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File 134462727919.jpg - (1.59MB , 1750x1441 , welcome to report world.jpg )
7066 No. 7066 [Edit]
Thread for random video game-related news, so we don't have a bunch of small dead threads
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>> No. 7067 [Edit]
Blizzard Hacked:
>> No. 7069 [Edit]
Maybe they would take the time to fix up Diablo III as an apology.
>> No. 7105 [Edit]
File 134505808940.jpg - (89.50KB , 640x344 , PSN-Down.jpg )
PSN got breached again the villain says he have 50 gigabytes of raw data in possession or just trolling ten million people to change their passwords.

the old thread 404
>> No. 7106 [Edit]
Yeah I posted this earlier, but it turned out to not be real
>> No. 7111 [Edit]
EA possibly going up for sale:
>> No. 7114 [Edit]
Onlive closing:

I didn't even know it still existed
>> No. 7120 [Edit]
For all the time EA spends shitting on its customers, sooner or later they'd file for bankruptcy. And it's not because of EA, more and more gamers are becoming educated about their spending habits and spend less money on games. EA could get away with shit earlier because their customers were idiots who would gobble their shit day one, complete with day-one DLC that involved the main storyline.

I used to remember that during college I used to spend hours on Dragon Age. When the Awakening DLC came out, I was disappointed because I finished it in less than a day and the story was absolute shit. Talk about a huge waste of my time.
>> No. 7121 [Edit]
I think a large part of EA's current problems come from the fact that SWtoR was a massive flop
>> No. 7122 [Edit]
the people who are outraged about things like day 1 DLC are a vocal minority.
>> No. 7123 [Edit]
I think EA's problem is treating the video game industry like a monopoly board.
All they do is buy up as many game developers as they can, and force them to produce by the numbers video games on a regular bases with nothing but profit in mind.
That sort of pig headed greedy approach while completely ignoring customers and only feeding them what they believe they'll buy (not 'want') based off the words of researchers out of touch with the gaming community and stereotypes, that gamers are all dumb and will pay for just about anything as long as they first pay off review sites and magazines for goods reviews to their mediocre games.
It just can't end well down the line.
>> No. 7127 [Edit]
>> No. 7137 [Edit]
Fucking SE. TWEWY doesn't need a sequel, it was fine how it is.

I'm mad now.
>> No. 7149 [Edit]
Nintendo Power ending:

This kind of sucks. I was a subscriber for over a decade and remember being a kid and really looking forward to each issue
>> No. 7163 [Edit]

Ah, what a shame.

>Nintendo is apparently "difficult to work with"

No shit. They always were. It's just that other companies learned not to take their example and everyone in the business got fed up with N.
>> No. 7199 [Edit]
The World Ends With You set for iOS

I guess this really show that Nintendo is soon irrelevant for their market.
But telefon mobile-gaming has always been popular in Japan no big surprise though disappointing if true.
>> No. 7200 [Edit]
>> No. 7201 [Edit]
File 13458496314.jpg - (34.35KB , 519x400 , sonyadverpatentjtjtedut-1345811442.jpg )
what the fuck
>> No. 7202 [Edit]
>say 'mcdonald's' to end commercial.
Holy fucking ass rape on a stick of shit fucking corn molesting monkey dicksgrefgrftegftrt
FUCK! I can't even... just FUCKL@E!Q
>> No. 7203 [Edit]
we're through the looking glass people
>> No. 7204 [Edit]
File 13458520615.jpg - (43.50KB , 500x384 , JaBRz.jpg )
>> No. 7205 [Edit]
Dear god sony...
>> No. 7206 [Edit]
File 134585262091.jpg - (16.71KB , 500x281 , 3523463535.jpg )

Everyday until you like it.
>> No. 7207 [Edit]
Joke's on them, I have autism and thus my emotions are undetectable. Your move Sony
>> No. 7208 [Edit]
>Say McDonalds

So...if you don't say it does the commercial just repeat?
>> No. 7209 [Edit]

It records your face and sends it to all the ones near you, with the label "SPIT IN THIS MAN'S FOOD"
>> No. 7210 [Edit]
Oh god, I just got the idea that the future might look exactly like it does in Idiocracy.

