cartoony super-violence
>> No. 10671 [Edit]
Kind of neat that they didn't tout player customisation from the get-go. At this point it's a cliche to see developers promise great customisation and then give you 15 sliders that transforms your character from ugly to more ugly. I see it as a reason to be optimistic.
>> No. 10674 [Edit]
GFWL still not dead?
>> No. 10677 [Edit]
File 140369844538.png - (214.38KB , 360x526 , 1317.png )
>> No. 10680 [Edit]
>15 sliders that transforms your character from ugly to more ugly
I laughed.
>> No. 10693 [Edit]
File 140429214610.jpg - (18.89KB , 160x120 , WS_2013-11_Warrior_Class_Drop_08.jpg )
>> No. 10708 [Edit]
$3.8 million wasn't enough. They want $100,000 for voice acting (because Elijah Wood needs to go somewhere).

Also they're making a still CGI show aimed at children for 2016.
>> No. 10716 [Edit]
File 140489708814.jpg - (12.47KB , 160x120 , yNot.jpg )
>> No. 10730 [Edit]
File 140522987940.jpg - (149.57KB , 620x280 , abyss.jpg )
Abyss Odyssey
>> No. 10738 [Edit]
File 140558971848.gif - (43.24KB , 250x200 , zRoseReflect.gif )
Gigantic MOBA

Heroes of the Storm MOBA master skins


>> No. 10739 [Edit]
Square Enix sent a not-cease and desist to the people who made the Type-0 fan translation patch so they took it down (even though it's up everywhere else already).

While the IGN url says it was a C&D they corrected themselves later.
>> No. 10748 [Edit]
>> No. 10749 [Edit]
That's awesome
>> No. 10751 [Edit]
File 140627799258.png - (214.39KB , 394x525 , zbart.png )
>> No. 10754 [Edit]
File 140633240819.jpg - (19.47KB , 160x120 , ydrift.jpg )
>> No. 10755 [Edit]
File 140633312086.jpg - (261.77KB , 1024x768 , yyy.jpg )
Legend of Korra by the studio that brought you Bayonetta & Metal Gear Revengeance...
>> No. 10757 [Edit]
File 140635299861.png - (148.75KB , 622x215 , xTwitch.png )
Googles buys Twitch for 1 billion dollars?
>> No. 10758 [Edit]
Google wont rest until they've owned every inch of the internet.
>> No. 10759 [Edit]
I'd heard about this yesterday. Although, I do remember some article a while back stating that they were looking to take Twitch.

It really sucks, doesn't it? I just got used to Twitch and have grown to like it within the small amount of time that I've actually used it.
>> No. 10761 [Edit]
THE SIM(pson)S 4
>> No. 10763 [Edit]
I wonder how badly they can mess it up like they've done with YouTube. Maybe Twitch chat won't be nearly as horrible.

I want to say you can't make the layout any worse but I'm sure they'll manage, but I never watch anything live so I guess it won't affect me all that much.
>> No. 10768 [Edit]
File 140703474780.jpg - (19.79KB , 160x120 , ySection.jpg )
Path of Exile expansion
>> No. 10772 [Edit]
File 140714043776.jpg - (1.34MB , 1420x3593 , ydestiny_beta_infographic_full.jpg )
Destiny beta: the numbers
>> No. 10777 [Edit]
File 140731715619.jpg - (163.81KB , 580x300 , yCOM.jpg )
Bad guys wear black.
>> No. 10778 [Edit]
>I wonder how badly they can mess it up like they've done with YouTube.

well they just started by muting all archives with music picked up by their Content ID system, which can include game soundtracks. so they've messed up quite a bit (although they probably didn't have a choice)
>> No. 10779 [Edit]
File 140740309995.jpg - (31.58KB , 580x300 , yCrawl.jpg )
>> No. 10785 [Edit]
File 140774913343.jpg - (19.38KB , 160x120 , Beatit.jpg )
Metro 2033 Redux
Metro: Last Light Redux
>> No. 10797 [Edit]
File 140814635643.jpg - (133.74KB , 580x300 , Yvisible.jpg )
Invisible Inc
"Good luck, operator."
>> No. 10811 [Edit]

Amazon Buying Twitch for Nearly $1 Billion

>> No. 10813 [Edit]
File 140913028180.jpg - (54.42KB , 600x300 , yRainbow.jpg )
That's a lot of cash...
Pokemon Fighter
>> No. 10816 [Edit]
File 140922563239.jpg - (5.01KB , 160x120 , yClipboard02.jpg )
Interstellar Marines
>> No. 10820 [Edit]
>> No. 10821 [Edit]
File 14093064886.jpg - (74.78KB , 640x360 , yRain.jpg )
Biohazarding Resident Evil
>> No. 10828 [Edit]
Planetary Annihilation due for release on September 5
That's no moon....
>> No. 10838 [Edit]
File 140956714282.jpg - (24.96KB , 488x274 , y56CDybY.jpg )
GoD Factory: Wingmen
Space fighter combat!
>> No. 10859 [Edit]
File 140982068572.jpg - (20.91KB , 160x120 , y777777.jpg )
Ray's the Dead
Looks like fun

LAYOFFS.. yeah?
>> No. 10871 [Edit]
File 140991226941.jpg - (153.53KB , 580x300 , yScion.jpg )

Destiny 9/9
>> No. 10886 [Edit]
File 141025381655.jpg - (40.25KB , 580x300 , y6.jpg )
Good Old Games celebrates its sixth anniversary with 80% discounts
>> No. 10903 [Edit]
File 141034767495.jpg - (3.80KB , 150x146 , y6.jpg )
>> No. 10928 [Edit]
File 141065962018.jpg - (38.70KB , 580x300 , yDuals.jpg )
Elite: Dangerous (PC)
>> No. 10949 [Edit]
Microsoft buys Minecraft, Majong
>> No. 10952 [Edit]
This has been rumored for a while, but it still somehow gets a ton of attention. I don't really get it as vanilla Minecraft is shite, but it somehow gains so much popularity that it is almost baffling.
>> No. 10963 [Edit]
>> No. 10969 [Edit]

Well I'll be damned, it actually doesn't look irredeemably awful. Proceeding with cautious optimism.
>> No. 10974 [Edit]
File 141138841291.jpg - (109.00KB , 580x300 , y136699.jpg )
Wasteland 2
>> No. 10978 [Edit]
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain introduces DD;

Grand Theft Auto V rumoured to have FPS mode on next-gen and PC
>> No. 10988 [Edit]
Ancient Space RTS
>> No. 10992 [Edit]
File 141161323266.png - (33.57KB , 711x485 , justify my piracy.png )
Ubisoft is shit.
I bought Child of Light in Steam, and now this.
I swear to god I am going to fucking kill someone.
>> No. 10993 [Edit]
Be sure whoever you kill is in the top brass at ubisoft.
>> No. 10994 [Edit]
Was able to make an account on the website. The issue might have been the profanity in the username, as the website rejected the username I chose as a reflection of my twue sewf. Correct error messages would help. Maybe I should kill them for the bad error messages? As good a reason as any. But...effort.

So, crisis averted.
>> No. 10995 [Edit]
If it is any consolation, it is an amazing game.

How Ubisoft made it is beyond me.

I got the ps3 version because of the PC nonsense. Still was annoying getting it going.

Just want to say that is worth the hassle man. It is a beautiful game. Great piano soundtrack too.
>> No. 10998 [Edit]
About space RTS, still waiting on that Homeworld HD remake.
>> No. 10999 [Edit]
Evil Within
>> No. 11001 [Edit]
lol xbox is selling like horse shit in japan. They know whats up.
>> No. 11004 [Edit]
I highly recommend not using Kotaku. They are a shite tier joke site that isn't worth following or reading.

Also, a far better and superior site reported on that a long while ago:

I'm sure that the comments are the same in both sites as well.
>> No. 11005 [Edit]
I guess that I should've clarified that I was kinda joking on the whole thing. Even though I personally don't really care much for Kotaku, I for some reason thought that it might make someone laugh. Which is strange since even I find it unfunny and a kind of jerk way to go about something.

