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File 160978357784.jpg - (108.38KB , 879x1267 , b8db3932f68dcf996caceb589451ba63.jpg )
37253 No. 37253 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 37254 [Edit]
File 160978466721.jpg - (180.73KB , 850x476 , sample_5b2099a8f7425b454893fe8473cf2d25.jpg )
I don't like junk food. Fast food, american candy bars, stuff from cans. Lately I've been noticing that these things lack vibrancy somehow. They taste "dead". There's lots of sugar and salt and oil, but it reminds me a reanimated corpse. Something like dried cherries are a lot nicer to me, but those products don't sell as well as those breakfast cereal abominations.

I like fresh ingredients and some raw things and I can't stand over-cooked meat. The acidity and mild sweetness of a raw tomato and berries can't be replicated by artificial flavors or if they're more processed. Yet lots of people are satisfied with and actually like dominoes and burger king, so do they not detect this difference? Can they not tell when food tastes more "alive"?

Post edited on 4th Jan 2021, 10:25am
>> No. 37256 [Edit]
Never been a big foodie personally. I know junk food is shit and unhealthy but since I don't tend to think much about food, I don't really care. I will say however that I'm genetically predisposed to drink mountain dew, given that my fathers family all also drink it in copious amounts.
>> No. 37258 [Edit]
I don't know what your diet is like, but if you don't care much about food in general, wouldn't eating healthy be just as easy and eating junk for you?

Some studies indicated eating Oreos got a greater pleasure response from rats than cocaine. The few times I ate one though as a kid, I got the sense that whatever I was eating was toxic just from the taste and immediately wanted to stop. I don't remember if I ever drank Mountain Dew before, but I have drank Gatorade and that also reminded me of poison.
>> No. 37261 [Edit]
It's astounding that most snacks in america are so sugary. Oreos are cloyingly sweet. And especially worrying that popular cereals are just means to funnel sugar (people eat cookies for breakfast?). It's hard to find things that aren't drenched with it (and you always have to be on the lookout for products that claim 0 sugar but then just use aspartame or some other substitute; it's still sweet!).
>> No. 37263 [Edit]
Does any of that even have real sugar? I'm sure it would taste far better if it did. Sugar "replacements" are so much worse than what they're supposed to save you from.
>> No. 37264 [Edit]
File 160981253888.jpg - (275.56KB , 800x1284 , a0869263ceb9123aa0b610f8414abb33.jpg )
They use corn syrup a lot because it's cheaper. It's possible to avoid it if you're willing to pay a bit more.

Post edited on 4th Jan 2021, 6:10pm
>> No. 37265 [Edit]
I think the majority of fast food is garbage but some of it is tolerable, we don't have burger king here but some fast food places do serve decent BBQ burgers, it must be the sauce it has more flavour so it can conceal more. I never had American sweets but our local chocolate tends to be quite bad, Swiss and Belgian chocolate are good though, some local chocolate can be good if it is a kind that has some other flavour with it like licorice coated chocolate but even then it's just alright.

