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File 130181861477.jpg - (53.12KB , 575x323 , ezio.jpg )
2003 No. 2003 [Edit]
ITT, what you're curently playing for the time being, or just finished, new or old games alike.

As is, I'm on assassin's creed brotherhood myself after having finally gotten around to playing killzone 2, which was a tad bit on the disappointing side, but works fine for a mindless shooter I guess.
AC:B on the other hand is pretty good so far I think.
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>> No. 2004 [Edit]
I'm still playing Dragon Age 2 (on the last act now) and the Crysis 2 campaign. They're both pretty good, but I'm having trouble making time for them with all the anime and visual novels I've been watching/reading.
>> No. 2005 [Edit]
Angry Birds

That's seriously it
>> No. 2006 [Edit]
I Runescape for 15 minutes a day. Because I am a piece of shit faggot and thats the only game I actually can access.
>> No. 2007 [Edit]
I'm still downloading ACB from Steam, and once it's finally finished I'm going to start playing it.

Recently, though, I've just been playing Minecraft.
>> No. 2008 [Edit]
Currently playing Lost Planet 2, stuck on the Mission 5 boss.

It's not bad but it gets repetitive fast. The story makes no sense to me yet. This game should be more like Monster Hunter and less like Lost Planet. It has everything to make a great monster hunting experience and you can definitely see the inspiration. It would need even bigger guns, bigger enemies, more mecha. Yeah. I guess it would be a lot nicer if I had someone to co-op with.
>> No. 2010 [Edit]
I've been playing lots of osu to increase my accuracy in TF2. And plenty of minecraft, of course.
>> No. 2012 [Edit]
Metro 2033, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, CS:S, BFBC2 and Minecraft.

Personally, i'm in love with the Metro 2033 atmosphere
>> No. 2013 [Edit]
Mass Effect 2, and soon Portal 2
>> No. 2016 [Edit]
AC Brotherhood was OK. My brotherhood was entirely made up of elite female assassins. They still forced you to have guys whenever anything story related happened though
>> No. 2030 [Edit]
File 130186940557.jpg - (1.14MB , 1280x1024 , debut_screen_001 Black Prophecy.jpg )
Mass Effect 1 and Black Prophecy
>> No. 2032 [Edit]
Doing another playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas. My first playthrough was Yes Man/Guns, this one is NCR/Unarmed. I tried NCR/Energy Weapons but I got bored with it.

I'm close to the end, I'm over level 20 and have finished most of the NCR quests, already hated by the Legion.

Unarmed is fun, very different from ranged weapons and the little bonuses like the palm strike and the uppercuts really add to the fun. The only downside is the difficulty of dealing with enemies you're supposed to get the jump on at range, like Cazadors and Deathclaws. Other than them, it's easier than you might think.
>> No. 2033 [Edit]
Unarmed is a very fun way to play through a lot of games like that. Love punching people and making them explode. NV also adds some nice weapons for it.

I'm doing another run through of NV as well, what with having Dead Money now. The last few times through the hotel have been at the start of the run, so I didn't have access to a lot of the stuff. Gonna level up a while first then go. Also, mute girl is so cute~
>> No. 2034 [Edit]

You guys had better be using the shojo race mod! The only thing better than beating things to death with your bare hands is beating things to death as a cute little girl
>> No. 2035 [Edit]
I tried to install that (including all its pre-requirements), but it just gave error messages and I still felt like playing so I just went without.
>> No. 2036 [Edit]
That sucks. It worked flawlessly for me aside from some missing hair models
>> No. 2037 [Edit]
I wish I could be using something like that. I'm stuck on a console because of my computer.

It would also remove the need to go leveling, since I've always found that to be the worst part. I just want to explore and take everything in, not go out of my way to get EXP so I can do so.
>> No. 2038 [Edit]
That's pretty much exactly how I played. I maxed out all my stats at the very start. Like you I mostly played consoles up until last year, and so far I'm really loving my new home.
>> No. 2039 [Edit]
i'd be failing at crysis 1 if my coworker would bring in the flash drive with it installed on it for me to use.

not counting LoL, the last game i played was one of my emulator games, can't remember which but it was either a GBA or SNES game.
>> No. 2040 [Edit]
can't just download it?
>> No. 2041 [Edit]
Playing BFBC2 and the MAG demo along with GEB on ad hoc party.

I kind of miss KZ3, as scrubby as it was. I have a thing for games that let me live out my predator fantasies and cloak like a boss.I may try Crysis 2 if I can get a deal on it.
>> No. 2042 [Edit]
It's 7GB and the cracks never work properly for me.
I'd rather have a season of anime torrenting then a game that might not finish downloading or might act up in some way.
>> No. 2043 [Edit]
>the cracks never work properly for me
9 out of 10 games come with a "crack" in a separate folder (oftentimes you have to extract the files if the game is a .iso) you just copy the .exe and whatever files in whatever crack folder is included into your game's install directory, overwriting the normal launcher and other files as need me.
To avoid getting a bum download, just download the version of the game with the most seeds/peers, as this is usually a good indication of weather or not the game is riped and patched well, checking seeds either on the tracker site or on your torrent program within the first few minutes will save you from a game "not finish downloading" which is rather unlikely to happen unless you download a very old and or unpopular game.
Also, you can see what files come included in the torrent on most trackers before starting, so you can avoid downloading something slit up into files you don't know how to work with.

It's not rocket science.
>> No. 2044 [Edit]
File 130191106021.jpg - (254.66KB , 1024x768 , crysis 2.jpg )
Crysis 2, which has fully crackable online play.
>> No. 2045 [Edit]
I just finished the witcher which was around a 40 hour experience. Its a great rpg that puts any modern bioware game to shame.

I was thinking about playing crysis 2 next but i only hear bad things about it.

Somebody reccomend me a game. I'm kind of burnt out over rpgs after my morrowind , oblivion , and witcher marathon
>> No. 2046 [Edit]
i've had games with 40-50 seeders and only like 10-15 leechers and my torrent will error out and not let me finish it.
it only happens sometimes, it happened with assassin's creed 2, but it happens to all torrents of that game i try.

get it anyways, if i had money available i would just from videos i've watched of someone playing.
>> No. 2047 [Edit]
>I was thinking about playing crysis 2 next but i only hear bad things about it.
From whom?
>> No. 2050 [Edit]
I heard it got pretty consolized
>> No. 2052 [Edit]
File 13019461548.jpg - (355.70KB , 1010x810 , me.jpg )

1. I have no intention of buying it ever seeing what they did to both online and single player aspects of the game.

2. The game is really nothing like the first one at all. Single player has degenerated into linear map design without huge sandbox type maps. Online is basically cod with nano suits. No more vehicles or big maps.

Basically everything I've heard about the game is that its a cod clone and has even worse graphics than the original.
>> No. 2053 [Edit]

>has even worse graphics than the original.

Probably because it was made for consoles this time around. The PC version's opening screen even said "Press Start" until it was patched out, right? That alone says a lot.
>> No. 2054 [Edit]
>Single player has degenerated into linear map design without huge sandbox type maps

When did crysis ever have a "huge sandbox type map"?
they would corral you from one area to the other, it's not like you can go to the alien spaceship in the mountain or any of the towns on the island whenever you want.
>> No. 2056 [Edit]
The maps in crysis 1 were huge and didn't limit you to only 1 road. You could explore a lot in the maps without even paying attention to the objective. There were also enemies everywhere which was great.
>> No. 2058 [Edit]

This summarizes a lot of my feelings. Crysis and Warhead weren't really sandbox, there were just lots of times when you could explore various parts of the level out of sequence, but that rarely amounted to more than attacking the guard tower before the beach hut and vice versa. Crysis 2 has a handful of areas somewhat like that, giving you the option of doing the cover-based shooter thing from the rooftops, stealthing along the ground, or some dangerous combination of the two on a highly exposed catwalk. The only thing from the first game I miss are the wholly destructible areas. Not making the buildings destructible makes sense, but why not allow grenades to remove parts of the CELL mercenary camps? They're clearly non-permanent structures, so it seems like they'd be perfect for showing how the engine handles that sort of thing, instead you get one or two pieces of cover that chips away under gunfire, rather than the huts you could drive through with a truck in the first game.
>> No. 2066 [Edit]
True, but progressing from one area, "explorable" as it may be, to the next "explorable area" and so on, in accordance with the story progression, is still linear map design.
>> No. 2084 [Edit]
File 130216385766.jpg - (69.47KB , 303x521 , Gladiator_Begins_US_Cover.jpg )
I just played 10 hours straight of Gladiator Begins for the psp. Only heard about this game a few days ago and wasn't expecting much due to the low reviews but man, I found this game great. Normally, I don't like these kinds of button mashing fighting games (ex. Dynasty Warriors) but this one was just... fun. Not really sure why myself either.
>> No. 2160 [Edit]
Just finished Killzone3.
Found the premise/story really silly for most of it, and down right stupid at other times.
It's kind of petty of me, but one thing that bugged me early on into the game, was the gun training you do as a helgas, the targets are their's, but they make you shut targets with thir hands behind their head, and avoid the targets with guns pointed at you.
I would think that they'd be trying to convince them the humans are evil, and you know, give their solders a reason to run into out bullets, but I guess enemy motivation is to much to ask for from a fps, they're evil becuase they're evil, that's all you need to know!
I also didn't care much for the overdose of macho alpha as fuck steroid party theme the game had going, but I guess they're the people that are mainly buying games like this..
During many of the earlier cinematics I couldn't help buy say "wow, that sure looks cool, I wish I could play that, but they wouldn't want me messing up the game by playing it..."
I was unable to comprehend why they would have a platoon of solders guarding a junkyard so vigorously, why we sent dozens of our men to their deaths to save four prisoners or why one one of the characters says "no person should die like that" after watching a guy get killed by some green ray stuff, but then they nuke the whole planet with the same exact stuff, after which the main character asks how many people they just killed, as if he cares, then cut to credits~
I also think their transports are very stupidly designed, what good is a troop transport if the troops all fall off the thing in air and die?
>> No. 2161 [Edit]
>I also think their transports are very stupidly designed, what good is a troop transport if the troops all fall off the thing in air and die?

Haha, so I wasn't the only one who thought that.
>> No. 2452 [Edit]
Resonance of Fate. On Chapter 5 right now, and swapping weapons around to level up some more.

Not a bad game. Looks great, even on my 6 year old regular TV.
>> No. 2458 [Edit]
Well now that i've gotten my GW1 account back, i'll be playing that quite a bit.
>> No. 2473 [Edit]
File 130326243647.jpg - (53.34KB , 291x500 , Loh6_The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_in_the_Sky.jpg )
This is probably one of the best RPG I played in recent years, the combat and graphics are top notch. It kind of reminds me of Ragnarok Online, if anyone played that. The only thing that bothers me is the narrative/dialogues which go on for reallllllllllyyyyy long every time, and this every 5 minutes of exploring/combat. Seriously these guys keep on rambling about stuff no one cares. You have to be really patient sometimes. I wish I had these games when I was a bit younger and had no Internet.
>> No. 2485 [Edit]
File 130328644049.jpg - (195.85KB , 1031x764 , Untitled.jpg )
Ar Tonelico 2. It's a kind of RPG/VN hybrid. The gameplay/battle system is okay so far, but the real draw is the art, music (Akiko Shikata did a fair bit of the soundtrack) and character interaction, which is where the VN elements come in. It's also full of fanservice that it really doesn't need, because the characters and plot of the series stand pretty well on their own merits.
>> No. 2487 [Edit]

That looks interesting, I think I'll pick it up.
>> No. 2488 [Edit]
File 130331234714.png - (105.87KB , 298x353 , DeathSpank-.png )
Finished Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue just now.
Okay Diablo clone with some chuckleworthy dialogue from time to time. Becomes pretty addicting once you start getting the quests rolling and traveling all over the world.
>> No. 2490 [Edit]
Oh fuck I can't wait for the next Assassin's Creed.
But yeah, Persona 3 FES.
Atlus games and xanax are a deadly combination.
>> No. 2568 [Edit]
File 130381008173.jpg - (99.24KB , 1920x1080 , 1303767931476.jpg )
I'm thinking about getting the third one. I haven't played any of the others but they look appealing. The only thing holding me back is the fact that it appears to have received a lot of negative reviews.
>> No. 2570 [Edit]
Both DeathSpanks were addictive and they had good writing, if really mindless at times. I'd really like to see the IP expanded on a bit more. Classes, stat allocation, much more loot, more dungeons with bosses and sub-bosses, post-game content, which both sorely lacked. etc.
>> No. 2571 [Edit]
File 130382039151.jpg - (26.24KB , 400x300 , wizardhat.jpg )
I've been playing Might and Magic Clash of Heroes HD which is a port of a DS game. I decided to try it out after seeing some positive reviews online. the way the campaign progresses kind of irritates me and the storyline is stupid but its a fun puzzle game. havent tried multiplayer yet.
>> No. 2628 [Edit]
File 130414519233.jpg - (1.89MB , 1409x1600 , golden-sun-dark-dawn-wallpaper-dragon.jpg )
Just started Golden Sun: Dark Dawn today. Out of the three hours I've played so far, I think a good 30 to 45 minutes was spent reading text. I played the original Golden Sun when it first came out, but I never finished it, although I don't recall it being so text heavy. Hopefully it's only really a problem in the very beginning, which I'm past now.

It looks great for a DS title, with really colorful and vibrant graphics. The combat's somewhat easy, because the Djinn's (collectible monster things that can be equipped and alter your characters' classes, use their own special abilities, and also be used to perform special summon attacks) really enhance your characters, and your Psyenergy (Golden Sun's equivalent to MP) replenishes pretty quickly as you walk around. Where the game really shines thus far is its use of environmental puzzles that are very similar to the Legend of Zelda series. The abilities you have can be used to manipulate the environment in various ways. It's good so far, and I'm pretty eager to see what new abilities I'll acquire and how they'll be utilized in upcoming puzzles.
>> No. 2629 [Edit]
File 130415052095.jpg - (101.67KB , 256x362 , Sotc_boxart.jpg )
Are you a bad enough dude to climb some rocks to save your waifu? The very idea of this game is just so appealing to me.

I'm at the final boss, and it's just...ridiculously frustrating to me. I haven't been throwing-controller frustrated in ever. I get onto his other hand, he moves it around too much, I lose my stamina, fall, climb back up, and repeat. I'm going to love the feel when I finally beat him.
>> No. 2632 [Edit]
File 130415605932.gif - (116.10KB , 277x400 , Azunyan laugh.gif )
>I'm going to love the feel when I finally beat him.
Sure you are.
>> No. 2636 [Edit]
I ragequit End of Eternity. That fucking cardinal in chapter 11 kept kicking my ass, even after leveling up in the arena, alone, over 10 levels.

Started Rule of Rose.
>> No. 2642 [Edit]
You made it farther than me, anon.
>> No. 2652 [Edit]
How far did you get?
>> No. 2662 [Edit]
File 130445125327.png - (201.74KB , 700x700 , 17667117.png )
Just finished playing Bayonett and Jesus. Fucking. Christ. This is hands down the most fun I've had playing a game since... I don't know, Godhand or something. Ridiculous, over-the-top, hilarious, just how I like my videogames to be.
>> No. 2663 [Edit]

Really? that good?
Everyone seems to have different opinions about that game, I guess I should give it a try.
>> No. 2664 [Edit]
Agreed, Bayonetta is an awesome game. Looks good, plays good, got lots of things to unlock and it gives you a really good challenge on higher difficulties.

The bosses are over-the-top crazy fights and thanks to all the different weapons you can get there are lots of ways get you through the game, since every weapon has a different fight style. Gotta love those ice skates.

Get this game! Totally worth your money if you like beat 'em ups.
>> No. 2665 [Edit]
Yeah you really should. I've heard people complain that it's just boring button mashing or that it's just stupid/immature but ended up being really impressed by the whole thing. The presentation is excellent.

I'm quite surprised I actually liked it so much considering that I wasn't all that taken with similar games like God of War or the DMC series.
>> No. 2666 [Edit]
Just finished that a few days ago also, the game was really awesome, like devil may cry without dungeons and item finding bs that kept me away from the games.
>> No. 2667 [Edit]

You don't like dungeons or item finding?

How do you feel about Zelda or Metroid?
>> No. 2670 [Edit]
Yeah not really, seems boring and tedious to me, and like a lazy way on part of makers to extend the length of time it takes to get past an area of the game.
But I don't mind it when the items are just sort of extras, things you dont need to get, but that do help out in the game in some way to collect, being forced to find a specific hidden key (in whatever shape it might come in) before I can move on, really makes me lose interest.
Same for endless copy/pasted maze like dungeon hallways, I find them boring..

Never cared much for zelda, and never played meteoroid aside from a small demo for it that came with my ds.
>> No. 2671 [Edit]
File 130445632611.jpg - (75.08KB , 529x485 , sm_map_censored.jpg )
You would probably HATE Metroid.
>> No. 2672 [Edit]
File 130445848792.gif - (94.96KB , 2080x1440 , metroid_ii_world.gif )
IMO, only Super Metroid, and especially Metroid II, have overly complex map layouts. The original Prime does to an extent, as well, but the map is very useful, so it's not a huge problem. That's one thing I'd say the Metroidvanias have improved on over Metroid itself. The areas are more self-contained, and it's easier not to get lost or confused as to where to go next.

Fusion streamlined everything, perhaps too much, but Zero Mission nailed it. Nintendo really need to do a new in-house, 2D Metroid for 3DS. I can only imagine how great it would look with 2D sprites/backgrounds in 3D.
>> No. 2682 [Edit]
Chapter 4 or 5, I forget. I quit more out of boredom than difficulty, though.

It's a shame because I really liked the characters and cut scenes. But it just wasn't worth the tedium at that point. Oh well.
>> No. 2704 [Edit]
File 130458482321.jpg - (122.30KB , 641x477 , Foto+Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+II+Gold.jpg )
I'm going through my old games at the moment.
I just finished HoMM II, probably going to play either Grim Fandango or LBA II now.
>> No. 2722 [Edit]
I got BF2, runs quite well on my crappy computer but go damn is it hard to hit anything. I also got Project Reality but it runs kinda slow.
>> No. 2726 [Edit]
I lost all my saves due to motherboard blowout right before I finished the NCR route in New Vegas, and yet I still went back and played through again. This time using Guns (instead of Unarmed) and with Boone and ED-E as my companions.

The main difference is that with the ability to shoot at range, I had a slightly easier time killing the Deathclaws in the Quarry, and I got stung by Cazadors a hell of a lot less when I encountered a swarm of them. Other than that, nothing was particularly harder.

I like shotguns, I wish they did better damage to armored enemies -- even with the Shotgun Surgeon perk, I still get the shield saying I'm not punching through, but with This Machine I don't get that.
>> No. 2732 [Edit]
Really? I never had that problem. I always used the Dinner bell, as my shotgun, after completing the quests for it. Damn good shotgun, made even better with the shotgun related perks.

I've got to say that I'm fond of the automatic rifle from Dead Money, though. As well as the holorifle, once you fix it up, it's essentially a shotgun energy weapon.
>> No. 3690 [Edit]
Playing Ocarina of Time on 3DS. I can't recall exactly the last time I played Ocarina of Time, but I believe it was either the same year Twilight Princess was released or a year before. It's certainly made me realize just how much Twilight Princess' dungeons shit all over Ocarina of Time's and Wind Waker's.
>> No. 3692 [Edit]

Personally, I liked WW's dungeons (and WW period) more than TP. Hard to compare it to OoT as I played it well over a decade ago.
>> No. 3814 [Edit]
Been playing the shit out of Pikmin 2. Just repaid the debt and got a gold ship.

It always makes me happy when the sequel to a game is better than the original. That is something that doesn't happen nearly as often as it should.
>> No. 3822 [Edit]
Just started Parasite Eve. First time through it, pretty fun so far.
>> No. 3858 [Edit]
Ocarina of Time 3D.

I was going to go for a run of not dieing once... yet last night, I managed to end up blowing it since I had forgotten how to beat Bongo Bongo.

I'm now at Ganon's Castle and hope to get it finished tonight. I want to play Master Quest soon as that's one of the thing on OOT3D that gives you a more challenging experience.
>> No. 3902 [Edit]
I just got Freelancer yesterday, because I had a craving for space action style. I remember it being pretty fun from playing it years ago, but the protagonist is kind of a boring jaded tough guy type. It just reinforces my opinion that every game would be better with a cute girl protagonist instead.
>> No. 3922 [Edit]

I've been playing this lately.

Beautiful soundtrack.
>> No. 4059 [Edit]
Playing through Mass Effect 1 since I got it via the Steam sale.

It's like Fallout IN SPACE, with the quality knob turned down on everything.

I guess shooting Geth troopers from the vehicle is fun.
>> No. 4060 [Edit]

It was never intended to "be as RPG as" Fallout, for lack of a better phrase. Mass Effect has always been a bit more FPS focused, they just added a lot of great dialogue elements (which IMO surpass Fallout, where you just click through text staring at a face), as well as minor experience points systems, that affect your performance, weapons and armor.

Though I haven't played ME2 myself, but from what I hear that had even less RPG elements than the first.
>> No. 4061 [Edit]
The combat is probably the worst part of it, though.
>> No. 4062 [Edit]
I really liked mass effect 1 and 2 when I first played them, but I've played through both again recently and I didn't really have fun. I guess it's because the gameplay itself is dull as hell but the story/world is kind of cool.
>> No. 4063 [Edit]

>It was never intended to "be as RPG as" Fallout, for lack of a better phrase.

Fallout (3 of course, because that's what we're talking about I guess) is barely an RPG, though. We talked about it a little on /irc/ a few days ago (or rather I was bragging how modern 'RPGs' suck).

I myself have played through Arkham Asylum a few weeks ago and I was absolutely shocked about how paper thin the gameplay was. If games like this are winning GotY awards now I kind of lost interest in games I guess. Apparently they are for the core crowd, too. I guess I'm just not 'hardcore'. It's the prime example of

>I guess it's because the gameplay itself is dull as hell but the story/world is kind of cool.

The game has nothing going for it except for nice graphics and atmosphere and the goddamned Batman. The only thing that was kinda nice were the stealth bits where you had to eliminate everybody in the room but despite giving you lots of choices after you've done it once it will stay the same throughout the whole game.

Fallout 3 was a little like that, too (it reminded me too much of Oblivion which was a massive disappointment after Morrowind) and Mass Effect (haven't played ME2, lucky~) is a prime offender. Of course it's not just 'RPGs' (I hope some day we can stop using this term to describes games such as these, I still hope to see some real cRPGs before I die), there are lots of genres that's even worse of (beat em ups with MadWorld and something I'll never quite get - NMH). Style over substance everywhere.

I said that for me RPGs died after they turned 3D. That's not far from truth but later I realized that the moment I really stopped caring about them was switching to the WSAD control scheme. Once they dropped the isometric view + point'n'click approach it was pretty much over for me (and I think that even if I were to go and replay Morrowind now I wouldn't enjoy it).

I'm currently re(rerere)playing Arcanum. I actually plan to create a separate thread for cRPGs in a few weeks, to reminiscent and talk about some ideas.
>> No. 4066 [Edit]

RPG's didn't "turn" 3D. There has always been an RPG-FPS hybrid genre, dating back to 1994 when System Shock came out, and it really hasn't stopped since. Deus Ex is another example, from 2000. Ultima even delved into what I guess you could call "2.5D", which was as close as it got in those days. It's only one subgenre of the entire RPG world actually.

The reason I think you feel this hybrid genre has taken over RPG as a whole, is because there are so many of them out now. Whether for good or bad, developers aren't really constrained by technology or size limits as they once were, and powerful easy to use consoles can be bought cheap nowadays.

There are still loads of isometric or similar games that come out, they're just not as commercialized as like Mass Effect or Fallout, because not many isometric games are released on consoles. Plus, I think it's just the way things go. Give it 25 years and I'm sure we'll have games so interactive that they can manipulate human senses, and you could essentially live in them.
>> No. 4071 [Edit]

>RPG's didn't "turn" 3D. There has always been an RPG-FPS hybrid genre,

I don't see many 2D (c)RPGs anymore and when I do they are small games developed by one guy or a small group.

>There are still loads of isometric or similar games that come out, they're just not as commercialized as like Mass Effect or Fallout, because not many isometric games are released on consoles.

There are a few every now and then but those are RPG-action hybrids/hack'n'slash. It's been a while since I've seen a traditional cRPG.
>> No. 4193 [Edit]
Played through LIMBO yesterday. It's really similar to NightSky. Somebody got ripped off I guess. Normally you'd just assume it's NightSky that ripped off LIMBO but I heard about the former as far back as 2007 (if not, 2008 at very least).
>> No. 4198 [Edit]
>I don't see many 2D (c)RPGs anymore

Gamers today are too casual to play games that require small amounts of thought. There isn't anything you can do about it, just wait for indie devs to make the games you like because no game company anywhere else is going to invest in a low-profit venture like cRPG.

And I agree, where are all the isometric games? I want some new Fire Emblem games or something already.
>> No. 4199 [Edit]
>Gamers today are too casual to play games that require small amounts of thought

Not true at all. You could argue that the most popular modern RPGs are dumbed down but I would say that games like Dragon Age have simply removed some of the annoying idiosyncrasies of the genre.

Besides, most popular games of the past didn't really "require thought" either. And for every Mass Effect 2 there is a Class of Heroes, Diagaea 4, Avadon etc.
>> No. 4201 [Edit]
Gamers are not any stupider, but to be fair the games that are going to sell, or in other terms the games that big name publishers and developers are going to push out, are designed to sell to the much bigger market of casual players that has emerged recently.

Sure, Dragon Age did remove some of the more tedious parts of Baldur's Gate, but it also removed any real difficulty the game had and had a story that was a much more stock standard fantasy than any of Bioware's earlier cRPGs were liked. Dragon Age 2 only exacerbated the problem.

I'm sure some day a big publisher will take some kind of ridiculous bet on something like a cRPG, a publisher that you could probably liken to universal in the film industry, but the chances for an actual big budget game of that type with hype is very unlikely.
>> No. 4207 [Edit]

>Gamers are not any stupider

Yeah, they are not stupider. They just suffer from ADD. It's not thinking itself that scares them, it's complexity. If they ever hear the mere notion that it might be wise to look at the manual before playing the game they will stay away from it as far as it's physically possible.

The more complex the game is the less likely it is to sell (we could probably say the same about difficulty but that's a different matter). And even if there is some actual complexity there must be some good looking graphics to back it up and distract the gamers. I have no idea when I last played any (decent) Master of Orion like XXXX game. Most likely it was GalCiv II and it's been a while since it has been released; on top of that, even in GalCiv it's kinda obvious that they spent a lot of money on stuff like graphics instead of investing it development of the actual game. Also, the current trend in 4X is to make everything real time (as opposed to standard turn based). I think this fact speaks for itself.

There are tons of franchises that turned (or are slowly turning) shit because of average gamer's ADD (Civ, Elder Scrolls, Anno, Hitman, Splinter Cell and lots of other I'm too lazy to even try to recall) and it will only get worse. If there will be good graphics to distract them gamers will be fine with just about anything (bonus points if you can shoot somebody). Eventually we will end up at a point where there will be two genres left: shooters and movies with occasional QTE. The joke here is of course the fact that people who play them will call themselves 'hardcore' and complain about 1$ games from App store.

Of course I exaggerate but you get my point.
>> No. 4216 [Edit]
If you have an SDK game (HL2, TF2, Gmod, CSS etc), I highly recommend you try this mod/game:

It's called the Stanley Parable and it has a great narration (and music). It's a game about free will and determinism and the existence of a higher power and there's lots of different endings depending on what you do in the game.

Give it a try, you will like it.
>> No. 4218 [Edit]
I just saw this; looks promissing, at least because it's pretty and the control feels real good.

C79 trial-version + omake (vid):

C78 t-v:

left/right arrow keys - move character sideways
double left/right - dash (wings, while jumping)
(up/down - combo tricks)
z/a - attack, decide
c - jump (double c - double jump)
defense - v

... or just plug in you control pad and figure (easier).
>> No. 4220 [Edit]
That was a fun little thing, and I still feel like there's shit I haven't done. Thanks for bringing this to my attention
>> No. 4248 [Edit]
File 13130131669.jpg - (687.40KB , 1599x900 , manhunt2.jpg )
Just finished up on Manhunt 2 today, could have got the whole thing in yesterday had I started 2 hours earlier...
I never played it till now because of all the bs that surrounded the game, the delays for the release plus the pissed off overreacting parents that got this game gutted before it came out, at which point it had horrible filters over violent segments that could easily give you a migraine.
I even tried my hand at patching a copy of it and running the iso on my ps2, but that came out all screwed up (turned out to be the wrong region)
fews years pass, and I lean there was apparently a uncensored version released for pc some time latter (which is supposedly rated ao), hell yeah.

Anyways, about the game.
I must say strait away, it wasin't anymore gorry then the first I think, I dont really get what the big deal was, maybe becuase the exacusions are somewhat interactive? I think it was probably that/being on the wii, wii being a kids system, parents don't want a game on it in which kids play as a escaped mental patient as he brutally kills anyone in his way, that and performing the killing actions with the wiimote (such as stabbing at the victim, twisting around a crowbar implanted in their skull ect)
In the pc version that's all done with the mouse (wasn't able to use a pad on this)
I think it adds a nice level of interaction, and it's not by any means hard to do.
Still, I think they were all really overreacting about this game.

I really think the game would have been better if they didn't have guns/projectile weapons, or at least made them hard to come by.
It's a lot more interesting as a stealth action game, in which you lurk in the shadows, picking off enemies one by one as they get separated from the flock.
Sure, it might be the time of game in which one wrong move can get you killed, two guys beating down on you and you're screwed, but guns make it so stupidly easy, all it takes is walking from point A to point B and shooting anything that moves in the head, but at least it never failed to amuse me whenever I did get a head shot, seeing their heads blown off into chunks.
still, when they came out with the assault rifles, it was like I didn't even need to try anymore.
Something that kind of bugged me was how the graphics settings didn't effect the cinematic segments.
I had the game on max settings, yet when cutscenes come up, they play at the lowest settings, but I guess rockstar isn't well known for good pc ports...
Must say, I kind of preferred the character designs from the original, but this one tryed a little more in terms of plot.

The end felt a little sloppy/rushed to me, the way they made that alter ego into the villain as if he wasn't helping the main character out this whole time.
it was almost out of nowhere that he just came out with his "haha, I killed your wife, and now I'm gonna take over your body!" and almost as soon as that came out, the game was over.

I found the stage with all the shipping crates and security guards kind of amusing, it really reminded me of my old days as a security guard, working in a area like that at night, I could almost imagine it was my old coworkers who I was repeatedly stabbing in the chest with a broken glass shard, burning alive in a pool of gas, and stabbing in the face repeatedly with a pen.

also, if I didn't know better I'd swear that second chapter was based off the film Hostel.