Um, sorry.
>> No. 11006 [Edit]
File 141181985753.jpg - (232.83KB , 1222x1220 , Xbox.jpg )
>> No. 11008 [Edit]
New information on the coming update for Terraria has been released. The developers don't want to give away too much, so they only mentioned relatively small changes and teased some of the larger events that are coming.
>> No. 11009 [Edit]
File 141186770559.png - (1.99MB , 1600x900 , that got dark fast.png )
Just finished it. There were some feels in there. Also, Aurora's animations are cute, notably her flinch animation where her crown gets knocked off and she puts it back on.
I also liked how you meet a brohno, that was pretty rad.
>> No. 11017 [Edit]
File 141234523865.gif - (245.56KB , 500x245 , zEiken.gif )
Lots of games;
>> No. 11028 [Edit]
File 141246212111.jpg - (91.67KB , 580x300 , XBONE.jpg )
Bloodborne by the makers of Dark/Demon Souls
>> No. 11030 [Edit]
Rune Factory 4 will probably get released in Europe afterall. I thought some of you might want to know.
>> No. 11031 [Edit]
Good to hear. It's my favorite 3DS game, more people deserve to play it.
>> No. 11037 [Edit]
Ubisoft: "30fps Is Better Than 60fps...Because We Said So"
>> No. 11039 [Edit]
Hollywood is Making a Tetris Movie apparently.
How in the fuck do you make a movie out of Tetris?!
>> No. 11040 [Edit]
The same way you make a movie about Battleship. Badly.
>> No. 11044 [Edit]
File 14130865529.jpg - (5.73KB , 200x200 , tg.jpg )
This is how I umbra-witch too;
>> No. 11052 [Edit]
File 141328209781.jpg - (21.47KB , 700x320 , [TEW].jpg )
>> No. 11060 [Edit]
yay isometric shooter with destructible environment ^-^
>> No. 11062 [Edit]
I looked at the wikipedia page for that game.

Developer goals stated to be:
>In this way, they also sought to make a game that recalled the industry's history as "a rebellious medium" and surface-level entertainment with no insertion of "any fake philosophy".

Then they use a philosophy they don't believe to rationalize the protagonist's actions...

All right then...
>> No. 11094 [Edit]
File 141380234753.jpg - (70.48KB , 580x300 , 9.jpg )
More Megama..Might no.9!
>> No. 11120 [Edit]
>> No. 11137 [Edit]
Bloodborne for Halloween!
>> No. 11141 [Edit]
shit man, being poor is suffering.
>> No. 11154 [Edit]
Star Wars Battlefront
>> No. 11157 [Edit]
File 141500024285.jpg - (41.35KB , 580x300 , 141121458063s.jpg )
FPS in my Star Citizen game?
>> No. 11159 [Edit]
>> No. 11160 [Edit]
Video of the official FPS mode in GTA 5 released, exclusive to the next gen and pc versions of the game. I like this game a lot but this first person thing looks pretty poor in my opinion.
>> No. 11161 [Edit]
I thought it looked pretty nice, especially the motorcycle sequence around 2 minutes in. Add some of those graphics/immersion mods from GTA4 and it looks pretty exciting.

Now I just gotta upgrade from my toaster.
>> No. 11162 [Edit]
The past is the new future
>> No. 11168 [Edit]
Indie-ana Jones
>> No. 11175 [Edit]
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - Oblivion

Overwatch~ FPS by Blizzard.
>> No. 11176 [Edit]

>> No. 11182 [Edit]
Still kicking
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor
>> No. 11203 [Edit]
Particulars 13
>> No. 11210 [Edit]
File 141695558126.jpg - (8.33KB , 150x150 , zAASSSS.jpg )
Do updates count to news?
If so,
>> No. 11212 [Edit]
Would be pretty dull if everyone posted about patches for games of their personal interest.
>> No. 11213 [Edit]
Hollow Knight
Looks fun; may kickstart it.
>> No. 11231 [Edit]
20 years of Playstation (Dec 3 1994 to today)
>> No. 11232 [Edit]
I want one, bad.
>> No. 11234 [Edit]
Damn that really looks great, but I'm sure you'd have to clean it very constantly to keep it that way
>> No. 11239 [Edit]

Square Enix trolling FF fans.
>> No. 11248 [Edit]
File 141914009079.jpg - (414.30KB , 766x992 , withc.jpg )
Legend of Dungeon Trailer

Hammerwatch Official Site
>> No. 11259 [Edit]
So basically, instead of Giving FVII a remake (let's face it, the graphics haven't exactly aged well, it's begging for a remake), they basically just port it to the PS4 with no alterations

God dammit square

Post edited on 25th Dec 2014, 6:45pm
>> No. 11260 [Edit]
well it's not 'no alterations' it's the remastered version that was released for pc. which I think is mostly just an increase in resolution.

They know everyone wants a remake, and they know it would make lots of money. the problem is they see it like admitting defeat. I've heard they refuse to make a remake of FF7 until they make a FF game that does better than FF7 did.
>> No. 11261 [Edit]
You'd think that would motivate them to make better games...
>> No. 11262 [Edit]
You'd think...
>> No. 11265 [Edit]
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4) announced (last week) and a trailer/PV. Tag-team fighter game. Had seven playable characters in the demo at Jump Fiesta.
>> No. 11270 [Edit]
Hate DDoSers.
>> No. 11272 [Edit]
Elite hackers doing what they do best: being the scum of the earth.
>> No. 11273 [Edit]
I thought lizard squad was gonna do this on Christmas not new years?
>> No. 11274 [Edit]
It started on Dec 24th, if you read the article.
>> No. 11275 [Edit]
huh, my mistake.

So what happened with that other group that claimed to take lizsquad down just before xmas?
>> No. 11279 [Edit]
The Banner Saga 2
>> No. 11285 [Edit]
File 142060041054.jpg - (116.82KB , 580x300 , z20150107.jpg )
Coming 2015? Sweet.

Oh wow, 144Hz gaming monitor.
>> No. 11288 [Edit]
File 142060929655.jpg - (32.85KB , 646x300 , z20150107.jpg )
"Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness"
Kinect is compulsory.
>> No. 11290 [Edit]
The game will probably be cool but I doubt they are able to get fans of Japanese games and VN's to buy the console anyway. There just won't be enough games to justify buying xbone, or even either one of PS4 and xbone. Nerdier casuals seem to have moved on to f2p PC games like assfaggots and only the sports games fans are left with their consoles.

I will be waiting for the eventual PC port even if they claim it's an xbone exclusive.
>> No. 11292 [Edit]
Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires delayed until late February

I guess they're upping their game for the niche Japanese game fans because D4 was a kinect exclusive as well. Let's see how long it lasts.
>> No. 11305 [Edit]
Puzzle & Dragons: Super Marios Bros Edition announced for 3DS

Post edited on 8th Jan 2015, 2:19pm
>> No. 11306 [Edit]
Also it's getting localised.

Messed up on the video.
>> No. 11313 [Edit]
File 142099259514.png - (361.07KB , 849x315 , xseed-games-01-09-15-1.png )
XSEED posted this to tease their up-coming releases. The four silhouettes have been guessed so far: Forbidden Magna (3DS JRPG), Corpse Party Blood Drive (Vita Horror), Onechanbara Z: Kagura With NoNoNo! (PS3 Action) and Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (PC JRPG).

The Corpse Party one might not true since the silhouette is vague and the Ys one, if true, is the PC version of the game. The other two are pretty obvious.
>> No. 11319 [Edit]
Nintedo Direct was today.
New Rhythm Heaven game.
New Girl's Mode game. Style Savvy/Boutique.
New Hatsune Miku game.
New Fire Emblem game.
>> No. 11332 [Edit]
File 142192045541.jpg - (93.40KB , 580x300 , z20150121.jpg )
DirectX 12!
>> No. 11333 [Edit]

They've finally gotten a version of direct X to out perform OpenGL?
>> No. 11337 [Edit]
File 142216850594.jpg - (69.28KB , 625x351 , z20150125.jpg )
Considering that Microsoft owns Win10 (where's Windows 9) and Xbox, I'm always surprised at the lack of Windows port of Xbox games...
>> No. 11338 [Edit]
Gotta give people an incentive to buy an xbone.
>> No. 11341 [Edit]
Homeworld remastered collection getting released on steam 25 february.