Also it seems that many people are just too lazy to cook. It really surprises me but for example my sister and my brother cannot cook and do not cook, they pretty much have takeaway every night. I don't understand how people can be so lazy and waste so much money like that.
>> No. 37270 [Edit]
I'm not a fan of barbeque sauce. It's sweet and like you said masks the flavor of the meat. Sweet and savory isn't a combo I'm into. Maybe it's different in your country. Chocolate's not generally my thing either, but when I do eat it, I prefer it to be as dark as possible.
>> No. 37271 [Edit]
BBQ sauce isn't necessarily sweet; it's just that Kansas City-style (and similar ones like Memphis) is the most prevalent among the mainstream brands. The best sauces are the ones that permeate the meat and accentuate it with the sauces' spices. With that said, if you want a sweet BBQ sauce, cook down fruit to make it, and then pour it on some hearty rice. The result will be deliciously decadent, filling, and if done right, healthy enough.
>> No. 37272 [Edit]
"Junk" food tends to be cheaper in my experience with careful reading of price tags and calorie count, aside from actually baking my own bread or just eating nothing but rice. I guess if I really think about it, most junk food tastes like bready sawdust with some salt and flavorless sauce. But since junk food is "easier" to make and eat, I prefer it over food that might take some time to prepare and that I can't just shove down my throat to maximize caloric intake. What I lack in vitamins I make up for in not actually making up for it and accepting my shortened lifespan due to laziness.
>> No. 37297 [Edit]
Red lipstick annoys me and I don't know why anybody likes it. Lighter colored lips always look better.
>> No. 37298 [Edit]
I don't like make-ups in general.
>> No. 37302 [Edit]
File 161008159556.jpg - (424.78KB , 1187x1895 , edb11a344582620b8a16b3db85f4ad54.jpg )
Make-up is funny in the sense that it practically represents the dishonest nature of women. They (used to) do whatever it takes to look all pretty and nice but it's all a facade for the hideousness underneath and this doesn't just apply to their outwards appearance. Supposedly it's bad for the skin that they act like they care about so much so I didn't like the sound of it much.
>> No. 37303 [Edit]
I agree. I think it looks like shit and I don't get it.
>> No. 37304 [Edit]
I've been reading a book that explains the biological reasons for things like lipsticks, comparing it to monkey and other animal behavior.
While natural, it kinda makes it even more disgusting.
I'm at this point were I dislike women so much that I'm afraid the disgust could even reach the 2D world.
>> No. 37305 [Edit]
Often the reason they use makeup in the first place is because they have bad skin.
>> No. 37306 [Edit]
File 161010955737.jpg - (114.54KB , 850x939 , sample_d53940ffad41bfea19cd265b5a5fcbad.jpg )
>I'm at this point were I dislike women so much that I'm afraid the disgust could even reach the 2D world.
Men like women for the way they look, or an ideal of how they look(2d characters). Woman don't own that though. They think they do, but they don't. It doesn't belong to them. They'll all grow old and unappealing, but those ideal images were created by men and are eternal. I have hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel. That ideal can become completely independent of its disappointing model.
>> No. 37307 [Edit]
File 161012076578.jpg - (1.35MB , 933x1268 , 7637612e0139bb614650a4dd2111dcdf.jpg )
>I'm at this point were I dislike women so much that I'm afraid the disgust could even reach the 2D world.
I'm already there. Not completely, of course, but I notice similarities between the behaviors and opinions of characters and 3d sometimes.
Sometimes I wonder if the reason women screech so much about how fictional characters looking good is somehow sexist is really just rooted in their own case of body envy. But I'm extremely insecure about my own body and I've never done the same so that explanation always felt too simple for me to believe while also being too believable to dismiss.

Post edited on 8th Jan 2021, 7:50am
>> No. 37308 [Edit]
I know it's not rational, but sometimes I can't help but be remembered of them by any representation. I hope that doesn't make me completely fall for the trap trap. Sometimes I like to apply platonism and think 3DPD is just a bad, flawed copy of the ideal 2D, so more real that what we usually call real.

I suspect I know the reasons for that. You don't compete. Even if you did the worth of a male is just marginally related to his physical form. 2D (or porn, sex-dolls, prostitution) is a serious competence, not because they need us losers for any kind of relation but because an higher demand adds to their value. I could easily find women that feel the most extreme disgust for me, but at the same time express perplexity and almost feel indignant to my disdain for any relation with their kind. It's also a matter of simple power.
>> No. 37309 [Edit]
>at the same time express perplexity and almost feel indignant to my disdain for any relation with their kind
I haven't seen much of that. Maybe they think that way, but it seems more common for them to dismiss people they don't like not trying as a good thing. It really doesn't matter. Just ignore the annoying ones.
>> No. 37310 [Edit]
File 161013512726.jpg - (130.01KB , 800x520 , dadb97758365289e3cc5d3962ff0a6bd.jpg )
Evolutionary Psychology. I looked at some of it, watched a few videos made by "experts" in the field. From what I've seen, it's 99% speculation. It's actually worse than psychology because their "findings" aren't directly based on the things they're about. It's also annoying how it drags evolution into itself.
>> No. 37314 [Edit]
Psychology in general is often seen as barely being a science. Having said that though, we have been making progress in brain chemistry and how that relates to mental states, but is that really psychology?
>> No. 37315 [Edit]
No, that's neuroscience. Psychology is the study of "the mind and behavior". It's entirely founded upon the idea of a "mind" and the assumptions that comes with it because that was the best people could do at the time of its inception. Neuroscience will eventually subsume psychology.
>> No. 37317 [Edit]
File 161016776879.png - (1.48MB , 1000x1200 , 1986f7fdeb564b8b602c23a373c57601.png )
Self-deprecating jokes. They aren't funny to me because the punchlines are often recycled and it just comes off as someone trying to make fun of themselves before anyone else can or because they are desperate to be seen as funny and be liked. Youtubers like doing this sometimes and that just makes it more annoying because I don't understand why those creatures need to try so hard to be liked when their life will be handed to them because they are normalshits. The only defense that I know of is the most common one that says people should "not take themselves too seriously and learn to laugh at themselves" but self-deprecating jokes don't ever feel like that. I thought "not taking yourself too seriously" would be something more along the lines of keeping your ego in check, learning to yield when the time calls for it, valuing another person's viewpoint equally instead of rooting yourself in your own position, and other things that can make a person more reasonable. I think I have seen one or two self-deprecating jokes that were actually funny but I have seen it very rarely.
>> No. 37318 [Edit]
Doesn't seem like you have a beef with self-deprecating jokes--just boring and recycled jokes in general, employed by egotists and egoists.
>> No. 37319 [Edit]
Another problem with such jokes is that if they aren't true it just comes across as incredibly fake like if an attractive person jokes about being ugly and if it is true and they joke about it it just sounds sad and like he had given up and is now even putting himself down to fit in.
>> No. 37320 [Edit]
>Things that genuinely piss you off?
People like this guy >>37317. What an absolute dick.
>> No. 37321 [Edit]
If you disagree with something someone else says, either explain why or ignore them. Passive aggressively insulting them in the third person is being a dick.
>> No. 37322 [Edit]
Dude you're an asshole plain and simple.

