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File 134462727919.jpg - (1.59MB , 1750x1441 , welcome to report world.jpg )
7066 No. 7066 [Edit]
Thread for random video game-related news, so we don't have a bunch of small dead threads
785 posts omitted. Last 50 shown. Expand all images
>> No. 14605 [Edit]
I've never played AWL since it's supposedly more linear than the other entries, but the remake would be a nice opportunity to remedy this. And it seems they're using the same artist as ANB and the previous game. Mixed feelings about it since the original art has more charm.

>hopefully this would mean that Magical Melody might be in their plans for a remake in the future
You never know!

>seems like Success Corp, known for their Cotton and Umihara Kawase series, is also remastering one of their old farming series.
I read that too. Excited to see that an English translation is planned. The biggest issues I have with non-PC releases is that I can't use a texthooker.

>On a slightly related tangent, the sequel to the eroge parody of the River King series is actually very good.
Oh man, I forgot about that. Good to hear that it's satisfactory.

>The latest trailer for the Ultra Kaijuu Monster Farm also has me really excited
So many games, so little time.
>> No. 14633 [Edit]
File 167427938941.jpg - (65.95KB , 1200x690 , bz (1).jpg )
Warpath: Showdown 2 trailer
>> No. 14636 [Edit]
File 167446042557.jpg - (81.74KB , 680x537 , 2022.jpg )
Street Fighter 6 out in 2023-06
There's a beta if you want to try it
>> No. 14647 [Edit]
I'm going to wait for Tekken 8. It's the series that I prefer.

I hope that Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 appears as a guest character!
>> No. 14664 [Edit]
Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising will add new elements into the mix, including fresh mechanics, more playable characters and new modes. It will also utilize rollback netcode for a smoother online experience while supporting crossplay between PS4, PS5 and Steam.
>> No. 14682 [Edit]
I know this has been mentioned before, but the revamped Advance Wars' art murders my soul.
>> No. 14690 [Edit]
File 168371407376.gif - (1.06MB , 480x340 , 2023.gif )
Blasphemous 2 is coming...
>> No. 14694 [Edit]
How bad is it?
>> No. 14697 [Edit]
Rune Factory 6 and another Rune Factory game were announced. The latter is the mainline game's Eastern counterpart, taking place in not-Japan. You can only hope the studio leverages their experience from 5 so as to make a true comeback title.
>> No. 14705 [Edit]
File 168613422717.gif - (193.48KB , 250x141 , 2023.gif )

Remembering mocking the idea that people would use real-world money to unlock some gaudy-looking horse armor ?

It was the year of Akatosh, 433 (aka April 2006), when the now-infamous Horse Armor Pack for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion was released upon the world. Oh how we laughed. $2.50 for a pair of crappy horse armours (and that gold one looked really crappy—like a child had just swallowed a yellow highlighter pen then vomited it up over the horse’s back)? Who did Bethesda take us for?

Of course, the joke would turn out to be on us, as the Horse Armor Pack is now widely regarded as Ground Zero for in-game microtransactions. And while we’ve been living all these years in a kind of daze where we’ve come to accept the idea of paying real-world money for virtual clothing as a norm, it feels like the pricing of Diablo 4’s horse armor really punctuates that, for all the scorn it suffered, Oblivion’s Horse Armor Pack was right all along: people will pay increasingly silly amounts of money for silly things.

In this case, Diablo 4’s various horse armours are split into three or four items that come in a bundle, so the armour itself, and a couple of trophies usually, with the price amounting to Blizzard’s premium currency equivalent of between $8 and $15. Sure, you're technically getting a few items in each bundle, but a) you don't have the option to buy the bits individually and b) they're all just horse armour broken down into different pieces, and clearly designed to go together as a set, so let's not kid ourselves here. If one day Blizzard starts breaking down horse armour into horse helmets, saddles, butt armour, flank armour, and individual hoof boots, then don't let them fool you into thinking you're somehow getting better value here just because they're giving you 10 things.

For perspective, Oblivion’s Horse Armor Pack (consisting of two armours) amounts to $3.76 when adjusted for today’s inflation, so that’s just $1.88 per armour. Bargain! It’s wild to think that at the time this was seen as such bad value that Todd Howard came out to address the horse armour fiasco years later, and actually pinned the blame for its pricing on Microsoft, claiming that he wanted to price it lower than $2.50 but Microsoft insisted otherwise.