I always loved space stuff and homeworld is definitely among the best space RTS
>> No. 11342 [Edit]
File 14224115379.jpg - (143.17KB , 600x338 , Dragons-Dogma-Online-01-27-15-1.jpg )

First Deep Down and now this.
What are you doing, Capcom?
>> No. 11368 [Edit]
Be "good and moral"
>> No. 11370 [Edit]
The translation is kind of botched. He's talking about people using mods to pirate the DLC. Not puritan 'moral' that the idiots in the comments seem to assume.
>> No. 11379 [Edit]
File 142407782619.jpg - (43.27KB , 580x300 , 2015.jpg )
Russian developers Snowforged Entertainment have a new Free-to-Play RTS coming out at some point in the near future, and like most other things built in the Unreal Engine 4 called " Starfall Tactics "
>> No. 11380 [Edit]
File 142407788381.jpg - (48.99KB , 580x300 , 2015.jpg )
Russian developers Snowforged Entertainment have a new Free-to-Play RTS coming out at some point in the near future called " Starfall Tactics "
>> No. 11383 [Edit]

Sounds like a quick cash-in toward the Eve Online stranglehold on RUS MMOs.

While as much as I would like the RUS to go away, it sure is fun to murder them in Eve Online
>> No. 11384 [Edit]
File 142432845984.jpg - (305.21KB , 1920x1080 , z20150220.jpg )
Rise of Tomb Raider
Xbone exclusive
>> No. 11388 [Edit]
File 142437656889.png - (444.58KB , 959x720 , Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 12_25_35 AM.png )
just temporary bro
>> No. 11392 [Edit]
NightCry's PC port got funded on kickstarter

It's Clock Tower on a cruise ship made by the creator of the series, Hifumi Kono. PC/Vita/iOS
>> No. 11397 [Edit]
SEGA is dying?
>> No. 11405 [Edit]
File 142508974450.jpg - (32.83KB , 580x300 , z20150227.jpg )
Far Cry 4 Valley of the Yetis DLC due on March 10
>> No. 11410 [Edit]
File 142518243470.jpg - (70.56KB , 580x300 , z20150301.jpg )
Space Sluggers
>> No. 11417 [Edit]
File 142546428051.png - (536.42KB , 1440x900 , unreal-engine-4.png )
>> No. 11419 [Edit]
File 142570009188.png - (18.31KB , 653x200 , xSource_engine_logo_and_wordmark_svg.png )
>> No. 11433 [Edit]
Seems Nintendo Announced Their Next Gen System Code-Named NX. Also seems they're working on mobile games now?
>> No. 11437 [Edit]
>mobile games
I thought it was more of a system that allowed people to play Nintendo games legally on their mobiles.
>> No. 11440 [Edit]
Nah, they hired a company to make shitty phone games with their IPs to get the shittier casuals to buy their main stuff.

No, they want you to buy their shit. Fuck your phone and buy their shit.
>> No. 11452 [Edit]
File 142744740081.jpg - (155.07KB , 580x300 , z20150326.jpg )
Pillars of Eternity
>> No. 11468 [Edit]
The Witcher 3 will have two expansions adding 30 more hours of gameplay
>> No. 11476 [Edit]
File 142961158591.jpg - (17.04KB , 290x150 , zCharacterSheet.jpg )
Crypt of the NecroDancer
Move it to the beat!
>> No. 11486 [Edit]
File 143056312543.jpg - (705.46KB , 2943x1846 , paladamn.jpg )
Direct X 12!
>> No. 11501 [Edit]
Malware spotted among the first GTA V mods

The angry planes one was especially very popular
>> No. 11503 [Edit]
File 143226819964.jpg - (14.74KB , 290x150 , aVEGA.jpg )
Overwatch’s cowboy McCree
>> No. 11513 [Edit]
File 143315567947.jpg - (321.75KB , 1280x1730 , z20150601.jpg )
>> No. 11515 [Edit]
File 143424621887.jpg - (201.20KB , 580x300 , aDevs.jpg )
>> No. 11521 [Edit]
This week's Famitsu

It has info on the recently announced Atelier Sophie.
>> No. 11529 [Edit]
>> No. 11530 [Edit]
R.I.P Iwata
>> No. 11554 [Edit]

Dark Souls III
>> No. 11558 [Edit]
File 143937924218.jpg - (27.80KB , 200x186 , z20150813.jpg )
Extreme Dimension Tag Blanc + Neptune VS Zombie Army
>> No. 11562 [Edit]

>Since there’s a possibility that the command battle system of the old days might not work today, we’re thinking hard about what kind of direction we can take it.

I don't see how it wouldn't work. Shorten the animations and make general improvements; turn-based isn't archaic, it still works and people still like it. It'll sell regardless but I just think they're being retarded.
>> No. 11567 [Edit]
Playism has localised Pixel's new game, Pink Heaven, and it's free
>> No. 11573 [Edit]
Tatsumi Kimishima is the New President of Nintendo
>> No. 11591 [Edit]
File 144300058071.jpg - (56.80KB , 715x1000 , z20150924.jpg )
SFV PC specs
>> No. 11600 [Edit]
File 144401516599.jpg - (9.48KB , 290x150 , z20151006.jpg )
>> No. 11603 [Edit]
File 144407968949.jpg - (79.16KB , 500x309 , megaten4-final_151006-1.jpg )
SMT IV: FINAL announced for the 3DS. Release date in Japan: 10th of Feb 2016
>> No. 11604 [Edit]
Thanks, man. I haven't visited SMTG or /v/ for a long time.
I'm surprised that it's coming out this fast, hope it doesn't get delayed. Really looking forward to Feb.
>> No. 11615 [Edit]
Trails in the sky SC is coming out on October 29.
>> No. 11617 [Edit]
File 144564600612.jpg - (81.56KB , 640x480 , 1303796809_67561156.jpg )
Playing Tales of Zestria.

So far, the story is dragon quest blandstraight forward.

I want to go for the Grade achievement, but it requires me to fight a boss monster that is powerful enough to 1-shot my guy. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but in order to not have the AI walk right into the boss and die, I need to control player 1 with my gamepad and player 2 with keyboard/mouse, in addition, I need to have both players in fusion mode, and the one with aggro needs to be running in circles around the boss while the other attacks......

also, it would take about 35 mins, because the only way I could do it would be to use basic attack hit and run.

I wish the AI wasn't fucking useless.
>> No. 11633 [Edit]
>> No. 11650 [Edit]
File 144688428891.jpg - (84.40KB , 580x300 , z20151108.jpg )
>> No. 11660 [Edit]
File 144713846127.jpg - (259.73KB , 695x390 , z20160412.jpg )
>> No. 11675 [Edit]
Nintendo Direct
Cloud is in Smash
Twilight Princess HD (looks the same as when it was on GC)
Loads of amiibo and DLC
New Hyrule Warriors Legend character called Linkle. Looks like the elf from Dragon's Crown but with two bows
Some f2p games
>> No. 11717 [Edit]
File 144896957410.jpg - (65.34KB , 640x262 , z20151204.jpg )
PS4 7-cores

AMD hot
>> No. 11727 [Edit]
Ace Combat 7 announced. PS VR exclusive.
Ni no Kuni II announced. PS4 exclusive.
Yakuza 5 (out on Tuesday) and Yakuza 0 are being localised.
Ni-Oh getting localised.
>> No. 11728 [Edit]
>Ace Combat 7
If it's anything like pile of crap Ace Combat assault then they can keep that shit.
>> No. 11730 [Edit]
The announcement trailer was all cinematic so it's impossible to tell. VR exclusive doesn't sound too good to me because it makes me think they're just doing it to sell the gimmick using a known IP.
>> No. 11733 [Edit]
Bunch of games listed to be on Steam

I'm not sure if it means the Japanese version of Stranger in Sword City will be easier to get.
>> No. 11756 [Edit]
>> No. 11788 [Edit]
File 145147156923.jpg - (909.79KB , 1280x720 , a20151231.jpg )
Lara Croft Can Starve To Death In Rise Of The Tomb Raider's Newest Mode
Why would you do that?
>> No. 11792 [Edit]
File 145157413110.jpg - (305.30KB , 800x1032 , 0.jpg )
Do not support this.
>> No. 11793 [Edit]
Final Fantasy IX Coming to PC & Smartphones

I hope the PC port is okay. I haven't played FFIX yet.
>> No. 11794 [Edit]
Oh no.
Do not touch FFIX.
Stay with VII.
Enough of ruining good games.
>> No. 11795 [Edit]
It's just a port (or were there issues with their PC ports?) and they don't ruin the 3D ones the same way they do the 2D ones and those filters.
>> No. 11799 [Edit]
I do not know since i have not played the ports but seems unchanged from what i have seen and heard.
The changes were only cosmetic and discreet. This i can bear.
But i see more than the eye. I am talking about implications.
FFVII is a cult game, always was but it got to the point of naruto and DBZ level of fanclubism. This is not healthy in my eyes. Alienation.
This is exactly how many good franchises got mercilessly run to the ground. I do not like it.
Sure FFIX may be beautiful to look at on the PC and will also pay some more well deserved money to those who have made it.
But we know very well greed does not stop there. This is my concern.
>> No. 11808 [Edit]
File 145225135893.jpg - (555.04KB , 1280x720 , final-fantasy-ix-01-06-16-1.jpg )
The Oculus Rift is Priced at $599

I completely agree with you on the long term effects of basically selling out.