>> No. 37323 [Edit]
I'm not the same anon.
>> No. 37324 [Edit]
Must have hit the soft spot.

Refer to rules 11 and 3
>> No. 37325 [Edit]
I assume most of them are attempts at not taking one's self too seriously, and highlighting one's faults to demonstrate humility while showing that the person knows they aren't perfect. But as you said, many don't seem to understand this and instead use this type of humor simply because it's popular to do so.
>> No. 37326 [Edit]
I think it can also be a coping mechanism. If you make fun of yourself, your problems also seem more trivial. I do that in my head sometimes.
>> No. 37346 [Edit]
Kids on the internet giving their snarky takes on how outdated old worldviews were/are and how we "need to progress past them". Jesus Christ, it must smell having your head that far up your own ass. I'm no one to praise the past as a perfect ideal in any way, and I really do mean that, but it just gets me off the wrong way to see people acting so arrogant of their own supposedly un-anachronistic platitudes. Especially knowing most of these are late highschoolers or uni kiddies who just ran into a different worldview from their dads for the first time. As if the heavily impressionable youth of today and the decade before is anymore knowledgeable about "true right" than people who knew about the very same ideas they laud now, over a hundred years ago. I know they really believe in their pea-sized brains that it's their moral duty to drag everyone kicking and screaming into the future, and it's obnoxious as hell. Maybe you don't have to reinvent the fucking wheel.
>> No. 37347 [Edit]
Politics in general have became something that annoy me. People get way too engrossed in these narratives and it's bad for the country. I just want to enjoy my goddamn escapism without getting told I'm a racist or a cuck. I'm not even an "enlightened centrist". I'm just tired and want a nice and peaceful life that doesn't have some contrived drama trying to get me to hate my fellow countrymen.
>> No. 37349 [Edit]
File 161047350514.jpg - (393.99KB , 850x1192 , sample_9185c0c1b5bad88e53c584598676f5bf.jpg )
People get so into politics because they're spiritually starved and faced with a constant existential threat from people with power. They have no identity or validation from society. They don't feel comfortable or in control. There's no reassuarance that you're all right, things are all right and everything will get better. When you're in your own little town and things are going good and everybody is on the same page, that's when people are happy.
>> No. 37350 [Edit]
The obsessive nature of people currently into politics has come across to me as almost identical to religious zealots from before. It should have been obvious in retrospect that people's lost of faith would create a void. It absolutely seems that political parties have now replaced religions among the weak of mind.
>> No. 37351 [Edit]
I think you're onto something here. I can see how we're closing in into a 21th century Spanish Inquisition.
>> No. 37369 [Edit]
Reminder that everything is political--including your bowel movements and digital representations thereof. (I hate it.)
>> No. 37402 [Edit]
File 161129594963.jpg - (165.70KB , 1440x1080 , cap_[a-s]_mobile_suit_zeta_gundam_-_23_-_moon_atta.jpg )
Politics replacing spirituality is an interesting observation, people also use materialism as a replacement for it, specifically brand loyalty. More thinking is required to make a point about this.
>> No. 37403 [Edit]
The general population are incapable of creating value for themselves and in the absence of religion they will always find a need to replace it with something else, an identity if you will. A (false) sense of belonging. It can virtually be anything that resonates and reinforces their extant inner values. You could say that this might be the natural order of things and what leads to the rise and fall of civilization although the cycle have probably been disrupted in the modern world and instead takes semblance as the materialism you've mentioned.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2021, 10:37pm
>> No. 37405 [Edit]
While I believe politics have replaced religion, I think brand loyalty may be to an extent a replacement for tribes and communities similar to sports for a long time now, but mainly it's about one's projected personal image.
In political obsession, I see people treat political figures like deities. I've seen some people even compare those who wont be named to Jesus. They hang on these people's every word, they think what the party/religion tells them to think, they buy what they're told to buy, they hate who the party tells them to hate, and they elevate the leaders to unrealistic levels while forgetting they're just people at the end of the day. I don't think it's a coincidence the word "cult" is being tossed around a lot in politics these days.