Post edited on 11th Aug 2011, 5:16pm
>> No. 4250 [Edit]
File 131301898718.png - (3.41MB , 1680x1050 , gtaiv-20110720-103140.png )
I think you might find this interesting, Tohno:

They redid the San Andreas map with the GTAIV engine and the first beta is out. It requires GTAIV though and you can only fuck around.
>> No. 4251 [Edit]
File 13130223494.jpg - (3.82MB , 1544x3060 , gtasaremake.jpg )
Yeah I head about it, sounds kind of cool.
It would have been nice if SA had the physics IV does, but you can still make SA at least close to current gen with enough mods.
Gtasa hd comes has most of the game's textures redone, project oblivion overhauls almost all the plant life in the game, emb series gives the game some realistic lighting/shadows and much better water, effects overdose for effects that look tons better, namely fire/explosions, there's also countless car mods out there allowing you to replace every car in the game with it's real life counterpart, or at the least a much better looking car, I even came across some physics mods for the game, making for a ragdoll effect when you jump out a moving car or hit/blow away peds.
as for peds, moders have converted many of gtaIV's peds for inserting/replacing in SA.

with those combined, it's as good as a remake of the game.

for those interested:
nature mod:
shadow/light mod:
Effects mod:
HD textures mod:
Car mod pack:

Post edited on 10th Aug 2011, 5:53pm
>> No. 4253 [Edit]
Now I understand why Rockstar is beginning to ignore the PC market: Because modders are making them look like chumps. Seriously a professionally done remake of SA would sell a billion copies
>> No. 4255 [Edit]
File 131304490164.jpg - (1.83MB , 1280x1024 , gta_sa 2011-08-10 23-35-13-33.jpg )
Yeah seriously.
>> No. 4257 [Edit]
File 131307216524.png - (140.17KB , 250x265 , Catherine_Cover_Art.png )
Currently playing Catherine(deluxe editions boxers are unfortunately too small for my arse to fit right) I am five hours in and it has been a quite thrilling adventure so far but I seem to be "selfish" in my own actions.
Playing on easy at the moment but when I will take on normal difficulty I will be a complete asshole and spend all my time with Catherine.
The only minor thing I do not like are the controls when playing the puzzles the character is mirrored so have I to push the left direction when moving(seconds of life and death)to the right but not to annoying to quit playing.
>> No. 4544 [Edit]
Slight hijack (as creating another thread to ask a silly question would be a waste). I'm a guy who doesn't really care about video games but I play something every few months and recently I've been thinking about playing some Fallout 3. What mods should I download? If possible I want to keep it rather vanilla for the time being, just a little streamlined. So I'm interested in stuff like Project Beauty, texture packs (like NMC's), reanimations (like Alender's) and other stuff that fixes bugs and the likes (like Master Fix). I'll save stuff like Wanderer's Edition for later (if I'll feel like replaying it).

So, Master Fix, Project Beauty, NMC's texture pack, Alender's reanimations pack. Am I missing something essential?
>> No. 4567 [Edit]
File 131538140268.jpg - (1.20MB , 1400x881 , Balladofgaytony_art_gtahq.jpg )
Finished playing the baled of gay tony today, and played the lost and damned right before that.
The lost and damned was pretty much what I expected, short, pointless and the same repetitive crap from IV.
I think the lost and damned must have had all of 12 missions, if that, and almost all of them were the same repetitive cover based shooter missions that IV was made almost entirely of.
I was just so sick of that glueing yourself to cover crap, I just slowly walked into gun fire and I quickly as easily took down the enemies, as I ignored the ai teammates yelling at me to get to cover, I basically told them to shove that cover up their ass, and that I'll use it when the enemies don't all just stand there like idiots and let you shoot them.
I think only one out of ten ai enemies will take cover and shoot at you, the rest just act like target practice dolls most of the time.
and this is what most of the game is!!
I really think they should have had less enemies, but smarter and harder.
It kind of kills the impact and fun when you're fighting a army of idiots.
I mean, these games are supposed to be more on the realistic side, yet you have platoons of brain dead morons practically asking you to shoot them.
There was one mission in which you hunt down vans and blow them up, and another which is a rail shooter, the rest are just going from point A to point B and doing the old cover shooter thing when you get there, but sometimes you might get in a shoot out on your way to point C... heh...
The story seemed pretty stupid to me and poorly done, leader of the biker gang gets out of prison, and acts like a dick, the gets sent back, and the guys in the gang blame you for no good reason, and they make this big deal about you being in change now, but I'm sitting there thinking, what changed? what were they doing before their leader was released from prison? why are they ignoring this point? it's just going back to how things were a few days before.
So you kill the guys calling you a rat, then kill your old leader because he was talking to cops on the inside, and the club kind of disbands, end of story.
oh and there was some full frontal male nudity at one point, I guess rockstar really need a shot of controversy for this game, sometimes that seems to be the only way they can sell anything anymore.
Anyway, lost and damn had some new mini games added, but I didn't give a crap, arm wrestling and some card game, seems pointless.
It's what I expected, a very small addon to IV, just more of the same crap.

Now, the ballade of gay tony, that I can safely say I enjoyed.
Maybe I'm biased here because I like the night club thing they got going on, and the character's mom reminds me of my own, but I think it really was pretty decent.
the weapons were better, the music was better(in my opinion) and most importantly, the story and missions were better.
Those diamonds were a considerable part of IV, but they didn't fill us in on all the details, which is what the ballad of gay tony does.
I'd say this does a very good job of intertwining the story of the game with that of IV, yet still having it's own and keeping it it's own.
I didn't give much of a damn about the characters in lost and damned, but here the characters are flushed out pretty well, you can get to know them a little and maybe even care about the problems they face in this game, and how they deal with it.
The missions had a lot more diversity to them then IV and LaD did, by far, this game actually makes me wish IV could have been more like this, sure, some of them don't make much sense, like jumping onto the back of a train, and making your way to the front car as you fight off attack helicopters, so that it can be air lifted away, but whatever, fun is fun right?
although there are still those same old cover based shooter type missions, they make up only half the missions or so, for the others, you get to do things like literally scaring the shit out of a blogger by tossing him out a helicopter, then skydiving to catch him mid fall, or shooting down a tank being air transported and running from the cops in the thing.
Just the fact this instalment finally introduced the tank should make it clear that this was what IV should have been, even if it is a mini swat tank type thing.
this one also easily has the best weapon selection of the 3 installments, The remote detonated sticky bomb alone was awesome, but that actually kind of pissed me off a bit.
I mean, rockstar purposely held out on GTAIV, specific with weapons, just so they could use them in DLC like this, There's no reason they couldn't have had these weapons in IV, in fact, they did actually, with other things from the DLC, to think they had the balls to leave content you have to pay for to get at, in the game you already paid for... man..
At least it wasn't so bad in the vehicles department, sure the vehicle selection in IV sucked, but it sucked just as much in t.l.&d. and t.b.o.g.t.
t.l.&d. added some new choppers, but who really cares about that? they mostly look the same anyway oh and some van type of thing.
t.b.o.g.t. added in the tank and some gold car, but that's about it for that.
Money sure is useless in both DLC games, in t.l.&d., they give you max ammo before the last mission, and there's like nothing else to buy other then ammo in the game.
as for t.b.o.g.t., all the guns they give you are better then the stuff they sell in the game, which is all just the junk from IV.
I finished the game with only ever buying armor, and food here and there for health.
oh, something else worth noting here, in each DLC game, you only get one save spot for some reason, and also, the map is completely open from the start of both, yet both take place in the same time frame as IV, which had closed bridges, just thought it was a bit off.

Currently playing Amnesia, tad bit on the dull side... I tried getting into it and playing in the dark, that sort of thing, but meh, maybe main stream games have screwed ruined me a little, making me expect something to blow up ever five minutes.
Heck, I was even carrying around objects at first to use as weapons for a little bit there, but then this isn't that kind of game...
I think what I know about the game has kind of screwed with the experience.
I haven't seen very much game play of it, or know anything about the story, but everyone would always talk about how it doesn't have enemies popping up all the time, and it's more about what isn't there.
So I was able to go around without caring much, because I knew enemies were rare to pop up, although this might change as I get feather in, so far all I've seen is a quick glimpse of one walking down a hall, I chased after it but it was gone.
Yeah sure, it's got a lot of spooky noises, with the constant scratching sounds and the footsteps coming from nowhere, most of them I found more annoying then creepy or spooky, I started to tune out those foot steps and not care.
Well, although I haven't peed myself yet, I guess I should hold off on to much of the criticism until I've gotten father into the game.
>> No. 4575 [Edit]
Yeah BoGT was awesome and the club stuff was cool because it really gave off a cool atmosphere. Getting the "tone" of things right is where GTA4 really excelled imo
>> No. 4584 [Edit]
^sounds interesting. I never bothered with the DLC since I havent even finished the main story yet. I think I'm supposed to be doing missions for some Irish guys but all I ever do is harass pedestrians and kill hookers. GTA IV has the best NPC dialogue.
>> No. 4585 [Edit]
As I touched on a bit, the DLC games take place during the main story, a few of the missions are actuality shared with other characters.
For example, Nico does a drug deal gone bad along side the main character from the lost and damned, then latter again with a diamond exchange, which is broken up by the main character from the ballad of gay tony.
also, TBoGT starts off during one of those Irish guy's missions.

Post edited on 8th Sep 2011, 3:34am
>> No. 4586 [Edit]
Tohno, this is a bit off topic but have you seen the mod in this youtube video? Seems like it would be right up your alley.
>> No. 4587 [Edit]
Haven't seen it, but that's pretty cool.
>> No. 5045 [Edit]
I'm playing Arkham City. Apparently I can't play as catwoman because I don't have the "first owner" code, and I also tried to pick up a riddler trophy I found but it electrocuted me and said I don't have the DLC to take it. Is this common in console games now? I haven't played one in over a year.

Another funny thing: There's a part where you need to find out who sniped this guy, and the sniper's name is literally written on his shell casing. WORLD'S GREATEST DETECTIVE!
>> No. 5047 [Edit]
>because I don't have the "first owner" code
Did you pirate it? The code comes with all new copies of the game.

>I also tried to pick up a riddler trophy I found but it electrocuted me and said I don't have the DLC to take it.
Was the trophy purple/pinkish? Because those are the Catwoman trophies and you need to have input the first owner code to pick those up.

And yeah, the first owner code/multiplayer code thing is a growing trend with games that started a year or two ago. Will probably be standard come next gen.
>> No. 5048 [Edit]
>Did you pirate it?

>> No. 5052 [Edit]
Well that's the first I ever heard of it. Which game started this bullshit?
>> No. 5053 [Edit]
Just 1cc'd Lords of Thunder yesterday. Trying Batsugun Special right now.
>> No. 5054 [Edit]
It's something the industry has been doing for a few years now to fight against piracy and used game sales.
>> No. 5058 [Edit]
I beat it. Didn't like it as much as the first game, but still good. The game trolled me one last time when after it was over there was a "push x to play as catwoman" thing, so I figured maybe the first owner code only unlocks her early or something. Nope.
>> No. 5487 [Edit]
File 132256147913.jpg - (204.13KB , 600x338 , zero_4.jpg )
Ezio wants to play in SCV
>> No. 5664 [Edit]
Dark Souls. Just got the Lordvessel, and now I'm not sure which lord I want to go after first, because they'll be a pain in the ass, all of them.
>> No. 5671 [Edit]
Went after the Four Kings first, and now going after the fire one. Really don't want to try for Seath OR Nito, purely because of the trips to each of them. I'll take the bounding demons over the tomb or crystal cave.
>> No. 5782 [Edit]
File 132527866649.jpg - (33.27KB , 500x386 , Metal%20Gear%20graphic%20novel.jpg )
metal gear solid graphic novel

Zoom in and out on Wolf ass with most satisfactory
>> No. 5792 [Edit]
File 132546008536.jpg - (88.19KB , 256x295 , Uncharted_2_updated_PS3_logo.jpg )
Finished uncharted 2 great matine adventure but that is it and half of the gameplay time I was picking for bullets.
>> No. 5793 [Edit]
Devil Survivor and Cladun.

I love being able to create custom characters in the latter. Making one of myself and one of my waifu then going on adventures is fantastic.
>> No. 5806 [Edit]
I just beat The 3rd Birthday. It was great (for a Squee-nix game), had an awesome soundtrack. Also got the first two Parasite Eve games. I prefer the first to the second...There's something about the tank controls and the fact you have to push a button simply to go down stairs that irks me.
>> No. 5812 [Edit]
File 132567959639.jpg - (71.37KB , 500x375 , 500x_vivi.jpg )
Bought FF9 from the PSN and started playing today. I had never played it before but I am really having fun, it has aged better than most JRPGs from that 1st-gen 3D era.

Just beat the first disc a few minutes ago. This little guy is pretty cool.
>> No. 5851 [Edit]
File 132633601013.jpg - (0.98MB , 1920x1200 , Aion0013.jpg )
Got in the mood to play an MMO, so I started playing Aion again. Playing on the official servers, because private servers always seem too unstable and broken for my tastes.

I decided to start a new character, since I haven't played in so long. When I logged on my Sorcerer, the number of spells on my hotbars was overwhelming. So, I decided to make a spiritmaster, and I'm enjoying it so far.

I don't know if this will be able to tide me over until ArcheAge, though.
>> No. 5853 [Edit]
File 132633942951.jpg - (355.31KB , 1600x1200 , combine.jpg )
I've been playing the half life series (having only played HL2 on the xbox). I beat the first one and it's expansions and it was pretty fun, but I don't remember 2 being so boring. I just got to Eli's lab and I'm already sick of it
>> No. 5861 [Edit]

From the thumbnail that looked like Flandre.
>> No. 5862 [Edit]
Before I clicked it I thought it was a pic of a toho mod
>> No. 5863 [Edit]
I thought the same.
How disappointing...
>> No. 5864 [Edit]
File 132645195369.jpg - (411.99KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-01-06_00002.jpg )
Anyone else playing Tribes: Ascend here?
>> No. 5866 [Edit]
I would if I had a beta-key, I really want to play it.
>> No. 5867 [Edit]
If I ever grab an extra beta key I'll toss it your way.
>> No. 5868 [Edit]
File 132646804068.jpg - (35.76KB , 256x295 , Killzone_3.jpg )
purchased Dumbzoone thriie for a very cheap buck, If anyone want to ad me at PSN be my guest.

PSN: Lanz8o Silly name created in the early days of psn

Post edited on 15th Jan 2012, 10:59am
>> No. 5877 [Edit]
Replaying Dark Souls for the nth time

If anyone else is playing, post your gamertag and I'll keep an eye out for your summon sign
>> No. 5882 [Edit]
Actually, I just noticed that I do in fact have 2 keys that I can give out. Do you have something that I can use to send a key to you privately?
>> No. 5883 [Edit]
I just started Devil Survivor. It's a bit tedious so far(Only on day 2), but I like fusing demons and making better ones.

I really just want access to the higher level ones. Feels bad, man.
>> No. 5890 [Edit]
File 132667879951.gif - (1.48MB , 400x225 , 1326449297596.gif )
I'll just post them for anyone who's interested.

>> No. 5891 [Edit]
File 132668065452.jpg - (99.73KB , 535x600 , 81f44808eaefde616e5a90d3c9edb829.jpg )
Oh wow, thankyou so much! I left my username in the email section if there is some sort of friends list, I'd love to play together.

I used the top key, I assume the bottom key is still unused.
>> No. 5892 [Edit]
Devil Survivor isn't a game that should be played for hours on end. So many long missions, one after another, is really exhausting. I still haven't bothered to finish it yet.
>> No. 5893 [Edit]
I agree with this, I play it very infrequently.

I also kind of gave up after I got Keisuke killed ;_;
>> No. 5898 [Edit]

Other SRPGs are like that but much more rage inducing

Cannot count how many times I've been playing a Fire Emblem game and I accidentally move someone within range of one of those bullshit long range magic users after I've been playing the stupid map for over two hours.
>> No. 5911 [Edit]

Famous Fire Emblem last words
>> No. 5912 [Edit]
The same kind of things happened to me with Front Mission 4. I fail to notice a recon unit with a sonar backpack (all enemies on the map can fire missiles at any ally unit in the sonar range) and the next thing I know two of my units are blown to smithereens.
>> No. 5914 [Edit]
Grim Fandango. I never got into adventure games and it seemed like a good place to start.
>> No. 6028 [Edit]
File 132835683617.jpg - (390.16KB , 1257x828 , zz.jpg )
Deadly Premonition
Quirky & Weird.
If Twin Peaks was a game, it would be this...
>> No. 6271 [Edit]
File 133120724665.jpg - (662.42KB , 1680x1050 , zstarwars.jpg )
The Refined Geek enjoys
Star Wars: The OLd Republic mmorpg
>> No. 6276 [Edit]
File 133132261063.jpg - (36.08KB , 635x448 , This-guy-are-sick_jpeg.jpg )
Playing FF7 again after like 10 years and I have to say that I don't know what the hate is all about. I started hating the game since the internet and I was not even sure myself why. Conformist pretty much.

But hands down it's a great game. I love the music, I love the graphics as well, the plot, dialogue, everything.
>> No. 6277 [Edit]

I've been replaying X lately and God, it's awful. I don't even think I'll finish it. It's shit. Not bad, just plain shit (and I like turn based system much more than ATB).

I imagine I would feel the same about any 3D FF. I kinda feel like replaying IX now to see if I'd hate even that.
>> No. 6279 [Edit]
That game probably wouldn't take as much hate as it does if it wasn't for the shitty fanbase it has.
>> No. 6292 [Edit]
File 133139840138.jpg - (39.08KB , 400x260 , logo.jpg )
This game man, this game. It's something that could make an average philosopher's head explode.

Basically, it does everything almost perfectly. Sure, there are some minor details I wish they made differently but those shouldn't matter.

What you get is a great TRPG which is oh so very true to it's T part. All too often the TRPGs don't feel tactical at all, the grid doesn't add much to the overall experience and plain feels out of place. VP:CotP is a game of positioning. Unlike 99% of TRPGs where a turn spent without attacking could prove to be fatal later on (and is more often than not the worst thing that could possibly happen) a turn spent on nothing but getting to some place on the gird is what you'll be doing most of the time in VP:CotP - it's simply the best action you could take. Hell, arguably the most important skill in game is one that enables you to move additional 3 spaces at a hefty cost of 30 Action Points.

The rest of the system works in a way that makes you thinks 'well yeah I guess that works'. It's nothing to write home about but it's solid. The combo system made me raise and eyebrow at first and I can't say I liked it but it sort of grew on me (and it's a nice attempt to do something 38254 same-y TRPGs haven't done yet). I wish terrain was more important (which would raise this game to levels of tactician's wet dream) but that's probably my biggest gripe.

There's no grinding. And by that I mean there's absolutely no way you could grind. The free battles are very, very rare and are more often than not even harder than the normal, storyline related ones. That's a great way to control the game's difficulty and VP:CotP is very close to getting it right (it's a tad too easy for my tastes).

The story is okay, although not spectacular. It gets bonus points for not being another 'so how about you save the world' tale and a heatlhy dose of moral ambiguity. I'm a sucker for this type of story, too - vengeance is one of my favorite themes (or rather, the favorite). On top of that it's arguably the best game in terms on story braniching since Chrono Trigger (at least among those I played, I guess I might've missed something).

I bet there are lots of people (I mean some more casual gamers but then again that's usually the majority of people who play any given game) who thought Chrono Trigger was linear. There are 15 goddamn endings in that game. That's like, uh, a lot. Or rather, A LOT. It's a pretty long game too, I bet it'd take some 30h to finish it even if you'd blaze through some parts. Good luck getting all those endings. But I digress.
Basically it was pretty hard to tell where the story branched in CT. Sometimes it was obvious, yes, but more often than not it wasn't. It's not a game very all game long you get to pick one of two choices and in the end the result is the same either way (or in the best case scenario you get to make a single meaningful choice before the last boss battle - either you get a good 'save the world' end or a bad 'join the bad guys' end).

VP:CotP is very CT-esque in this aspect. There are 3 storylines (and by that I mean storylines, not endings) and I have no idea which one I'm currently on and how one should go about accessing the other ones. It branched somewhere but I have no idea when it even happened.

The thing that actually made me write this post is the localization (because I think it's mostly the translators' effort that needs to be praised, although the original writer obviously deserves some credit). See, obviously I haven't played all the games that ever got translated. I'm sure I haven't even played 5% of them. But I don't need to. This has got to be the best localization ever, hands down (PW games deserve a lot of credit in this regard but they don't come even close to this). Probably the best dialogue in a video game yet, too (I haven't thought about that before writing the post but again, the PW games had pretty good dialogue didn't they? I still think this is much better).

Just for the record I'm one of those guys who criticizes stories in games whenever he gets the chance. Video games just don't work as a story telling medium and I oh so wish we could finally stop fucking trying. Not only that, the quality of the stories is almost always absolutely terrible. The only thing that's ever worse than the stories is the dialogue. Lovecraft could write better dialogue than what you can read in 95% of video games out there. More often than not it's so bad I feel the pressing need to gauge my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon just so I wouldn't have to read anything this bad ever again.

So now that I've written it let me repeat: the story it okay (which is a huge compliment coming from me) and the dialogue is very good. Seriously, if you were to walk into a library and pick some random book of a shelf chances are the dialogue would be worse than what you get in VP:CotP. I shit you not (although I might be biased). If anything, it suffers from a relatively minor 'Strange in a Strange Land' syndrome and it sounds too clever and thus unnatural at times BUT because of the setting it actually works... and at the same time it sort of doesn't as one wouldn't normally expect mercenaries to be such orators. But it still sounds plausible enough.

You probably noticed already but this is a pretty long post. Sure, I've written longer ones but not all too often. Now's the time to get back to what it has to do with making a philosopher's head explode (and I bet you already forgot about that). Okay, here comes.

Despite all that praise the game doesn't work. It's amazing. Conceptually and objectively I have no doubts that this is a great game. But it's missing something. It's not that it's bad of course. It's good, fun and can be challenging at times. But it's just that. Good. Something I'd recommend if I knew you had so much free time it makes your head spin. The disparity between the sum of this game's parts and what it actually feels like is so mind boggling it's probably on the 'completely incomprehensible' side. As in, trying to imagine how big the universe is incomprehensible.

What should've been 2009 GotY ended up as a good game you're bound to forget within half a year (unless you're a fan of the Valkyrie Profile franchise; I'm not and I sure as hell won't forget this one). And I have no idea why.
>> No. 6301 [Edit]
I loved FF X and 7. Possibly even X over 7 because of the nostalgia factor (second or third game I beat by myself). I also feel sort of bad for X because it got a poor dub and localization. Looking at it with nostalgia goggles...

7 is excellent, too. The story is surprisingly complicated. It's your run of the mill RPG, but the setting makes up for that. And all of the optional stuff is cool to do - Optional quests are basically the only redeeming factor of FF12, I might add. I've always liked FF. My favorite being 8, if only because of how "unique" it is.
>> No. 6319 [Edit]
Playing SCV now. Character customisation is fun...
>> No. 6321 [Edit]
Have you played or plan on playing the other two Valkyrie Profile games? They're a lot of fun, and both have amazing soundtracks. There's more focus on the combat than the story and characters (although every character you recruit in 1 has a backstory about what led to their death, which you see before you "recruit" them), especially in 2, but they're definitely worth playing.
>> No. 6324 [Edit]

>Have you played or plan on playing the other two Valkyrie Profile games?

I definitely plan to, I have for a few years by now - at very least since Lenneth was released but I heard some praise for the original VP game way before that. I have undubbed Silmeria downloaded.

>They're a lot of fun, and both have amazing soundtracks.

Good to know because the music is horribly horrible in CotP. I'm usually rather easily satisfied with music in games, especially Japanese ones (although the quality of Japenese soundtracks dropped drastically ever since they stopped using keyboards for everything) but this is so bad I was close to muting it at times.
>> No. 6332 [Edit]
File 133181325674.jpg - (1.04MB , 2560x1600 , DI.jpg )
I´ve finally got myself Dead Island and naturally its pretty much all i play right now, i am kinda surprised that it is that great, even better than Left 4 Dead in my opinion.
One thing that i can´t get out of my head is that one of the 4 heroes, Xian Mei, really reminds me of one of the Assassins from Black Lagoon, Shenhua.
There are just so many simliarities, the white and red clothes, focus on agility and sharp weapons, martial arts, chinese ancestry.
I really wonder if the creators used Shenhua as reference for this character.
>> No. 6334 [Edit]
>There are just so many simliarities, the white and red clothes, focus on agility and sharp weapons, martial arts, chinese ancestry.

It's called a stereotype, I bet they're also good at math but a shitty driver.
>> No. 6394 [Edit]
File 133278407466.jpg - (283.49KB , 640x480 , Alundra.jpg )
Currently playing Alundra (for the first time). It's a fucking masterpiece.

I was very bummed out when I learned the sequel got 3D treatment. Oh well.
>> No. 6395 [Edit]

The sequel is just bad in general
>> No. 6436 [Edit]
File 133318752162.jpg - (1.00MB , 1800x1400 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>Confession time
>During misson briefing I felt lust of mounting the black spaceranger called Anthony.
>We met in the breeding room
>The galaxy coloured men from the outer galaxy were legendary
>in pleasuring all women around long perimeters in several starssystems.
>He went down on me with great joy smiling.
>The thrust from Anthony was euphoric and making me all warm and sweaty.
>Anthony whispered in my ear "Hey princess"

She is always talking about herself(greentext)

Currently playing between Metroid other M and
Super Metroid. Pic related. Other M story is awful but the gameplay can be sometimes fun but with some annoyances with taking down bigger enemies . Adam authorized it.

source pic:

Post edited on 31st Mar 2012, 12:26pm
>> No. 6437 [Edit]
I don't know why, but I had guessed you were talking about Metroid... Anyway, you're right, the story in Other M is like something you'd see on the "SyFy" channel (mostly the shit they make themselves although the other movies suck, too), but the gameplay isn't all that bad if you don't take into account the forced vizor moments.
>> No. 6442 [Edit]
Started up Dark Souls again. I'm actually pretty good at it now, even managing to beat a few BPs. Hey, fuck you, until this play through I only ever managed to beat one by myself.. Much, much better at PvE though.

Joined the Sunlight Warrior covenant and am working on getting to +2 so I can offer Gwyns soul, then I'll abandon it for Chaos Servant, offer 30 humanity, kill the chaos bugs, and then join Sunlight again, all to save Sunbro.

I'm around SL 100, and will be helping people through Anor Londo and the Forest(More serving as a distraction for the phantoms in the forest. No medal there, but someone did it for me, so I feel I should do the same a few times.) if you guys want to play a bit. PSN ID is thexombieking if you guys ever need help or see my sign laying around. Or just want to play games in general. I only have Dark Souls right now though, so you'll have to give me time to get a new game of your choice.
>> No. 6443 [Edit]
"deep" reflection of the game.
>> No. 6633 [Edit]
>FINAL FANTASY XIV Welcome Back Campaign Kicks Off!

fuck it, reinstalling...
>> No. 6635 [Edit]
File 133676028683.jpg - (358.45KB , 1024x768 , screen_30-04-2012_21-36-08.jpg )
I have recently spent a lot of time with fallout online with the Anti Russian Wasteland Heroes.
They are a ragtag group from 4chan /v/, so a lot of them are pretty annoying. But they're still bearable and it's actually one of the most reliable groups out there so it's actually quite fine.
This is the best timesink I have ever found
>> No. 6636 [Edit]
Planescape: torment which lead to Baldur's gate which lead to Icewind dale. Probably going to try Neverwinter Nights next.
>> No. 6637 [Edit]
Dark Cloud. The first time I tried it (after playing Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle) I absolutely hated it for some reason. Now, trying it again, I'm almost finished and I absolutely love it.
>> No. 6642 [Edit]
File 133695898378.jpg - (32.55KB , 256x243 , man01.jpg )
Started playing Fortune Summoners after having it in my backlog.

It's cute and fun, I'm a fan of this side-scrolling RPG style like Popful Mail.
>> No. 6650 [Edit]
File 133716006178.jpg - (478.50KB , 1500x1000 , 時の回廊6972250.jpg )
Just played through chrono trigger. Alread played through it once in English a few years ago, this time around in Japanese.
Not sure what I'll play next. Maybe another old SNES RPG, or maybe I'll add a new PS3 game to my collection (I'm looking at you, valkyria chronicles)
>> No. 6654 [Edit]
Playing Heretic right now. I've had it on my hard drive for years, but I've never actually played through much of it.
>> No. 6661 [Edit]
Playing Torchlight again.
It's funny because I'm farming up a gimped loot-whore on very hard, but it still doesn't feel hard at all.
Wonder how easy it will be once I start playing new characters with all the magic stuff I stockpiled.
>> No. 6667 [Edit]
File 13373878757.jpg - (368.05KB , 1600x1200 , 2012-05-15_00009.jpg )
I played alan wake. It was pretty dumb and boring for the most part but it picked up a bit toward the end.
>> No. 6673 [Edit]
File 133747986020.jpg - (191.78KB , 1280x612 , z1337451070494.jpg )
Trying out the beta
>> No. 6706 [Edit]
Well, I was going to play Torchlight 2 beta after getting a key, but when I started it up, I got the fucking "failed game creation" error and since they are so clogged up in support they didn't email me back before it closed. Fuck my luck.

Been playing the Binding of Isaac lately. Just had a great run with Maggy. Fetus, nail, demon baby, sheers(For the first few floors), Ouija board, mini mushroom, Mr. mega. Fuck yeah. Only had 4 regular hearts, too. Feels good for someone new like me.

Just downloaded Diablo 2 for the first time, so I will probably be playing that soon, too.
>> No. 6710 [Edit]
I started playing the new Pokemon games. The VoltWhite hack, specifically (it adds all 600+ Pokemon and has decent rosters for the Gym Leaders - i.e. Elesa doesn't have 3 god damn Emolga's). I'm on my way to the first Gym now. It's pretty cool. I like how adventurous and shit it makes me feel. Like I'm a kid again.

My computer runs the emulator way, way better than I expected it would, too. It was a nice surprise.

Post edited on 26th May 2012, 6:27am
>> No. 6916 [Edit]
File 134148830111.gif - (213.85KB , 480x320 , pikachuuuuu.gif )
Pokemon is still going strong? There must be a few hundred of Pokemon games titles at this moment..
>> No. 6917 [Edit]
>There must be a few hundred of Pokemon games titles at this moment..
Yeah, there is so many that they ran out of colors and materials to name the games after, so they started smacking on numbers at the end of old game names.

Post edited on 19th Jul 2012, 5:07pm
>> No. 6920 [Edit]
I started playing Children of Mana again, after realizing I never did finish the last bit.
>> No. 6921 [Edit]
They're only named like that because they are sequels in the same generation and region. If they were another generation or region they'd use something else.
>> No. 6924 [Edit]

I think he was simply poking fun at it.
>> No. 6971 [Edit]
File 13427393691.jpg - (240.27KB , 1600x1200 , 2012-07-19_00001.jpg )
I'm playing San Andreas. I'm going to try to remain as fat as possible the entire time
>> No. 6972 [Edit]

I have also been playing San Andreas. I've modded it so I'm now playing as Marisa, Master Sparking Ballas and then flying away so fast, the backdraft causes all nearby traffic to go flying. I can't stop laughing.
>> No. 6973 [Edit]
I easily spent more time modding the game than playing it, and I've played the game from the first mission to last like five times, along with exploring ever inch of the map.
I modded almost all the vehicles and weapons into their real world counterparts, replaced all the greenery with much better looking stuff ported from oblivion, most of the textures replaced into higher res stuff, gave the game much much better looking fire/smoke/explosion effects, and turned all the people into touhou characters. also used enb to make everything in general look prettier, but there's only so much you can do with the base game in the end, like, there's nothing that can be done about the physics.
>> No. 6976 [Edit]
can you give a link to that mod?
>> No. 6993 [Edit]
I just got done playing Spyro the Dragon. Loved it, but I thought the flight levels were annoying and the last boss battle wasn't very satisfying. That "secret" level was nice, though.
I think I'll give Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon a shot, too.
>> No. 6994 [Edit]
The original ps1 games were awesome.
>> No. 7014 [Edit]
Not >>6993, I just got done playing Spyro 2 (100%) and 3 (I found this one a little more boring than the 2, so I didn't 100% that).
>> No. 7088 [Edit]
File 134476443174.jpg - (698.57KB , 1200x900 , la.jpg )
Been playing LA noir the last few days.
strange playing a open world game made in part by rock star that penalizes public destruction and doesn't let you kill civilians, only allowing you to pull your gun during specific events.
soundtrack was rather lacking, felt like I was listing to the same 4 songs when driving.