In regards to the FFIX port it seems they used HD models but original quality backgrounds and I've heard some of the other ones were locked to a low FPS. So I'll just emulate it or buy a copy (doesn't seem too expensive).
>> No. 11830 [Edit]
File 145275280425.jpg - (91.97KB , 600x338 , a20160116.jpg )
Assassin's Creed Chronicles~ India
>> No. 11866 [Edit]
File 145345079463.png - (377.38KB , 1000x593 , BrooksAccesory.png )
The Universal Fighting Board is a collaboration between Brook, Jasen's Customs, Arcade Shock and Paradise Arcade Shop. The companies wanted to have a board that can work on not only the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but also the Xbox One and PS4;
>> No. 11938 [Edit]
Nippon Ichi will be releasing htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary (march) and Criminal Girls: Invite Only (april) for PC on steam.
>> No. 11940 [Edit]
File 145639671282.jpg - (125.25KB , 768x512 , c20160227.jpg )
AoT arcade game
>> No. 11966 [Edit]
File 145733326093.jpg - (21.04KB , 200x201 , c20160313.jpg )
Sega Shows More "KanColle" Arcade Game in New Trailers
>> No. 11974 [Edit]
>> No. 11975 [Edit]
>Forza Motorsport 6: Apex was announced on March 1, 2016 for Microsoft Windows. It is a free-to-play racing game that features optional micro-transactions. This version of the game is set to be released in mid 2016.

>free-to-play racing game that features optional micro-transactions

>> No. 11977 [Edit]
Core game is free but some extra dlc cost money.
>> No. 11981 [Edit]

Tron-like graphics.
>> No. 12003 [Edit]
File 14586296312.jpg - (292.38KB , 850x1192 , c20160403.jpg )
>> No. 12017 [Edit]
File 145897806085.jpg - (1.19MB , 1920x1080 , c20160410.jpg )
Containing cast-offs from Blizzard, Valve, and Turbine (among others), Industry Games feels they have a good idea about what core gamers want and are ready to test that theory with their newly announced game, Kings and Heroes.
>> No. 12033 [Edit]
File 145968043382.jpg - (36.95KB , 600x337 , g20160423.jpg )
>> No. 12037 [Edit]
>> No. 12041 [Edit]
File 145984820549.jpg - (41.31KB , 600x378 , g20160427.jpg )
The Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebrations continue, with this months free Pokemon being the original Ruby and Sapphire secret Legendary Jirachi! Jirachi will come at level 100 and is available to download until the 24th of April.
>> No. 12045 [Edit]
File 146024943543.gif - (48.33KB , 248x555 , gchess.gif )
>> No. 12072 [Edit]
File 146176461430.jpg - (285.85KB , 1024x576 , g20160520.jpg )
Uncharted 4 - One Last Trailer Ahead of the May 10 PS4 Exclusive Launch
>> No. 12107 [Edit]
File 146320364043.jpg - (78.17KB , 640x480 , g20160616.jpg )
Monster Hunter Generationsspecial themed New Nintendo 3DS XL systems
>> No. 12109 [Edit]
I dig the design, looks cooler than the Japanese N3DSLL equivalent.
>> No. 12123 [Edit]
File 146344569654.jpg - (335.82KB , 1920x1080 , c4c81b45f2a11bc9bd36c068fce400facd69434f.jpg )
Final Fantasy X HD Remaster out on PC and currently 20% off on Steam
>> No. 12167 [Edit]
File 146877979219.jpg - (23.77KB , 930x542 , NESMini-930x542.jpg )
Nintendo is releasing a miniature NES with 30 built-in games
>> No. 12199 [Edit]
File 147194968474.jpg - (20.76KB , 200x191 , g20160920.jpg )
"Disgaea 2 PC" Makes Its Steam Debut on January 30, 2017
>> No. 12238 [Edit]
File 147537390863.jpg - (42.84KB , 600x630 , 20161002.jpg )
>> No. 12255 [Edit]
"Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls" Screens Explore the Environments
PS Vita game launches in North America and Europe on October 18 and 21
>> No. 12270 [Edit]
File 147730064974.jpg - (47.34KB , 695x390 , 20161029.jpg )
Nintendo Switch, Formely Known as the Nintendo NX
>> No. 12271 [Edit]
I'm surprised it took this long for it to be mentioned here.
>> No. 12273 [Edit]

it's a hand-held console with a plug that lets you connect it to a TV.

It is certainly better than a WII-U, I guess; but, I don't think many of us are in the market for a portable game tablet that has the 3-DS's novelty wire-less auto-detect multiplayer when two of them are within 20 ft.
>> No. 12294 [Edit]
PSX 2016
>> No. 12315 [Edit]
File 148343957665.jpg - (26.04KB , 585x300 , 20170106.jpg )
Past Cure looks good
>> No. 12321 [Edit]
File 148430349685.jpg - (93.12KB , 1366x768 , zelda face.jpg )
God awful piggy face.
English voice acting.
I'm not paying for this.

Will later catch up on CEMU.
>> No. 12322 [Edit]
That shot is awful. She's at least a little cute from what I've seen. Although, I'm going to assume that the English VA is shit because that's the norm. I don't blame you for wanting to emulate it, though. The whole event wasn't that good.
>> No. 12323 [Edit]
Nah, she's definitely bloated, eyebrows included. Like a Moogi done wrong...

I wonder why would they do such a thing. My best shots are:

1) Appeal to the importantly fat western market.
2) Convey a 'healthy' image as in touch with nature of sorts.
3) Part of 'revolutionizing' the Zelda franchise, making her a systematic opposite of how she's looked before (from elf to dwarf).

I just don't know, man. Aside from that the game looks damned good. I can live with the voice acting as long as I can use japanese dubs, but I really wish they rememberd Ganon was the pig one character.
>> No. 12339 [Edit]
"Monster Hunter XX" Goes Magical Girl with "Sailor Moon" Crossover
>> No. 12348 [Edit]
File 148611561087.jpg - (12.86KB , 200x189 , 20170202.jpg )
Tekken 7's console and PC release has been set for June 2 worldwide (June 1 in Japan).
>> No. 12373 [Edit]
File 149252033260.jpg - (80.67KB , 940x605 , 20170420.jpg )
Will T7 on PC have DRM?
>> No. 12534 [Edit]
File 150365970252.jpg - (259.26KB , 1600x1200 , half-life-2.jpg )
Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is dead, so that a DOTA card game could live.

Half-Life died on a Thursday night while most were asleep, with barely a few hundred souls around to attend a funeral ten years in the making.

"My website's down for now. I guess fanfic is popular, even a genderswapped snapshot of a dream I had many years ago."
>> No. 12539 [Edit]
Secret of Mana remake announced.

With gust-style 3d characters, and really shitty english voices.

...hopefully they don't butcher the OST.
>> No. 12558 [Edit]
File 150441009416.jpg - (61.89KB , 620x413 , 20170901.jpg )
Next "Dissidia Final Fantasy" Character Reveal Set for September 5
>> No. 12775 [Edit]
File 15129734213.jpg - (125.13KB , 1000x707 , DQOhF97U8AIfXqD.jpg )
>> No. 12825 [Edit]
File 151462564041.jpg - (26.89KB , 480x480 , 20171231.jpg )
Darksiders III

Forged Battalion
Real Time Strategy gameplay!
>> No. 12855 [Edit]

Kojima, you marvelous bastard.
>> No. 12980 [Edit]
File 151648321894.jpg - (54.56KB , 640x430 , labo.jpg )
After noticing diehard Nintendo fans will buy just about anything with the nintendo name on it, the company has announced they're going to start selling cardboard to go with the Switch. Literal cardboard. It's up to the buyer to shape this cardboard into something useful. pricetag is set at $80 supposedly for this Nintendo brand cardboard.
>> No. 12981 [Edit]
Damn, this is how you make money.
>> No. 13074 [Edit]
File 151772240425.jpg - (199.86KB , 1024x637 , catherine-12-20-17-2.jpg )
And so, since ATLUS keeps being so anal towards PC, I'll start supporting Vita emulation.