Hard core brand loyalty on the other hand, with the exception of perhaps apple or tesla, don't generally have a figure head for people to wordship. It's not about a belief set or life style principles as we're seeing with politics, it's about identity and belonging to a group or team. When someone buys "Supreme" products and ensures the name is plastered across everything they own, what they're really buying is an image, something that proudly boasts who they are and what group they're affiliated with. That brand might be something that says "I'm better than you because I know about this cool product only cool people like me know about". Or someone might subscribe to energy drink brands, falling for the advertising campaigns and trying to give off the wild cool rebellious energetic impression. They might cover themselves in Adidas to look like a rich athlete, or whatever the hell those Russians are going for when they do that.

That said, I think the more mild form of brand loyalty is simply a case of people sticking with what they know, or what has served them well in the past. I keep buying ThinkPads, because I've had little issue with them vs other brands which appear more unreliable in my limited experience. I'm also guilty of having a bias towards sony products in spite of disliking the direction the company has gone and having issues with their more recent products. In that case it's less objective decision making and more a nostalgia and a sticking with what used to work, even if it doesn't anymore. Humans do this a lot I think. If something works once, and it becomes proven, they'll assume it will continue that way and these people will stay with it even when it starts to do more harm than good. Hell, they even do this with other humans. Of course I may have also succumb to the 'image' appeal, maybe part of me felt that brand gave off a clean cut image, one of good reliable reputation.. Even when you know what industries do, it can be hard for someone who's only human to resist their manipulative tactics. Lord only knows how much money and research some of these companies have put into understanding the human mind and how best to take advantage of it. People who think they haven't been manipulated to even some degree, probably just don't realize how bad they have it.
>> No. 37406 [Edit]
I sometimes wonder how much of my own beliefs are really reflective of my core values and how much has been grafted on by politics and in-groups. I have had a rather tumultuous political journey and pretty much explored every single possible ideology to try and see what really resonated with me. I think at the end the only thing I came out with was a knowledge of simple likes and dislikes that I'd always been repressing, and the realization that if I wanted to do something, if I had an ambition or goal, I would have to have the power to do it. I guess, I just plainly don't like people who aren't the same race as me. I wish I could say I had some reason, but the truth is I just feel uncomfortable around them, and I don't care enough about world unity or whatever to try to force myself to like them.
>> No. 37413 [Edit]
Few seemingly take it easy these days.
>> No. 37418 [Edit]
File 161147525431.jpg - (136.14KB , 800x600 , 7e0b3a0369fccbe46a2a75570045d8f9.jpg )
It doesn't make me angry per se but it gives me more of a confused annoyance. I never understood or liked how unpopular people like robots or hikineets will be so eager to throw insults at normals like calling them "losers", "pathetic", or some other such insults that implies they look down on them. I don't mean this as if I think normals are above such people, but it is odd to me that such unfortunate people will look down on people who are more "successful" in some ways than they are just because they can brag about having chose their lifestyle unlike normals who do what they do because they want to but fail at it for whatever reason or still succeed but are still looked down upon by unpopular people. It makes even less sense to me when they call people like them such names.

Post edited on 24th Jan 2021, 12:11am
>> No. 37419 [Edit]
If you get raped as a kid you will rape as an adult, if you get abused, you will abuse. It's almost a natural law. And it's perfectly logical, you interact with the language you have been teached.
One of my sources of frustration is how I can't become an abuser in any context even after being abused, it feels like a biological malfunction.
>> No. 37420 [Edit]
>If you get raped as a kid you will rape as an adult

But that's wrong, though.
>> No. 37421 [Edit]
As the anon above me said this untrue. I personally know people who where raped as children and have not grown up to be pedos or rapists. Processing your trauma and realizing it wasn't your fault is way way better for yourself and everyone else then going out and repeating the same mistakes. Pain breeds pain, break the cycle because if you cause more pain you are only garunteeing to hurt yourself even more.
>> No. 37422 [Edit]
No, I didn't mean getting raped as a kid means a 100% mathematically perfect chance you will rape as an adult and absolutelly all persons that ever got raped became rapists, it's just common on sexual abusers to have a past of sexual abuse themselves, it's a common factor to take in consideration.