Story wasin't bad I guess, but I didin't feel the least bit sorry for the MC when he died at the end, he spends the whole game yelling at people, often times preaching about upholding the law and decency and morality and all that jazz, then cheats on his wife with a drug addict whore for some odd reason.
Also seemed strange to be that there was overwhelming evidence pointing at the guys you accuse of the murders and fires, yet they end up not having done it.
kinda makes all that investigating seem like a waste of time.

Boy did this game feel long.. about half way in I kinda stooped trying to figure things out on my own and just used a guide, but it was still taking forever.
was a bit less fun as well, kinda like just watching a long interactive movie.
>> No. 7089 [Edit]

I need an open world time sink...I think I'll get this today.

Does it have mods at all?
>> No. 7090 [Edit]

>long interactive movie.

That is where gaming is heading these days.

Anyway, I guess that they're trying to make hypocritical protagonists seem cool or something.
>> No. 7091 [Edit]
LA Noire has one of the most boring open worlds I'v ever seen in a game, to the point where I don't understand why they even bothered
>> No. 7092 [Edit]
>Open world
>Timer sink

Just get Minecraft or Gta 4
>> No. 7093 [Edit]
another thing I don't get about that game, why does shooting people in their legs or arms kill them every single time?
I kept trying to take people alive, but if they shoot at you, it seems imposable, I'd run up right next to them but there would be no option to arrest them or anything.

Car chases are almost all scripted, which makes it kinda annoying when all you're doing is following the guy on a set course and waiting for him to crash into something yet you have a guy in your car keep yelling at you to ram them or spin them out. at least he's able to end the chases early by shooting their tires.

I found it funny the guy's family didn't bother to show up at the funeral (or they did but the game just didn't focus on them at all) but the drug addict whore did. for that matter, the family barely got any screen time at all in the game, makes it a little hard to judge the guy for leaving them when you know nothing about them, she could have been a saint or could have also been cheating on him, who knows.

I wish the npcs didn't talk so much, they kept talking to themselves and saying the same dumb lines.
in a game this long they should have known you're gonna hear them lines 50 times each.
"I survived the war for this?"
"Top of my class back home, now I'm waiting tables."
"I say we bust in there and find the evidence!"
"hey it's that cop that from the news papers walked out on his family"

Not that I know of, I was playing the ps3 version.

the game feels like it's only technically open world, there's no gap between missions to mess around with, and even then there's not much to do other than explore the city checking out landmarks and trying out hidden secret cars.
they have collectible hidden filmreals but seems kinda pointless.
>> No. 7094 [Edit]
>I found it funny the guy's family didn't bother to show up at the funeral (or they did but the game just didn't focus on them at all)

They did, they were in the first row
>> No. 7095 [Edit]
Guess I just missed them then, my bad.
>> No. 7096 [Edit]
>the game feels like it's only technically open world, there's no gap between missions to mess around with, and even then there's not much to do other than explore the city checking out landmarks and trying out hidden secret cars.
they have collectible hidden filmreals but seems kinda pointless.

I think I'll pass on it then. I get bored quick if there isn't stuff to just screw around with.

GTA:SA is good enough anyway.
>> No. 7099 [Edit]
File 134502314045.jpg - (101.08KB , 864x648 , azergling.jpg )
Playing the original Starcraft now.
>> No. 7102 [Edit]
I've been playing a lot of Killing Floor lately. It's really casual, but it's fun. Just mindless zom-b killin'..
>> No. 7108 [Edit]
File 134506300078.jpg - (209.16KB , 1024x768 , tiberiansun.jpg )
I found Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun last night, and started playing that again.

It's pretty fun...the last good C&C game before EA directly took over, in my opinion
>> No. 7109 [Edit]
Europa Universalis III
>> No. 7112 [Edit]
File 13451705607.jpg - (730.70KB , 1024x768 , eu3_ss3.jpg )
I recently started eu3 too!
Well, choosing Scotland for my first game was a big mistake... I'm still not sure how economy works but I'm going to give Portugal a try so that I can gleefully backstab english scum!
>> No. 7113 [Edit]
I've been playing Kaizo Mario World. If I didn't have savestates I'd probably shoot myself
>> No. 7116 [Edit]
File 134524684543.jpg - (307.36KB , 1280x720 , Binary-Domain-1.jpg )
I'm playing Binary Domain. This game is so awesome, why when SEGA finally makes a great game does everyone ignore it?
>> No. 7126 [Edit]
Tried playing Ace Combat Assault Horizon...
I miss the old ace combat games, when they were about jet fighters and not so much about pandering to the Call of Duty crowd.
I can't believe they shoved in rail shooter segments.

God damn dog fight mode.
during combat, you're required to enter dog fight mode with some (half) of the enemy jets (but can enter it with normal ones too)
in dog fight mode, the jet goes on autopilot, as they take you down to near ground for a cinematic style rail shooter segment.
it's very disorienting, and can exit into normal flight at any moment, I've have had it sling me straight into the ground and buildings upon exiting the mode multiple times, resulting in a failed mission.
yet they removed the damage indicator, and gave the jets health regeneration....
health regeneration, on a fucking jet fighter, are you kidding me?

half the game isn't even jet fighter combat.
after the first short mission, there was a lenthy railshooter bit out the side of a chopper, they didin't explain why I was suposed to be shooting at these guys, they just called them rebels, kinda felt sorry for them, I mean, you play as the US government and are supposed to bomb the shit out of poor people driving old pickup trucks. that supposed to be fun?
turned out you can die during those segment are stupidly easy, requiring almost no human input. I actually set the controller down half way in and just watched the game contine on without me. I did this the second time the segment came up and made it past the first check point without doing a single thing, and almost to the second check point without doing anything.

then there's the other type of rail shooter bit, with a blue screen that has you shooting at tiny white silhouettes of enemies, that shit went on for faaaar to long, and hurt my eyes every time they cut to something on the ground blowing up.

They also have helicopter segments, that are also dragged out far to long (becuase they just keep spawning units out of nowhere), and the things control like ass.
I really loved the old ace combat games, that feeling of being a unnamed hero who was a ace combat for a small relatively peaceful country on the losing end of a war, as a pilot who would not only turn the tide of the war but almost single handedly save the world from power hungry tyrant run country bent on global domination.

in this game, you play for that antagonising power hungry country Bent on global domination that starts fights with the other countries.
and as multiple bland and generic solders with different jobs but little personality.
Sure the 'rebels' in this game have huge bombs, but who doesn't in this real world they decided to base the game on this time?
with how fucked up shit is in africa, shouldn't they be helping the rebels? the Russians are at least.
but nope, they're rebles, that makes them automatically bad. or at least I assume that's the case becuase they don't really explain whats so bad about them, who they're rebelling agents, or why you're fighting them or your problem.
This game doesn't even look that much better than the old games, seems like the only part that looks updated for current technology are the character models and stupid ass cinematics I couldn't care less about.
The old games used drawings and maps and such to advance the story, and it worked just fine!

I know video games sometimes have to change to meet the times, but I don't think into a generic clone of whatever is popular (in this case call of duty I guess) is the way to do that.

Post edited on 20th Aug 2012, 9:03pm
>> No. 7141 [Edit]

I started this again too. I picked up the Chronicles edition with all the expansion packs and it adds so much stuff.

Been playing the Byzantine empire myself.
>> No. 7146 [Edit]
after getting sick of ace combat and dropping it, I Tried playing gran-turismo 5, but the game didn't like my racing wheel, even though the thing works perfectly fine for the menus.
I mean, x button works on a normal controller for accelerate and accept in menus, x button works on the wheel in menus for accept, but doesn't work during the actual racing and pedal doubles as x, so... what the shit? whatever, screw this game, onto the next one.
>> No. 7147 [Edit]
I played GT5 a week ago and had that crap with the steering wheel too. Had to settle on controller.
>> No. 7166 [Edit]
anyone else get Legasista today? mite b cool. tutorial feels really long.
>> No. 7181 [Edit]
File 134570035186.jpg - (1.98MB , 1893x939 , d28db953ac166f8b1aecd7cf7dc96a17.jpg )
I got the mount & blade collection from steam, since it was 75% off.
It's a very nice game, though I only tried the original so far, and I heard warband fixes all of the problems this one had.
I very much recommend it.
>> No. 7185 [Edit]
Seconding this recommendation. Mount & Blade Warband is my favorite game by far. Make sure you get the mod to increase the size of battles, it makes it a lot more fun
>> No. 7189 [Edit]
And I'll third it. I've been stuck into Warband lately. It's fantastic.

There's also a very large selection of mods, although a lot of them are for older versions. Thankfully, you can download older versions from the website and use your steam key to activate them.
>> No. 7214 [Edit]
Picked up CS:GO and have been playing that a bit. So far I hate every aspect of it (at least compared to the old games).

The movements are just terrible. You don't really feel like your controlling a character. It's more like you're a gun floating in air.

The guns all lack any real recoil so everyone is just running around spamming. AWP is still annoying and everyone uses it. They all just feel the same too.

There are a lot of bugs and just little things that should not be in the retail version of the game (like spamming your gun through a 50 foot thick wall).

Wasn't expecting much for a 14 dollar Source re-skin, though.
>> No. 7218 [Edit]
figured I'd try playing dead space 2, but extraction came with it, so played that first.
Not 'as' bad as I thought it would be.
looks like something from the previous gen as expected of something originally made for the wii. voice acting was horrendous. and the game play was really annoying at times with it's shaking camera making it hard to pike up items (it's a rail shooter)
I thought becuase I was using a controller rather than a pointer thing, that the game would be a lot harder. but that was very far from the case, it was stupidly easy, monstor thing shows up, use power to slow it down, take your time to shoot it's arms off, repeat.
it's also certainly in no way a horror game, not 100% sure if it was trying to be or not.
I found it amusing how they made a ginormous deal about one character getting shot in the gut over the course of two stages, but when one character slices his own hand off and people point out the bloody stump, he just replays something like 'it's no big deal, we'll worry about it latter' and it's left at that.

Post edited on 26th Aug 2012, 5:00am
>> No. 7275 [Edit]
I just picked up the PC "port" of Dark Souls.
It runs like complete ass, even on my relatively new PC. I can see why the devs locked the frame rate (since upping it anymore would make the game run in turbo mode), but it seems a lot less than 30 frames. I literally get dizzy after playing a few minutes.
It's a shame because I really like the combat. It doesn't feel clunky like Bethesda's titles at all.
I guess I'll just stick with emulating PS2 games for now.
>> No. 7280 [Edit]

Heh...same here. Tried it out (after playing it on PS3) and it's a joke. A little bit of extra content isn't enough to make me put up with all the other crap.

Guess this is why people laugh at PC gaming being nothing left but ports and bad indie platformers, because it seems like that's all it is.
>> No. 7284 [Edit]
I guess when they marketed it as the "Ready to Die" edition, they weren't joking.
>> No. 7304 [Edit]
File 134743616441.jpg - (24.45KB , 256x321 , arei.jpg )
Trying NOLF2. I enjoyed the first game with its James Bond/Maxwell Smart plot. Going to see how the sequel stands up to the original.
>> No. 7323 [Edit]
I'm trying to learn DOTA2, though I'm really lazy about it and haven't really done much.
>> No. 7330 [Edit]
File 134767551534.jpg - (245.58KB , 600x748 , 907fbf8b11164e11e1ea1adff8fe10ba.jpg )
Neptune MKII

Very fun SRPG with a lot of cute girls doing cute things.

The only thing that bothers me about it is how every character in the game pretends the first one never even happened, makes me feel like there was no point in playing it at all.

I guess they wanted to forget and start over again, since they screwed up so badly.
>> No. 7331 [Edit]
I'm currently playing the first one, and it truly is crap, story is convoluted and makes no sense. the dungeon crawling is horrid, the characters control like they're from a old 3D sonic game. the battles themselfs feel completely pointless, I was actually able to clear two dungeons with S rank, while working on a garage kit, since all you need do during the fights is tap a single button over and over, with characters who auto heal.
taking place in the video game world with the whole console wars thing seemed like a pretty cool concept, but I don't think they did a very good job at all with how they went about it, for one, the personalities of the console goddesses don't even seem to resemble the personalities one would normally attach to each system, wii should really be represented by a energetic loli for example, why is it even wii anyway? shouldn't it be Nintendo?
I gotta say though, the characters are hella cute, easily the only thing that makes me want to continue on with it. but if the second one truly has so little to do with the first, I may just skip it.
>> No. 7332 [Edit]
The cute characters are the only real reason to keep playing, so you have to really like them if you want to play the others.
>> No. 7333 [Edit]
File 134768472611.jpg - (461.40KB , 1920x1236 , 1d339c390297997cba90dad7007d8b5c.jpg )

They completely ignore the true end of the first game where each one of the goddesses gives up her powers to become human.
Nisa and Gust appear, but they act like it was the first time they ever met with the characters.
Compa claims to be childhood friends with IF, which is not possible since they first met at the beginning of the first game.
Everybody seems to not know who Arfoire is, despite being the only villain they ever fought.

Anyways, Neptune V came out a couple of weeks ago, and according to many people, it's a lot better than Mk2, so since I'm liking this one so far, here's hoping V gets localized soon.
>> No. 7338 [Edit]
I am playing through The Last Story.

I don't find the fighting all that bad. I somehow enjoy it and think that I'll be able to grind a bit without finding it too tedious. The crossbow is different and adds quite a bit to the combat and "strategy" of the game.
>> No. 7339 [Edit]
Playing Double Dragon Neon, it's so 80's.
>> No. 7381 [Edit]
File 134813765811.jpg - (40.02KB , 574x378 , 18_21.jpg )
So hard yet can't stop playing....
>> No. 7385 [Edit]
File 134815648565.png - (1.84MB , 1024x768 , ff0fee498848fd473814848b19ac63aa39e8e638.png )
Playing Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden.

Really good so far. Kinda has me interested in watching the 70s anime source material for some of the older mechs for some reason. Especially the weirder, more obscure ones besides the big three (Getter, Mazinger, Gundam).

Plot's getting a little confusing here and there, but my inner mecha fanboy doesn't seem to care.
>> No. 7387 [Edit]
I found Ninety Nine Nights 2 laying around yesterday, and began to play that. It's as awful as the first. I'm really surprised they even made a second.
>> No. 7388 [Edit]
>> No. 7390 [Edit]
I started Valkyria Chronicles 2. It's probably the best game I've played in...a long while.

It's really hard to find good games for the PSP.
>> No. 7391 [Edit]
Just beat Black Mesa. It's funny how towards the end they make a big deal of you needing to go to Xen, even giving you the longjump gear you will need to navigate it, then the game ends 5 minutes later. I know they are gonna add in that stuff later but still, if you played it without knowing that you would be like what the fuck
>> No. 7392 [Edit]
I didn't know that, and I was like, what the fuck?!
>> No. 7405 [Edit]
to bad the third game will probably never be translated.
>> No. 7441 [Edit]
File 134961412984.png - (193.61KB , 250x318 , 250px-Gears_of_War_3_box_artwork.png )
I played gears of war trii on "hardcore" more like babby mode.
Gears was always a fun cover-shooter but this game felt really stupid with its deepend storyline and massive plotholes for as a excuse for making prequels and new games. Nothing was explained. Worth the 9 dollar new though.

Doms death was such a missed opportunity
>> No. 7465 [Edit]
Playing through Chrono Cross at the moment,

And, for a second time, I ran into a boss that wipes the floor with me while I can completely annihilate any of the random encounters in less than one round.

Meanwhile, when the boss gets low, he starts doing his 1-shot combo, and when he gets near death, his aoe 1-shot combo.

There is a counter, yes, and it just happens to be in a hidden chest in his dungeon, but fucking hell it feels like every boss fight is eigher a standard boss that gets rolled because my chars are so over leveled or a hugely gimicky boss that requires me to go crawl the entire dungeon top to bottom for an hour because the path to the chest was right in fucking front of me and I couldn't find it and end up almost able to brute force through the gimick with all the fucking grinding.
>> No. 7469 [Edit]
File 135056122326.jpg - (217.63KB , 994x572 , welcome to mount and blade.jpg )
I've been playing mount and blade for the past couple of days, with mods to enhance soldier scaling.
The number of enemy soldiers is usually fine, but bandits scale is just silly.
>> No. 7475 [Edit]

I started playing it the other day. Pretty neat. I don't own a PS3 so it's my first encounter with the franchise.

But damn, I bought the PSP a long ass time ago but somehow I didn't play it much before. My (right) wrist is KILLING me. I don't play many games nowadays but I spent thousands upon thousands of hours glued to a GB, then GBC, then GBA, then SP, then DS. I really spent a lot of times with handhelds (way way more than with PC/consoles) and I never experienced any wrist pains (even though I heard about some people who did). The worst I've had to endure yet were some blisters after abusing DS for a longass time. But compared to this that was nothing, it's really hard to write right now. Had to take some pain killers yesterday, I'm not sure I would've fallen asleep without them.


There are tons of (supposedly) great PSP games that never got localized. A damn shame. Looks like Type 0 won't ever get released, either.

Hard to figure out why they never bother to localize them. They might not sell a ton BUT usually Europe+USA combined sales > sales is Japan. Surely localizing something can't cost more than developing it from scratch, right? Then again I don't have any right to complain since I haven't bought a single PSP game (then again I only ever played like 3 or so).
>> No. 7476 [Edit]
>Hard to figure out why they never bother to localize them.
>I haven't bought a single PSP game
>> No. 7477 [Edit]

Just because I haven't bought any of them doesn't mean they don't sell period. In fact they seem to sell pretty well from what I've seen. And I didn't mean just PSP games, look at how long it took to localize some jRPGs for the Wii (and I know for sure that at least Xenoblade was a commercial succes, again, one has to wonder why it took so long to localize it).

It's just strange because while some jRPGs do flop pretty hard it seems there's still a large market for them and even someone as out of touch with gaming as I am could name a dozen or so jRPGs from this gen which sold at least as much in Europe and USA combined compared to Japan. So again, are localization costs really higher than development cost? Otherwise there's so money to be made there. EVEN if you take the possiblity of a complete flop into an account. I mean Natsume, XSEED and the like keep localizing and publishing niche titles and since they have been around for a while I'd wager they DO make some profit there.

Can't even say I'm biased and everything I say is related to the fact that I'd like to play all those untranslated games, VC II is the second game I played all year long.
>> No. 7478 [Edit]
The only reason Xenoblade was even successful was due to the attention that everybody gave it. Even though all those Operation Rainfall retards did was give the game attention (and take money from people like the shitty jews that they are) it never would've received otherwise. The fact that they sold as much as they have is a one time thing that I do not believe will happen again.

Westerners (normals) rather play games with muscular males that destroy/kill things so that they can get off to their strong male fetish since most of them are closet gay.

JRPGs are niche and low in popularity when it comes to video game genres so they'll receive low priority no matter who it's from.
>> No. 7479 [Edit]
You don't really think you're the only person in the west who pirates psp games do you?
The number one reason above all else why more japanese psp games aren't localised, and why production of psp games in the west all but came to a halt, was becuase of piracy. This is an indisputable fact.
>> No. 7482 [Edit]

>This is an indisputable fact.

I don't really remember claiming otherwise. But it's kinda funny that you linked to that particular article since - if VGChartz numbers are to be trusted (and they aren't, they're asspulls 99% of the time) - VC II sold less than 200k units in Japan and more than 400k worldwide. So again, USA and Europe combined outnumber Japan. On a platform that gets hit by piracy more than any other platform out there I'd wager. Not to mention the actual sales in Europe and USA are probably even higher since a game that's been on the shelves for more than 3 weeks has like no chance of selling in Japan while they continue to sell at a somewhat steady pace in other regions.

Also that article is pretty terrible:

>Since its release the third game in series had barely cracked 160k units in sales, a far cry from the previous games.

Judging by the charts it looks like the first game sold ~250k units in Japan and the second some 180k. Doesn't look like a 'far cry'. Not to mention VC II was surely more profitable since the development costs were that much lower.

>The first mistake involved them trying to make a quick buck by churning the games out far too quickly on a completely other system as before. Granted, at the time the PSP had a userbase of more than 50 million users (a lot more than the PS3), but how many outside of Japan would buy it? How many had the first game?

Releasing the games two years apart counts as 'far too quickly'? Is he serious? There are tons of franchises that release a game on pretty much yearly basis (and I don't just mean Maddens and whatnots) and that much is no problem. 2 years sounds mighty fine to me. On the other hand any more than 3 years apart would probably be a bad idea since it'd be hard to capitalize on the success of the previous entry.
Also Japanese devs/publishers don't give a shit about non-Japanese markets, I guess they decided to release it for the PSP due to development costs and it looks like it was a success (not to mention they released a third game so surely the second one was profitable, at least profitable enough to warrant a sequel on the same platform).

Also all that stuff about VC being mature is uh... Yeah. I don't know if the first one was more mature than the sequel (I suspect it was) but I'm 99% positive it was infantile as fuck either way, not to mention the plot about the Valkyrie (at least from what I gather from the short flashbacks in the sequel) sounds cliche and simply retarded. I wish people would stop with that 'mature games for mature gamers such as myself'.

Basically my point is 180k units sold in Japan is enough to warrant a sequel, ~220k sold overseas is not enough to warrant a localization.


>Westerners (normals) rather play games with muscular males that destroy/kill things so that they can get off to their strong male fetish since most of them are closet gay.
>JRPGs are niche and low in popularity when it comes to video game genres so they'll receive low priority no matter who it's from.

I realize as much but we're at a point where people make petitions aimed at publishers asking them to make some profit. That's just crazy.
Normal logic: the publishers release something and ask their precious customers to buy the product so they won't go bankrupt.
jRPG logic: the customers beg the publisher to release something so take can throw their wallets at them.
>> No. 7483 [Edit]
So are you saying you think the reason Americans like big tuff manly men military games, is becuase they're told what to like?
>> No. 7485 [Edit]

Woah woah woah, were did I say anything of the sort? Did you mean to quote >>7478 maybe?

But well, even though I didn't say (or imply in any way) that yet I can get behind that hypothesis. Sounds about right. Manly games for manly men such as myself. If you look at how they are advertised that much should be obvious. Can you think of any other reason behind the fact that Western (Americans in particular, didn't want to point fingers at first but...) audiences want manly men in their games while Japanese seemingly prefer 'whoops, I just pressed this big red 'nuke everyone' button; tehe~ I'm such a klutz' moekkos?

You could argue that the average age of a gamer in Japan is lower compared to pretty much any other territory you could think of but in the end the crowd that screams 'gives us blood, tits and gore' the loudest are usually kids.

Anyway, we're getting totally off topic here, I think I said all I had to say so I'll just leave it at that.
>> No. 7486 [Edit]
Europeans are not in any way excluded from this when the biggest selling game there is FiFa. Which is men running around handling balls together.

Europeans and Americans are not that different because both of are stupid fucks, except Europeans tend to do most of the name calling because they're a bunch of hypocritical shits that try (almost desperately) to find reasons why they are better than Americans.

So, with that Westerners are closet homosexuals and Europeans are the worst, childish scum that have to resort to saying "not me, dur hur hur" while they point fingers at anybody around them in some conceited stupidity that they all uphold.
>> No. 7494 [Edit]
File 135116372367.jpg - (14.93KB , 234x216 , mount.jpg )

Piracy kills everything!
>> No. 7499 [Edit]
Just got Fallout New Vegas and I'm looking for the teikoku mod but I can't find it anywhere. I just want my lolis ;_;.
>> No. 7502 [Edit]
>Westerners are closet homosexuals
Considering how much they hate femininity and want all women to be more masculine, I'm very inclined to agree.
>> No. 7503 [Edit]
If you were to replace all occurences of "American" with "Japanese" and European with "Korean" and make the necessary adaptations(Westerner->Easterner, etc.) your post would achieve a frightening resemblance to a Shinden post. Frightening.
>> No. 7570 [Edit]
File 135300358932.jpg - (11.43KB , 320x180 , mqdefault.jpg )
fuck you cave story how was a I supposed to know on on how to save that fat ass bitch Curly with a rope?! thought it was meant to leave her for another occasion and backtrack, BUT NO! I poked her five times before leaving!

Might aswell used magnets.
>> No. 7577 [Edit]
File 135349312321.jpg - (104.37KB , 1000x1000 , 3rd_bd_aya_brea_01.jpg )
currently playing 3rd birthday quite fun bosses and amazing graphics not sure whether i will grind or not ,still.
>> No. 7583 [Edit]
The 3rd Birthday is my favorite PSP game, I think. I was playing on Hard mode, and got to Madigan's boss form, which is just...retarded hard. Retharded...

It's not that grind-y, compared to PE2, where you have to literally do the job the game gives you and hunt.

PE1's encounter system is stupid, but the game itself is awesome. 3rd Birthday is the best, though.

The bonus costumes are all invariably adorable.
>> No. 7593 [Edit]
File 135366049520.jpg - (845.25KB , 1600x900 , SpecOpsTheLine 2012-11-22 21-14-22-17.jpg )
just finished playing Spec Ops The Line.
I'm not really that big on the type of propaganda war game this was was ripping on, but heard good things about it and found it rather interesting.
I'd highly recommend the game in spite of it's overly simplistic game mechanics. (although it's possible that was done on purpose to further add to the game's over all message.) I think a lot of it went over my head, but for the most part it's pretty clear what they're trying to say with it about how fucked up generic shooter war games are these days like call of duty and such.
>> No. 7597 [Edit]
you might enjoy this

burn 10 mins and clap yourself on the back, if nothing else.
>> No. 7599 [Edit]
I kinda preferred this.
>> No. 7606 [Edit]
I just tried this, but man, console shooters. Does it get any better after the first 30 minutes? One-handing enemies from cover doesn't get any less exciting than this.
>> No. 7607 [Edit]
Not really, the gameplay stays boring through all the game. I just completed it because I cared about the history.
>> No. 7608 [Edit]
The game isn't really supposed to be 'fun' or 'exciting'. if judged for just the first hour of gameplay in itself, it's a very mediocre modern warfare clone and little more. they purposely made it like that to get players into the right frame of mind for the rest of the game. they want you to ask things about the game, things you normally wouldn't ask about games like this. such as why there's a seemingly endless swarm of supposedly highly trained soldiers willing to run into your bullets, why you're doing all this, is this something you're supposed to be enjoying? and so on.
>> No. 7609 [Edit]
I can see that, but even so, shooting dudes is what 98% of the game is spent doing, and the modern console shooter genre with aiming, regeneration, and all the neat mechanics that slow the game to a crawl and don't encourage you to play faster and better just make it really hard to wade through.
>> No. 7610 [Edit]
>just make it really hard to wade through.
Now you're getting it!
>> No. 7611 [Edit]
Well, I did just notice that the game's scripted sequences are quite lenient, and that you can very often just run past enemies for the next event to speed things up, so it's not that bad.
>> No. 7612 [Edit]
>The game isn't really supposed to be 'fun' or 'exciting'

Wow those are my favorite kinds of games!!!
>> No. 7613 [Edit]
That's stupid.
>> No. 7617 [Edit]
This fucking game. The evils of violence are hammered down harder than life while the most rubbish console shooter garbage you ever touched blinds you with rage, bullshit scripted shootouts that provide no freedom of choice whatsoever are forced down your throat ever more heavily towards the end. Characters are given five minutes of screentime, only to be killed off right afterwards because that's just how evil the protagonist is. Every other line has to repeat the freedom of choice (or lack thereof) motif, because it wasn't fucking clear enough already the first fifteen times you said it.

Sure, I suppose some of the narrative is clever. That doesn't excuse the excessively shitty gameplay, constantly jamming in the game's message with the subtetly of countless piles of bodies. Fuck this game, at this point I just want to shoot the damn civilians and end the fucking game. Oh, right, I can still fucking drop this piece of shit. Fuck, why did I ever waste hours of my life on this shit.
>> No. 7619 [Edit]
>Characters are given five minutes of screentime, only to be killed off right afterwards because that's just how evil the protagonist is.

reminds me of the latest walking dead episode
>> No. 7620 [Edit]
I dont know anything about this Spec Ops game because I have no interest in playing another military shooter but the response its getting here actually has me interested.
>> No. 7621 [Edit]
it's boring garbage
>> No. 7622 [Edit]
It's pretty good if you're not a brain dead moron with a complete disregard for narrative and who only want to shoot dudes in the face.
>> No. 7623 [Edit]
Shooting people in the face is all you do. Putting HOLY SHIT SO DEEP narrative behind it doesn't make it any less dull
>> No. 7624 [Edit]
It isn't supposed to be fun. Having super cool fun and exciting shooter action would undermined the point of the game. but I guess the game is a bit too artsy for someone like you, so I don't blame you for not liking it. you might have more 'fun' playing something more simple like a super Mario game.

You know, I think it's pretty funny how people on this site love deep meaningful symbolic metaphorical anime rich with social commentary and all that jazz while looking down on low brow stuff like SOL or harem anime, but will take a completely opposite stance when it's videogames trying some of the same things. I guess the only way you're gonna get anyone here to like a game about games is if it has loli mods and dildo weapons.
I'll be sure not to recommend games like this or The Stanley Parable any time soon (a shitty gay game cuz all you do is walk around)
>> No. 7625 [Edit]
>you might have more 'fun' playing something more simple like a super Mario game.

There's a big difference between games and other visual media, and that's the element of gameplay. An anime series (or any series, for that matter, it makes no difference) only has to be engaging and have good plot and characters to interest us. For a game, that isn't enough. A game has the interactive element: it has to have good gameplay. If a game has a great story but shit gameplay, it's a shit game.

Going back to your example, there's a pretty good reason Mario is so popular: because it has really good and fun basic gameplay. Nobody cares that every Mario game has the same "Peach gets kidnapped" plot, because the gameplay is good. I've played some games with both good gameplay and interesting, engaging plot, but you can't go without the gameplay. Your game would be better off as a series or a novel in that case.
>> No. 7626 [Edit]
>It isn't supposed to be fun.

Modern gaming must be in worse shape than I thought if things like this are considered valid excuses.
>> No. 7627 [Edit]
I think mario games are shit becuase it's the same shit story in every game.
>> No. 7628 [Edit]
>you can't go without the gameplay. Your game would be better off as a series or a novel in that case.

what about visual novels, would you consider them to be games?

What about Shenmue or the Yakuza games, I think they have pretty boring 'gameplay'. The main draw is the plot (I suppose you will respond with "thats why Shenmue 3 will never come out").
>> No. 7629 [Edit]
I don't consider VNs to be games, no. They're a lot closer to novels than games, since the focus is really on the text, the plot and the characters.

Well, hey, then we disagree. I don't mind Mario's dumb plots. As a counterexample, Sonic games were really good back in the early 90s when the plot was the plan old dumb "Robotnik is a bad guy" story, but when they started trying to have actual plots, they started to get a lot worse.
>> No. 7630 [Edit]
I guess you must also find tell tail games, rpgs, and mmos shit becuase their gameplay sucks. I guess simulator games must also be shit and the people who enjoy them are just stupid and not actually enjoying themselves as much as they think becuase the game play sucks.

Post edited on 24th Nov 2012, 9:12pm
>> No. 7631 [Edit]
also, I haven't played the Yakuza series, but yeah, Shenmue. If I remember right from playing it as a kid, the plot didn't make any goddamn sense.
>> No. 7632 [Edit]
Yeah, I completely think those people are stupid. Jesus Christ do you put words into people's mouths.