Post edited on 3rd Feb 2018, 10:02pm
>> No. 13076 [Edit]
>I'll start supporting Vita emulation.
You mean like donating money to the people developing the emulator?
>> No. 13077 [Edit]
Yes. Nekotekina is starting it as a side project.
>> No. 13238 [Edit]
Just Shapes & Beats was released.

It's a bullet hell game with a rythm/mustic focus (similar concept as Thumper), and with a chiptune and drum & bass music score. Unlike most bullet hell games like Ikaruga and Touhou, the hell comes from every direction.
>> No. 13248 [Edit]
File 152854922853.jpg - (2.53MB , 2250x4000 , 20180618.jpg )
>> No. 13268 [Edit]
File 153061638864.jpg - (50.80KB , 1500x1250 , 20180618.jpg )
Is this a joke? Overwatch's new hero is a hamster?
>> No. 13270 [Edit]
So? I don't see the issue.
>> No. 13284 [Edit]
File 153412757143.png - (308.11KB , 460x600 , 1428353867773.png )
monster hunter: world came out on the PC.

as would be expected, the net code is shit and will take a month for Capcom to get it unfucked.
>> No. 13293 [Edit]
File 153601791053.jpg - (604.28KB , 1193x1593 , 1536016548118.jpg )
>a month for Capcom to get it unfucked

I take that back, Capcom's plan to unscrew the server issues are to wait for the player base to shrink such that their servers can handle it.
>> No. 13314 [Edit]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adventure Mode ‘World of Light’
RPG in my fighting game?
>> No. 13331 [Edit]
File 154313633195.jpg - (45.52KB , 418x540 , 20181125.jpg )
Warframe on Nintendo Switch? Not sure if F2P.
>> No. 13332 [Edit]
it is free to play, and for anyone wondering if it runs well on switch cetus runs poorly but the rest of it was ported so well it caused performance improvements in other versions of the game
>> No. 13346 [Edit]
File 154651399839.jpg - (23.95KB , 200x200 , 20190106.jpg )
Another Switch game I want to try!
In Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, protagonist Travis Touchdown will fight his way through a bunch of different in-universe video games. One of the latest on display in a new trailer is Coffee & Doughnuts, an action-packed side-scroller. Check out a sample ahead of the game's January 18, 2019 launch on Switch below.
>> No. 13362 [Edit]
File 154969837952.jpg - (140.36KB , 691x1008 , 20190217.jpg )
Mortal Kombat 11 is coming soon... I would prefer Injustice3.
>> No. 13365 [Edit]
File 155029835731.jpg - (95.52KB , 719x1112 , stier.jpg )
Catherine: Full Body Opens Its Heart to the West on September 3
Atlus announces a launch date for North America and Europe
>> No. 13379 [Edit]
File 155161100454.jpg - (114.44KB , 1200x753 , 20190304.jpg )

>> No. 13386 [Edit]
File 155272189218.jpg - (68.76KB , 640x360 , Logo.jpg )
Fans Have Spent More Than $3 Billion on Fate/GO Worldwide

Mobile game Fate/Grand Order has pulled in more than $3 billion in microtransactions worldwide.

The game, while free to play, offers in-game currency and occasional increased chances at rolling higher-class Servants for real money. While not every player throws down real cash, the sales aren't insignificant: last month alone, microtransactions totaled $84.3 million worldwide, making Fate/GO the second highest grossing game of the month worldwide.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the game's total earnings come from close to home — $2.6 billion (approximately 86% of the total) was paid up by Japanese users. Chinese players contributed about $360 million, with US players coming in third at about $90 million, or 3% of the total. Despite the small percentage by comparison, Sensor Tower pointed out that this is a fairly significant amount of revenue, considering the Fate series is not as well known in North American markets as in Asian.
>> No. 13387 [Edit]
That's scary.
>> No. 13396 [Edit]
I still don't get why people like that so much, let alone how the hell it's making so much money.
Game mechanics suck, plot sucks, sprites and their animations are lazy, content is lacking, gacha odds are infamously terrible. Outside of grinding in combat there's nothing to do. Last I played it there was no customizable play room/area like many other games have. It also runs like shit and can't be played on rooted phones, older phones, or emulators.
Being a meme shouldn't account for this much success for so long.
>> No. 13425 [Edit]
File 155324892148.jpg - (351.44KB , 2048x1157 , bats.jpg )
I guess Japs love grindy mobile games...
>> No. 13436 [Edit]
How do you keep up with vg news?
I used to get all the information I'd ever need just by reading people's opinions on fast imageboards, but due to getting fed up with ford driver bullshit I've been avoiding all popular sites for a couple of years now. I never read any of that scummy paid "journalism" either.
It's like I'm living under a rock, and I miss games and stuff.
Is there any way to stay up to date and in the loop while avoiding normals?
I know it's weird but seriously, I'm such a fucking loser I feel so alien I can't even passively read their opinions and conversations without becoming a sobbing wreck.
>> No. 13448 [Edit]
File 15546233321.jpg - (28.93KB , 500x375 , 20190331.jpg )
>> No. 13449 [Edit]
Slot machine disguised as shovelware. I will never understand the appeal of gambling.
>> No. 13459 [Edit]
Sekiro is proving to be too hard for gaming "journalists". Haha.
>> No. 13466 [Edit]
File 15564348264.jpg - (20.84KB , 500x281 , 2019D4W5WvPUEAA8WPi.jpg )
AI KIZUNA guest-stars in Azure Lane?
>> No. 13565 [Edit]
File 156188989831.jpg - (60.33KB , 850x486 , 20190630.jpg )
Best VR system today~
Is VR going to changing gaming forever?

Back to FF14...
>> No. 13580 [Edit]
File 156422603237.jpg - (171.67KB , 850x1391 , Kkk.jpg )
Streets or Rage 4
>> No. 13609 [Edit]
File 156596223235.gif - (1.16MB , 500x700 , z1522873.gif )
Fate/Grand Order is now 4 years old! And four years on, the game has proven to be one of the most successful Japanese mobile games out there.

In its four-year run, Fate/Grand Order has become the No. 2 ranked mobile game for global revenue at US$84.3 million. It has also become an international success, being one of Japan’s highest selling apps in terms of revenue. It even defeated Fortnite as the most tweeted game of 2018!
>> No. 13610 [Edit]
Eww. It's like I'm watching cancer olympics.
>> No. 13611 [Edit]
I'm filled with mixed feelings. While not everything FGO has brought has been negative, I do sincerely hope it ends sometime soon. Not that I think it will, since it prints money, but oh well.
>> No. 13649 [Edit]
Anime for FGO just came out. I doubt its popularity is going to wane anytime soon.
>> No. 13655 [Edit]
File 157046175912.jpg - (83.78KB , 724x926 , veronica.jpg )
So, DQ11 got released on Switch. I think it was worth the wait. Has a delightful kind of anaesthetic/escapist quality I don't find in enough games. Battle system is kind of anachronistic or 'boring' as usual, but I like that. Besides, you know what you're in for.
>> No. 13656 [Edit]
I've really been enjoying it. DQ games have such a wonderful feeling of adventure to me, and the anachronistic battle system combined with the detailed, yet highly stylish modern visuals really draws me in.
>> No. 13657 [Edit]
I want to play it but I've been stuck in DQIX for the last months. I don't really like it when the stronger monsters become to easy, the grinding slow but the boss still kicks your ass.
>> No. 13658 [Edit]
Yeah, I'm in kind of that part on 11 postgame now. There is an "easy" way to grind to 99 but it involves getting lots of casino tokens which I find I don't have the patience for. Alternatively waiting for three characters to get pepped up which takes ages.
>> No. 13668 [Edit]
The Surge 2 came out a bit ago.