>Processing your trauma and realizing it wasn't your fault

Are you sure it wasn't, though? In all cases? Who decides that?
>> No. 37423 [Edit]
File 16115003219.jpg - (688.07KB , 1200x808 , 50362873_p0_master1200.jpg )
>it is odd to me that such unfortunate people will look down on people who are more "successful" in some ways than they are
That doesn't make much sense. People, including myself, look down on normalfags because of their mindset. "Success" isn't part of it, the obsession with "success" is.
>> No. 37425 [Edit]
Not him but what I think he's saying is that it's petty and a waste of energy. You're also acting like them in a way, playing the same game. Normals enjoy mocking and belittling those they see bellow them to feel better about themselves, often out of insecurity. They need constant reminders that there are people less successful than themselves, so they can say to themselves "I'm glad I'm not like 'those' people".
We can and should be better than that. Let the normals ruin their lives and pretend they're better off. Let them wage slave to pay for their useless degree, their 40 year mortgage, their child support for kids they never get to see. let them blast hiphop/rock from their generic muscle cars that they'll never finish paying off so they can feel oh so cool. Let them get drunk on their couch after work while screaming at successful athletes on the tv who they live vicariously through because they can't face the fact they haven't done anything with their own lives. We don't need their approval, we don't need to prop ourselves up by putting them down, we don't need anything from them.
>> No. 37426 [Edit]
File 161151613728.png - (353.47KB , 1000x1100 , 2efc6e838d5bddfcf9717c78037700ad.png )
That's fine and all, but normalfags are actually harmful and dangerous to me in a multitude of ways. They also outnumber us by a massive degree. Belittling normalfags isn't something I'd do to feel like I'm worth something, it would be a coping mechanism for being afraid of and nearly powerless against them.
>> No. 37427 [Edit]
>we don't need anything from them.

Sadly, most of us we do. Starting with getting a job and keeping it, basically means having to deal with them every single day unless you or your family are rich.
About the insecurity thing, it makes me think; I'm the most insecure of all and never did that, it's weird that insecurity serves as an explanation of being both and agressive bastard and a passive weakling. Not a particular criticism, just something that bothers me.
>> No. 37428 [Edit]
You seem very eager to belittle other people yourself, anon.
>> No. 37429 [Edit]
People who drive slow annoy me. They aren't driving slow because they're worried about being safe. They're often some of the worst drivers on the road. They think that by driving slow they're being safe and as a result pay the minimal amount of attention to what's going on around them. When you're driving quickly (within reason) you have to pay attention. It's a weird paradox but both my personal experience and statistics seem to bear it out.

I want more places with minimum speed limits. And higher top speed limits. Modern cars can do so much more than 60mph safely as long as the weather isn't bad.

You should keep in mind not all normalfags are like that. It's just that the ones who are stick out very strongly. Most normals seem more confused by our types than hateful but it's easy to miss when there does exist that certain subset of insecure normies who take offense at our existence.
>> No. 37430 [Edit]
>not all normalfags are like that
The only difference is their level of ignorance and authority. The more they learn and more influence they have, the more hostile they become.
>> No. 37432 [Edit]
Gotcha on the first bit. I'm saying it's cultural in the cases where it does happen and doesn't need to be that way. Who decides that? The act of rape itself is a violent coercive act, by definition the victim isn't at fault, especially a child because a child cannot consent to sex because they don't even understand what sex is.
>> No. 37434 [Edit]
The autobahn is a good example
>> No. 37436 [Edit]
I hate driving and I hate the competitive driving mentality. It's fucking retarded that people tap into their primal tribal brain for what in reality is a mundane, boring, and inefficient daily commute. It's not like it's a fun street race or something where you'll really get any substantial benefit in commute time, I can't understand why so many people put so much emotion into it. The amount of road rage I've witnessed between two dumbass drivers just boggles my mind. Are people really that desperate to get to mr. shekelsteins office 30 seconds sooner? I think the multi-lane highway was just a huge mistake. Why on gods green earth would you put people in a situation where their brains will instinctively get frustrated with any decrease in momentum or speed? I don't even blame the drivers, I understand perfectly well what it feels like to want to go a little faster in some task, but to have to wait for other things to get into place in order to do so. That's what makes it such a bad idea in my opinion, because it's not something that you should let that impatient part of your brain manage.
>> No. 37438 [Edit]
I've heard in many places cops will pull you over for it. I know I've spoken to a few who can't seem to grape the concept of slower drivers putting people at risk. People driving at normal rates of speeds or higher have to bob and weave around people like this, these people think they have the right to make everyone else drive slow and intentionally block faster drivers, hitting breaks for no reason, grid locking, ect. This only creates congestion and accidents, but good luck explaining that to these people who think they're heros.
>> No. 37439 [Edit]
That's true, we do need to cooperate with them on some level. What I meant is you don't need them to feel good about yourself.