I love some RPGs. Why are you suggesting all RPGs have shit gameplay? Because they don't. Some of them are pretty fun to play and use strategy in.
>> No. 7633 [Edit]
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that if a game isn't fun to play then it's not a good game. Of course, people can differ on what they consider fun
>> No. 7634 [Edit]
RPGs have horrible game mechanics, and they're built good plots. I can't stand most RPGs though becuase I have better shit to do than run around in a circle for five hours after each boss fight killing the same enemy each time it spawns.
>> No. 7636 [Edit]

What constitutes 'fun gameplay' depends on everybody's individual taste. You might think it's boring to run around and grind and that's okay. Me, the last FPS I tried to force myself to play was MoH: Allied Assault and I simply couldn't do it. I pretty much can't imagine a more boring game concept than running around and trying to shoot people in the face before they do the same to you. And don't even remind me of racing games, just recalling the concept makes me sleepy.

But that's what genres are all about. You shoot in shooters, race in racers, beat up all sorts of dudes in beat em ups and jump and shoot in Jumpandshootman. And there's nothing wrong with that. Be a little more tolerant guys. I won't ask you to like certain genres because I have lots I don't like, either but don't criticize something simply because it's a game from a genre you despise.
One of the funniest trends of last few years is that everybody and their moms are bashing the new Call of Duty/Battlefield or whichever FPS is popular right now and then they proceed to play their generic RPG #49202/generic RTS #40592/generic racer #30583/generic stealth #29382. I understand that fanbases of those games are rather obnoxious but come on, most people you're complaining about are like 12, let obnoxious kids be obnoxious kids.

BUT at the same time I just can't agree with someone who says that a game is good despite the bad gameplay. To me the very word 'game' implies games are meant to be played and if the gameplay is bad then that's that. No matter how good the music, graphics, plot and whatnot are the game will still be bad to me if the gameplay isn't fun. The opposite holds true, too - a game with bad graphics, physics, music and a horrible story can still be fun if the gameplay is good enough.
>> No. 7637 [Edit]
I don't think this game is very artsy - there is no subtetly whatsoever, the ratio of cutscenes/narrative to shooting dudes in the face is standard shooter fare, and the utter irreality of a one-man death machine killing thousands while eating thousand of bullets makes the heavy-handed no-choice moral considerations somewhat moot. If you have godlike ability to slaughter and take punishment and retry every time you die, does it really matter what you choose? If you feel like you shouldn't have killed the dudes, you can just reload and have it your way.

I did finish the game just now. At least the true ending was a fitting one.

Also, the save mechanics were funny - near the end where you had to shoot something with an RPG and then had the game autosaved, the savegame erased whatever weapon you left on the ground when swapping, which cost me the precious Desert Eagle and induced much anger. At least the true ending gave you one to shoot the dudes on FUBAR with.
>> No. 7638 [Edit]
>>7637 cont.
It's a boring generic console shooter with shallow literary pretensions in its allotted 3-minutes-per-stage cutscenes. It's overtly self-referential and shoots for a fruit so low-hanging the branch is rotting on the ground and the fruit's all but entirely decomposed. It also entirely omits the parts about videogaming that aren't about reaching the goal, or shooting dudes in the face. Going faster, playing better, scoring higher, and having fun in unintended ways are all conveniently omitted in favor of attacking videogame violence when the violence isn't the central appeal of videogames.
>> No. 7676 [Edit]
File 135428368021.jpg - (1.17MB , 1680x1050 , trine.jpg )
I picked up the Trine 2 expansion during the recent Steam sale. It's just getting prettier and prettier.
>> No. 7743 [Edit]
I finally got around to playing Virtue's Last Reward. I wanted to replay 999 completely first so I was up on all the details.

Holy shit, this game is fantastic. Best adventure game/visual novel I've played in years.
>> No. 7744 [Edit]
Been playing GTA III through WINE. Must've fucked up something real bad, because the stuttering is bad and sometimes I just get teleported 5m away and lose a fuckton of life.
Some Dwarf Fortress too. It's amazing how every time I pick it up it's like I'm a complete newbie all over again.
>> No. 7761 [Edit]

Have you only played RPGs made before 1990? Good RPGs require little to no grinding to beat the game.
>> No. 7762 [Edit]
>Good RPGs require little to no grinding to beat the game.
No shit.
Now how about you go tell japan about your brilliant observation?
>> No. 7764 [Edit]
I don't know, there's plenty of great games that are very difficult without some grinding and seem impossible to someone not very experienced with the game's mechanics.
>> No. 7773 [Edit]
File 135697188247.png - (1.49KB , 320x288 , pokeymans_.png )
I've been playing old console JRPGs on my phone, via SNES/Genesis/GBC/GBA emulator.
Busy with Pokemon Silver and Emerald right now.
>> No. 7792 [Edit]
I just beat MGS3 again, for the first time in a year. It was as good as I remember, but the ending didn't impact me as much as it did the first time around. I even got up to make a peanut-butter sandwich during the scene after you shoot The Boss. I feel as if the cutscenes were too long. Or maybe stimulants gave me ADHD or something, because last year, I had no problem with sitting down and watching the cutscenes. Eh.

Now I started Peace Walker on my shitty PSP (it's now missing the back piece, in addition to 25% of the screen being ganked). Tried to get Remotejoy working, but I'm using Ubuntu, so that's not going to happen.

I'm assuming it's just going to be a better version of Portable Ops. With cuter female characters, so that makes it that much more appealing to me.

There's such a dearth of good PSP games...
>> No. 7795 [Edit]
You named it Penis. Good job.
>> No. 7821 [Edit]
Recently bought FFXI again, since the whole lot was 20 bucks on Steam and I felt like indulging myself in the nostalgia. I'm probably going to regret this.
>> No. 7822 [Edit]
Picked up Victoria II.
Got to play Holstein to figure out how the game works and see some bloody shit going on.
Denmark never got to start the Schleswig-Holstein crap and Prussia was fucked up by commies, Austria and France so Germany didn't unify even by 1920. The campaign was like watching grass grow.
Started a new campaign as Tibet and already got smashed by trying to pick up a fight with Burma. Gonna rollback a save and see what I can do.
Shit's addictive.
>> No. 7827 [Edit]
File 135798613448.jpg - (274.66KB , 600x600 , dqv_bianca.jpg )
I just finished Dragon Quest V, PS2 version. I'm surprised at how long it was, given the time it was released originally.
>> No. 7863 [Edit]
Isn't Tibet a satellite of the Chinese Empire? Or, heaven forbid, are you not playing AHD?
>> No. 7865 [Edit]
Most WineHQ reports make it seem like AHD support isn't very good right now, so I haven't bothered installing it yet.
>> No. 7889 [Edit]
File 135940600954.jpg - (120.90KB , 1920x1080 , 2013-01-28_00001.jpg )
Metro 2033
I hope that was the last forced stealth section. I also did something completely retarded and started taking the most out of the way path possible, which didn't even lead to the end of the mission.
It's a fun game outside of that, though.
>> No. 7911 [Edit]
File 136006440097.jpg - (41.30KB , 600x447 , 1k.jpg )
Playing AvP3 that I got cheap from Steam
>> No. 7914 [Edit]
File 136010389876.jpg - (1.01MB , 1600x900 , screenshot-02_01-17_53_35.jpg )
Been playing a bit of Insane 2 recently. kinda fun in short burst. it's like a motorstorm clone which I thought was cool, even uses the same sound effect for the boost system, but unlike motorstorm it has more open tracks and some creative game modes(although some don't work very well in practice.) but it's not as good looking as motostorm was, Damage system is a joke. it's no wonder the trailer doesn't show any vehicles being destroyed, they're almost indestructible. music kind of sucked so I'd play with it muted and play other stuff.
>> No. 8022 [Edit]
File 136152589980.jpg - (39.42KB , 600x337 , 21361447120705.jpg )
This one
>> No. 8023 [Edit]
Is it any good? I haven't really heard anything about it but it looks cool.
>> No. 8072 [Edit]
I liked it.
>> No. 8095 [Edit]
Antichamber, not yet finished. A fucking masterpiece.
It's one of those games that you MUST play. Quite an experience.
>> No. 8111 [Edit]
What is kind of game is it?
>> No. 8133 [Edit]
File 136359940626.jpg - (270.48KB , 1680x1050 , 2013TB.jpg )
<- Apparently the new Lara doesn't believe in bathing...
>> No. 8134 [Edit]
Because that would be offensive to real women, don't you know anything you sexist pig?
>> No. 8137 [Edit]
File 136361327790.jpg - (116.40KB , 545x750 , 3b2d8f5b7fe88e5893bc69a3f62b71c0.jpg )
Just finished Super Robot Wars OG2 a second time (mostly to go through and screw around with getting some of the hidden mechs and weapons).

I had thought the SRW games might've acted as a bit of a gateway drug for strategy RPGs, but I've only found a couple I kinda liked. Out of the ones I've tried, Front Mission was pretty good, Yggdra Union was fun, Ogre Battle 64 was really weird, confusing as fuck to start off, and had an in-game help menu the size of a D&D rulebook, and last I checked, I wasn't ready for the unforgiving nature of Fire Emblem.

Might finish one of the first two or try the Advance Wars series next, I guess.
>> No. 8155 [Edit]
File 136414289943.jpg - (91.97KB , 600x800 , 132ZxYY.jpg )
Finished three games in the past week. Bought a 360, got BioShock and Bully given to me.

BioShock I didn't enjoy. The story was impenetrable and if you missed tape recordings you were missing out on vital exposition that might have improved proceedings. Gameplay was a bit eh, the Vita Chambers really removed any fun or challenge for me. The whole thing felt like a chore, which is going to sound like absolute blasphemy to any FPS fans within earshot.

Bully was fucking garbage. Mash X on things for 10 hours while you're assaulted by a soundtrack of dullard root chords void of melody, a story so fucking infuriatingly juvenile and badly paced you'd almost think it were set in a high school and aimed at 15 year old's WAHEY and a cast of fleshy cogs saying meaningless words at you to drive the "story" along parading themselves as human beings.

Okami, however, was an experience. Absolutely mind blowing. The colours(!), the soundtrack, the characters, the story, the gameplay, truly a one of a kind game.

I've still got a few PS2 titles I'm working towards finishing. Dragon Quest VIII, which I'm really enjoying though I've found myself VERY much underlevelled so I'm hesitant to pick it up again because it means grinding, Devil May Cry 1 which I really like, absolute stupidity be damned, Silent Hill 3 which I'm absolutely terrible at and Beyond Good & Evil, which is quickly becoming one of my favourites.
>> No. 8175 [Edit]
File 136480620876.jpg - (59.47KB , 500x281 , 21100810154530754.jpg )
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (released in 2012)
A reboot to 1994 game, UFO: Enemy Unknown ( ).

I loved the original. This one had simplified combat controls and less base building options. However it has more suits and more aliens to make up for it. A good reboot that manages to keep the feel of the old game while adding new things to it.
>> No. 8178 [Edit]
I'm in love with Mount and Blade. I pirated it around July last year and put in hundreds of hours dicking around in the single player. I then bought it during the Steam winter sale and I've already put in another 100 hours — mainly multiplayer. There's a filled 200 player siege server up every night. It's just a great game.
>> No. 8203 [Edit]
File 136534707493.jpg - (105.86KB , 750x750 , 6eJXs.jpg )
Finished Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3. I was in a video store and saw the HD collection, so I rented it.

I can't believe how much fun I had with these games. I finished 2 in a straight 15 hour sitting. Within the space of an hour, between 1 and 2am, the game had taken me from Otacon deciding to tell me his dad killed himself because he fucked his stepmother to Colonel Campbell scaring me to absolute fuck. I was not prepared for the things this game did to me.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is now my favourite game of all time. Not much more to be said, really. The ending was absolutely heartbreaking. I cried quite a bit and started it all over again on Hard.
>> No. 8206 [Edit]
File 136547511453.png - (576.27KB , 740x650 , Anodyne.png )
One of the better RPG's I've played in a while. Oh yeah, I've been playing Eufloria too, really good. Deep without being artsy fartsy as hell.
>> No. 8211 [Edit]

>Oh yeah, I've been playing Eufloria too, really good. Deep without being artsy fartsy as hell.

Eufloria is what Dyson was called after it's commercial release, right? Great game, one heck of an 'RTS'. It gets rid of pretty much everything and only leaves one aspect of the game - swarming. Sending a couple of thousand units at one final planet in the center of the system feels great.

It pretty much plays itself and there's no difficulty whatsoever but I really liked it. Spectacular soundtrack, too.

I haven't been following IGF for ages (not since 2010 I think), did I miss anything besides Anodyne? IGF introduced me to some superb games (Darwinia and Aquaria especially), I have no idea why I stopped following it...
>> No. 8218 [Edit]
Metal Gear Solid 3 is now my favourite game of all time. Not much more to be said, really. The ending was absolutely heartbreaking. I cried quite a bit and started it all over again on Hard.
That's exactly what happened to me.

Actually, I meant to play MGS2 once I beat 3, but I never got around to it. I ended up like, an hour into Raiden's route and got bored.

3 and the original are both good enough to keep me occupied.

I've been playing through the PSP port of FF3. Pretty fun. Wish all of the FF remakes got this treatment.
>> No. 8219 [Edit]
File 136558080155.jpg - (275.36KB , 1600x900 , 2013-04-10_00001.jpg )
Been playing MicroVolts, a free to play team fortress 2 style game with figs/toys. It's not perfect but it's not bad..
>> No. 8221 [Edit]
I'm playing Lego City Undercover.

It's not bad and I actually laugh at some of the weird and stupid things that get said or done. I don't have much experience with Lego games, so I had no idea what to expect, but this game exceeded those non-existent expectation.

I've poured a bunch of hours into this game and I'm still not done with it. I've only gotten on chapter 11 so far and I managed to "save" Admiral Pom-Pom Boggins, who is a cat, and also the mascot of the fire department.

Most of the dialog is just hilarious and Frank may be one of the best characters to ever be in a video game.

I suggest at least watching videos of this game. The writing is pretty good.
>> No. 8232 [Edit]
I wanted to play that but was really disappointed to hear it was a wiiu exclusive.
>> No. 8234 [Edit]
If I could, I'd let you play it on my console. As long as you wash your hands and not eat during any play time to prevent the controller from getting dirty.

I'm really strict with my stuff and try to keep it as clean and as far away from any sort of possible problems.
>> No. 8257 [Edit]
I know nothing
>> No. 8258 [Edit]
File 136752170873.jpg - (1.05MB , 1920x1200 , sister3_1920.jpg )
I'm playing Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, really enjoying it so far (about 4 hours in).

I had previously played the first game for 5 hours but got tired of the gameplay and sold it. The story was fantastic though, I watched the rest on Youtube instead. I really love Neptune.
>> No. 8261 [Edit]
I finished Devil May Cry 3, to see if it really is better than the fuck you edition or if people are just mad because they made the character an extremely unlikable douchebag and because everything is pandering to normals and teenies. Well as expected it is millions of light years better, and holy shit was that challenging. The number of fucking things I have nearly broken while playing that game... and I think during a few boss fights I was even sweating. It is kind of sad that video games have come down to pandering to teenagers, so far that they even ruined classics. What's next, Mario swag bros? Sonic 420: Smoke Every day? (Oh wait Sega already shat all over Sonic, never mind.) Spyro the dragon: nerd adventures? (OH WAIT, Spyro has also been ruined!)
>> No. 8272 [Edit]
File 136848560353.jpg - (128.90KB , 320x450 , No_More_Heroes.jpg )
I finished No More Heroes last night and now I can't decide what to play next.
>> No. 8273 [Edit]
Play the sequel.
>> No. 8274 [Edit]
Ok, I'll give it a shot.
>> No. 8275 [Edit]
File 136851100429.jpg - (74.29KB , 1280x720 , Dragon's Dogma_ Dark Arisen Screenshot_10.jpg )
I've been playing Dragon's Dogma for a while now. This is seriously my dream game with a few details missing. Pretty much like I'm a Berserk character in my own side story. Kind of sucks how your allies never die as long as you're there, and even if they do, you can just resummon them, but if you die, it's game over... so that kind of just makes them ammo. If there was a realistic mode where if you die, you die, the game would be so much better. Each step would require strategy, boss fights would take much much longer but would be way more intense. Also, as I'm typing this, they should make it so that right when someone dies, the game is saved, so you can't save scum, and you feel true anger/sadness as your ally dies.
>> No. 8282 [Edit]
>so that kind of just makes them ammo

well yeah, the pawns are basically subhuman slaves
>> No. 8283 [Edit]
> Also, as I'm typing this, they should make it so that right when someone dies, the game is saved, so you can't save scum, and you feel true anger/sadness as YOU die and lose another 10 hours of reprogress to the same boss you died on the first time.
also, terrible idea.
>> No. 8307 [Edit]
File 136954695898.jpg - (10.95KB , 259x194 , grid2.jpg )
It's fun!
>> No. 8310 [Edit]
File 13695746691.jpg - (617.36KB , 1542x2160 , Chibi-RoboGC.jpg )
I finished playing Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure! last night and it was an amazing ride.
>> No. 8328 [Edit]
File 137036652624.jpg - (52.79KB , 300x300 , boy-and-his-blob-hug.jpg )
Finished 'A Boy and his Blob' (Wii remake) yesterday. Charming. Started of slow (and regrettably too easy) but after it picked up ~midway through it was tons of fun. The last couple of levels were a blast to play.
>> No. 8330 [Edit]
Started Rune Factory 3 not too long ago. First game I've played like it, and I picked it up on a whim.

Please help me. Why can't I stop? Game, please, let me stop.

Before this, I was going through P3, but I was not enjoying The Answer. Maybe I'll go back to it sometime.
>> No. 8331 [Edit]
File 137049828494.jpg - (275.15KB , 1810x1018 , 2013-06-06_00001.jpg )
Just recently finished playing the first FEAR game and its expansion things.
Good stuff.
Then I tried 2, it wasn't very good at all in comparison. Good thing it only cost me 5 bucks.
This other game I've been playing, Monster Loves You, is fantastic. It's really cute.
>> No. 8345 [Edit]
Finished Corpse Party. Not bad, not bad. Debating going through BoS. I recently went through Higurashi again, as well.
>> No. 8347 [Edit]
Have you played Ib and The Witch's House? If you liked Corpse Party, they might interest you.
>> No. 8351 [Edit]
I actually went through the Witch's House a few months ago. I enjoyed that as well. I don't know the first one you mentioned though. Is it short for something?
>> No. 8359 [Edit]
File 137098632139.jpg - (735.18KB , 891x1260 , 28651950.jpg )
Nope. There was a thread about it here a fair while ago. Another great RPGMaker horror adventure game.
>> No. 8363 [Edit]
Ah. I'm really liking it so far. Thanks for the suggestion, man.

Probably going back to Rune Factory after this. Can't leave them alone for too long.
>> No. 8365 [Edit]

Who's your favorite in RF3 and why is it Karin?
>> No. 8366 [Edit]
My rankings go... Fishing girl > Bird Lady > Karin > Sophia.

I know their names, but since there is such a difference between the English and Jap names for them, I'll go with that.

Pretty much all of the girls appeal in one way or another, but those four are the top for me. It's pretty hard for me not to love the first two, though.

Also, I was surprised Eve didn't have a "route".
>> No. 8368 [Edit]
File 137110903510.jpg - (425.30KB , 1600x1200 , Metal_Gear_Solid_3_art_by_RPPuzzle.jpg )
Beat MGS3 for the first time yesterday. I've been playing all the games in a row and this one was pretty fantastic.

The story is probably my least favorite in the series so far, but the gameplay is absolutely amazing. They really thought of everything.

I'm about to play MGS4, I hope it's good.
>> No. 8369 [Edit]

Eliza/Evelyn being a non-winnable heroine is a long running Rune Factory tradition of making no route for the best girl.

No Dahlia/Daria, though?
>> No. 8370 [Edit]
Well, it's like I said, they all have good things to them. I like her eccentricity and such, but I didn't get much feeling from her as I did the other four. I've always had a thing for Tomboys and shyness, Sophia is just adorable, and Karin, I mean, come on. It's all just personal preference though, and I'm going to save before the marriage next time(I actually did this time, but like a retard I saved over it accidentally) and check out all of the girls, so only time will tell when I haven't 100% everyone yet.
>> No. 8371 [Edit]
Salvation Prophecy
>> No. 8373 [Edit]
File 137134693764.jpg - (611.13KB , 1503x1000 , Lost Kingdoms.jpg )
I finished Lost Kingdoms a couple days ago. It's a great game that reminded me of Folklore.
>> No. 8381 [Edit]
File 137179889476.jpg - (320.19KB , 1920x1080 , 2013-06-21_00007.jpg )
Brutal Legend. It's pretty fun.
You know, this steam trading card thing is kind of silly, but it does draw attention to games I/others haven't played.
>> No. 8405 [Edit]
Rogue Legacy. I've put a good 25 or so hours into it for 15 dollars. Damn good game, and it has a NG+++++ etc system in the same style as Dark Souls.
>> No. 8419 [Edit]
File 137348801740.png - (1.14MB , 940x1531 , roxasultimania.png )
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
I have no idea what is happening in the KH saga anymore
>> No. 8469 [Edit]
Pandora's Tower

I just started the game and beating the hell out of things with the chain is pretty cool. So far it's been pretty easy, but I'm still at the beginning and I've only fought lower monsters and haven't really progressed anywhere.

I don't have a picture for this and I don't feel like looking for one.
>> No. 8481 [Edit]
File 137498051618.jpg - (42.65KB , 600x375 , Dust.jpg )
<- Good game has some flaws but great for a first time developer...
>> No. 8482 [Edit]
STALKER: Clear Sky
Not enjoying it as much as the other two, so far. But it's still enjoyable.
>> No. 8483 [Edit]
I take that back. Clear Sky is fucking garbage.
It's not a good STALKER game, and it's certainly not a good FPS.
>> No. 8485 [Edit]
Hi guys I've been searching and investigating many chans with a vidya board and this one seems the least offensive to my sensibilities. However depending on how you answer this determines if I just go and search out another chan.

Do you guys discuss Kusoge like CoD, or games from companies like Compile Heart, Idea Factory and GUST regularly?

If so then you're no different from mainland /v/ and my journey was again in vain.
>> No. 8486 [Edit]
Not really an answer to your question, but I can't help but think CoD is a tough case. The more recent titles have really tainted the great CoD 1, 2 and 4 simply because they're part of the same series.
>> No. 8487 [Edit]

how about you read through the board and find out yourself?

that too much much work? Then go back to /v/ and unkindly fuck yourself there.
>> No. 8488 [Edit]
It actually is because currently I'm poor as fuck and only have enough cash for a cellphone.
>> No. 8489 [Edit]
File 137504079963.jpg - (64.03KB , 719x720 , consider the following.jpg )
I've been lurking here reading the board for 3 days, and yes, they sort of do, they even briefly discussed the mediocre as hell ME3. But those are far outnumbered by the good threads. And in CoD's case people do bash on it a little and the ME3 thread got very little responses. If you're looking for something akin to 4chan /v/ where people aggressively shit on stuff they don't like you're not going to find that anywhere. A trend which is dying even on 4chan /v/, will not be found anywhere else, that's just how it is. Going to slower chans at least makes it so you don't put up with the biggest ills of "mainstream" /v/ as much and if you don't like something you can hide it. That is good enough for me to be honest, which is why I'm starting to get comfy here.

Sage because meta
>> No. 8490 [Edit]
Well then I'm not content with this, it doesn't fill the void I have. All it does is let me pretend the issues don't exist. Thanks for the help, and sorry for wasting your time.
>> No. 8491 [Edit]
smell ya later.

CoD 3 was my favourite. online only, of course.
>> No. 8492 [Edit]

>Do you guys discuss Kusoge like CoD, or games from companies like Compile Heart, Idea Factory and GUST regularly?

I'll humor you and answer but you'll find out soon enough that the answer is meaningless either way.

I have never seen anyone make a thread about CoD or a Compile Heart/Idea Factory/GUST game. Or at very least I don't recall them but I'm 98% positive about this.
>> No. 8504 [Edit]
File 137531809179.png - (302.51KB , 640x480 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I finished playing OFF yesterday, and just finished playing Mad Father a few minutes ago. I was more than satisfied with both of them.
>> No. 8512 [Edit]
File 137568233114.jpg - (105.47KB , 1920x1080 , 2013-08-05_00002.jpg )
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl with the AMK mod and a few shader and texture mods.
Damn beautiful. Hard as nails, though.
>> No. 8514 [Edit]
you turn that minimap off right now
>> No. 8517 [Edit]
File 137590421562.jpg - (530.62KB , 912x837 , 74ad937af2d1d1fc93832ec7df6fdf31.jpg )
Finished Skyward Sword today. Great game. But first, let me start with a disclaimer.

I loved Wind Waker. I could go in-depth here and talk about what made it great in my opinion but I think just saying I loved it is enough (considering how polarizing Wind Waker is). I loved Minish Cap. It was a spectacular game overshadowed by the fact that it was released a couple of months before DS' launch. One of the best 2D Zelda games, really, better than Link's Awakening maybe (still not as good as ALttP but hey, it's ALttP). Okami came out in 2006. Amazing game. Again, could talk about it for a longass while but I'll just say I would rank it among my favorite Zelda games had it been part of the franchise.
And then came Twilight Princess. I was pretty excited about it. Dear God, what a pile of shit that was. Compared to Okami it was a joke. Not losing my hopes I picked up Phantom Hourglass. While TP was a horseshit by Zelda standards (so ultimately still good, just nowhere as good as it ought to be) Phantom Hourglass was pure shit. I wouldn't consider it to be good even if it didn't have 'Zelda' in it's name. I tried Spirit Tracks only to realize it's the same shit as Phantom Hourglass and didn't even finish it (hell, played it for half an hour before quitting in disgust).

After going through all those disappointments I pretty much lost hope in Nintendo and had no exceptations for Skyward Sword. Upon release (or a week afterwards rather) everybody and their mom told me it sucks and is nowhere near as good as TP. ... I wasn't exactly willing to subject myself to experiencing something so bad (worse than TP, really?) so I just forgot about it altogether.

A week or so ago I picked up a shitty 3rd party Motion Control+ along with Skyward Sword. Picking up that shitty MC+ was just about my only regret about SS (aside from me waiting two fucking years to play it) - it didn't work all too well. As a sidenote I'll say I was pretty pissed about having to buy an extra periphal to play just one game but then I recalled Expansion Pak (then again Expansion Pak had -two- games). That 70$ Skyward Sword bundle with a Motion+ Wiimote was a great deal now that I think about it.
Back to Skyward Sword. It was superb. It had a ton of flaws, sure. The Sky was a shitty hud, the amount of handholding in the game was downright disgusting, the music should've been better, the dungeons felt a tad linear, many boss battles were lackluster (although some were superb like Koloktos). But the overworld was THE BEST overwold in ANY Zelda game yet. It was filled with content to the brim. TP's overwold was even emptier than the Sky was in SS. The motion controls were awesome. They totally fixed the dull mashing fest that has plagued Zelda games for ages. Fighting monsters actually felt good and while I wouldn't exactly call it challenging it wasn't piss easy at least. Everything about Lanaryu Dessert was pure genius - best location in any Zelda game yet as far as I'm concerned. I'm very pleased to see they learned a thing or two from Okami and finally made the Ruppees halfway useful.

There were many other things I really liked about it but to cut the long story short I'll just say I'd love to slap every single person who told me SS is worse than the pile of shit called TP. After beating it I will probably end up being a little bit jealous after the new Wii U Zelda will be released.
>> No. 8519 [Edit]
The linear hand holding and empty boring sky really killed SS for me, I'm sorry anon. If that bitch in my sword could have shut up for at least 5 seconds, and if I was allowed to warp to places instead of having to waggle my way across the sky I think I would have enjoyed it more.
>> No. 8522 [Edit]


So like every Zelda since NES then.


So like every Zelda ever then. The Sea and stuff like Hyrule Fields sure are way more exciting (and they fulfill an indentical role).


Agreed but boy was hanging out with Navi fun. Having annoying sidekicks is a Zelda tradition (although Fi was particularly bad).
>> No. 8526 [Edit]
>Every Zelda since NES
Well Zelda 2 is the best in the series, so obviously.

It was emptier than any other Zelda game. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't a pain to get everywhere. Like if they was a warp option like in every other Zelda game.

Fi is the worst Zelda sidekick ever by a longshot. Why couldn't Groose be my sidekick?
>> No. 8530 [Edit]

>It was emptier than any other Zelda game.

No, it wasn't. All Hyrule field incarnations, Seas and whatnot are even emptier and they fulfill the same role.
I won't say the Sky wasn't bad, I'm just saying I'd rather have shitty Sky (which is just a HUD, let's be honest here) and three spectacular areas absolutely packed with content than a completely empty overworld period.

>Like if they was a warp option like in every other Zelda game.

Which are usually rather limited and you have to travel by boat/train/using Epona either way.
If you look at it that way Skyward Sword has warping, too. Traveling through the Sky between locations tooks like ~2 minutes top. That's like 10x less than it takes to travel between the islands in Wind Waker.

>Fi is the worst Zelda sidekick ever by a longshot.

Again, I agree, and again, I fail to see this as a good argument since all Zelda sidekicks are endlessly annoying.
>> No. 8531 [Edit]
A HUD shouldn't take 5+ minutes to navigate every time I want to go somewhere.

Outside of the sky the world wasn't that empty, but it tries so hard to make you go as slowly as possible by having people annoy you every 5 seconds, having to travel to skyloft and back, and all this other shit that it feels empty and repetitive. At least in other games I can warp directly to whatever village/dungeon I need to go to and can do things in the overworld other than fly in empty space, like fight enemies or go fishing or get sidequests.

The collectibles were kind of a huge let down to. You've only got what, bugs and materials and chests? Most of the other games at least give you some interesting way to collect things like collecting poes and the skulltas which are fairly different tasks.
>> No. 8533 [Edit]
File 137628990142.png - (29.19KB , 800x600 , xXx420nosparklesxXx.png )
Somewhere between hearing Ruth White recite Baudelaire and the random Fist of the North Star reference did I realize that I had no goddamn idea what the hell I was playing.

It wasn't too bad for an RPG Maker game.
>> No. 8534 [Edit]
>Well Zelda 2 is the best in the series

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or trying to troll here.
>> No. 8535 [Edit]
I actually like Zelda 2, guess I'm crazy
>> No. 8536 [Edit]
Space Funeral is great. Try Middens while you're at it.
>> No. 8537 [Edit]

>A HUD shouldn't take 5+ minutes to navigate every time I want to go somewhere.

I agree, one day they'll realize that making Hyrule Fields so huge and so uselessly empty is stupid.

>Outside of the sky the world wasn't that empty

Sure it wasn't, it was probably the most content packed overworld in any Zelda game yet.

>but it tries so hard to make you go as slowly as possible by having people annoy you every 5 seconds, having to travel to skyloft and back,

Now you're just making things up. You have to go to Skyloft midway through overworld exploration like 3 times total in the whole game. I finished the game a couple of days ago and right now I only recall one such instance (of course there were more but I wouldn't be surprised if it was exactly 3).

>At least in other games I can warp directly to whatever village/dungeon I need to go to

Not necessarily, you can't just simply warp to any point on the map. SS has lots of warp points on the map. Having to fly through the Sky is unfortunate but it takes considerably less than it does in some other Zelda games.
Wind Waker has a side quest (with magic water and those withered trees) which specifies you should complete it within 30 minutes. It doesn't involve much besides traveling once you confirm where the trees are located.

>like fight enemies

Fighting enemies in previous Zelda games felt like a chore at best and a nuisance at worst. It was button mashing bullshit mostly. Having to actually time your attacks and shield bash made it worthwhile.

>The collectibles were kind of a huge let down to. You've only got what, bugs and materials and chests? Most of the other games at least give you some interesting way to collect things like collecting poes and the skulltas which are fairly different tasks.

This I can agree with, it's a shame they didn't include some cool bonus items or something. Wasn't really hard, they just had to come up with some unique medals (Treasure Medal was probably the best thing you could get out of a Goddess Cube).