We'll soon have a president named Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho and all of the plants will die because they keep on giving it some weird version of gatorade.
>> No. 7211 [Edit]

Am I the only one who thinks this is pretty funny? Like, I actually laughed when I saw it. Then again that might be because I don't give a shit about Sony (or console gaming period I guess).

Burger-kun banzai!
>> No. 7212 [Edit]
there has been a very rapid increase in games slightly modified to contain RAT viruses, that gain access to everything you do. make sure to be careful with your downloads!
>> No. 7213 [Edit]
Do you have any examples?
>> No. 7215 [Edit]
Huh. I torrented Dark Souls yesterday and it would fail to install ( missing or something). Hopefully I'm safe.
>> No. 7217 [Edit]
I got the FLT version uploaded to thepiratebay by extremezone. It works perfectly, even with the resolution fix patch.
>> No. 7223 [Edit]
Same as I got and it wouldn't work, weird.
>> No. 7252 [Edit]
It's actually happening to a lot of games, but it started with someone taking already existing indie games that aren't too well known to begin with like "The hunt" or some of those horror games that have been coming out, infecting them with the remote administration tool and using their accounts to post the infected file in even more places.
Though, it only seems to be happening with lesser known games, so if you're torrenting popular games such as dark souls, you should be fine
>> No. 7253 [Edit]
I actually know a guy who gets paid to do that to games.
>> No. 7260 [Edit]

>wake up Gordon
>> No. 7263 [Edit]
Oh wow, this is actually coming out? I had just assumed they gave up a long time ago.
>> No. 7265 [Edit]

Same's been years so it started to feel like "vaporware".
>> No. 7266 [Edit]
It's not gonna have the Xen levels. They sucked ass so that's cool, but I have to wonder why they left them out.
>> No. 7267 [Edit]
I am stunned. I too thought this was long dead.

The first Half Life still is my favorite fps even after all these years.
>> No. 7268 [Edit]
This is the oldest trick in the book, they had the same exact page for half life 3, and nothing happened when it hit 0.
>> No. 7281 [Edit]
Steam Greenlight will require a 100$ fee to post games on it now:

It really needed some sort of filter, considering all the ridiculous garbage that flooded it. They probably could have picked a better charity than Child's Play to donate the money to though
>> No. 7282 [Edit]
would you rather they keep it?
>> No. 7283 [Edit]
I would rather them donate to the red cross or something.
>> No. 7294 [Edit]
File 134716006274.jpg - (87.29KB , 600x526 , azwhy.jpg )
Piracy for profit!
>> No. 7296 [Edit]

>"I think that if people who torrent the game are aware that there is a live person behind the game, and makes the game for a living, they are more willing to provide support than to a giant lifeless studio," he said.

Yeah, because games made by big studios are made by robots who don't need no pay or any of that shit.
Then again the ones who are really to blame for this state of things are the studios themselves as they fail to establish such link with any of their customers. 'Sure, we want you to buy our game but we care about enjoyment, too.' Literally two devs come to mind when I write this, I might be forgetting about some, though.
>> No. 7299 [Edit]
Andriasang is closing down.

I really liked this site since it gave a ton of interesting video game related news. I also liked to read the user comments.

>> No. 7303 [Edit]
will Sony announce their new model of the ps3 on TGS?
>> No. 7312 [Edit]
File 134754776387.png - (160.39KB , 405x451 , 1347546713215.png )
WiiU price: 299 basic-349 premium usd/euro
Release date: us 18th november eu 30th november

Bayonetta 2 exclusive
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

that is it.
>> No. 7313 [Edit]
Pretty expensive...
>> No. 7315 [Edit]

Isn't that about normal for a newly released console?
>> No. 7318 [Edit]
for a console with new hardware yes but the controller is the actual greater price.
What I am more concerned about is the low memory of 8 gb on the standard model how will dlc,buggy games be fixed compared to ps3/360 with 250 gb harddrives,the wii did not have support for updates broken games stayed broken(i am not buying a external harddrive for a console)