It's pretty damn good, they made some significant improvements to the combat system, the directional parry system was done very well and the way the city ties back into itself with unlockable shortcuts makes things very much like dark souls but on a size that is large enough for you to get lost in.
>> No. 13683 [Edit]
Diablo4 and Overwatch2 were announced. Activision-Blizzard not getting my money though.
>> No. 13698 [Edit]
The asswipes at Valve are about to shart out some bullshit nu-Half Life, this time it's going to be used to peddle currentyear's most garbage gimmick: VR.
LEL just LEL fuck this gay earth.
>> No. 13699 [Edit]
Valve is shit, but VR is great!
>> No. 13706 [Edit]
File 157596483389.jpg - (120.47KB , 1536x847 , 20191215.jpg )
Tekken 7 presents Leroy, Ganryu and Fahkumram.
>> No. 13714 [Edit]
A new Total War Three Kingdoms DLC was announced today, the last one rated horribly as it really didn't introduce anything but a few reskins. It looks like they have not learnt from this as so far they have said there will be 40 new units but the units they have listed look to be reskins as well.
>> No. 13722 [Edit]
Tate No Yuusha now has what looks like an awful RPG maker game. I didn't think it would be official but it looks like it is.
>> No. 13723 [Edit]
It's embarrassing for kadokawa, but I've had fun playing rpg maker games before.

Post edited on 27th Dec 2019, 4:41pm
>> No. 13763 [Edit]
File 158578330456.jpg - (97.66KB , 500x602 , 20200314.jpg )
Animal Crossing x Doom fan crossover
>> No. 13764 [Edit]
I'm sick of this gag.
>> No. 13765 [Edit]
I'm sick of seeing this crap everywhere (like in that video's comments):

Entity #1: entity #1's thoughts, interpretation
Entity #2: entity #2's thoughts, interpretation

People have to use a template for everything instead of putting some fucking effort into one's posts.
>> No. 13766 [Edit]
It really got driven into the ground, didn't it?
>> No. 13767 [Edit]
Right? Didn't Mount and blade 2 also come out on the same day?
>> No. 13768 [Edit]
A new Half Life game also got released in the same timeframe, but nobody mentions that because it's VR.
>> No. 13769 [Edit]
The rape of X-COM continues.

Firaxis is shitting out a "spinoff" which visually looks like a shitty mod, reusing nuXCOM assets with some absolutely hideous new models thrown in.
It pushes the dumbing down of tactics even further. For context, the design of XCOM2 was skewed towards providing cheap 'awesome' moments. The enemies were spawned in small squads to be conveniently flanked and ambushed by the player, rinse repeat. It was mildly amusing at first but in the end more of a puzzle game than real turn based tactics.
Apparently even that was too complex for the average consumer retard so now every mission will begin with an automatic ambush or "breaching" as they market it. Just place your units in one of the available starting locations and watch as the game practically plays itself in front of your very eyes. Try not to drool on your expensive rainbow LED pro gayming keyboard while awesome things happen on your monitor.
Squad is still 5 units only. And guess what, your units can't die anymore. Seriously. It's game over try again on soldier death now. At most a downed unit will get a temporary injury malus. And there's no recruiting, only a roster of ready made characters.
The cherry on top is the game is being directed by someone possessing the mentality equivalent of a YA fiction writer. The setting is retconned into one where people and aliens live in HAAAAARMONYYYY and must fight together against anti-diversity terrorists. Because it's 2020 and you need amerikan pseudoleftist ideology promoted in video games.
>> No. 13770 [Edit]
That story aspect of it feels so artificial that I feel like it has to be a bait and switch. They have ex-ADVENT propaganda people on your team? And a Viper? It feels so wrong that I have to hope it's a trick somehow.
>> No. 13785 [Edit]
The last update for Terraria, Journey‘s End released.
It is massive, the changelog is 40 pages. Modding will also be supported officially.
All in all a great end.
>> No. 13787 [Edit]
File 158997560732.jpg - (261.23KB , 1023x637 , 20200510.jpg )
Nice update.
>> No. 13837 [Edit]
File 159323077718.jpg - (117.88KB , 675x900 , 20200621.jpg )
Diablo 4 update

Sorc gameplay
>> No. 13856 [Edit]
File 159855049050.jpg - (682.45KB , 800x1130 , __sierra_mikain_flik_viktor_valeria_leona_and_4_mo.jpg )
Don't know if anyone on Tohno is familiar with the suikoden series but a spiritual successor is under development, it's funded through KS unfortunately.
>> No. 13857 [Edit]
>spiritual successor is under development, it's funded through KS
Uh god. No, don't give them money. "Spiritual successors" have a terrible track record.
>> No. 13863 [Edit]
File 159888353964.jpg - (14.93KB , 474x316 , 20200913.jpg )
「ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN」25th Anniversary DLC - Original Aircraft Series
>> No. 13890 [Edit]
File 159973958660.gif - (283.78KB , 200x116 , 20200920.gif )
Xbox Series S
>> No. 13897 [Edit]
File 160042665546.jpg - (243.08KB , 980x980 , __hakurei_reimu_and_sayo_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_b.jpg )
>> No. 13898 [Edit]
That's very nice indeed.
>> No. 13901 [Edit]

Microsoft to buy ZeniMax Media and game publisher Bethesda for $7.5b
>> No. 13902 [Edit]
I was never a huge fan of Bethesda, but this makes me really sad. The monopolization of the videogame industry is in my opinion the biggest contributing factor to its downfall. When one company consumes another, they clean house and kill off all but the most productive series. They then rush out a new entry in popular series X that inevitably turns out to be garbage because of all the new changes the new owners have imposed. They then just assume the series has run it's course after the bad reviews flood in and give up on it and assign what's left of the team to produce shovel wear tier garbage. This process destroys the studio, kills their ip, and reduces the amount of overall content available to consumers, all to make a few bucks. I wish corporations would stop getting away with this.
>> No. 13904 [Edit]
First of all, ZeniMax was already a poor steward, and there's a reason they sold. MS couldn't make it worse. Second, the indie scene is thriving, and it's never been easier to create a game and make money. I wouldn't worry about it.
>> No. 13907 [Edit]
Disgaea 6 is apparently going to have 3d graphics. I don't know why anybody thinks replacing sprites, especially ones hi-res enough to look like 2d drawings, with n64 level models is an upgrade. I cannot understand it.
>> No. 13908 [Edit]
It's cheaper, I'd imagine.
>> No. 13909 [Edit]
The indie scene is a endless garbage dump of low quality low effort gimmicky half broken copy cat incomplete shovel wear.
To you ease of access for aspiring indie devs is a good thing, one that probably means more content to choose from. To me the lower barrier of entry just means more trash and outright scams from people trying to make a quick buck. RPG maker for example has made it incredibly easy for anyone to make a game, but of the hundreds of games made with it, less than a dozen are any good. Less we forget, the lack of quality control was what crashed the industry the first time around. I don't think it will outright crash again, but instead have a slow prolonged decline to the point of stagnation.

The way things are heading, and I don't expect anyone to agree with me on this, but I believe all these big studios consuming each other while monopolizing the industry and releasing less and less content as they do so, This will be in part due to an increasing focus on A: bigger, better looking, grander scale "epic" console selling games that cost a fortune to produce, and B: "life style" games that are designed to be played regularly by consumers day in day out (see fortnight pugb overwatch ect). mid size studios that are willing and able to take risks on new ideas with a decent enough budget to realize those ideas, will be gone, consumed and destroyed by larger companies who have no interest in anything that isn't part of or at least similar to already proven financially successful. In the face of this, The indie scene will likely become vastly more vibrate and populated. So much so it will be something of the wild west of gaming, where anything worthwhile will likely be lost in floods of poorly written VNs, generic unity and rpg games full of stock materials, and countless variations of whatever is trending (as seen now with the countless minecraft clones on the market for example). Occasionally people who rummage around in this trash (such as reviewers and vtubers) will find half way decent games which will then have a short lived explosion of popularity before people return to their "life style" games as they wait for the next big hit game that they can't be bothered to find themselves, as these games will likely not be very long anyway. My vision of the gaming landscape in the years to come is one of a bleak landfill that the masses rummage through, until occasionally someone yells "I found one!" and everyone rushes over to "get it while it's hot". This as dump trucks routinely show up to pour out fresh heaps of indie games onto the mountains of trash to continue the cycle. The industry wont die though, the masses are too desperate for entertainment to distract themselves from their miserable poverty stricken lives in a world where the likes of amazon and walmart have done to jobs what EA and Microsoft have done to games.
>> No. 13910 [Edit]
In the west it's called "indie" in the Japan they're called doujin. I don't get how you can hate one and not the other. From a purely production standpoint, there's no fundamental difference between the two. I couldn't name them, but I'm sure there more than a dozen rpg maker games that at least have an intriguing story. Maybe It's because I don't actually like "vidya" for the most part, but your wild west dystopia actually sounds pretty good to me. Since when have you wanted everything spoon fed to you? Isn't an ocean of obscure titles to look through more in the spirit of early internet exploration? Maybe the closed, restrictive console enviroment has predisposed you to feeling this way.
>> No. 13911 [Edit]
>In the west it's called "indie" in the Japan they're called doujin. I don't get how you can hate one and not the other
I don't hate all indie western games but obviously the fundamental difference in the culture surrounding doujin games vs the hipster clique of western indie titles means there's more to it than just "independent works" in general. They're steeped in the culture surrounding the primary group of producers and fans.
>> No. 13912 [Edit]
>In the west it's called "indie" in the Japan they're called doujin.
That's how I see it too but apparently there is a distinction and there is an "indie" scene in Japan as well.