It’s ironic that through the lens of 2007 (and for years after that considering the Horse Armor Pack basically turned into a meme mocking the absurdity of microtransactions), the Horse Armor Pack looks like a ridiculous waste of money, but from a 2023 perspective it’s actually very good value for in-game cosmetics (you can still buy the Horse Armor Pack today funnily enough, so what are you waiting for?).

All this is a nice counterpoint to my recent look at game prices in the 90s, when I suggested that the recent price hikes of triple-A games to $70 still doesn’t compare to what games used to cost back in the day. Back then however, we didn’t have microtransactions to contend with, which don’t really affect single-player games, but can realistically bring the price of a game like Diablo 4 up to hundreds of dollars.

Then again, it’s all optional content, as Diablo 4 doesn’t lock any content or features off behind paywalls, so if you want to splash the cash on some horse armour, then who am I to care or judge? As someone who almost never spends money on cosmetics—other than occasionally buying a Hunt: Showdown skin to show my support for a game that cost me $20 and I’ve spent hundreds of hours in)---I should probably be thanking those cosmetic big-spenders who ultimately help finance the game to run over the long run.

Whatever way you look at it, the tables have turned since 2007, as the legacy of Oblivion’s Horse Armor Pack comes full circle and we arrive at a time where people by the thousands will be paying for horse armour in Diablo 4 that costs several times more than that. On the other hand, I’m yet to find a horse armour in Diablo 4 that looks so impressively awful as the sickly-swishy Elven horse armour of Oblivion.
>> No. 14709 [Edit]
There's never a bad time to learn moon.

>By carrying out localization concurrently with development,
>rather than following completion of the Japanese language
>version as had been done in the past, Capcom is able to
>launch games simultaneously around the globe. What is more,
>depending on the country, simply translating games developed
>under Japanese norms can end up hurting users unexpectedly
>due to historical, religious, or cultural differences.
>As such, we focus on employing staff from around the world
>to culturize the games so that they can be enjoyed by all,
>regardless of locale.

>> No. 14710 [Edit]
Are you being ironic? Because if everybody had this policy, there would be no good time to learn moon, since there would be no point.
>> No. 14727 [Edit]
A Wonderful Life's remake was released recently, and while I haven't played it in earnest, I'm pleased to say one can opt for Japanese voices this time around. After Olive Town, I learned that dubs can even ruin mere brief vocalizations. It's impressive, really.
Also I read that the PC version has issues right now, so if you have a Switch, it might be best to use the latter's release if possible.
>> No. 14740 [Edit]
File 168985461612.jpg - (31.56KB , 474x266 , 20230724.jpg )
Upcoming games ~
01 Project E
02 Wolverine
03 Last Expedition
04 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
05 Earth: Revival
06 Mortal Kombat 1
07 Shrapnel
08 Project Windless
09 Star Wars Eclipse
10 Unknown 9: Awakening
11 Transformers: Reactivate
12 Paragon: The Overprime
13 Behemoth
14 Death Stranding 2
15 Aliens: Dark Descent
16 Outcast 2: A New Beginning
17 Midnight Ghost Hunt
18 Hell is Us
>> No. 14783 [Edit]
Warpath Showdown II : Centenary | Official Live-Action Film
Pin-Up in the Navy: World of Warships
This is why I only look at gameplay videos...
>> No. 14806 [Edit]
File 16981365993.jpg - (57.32KB , 850x535 , 20231023.jpg )
When is Marvel's Spider-Man 2 coming to Xbox?
>> No. 14841 [Edit]
File 170252956815.jpg - (133.55KB , 913x1024 , 1702481464232038.jpg )
>> No. 14845 [Edit]
Anyone for Path of Exile 2?
>> No. 14846 [Edit]
File 170277872599.jpg - (74.23KB , 751x1063 , pathfinder.jpg )
I haven't looked into it that much but it seems like it could be cool. The main thing I'm worried about is the endgame following a similar trend to the first game, where there is an absurd amount of mob density, visual clutter, and fast-paced gameplay where you're often not sure if you're about to be ass-blasted into oblivion by some mechanic that you couldn't see coming. That aside, I like that they have the balls to change core mechanics that everyone is familiar with and accustomed to. I really hope that it will be a vastly different experience than the first game.
>> No. 14850 [Edit]
File 170328518479.png - (544.14KB , 1258x1022 , 1703284034486124.png )

Tencent and netease stocks are plummeting.
>> No. 14877 [Edit]
File 170487035972.jpg - (45.60KB , 850x771 , 20240111.jpg )
Tekken 8
>> No. 14884 [Edit]
File 170509117355.jpg - (568.09KB , 883x1652 , capcom-to-implement-enigma-protector-to-their-game.jpg )