Post edited on 13th Sep 2012, 1:22pm
>> No. 7319 [Edit]
File 134756732369.gif - (2.92MB , 300x168 , 1347562830015.gif )
Published by Nintendo
>> No. 7320 [Edit]
they'll probably re-release newer versions of the system every few years with more and memory, like how the ps3 started with 60gb and now they're up to 320 GB
>> No. 7321 [Edit]
I wonder if Nintendo is finally going to stop exclusively pandering to (man)children and the elderly.
>> No. 7322 [Edit]
I am still interested in the Wii U.

A bit more than I hoped, but not surprising considering the controller.

I still applaud them for bringing something new to the table. Most of their detractors keep saying they only release the same old shit, only then to be excited about the same old shit with the same old controller over and over again.

Online FPS were hot back even in the late 90's when many a gamer was still a baby.

I would think that would be what the younger crowd would be tired of, instead of other genres. But it isn't for whatever reason.
>> No. 7324 [Edit]
I've got to say that I'm also slightly interested in this thing.
>> No. 7325 [Edit]
Black Mesa Source is out. The torrent is 3GB and will take me 2 hours
>> No. 7326 [Edit]

I was excited for this, too, until I learned it's not even complete yet. 8+ years and they've only finished half of it.
>> No. 7327 [Edit]

I think it's just the Xen levels that are cut. But yeah it's weird they would work so long only to have an unfinished project, might as well go all the way
>> No. 7328 [Edit]
I've played it a bit, just got up to the cascade. It's really well done so far, I'm pleasantly surprised
>> No. 7340 [Edit]
File 134775015361.jpg - (155.25KB , 1600x900 , 2012-09-15_00013.jpg )
played up to Apprehension and I think there's a bug with the physics puzzle that raises a platform from out of the water, which doesn't raise high enough to move on.

I tried stacking up boxes and other stuff on the end to jump off, didn't work, tried placing everything I could in the gap and jumping off them didn't work, tried removing and replacing the buoys to see of that would do anything, did nothing, and of course I tried running and jumping the gap countless times.
>> No. 7341 [Edit]
I remember having a little trouble with that part as well. Keep adding buoys/wooden things until the end is out of the water, then do the jump + crouch thing to catch the other ledge. Some of the buoys are in rather awkward places; check you haven't missed any.
>> No. 7342 [Edit]
Had all the buoys, just needed to work on my crouch jump skills it seems.
>> No. 7344 [Edit]
Bayonetta 2 being a wiiu exclusive is completely fucking retarded, and I don't care what anyone says. the first game wasn't even on the wii. all they're doing is giving a kick in the balls to the people that played the first game.
>> No. 7347 [Edit]
I don't want to sound mean, but I find all the Bayonetta 2 hate absolutely hilarious as a 3rd party that has nothing to do with it.

I mean like, no one even wanted to fund Bayonetta 2, its not like you would have been able to play it on the PS3 or 360 anyway right?
>> No. 7349 [Edit]
There are rumors and stuff flying around that they're due to unveil Half Life 3 soon.
>> No. 7352 [Edit]
File 134796967039.jpg - (35.87KB , 620x349 , wR1Gx.jpg )
>Polish Retailer Teases ‘New PS3′ Design.jpg

I think it will be alot thinner and new harddware support for gaikai.
>> No. 7353 [Edit]
I, too, found it hilarious.
>> No. 7359 [Edit]
When did I say I wanted to play it? It's just retarded. and you seem to have missed the part about the first game not being on wii. it's retarded that you'd have to own two different systems to play the two games. this is just like mass effect 2 and 3 being available on ps3 but not part one. I don't know about you, but I don't like to get down with sequels unless I've experienced the prequel. hilarious right? fuck you.
>> No. 7364 [Edit]
Sony is a premium brand and they release this shit that will break in matter of months,oh wait
this is the 21st century.
>> No. 7366 [Edit]
What do you expect when they make a lighter and smaller version of an already slim version?
Did you think it would be made of solid titanium?
yeah sure, the top sliding panel thing looks like crap, but the slim ps2 also had something similar to that and I don't remember people complaining much about it.