You might be right, maybe I'm a hypocrite.
>> No. 37441 [Edit]
I'm a slow driver, I drive at what speed I am comfortable with and I don't care if I hold anybody up.

In my country and area at least it is not slow drivers that cause accidents, statistically it is fast drivers. I live in the country, most people that crash here do so due to overconfidence, it's not the city folk that crash as being in a new area they are slow and cautious, it's the locals that crash as they get overconfident and go faster.
>> No. 37442 [Edit]
In my case I don't think it's the decrease in speed so much as having someone block my way. I feel the same way when I'm walking in a store and people block the aisle and I'm forced to change how I walk while keeping behind these people or find another route to my destination, just because these people can't stay to one side. Be a slow driver or walker if you want, just keep to the side and let people pass. Yes it's silly to break speed limits and drive aggressively just to end up at the same stop light (this is why I think driving like that in the city is stupid) but I'd rather not have someone like that ridding my ass and potentially rear end me. I've already been hit once and it's not fun. The guy turned around and hauled ass in the opposite direction, leaving me to pay for the delectable on my car repairs.

Post edited on 25th Jan 2021, 7:25pm
>> No. 37445 [Edit]
For me it's not necessarily "competitive driving" but just the way I've became used to driving. Basically I had a commute that was pretty conducive to driving fast and after doing that every day for a few years it made me much better and more alert on the road. Some slow drivers are just patient but a lot of them really aren't paying attention or don't know how to make their car do what they want and drive slowly to compensate.
>> No. 37452 [Edit]
I'm eating an apple I bought only a few days ago and it has the consistency of wet sand. Kind of tastes like it too. Why are apples so inferior to pears? Pears get softer, but also sweeter with age. Fuck apples.
>> No. 37453 [Edit]
The fun of fast driving is not to hit the gas pedal during a straight line. It is to just cruise through the lines and go very fast on the curves. Doing fast curves makes driving more fun, and can be done in a urban setting.
>> No. 37460 [Edit]
Which type of apple? The most popular kinds in the US – red delicious and the green one – are tasteless garbage. If you're lucky you might find a honeycrisp. If you like sweet, maybe Fuji? I don't know where you can find any of these though.
>> No. 37461 [Edit]
The packaging says gala. Apparently this kind has surpassed red delicious as the most produced.

If I had to eat an apple I'd want it to be hard, crisp and tart, with some kind of unique twist to it, like bitterness, sourness or having a floral taste. Maybe it's because I ate them as a kid, but raw apples all seem to have a "generic taste" to them from what I've tried.

Post edited on 27th Jan 2021, 1:06pm
>> No. 37462 [Edit]
I'm sure there's an apple variety that fits that considering that there appear to be thousands of varieties (maybe Pink Lady? I've heard that those are tart and crisp). Interestingly even though a large number of varieties are grown in the US (~2000) I don't think these are all grown for mass-market consumption, and I don't know how you'd go about purchasing them (maybe you have to visit the apple orchard yourself? Or go to a farmer's market?)