I think we are past that point now, many of these big companies are slowly coming to the realization that games on an "epic" scale aren't economically viable. I think companies that have previously put all their eggs in one basket (square enix and FF) are now rebooting old franchises and then you have companies like Konami that have basically abandoned console/pc games altogether in favor of mobile gaming.
>> No. 13917 [Edit]
>I don't get how you can hate one and not the other.
I'm not a huge fan of doujin games. I got into them for a while but it became quickly apparent most of them are dime a dozen bullet hells, 2D platformers, and megaman clones. I couldn't comment on doujin VN as they pretty much never get translated, but I wouldn't expect much out of them. Also, I don't "hate" Indie games, I just think the majority aren't any good. I can respect that all devs have to start somewhere, that these games are cheap anyway and expectations should be low, but that doesn't mean I have to play and enjoy them. If you have fun with random indie games, more power to you, I'm glad you like them. I've played some nice ones too, and maybe I really am spoiled but I just don't want to go dumpster diving to find those diamonds in the rough.
>> No. 13918 [Edit]
File 160078897696.png - (20.13KB , 400x300 , 5b16702f25ae54c30dcca0f7034937d8.png )
Another part of it that doujin games don't need to go through an "approval process". I seriously can't stomach that concept. Those talented/skilled people still exist, and I doubt they're all happy to produce derivative mobile shit forever considering that game making isn't considered a profession for "normal people". The faster the game industry dies and becomes noxious to anybody with a creative drive, the sooner the death of the "approval process" will come. Then those creative people are bound to produce good things without the need to restrain their ideas. Resource restriction would also force them to work around their technical limitations once more.

Post edited on 22nd Sep 2020, 9:06am
>> No. 13919 [Edit]
>I couldn't comment on doujin VN as they pretty much never get translated, but I wouldn't expect much out of them.
The ones I have played, translated as part of those festivals, are quite nice, actually.
>> No. 13925 [Edit]
I don't care about whatever happens in the western game industry but I'll be pissed if they try to lay their hands on any japanese game companies.
>> No. 13928 [Edit]
>all to make a few bucks
That's literally the only purpose of a business.
They aren't a non-profit organisation nor a charity.
>> No. 13929 [Edit]
I wish they'd at least stop pretending like developers care about what you and the so-called community wants, and that games are art.
>> No. 13931 [Edit]
Keeping customers happy and maintaining a positive image (whether you care or not) Is generally good for any business. The greedy businesses that forget this and screw over customers typically shoot themselves in the foot by doing so. It's just an unfortunately reality that the rule doesn't apply once a company gets big enough, once they hit a certain point they can be rated the worst company in the world two years in a row and people will still line up to buy their shit.

It's not about being a charity. It's about keeping good customer relationships and maintaining a healthy ecosystem in your industry for a sustainable long term business model with practices that don't sacrifice future harvests for a boost in short term profits. This should be common sense.
>> No. 13943 [Edit]
File 160139360138.jpg - (121.68KB , 700x550 , __kirisame_marisa_marion_fumiko_odette_vanstein_co.jpg )
I'm liking the reboot and remake trends in recent times. Not sure about the use of 3D assets though, at least it's not as bad as the Monster World IV remake. Can't expect everything to be like >>13897 I suppose. Apparently there is also going to be an announcement on the Live A Live anniversary stream.
>> No. 13974 [Edit]
File 160249661521.jpg - (54.08KB , 597x335 , 20201108.jpg )
Mihoyo's Genshin Impact F2P game has made upwards of $100 million US in 12 days.
>> No. 13978 [Edit]
>It's just an unfortunately reality that the rule doesn't apply once a company gets big enough, once they hit a certain point they can be rated the worst company in the world two years in a row and people will still line up to buy their shit.
In the case of EA (to whom I assume you're referring), this rule didn't apply because the majority of consumers didn't truly believe they were screwing a sufficiently large amount of their customers. EA caters to the mainstream with most of their titles, and it seems the target audience has a low threshold for satisfaction.
>> No. 13979 [Edit]
>> No. 13985 [Edit]
why are new games so shit and the faggots that eat them up so insufferable?
>> No. 13986 [Edit]
Because mainstream.
>> No. 13987 [Edit]
because you grew up. Im sure what you liked was seen as trash by the older generation.
>> No. 13995 [Edit]
Stop playing garbage.
>> No. 14009 [Edit]
Age of Empires III DE was recently released; however, some things had to be changed. After all, 2005 was a year of ignorance and Western supremacy; thus the original was obviously problematic. I hope all of you disgusting apostates give Microsoft your fucking money as atonement for your implicit rape of the Americas and its indigenous peoples. (Fuck you MS.)
>> No. 14010 [Edit]
The changes they made are more accurate though. Natives didn't mine. That seems like a down-grade in their "representation" to me.
>> No. 14014 [Edit]
After thinking it over, I agree with you with regards to the indigenous peoples' representations. Still, I think changes like renaming "Discovering Age", "Colonial Age", and "Plantations", etc to be rather lame. (I'll stop here because this isn't /tat/.)
More egregiously, the release version of the game is supposedly quite buggy.
>> No. 14015 [Edit]
The Historic battles are a joke as well, not sure if you know of the Expedition of Christopher de Gama or not but he went to Ethiopia with 400 men to save the empire from the Adal Sultanate and the Ottomans. They fought heroically against massive odds on frequent occasions, de Gama himself losing his life after a battle where his meagre force was up against over 10,000 Ottoman and Adal troops. Anyway, the historic battle makes it look like the Portuguese are pathetic and broken and that the Ethiopians are the heroes with the Ethiopian queen calling the portugese cowards and constantly talking up the Ethiopians and her rhetoric frequently being about Ethiopia bravely and ferociously taking back their land and such.
>> No. 14019 [Edit]
The best players still play on the original. Do that and get good!
>> No. 14021 [Edit]
Please no. A few months ago, I tried playing some online AoE2DE after thinking I did pretty well against the new AI + trying build orders. That was a poor assumption as my teammate had to carry me throughout; we lost regardless of his heroic efforts. I felt so bad for the guy, and understandably, he was pissed at me. In short, I will never be playing any AoE online, even though I'd probably do better at III since it's the one I played the most.
>> No. 14022 [Edit]
Now this is bad.
>> No. 14046 [Edit]
Latest Story of Seasons was announced. Cannot say I enjoy the graphics all that much, and there being no character portraits makes me sad. The gameplay reminds of A New Beginning (3DS) in that one has decent amount of leeway in designing their farm. However, it doesn't look like you'll be doing any customization to the town. Regardless, I'm pretty excited. (How long until SDV fans call SoS a knock-off?)
>> No. 14047 [Edit]
Didn't expect anyone on here to be interested in the SoS series. I read about it earlier and my reaction are pretty much the same as yours. I'm not too fussed about graphics generally and I can tolerate graphics like the FoMT remake but this just looks bad. I'm still hoping that they would remake Magical Melody, considering the success of the Friends of Mineral Town remake.
>> No. 14048 [Edit]
>Didn't expect anyone on here to be interested in the SoS series.
But why? I have always imagined that SoS are games TC-users should enjoy: they're relaxing, cute, and addicting.

>I'm still hoping that they would remake Magical Melody
FoMT is a fan-favorite. Is MM even close to that?
>> No. 14049 [Edit]
No specific reason, I just don't see it being spoken of before. If I'm not mistaken MM and/or A Wonderful Life is the second and third most popular in the series after FoMT. Also I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that Marvelous are actively looking to remake more of their games following FoMT. That aside I've also been waiting for a long time for them to reboot the Kawa no Nushi Tsuri/River King series. Considering the relative popularity of Houkago Teibou Nisshi, I'm sure there's a market for it. They could possibly even make a collab in the vein of the Doraemon SoS.