>I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or trying to troll here.

Having a different opinion = trolling?
>> No. 8538 [Edit]
I do remember having to go back to skyloft quite a bit though, for placing those stone tablets, fixing that robot, fixing those big wind turbines, etc. And like I said the actual gameworld is fine, it's just that in every other Zelda game except for maybe Wind Waker I only have to go to Hyrule Field maybe 2 times and it takes 3 seconds to get from one end to the other.

I by no means think SS is a bad game or anything, I wouldn't have finished it if I didn't enjoy it, but I just didn't like it as much as the other games in the series.
>> No. 8540 [Edit]

>for placing those stone tablets

I specified 'midway through overworld exploration'. Teleporting to the Sky to open up a new area really isn't that much of a dealbreaker.

>fixing that robot, fixing those big wind turbines

These two totally count. Actually the one instance I could recall were those windmills. At first I didn't really realize you actually need to get the robot fixed since it's something I did before I had to do it.

SS has tons of flaws. Fi, handholding, some subpar boss battles, the items are boring (aside from that vacuum cleaner thingy), dungeon design is bland, uninspired OST, no worthwhile collectibles etc.
But the overworld never felt that good, fighting monsters was actually enjoyable (for the first time in years), there has never been so much worthwhile content, Ruppees were never this useful.

SS wasn't the best entry in the series, sure, but at least it's not complete shit (unlike TP).
>> No. 8541 [Edit]
Been playing FF8 while I wait on ARR.
This is the first non-MMO FF I've enjoyed.
>> No. 8555 [Edit]
I've played games for 20 years and I've beaten some of the hardest challenges gaming has to offer. I'm not the best, I admit, but I could probably kick your ass. But guess what? These days I exclusively play games on the easiest difficulty setting.

It started with Skyrim. The combat is balls and it takes too long. So, in disgust, I put it on the easiest difficulty and resumed playing, and you know what? It made the game more fun. The combat is still shit, but at least it was over with quickly. Then after a while I stopped sneaking through dungeons. Why was I sneaking? So I could kill them. But running and slicing will also kill them, so what does it matter? It's such a waste of time. Sneaking belongs in stealth games, otherwise it's just a fake layer of 'depth' to the gameplay. I found myself playing much more at ease and with considerably less bullshit. I still get to enjoy the story and the setting, which is all I really care about. Gameplay is still there, it's just, well, easier.

Why play games for the challenge? What challenge is there? Take cover and dodge a lot - there's your challenge. Well, anybody can do that. I assume most people play on normal difficulty, at least at first anyway. Well, you know who else does? DSP. He can do it. He's shit and it takes him forever, but he gets it done. What does that say?

Look, you're going to complete the game. You might die a lot, get frustrated at parts, struggle and strain, but you'll get there. So why not get there faster? Those 10 hours it took you to complete the game? About 2 hours of it was just you hiding behind a rock, waiting for your health to regenerate. Wow, fun. I mean, who are you impressing? Nobody cares. As far as I'm concerned, I've earned my stripes. I've played through every genre of gaming and come out on top. I know I'm good. But they're just games and games should be fun. There's more than enough challenges for you in the real world. I'm a casual now and it's so much better.
>> No. 8558 [Edit]

If I didn't know better I'd just assume this is some pasta.

Look, you should seriously stop caring about what other people do. From the looks of it you should also stop caring about how people view you. You're not a kid anymore.
Some people will play games on low difficulty settings and will just enjoy progressing through the story. Others think losing is fun and that there's no point to beating s game if there's no challenge.
Neither is really the right way to enjoy games, despite what you might've been told in the past. To each his own. Just forget about what other people told you and stop thinking about what they might tell you in the future and have fun.
>> No. 8565 [Edit]
This game was frigging amazing. Currently replaying it trying to get Pure Platinum on every level. If you have been on the fence about TW101 or a WiiU you really can't miss this game.
>> No. 8609 [Edit]
File 137953098848.png - (2.68MB , 1920x1080 , American-McGees-Alice-Madness-Returns-1080p-Wallpa.png )
I finally sat down to finish Alice Madness Returns.
Man, that was just wonderful. Best art, plot and ending I can recall.
>> No. 8618 [Edit]
Been playing Unreal World. Tried to make a monk/hermit-like nomad, vegan, mostly-pacifist, unarmed combat character but failed hard from the beginning(no veggies on spring) and had to kill some squirrels and rely on fishing to survive.
I also have another character stuck on mid-October. I have some trap fences and a safe place up but all my meat reserves spoiled because I couldn't salt/dry or trade them in time and now I'm nearly starving and winter is coming. Tough shit.
>> No. 8632 [Edit]
File 138100800171.jpg - (485.61KB , 1280x720 , WiiU_screenshot_TV_012DC.jpg )
>> No. 8633 [Edit]
File 13812740657.png - (2.23MB , 1600x900 , Ni no Kuni.png )
About half-way through Ni no Kuni.

I'm really enjoying it, though it's a shame that a few flaws with the battle system (shared health, poor companion AI etc.) prevent it from being a perfect game imo. The story, incredible art and music are superb however.
>> No. 8644 [Edit]
I used to play that game. I'd usually just grab a battlesword, find a village and go HAM
>> No. 10382 [Edit]
File 138573038427.jpg - (210.59KB , 1280x704 , BSP.jpg )
Playing Arkham Origins. Still good but Arkham Asylum & Arkham City are superior.
>> No. 10389 [Edit]
I've been playing a couple of games, since I have been indescisive on what to choose first, I started off with Xcom UFO defense first, and some god hand for the ps2 when I get bored of Xcom
>> No. 10410 [Edit]
File 138836395124.jpg - (33.39KB , 640x360 , zstuff.jpg )
Got some time now over the eoy holidays but no money.
So, I'm playing the free-to-play games like Path of Exile and Tekken Revolution. Anyone else recommend some free games on PC and PS3?
>> No. 10451 [Edit]
File 139056500392.jpg - (223.47KB , 854x480 , WiiU_screenshot_GamePad_01328.jpg )
I'm playing a game called 'Unepic'. It's pretty good and is like those old 'Metroidvania' games that Konami used to make.

Also, there a bunch of references to nerdy culture that keeps some good humor in it, along with the MCs own dialog that can also be somewhat funny at times.
>> No. 10455 [Edit]
File 139072876017.jpg - (1.23MB , 1920x1080 , z2014.jpg )
Playing Path of Exile
Meh character design
Nice gameplay and lighting is what I wanted Diablo3 to be
Made by Kiwis
>> No. 10457 [Edit]
File 139088401899.jpg - (224.02KB , 1280x720 , Fallout-3.jpg )
Heavily modded. I love this game.
>> No. 10469 [Edit]
What's mods do you use?
Fallout NV Mods
>> No. 10473 [Edit]
File 139220437986.png - (276.49KB , 723x452 , ZFCX.png )
Playing Madoka Magica Online
Nice easy relaxing game fter work.
>> No. 10488 [Edit]
File 13929630518.png - (1.30MB , 1025x768 , banjo 100 time.png )
Got done replaying banjo-kazooie last night(or maybe the night before) damn great game. currently on tooie.
>> No. 10502 [Edit]
Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed.
Best multiplayer experience I've had in years.
>> No. 10710 [Edit]
Torchlight 2. It's funny how Runic implemented pretty much all I(and most people I know who played the first) wanted and yet it doesn't feel as good as the first. Mainly because overworld travelling can be so much slower than simple, mostly linear dungeon crawling.
Still pretty solid and addictive. And I'm sure there are mods to address most of my complaints once I'm done with vanilla.
>> No. 10714 [Edit]
File 140480860833.png - (85.70KB , 278x256 , Tallbird_laying_an_Egg.png )
Day Z mod version. Yeah, I'm a little late. Protip: zombies can't run inside. It's because their moms told them not to so much it has become instinct. Buggy as hell. I'm probably going to stop playing by the end of the week.

Don't Starve. I like it. Pic related.
>> No. 10715 [Edit]
Okay, time to stop playing Day Z. My latest death was because I drank too much water.
I used an empty can to drink some water (as far as I can tell you can't just use your goddamn hands to drink water from a river). The game informed me of my actions with the ominous message: "you drank something" and my thirst meter emptied completely. I guess I nega-drank? I panicked and kept drinking a whole lot of water. I asked on the chat what was going on, and was told it was a bug and to reconnect. On reconnect, I found out my dude was sick from drinking so much unboiled water. It's only a chance to get sick for each drink, but I drank like 20 times because of the bug.

So while my intestines apparently were being explosively ejected from my anus, I decided I wanted to go down in a squirting spray of glory and shot some zombies. Then I passed out from blood loss and shit myself to death in the middle of an empty field.

My most infuriating death was the time I spawned inside of a railing and fell ten feet to my death.

It might be fun if it weren't so incredibly clunky and buggy. Or if zombies actually posed a threat when you're armed, so players would be encouraged to form tenuous alliances. Instead, everyone just kills on sight, so it's pretty much a standard deathmatch but with lots of travel time and surprise death shits.

I hear the standalone is even more buggy. I also hear that you can restrain people and force-feed them strange things. Are they making a survival game or an H-game?
>> No. 10722 [Edit]
File 140495849658.jpg - (235.63KB , 530x711 , LS characters.jpg )
I've been playing Lost Saga for over 3 years now and not much else. The playerbase was always low but the game just got powercreeped pretty badly, I quit a few times and you could say I'm inactive now. I'd say the gameplay is pretty unique, it's like Super Smash Bros. as in there are big maps and edges, but it's 3D, slower, and you can't recover from edges (but they only do around 1/4 health). There are four skills and you can swap heroes when standing/walking normally for combos/utility and ideally the skills would take quite a while to charge so it would be mostly melee. Of course problems are that it's pretty easy to run in this game, lag is also an issue...

They have premium characters from certain outside series like Hazama and Ragna from Blazblue and Sol Badguy and May from Guilty Gear and Iori Yagami and Kyo Kusanagi from King of Fighters. The current host (for NA at least) is generous to give a lot of free stuff but pay2win is still an issue. I don't know, it might be fun if we could create a private group that limits dumb/cheap tactics but then again I'm not the type to put too much effort into something like that.

Maybe I just got attached because I haven't tried out a lot of non-generic MMOs besides it...
>> No. 10743 [Edit]
Ive been playing GTA San Andreas on PC and Im stuck on the mission where you're on a motorbike carrying a guy named OG Loc and have to chase another guy on a bike. Is it supposed to be so hard to use driving controls? Most of the time I fail missions because I crash into so many things that my car explodes.

See this vid:

My driving is nothing like that, I would've crashed into the hedge at the start, spent a few seconds getting on the bike again and reversing into the right position, then crash into a car while trying to cross the road, then crash trying to turn into the alleyway, etc etc..
>> No. 10744 [Edit]
I remember that one being a bit tough. I too crashed into things a lot, mainly due to the sudden expected turns the guy would take. maybe you should practice with the bike more?
I know in gtasa the handling of different vehicles changes and improves as you spend more time driving them. just like accuracy improves with guns the more you use them. I'd recommend attending the bike school, but that's not available until you unlock las venturas.
>> No. 10746 [Edit]
Playing Dark Souls 2 a few hours a day and nothing else lately.

Try to memorize the route, you don't need to tail him closely if l recall correctly, so you can sort of take your time and drive at a slower pace to avoid crashing.
>> No. 10747 [Edit]
I finally got around to playing the black rock shooter game. I love how in the story all but a dozen humans have been wiped out in an alien invasion, and half of them die in the first few minutes of the game. I find it absolutely hilarious when they go on about saving mankind, being humanity's last hope and so on. If the human race has been wiped out save for 6 guys and an alien chick, there's nothing to save. Even if they take turns impregnating brs, then what? inbreeding?
>> No. 10764 [Edit]
I started playing Dynasty Warriors 6. I've heard it's the weakest modern one in the series but I got it for free and I'm enjoying it even if it's not perfect.

I've done four story modes so far and I'll try to do all of them (except one because they couldn't have made Xang Shang more annoying if they had tried - plays horribly, irritating voice, "who says a woman has to be weak" constantly, girl power storyline - hopefully Diao Chan and the other woman will be better) before I get DW8XL.

Out of all of the ones I've played as Lu Xun was probably the best (quick and had a great air wave) and Sima Yi was great even though he has no reach (probably my favourite character so far). I'm liking Zhou Yu as well even though I'm not finished with him yet.

I'm just kind of surprised how I haven't gotten tired of doing the same levels over and over again so I can level people up. Also the rock music, I'm not complaining, but I wasn't expecting rock music.
>> No. 10837 [Edit]
Playing Terraria.
Not really sure if I like it.
>> No. 10856 [Edit]
Isn't that what the first humans did?
>> No. 10857 [Edit]
The first humans didn't just pop up and then were forced to inbreed because there were so few of them. Thousands of them developed over millions of years very slowly.
>> No. 10858 [Edit]
>The first humans didn't just pop up and then were forced to inbreed because there were so few of them.
The bible says otherwise.
>> No. 10869 [Edit]
Playing lots of Mario Kart 8, the online mode is very fun.
>> No. 10870 [Edit]
Some internet friends got me into Smite, It's nice to know that HiRez is still doing well, I know that smite's been making them tons of cash and they've hired something like 200 more people to work on it. I hope that they get big enough to maybe start working on tribes again, I miss skiing but servers are always so empty.

But smite is a pretty solid game by itself, the whole click to move/top down thing was a big thing in keeping me away from other mobas but this one is a nice traditional third person. I really like tanking in it. I like playing support in most multilayer games but this one is really satisfying, mezing 4 people with kumba's stupidly long yawn to set them up for a kraken or scylla ult and then rooting the survivors for your hunter to clean up feels great. I also really like their god pack deal, It's like 30 bucks to get all the gods now and ever and all the favor (which is the in game currency) you spent on unlocking gods, you get back and can spend on skins and stuff.
>> No. 10874 [Edit]
File 140993805282.png - (6.37KB , 240x160 , Moemon FireRed_2014_09_01_19_56_08_010.png )
This mod makes the game a lot more interesting.
>> No. 10875 [Edit]

What's the name of the mod?
>> No. 10876 [Edit]
Look at the filename, 'moemon'
>> No. 10877 [Edit]
They're really cute!
>> No. 10878 [Edit]
File 140994843854.png - (4.52KB , 240x160 , Moemon FireRed_2014_09_03_23_19_15_314.png )
yeah moemon, it's a fire red mod.

Nice thing about it is not knowing what to expect. Exploring and finding out what each Pokemon looks like creates a nice new level of enjoyment to the game. Who knew muk could be so cute?

Needless to say, some are better designed and more creative than others. mod has had a lot of updates.

I had to look for and use a pre-patched version, becuase trying to patch it myself with their file wasn't working.
>> No. 10879 [Edit]
File 140995225387.png - (2.85KB , 240x160 , moemon Emerald_2014_09_05_14_21_03_445.png )
There's also one for Emerald version fyi.
>> No. 10989 [Edit]
File 141155569121.jpg - (37.65KB , 640x360 , tg.jpg )
The world needs more pretty games.
>> No. 10990 [Edit]
File 141159914588.png - (1.30MB , 874x795 , Chuchu.png )
Its hard for me to just sit down and play games anymore which really sucks but im off and on playing:
Emerald (first time)
Shin Megami Tensei IV (first time)
Alpha Centauri
Zoo tycoon every once and a while
And OFF (first time)
>> No. 10991 [Edit]
Thinking of getting Metro 2033 or Last Light.
Unless it really grips me I'll only play one. Which one do you guys recommend?
>> No. 10996 [Edit]
I've only played 2033 and didn't enjoy it much. The setting and atmosphere are good but the gameplay is trash.
I'd only recommend either one if you just want to look at pretty pictures, go play Stalker if you want good gameplay.
>> No. 10997 [Edit]
Last Light is without a doubt the better game. It is a direct sequel, so if you play it first there's pretty much no reason to ever touch the first one. Though, 2033 is only 5 hours long in the first place...

Post edited on 25th Sep 2014, 2:27am
>> No. 11003 [Edit]
I tried playing Ancient Space, sounded neat. feels a bit half backed. they really should have worked on the camera control a bit more. the 3d movement makes everything convoluted as fuck. Nothing in the game really moves in three dimensions, Everything is stuck to an invisible hilly floor. It makes things really hard to navigate and combat turns into a big mess at times when that hilly floor turns into a jagged mountain. Don't help that upgrades and menu changes don't seem to save properly. Found it kinda funny how a character dies after the second mission or so and he's still a playable unit as soon as the next missing starts.

Seems like everything I try on steam turns out to be a half baked buggy game, but I guess it can't be helped.
>> No. 11007 [Edit]
File 141182929917.png - (162.09KB , 600x296 , ByUo2RKIQAAQnp3.png )
Since there's a new update coming up I'm playing Cook, Serve, Delicious again.
>> No. 11019 [Edit]

It's already October and this thing didn't come out yet, so I moved on to Rayman Legends, which is now complete. Next up is Child of Light.
>> No. 11032 [Edit]
Thanks for the advice. I think I've decided to just not play them.

Been playing Dark Souls 2 recently. Don't like it as much as Dark Souls, which in turn, I don't like as much as Demon's Souls. Demon's Souls was liked because of the atmosphere. The director has repeatedly said in interviews that the difficulty was only to pull you into the world more, to show how brutal the world of Boletaria is. And Namco decided to market Dark Souls 1/2 in a really obnoxious manner.

I just liked the atmosphere of Demon's Souls more, it was so ethereal and melancholic. The crestfallen warrior literally becomes so depressed he stops existing. That's the kind of shit I like to see. And I liked King Allant's final words "You fool. Don't you understand? No one wishes to go on..."

Also, Yuria is moe moe.
>> No. 11038 [Edit]
File 141292029047.jpg - (1.08MB , 1921x1080 , Gas Guzzlers Extreme.jpg )
I know it's probably meant to be 'you're ridiculous' but I keep seeing it as 'yuri (is) delicious'
>> No. 11041 [Edit]
I think Alien: Isolation was scariest before I ever met the alien.
>> No. 11042 [Edit]
Pretty much. Really drains all the tension out how you'll just die at the drop of a hat without even understanding what, if anything, you did wrong and have to replay the last however many minutes.
Taught me pretty quickly that none of it matters; it's just a game that's a total chore to play, not a xenomorph chasing me around a creepy dilapidated space station.
>> No. 11050 [Edit]
File 141322355353.jpg - (69.27KB , 576x496 , ss+(2014-10-13+at+06_50_42).jpg )
Child of Light is almost done and so I've gone on to Prison Architect, which is way more fun than I anticipated.

Post edited on 13th Oct 2014, 11:07am
>> No. 11089 [Edit]
I'm replaying Shadow of Chernobyl. I really forgot how intense this game can get. Most people seem to think it's very slow, kinda like arma.
When I have the money I'm going to buy Xillia 2, FFX HD and when it comes out the new KH remix
>> No. 11090 [Edit]
I finally got around to play Borderlands 2. I tried out the mechromancer-, psycho- and assasin class and ended up playing with the psycho more even though he is the most difficult to play of those classes. I also downloaded World of Tanks. Multiplayer is great when nobody expects that much from you.
>> No. 11163 [Edit]
Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.
>> No. 11165 [Edit]
Just finished Organ Trail. I'm not big on retro games, or very nostalgic to old games in general (although I never played Oregon Trail to begin with), but this game is surprisingly atmospheric.
>> No. 11170 [Edit]
Started Dead Space recently, however I fell on a bug in the pc version which causes the difficulty to reset to medium, which seems too easy, when I was playing on hard.
It is possible to edit the save's difficulty in a hex editor, however the next time you save it reverts right back to medium apparently.
It just wouldn't feel right to continue on medium, so I'll probably end up dropping it sadly.
It's a shame, even if I wasn't far in, I was having a lot of fun with it.
>> No. 11183 [Edit]
Got the lastest version of SF4 called Ultra SF4. More characters but netplay is bad (PC-version).
>> No. 11197 [Edit]
File 14166400996.jpg - (375.17KB , 1280x720 , WiiU_screenshot_TV_0144F.jpg )
>> No. 11205 [Edit]
File 141675636570.png - (1.96MB , 1600x900 , butts indeed.png )
Felt like some mindless grinding, so I've been play FF12: Glorious Butts. It's an okay game besides all the incredible bullshit.

Infamous Zodiac Spear chest lockout.
Over 1 hour long optional Yiazmat fight.
Fran having a slow bow animation, Balthier having a slow animation with guns, bows and crossbows, Penelo having a slow animation with crossbows and guns. Fran and Balthier start with a bow and gun respectively...
Diamond Armlet. It changes the set of items a chest can drop, usually to worthless stuff, so you can easily miss one-time-only chests.

Weapons not explained at all. Why do guns have such low attack? Easy, they ignore defense (actually one NPC might tell you this, I remember one saying something about gun mechanics)! Axes do a wide range of damage. Hidden combo chances. Maces don't use strength, but magick! Of course! Staves often give bonuses to certain elements! Poles are checked against magick defense! Why not!

You can't check the stats that matter in shops! Light armor gives HP, heavy armor strength, and magic armor gives magic, but you can't see it in the shop screen. Staves give magic bonuses, but it just shows the attack power.
>> No. 11245 [Edit]
>Mindless grinding
Funny you mention it, I've been playing Sims 4 recently.
>> No. 11266 [Edit]
I'm playing FFXII as well. I heard about the bow and gun thing when I was trying to figure out what to do with the party and I really can't be bothered to switch either of them to something else (maybe I'll just make Fran the gunman and Balthier the archer).

I'm not very far into it. I'm supposed to be in the King's Tomb getting a something but since I'm never the right level for anything I went on a grinding travel, doing hunts, etc.

So far my party is: Basch: tank with sword, Vaan: tank with sword (with some white magic), Panelo: white mage (with some green - will probably start giving her black), Balthier: gunman, Fran: archer/black/white mage, and Ashe: unused.
Ignoring Ashe will probably backfire but I don't know what else to do with her. I don't really need her.

I was going to give somebody a spear but I heard they were useless. I'll stick to swords.

Shame the asses are all flat. Not as bad as Lightning but if you're going with brown sugar, wearing that, she needs a proper ass.
>> No. 11277 [Edit]
>Shame the asses are all flat. Not as bad as Lightning but if you're going with brown sugar, wearing that, she needs a proper ass.
From the side, this is pretty apparent. But from behind, they look pretty good in their absurd turbo-slut clothing. It makes sense for Fran not to have a bulbous bottom because she's essentially an elf, and elves are usually slim. A strange thing I noticed is that if you watch Penelo run from the side, you realize she kinda runs like Solid Snake...
>> No. 11282 [Edit]
I just beat shadow of mordor, I have pretty mixed feelings about it, the combat is extreamly easy, but there's enough versatility in it to be fun, a lot of abilities to unlock, my favorite has to be the shadow strike one, it's extreamly useful, teleporting crazy distances and quickly taking out a group of orcs is way too much fun.

This part is spoilers for the second half of the game
I was already impressed with the nemesis system in the first half of the game, tracking down specific captains and learning their weaknesses was extreamly fun. But unlocking the branding ability changed everything. You go from a pretty fun mechanic to an extreamly fun one. Brainwashing a warchief and giving him a few body guards then pitting him against another warchief who has body guards that are already under your control is extreamly fun, I ended up branding every capitan and warchief in the second half

The story is garbage though, it's full of moments like "hey, that was in the movies, do you remember that" the free running felt a bit slow and clunky and as I said the combat is too easy. The sound mixing is awful, I had to turn the music completely off because of how loud it would get in cut scenes.
But I would say go ahead and get it in like a year on a sale
>> No. 11320 [Edit]
File 142129434849.jpg - (49.65KB , 360x451 , z20150115.jpg )
Playing League of Legends
It's not so bad...
>> No. 11321 [Edit]

Don't do it, quit while you still can!! Or you will waste so much time like me (4k hours and counting) It eaaaaats your soul.
>> No. 11354 [Edit]
True, when you're watching them run from the back it's not noticeable but I still think Fran need a little something.

>A strange thing I noticed is that if you watch Penelo run from the side, you realize she kinda runs like Solid Snake...
I will have to look when I next go back to play.

I decided to stop acting like a twelve-year-old and fixed my party. Basch-hammer, Vaan-lance, Ashe-black mage, Penelo-white mage, Fran-gun, Balthier-crossbow. I did stick Balthier with the bow for a while but it was weird. I had some good drops on the lance and hammer - Vaan's pretty deadly now.
It's been a while since I've had a game where you can change characters' styles so quickly. Usually each character has one weapon type they can use, so I prefer this. Plus the story has picked up a bit - if only the grinding wasn't so bad.

Did also run through Hotel Dusk over the weekend in a couple of sittings. Wish I had played it sooner.
>> No. 11382 [Edit]
File 142429078218.jpg - (184.42KB , 1600x899 , take it easy.jpg )
Been playing Hyperdimension Neptunia Re Birth 1.
Haven't gotten far into it yet but it seems like a decent improvement over the old one. Never finished the original because of how bad the gameplay was.
Translation is pretty bad, but fortunately I don't 'need' subs as much as I used to.
Maybe it's because they phoned in the port, but the controls/interface don't work very well with a mouse/keyboard. menus don't scroll with the wheel, game wont recognize extra mouse buttons, game uses controller icons even when using a mouse/keyboard, some stuff like rotating characters works really poorly, especially in menues. Seems they -really- want you to use a gamepad.
>> No. 11393 [Edit]
Just bought The Last Remnant and have been playing it for two hours or so. The translation is bad, the story not that good, the characters not that cool, but the combat system may be fun when I figure out how to have fun with it.

These things wouldn't matter a lot to me (not true) if it wasn't because of the fucking bgm or lack thereof. Why do they insist on not playing anything during cutscenes? Are they intentionally trying to make them boring? The game has so many flaws, but why did sound have to be one of them?
>> No. 11395 [Edit]
What are the translation issues? I was planning on getting it sometime in the future.
>> No. 11396 [Edit]
I don't understand Japanese, so don't take it too seriously (I didn't want to ruin the stilistics). I picked up on a few basic lines which just did everything wrong. It wasn't close in directness nor in meaning.

The one which frustrated me most was naruhodo. The leader is repeating what's been reported to him and then say naruhodo. It's translated as "... lovely". It makes me so fucking angry beyond belief. "... lovely" implies sarcasm, but what he originally meant was "I see" or "I get the situation" or whatever. So I thought to myself "if they can't even get the basics right.."

The story so far focuses getting the little sister back. When she is kidnapped, she says "onii-chan". It's translated as Rush (his name). I get that it's a common thing to do, but this is not about what's common, it's about what makes most sense and furthermore what brings the player into the story the most. Having her yell "brother!" is way better and more intense, and the fucking driving force of the story is them being siblings.

I think I recall something about the way "hanase" was used which seemed a bit weird, but I can't be sure.

Apparently the leader "David" for the guards is "David-sama", but to Rush "David-sama" is "David", so that when Rush is allowed to be informal "David" turns to "Dave". It's annoying to hear them say one thing, when the subtitles shows something else. The solution might be to use English dubs.

Besides, so far there hasn't been any RPG feeling at all, just a bunch of dungeons after each other (perfect for grinding if you're into that). Maybe it gets better.
>> No. 11404 [Edit]
Really? Because the two localized Re;birth games have been noted to have much, much better translations than the originals.
>> No. 11406 [Edit]
File 142508987814.jpg - (223.57KB , 1600x899 , blah blah.jpg )
Well it seems to be better latter into the game.
Lot of the translation issues seem to come from them trying to shove in references English players would get (when no such references were made in Japanese) or when terminology is used that would be hard to translate.
For example; The character here is actually saying "yeah yeah chuunibyou"
>> No. 11408 [Edit]
Oh dear. I remember reading somewhere they changed a 'thank you' into 'that's so ace!' Maybe it's just an Americanisation thing but it makes me worry: if they can't manage basic sentences, what did they do to the plot points? Perhaps I should hold it off until my Japanese is better.

>perfect for grinding
iirc if you grind, the enemies get harder.
>> No. 11409 [Edit]
>iirc if you grind, the enemies get harder
Some will want to grind for materials. It's a bad idea to overlevel in the beginning because the party you put together later will be weak. And the dungeons really are perfect for grinding: It's like going through a dungeon in an mmo but without the midbosses... at least where I am in the story.
>> No. 11411 [Edit]
Is that a yukkuri face?
>> No. 11412 [Edit]
Yeah, she does it once in a while, but not often.
>> No. 11413 [Edit]
Original wasn't that bad, I managed to get the platinum even.
>> No. 11416 [Edit]
File 142541697226.png - (2.36MB , 986x3854 , Murasaki English Manual.png )
I've been playing a danmaku game called Murasaki. It's made by the same developer as Irisu Syndrome, which is also well worth playing if you haven't already.

It's an absolutely lovely game. The mechanics are simple and intuitive, yet nuanced enough to allow for real tactics. It also has a very good difficulty curve, with additional challenges available throughout to push yourself.

Unfortunately, there is no English translation (yet), so I've only a fairly nebulous idea of what's going on with the story.

There are a few things which aren't entirely straightforward about how the later stages work. I've only spoilered them in case you want to figure it out for yourself; there's no actual story spoilers.
Towards the end of stage four, when the green blob shows up, you have to destroy the chains leading to the corners of the screen, not the blob itself. If you destroy the blob the stage ends prematurely.
In stage five, you have to not defeat each of the three midbosses. Otherwise, the final boss fight is rather anticlimactic.

The game can be downloaded from
The official website (Japanese) is
An interview with the creator (Japanese)
I've attached an English guide.
>> No. 11424 [Edit]
File 142635028714.jpg - (378.83KB , 1493x1920 , 274170_screenshots_2015-03-10_00004.jpg )
Hotline Miami 2. Had to stop for a while because it's very hard and I strain my eyes too much playing it. I guess I like it though...
>> No. 11456 [Edit]
Just finished the 14th installment of Touhou. It's the second time I beat a Touhou game. The satisfaction is real.
>> No. 11457 [Edit]
I'm currently playing Patapon and I'm stuck. As fun as the game is, being able to build a small army and command them through a rhythm game, there's no consistent way to get better weapons or armour - hunting and replaying bosses only give me materials (which I can easily get through the mini-games anyway). The only missions that give out weapons regularly are the 'story' missions and you can't redo those. I don't really see how I'm supposed to progress when I'm having to use the basic wooden weapons which do one damage. I've tried every Patapon set-up to try and defeat this level and it's not happening. I'm five missions from the end, how did I even manage this?
>> No. 11458 [Edit]
I kinda had that problem with the second game and was never able to get past the final boss because of it.
>> No. 11459 [Edit]
Damn. If that happens now I'd honestly have to put it down for a while because doing it all again now would drive me mad.
They should have done a mini-game for it that used the resources for making Patapons, so you would have to pick: better Patapon or better weapon. Though that's rather obvious so I'm guessing they thought of it and dismissed it for some reason.

I'm tempted to do more grinding but I'd probably just get stuck on one of the few levels remaining.
>> No. 11460 [Edit]
Unfortunately I haven't played the games in years so I can't be of much help. I think a lot of it had to do with learning enemies attack patterns and trying to predict them?
>> No. 11461 [Edit]
I just finished radiant historia and liked it a lot, any other really good nintendo DS RPGs I could play?
>> No. 11463 [Edit]
That's all right. I'm just a bit frustrated it ended at that. I think it gives you better drops the better you do because I'm already getting better drops on my second way through (I had no computer and nothing to do for a couple of days).