If you like interesting content, may be worth a read. It's about the recently developed "Cosmic Crisp" apple which is "dramatically dark, richly flavored and explosively crisp and juicy" and has a lot of buzz surrounding it.
>> No. 37463 [Edit]
I have never eaten wet sand. I think I know the consistency you are referring to, it is atrocious indeed. Pure trash. Try Fuji, it is better. Also apples are better, you just don't know how to buy good apples. Also keep them in the fridge for better taste.
Any grocery store has Fuji apples, don't know about the other ones.
>> No. 37464 [Edit]
File 161179064588.jpg - (414.88KB , 583x700 , a468e0dc78d106186b2ee1f961408326.jpg )
In what way are apples better than pears?
>> No. 37466 [Edit]
I've never been a huge fan of the consistency of fruits in general. It's a bit like leaves wrapped around soggy potatos with way too much fiber in them. Never quite understood how humans have been eating that shit for thousands of years. Yeah yeah I know my palette is "immature". I don't have a problem with vegetables, I just don't like fruits. They also tend to be really pungent especially banana. People think I'm insane when I say this but I start suffocating from the stench when someone peels back a banana.
>> No. 37467 [Edit]
I'm the same, vegetables are fine but I don't like fruits. Don't understand why people tend to hold fruits in such high regards. Then again I also prefer the savory to the sweet and fruits are sweet.
>> No. 37469 [Edit]
File 161183759140.jpg - (49.78KB , 850x478 , sample_0a67929893382dcde1c2f6ae203d6584.jpg )
>the consistency of fruits in general
The texture of a banana and a plum or a raspberry or a pomegranate, has literally nothing in common. Potatoes are full of starch, while most fruits have next to none. Fruits are also basically the only natural source of a lot of sugar many people ever had access to(which you need to live). I don't think you're insane, just ignorant.
>> No. 37470 [Edit]
>natural source of a lot of sugar
I don't think there's much a difference between "natural" sugar and table sugar though? Fruit sugar is mainly fructose+glucose (=sucrose) which table sugar also is. I think the only difference is that it's easy to overuse table sugar whereas fruits have a natural limit. And fruits also have fiber/starch/etc. so there's at least some sustenance.
>> No. 37471 [Edit]
The difference is that people didn't always have access to table sugar.
>> No. 37473 [Edit]
They are sweet, have the perfect amount of hardness, easier to cut, and tastes better. However there has been years since I last ate a pear. In respect to you, I will give them one more try soon.
>> No. 37475 [Edit]
I usually eat Bartlett pears. I prefer them at their hardest, but they're also nice when they get more ripe.
>> No. 37480 [Edit]
I know fruits are supposed to be good for you or some shit. I just can't stand them. And there is something in common. The texture is just weirdly chunky/gritty/stringy , always. I can't explain it because most people probably aren't autistic enough to care about food textures that much. But biting into a fruit gives me the same sensation that nails on a chalkboard does. Even hearing someone bite down on an apple makes me cringe.
>> No. 37597 [Edit]
After upgrading git:

>hint: Using 'master' as the name for the initial branch. This default branch name
>hint: is subject to change. To configure the initial branch name to use in all
>hint: of your new repositories, which will suppress this warning, call:
>hint: git config --global init.defaultBranch <name>
>hint: Names commonly chosen instead of 'master' are 'main', 'trunk' and
>hint: 'development'. The just-created branch can be renamed via this command:
>hint: git branch -m <name>

The people who are pushing this garbage have probably never seen a black person, much less talk with one. Get me off this ride.
>> No. 37598 [Edit]
Take it to /tat/
>> No. 37599 [Edit]
File 161279898369.jpg - (55.63KB , 850x637 , sample_002e189e3ecf496be8f2084433ed97b8.jpg )
Jokes that go something like: Hey you, I want to kill you, your family and everybody remotely related to you because you're all evil. Ha ha hi hi. Just kidding.

Isn't it funny to be told for decades that you're the root of all the world's problems? Isn't that the best comedy material? There's nothing alienating about that.
>> No. 37600 [Edit]
I think anyone who thinks that's funny would surely have some serious mental issues, and he's probably not 100% kidding. What did you do to piss this guy off?
>> No. 37601 [Edit]
You're right, but I forgot to set a password, and now I can't delete it. I never learn.
>> No. 37602 [Edit]
File 161281418024.jpg - (252.08KB , 850x1133 , 5E9ED04D-6623-414F-ADF3-77E6710128BA-14446-000018D.jpg )
My dad's jewish. Never was a part of that community or felt attatched to it, but it still hurts a little and wears me down when people on sites I otherwise like make me feel like a pariah and paranoid.
>> No. 37603 [Edit]
File 161282705448.jpg - (276.33KB , 600x410 , wave.jpg )
>git branch -m <name>
Ah yes "-m" for renaming a branch. How clear and intuitive. You can tell that the maintainers of git truly embrace the aesthetics of measured asymmetry (perhaps inspired by sprezzatura or Japanese art) by how they playfully assigned branch deletion to "-d" but opted for succinct flagless-ness when creating branches. I especially love how to list all of the branches it's just "git branch."
>> No. 37604 [Edit]
Look man I'm not gonna say you're evil, because you personally probably are not, but you have to realize that the whole problem of ethnically homogeneous societies being diluted largely stemmed from the the "Jewish problem", where in the 18th, 19th and 20th century, jews had no proper ethnic homeland and could be found traveling around europe like the romanians. Regardless of what you think about modern antisemitism, that was a real and well documented problem that really happened and resulted in a lot of problems. In that sense it's to be expected that people will resent your race for representing those problems. I don't think you should take it personally. But unfortunately that in addition to the behavior of modern Israel is going to make it hard for Jewish people if there ever is a war that the modern western liberal democracy does not survive. I don't know exactly what to say, I'm sorry but I also sympathize with people who are not happy with the whole Jewish problem.
>> No. 37605 [Edit]
Sorry about that, a lot of people out there can really be assholes.
>> No. 37606 [Edit]
Well, anon, "-m" obviously denotes the application of a "-m"oniker. The fanciful beauty of git's UI is often lost on the plebeians.
>> No. 37607 [Edit]
Isn't Judaism passed down through the mother though? So you are not a jew. But regardless, many people think there is some kind of Jewish conspiracy to push leftist agendas but ignore the fact that many of the people pushing that are not Jews and most of the reason they do it is simply to make money, it just happens to be that many Jews are in positions of business so will make those leftist decisions to make money. The same thing happens here and we barely have any Jews in business. You could even be proud of being Jewish because of how successful many of these Jews are to get so much power for such a small community anyway.
>> No. 37608 [Edit]
File 161284437965.jpg - (102.12KB , 600x482 , a578d7499c5da83e45fec78ba94b1d9b.jpg )
Jewishness as a genetic thing is pretty well agreed upon. Nobody in my immediate family is religious.