Capcom decided to add drm not just to it's new games but many of their old games as well, which aside from killing cheat engine and performance, is also causing them to no longer work on the steam deck.
>> No. 14896 [Edit]
File 170547254582.jpg - (98.79KB , 944x531 , GD3XhXnawAAaVzI.jpg )
pyon pyon
>> No. 14911 [Edit]
File 170573112895.jpg - (50.62KB , 620x483 , 002024.jpg )
Year of the Rabbit is over. It's all about DRAGONS now.
>> No. 14914 [Edit]
File 170580899766.jpg - (156.31KB , 1184x1200 , GEQmMDWW0AAxuml.jpg )
Palworld has now crossed Half a Million Concurrent Players on Steam. It passes the All-Time Peaks of Call of Duty, Valheim, and more to become the #12 Highest Peak for a Game in Steam History
>> No. 14918 [Edit]
File 170587064482.jpg - (93.84KB , 984x477 , GEUvSfybQAEY_iP.jpg )
It hit #1 now.
>> No. 14919 [Edit]
Who here has played it, and what's your verdict thus far?
>> No. 14921 [Edit]
Everything about and surrounding this game pisses me off. On one hand you have this genuine slop for pigs that doesn't even both to hide it making millions and millions of dollars from the dumbest retards on the planet, and on the other you have the people genuinely mad about "stealing designs" as if pokemon deserves to have their honour defended.

The normalfaggotry infecting video games has reached its apex. There's nothing left of the medium I used to care about, even Japanese games are becoming shit. What a horrible fucking world.
>> No. 14922 [Edit]
File 170591208856.jpg - (478.35KB , 1920x1080 , ss_22508261f9d361c8dda95e8adc54292ad085e8e1_1920x1.jpg )
I played a little. It's a bit clunky and janky, but it's an early access(or as we used to call it, open beta) game after all.
I found it very annoying I couldn't assign my mouse buttons in the binding options. Character creation is a bit limited but not terrible.
It's very much a "wake up on an island and gather materials to build a base" type of game, but with not-pokemon included to act as slaves in your sweat shop mass producing weapons of war.
Far as I can tell there's not any plot to it. It just seems to be a case of following a tutorial like guide/checklist of things to do, but I'm still very early into it.
>> No. 14969 [Edit]
I'm glad to see not only I feel this way. It's a bit embarrassing how many people hopped on the train and dumped their money on this just because streamers or whoever popularized it. At least most other FotM trash has at least one redeeming quality... like actual effort having been put into the game.

Regarding people being upset about the "stolen models" or whatever, I think that's less due to defending Pokémon and more due to it demonstrating how uninspired and dogshit the game is. Maybe some just genuinely like defending corporate copyright though, I haven't checked conversation surrounding it much.
>> No. 14970 [Edit]
>just because streamers or whoever popularized it.
I hate steamers. I don't follow any. I bought it because it's Pokemon with guns. Besides, I've seen real people talk about how fun it is.
>> No. 14971 [Edit]
>real people
Guys, should we tell him?
>> No. 14972 [Edit]
It's horribly obnoxious how people will act like you're white knighting pokemon when you point out it's a shameless knockoff, even though most of the stuff the blatantly ripped comes from ARK or Genshin. What shocks me is that this is a Japanese studio, it feels like a cheap Chinese game.
>> No. 14973 [Edit]
For a while I wished there was a wider selection of monster collection games outside of pokemon, so the two wouldn't inextricable. Stuff like digimon(and this current fad) don't appeal to me though. Pokemon is incredibly popular, yet insists on catering to a single age bracket in nearly all its media. It makes sense something like this would blow-up.