You've got the Etrian Odyssey games, Infinite Space, Contact and quite a few I haven't played yet. Also things like Pokemon, the Chrono Trigger port and some Final Fantasy remakes.
>> No. 11464 [Edit]
Just finished Mirror's Edge. It was ok, not great, but the ending made it worth it.
>> No. 11466 [Edit]
I played through Flower, Sun and Rain in two days. It's pretty solid though I was getting tired of how all of the story puzzles came down to finding the right page in the guide - one or two bonus puzzles felt like they didn't give enough information but I'm not the quickest with puzzles. The writing was good even if the ending has me stumped, though I think I get most of it.
>> No. 11473 [Edit]
I picked up Half-Minute Hero yesterday. I've mostly completed the first story mode (I missed a side route somewhere) and a few levels of the EvilLord. So far it's pretty enjoyable. The writing's all right though some of the jokes start to get old incredibly quickly and it gets a little repetitive (if the credits had been completely skippable and the level overview not slow as hell it would have been better).

It's kind of annoying that some of the level 'titles' require you to fail or do badly at to achieve.

Seems like a game I'd like to 100% - assuming I like the other playstyles enough.
>> No. 11500 [Edit]
I finally finished FFXII. The ending was a little weak but that might have been because of the first director leaving near the end of it. I'm glad the story ended that way but it was abrupt (didn't feel like it was working towards the ending) and the level/bosses were rather easy. I still need to finish the bonus bosses and hunts.

Overall I enjoyed it. Very good, except the ending.

Started Monster Hunter Freedom.
>> No. 11505 [Edit]
I've been playing Armoured Core: Verdict Day after an old friend went on a rant about how good the series is.

Is it supposed to be this hard?
Or do I just suck? I'm stuck on a mission set in a city, and you have to stop the animes from escaping.

It's nice to see Australia get repped in a game.

Tonnes. There's TWEWY if you haven't played it already. Disgaea got a good port. Devil Survivor 1 and 2 are great, although the first one is better. Strange Journey is also a great dungeon crawler.
>> No. 11506 [Edit]
FSR is a good game.
I think that playing the entire thing in two days may have contributed to your fatigue, seeing how the game is episodic in nature. I don't blame you though, these days I usually marathon games too even if they are not suited for such an approach. I'm so impatient.
I enjoyed the guide book element and immersing myself in everything Lospass had to offer. It may sound silly, but the game actually made me appreciate hot weather IRL. I just have to tap into that Mondo feeling and I'm good to go.

Also, the guide book was printed in physical form at one time; I find that very fascinating.

The game's predecessor may get a fan translation some time in the future too.
>> No. 11510 [Edit]
File 143289336130.jpg - (501.33KB , 1280x720 , WiiU_screenshot_TV_01769.jpg )
Here's a picture of my squid loli. She's so cute!
>> No. 11512 [Edit]
>She's so cute.
Is a non-cute loli squid even possible?

I haven't seen it possible to make a cute shota in that game though.
>> No. 11546 [Edit]
I'm currently playing the first Persona game. I was enjoying it up until the final dungeon. Basically no grind throughout and then suddenly 'you need to go up another ten levels' and leveling up in this game is slow, boring and tedious. If I was underleveled earlier the game gave no indication because I made it through the rest of the dungeons perfectly fine but suddenly it's jumped up.

I could try and see if I can manage through the rest but there's two massive floors (one is a massive "puzzle") full of harder random encounters - which I keep dying to - and it all sounds tedious as fuck as well. I'm probably just going to drop it after one or two attempts; doesn't seem worth any more attempts. Not exactly desperate to follow the story (not really interesting).
>> No. 11563 [Edit]
I really hope Exanima keeps getting updates. Permadeath, dungeon crawling and the hella real combat all makes me happy, and it has dat diablo 1 vibe going. Its been a long time since I felt this cool in a game.
>> No. 11564 [Edit]
I've recently gotten back into playing Minecraft, of all things, after a few years of not playing it.

It's a lovely game, it really is. There's something so innocent and peaceful about it. I'm impressed that despite the vaguely out of place RPG-ish elements, it still has the same open, natural feeling to the world as the early alpha versions. It is still far too easy, though. I'm playing on hard and, despite putting myself in quite a bit of danger, haven't even dropped below half health.

I sort of miss the old Tohno-chan Minecraft server. Does anybody know of any similar servers currently running?
>> No. 11565 [Edit]
File 14417944529.jpg - (249.27KB , 400x240 , HNI_0041_MPO.jpg )
Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX

I love Miku sooooooo much! <3

Also, the game doesn't seem too bad.
>> No. 11571 [Edit]
I'm nearing the end of my playthrough of LOTR: Third Age. It's basically FFX in Middle-Earth with more skills.

It's all right. I'm glad for anything like the FFX combat system but the addition of the skill system means a lot of grinding is required to get the necessary skills to proceed. It has two completely useless characters, except for minor use as back-ups, and the writing has some decent moments in it. It's fanfiction-tier when it's anything to do with the films/books but they tried when it came to some twists with the main character (it was fanfiction-tier as well but it was fanfiction that tried).

In the end I found the grinding location and finished it. Final boss was surprisingly meh.
>> No. 11574 [Edit]
I played Max Payne 3's multiplayer and Jesus fucking Christ, most of it's problems are overlookable but bomb suit and sawn-off shotgun is not.
These fuckers just waltz right up to you and blast you OHKO.

Also a full large team-deathmatch takes 10 minutes to freaking load.
>> No. 11601 [Edit]
File 144401751644.jpg - (271.72KB , 500x625 , z20151006.jpg )
There's more than 1 Max Payne game?
>> No. 11642 [Edit]
File 144677657268.jpg - (1.51MB , 1920x1080 , Tenryuu seems a bit less soft than in Kancolle but.jpg )
Due to a recent interest in Kantai Collection despite being unable to play/enjoy the actual game since I do not know moonrunes, I decided to try World of Warships, as it was obviously the closest thing to it.
Although I wasn't a huge fan of World of Tanks for the short time I played it ages ago for reasons I can't quite remember, I'm actually enjoying WoWS a lot. The gameplay is quite good and it doesn't seem pay to win for now, although I'm not in high enough tiers to have encountered premium ships yet so it's too early to judge that.
>> No. 11645 [Edit]
I've decided to start playing KanColle because of your post. It was generally easy getting an account, but getting past the region block is another story until I actually looked around (I got help from this site: and )

I really like the girls. I hope that I can get Shimakaze easy enough ♡!

I can't upload the SWF file here because of its super length and girth, so I'll link it instead:おぅ おぅ おぅ.swf
>> No. 11648 [Edit]
That's good, have fun!
I did hear you can kinda learn to play from the wiki without knowing jap, but that just doesn't seem fun to me, so I'll have to pass unless a miracle happens and I get the motivation to seriously get to learning it.

>I really like the girls.
All the girls really are wonderful. Shimakaze is really cute, although my favorites would be Inazuma and Tenryuu personally.
Granted, my only knowledge of them comes from the wiki and silly safebooru 4komas but, assuming the wiki isn't completely off, they are the ones I find most adorable in different ways.

The fact that there are a lot of cute pictures/flashes/MMDs/other videos of Kancolle girls certainly is nice.
>> No. 11713 [Edit]
Playing Theme Hospital because I never finished it as a kid. Better than I remember - likely because I missed out on some of the mechanics - but I've also ran into a recurring bug I don't remember seeing before. Sometimes doors will just stop existing and people will walk at the gap indefinately. Only way I found to fix it was to load an old save.
>> No. 11806 [Edit]
Recently started playing Rocket League and boy am I terrible at it. Medium bots are utterly mopping the floor with me and I struggle with even the training mode. I'll need to practice for a long time before I find the courage and the skills to play against other rookies online. Right now, a stationary car parked somewhere in front of the goal would probably perform better than me.

I love the concept of the game though. It really seems fun once you get the hang of it.
>> No. 11836 [Edit]
File 145281044885.jpg - (240.70KB , 1143x918 , a20160117.jpg )
Playing Yatagarasu – Attack on Cataclysm
Just for fun.
>> No. 11874 [Edit]
File 145388511693.jpg - (39.38KB , 600x313 , c20160205.jpg )
Transformers: Devastation is fun but a mite repetitive.
>> No. 11878 [Edit]
I recently finished Arcanum. I love the game but simply never had the patience to push through the last few chapters before.
I tried rolling another character afterwards to try and redo the game using all the features of the unofficial patch + a rebalance mod. However I just didn't feel satisfied with the character concept I came up with and it was feeling like a chore, so I put it on hold for now.

Now I decided to finally try that KotOR game people love so much. The controls are a bit of a nuisance but I'm loving it so far. The graphics still look sharp and pleasant and the world has me completely drawn in. I'm not usually too fond of Bioware titles, but hopefully this one will keep me entertained until the end and beyond.
>> No. 11911 [Edit]
File 145500225986.png - (2.63MB , 1594x896 , 0.png )
I started with Ys and just recently got into these series.
I'm currently on the second game and the series are really good, i'm kinda impressed and regret not getting into it earlier.

The first game was awesome from beginning to end but i've been let down on the SC so far (i'm on chapter 5), there are many fun sidequests but it kinda feels like a MMORPG at times, throwing us around... i don't like this for a single player game and SC is abusing it a bit, if the 3rd is like this, i'll skip some sidequests. Time ceased to be my ally a long time ago.

I'm enjoying it so far but the first game set the bar so high i'm a bit disappointed in the second, hopefully i'll finish it this week averaging 5~8hr/day, i got sucked into these series and now i can't quit until i see the end.
>> No. 11913 [Edit]
I take that back, the game actually picks up steam from C5 onwards.
It's been a while since a videogame has stricken emotions into this being.
Been a while since i've cried over a game.
>> No. 11933 [Edit]
Plants vs Zombies is fun!
>> No. 12028 [Edit]
File 145949447523.jpg - (1.38MB , 1920x1080 , screencap1.jpg )
Been playing the mad max game for the past few days. Pretty decent for a movie related game, but in general it's kind of... 'okay'. It's really just a lot of driving around in a farcry style sandbox with batman style combat at various locations on the map. The story is kind of.. non existent, and what little of a plot there is can honestly be pretty laughable.
>> No. 12032 [Edit]
and holy shit did this game have a horrible ending to it. I get they had to kill off every single character max came in contact with since it's essentially a prequel to the latest movie, but they way they went about it just moronic bull crap that doesn't make any sense, especially with killing off that hunchback. The game starts with him saving your life, and you spend the whole game building a car with him and working as a team to fight off countless enemies together and having eachother's back the whole way, just so at the end you can ram a truck off a cliff and destroy said car and kill that partner at the same time, all the while he sits on the hood and begs you not to do it. (only option the game gives is to hit the gas, nothing else works) This is a car built and designed to battle, one you've probably rammed other cars into destruction with hundreds of times by the end... and it gets destroyed by driving it into the back of a large truck... you could just push the truck off the cliff, shoot at it, anything... and the boss doesn't even die. To make matters worse during that final boss fight the mc hears the hunchback's voice cheering him on to kill the boss, after max killed him for no good reason. That's like some Kratos level of douche bag behavior right there.
>> No. 12058 [Edit]
Dark Souls III. It's really good and reminds me of Demon's Souls in a lot of ways. I don't like that it's still designed around sword+board gameplay though; the influence from Bloodborne is clear.
>> No. 12059 [Edit]
File 146115928668.jpg - (289.34KB , 548x674 , shenyong6345_011.jpg )
I decided to niche myself in a few consoles; Genesis, Gameboy Gameboy Color, Sega Saturn, N64. I'm considering to add PS1 and GBA to the list. Right now I'm playing Link's Awakening. I'm close to the ending now. After that I'll try to finish Momotarou Dengeki for GB.
>> No. 12076 [Edit]
File 146186657479.jpg - (626.65KB , 849x1000 , momotarou-dengeki-2.jpg )
Just finished the sequel. I'm planning to go for Super Bikkuriman now.
>> No. 12083 [Edit]
File 146213134915.jpg - (76.19KB , 425x495 , gbgenjin.jpg )
Finished Bonk's Adventure and Bonk's Revenge. Enjoyed both of them.
>> No. 12085 [Edit]
File 146215749388.png - (1.02MB , 1280x768 , 263300_20160501233527_1.png )

Can definitely recommend it to anyone who likes VNs and fighting games
>> No. 12087 [Edit]
>> No. 12102 [Edit]
File 146291325987.jpg - (178.22KB , 697x697 , 19413906_p0.jpg )
Started playing the first Raidou game somewhat recently. I really like almost every MT game but this one just isn't fun enough despite being pretty great concept-wise.
I mean I love the whole setting, having demons as your partner in investigations etc. but the gameplay and the same tracks over and over really worsen the experience.
I will finish the game because I've heard the second one is a lot better, I do find the story interesting and I really need to get Alice but it's been a while since I've felt forced to play a game.

I think having a game with some really good aspects but otherwise being pretty shitty is even worse than completely shit games because I drop those without a second thought.
>> No. 12136 [Edit]
I've been enjoying it as well, despite not having very high hopes or really any hopes for it at all prior to the beta.
>> No. 12143 [Edit]
File 146588582272.png - (186.47KB , 314x462 , qPykBOj.png )
It's been a while since I've played it but this game has kind of stuck with me and might be one of my favorites. It is Rodea the Sky Soldier. You have probably heard that it plays like NiGHTS but with speed like Sonic and it is basically that, flying around trying to get fast times. It's pretty simple, you just point where you want to fly and Rodea takes off but he can fly in arcs when you swing the controller so then you can swerve around stuff pretty fast when you get good at it. I think the B button was for flying and the A button was for boosting which is also his main form of attack. It's a simple game but I've seen one person say it gets repetitive and they might be right so the story might be your main motivating factor after a certain point. The story itself is one I enjoyed but might not be all that great in the eyes of others. A robot named Rodea is fighting in a war and he has to protect the person he loves but she sends him off into the future to protect the land that Emperor Geardo, the main villain, wants to take over. It then has you playing as Rodea getting from one point to another for various reasons. You can also get a few power-ups but you can only have one at a time and they are revealed to you pretty early so you don't have much surprise to keep you playing. That was the Wii version, the Wii U and N3DS version have you going into some kind of "pre-flight mode" where Rodea jumps up into the air, stops, starts spinning in place so you can choose a target, and then he starts flying towards the selected location that can be chosen with a cursor that is controlled using the control stick. While he flies towards his target he can only do so for a limited amount of time because his fuel runs out and it runs out even more quickly when you make Rodea boost. Thankfully there are energy cubes scattered around that Rodea can pick up but it still makes that function a problem. There is an upgrade to make him fly faster but his fuel runs out faster which makes it seem more like a sidegrade, he also can't arc normally, that is also obtained via an upgrade that must be purchased but the trade off is that there aren't too many objects that force you to arc around it such as the spider webs that are present in the Wii version. Thankfully Rodea can hold multiple power-ups at once and switch between them in the Wii U version but one of them is vastly inferior. Rodea also has some kind of special attack that he can use for fifty gravitons called "Shining Bullet" which wipes out all of the enemies on the screen, unfortunately it mostly just looks nice. A lot of the enemies aren't really necessary to defeat and some don't even pose a threat at all so it is really just there to look cool and it certainly doesn't help your times. On the topic of gravitons, it's kind of like this games' coins or rings, you collect them seemingly just for the sake of doing so but you can actually get ranks for how many you collected, the highest being an S rank but you end up collecting a lot. Just for an example I played a level where I scoured the whole level for as many gravitons as I could find and ended with a total of five-hundred-ninety five gravitons and I only got an A rank, I was probably five away from S. It takes a lot of time to find them all and you can lose all of them if you lose a life so it really take a while to get them all, thankfully your best ranks are saved so you can get an S rank for gravitons collected and then get an S rank for time later which is how I would recommend going about S ranking everything. Anyway, in the Wii U version they function as a back-up fuel source in case Rodea loses all of his fuel while flying. The problem with the Wii U version and it's flight mechanics seem to serve only to limit what you can do, Rodea is at risk when he flies for too long and it might get the stingier players to fly slowly if at all and not boost which is not how the game is supposed to be played. Rodea is able to fly freely and quickly in the Wii version, swerving around objects weaving in between things in the environment when you get good enough at the game allowing you to really shoot through the levels and giving you a sense of freedom, the only limiting factor being your flight range. The Wii U version has you limited all the time making you feel as if you have no reason to be flying and more reason to be walking. It basically limits Rodea and makes you feel like you aren't really playing as Rodea, I don't know how they thought this was a good idea. The Wii U version has more voice lines, some of which aren't really necessary, extra cutscenes and some scrolling text at certain points in the game. It does elaborate on the story which the Wii version leaves a little vague and the Wii U version does have better graphics but not exactly "better", just a bit better but not "good" for Wii U standards and it makes the game look unfinished. You can see stuff a bit better, at least. In general, the Wii U version has worse gameplay and cheesier voice lines than the Wii version but better graphics and the story is less vague. I tried playing the Wii U version but it was just slow, unpleasant, and made me scared to boost. Again, not the way it was supposed to be played. I haven't played the N3DS version and I probably won't.

The ending is something that really left me unhappy, huge spoilers ahead.

Rodea is in love with Princess Cecilia, Emperor Geardo's daughter, and is also her royal bodyguard. After being sent into the future he later is repaired by Ion but loses his memories but he still remembers a promise he made to Cecilia. He promised to protect Garuda from Geardo, who wants it for it's resources and fertile land. His promise is talked about a lot throughout the game and he later remembers Cecilia. Even further on he is given the chance to save Cecilia but fails because she falls, presumably, to her death and for some reason he doesn't fly down after her. Afterwards he has to defeat Geardo once, Valghis once (another one of the robots he has to fight), and Geardo a second time after he turns into some kind of giant robotic beast. The disturbing thing about this fight is that Geardo keeps calling out for Cecilia despite the fact that she is dead. You have to fight him but by the end I don't feel like I defeated a cold hearted tyrannical emperor, I feel like I killed a grieving father in cold blood. Rodea then shuts down after the fight and uses the Key of Time that he obtained from Valghis to send Ion back to the future but she later digs him up from his grave and repairs him and the other R-series robots. It can be assumed that Rodea and Cecilia were buried together but Rodea and Ion end up together by the end of the game. The whole time there was a build up to Rodea and Cecilia being together and it felt like it was all for naught. It was even romantic but I felt like it was torn away from me. I played the whole game wanting Rodea to be with the person he loved and it didn't happen! Rarely do I care about romances but this one that I did care for was just ruined and I didn't feel very happy. The story itself is a bit dark since Rodea essentially turns on his entire kingdom for the wish of a single person, he has to fight his friends and even somebody who claims to be his sister, the whole time I thought that the silver lining would be Rodea and Cecilia's happiness, I kept playing for his noble love and it didn't happen. You have to fight one of his friends, one of his rivals, his sister, and a new robot who is Geardo's right hand man but also does not fully have allegiance to Geardo, and then the father of the woman he loves while he is grieving and they don't end up together! Not. Happy. At all. My OTP was broken... At least Rodea is still husbando material.
>> No. 12153 [Edit]
Did Cecilia at least know why Rodea was doing all of this for her? Or did he intend to confess after he had fulfilled his promise?
>> No. 12158 [Edit]
She did know, she had him make that promise in the first place. I don't know if he was going to confess, exactly. It kind of seemed like they were already in love but it isn't explicitly said, just really heavily implied. Sorry if I sound like one of those crack-shippers on tumblr.
>> No. 12171 [Edit]
File 146975149741.jpg - (216.64KB , 1283x869 , xenogears 3.jpg )
This game is really something.
>> No. 12176 [Edit]
Yeah, have finished it recently. The music, atmosphere and story are fucking great.
>> No. 12222 [Edit]
File 147321452631.jpg - (578.47KB , 1920x1080 , 20160903160918_1.jpg )
Path of Exile
>> No. 12324 [Edit]
File 148450730574.jpg - (95.93KB , 800x600 , QQ0VFTA.jpg )
The last game I finished is one that I remember the most from childhood. Sonic Heroes ranges from being one of the many "love it or hate it" games of the franchise to "hate it" and as much as I hate saying this, it's for good reason. It was fun enough to continue playing and functional too, but there are these little quirks and issues that might become more apparent when you play as Team Dark if you haven't noticed the issues before like how the power characters can completely slide off a platform without stopping themselves right at the edge like the speed characters do. Omega kind of has it the worst, the dude just blasts himself forward without giving two mechanical shits if you hold the control stick in any direction. There's also a problem where team mates seem to spend an annoying amount of time unconscious after launching them at an enemy, again, I noticed this mostly with Omega while the other characters didn't knock out their teammates for quite as long.
There's another obnoxious issue with the flight characters where they will bounce up a little bit when a teammate returns to them in some instances. It's probably put in with good intention but sometimes you want to travel as far as you can with a single jump before flying and it becomes kind of annoying since the distance you can travel might be reduced with this when you needed it to be maximized.
Then there is the speed characters, you have a move called "Rocket Accel" where the characters line up with the speed character in front and they will launch the speed character forward, the closest thing you have in this game to a Spin Dash. They will ask something like "Ready?" and then blast forward but if you did it early they will do an alternate move. Sonic and Shadow kick, Espio throws a shuriken, and Amy swings her hammer. It's kind of unreliable sometimes though, it could be really helpful for speed running but sometimes the visual cue, the characters lining up, might mislead you and make Sonic just kick.
Then there is the special stages, oh boy, the special stages. These special stages get so much of my salt. See, you have to collect orbs to gain boost so you can catch up to the emerald but you can't hold down the button like you can with rail grinding because that makes it run out incredibly fast, instead it's best to mash it sometimes. In certain stages it's easier to get the emerald in certain parts like at the beginning or the end and there might be simple, almost stupid solutions, like playing as a power character to get as many orbs as possible since the power formation spreads out the characters (believe in Big) but in other times you might really need the speed characters. There is another solution that seems to work for some people such as running and staying on the ceiling the entire time just so that you don't run into the mines and slow down. The floor itself is also a problem too since it feels like it's actually pushing you backwards and gives you the idea that this is part of why the boost is so necessary aside from the emerald being so darn fast. Going down actually slows you down sometimes, and accelerating after being stopped by the mines is just painful since it takes a while to get going again. Not to mention the instances where your character might start walking backwards for a little bit, which is why I don't like running on the ceilings or walls. In short, the special stages are weird and annoying and I hated them.
Outside of the special stages I think the game controlled just fine and I'm aware this opinion is unpopular. I might be willing to say it controlled too well. The characters can maintain their speed somewhat well and the speed characters can turn quickly but it feels like they can turn too quickly, like they can turn on a dime and run off a platform entirely which makes me scared change directions when I'm going straight. Thankfully guardrails exist in the game to prevent you from running off. It becomes a bigger problem when you fight the Egg Emperor though.
Story is pretty simple:
Team Sonic - Stop Eggman.
Team Dark - Wreck his shit, take his shit, and get information out of him.
Team Rose - Find Chocola, Froggy, and Sonic.
Team Chaotix - Complete the mysterious client's requests.
There is also some bits of character interaction here and there, which was really nice to see. As for music, this has one of the best soundtracks in the series. Perhaps up there with Unleashed and CD but it would be hard for me to say which one was best since it's all subjective anyway and Sonic soundtracks are pretty good most of the time.

It's not a great game, it's probably not even a good game, but I don't know if I honestly think it's a bad game. I'm probably biased but I kind of enjoyed it. For what it was it was kind of fun and I'm glad I got to finally finish one of the games I remember the most from when I was a carefree, foolish, smiling kid that had no idea that all life was suffering. Team Chaotix and Team Sonic were probably my favorites, the Chaotix missions were very boring but the characters themselves really liven it up and are possibly some of my favorites in the series along with Eggman and maybe Silver. I have no idea why Marc Biagi wasn't around to voice Vector after this game though, every voice after his was one I didn't like.
>> No. 12341 [Edit]
File 148548292927.jpg - (147.46KB , 960x544 , 2013-04-13-125409.jpg )
I finished Uncharted for ps vita recently. It was pretty decent and made good use of the vita's various gimmicks. motion, touch, light, etc. Did get a bit annoying at times though, especially with bridge crossings that broke the flow of the game and stopped you so you could do a balancing mini game at random. Story was kind of weak but for a portable game you can't really expect much better. voice acting and motion cap was on par with the console versions, and the graphics were pretty impressive for a portable game. It's a bit of a relief that you don't fight zombies/mutants by the end of the game for a change. That said the back and forth between some character they establish as your friend, then enemy, then friend, then enemy, is kinda weird and doesn't make much sense.
>> No. 12350 [Edit]
File 148805659065.jpg - (31.53KB , 470x259 , news_mgsv_60_fps_e3_trailer-15559.jpg )
I just finished the Metal Gear Solid V
Regarding all the drama about the voice actor change for snake, it's kind of retarded. Snake barely speaks during the course of the game and when they do it sounds close enough to me.
One of the reasons for the voice change might have because you don't actually play as the real snake, but some rather some copy with his memories. Which in itself was a pretty stupid and pointless plot twist. I wouldn't be surprised if the only reason that twist was there, was so people wouldn't be 'as' pissed about the voice change if there's a reason for it in the story.
Speaking of the plot, I felt it was probably one of the weakest yet. Interesting idea with the outbreak, but so much of the game felt needless and pointless by the end. This is largely due to the twist however which I mentioned before. It felt like the equivalent to ending a large passage in a story by saying it was all a dream.
It reminds me of MGS2 with ridden, but the thing is that actually went somewhere and felt like it had purpose. Like him or not Riden did still have a character ark and an actual story. The twist in this game doesn't add to the story, it only takes away from it. Rather than seeing an extra passage in the life of Big boss, you watch a copy cat recreate what big boss made, and that's about it. At first I thought maybe this was so that the Big Boss you kill in Metal gear(NES) wouldn't be the real Big Boss and instead his copy, but then it turns out The real Big Boss is going ahead with building up the real outer heaven, meaning he actually is the one you kill in the NES game after all (I'm guessing) and that makes your efforts in this game feel all that more pointless. At the end of the day you're just a fake snake building a pointless base that wont have any impact in the future time line.
That may change if Konami decides to make another meta gear game that's set between this and the NES game, but it seems like Kojima wont be involved so even if they do, I doubt it would feel like a real/cannon meta gear.
Game mechanics were some of the best to date however. I kinda feel bad for only ever using a handful of guns in the game, since they offer boat loads of them with customization options. Quiet was 3dpd and as such I didn't much care for em, but they made the game easy mode if you use them.
I wish I knew why the different sections of mother base were so massively spread out. Logically it makes sense to space them out a bit in case of enemy attack, but needing a slow helicopter ride or five minute drive at top speed is excessive. Speaking of, I loved how vehicles handle in this game. They handle in such an insainly unrealistically way that it's like playing crazy taxi every time I drive one. I couldn't stop lauging the first time I took off with one like a bullet and instantly started drifting and pooping two wheelers while telling physics to go fuck itself.
Also gotta love how every little thing in the game is so over dramatic and played up, right down to the dramatic sound effects and camera angel every time you get in a jeep. It's like watching a stage performance or something.
Speaking of over dramatic, it boarders on comedy how fucked up and twisted the paz story is over the course of these games almost feels like it would have been better to have let her die and rest in paz already, but I guess she does have a role to play latter into the timeline I believe.
>> No. 12371 [Edit]
>ending a large passage in a story by saying it was all a dream
I remember one MGSV trailer had a quote from Mark Twain about anger and acid.
Here's another quote from Mark Twain: 'it's nothing but a dream, a grotesque and senseless dream, so we should dreams other dreams; better ones.'

There are actually a lot of things in TPP that are 'dreamlike' or 'like a performance'. Reality never seems to ever be a firm state for it. And then you have Ocelot literally saying Venom will hallucinate from the shrapnel.
Venom and Ocelot are brainwashed and Kazuhira is blind, the three main characters are not good sources of reality.
And you say the car physics is comical, but in Ground Zeroes they were more realistic, why would they make that change?
I suspect that maybe this was not all an ancident.

As for Venom, I liked Venom. He is literally you so if you didn't like him, think about that.

The game definitely drags in the Second Chapter, not much story progress. Most assume the game is completely unfinished, I still haven't ruled out the possibility of a ruse. For one, MGS Survive was announced but we have heard nothing from it for awhile now (I'm actually excited for it).

Paz's story was awesome, I felt genuine sadness for both Paz and Venom.
>> No. 12583 [Edit]
Started back at Resonance of Fate after dropping it for a while after nearly putting a controller through a wall at a random difficulty spike. First 7 chapters have good progression and the bosses are difficult but you can use the terrain to your advantage and things that should work, generally speaking do.

Then chapter 8 comes along, strips you of one of your party members so you are 60% strength and then puts you against a boss ~20-25 levels higher than you while also giving it attacks that ignore terrain and hit from long range, while giving it fast minions that stop you getting close. Sure, okay there is a point you can attack to disable its heavy hitters but it has a lot of HP and it's a trap and more efficient to just go for the kill ASAP.

Problem is like I said though, you have no tactics that will work against it, since cover doesn't work and the attacks home in on you, so running out of the way is useless too and you're forced to multitask party members while moving to avoid the minions the main boss has. Overall just a very poorly designed boss fight that encourages luck with AI choices over thinking about the weaknesses of the enemy and using them.

Next chapter is okay is the weird bit, going from a hard as balls fight to a pretty standard one. I'm going to need to grind some more for better items since the current chapter has enemies that are lower in level but have noticeably high physical damage which I haven't invested as much into as elemental resistance, but the fights aren't noticeably terrible. Hopefully that's the last retarded difficulty spike for a while. Those things were what has prevented me from getting into JRPGs in the past. I don't mind difficulty, but random spikes designed to pad the game with grinding just annoy me.

Pretty fun game though, just like most JRPGs I've played though, I need to take it in blocks. I can't sit down and come out 10 hours later like I can with say Warband.
>> No. 12584 [Edit]
I love games with unfair difficulty spikes. Picked up.

I wish I could believe MGSV was a ruse. It could have been the bet game in the series if Konami gave Kojima more time and money.
As a huge fan of the Raiden elements of MGS2 the hyper-reality of Big Boss being famous for being allowed by his mentor to kill her then becoming a legendary soldier who actually was in hiding for decades while a man impersonating him did everything before the story is taken over and big boss and venom boss are defeated by big-bosses clone and later a man conditioned by virtual reality to impersonate his clone becomes the ultimate soldier.
Fuck it i'm replaying MGSV now. I was pissed off that the internet manchildren intentionally spoiled it for me the first time around
>> No. 12585 [Edit]
You are using the tri attack, right?
That makes the game a joke
>> No. 12586 [Edit]
Then you'll love this one. I can't remember where it was recommended to me but someone did say that there were a few weird spikes scattered throughout. I will admit that seeing that bastard go down after about a dozen back to back attempts was massively satisfying. A dozen mightn't seem like many but that was today's session. In total I'm looking probably at 25-30 attempts, but I'm trash at JRPGs anyway so don't take it from me. At times though it will play more like a puzzle game than an RPG, many fights will be tricky as all hell until you try the intended strategy then you'll shit all over the encounter.

Yeah, can't do it with 2 party members only though or else I'd have abused the shit out of it for that fight. I try to avoid using it simply because of how much it breaks the game. I haven't gotten the second SMG yet so it hasn't reached retarded levels of power yet. I imagine that with two rounds of scratch damage followed by someone breaking it, that it'd get really dumb really fast. With just one SMG, it's a bit more balanced, but not by much.
>> No. 12587 [Edit]
Don't worry about breaking the game, the post-game levels will break you hardcore (if you decide to check it out) so you might as well learn the best way to break the game.
Also, when you only have two characters, really utilise what the game gives you, such as grenades, different ammo types, dual wielding pistol and smg together et cetera.
>> No. 12588 [Edit]
I don't remember ever hearing about that game before. I assume I skimmed across a review for it at some stage and closed the tab as soon as I saw it was a Japanese game aimed at a Western market.
>> No. 12589 [Edit]
Is Resonance of Fate good? I was thinking of buying it but I'm assuming it's pretty linear and I'm not fond of that.