Post edited on 19th Sep 2012, 2:46pm
>> No. 7368 [Edit]

I actually like the sliding thing.
Reminds of old consoles, with the cartridge on top.
>> No. 7369 [Edit]
I don't get where you get that.

Really why not a pop top like the original playstation, dreamcast and late model ps2s. The slide away door seems cheaper than that for some reason.
>> No. 7370 [Edit]
Dead Island: Riptide announced:
>> No. 7371 [Edit]
Wow, another overly dramatic prerendered trainer that shows no game play at all and probably has nothing to do with the game itself.
They have some real balls to try that shit again.
>> No. 7372 [Edit]
Well the gameplay is going to be exactly like the first one. Even the characters are the same.
>> No. 7420 [Edit]
>> No. 7443 [Edit]
File 13496966453.png - (274.99KB , 739x1748 , 1349686538334.png )
thanks americants appreciate your adhd among normals.

>Americans know who Steve-O is but not Stalin

Post edited on 8th Oct 2012, 4:51am
>> No. 7444 [Edit]
you're missing the point.
>> No. 7447 [Edit]
File 134995618323.jpg - (125.77KB , 1024x576 , cEWjI.jpg )
Dark as my soul makes me edgy and modern
>> No. 7461 [Edit]
We bakka evelywhele now
>> No. 7470 [Edit]
Valve teaches counterstrike
>> No. 7488 [Edit]
Left 4 Dead 2 free weekend this weekend.
>The servers are too busy. Please try again in a few hours.
It seems some of Steam's servers are still located in some kid's back yard. Never change, Steam, never change.
>> No. 7489 [Edit]
File 135115278257.jpg - (164.80KB , 560x350 , acc.jpg )
>> No. 7512 [Edit]
I installed it, but after asking in the irc channle a few dozen times, I can safely say no one there wants to play it even if it is free.
>> No. 7513 [Edit]
Id love to play it but my computer is too crappy.
>> No. 7514 [Edit]

Asking people on the IRC channel if they are interested in playing anything that isn't DotA/LoL is a fool's errand.
>> No. 7515 [Edit]
Sorry. I would have said yes if I were in the IRC channel when you asked. Playing with random teammates in that game gets old very fast.
>> No. 7537 [Edit]
File 135198841736.jpg - (77.75KB , 750x422 , aFemalePikachu-2.jpg )
I guess her crossover will have one of two effects on the Ninja Gaiden franchise..
Dead or Alive.
>> No. 7538 [Edit]
I'm getting that game along with my Wii U.

I hope that it's worth the $48 that I'm planning on spending for it. Also, why is the file name labeled as "FemalePikachu"?
>> No. 7539 [Edit]
There's a new trailer.
>> No. 7542 [Edit]
PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale
Princess Cake?
>> No. 7543 [Edit]
They needed more characters that would appeal to the western female audience. what better than a fatass princess?
>> No. 7545 [Edit]
File 135237330084.jpg - (113.05KB , 1092x732 , aD3.jpg )
>> No. 7546 [Edit]

Such legendary and beloved sony characters, like, enemy from bioshock? Sure
>> No. 7555 [Edit]
or that one guy from the new devil may cry game?
>> No. 7558 [Edit]

Here's news for anybody with a 360.
>> No. 7559 [Edit]
>The patent lists a number of options for determining the validity of the possible viewers, including counting their number (as in, making sure only three people were able to see a movie), or actually identifying specific users (to make sure Julie isn't watching a movie that Mark was only licensed to see).

if they ever tried this the amount of blowback would be immense.

what is the rationale behind it supposed to be? I think it would only be useful to stop people from sharing accounts.
>> No. 7560 [Edit]

Just because they patent something doesn't mean they are gonna use it. That said, I wish they would, since it would kill them
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