Post edited on 28th Jan 2024, 3:32pm
>> No. 14974 [Edit]
Fun things are fun.
>> No. 14975 [Edit]
File 170648593510.jpg - (261.13KB , 850x1170 , efdd43bf0d7fee3fc4a9600059acfe95.jpg )
>It's horribly obnoxious how people will act like you're white knighting pokemon
i agree, though admittedly to a much more general degree; i feel like spite/hatred for corporations has hit an absurd hysteria recently (admittedly, it's not entirely undeserved, but still). it's to the point where i've personally had a number of experiences where people get antagonistic towards me and the way i prefer playing buying them physically and playing them on console and not pirating/emulating. it's very exhausting...
>What shocks me is that this is a Japanese studio
this actually shocked me, too. i would've never guessed it was a group of japanese guys working on this, had i literally not been told. that said, the developers do seem to be genuinely passionate, going off of what's said in interviews.
>For a while I wished there was a wider selection of monster collection games outside of pokemon, so the two wouldn't inextricable. Stuff like digimon(and this current fad) don't appeal to me though. Pokemon is incredibly popular, yet insists on catering to a single age bracket in nearly all its media.
when you say this, what specifically do you mean? i don't mean this to be rude, but rather, what appeal does pokemon have that's not present in other monster-collecting series? there're a lot of other monster-collecting series (digimon was already mentioned, but there's also yo-kai watch, and shin megami tensei if you're looking for something more mature); it feels like someone super into these games could recommend different series until the cows come home, yet people will ignore these and continue playing only pokemon (and the occasional fad game) yet complain about not being satisfied by it.
>> No. 14976 [Edit]
You guys know there's a palworld thread right?
>> No. 14977 [Edit]
File 170650337851.png - (4.20MB , 2500x1600 , fd590f0085ea2509943272d8344c1a48.png )
>i don't mean this to be rude, but rather, what appeal does pokemon have that's not present in other monster-collecting series?
No offense taken. After thinking about it, it comes down to two factor: fantasy and coziness. The game should be set in its own, distinct, full-feeling world that's been in part shaped by the ubiquitous of monsters and their relationship to humans. The second factor is harder to explain, but I guess it's a combination of aesthetics and narrative that makes a fun atmosphere. The creature designs should be on the cute, simplistic side, but still eye-catching and distinct from each other.

I have actually enjoyed Monster Girl Quest Paradox. Besides Pokemon, that's probably the closest to the mark I've played funnily enough.
>> No. 14988 [Edit]
This guy basically remade Smash Ultimate in unreal, just to put monster hunter in it as a playable character
>> No. 15011 [Edit]
The company developing Yuzu, a Switch emulator, was bodied by Nintendo. People are angry, but I'm laughing.
>> No. 15012 [Edit]
There's still Ryujinx. Yuzu got too popular I guess. Same thing happened to z-lib. When normalfags start talking about it, you know it's only a matter of time.

Post edited on 4th Mar 2024, 7:49pm
>> No. 15013 [Edit]
I disliked their practices and this proves me right in saying they shouldn't have charged for access.
>> No. 15014 [Edit]
One thing I dislike is those people, acting like midwits, talking as if the vast majority of Yuzu's users extracted device keys from their Switches and didn't pirate the games they emulated. Not a fan of IP law, but it's better for everybody involved to be honest about what's going on, and operate accordingly. Given from what I've seen from their Patreon and Discord channels, the group deserved this outcome.

Yup. They were really tempting fate with their conduct, and as another anon mentioned, there's another project, so it's whatever. Plus, it's all OSS.
>> No. 15015 [Edit]
I'm not familiar with the switch modding/emulation scene, can you provide context. I am slightly more familiar with Dolphin and they go to great lengths to do things "by the book" (so that even if end-users might end up using it for piracy, the developers themselves are completely in the clear). Did the yuzu devs not maintain that strict level of separation?
>> No. 15016 [Edit]
you could look it up and get a better/more accurate summary than what any anon here could give you the yuzu devs locked a build of the emulator behind their patreon, which was presumably what drove nintendo to pursue legal action.
insult to injury was the statement the devs made on the discord, where they say that they "never intended for piracy" and that they were "disappointed in the userbase" for using the emulator in that way.
>> No. 15022 [Edit]
Well the sources are still available so it'll be back in some form. E.g. (best name since Sosumi?)
>> No. 15052 [Edit]
File 171412868898.jpg - (19.51KB , 213x250 , Groundpounder.jpg )
Nintendo forces Garry's Mod to delete 20 years of content
>> No. 15061 [Edit]
File 171576685898.jpg - (384.33KB , 1920x1080 , ss_30264be5e2926bf2ccff9b8c9d101c2049f05504.jpg )
This will be officially localized. Although more and more doujin eroge are being translated and released on Steam, I'm still surprised. Bad news is this publisher takes its sweet time, and might or might not contract this out to a guy who'll give it an edited MTL.
(Hope you're alive and well, anon.)
>> No. 15062 [Edit]
Addendum: The Japanese seems easy enough, actually. Though at the time, I couldn't say that.
>> No. 15063 [Edit]
File 171592230828.png - (116.44KB , 1080x708 , Screenshot_20240515-095615.png )
This was bound to happen sooner or later.
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