Is there customization and post-game content?
>> No. 12590 [Edit]
File 150577607858.jpg - (166.15KB , 796x1023 , tacticool.jpg )
It has an interesting combat system, hard to understand at first but very fun and kinda breaks the game when you get all the tricks. It's open world, but the world looks like a board game with little dungeons and different strata.
There is customization, but only for guns. And the only stats that matter for them are the loading time. You can go full retard with it. There is a post game
>> No. 12591 [Edit]
I didn't get the impression it was aimed at the Western market, playing it.
Reviews are hogwash, writers too shit to be journalists (of whom are too shit to be novelists) shouldn't be trusted.

It has a nice dress-up part, some anime shirts in it. Doubt it really is Western targeted.
Interestingly, in Japan it's called 'End of Eternity' which is a reference to Isaac Asimov's novel of the same name. Gives some insight to the story.
>> No. 12604 [Edit]
Rising Storm 2 is dead. It released with only 2 decent conquest maps, the rest was garbage rush mode that I got sick of immediately.
They're supposed to finally release new content so I checked back, can only find 70+ ping rush only servers. What a disappointing game.
>> No. 12624 [Edit]
File 150678566842.jpg - (81.29KB , 1280x720 , EndofEvangelion.jpg )
> And the only stats that matter for them are the loading time
I reckon they're all important, or rather, it isn't wise to skimp the other stats just for load speed. A large Magazine Size is useful for building and executing airborne targets, for example.
>> No. 12976 [Edit]
Currently playing Tempest (pirate themed naval combat) from a recent humble bundle. It's a bit weird. The style of it implies it's a game grounded a bit more in reality, yet the UI showed a big glowing alien rock thing in the middle which felt really out of place. got attacked by a giant squid at the end of the tutorial, and soon found weird looking alien/magical temples and ruins, scifi monsters attacking my ship, and fighting ghost ships filled with skeletons. All of which felt kind of out of place, yet is presented like it's perfectly normal with no explanation of how any of it came to be in the story. Story is paper thin for that matter, it's all about the mechanics here. The way the ship combat works feels wrong at times, but it's still overall fun. Main annoying little thing is when one ship has the other in it's sights and starts firing it's cannons. logically when you're out of it's range you should stop getting hit, but instead it's like those cannon balls are homing missiles. Also, the UI is pretty freaking horrible. It almost feels like it was designed for mobile phones. When in port it's like they can't decide between different UI styles and makes the thing really confusing and frustrating to use. It was an interesting surprise to see there's third person combat when boarding ships, but it's a bit clunky to say the least. Far as I could tell you've got one attack, you can't block, and hit detection is way off. Anyway it's not bad, I'll keep at it for a while more.
>> No. 13079 [Edit]
File 151842453882.jpg - (134.43KB , 1280x720 , photo_2018-02-12_00-14-12.jpg )
Been playing pokemon moon after getting a N3DSXL not too long ago. Haven't really played a pokemon game since Ruby red, so it's a pretty big leap. Kinda surprised how many original pokemon I came across in my first couple hours, I expected a flood of pokemon I've never seen before. Instead it's more like being eased into the current gen which is fine by me. So far I'm pretty impressed by the visuals and mechanics. Map seems smaller than I expected however. while it's multiple islands, the first one felt almost tiny. The loading screens are so short I'm not sure why the game even has any, shame it couldn't have been seamless. Picked my starter without doing any research and ended up disappointed since I picked Litten and it turns out it becomes a furry sonic reject in it's third stage. Another slightly disappointing thing was the lack of TMs outside of battle. As soon as I found an area with abra in it I knew I had to catch one to use that teleport ability. After trying half a dozen times, getting one, then being unable to activate it, I learned they were removed after looking it up. That's not such a horrible thing though in retrospect. I used to form my party around those skills, aiming more for practicality in traveling the world than full on combat ability, so now I can focus more on that and not worry about having a pokemon that can use surf and another that can use fly. Anyways, it's not half bad.
>> No. 13116 [Edit]
File 151921053955.jpg - (193.77KB , 1280x720 , 20180220233541_1.jpg )
Had my eye on gal*gun for a while, and it went on sale for a decent price recently so I picked it up.
Right off the bat I found that it was a very half assed port to pc. In steam it says the game the game is designed for keyboard use and wouldn't work well with a pad as well as having keyboard icons in place of gamepad ones ect, but when I started it I found all the icons were for a xbox controller, and the tutorial too even though mouse and keyboard are the default. It wouldn't be a big deal if the tutorials didn't tell you to do actions with the pad and don't tell you what they mouse/keyboard controls are. ie "use x to shoot and rb to zoom in" but I was able to figure out the controls with some trail and error all the same. Interesting enough, the game can almost exclusively be played with a mouse. Since it's a rail shooter you don't really need the keyboard at all during the gameplay segments. Given the nature of the game, It's not surprising it'd be designed to be played one handed.
Also, video settings were extremely limited and I had to edit some .int files to play it on my 144p monitor, as in game settings max out at 1080p. Had to do the same to enable vsync, change aa, and so on since those options aren't in game. Encountered some massive screen tearing meanwhile I couldn't do anything about. Then there's the in game shop with missing icons for the items. They have descriptions for the items if you hover over where they should be at least, so it's not game breaking.

Game itself is pretty fun. It's a rail shooter filled with tons of really cute girls who climax when you shoot them. What more could you possibly ask for in a videogame? Sometimes when you take out an 'enemy' they might say "Nippon saiko", which couldn't be more true. I thought the game would be a lot easier than it turned out to be, since it was made for consoles it seems and fps games have always had to be made slower and easier for use with a gamepad. Even with a mouse it's easy to miss lots of the hidden objectives. The camera flies past them pretty quick. I imagine it's easier to catch em on a second play, but so far it seems story mode doesin't let you replay previous missions/levels. Like I said before, the characters are cute and all, but the visuals do feel a tad dated. If I didn't know this was released on 2015 for ps4, I'd have thought this was a game from 2010 for xbox360. I'm guessing not much changed since the first game under the hood.

I'm really glad to see games like this translated and available in the west, and even more so they left the original audio in tact. That said, they have some very cringe worthy translations, with phrases like "these girls have no chill", "home girl is crazy" and so on.
Kinda funny though that there's segments of the game where you have to listen to the girl to tell you where to touch/rub, and without knowing any Japanese this could be very confusing and hard. Likewise, girls will shoot japanese text at you, which I guess no one in the translation team cared enough to bother translating. Then again, they know who's buying these games and probably figure things like this don't much matter.
>> No. 13187 [Edit]
File 152202987882.png - (188.95KB , 767x664 , d5b34fe3f3bd806c9499d3cfd3b93604.png )
Playing Heat Signature, and enjoying it a lot.

The game favors stealth/waiting tactics over pure combat, though the combat part is a lot more fun and challenging.

The late game goes downhill quite fast though. By and large, armor and shields are either stupid overpowered or stupid useless without anything in between. Generally, there is nothing you can do against them until you get very specific items, but you won't get them until the late game where those items just become an extra expensive before you do the personal mission.

Fun little game though, the more challenging defector missions are great, and the underlying mechanics are solid. The missions being 2-5 minutes (hold F to speed up time for abusing the AI patrol mechanics) is quite nice, makes it easy to play without a large time commitment in order to make progress.
>> No. 13190 [Edit]
Bought poly bridge because I pirated it and really enjoyed it back in the day. But after all these updates it's just kinda annoying to play. The tutorial gave me cancer.
>> No. 13209 [Edit]
File 152495213067.png - (48.28KB , 400x240 , MiiPlaza_StreepassMansion.png )
I recently hacked my 3DS that I've owned for a couple of years but haven't used since 2016 and despite access to hundreds of games, I'm completely hooked to the Mii Plaza minigames in general. While usually prohibitive to play because they need either "PlayCoins" (which you can only get 10 per day) or Streepass encounters (which need you to go outside, and even then you should be lucky if you pass near one (1) another person), it can be easily defeated by a coin setter which hacks the currency in. The games and the title in general have a very nice assortment of cute characters, like in pic related.
>> No. 13213 [Edit]
There was a thing a while ago where you could set up your own access point and street pass hundreds, if not thousands of people just to play the games or whatever you needed for the other games that used the streetpass feature for bonuses. I used it a bit and it was fun, even if it was a long while ago.

If you care at all about this kind of thing, you could probably find out more about it on GBATemp, although I suppose that there shouldn't be as much activity on it with the 3DS being as old as it is.
>> No. 13214 [Edit]
Thanks, that's Homepass. Sadly it got nuked this year when Nintendo shut down the relay servers, so the method used to spoof that signal is gone (until further notice).
>> No. 13230 [Edit]
Ended up buying a original Playstation One. I've sunk around 8 hours into Spyro and 12 into Dukem Nukem.
>> No. 13266 [Edit]
File 152983376713.jpg - (39.83KB , 300x500 , mm128_card01a.jpg )
>Dragonball FighterZ
Android 21 is sweet!
>> No. 13277 [Edit]
File 153203605813.jpg - (27.38KB , 322x399 , Lobotomy Corporation.jpg )
been playing lobotomy corporation.

Interesting macabre management game, with a macabre (though predictable) story told in VN form. In typical VN form, the side story interactions with the AIs are the best part.

The premise is that you run a company, and your job is to have your employees harvest power from a mix of other wordly and supernatural things. There's a lot of trial and error involved in how to properly deal with each one and their individual quirks, and that can easily result is at least one employee killed in a large variety of ways. You are generally expected to lose a fair number of them, so new employees are fairly cheap and easy to restock.

Unfortunately, the GUI is a bit shit and feels like a flash game that makes selecting a single unit in a pile of units a pain in the ass. There are several core features that need to be unlocked via the story, making things a bit more difficult to get started.

Overall, enjoying the game a good bit.
>> No. 13310 [Edit]
Seems fun like Diablo2 but the always online makes it a hard pass for me:
>> No. 13352 [Edit]
File 154797606161.jpg - (39.17KB , 294x289 , s3.jpg )
Try "Path of Diablo"? It's Diablo2 with qol changes and minor rebalancing.
>> No. 13353 [Edit]
File 154833804851.png - (1.81MB , 2272x1299 , Kenshi-Main1.png )
I played Kenshi but I don't know how to feel about it.
It's a very interesting game and worth trying but I wouldn't say it's very good.
It's an open world, open ended RPG (no central plot, no quests) with settlement building and survival mechanics. You control a squad of dudes in a weird-fiction, post-apocalyptic setting with arms and armour inspired by feudal orient.

Gameplay is minimalist. In combat you don't even control your guys directly. You can set each one's behavior (like melee/ranged and offensive/defensive/passive tactics) and try to direct the flow of battle by pointing where they should move or who to attack, but they mostly do their own things.
Most of the time you don't have to touch any controls and your squad will fight automatically, which makes you almost a spectator to the game. It sounds really boring but watching the bloody fights play out can be entertaining for some reason.
Combat mechanics are harsh both to your characters and the enemies. Player's team has no special skills, stats or properties that would make them stronger than NPC's in any way, same rules for everyone.
In a fight guys will bleed, lose consciousness and try to get back up, get crippled and even dismembered, and anyone can die permanently fairly quickly.
Punishing games are hard for me so there was lots and lots of saving and loading all the time, or I wouldn't even be able to get out of the starting area.
HP is independent for each body part, plus one for blood. There is a fair amount of weapons and outfits you can equip your squad with. It all makes combat and post-combat management of your squad's injuries and resources surprisingly engaging considering the player's role is more passive than usual.
The game's world is a big island with numerous diverse biomes. Each zone has different environmental hazards and roaming bands of enemies. The game has pretty bad graphics so many of these zones ended up looking samey despite obvious efforts to make them unique.

Survival is about having enough food for your band to stay alive, having guys with first aid skills carrying enough medical supplies to patch up the squad after combat, and if you lose- to have enough dudes being able to get up and stabilize other incapacitated members, and carry them to safety.
Skills are not levelled up traditionally, your people slowly get better by performing relevant actions.
Most stats are improved independently, for example by running with light inventory your characters will train to run faster, and with heavy load they won't get any faster but will improve their strength by a little.
There are exceptions though, for example fighting with heavy weapons will improve both heavy weapons skill and strength stat.

Settlement building is very standard. You unlock buildings by buying blueprints and having them researched by your guys with proper science skills.
You can then build almost anywhere on the map, using materials which have to be bought or found at first. Later you can mine or grow stuff and refine it into relevant resources.
There are also buildings available for purchase in the cities but the space and range of objects you can build within is limited. Unfortunately ruined towns and lone buildings spread around the world can't be claimed and rebuilt.
There's not much depth to building and management beyond finding a good spot and constructing a defensible town with self sufficient manufacturing loops.
I found settlement building to be pretty boring, I used it only from time to time to make further exploration easier by providing my group with resources and crafting better gear.
Settlements can be harassed by locally spawning enemies or raided by enemy factions, but it's very simplistic.

Most recruits for your squad are randomly generated NPC's. There are some unique characters that will be available in every game but they're not much different from randoms, they sometimes have better initial stats and gear.
They will sometimes display short comments in combat and while traveling, dropping a line or two about the world or other unique companions present. This too is done in a simplistic way.
It's possible to destroy factions by eliminating key NPC's, or to help one faction conquer another's cities. This apparently can have secondary consequences like spawning new outlaw groups, but I never got strong enough test it.
I doubt the changes would be very meaningful, so far my actions had no impact on the world.

Closest thing to quests is bounty hunting. You can meet randomly spawned wanted bandits or look for named NPC's with big prices on their heads, and bring them to authorities for cash.
Dealings with big factions aren't much more complicated- a faction leaders can ask you to go destroy this town, or kill that VIP to get a reward and a boost in relations.
This doesn't mean much as far as I know. Neutral factions ignore you, hostile factions will attack you on sight and with friendly status you could maybe get away with having illegal stuff in your inventory if a guard randomly stops you at city gates.

Worldbuilding is uneven. Kenshi's backstory is full of uncertainties, in-game lore is disjointed and vague. It's largely up to you to gather information and form your own beliefs about that weird place.
Parts of the world are full of strange ruins and artifacts left by fallen civilizations and extinct creatures, little of this is explicitly explained. Sometimes the more ancient characters will make ambiguous comments about certain locations and the planet's past.
Overall I'd say that people behind this game (or was it just one guy? I don't remember) were partially successful in creating a mysterious, bizarre world that makes you want to explore and uncover its secrets.

However the factions and some of the characters populating this world are in my opinion poorly written.
Three biggest factions are: a cartoonishly evil mock-christian religious kingdom, a kingdom ran by mustache twirling dastardly nobility who just want to eat caviar and beat up slaves for fun, and the Klingons.
I'd be alright with a setting having a tragic backstory while being home to farcical organizations and ridiculous characters, but it should be witty and at least somewhat subtle to be rewarding for me. In Kenshi it's pretty blunt and uninspired.
In the game you can find books which will provide you with a paragraph or two of flavour text about the current inhabitants of Kenshi's world and their beliefs, but it mostly serves to further portray the main forces as comically shallow, self serving, belligerent gangs.
What I do like is that most of Kenshi's peoples only seem to know their recent history well. The apocalypse happened so long ago they're not even sure what exactly happened to their world, and how it ended up in its current state.
Some of their current ideologies can be seen as a result of trying to make sense of the broken world and remaining scraps of information about some bizarre shit that went down in their deep past. It's pretty bluntly presented in game, but I like the idea. Bonus points for effort.
The few beings that could probably remember the ancient times either have bad memories or for some dark reason don't want to reveal the truth about the past to others. That's interesting.
Smaller factions of insect-like hive mind colonies and remnants of ancient super advanced robot race are more grey- outwardly civil, and victims of persecution by some of the bigger kingdoms, but it's hinted they harbour some disturbing secrets. Not much more is known though, they're left to be enigmatic.
The really small regional factions have even less personality, mostly being written as "we're band A, we fight B, we'll reward you if you go to C and change D's status to dead."

Maybe the creators are not very competent at writing, and them leaving much of the stuff unclear makes it better simply by letting you fill in the blanks, and choose what you want to believe.
It's a legit trick, I have nothing against this approach. The problem is not everything can be left mysterious and untold so I feel Kenshi is strong where it can be ambiguous and weak where it has to be explicit.

Graphically it's rather ugly most of the time. It's often interesting and original, but still ugly. Game looks nothing like the picture I posted, not sure why because as you see it had some solid concept work.
I get that it's made in some rinky dink weirdo engine, but that's no excuse for bad art. For some reason they chose to make their initial nice designs much duller.
For example I'm pretty sure you could make rusty ancient robots feel positively rusty and ancient without making them look like shoddy clay sculptures.

Pathfinding can be infuriating. Often you order your squad to go somewhere and for some reason they will split into smaller groups, each trying to take a different route. This can turn into a total defeat if the groups separate and run into enemies.
Your guys can get stuck in objects, but quitting the game and using the reset squad positions option on loading seems to work now (it used to do weird stuff like spawning a duplicate of your squad but reverted to their initial stats and equipment).
Crashes to desktop happen, although not very often.

I'd say it's a very good sightseeing and traveling game, but for me it lacks deeper, higher level gameplay mechanics that would justify the game's size and how much time it takes to get anywhere.
To explore the whole world and its most dangerous parts you have to spend a lot of time to train and equip your squad, but once you get there there's nothing to do except fighting stronger enemies and sightseeing.
Ruins containing loot are all the same across the game's world, and the items within them are randomized from the same pool.
There are a couple of unique legendary quality weapons to find in the hands of boss-like enemies, there are a couple of lines of dialogue providing hints about the world to be read when reaching some distant places but it's not much, certainly not enough for me.
Of course you can make up your own goals or set challenges, write your own stories, but to me that's practically LARPing. I can't get into playing pretend if it's not supported by actual mechanics in game.
If you do enjoy that style of playing then I'd say Kenshi is well suited to try it, providing a blank slate kind of open-world experience.

I wrote a lot because Kenshi took 12 fucking years to make, and I don't know if it was worth it.
I think I'd like to see some kind of sequel even though the game was only released in December. Something with the same soul but deeper gameplay, and better in terms of art and writing.
Something made in a reasonable timeframe too. I'm sick of waiting for these massively delayed "masterpieces" only to find out that 8/10 of them are complete crap, and the rest are only so-so most of the time. I don't have an unlimited lifespan. Shit, I'm never far from ending it by my own hand.
>> No. 13354 [Edit]
I tried it not long ago too. I really like the premise of it but I think it is executed poorly. It's really quite large but it feels empty and soulless even thought it was in development for so long. There are not many assets to the game really and what there is is constantly recycled so the factions don't feel that unique which is made more apparent by the lack of quest lines or character in general. Factions just kind of feel like a bunch of NPCs standing around doing nothing. Even nation building is flawed, there is no real point to it. You get a few scripted bandit raids but you can;t invade other bases and take them over, it just feels like a lot of micro managing for no reason. Also it's supposed to be Japanese inspired but to me it felt nothing like that.
>> No. 13356 [Edit]
I felt like I was missing out on the persona games so I installed a ps2 emulator and I'm currently playing Persona 4!
>> No. 13372 [Edit]
First PERSONA is the best.
>> No. 13382 [Edit]
File 15526438619.png - (0.99MB , 1378x600 , caligula.png )
Is this game any good?

I just got it from Steam. Persona 5 is been good so far (on RPCS3) and I love Catherine, but I'm not sure about this one. Am I better off watching the anime?

Post edited on 15th Mar 2019, 2:59am
>> No. 13385 [Edit]
File 155272147461.jpg - (223.97KB , 800x600 , T1.jpg )
Do both. I prefer the game as it's more interactive. Enjoy.
>> No. 13428 [Edit]
File 155332997596.jpg - (11.23KB , 160x160 , 20190318.jpg )
Amy Makes Her SOULCALIBUR VI Debut on March 26
Bandai Namco to add DLC character a day after update version 1.30
>> No. 13433 [Edit]
File 155341955316.jpg - (288.89KB , 1200x871 , 20190324.jpg )
Tekken7. Julia's new look and change to streamer-girl just does it for me.
>> No. 13453 [Edit]
Moonwalker... I forgot that I used to play this game.
>> No. 13467 [Edit]
Finished Planescape Torment. Excellent story, though ending is kinda anticlimactic. Got a couple of frustating bugs and design choices though. Like how party members drop all their items on death so if you forget to pick it up then they disappears after a while. Or how a possible mid boss of the last dungeon is immune to piercing weapons and has ridiculous magic resistance, and since you have to face him alone guess what happens when you are a mage? It ended up as a slogging fest between a fighter and a mage only kept alive by chugging healing items. Oh did I forget to mention that mages can only use edged weapons that deals mainly piercing damage? Good thing that I happen to have a dagger that deals poison damage or I'd be stuck. Goddamn developers, plenty of bugs elsewhere too. But I digress. It's a good game and everyone should give it a try. These kinds of classic verbose rpg also reminds me of visual novels. It's not like their gameplays has been anything surpassing mediocrity, it might as well be a vn.
>> No. 13468 [Edit]
I've been playing a lot of Factorio. I'm at that stage where you transition from a main bus starter base to a decentralised train base.

Planescape Torment has been on my to play list for years. Might finally get around to it soon.
>> No. 13615 [Edit]
File 156603126154.jpg - (20.54KB , 736x412 , teach.jpg )
Do it. Also
>> No. 13618 [Edit]
I had high hopes for X4 but it's unacceptable, barely better than the Rebirth abortion.
Starved for space shooters I tried Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. It's trash, stay away from it.
Repetitive, shallow, simplistic to the point of being crude, ugly graphics.
Combat is designed around a horrible autopilot mechanism. It doesn't need to be used but the controls and AI are so bad that free flight is somehow even more unpleasant than autoaim pop-a-mole. It's like being stuck in one of those shitty turret sequences they always put in Call a Doodie games.
Very basic economy and missions. Gets boring and irritating almost immediately.
The most interesting feature they were supposed to have in RGO was an advanced ship painting tool which was supposed to let you do anything™. What they actually did is just a clunky imitation of a popular graphics editor, awkwardly jammed into a game.
It's uncomfortable to use, unreliable, slow. Everything ends up looking like shit anyway.
Also there's only 5 ships available.
What the fuck was it even delayed for? What a piece of garbage.
>> No. 13623 [Edit]
Heat Signature. Boring. I'm so sick of indies but the big titles are also supremely uninteresting. What a nightmare.
>> No. 13627 [Edit]
Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons and Rune Factory heal the soul. That is all.

What are your favorite games?
>> No. 13638 [Edit]
I don't even know anymore. See how long it took me to reply, in this time I couldn't come up with a definite answer.

The only ones I consistently went back to would be Kerbal Space Program and Mount and Blade but I don't know.

I used to like RPG's but it's been ages since I played a decent one. The last one I truly enjoyed would be New Vegas and that one was massively flawed, and Gamebryo is an abomination.

I used to like shooters too but out of that trash heap the only one I considered OK in recent years was 2016 Doom. I used to play UT99 and Q3 back when.

Turn based tactics or strategy sometimes. Don't even remember the last one I liked.

Space sims too but that whole genre is in deep shit today. Elite Dangerous is currently the best of them... and it's pretty bad.

Oh, and Silent Hunter but submarine simulation is dead and buried.

Post edited on 14th Sep 2019, 6:16pm
>> No. 13670 [Edit]
You can also mod rpgs like SKYRIM.
>> No. 13673 [Edit]
>like SKYRIM
I must remain calm and resist the temptation to spend the next 20 hours writing another summary of the decline of cRPG as demonstrated by The Elder Scrolls series.
>> No. 13674 [Edit]
To be fair Morrowind and Daggerfall weren't that good either, Skyrim was quite playable at least.
Now Gothic, that was going to shit, but no one cared because it was a PC franchise. Also Fallout, but since Fallout 3 is considered best by the majority I don't even want to think about it.
>> No. 13687 [Edit]
SubVerse is real?!?
>> No. 13688 [Edit]
File 15736776037.png - (27.12KB , 376x329 , every_word_you_speak_thousand_tiny_knives.png )
After reading this it took me a month to calm down enough to be able to submit a coherent response.

Don't ever post such heresy again.
>> No. 13689 [Edit]
File 157374741970.jpg - (48.61KB , 800x600 , cliffracer.jpg )
What part bothered you exactly?
Only "heretic" part I can think is about Elder Scrolls, but I will always maintain Morrowind is not a well designed game.
>> No. 13694 [Edit]
I'm playing Fire Emblem Three Houses. It's quite good so far.
>> No. 13695 [Edit]
Been playing the Disgaea 4 re-release on Switch.

It was really good.
>> No. 13696 [Edit]
Just finished playing farcry5. I'd call it disappointing but I didn't really expect that much anyway. It had an interesting concept with how influential and dangerous religious fanatics could be, mixed with American's glorification of violence. They don't really do much with the former and barely scratch the later. They could have also played around with morality, what's right and wrong vs what your faith has thought you but they kinda screwed that up. You've got an objectively wrong hypocritical villain who's '''right''' in the end but still very very wrong. farcry4 wasn't great but at least I could understand the villain's logic in that one, one might even agree with him. Here they're literally torturing and skinning people alive as bosses tell you "you just don't understand bro" as they die. The story telling feels pretty disjointed too with scenes in which the main villain talks directly to the player character in their dreams or something? I don't really get it.
The idea is they're prepping for the apocalypse which comes in the form of nuclear war, which happens at the end of the game as a character not so subtly screams in your ear "they were right" over and over. Because I guess kidnapping people to carve sins into their bodies, decorating the landscape with mutilated bodies, or getting them hooked on drugs that turn people into remote controlled zombies, is gonna help them survive?

The gameplay is pretty much the same as before. Only notable additions are some aircraft that make you really OP and break the game, and some squad mates you can send in to fight and die for you because most of them are pretty useless. The dog that tags enemies and brings you ammo was pretty cool though. Might have been nice to see a bit more "America fuck yeah!" type humor/content but that's limited to skins on a couple cars and a some lazy feeling race course mini games.
Most annoying thing in the game has got to be the lazy way they progress the story by having you be captured regardless of where you are to be taken prisoner then have you break free, over and over. One boss does this by apparently tranquilizing you (even if you're in a plane, underwater, or in the middle of a friendly stronghold), another boss plays music over a radio you've been programed to obey(how I dunno, why you can't mute your radio I dunno) which I guess teleports you across the map. Then there's a boss who, again, regardless of where you are will spawn in front of you and blow drugs in your face that again teleport you to some other part of the map. In the end the game was "fine" but could have been a lot better.
>> No. 13716 [Edit]
Jedi: Fallen Order is ok. I like the shoulder-perching droid.
>> No. 13728 [Edit]
I tried playing Ark Knights, I was disappointed with it(not that I usually am a big fan of Mobage in he first place). One of the problems it and other Chinese games like Girls Front line seem to have is a lack of individuality in it's cast. I don't actually hate the designs, they have a cool dystopian feel but they lack character and individuality, I can't easily tell them apart and I can't really get motivated to work towards earning new characters because they are all look the same with just a different name and stats, it's alright for original artworks but not for games like this I feel.
>> No. 13729 [Edit]
Funny enough someone I know was complaining about that same thing a few days ago but targeted at Azure lane while saying Girls Front Line had much more individuality in comparison. In azure lane (and KC) many characters really do run together by design while having similar outfits in sets. Hell azur lane recently had Tony Taka do a few characters, and we all know how much of a range he has. They also tend to be limited to just one quirk/character trait and shallow ones at that.
I don't see it in GFL though. Maybe in it's main story characters, but there are ton with very unique character designs who look like they have no business being on the battle field. It's hard to comment on personalities when you don't get to learn much about the not story characters, but in that regard I'd say the characters who are in the story certainly have a range of personalities and depth to said personalities. One of the things that makes team 404 interesting for example is seeing these very conflicting personalities. These team members seem to have a love hate relationship that makes me wonder how they can stand to work together.

I can see how you'd feel the characters run together in Arknights too, since it has much more consistent designs for it's characters that feel appropriate for the world but don't feel 'that' unique as a result. I'd say it's hard for individuality to surface when the nature of the story's world and situation calls for certain types of people to get involved. From what I've seen so far there's still plenty of range in character types, but it's very subtle. I'd compare it to your average police department. Not everyone there would be the same person, but it does take similar mindsets to make that your career.
>> No. 13743 [Edit]
File 158071389016.jpg - (514.64KB , 2560x1440 , 20200117034825_1.jpg )
I recently played NieR:Automata, and knocked out all 27 endings in spite of how tedious some were to get. I thought the game was both good and extremely disappointing at the same time, and I feel it could have been much more.
My initial impressions were very high as I progressed the first stage, it had been a while since I played a linear story focused game and find them to be a refreshing change from more sandbox types of games that dominated the market, then in chapter two when the game opened up I soon realized this was more of a sandbox type game after all, but in it's worst possible iteration. I actually do like plenty of open world games, and have such from the days of playing GTAIII on my ps2 onward. The thing is the layouts those games mostly make sense, a sandbox city or environment can feel like a real living breathing place when made right. The sandbox in Nier on the other hand is a series of loosely connected biospheres with randomly placed constricted pathways. The village and theme park being the most constricted areas, with the desert and city being the least constricted. It feels inconsistent and poorly laid out. This would work if you were only going from one area to the next then onto the next, but the game wants you to revisit these areas -a lot- and that ruins the illusion of exploring a real world. It reminds me of another old ps2 game, Tony Hawks American Wasteland. This game was promoted as being the first in the series to be fully open world with no loading screens, when in reality the game was composed of stages like the games before it, but with hallways/paths connecting each stage. They were still very obviously separate stages but this "technically" made it an interconnected open world. Obviously having you progress from one stage to the next in a linear path would make this a much much shorter game, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. Quality can often be better than quantity, but the game was clearly designed with the opposite in mind and would have players play the game like an open sandbox game with quests/missions, in environments that are in some cases very poorly suited to this. The factory being the worst place to do fetch quests because it meant navigating a very long occasionally branching path that you've already likely been down before, only to have to repeat it again to leave, then go alll the way back for some other mission that becomes available latter on. Needless to say, I don't find this to be fun and it comes across as a means of padding out the game's run time. Which brings me to the endings.
Frankly I feel the game shouldn't have had multiple endings and that it doesn't benefit from them at all.