Post edited on 28th Oct 2020, 12:28pm
>> No. 14050 [Edit]
>If I'm not mistaken MM and/or A Wonderful Life is the second and third most popular in the series after FoMT.
AWL isn't a surprise, but it's nice to learn that MM is well-liked.

>Also I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that Marvelous are actively looking to remake more of their games following FoMT.
I'd kill for a re-imagining of Innocent Life.

>They could possibly even make a collab in the vein of the Doraemon SoS.
While I've played very little of that series, I'd very much enjoy this. Great idea.

By the way, even though I might know the answer, what's your favorite HM/SoS game?
>> No. 14051 [Edit]
I haven't played much of the newer games after MM so it's probably very biased but it'll probably have to be MM. Isn't Rune Factory basically the spiritual successor of Innocent Life?
>> No. 14052 [Edit]
Many consider the earlier games to be the best, so maybe not as biased as you think. Though, while I haven't played it yet, I hear that the Trio of Towns (the latest released SoS) is pretty good.

>Isn't Rune Factory basically the spiritual successor of Innocent Life?
To my knowledge, yes, but I still think a futuristic SoS set in the edgelands of an advanced society is a good idea.
>> No. 14069 [Edit]
>> No. 14070 [Edit]
They must've brought back the same artist from ANB who did the characters' artworks. Hell, there's a Neil (a shit) clone, and one of the girls looks like ANB's Witch Princess.
I'm somewhat warming up to the graphics; however, I still hate how the tilled fields look, the items' sprites (e.g. chopped wood) remind me of kusoge, and I'm worried about lag. I know Animal Parade was on the Wii, but that game did not perform well, and Marvelous still shipped it.
Looks like this game will allow the most farm customization to date; that's nice.
The dog racing festival instills some optimism regarding interactive festivals.
I do hope that the characters, interactions with them, and married life will be good. I don't expect the level of Rune Factory 4 or even 3, but a man can dream.
>> No. 14071 [Edit]
I'm not too fond of the character design personally but it isn't terrible. Agree with you on the graphics and the field/sprites as well as the lag. Yeah, there seems to be a lot of building customization which reminds me of MM and that's great. The aesthetics of it looks somewhat off though and I do hope there are more to the different buildings/structures than just mere decorations.
>> No. 14072 [Edit]
>I'm not too fond of the character design personally but it isn't terrible.
Yeah, it's serviceable. I think the artwork's style is catering to the majority female demographic of SoS.

>I do hope there are more to the different buildings/structures than just mere decorations.
You should probably bury that hope right now.
>> No. 14094 [Edit]
You can always delete it and go post it there
Too bad. The password field is so useful though! Too often ignored.

Post edited on 16th Nov 2020, 5:15pm
>> No. 14095 [Edit]
Alas, I cannot.
>> No. 14101 [Edit]
A small trailer for another bachelorette from the new Story of Seasons: The character animations are giving me some hope. Also, that minidress--my God!
>> No. 14107 [Edit]
The event animations are certainly better than the gameplay trailers so far, feels more like a SoS game. Seems like they are going for a more real and contemporary design for the characters, not sure how I feel about that. Something about it makes me feel that they are really pushing the dating aspect. But I suppose I already feel this way even with the newer SoS and Rune Factory series. The designs themselves are good however.
>> No. 14109 [Edit]
Yes, I prefer the more antiquated world that we've had as I perceive it to be more cozy and unique.
With regards to the dating angle, I encourage any improvement to it as it will hopefully make the applicable characters feel more alive. (And it's one of the reasons why I play the game.) That said, I always worry how the other villagers will fare. After all, this is a farming and life simulation game: all characters must be sufficiently believable to immerse the player. Also, where's my Witch Princess? The loli-version doesn't count.
In the end, the farming is this game's bedrock, and it must be good.
>> No. 14112 [Edit]
Shin Subarashiki Kono Sekai / NEO: The World Ends with You announced for Nintendo Switch and PS4
Japanese trailer:
English trailer:

Unlike >>7127, it's actually a sequel this time.
>> No. 14113 [Edit]
I do hope that the new creative direction would retain the coziness of the past games. I agree with you in general, I think the farming/life simulation should be the primary focus and the dating aspect secondary.
>> No. 14118 [Edit]
>> No. 14120 [Edit]
Welp, the "premium" edition of SOS: Pioneers of Olive Town's retail offering is pretty shit. The European version is better, but it's still not compelling.
>> No. 14125 [Edit]
And so, another trailer for the latest Story of Seasons arrives:
I continue to dislike the tilled fields' appearance.
You may now domesticate wild animals--just like in Rune Factory! I think Animal Parade was the last game where you could tame creatures, but any animal you obtained only became a pet. I don't know how well this will work; it'll certainly be interesting.
As hinted in previous trailers, you'll be able to take picture. I think the last game to feature this was, also, Animal Parade. Can't say I'm too interested in it, though.
Some more scenes of courting and interacting with love interests. More than anything, I hope Marvelous improves upon Trio of Towns' variety of dialogue--for marriage candidates and normal villagers alike. (I began playing the Trio of Towns, and I'm pleased with it as it's a sizable step up from previous SoS/HM titles.)
Finally, actual mining returns! I hope an upcoming trailer focuses on it as it was merely shown at the end in this one. I hated the "mining points" in previous games. So this is welcome news indeed.
What I really need is some information on farming, however. I assume it's going to continue the system laid in place by the two previous Story of Seasons games, but Marvelous is prone to shaking things up in this regard.
>> No. 14150 [Edit]
File 160904825334.jpg - (12.81KB , 474x248 , xDNF.jpg )
Dungeon & Fighter DUEL
Dungeon Fighter Online spin-off game
>> No. 14155 [Edit]

>Squadron 42, the stand-alone single-player campaign for Star Citizen, has missed its 2020 beta release date with no new date in sight.
>> No. 14156 [Edit]
Surprised it's still going.
>> No. 14165 [Edit]
Another trailer for the latest Story of Seasons:
Nothing new, really, but I do have to say that I'm not a fan of XSeed dubbing over the MCs' vocalizations. Was is it really necessary to change the original (a bit minimal) VA work so that one can use whatever inferior "talent" they have on hand? Just asinine.
>> No. 14166 [Edit]
Did they really do that? Seems absolutely redundant. Hoping it would get a PC release though.
>> No. 14167 [Edit]
File 161314439851.png - (859.42KB , 1100x1100 , __nier_and_yonah_nier_and_1_more_drawn_by_kuromu_k.png )
Why does Nier sound and look like a cunt? I don't see any news indicating a change in VA but I don't remember him sounding like this much of a whiny cunt. Also what's with Yoko Taro's recent choice of male MC design, they look like underaged russian homosexuals. The old design was better.
>> No. 14168 [Edit]
>they look like underaged russian homosexuals
I literally lol'd anon, thanks. Imo it's alright, though they do look like that, huh? That's how I always felt with a lot of Final Fantasy characters design but never quite thought it that way. In my head I always thought this style as the "perfect skin BL dolls".
>> No. 14169 [Edit]
I stopped paying attention to the FF series ever since Nomura took over the designs from Amano.

>"perfect skin BL dolls"
That's sort of how I see the bishonen trope at first too but recently with the improvements in 3D graphics, photorealism is becoming a trend which isn't something positive in my view. I think otaku media should still remain in the realm of the impossible but nowadays characters are modeled in a way that makes them resemble real people and/or belonging to specific ethnicity. In my view, asian aesthetics have always been counter to western ideals that seek out realism in the arts.
>> No. 14170 [Edit]
File 161317224911.png - (4.99MB , 1280x1911 , __zero_nier_mikhail_caim_angel_and_3_more_nier_and.png )
I hate to be mean on here but not knowing about NieR Replicant and spouting off like younger Nier is a new design and not the original vision for the character is incredibly ignorant. Nier Gestalt and the older version of Nier within is specifically made to appeal to western audiences which is why he appears in the Xbox 360 exclusive version that forms the basis of both international releases.
>> No. 14171 [Edit]
File 161317278927.jpg - (116.48KB , 1023x710 , vxIwQYc.jpg )
>I stopped