I can't be proud of some other person's accomplishments. I don't feel like denying reality or hating myself either. I'd like to not care at all, but it always rears its head again eventually. If only everybody was as apathetic about it as Japanese people tend to be, Jews included. Just another gaijin is nice.

What's funny is that on stormfront/pol people talk about Jews being degenerates and pedophiles. On hentai related and /d/ like places, Jews are the ones censoring and ruining everything. Even on those boards that spam a lot and have actual, 3d pedophiles on them, Jews are the boogeymen causing anti-pedophile sentiment.
>> No. 37609 [Edit]
I think it's as simple as a lot of people just inherently dislike Jews. Not even saying that they're right or wrong, but jews are a small, relatively weird minority that have caused a lot of problems in the past even if it was just indirectly and as a result of them having no proper ethnic homeland. It's natural for people to dislike them. I do think it's fucking retarded that people think jews are behind EVERY thing, but you can't deny that there exists a long animosity between jews and europeans. People of the same races shouldn't be living together for both races sakes. Imperialism and multi-culturalism are pretty much one and the same problem.
>> No. 37610 [Edit]
I have pretty much no desire to live in Israel. Modern Jews are also a hodgepodge. I myself don't even neatly fit into one the categories they have.

Since when has what's "natural" for people been a part of image boards, a place originally for social outcasts?
>> No. 37611 [Edit]
File 161285759524.gif - (84.70KB , 501x585 , jewtrix.gif )
You can always be a jew that also hates jews. Sometimes I think I'm one.
Being accused of being the evil in the world isn't that bad. Evil is cool. It means power, intelligence, will. By the social darwinism most far-righters follow, if a ridiculous minority of just a few million people can control societies or even the whole world for centuries, they truly must be the superior race.
Anyway, if you were already an outcast it's just another thing to add to the pile, right?
>> No. 37612 [Edit]
This image set:
>> No. 37629 [Edit]
File 161303708365.png - (23.43KB , 330x258 , d12e37c11ba384cff9de7e1b1f98c85ef20e2c68.png )
This might come off as really autistic but torrent ratios really bother me.
It gets under my skin and nags at me when my ratio goes from 20 to 10 even though that is way more than most users get. 200 up, 20 down.
I am genuinely bothered that I lost a ~100 gb torrent that I had seeded for about 2 months, that nobody, including the staff and other users, would care is listed as snatched on my profile. It was even freeleech.
I don't understand why this stuff bothers me on such a visceral level, nobody not even the staff cares and have given my profile an "award" for seeding so long.
>> No. 37642 [Edit]
File 161315375465.jpg - (0.96MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Hataraku Saibou Black - 03v2 (1080p) .jpg )
Thoughts like this and the idea that what's natural is bound to be right and good. I think what separates us humans from animals are precisely the opposite - that we have the capability to defy our own design.
>> No. 37643 [Edit]
Cells in your body are going to be biased. Don't hold it against them.
>> No. 37644 [Edit]
Right and good are, forgive the phrase, spooks. What is natural is technically the only RIGHT because it is the way things are driven by the forces of the universe. It's not that it is qualitatively desirable, but that there is no other choice.
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