I've seen them all and can safely say they're a pointless gimmicky means of again padding out the run time. The vast majorly of them are joke endings which will have you doing achievement like activities in order to get would normally be considered a 'bad end' in other games, and not much effort is even put into them anyway. An example would be committing suicide, which would give you a couple sentience long message saying something such as "2B for some reason decided to kill herself, with no one to fight back the bad guys won. The end" Then credits roll and congrats you got yourself an ending. All but very few endings are like this, but even the main ones are fairly pointless. Which I'd say are A,B,C,D,E, and Y. If you go in hoping for more than that, say alternate routes or a branching story, you'd be disappointed. A and B are the same thing, A is the ending half way into the over all game, and B has you play the game front the start to A's ending over again just with another character from his perspective. He's with you for almost all of A so the game doesn't change much, and what it does change could of easily have been added into the A path. That being a few new cuts scenes that are independent from your actions and don't really change anything on their own, and a few gameplay segments that they could have simply had you switch to during play A. The one and only saving grace of ending B is a twist fact the player learns which changes one's perspective on the game, but that twist comes so near the end of route B that it's irreverent. It would have far more impact if you learned this as soon as you start route B and had to play everything over again knowing what you now know, but of course that wouldn't make sense in context of the story. It would make far more sense to simply be revealed this information at the point where ending A ends. You reach ending A, credits roll, cut to black with text that reads "Four hours earlier" and switch to the second character and playing as him up to the reveal.
Ending C and D meanwhile are just a continuation of ending A/B with the only difference between them being a single decision at the very last minute of the game. This decision does have some weight to it, but ultimately only results in a slightly altered ending cut scene. It's essentially the Mass Effect 3 color options again, but with two instead of three options. This I could accept and would be content with if all it was were these two endings, and 'maybe' ending E, even though I don't like that ending at all. Ending E is, as I see it, is an tacked on and unnatural feeling bonus happy ending to the story's bleak and miserable true ending. It's the videogame equivalent to telling your kid a bedtime story that leaves them sad and depressed, so you close the book and make up an ending on the spot to stop them from crying, and as such it comes across like cheap condescending bullshit that undermines everything that came before. They might as well say at the end of E "Look Look, it's all better now, we fixed it! Everyone's okay! please gamers, don't cry!"
Needless to say I lost a lot of respect for the game when I saw ending E. It's the same as those precure movies that have kids in the audience cheer for the characters to give them the power they need to win the day, and I expected better. Especially considering how difficult it is to each ending E. The game literally asks you if you want to reject the ending and save the characters (after they're already dead), then initiates a mini game that is by design practically impossible to beat unless you're a top 0.001% freak of nature with the reflexes of a god. The intended way to beat this being to let a random player from around the world help you at the cost of his save file, with an overbearing message that "you're not alone" "Everyone needs someone" "Together we can do anything" well, fuck that. I -AM- alone and always will be, so I hacked that shit mini game and beat it alone, which has some irony to it considering the mini game itself is hacking the game to change it's outcome.
Ending Y meanwhile is simply a pointless dick measuring contest where a somewhat out of place and almost pointless side character (mainly there to connect to the previous game) has you collect and max level every weapon in the game (Holy fuck is this tedious to do) Just so you can fight a reskined boss in the desert, watch said character commit suicide, then get another short message telling you how the game ended. People call this non-linear story telling, I call it an unnecessary mess.
(I'll be getting a bit more spoilery from here on out.)
Another issue I have is the direction in which the story itself goes. As I played it, I felt like there were many hints and clues at a direction which would have made the issues I've mentioned before make perfect sense. We're told and shown number times that the machine life form enemies have a tenancy to repeat their mistakes over and over while emulating humans, the machines and androids meanwhile aren't 'that' different as demonstrated by the adam and eve characters who take on a similar appearance to the androids who themselves are based on humans. We see a few instances of almost forth wall breaking events. Messing with the menu early into the game, some comments that feel almost directed at the player latter on, cutscenes you see that the characters don't, a gameplay segment where you tap into a computer and control a machine while you're given it's life story, and random appearances of a ghostly holographic character that the other characters don't notice. Even the blindfolds on the characters as support devices constantly hover around them, lead me to believe that within the context of the story the characters aren't in control of their actions and this is an constantly repeating simulation carried out by an unseen entity (you). The characters wouldn't need to see anything themselves if all their actions are controlled by a pod/camera hovering above them. The game could be encouraging you to see out all those different endings as a means to find a better way to end the simulation. In otherwords, something like OneShot meets Steins;gate or Hirigashi or All You Need is Kill.
But nope, instead we get lazy explanations for some of those things (like 2B's skirt being a heat sink, and her blindfold being a tactical visor), a whole lot of setups that go nowhere (2B handing off her memories), and no explanations at all for note worthy events.
The end result felt a lot more straight forward than I expected, even with it's share of twists.

Then there's gameplay inconsistency with story events. Early on in the game for instance the characters are supposed to be dead set on killing all machines without question, yet when you get to the amusement park you find the game's first non-aggressive machines. The game mechanics and design would seem to imply it wants you to spare these machines as there are a -lot- of them, and most don't fight back while having different colored health bars. You also have the ability to talk to some, or even buy from one. By this point you may have even stumbled across quest giving machines, who within context of the story should be killed on sight before you reach the white flag waving machine that risks it's life to ask you to spare it and lead you to it's village where they show the androids that not all machines are bad and start to build some trust. It's also weird that right after leaving the village you're sent to the forest kingdom to commit genocide on a monarchical community as if nothing has changed. There we see A2 for the first time, who shows up out of freaking nowhere to kill the king (who turns out to be a baby), she then fights you, and runs away while only saying our characters were betrayed by their organization. We never learn what her motivations were for killing that baby specifically (or how she got there first) aside from "she hates machines" I mean yeah no shit, all the androids do. And what she says implies she knows the organization's secret. Which I was under the impression was only something 9S's model type uncovered, and which is the whole point of the big reveal at the end about 2B being created specifically to monitor 9S and kill him should he learn the truth, which she's apparently done multiple times already. So how the fuck would A2 know anything? Also, If the 9S models are prone to snooping around and getting into information they shouldn't, wouldn't it make more sense to modify that line of androids rather than create another line of androids to baby sit the former? By that logic you might then need to assign another android to the team to watch the 2B models in case they fall in love with the 9S models and don't do their job, and then you'd need another android to watch over that android in case it decides it wants to see these two succeed. That sounds silly but that's essentially what happens in ending E.

Going back to the machines in that village, there's a rather eye rolling segment near the end of the game in which they abruptly cut to the village and you briefly get to play as the village leader as he acts like a super nice friendly guy with cute kids in their perfect little village where nothing could ever ever go wrong. They might as well have been signing about how much they love being alive at this point.
Another nitpick is how the game has status healing items available early on which seem completely useless and can be seen as hints for things to come.
Which brings me to another nitpick, how 9S was able to hack away 2Bs initial virus infection, but can't do the same for the support units you can recruit. It acts as an amusing surprise the first time you resurrect one and it attacks you, but that should only happen when playing as 2B or A2 once the infection starts.
Likewise there's a point that was aggravatingly stupid in which 2B and 9S report back to command that a virus took over rest of the android ground team and they barely escaped, and in response the commander acts flat out insane and unreasonable and accuses these two of being the infected ones instead, with the virus they just told her about and orders them to be locked away. At which point other androids in the room flip out and we learn the virus reached the base and has infected everyone there. So I figured "ooooooh, okay. The commander is infected! That explains it!" But no, she wasn't. She helped them escape and only showed signs of being infected just as they left. So then I thought. "Wait, why would you reveal yourself when the commander is about to imprison the only two uninfected androids left on the base? Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to wait until after they're locked up, so you can attack them in their prison cell? What the hell do you gain by saving them then attacking them?

One other thing that didn't bother me much personally but did seem to bother other people I spoke to about this game, is that it's apparently too easy and boring from a game play stance. I think it gets more challenging latter on but it's 'sort of' true that the game is piss easy, but I'd say it's as easy as you want to make it or as hard as you want to make it. It all depends on the types of items you decide to keep equipped.
All that said, for as many problems as I had with the game I felt it was still good, good enough to get me this invested into the world and put this much time and thought into it. A crappy or even average game on the other hand, I'd finish and uninstall without giving it much attention afterwards.
>> No. 13752 [Edit]
File 158307064544.jpg - (215.15KB , 1200x796 , Monhun 001.jpg )
I'm playing Monster Hunter World. I already played it a while ago but I want to try the expansion, I have not gotten far enough to reach that yet as I restarted however. My first play through I used the insect glaive and this one I am using the great sword. I had thought it would be difficult as I would be slow and would manoeuvrer poorly but that actually isn't the case and I am doing fairly well with it. Although that is partly due to the new starting equipment which is fairly overpowered, I'm switching gear now because I feel it's cheating.
>> No. 13771 [Edit]
File 158721675847.png - (53.33KB , 220x293 , vivian.png )
I finished Paper Mario TTYD, which despite the fact that I've played it at least 3 times now marks the first time I've actually finished it.

The first time, I was only a lad and was too retarded to find my way past either chapter 1 or chapter 2. Then I gave up and stopped playing.

Second time, far later, I put it on an emulator, got through chapter 4, and then I guess I ended up getting distracted and never finished it. My save file for that went God knows where and I had to restart.

My third time playing through, I also stopped at chapter 4 but picked it back up since my save file wasn't deleted, and spent at least the past two days trying to beat it. Goddamn was it an adventure, although the Glitz pit really is the biggest highlight of the game. Some parts were kind of a drag, Chapter 5 wasn't really all that great, but overall it was a very fun game.

One of the things that really gets me on people's thoughts about this game though is Vivian. For those of you who haven't played, Vivian (pictured) is a cute purple ghost who starts out as an antagonist and then becomes your partner later on after some story stuff happens. She's pretty in love with Mario and even kisses him at some point.

Now that's one thing, but Vivian actually has an interesting funfact behind her. In the Japanese version, Vivian is actually a man, and looks exactly the same as she does here. I can also assume that 'he' is still madly in love with Mario in this version. It was probably changed in the American release since no soccer moms would want their kids suddenly turning gay after figuring this out. A few other things were changed in the American release too, like traces of a murder in Rougeport.

Now that's fine, but for some God forsaken reason, official sources have decided to claim that Vivian is actually transgender for some fucking reason. Why is this? I have no idea. Every single Japanese source I can find says Vivian is an 男の娘 (otoko no ko), which of course translates to 'femboy' or 'trap'. Even the Wikipedia page says this, or more accurately it says something along the lines of "boy who looks like girl".

There's only two sources I seem to be able to find for any sort of possibility that Vivian is transgender. The first is that in the Japanese version, despite being called a man, she's still part of a group known as the "three sisters". Incredibly tenuous at best, as there's no mention I could find outside of that. The second is that, apparently in some other translation, if you interpret a line in a certain way, then there's a slight possibility that Vivian could be transgender.

This article has information on her. I'll let you decide if the dialogue is interpreted as "transgender" or just crossdresser.

And even if Vivian was supposed to be transgender, the things said against her are fairly disparaging. His sisters don't accept him at all for it. Even the kindhearted Goombella seems to reacted a little shocked to find out Vivian is a man. That's not even mentioning his sex is barely a part of the story outside of that, with just one or two mentions at best.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't really call a character whose sex is supposed to be a joke as "groundbreaking representation of TRANSGENDERS in VIDEOGAMES". Although, I guess he is gay, if he still loves Mario in the Japanese version. I'm just pissed that pretty much every English source ran with false information on this. The guys on that discussion page of that article don't even know what 男の娘 means. If I happen to be wrong on this though, please explain.
>> No. 13772 [Edit]
I quite liked the Glitz Pit as well.
>is still madly in love with Mario in this version.
My impression from skimming some video footage of the Japanese version is that you're right.
>official sources have decided to claim that Vivian is actually transgender
I wouldn't consider anything not published by Nintendo or Intelligent Systems to be official.
>Even the Wikipedia page says this,
Ctrl+F gives no mention of "男の娘" on the Japanese Wikipedia article for the game.
>or more accurately it says something along the lines of "boy who looks like girl".
That's about right.
>Incredibly tenuous at best,
I don't know, it seems pretty indicative to me that in labeling one's own group the カゲ三姉妹, as opposed to using the gender-neutral カゲ三人組 enforced by one's older sister, one identifies as female on some level. Wouldn't that be considered transgender? Or is merely identifying as the opposite gender not enough?
>I wouldn't really call a character whose sex is supposed to be a joke as "groundbreaking representation of TRANSGENDERS in VIDEOGAMES".
I wouldn't either.
>> No. 13773 [Edit]
>I wouldn't consider anything not published by Nintendo or Intelligent Systems to be official.
I guess 'official' is the wrong word. I really mean that these sources should have their facts straight more than anything, considering they're trying to inform people on these topics. Instead it more or less just feels like they're all copying the same thing from each other and spreading around the misinformation.
>Ctrl+F gives no mention of "男の娘" on the Japanese Wikipedia article for the game.
Sorry for being a bit misleading there. I meant I looked up the word 男の娘 on Japanese Wikipedia (as in and confirmed it had nothing to do with identifying as a woman.
That being said, looking atペーパーマリオRPG and scrolling down to Vivian's part seems to confirm that he's supposed to be a man in the Japanese version, not a 'transgender'. More specifically, this bit 一人称は「アタイ」でクリスチーヌですら可愛いと言われるほどカワイイ女の子のように見えるが、実は男の子である(ドイツ語版、英語版のみ女性として扱われている)。with translates to "By using the first person pronoun 'atai' (cutesy feminine pronoun) even Goombella thought he was enough of a cute girl to call "cute", but really he's a man. (In the German and English versions only, he is female.)"

It should be mentioned that while you probably wouldn't want to be caught dead referring to yourself specific ways in public, I don't believe any of the Japanese first person pronouns are 'exclusive' to one sex, merely carrying a sort of air around them.
As another aside, 男の娘 is a bit of a casual way to refer to stuff like this, so that's why it's probably not in the wikipedia article. I pulled the term mostly from and the Nico Nico article (, both of which also clearly state that Vivian is a man, in spite of his treatment as a woman.
>I don't know, it seems pretty indicative to me that in labeling one's own group the カゲ三姉妹, as opposed to using the gender-neutral カゲ三人組 enforced by one's older sister, one identifies as female on some level. Wouldn't that be considered transgender? Or is merely identifying as the opposite gender not enough?
Heck if I'd know. I'd imagine on the list of Nintendo's priorities for this game, making a group that nobody knew about at the time feel better about themselves in a kid's game overseas was not on the list of priorities. The way people right about Vivian in English articles you'd think his entire existence is one big thank you to the 'trans community'.
The proof that Vivian is just supposed to be a comically gay man comes from Goombella's tattle, where she straight up just says Vivian is a man after getting it confused. If Vivian was supposed to be a transgender, Goombella probably would've said something along the lines of "was a man, now a woman". His sister's comments are one thing, since they're trying to demean him, but Goombella essentially states it as fact.
On another note, everyone tends to refer to the three as the カゲ三人組 on the articles. I actually can't find a result for カゲ三姉妹 on the aforementioned Paper Mario page.

I guess I can see why people are confused on this, since it's sort of weird if you're used to American censorship, but I'd say having a transgender in a kid's game in 2004 is about as weird as having a gay crossdresser.

>I quite liked the Glitz Pit as well.
It was definitely the highlight of the game. Chapter 4 was also nice, chapter 5 felt like it went too fast and didn't have much going on, chapter 6 was sort of nice but anticlimactic and dragged at times, and chapter 7-8 were mostly just tied in to the overall story rather than having their own little sideplots.
Even with some lulls in the story, overall it felt like an adventure and I was happy to have finally finished it after all this time. It makes me want to play N64's Paper Mario too, even if I didn't have that one growing up. Kind of a shame what happened to the series with Sticker Star but the old games are just fine.
I wasn't much into the Brothers series but maybe I'll give that a try sometime too. As far as I can see the gameplay and story elements are quite similar to Paper Mario in nature. There's also Mario RPG, which I believe is a much more traditional jRPG in comparison.
>> No. 13774 [Edit]
The issue here is the definition of "transgender". If, to qualify as transgender, one requires recognition by one's social environment as being transgender, then I suppose you could say Vivian isn't. But if mere self-identification, regardless of public perception, is the only thing that matters (as trans people and their advocates seem to define it), then I would think it fair to consider Vivian (or any other 男の娘 who identifies as female) transgender. Using the latter definition, how players or other characters or even the devs perceive Vivian is irrelevant. All that would matter would be Vivian's own self-perception.
>The way people right about Vivian in English articles you'd think his entire existence is one big thank you to the 'trans community'.
Yeah, I think that view of Vivian is misguided. The game isn't exactly a shining affirmation of trans empowerment or anything. I do think that most Japanese players, as well as the staff who created the game, probably view Vivian as a comically gay man.
>I actually can't find a result for カゲ三姉妹
A transcript of the scene I'm referring to is under the References section of the Mario Wiki article you initially linked. There are also links to relevant videos of the Japanese version there.

I'd recommend you play the N64 Paper Mario as well. It and its direct sequel are quite similar. The first stretch might be annoying due to the initial lack of Action Commands, though (available later after a tutorial).
Super Mario RPG does feel more traditional, but I feel it still has more in common with its successors than with the stereotypical JRPG. You can jump around on the overworld, avoiding enemies that are clearly visible. Battles have Action Commands and a pool of FP shared among party members. You don't really use other party members' abilities on the overworld, though.
Mario & Luigi's battle system is nice in that it lets you more easily avoid damage entirely and sometimes even counter while on defense by jumping or hammering, with timing windows a lot more forgiving than TTYD's Superguards.

TTYD also has a postgame that lets you wander around and talk to people for new dialogue, in case you're into that and weren't aware of it.
>> No. 13775 [Edit]
File 158739948628.png - (83.95KB , 320x320 , panel-513612990-image-1d178bd9-8fd6-4e01-a599-4797.png )
I didn't want to make a thread just for it and this one will fit I guess. I'm currently playing Puyo Puyo games, A week ago I finished Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine as I was replaying childhood games and this time the whole mechanics behind it fascinated me a great deal. Didn't even know it was just a reskin for a PP game.I got so hooked by the gameplay and concept I started playing the other ones and it's a ton of fun, to the point I've decided to play only PP games this year and make a Twitch acc. to sort of record my progress and keep me motivated.

I'm playing every day for at least 2 or 3+ hours. Now, I'm not good at it, in fact I'm really, really bad. So if you come by to watch it don't expect nothing more than me screwing up PP patterns and losing over and over again. You can use it as background noise or something. I don't use a mic or show my face, this is all about the game. Tohno is one of the very few online places I still find it decent and comfy to a degree, so I felt like telling you guys about this. Anyway come by if you like, I'd appreciate it.
>> No. 13776 [Edit]
File 158740217536.jpg - (529.65KB , 800x1131 , adc9ece877f169877ccecb8de1fb898a7dc2e7c6.jpg )
I haven't seen any dialogue where Vivian recognized himself as a woman, aside from a possible interpretation of the 三姉妹 comment, although I haven't played through the game in Japanese.
I'll try out the other Mario RPGs when I have the time, they seem like a lot of fun.
Reminds me that I should also play the Madou Monogatari games. I only finished Hanamaru Daiyouchienji, which was admittedly a huge slog at the end but overall enjoyable. I also never beat Masked Satan in Puyo Puyo Tsu now that I think about it, although I'd imagine that's rather difficult to do given the score and 1cc requirement. Best of luck in improving your skills.
Also the openings for Sun and Puyo Puyo~n are wonderful.
>> No. 13840 [Edit]
File 159323270427.jpg - (113.72KB , 960x639 , 20200621.jpg )
Digital Combat Simulator World
PC cries in pain.
>> No. 13841 [Edit]
I just (almost) finished Nier automata. I'm not even gonna bother to cheat ending E. I came here to post an extremely similar rant, seems it isn't necessary though.
I guess I'm not alone. lol
>> No. 13842 [Edit]
Yeah I wouldn't bother. It's just a short clip of the three playable characters being rebuilt, that's all
>> No. 13843 [Edit]
That would have disappointed me even if I had gotten through. I'll stay with Having both my characters suffer and die in a puddle of their own blood and then proceeding to have the game taunt me with hope then destroying it all until I'm forced to accept existence is pointless.
It's harsh but goes well with the tone of the game.

Post edited on 22nd Jul 2020, 5:18am
>> No. 13858 [Edit]
File 15986801819.gif - (80.55KB , 200x108 , 20200830.gif )
Panzer Paladin
Let's go!
>> No. 13859 [Edit]
I recently finished playing asscreed origins. I typed up a lengthy rant/review about it but lost the text and can't be bothered to retype it (and yeah I searched around in a hex editor for it). To mostly sum it up, the series is a mess and needs an overhaul. the modern day stuff is increasingly pointless with each game and feels especially out of place in this one. This game itself has one of the worst UI I've ever seen, I mean holy hell what we they thinking forcing you to use a slow moving cursor with a gamepad to select anything?! It has an amazingly low amount of bugs and glitches to it's credit, so I assume they learned their lesson after the infamous mess that was Syndicate. The story was pretty simplistic and not really worth mentioning. Mostly lost interest in the asscreed series but picked this back up because I thought the setting was neat. Game played perfectly fine and really has you feel OP by the end, but the enemy level system and ability to go anywhere from the start of the game feels like a mistake. you can spoil plot elements by straying into areas meant for latter in the game, and find yourself facing ridiculously OP enemies, if not flat out impossible to kill enemies should you go into the wrong area early in the game, which I feel makes it kinda redundant to have the ability to go anywhere if you'll be insta killed in many locations anyway. The way they make you summon your bird to find your target every time you're near your quest target got annoying pretty fast. The segments that make you play as the character's wife were annoying because you can't change her weapons or use any of your skills, but it's better than the pointless 4-5 short segments where you play in modern times. anyways, in spite of that I liked it enough to still play some side missions after finishing the main story, but the game could have easily been a lot better if they ironed out some of the issues.
>> No. 13860 [Edit]
I have it in my backlog along with odissey but I keep postponing it. I like the idea of historical sandbox games, ptolemaic egypt and ancient greece are settings that I find extremely interesting, but asscreed has always been kinda tedious and shallow, and your review doesn't particularly motivate me to see if they have solved most of their problems.
>> No. 13861 [Edit]
Playing both puyo puyo tetris and tetris effect.
I've enjoyed puyo puyo tetris far more. The tetris effect aesthetic, including the gross music, is not for me, I'm not feeling the magic.(granted I am not playing in VR but I don't think that would change the fact that the whole thing looks like somewhat robotic tech demos and screensavers).
Meanwhile I'm starting to understand puyo puyo tetris fusion mode and it's a lot of fun.
>> No. 13865 [Edit]
I wish they'd leave it as just historical settings. They certainly do a great job of recreating these locations in great detail and fairly accurately replicating many famous landmarks. It's worth pointing out that while ancient Egypt was the main focus of Origins, grease took a much larger part in it than expected, with a bit of Rome tacked on too. This made it no wonder why they went the way they did with Odyssey.
But yeah, I lost interest in the series mainly because the over arching story came to a rather disappointing conclusion in asscreed3. Seemed like they they were leading up to a big modern day asscreed with a protag who would have all the skills and know how of all previous characters which could have been neat, but that's all out the window now. After that point it felt kinda weird that they'd continue the modern day side of things. It was weird in Black flag but I rolled with it because it felt like they were simply trying to establish a vehicle to drive future games by having a certain company perfect the tech and let anyone relive any time period, but I guess they scrapped that idea and since then it seems like they can't decide what to do with the modern settings. Now those segments feel really jarring, disjointed, and out of place on top of being almost completely pointless. It's obvious they only exist as a means of creating shallow sense of inter connectivity in the series. In Origins especially, they're so short, few, and far between that you loose nothing at all if you remove them, it's easy to forget they're even a thing while playing the game. If anything it would help the game feel more focused to have that removed, along with the scifi elements present in the ui, loading screens ect and keep things themed more in style with what's appropriate for the time frame. There's no reason they can't have these games just set in the past.

The story in origins is a very straight forward revenge plot, where in a group of masked duchbags pull a God of War and literally push the protag into killing his own son, so he goes on a revenge fueled murder spree killing off pretty much everyone who was so much as in the same room, which was a lot of people as it turns out. The plot also shoehores in Caesar and Cleopatra along the way because I guess you can't have a game set in old Egypt without them, and of course because it's asscreed they have you(MC's wife actually) be the one who gives Caesar the old knife poke. The actual 'origins' part is a bit flimsy. They don't even start to consider setting up an organisation till near the end of the game, and even then it feels a little out of left field. Sort of " know what this world needs? secret police, Lets go do something like that! we'll iron out the details later.".

It's worth noting there are a couple segments where the MC goes on acid trips and fights huge monsters or something, which are kinda neat even if weird for an asscreed game. Likewise they really drag out some of those after death scenes where you have conversations and arguments with a corpse. Another nitpick I have is that in spite of all the endless jokes out there about how aliens built the pyramids, the alien elements really feel out of place here. It's weird that you have room scale holographic computer displays hidden under various famous landmarks (that the mc magically knows how to operate), and not only do they somehow go undiscovered/notice by the local population, but characters have little or even nothing to say about them when encountering them. You've got like one or two in story scenes with characters assuming it's somehow related to the gods, then apparently quickly losing interesting. you'd think the MC would ask what the fuck an internet is, or anything, but they come across as not really caring at all, especially if it's a not story encounter and you're just exploring on your own. It's weird because the mc has something to say about nearly everything else you come across.

I doubt I'll be playing another asscreed any time soon after this one. I've heard good things about Odyssey but I just feel like it'd be mostly same thing different location. The new viking themed one feels even less interesting as I couldn't care less about the setting in that one. Maybe if they do an asscreed set in feudal japan I'll hop back onboard.
>> No. 13880 [Edit]
File 159941003918.jpg - (148.80KB , 850x1202 , sample_949eeaf21b11ae2341a787cbbc992b0e.jpg )
I played Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, a tactical rpg. I'm not a video game person, I don't play video games as a hobby for the most part, but Disgaea caught my attention. The main draw of Disgaea, the meat and bones of it, is min-maxing. Characters can be grinded, special moves can be grinded, items can be grinded and the pupil/mentor system can be used to give any character any special move so long as they're also a humanoid/monster type. This doesn't appeal to me, at all. I just wanted to get through the main campaign.

Disgaea is not a strategic game. Most of the strategy comes from working around the stupid ai, which mostly only attack things close to them, and some terrain effects which make a few levels more interesting. Mages are obscenely overpowered. The can hit most enemies for double damage, the can hit up to 9 enemies at a time pretty early in the game, and they can hit enemies from a large distance. Their defenses are low, but if they're slightly higher level than the enemies that's not too much a problem and other characters aren't that much better. There's also items which can massively increase their health.

Almost every level and boss can be beat by placing a few prinnies(disposable monster characters you get at the start of the game) and maybe some main character in front of two mages, and then using the mages to kill enemies from behind the line. Characters have a defend option which I think also levels up, so since my prinnies were constantly defending, they could be thirty levels below what's attacking them and survive. Taking one or two hits is all that's needed since mages can beat multiple enemies in that time and then heal them. Some enemies are resistant to magic attacks enough to make a difference, and that was the pretty much the only use for physical attackers.

Individual characters don't have a lot of appeal that would make you want to use them over others besides their design. Flonne is basically useless with just her own special moves. A cleric which can't heal itself isn't usable. Through the mentor system though, I quickly gave her the four basic spells available right from the start, and she became my best character. I never had to use her own moves because they were just worse than the most basic spells, which could 2HKO enemies from half-way across the map.

The most difficult level was around the mid-point of the game where terrain effects(which are caused by physical objects on the map) multiplied the enemies' attack by 6. Beating it required a specific chain of actions to undo the terrain effect which may or may not work depending on luck. After pulling that off, the rest of it was just slowly picking off enemies with Flonne and my other mage. It was the only level in which I had to use a recovery item, and it was for sp. During the last boss, you don't have access to Flonne, so I had to make a replacement mage for her which took a while. After beating the game once, I went through a new "cycle" to get the good ending. A new cycle is like a new game, but all your levels and items are preserved so you can go through the game quickly. I spent 67 hours on the game over a few days, lost some sleep, and had a splitting headache by the end, probably from eye strain. Getting really into Disgaea seems like a great way to lower your quality of life.

I mainly kept playing for the story, which was entertaining and agreed with my sense of humor. I started seeing the gameplay as a chore to get through and the story as a reward for it. The themes were really run-of-the-mill, but the characters were endearing and their growth satisfying to see. It reminded me a lot of Monster Girl Quest with the demon, human, angel dichotomy and themes among other things. The human characters and their plot turn were pretty jarring, but grew on me. I've read that later Disgaea games have a worse story, which is shame.

The art was nice for the most part, but I wasn't really into the artist's anorexic sensibilities, which were especially noticeable with Laharl and Etna. This also got worse in subsequent games, which is a shame. The remake of the game has far less appealing art to me. The painterly, simple look to the art fits the fantasy setting better. The music is really great and one of the best aspects of the game. I don't regret playing it, but could have gotten almost as much from just watching the cut scenes.
>> No. 13881 [Edit]
There's no min-maxing at all in Disgaea, you don't choose your stats. There's grinding, if you like, while it's not necessary for the main campaign. Fun thing is how making grinding more efficient is a mechanic on it's own. Also the total randomization of the item world can put you into all kinds of situations, making it less repetitive.
>> No. 13882 [Edit]
Yeah, that was a wrong choice of words. I did have to grind during the main campaign for some things. Even if there were some strategy involving status ailments to avoid that, I would still have to grind whatever chracter I needed for that so they'd have the right special moves and enough bulk to not instantly die, which would take longer than just making whatever I have stronger. The game doesn't force you to use complicated strategy by any means. Killing enemies so you can increase numbers doesn't interest me regardless of the mechanics behind it.
>> No. 13883 [Edit]
File 159942012277.jpg - (170.15KB , 1920x1080 , 20200813192638_1.jpg )
Recently played the three Ace Combat games for ps1. Before this I only ever played the ps2 games, and the steaming turd that was Assault horizons for ps3.
It's interesting how the series changed it's name after the first one (Air Combat) but continued the numbering system for it's squeals. I found that one and two were essentially the same game, Ace combat 2 just being an upgrade in visuals with a few other little improvements. The stories for one and two are both pretty flimsy at best, you don't really know who you're fighting and it's not that even that clear why. They're basically just the bad guys. The jump from 2 to 3 meanwhile was pretty huge. The gameplay changed a lot and felt more like the ps2 games I was used to. The visuals were a lot better, but most noticeably they went all out with the story mode for this one. With alternate story routs and animated cut scenes. There were clearly a lot of elements of ghost in the shell and Lain tossed in Ace combat 3 as inspiration (pretty blatantly so at times too). It's packed with content, requiring two disks and as far as I know the only one set in the future. all in all, 1&2 were "fine" games, but man is 3 some good stuff.
>> No. 13884 [Edit]
File 159942094683.jpg - (365.18KB , 859x1000 , Soul_Nomad___The_World_Eaters_full_666945.jpg )
Even if you didn't like Disgaea that much I would still recommend you to play Soul Nomad. It's quite different mechanically and the story has more weight, also it's quite an amazing game in it's own. Personally I like almost everything NIS does but Soul Nomad is my nº1, even above the first Disgaea.
>> No. 13885 [Edit]
Ace Combat 3 is incredible. The soundtrack and visuals are just top notch. I kind of want to go back and try the other story missions but there's some incredibly unique stuff in some of those branches, including even a few missions in space on the Neucom path.
>> No. 13886 [Edit]
The gameplay sounds more engaging, so I might give it a shot. There isn't a pc port though, so emulation would have to do.
>> No. 13887 [Edit]
File 159942395579.png - (221.79KB , 585x480 , Saru! Get You! (Japan) (Rev 1)-200906-160738.png )
I just beat the Japanese version of Ape Escape, Saru Getchu. I think it's something they tried to wipe out of western marketing for it but it was very anime-influenced to a degree I wasn't expecting. It was a fun game in general too. Good soundtrack, interesting and comfortable environments, and a fun set of tools to work with in capturing the monkeys. It really is obvious that it was made to flex the abilities of the dualshock controller but it does so with spirit and it has a rather unique control scheme because of it.
>> No. 13888 [Edit]
File 159944408220.jpg - (116.96KB , 985x941 , __saber_kitty_trenia_and_corn_guy_disgaea_and_1_mo.jpg )
I have a bad habit of dropping games midway and Soul Nomad is one of them. Can't remember why I did even though I remember it being decent, I think I also dropped Phantom Brave and La Pucelle this way despite having gotten relatively far in all of them. The only non-Disgaea NIS games that I have completed are Makai Kingdom and Rhapsody if I'm not mistaken.
>> No. 13889 [Edit]
You missed many good things, not only the end was great but just some minutes in new game+ you are into an amazing discovery. Only NIS game I didn't finish was La Pucelle because there was some really annoying mission in the middle of the game.
>> No. 13896 [Edit]
File 160039493098.jpg - (848.86KB , 1920x1080 , village square.jpg )
Playing Banished. I'm having food issues, surprisingly, and because of this I haven't been able to build any new residences. While I have temporally staggered the previous houses, I'm pretty sure the first death wave is going to be the end.