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File 160978357784.jpg - (108.38KB , 879x1267 , b8db3932f68dcf996caceb589451ba63.jpg )
37253 No. 37253 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 39676 [Edit]
>8gb RAM, at least 128gb internal memory
This is the problem.

You are over-reliant on your phone. And I really fucking hope you're not watching anime on it. Work should be done at a desk. If you have to work with computers even in the absence of a desk, that's akin to slavery. Stop being a slave.
>> No. 39677 [Edit]
I'm tired of people typing like they're brain-damaged. I know it's nothing new, but it's just hard to tolerate after so long. Just how much garbage does a person have to read. Maybe I'll start huffing spray paint so I can fit in better.
I'm also tired of people stirring up shit. Again, it's nothing new but I still don't understand why someone would willingly join a discussion about something they dislike. That's easy enough to ignore on it's own, but then you always get at least one other sperg. Eventually everything devolves into "u mad" only for the other guy to post what is equivalent to "smug anime girl reaction image". All the while other people start commenting on the sperg duel, usually with short posts.
Criticizing something is fine if it's genuine, but usually it is not.

This current wave of posters is also terrible. I think I've already bitched about that before, so I won't elaborate.
>> No. 39678 [Edit]
File 165336459673.jpg - (286.12KB , 960x1200 , 67e366450356b88aeafdd6fd4eee7c11.jpg )
Brotli compression is an advancement over gzip. However, it only works over https. Apart from the annoyances that always come with https, it also make brotli nearly unusable for anything outside of the clearnet, where better compression would be even more helpful.

You could use a self-signed certificate, but if you do that, browsers feel the need to put up a big scary warning telling users their credit card details will get hacked. Https is a protection racket, pure and simple.
>> No. 39679 [Edit]
>The reason to limit brotli to secure contexts is that intermediaries (specifically, buggy proxies and content scanners) tend to behave very poorly when they encounter non-deflate/gzip Content-Encoding. The Google guys discovered this when they rolled out ‘sdch’ and ‘bzip2’ before that; they ended up pulling bzip2 partly for that reason and sdch has a number of hacks that they had to put in. By requiring HTTPS for brotli, they can head off this problem in most cases because comparatively few content-scanners MITM HTTPS streams

I don't really buy their argument, since if you have a shitty intermediary performing deep packet inspection, that's your fault. Besides since brotli would be opt-in anyway the impact to those shitty legacy middleware boxes is going to be minimal.

>Https is a protection racket, pure and simple.
TLS is useful in certain contexts (namely any time you're sending something sensitive over the wire) but I really don't like the push to take away or cripple HTTP which is perfectly fine for 95% of read-only browsing, works well on older devices (and will work into the future, unlike https where you've got to deal with root cert expiry, supported cipher suites, protocol upgrades, etc. which is complete overkill when all I want is to e.g. lookup the definition of a word), and is simple enough to create a client for in a few dozen lines of code, compared to https which requires dragging in openssl.

Also I find it absurd that there wasn't a good PKI system in place before let's encrypt came onto the scene. Up until maybe 2015-ish it really was a racket, where you had to fork over money just to have Verisign validate that you did indeed own the domain.
>> No. 39680 [Edit]
>This is the problem.
Wrong. There are 842 phones with those specs on gsmarena, but only 3 with a max weight of 150g, two of which I couldn't find and the other one being the Carbon 1 with its shitty antennas.
The real problem is that screens are too big and that phone manufacturers are overselling meme features like multiple cameras and 90/120 Hz displays, all of which are not only expensive but eat lots of power and necessitate larger, heavier batteries.

>I really fucking hope you're not watching anime on it.
oh no, some nerd who probably doesn't even know Japanese despite watching anime for 10+ years is offended by how I watch videos, I'm finished
>Work should be done at a desk.
wrong, work should be done outside whenever the weather permits.

>If you have to work with computers even in the absence of a desk
what utter fucking garbage, typed by the fingers of either a neet parasite or a corporate 9-to-5 wagecuck.
Even when I do work that requires my desktop computer (writing software, support calls with clients, complex arbitrage trades) I rarely sit down in front of a desk. I have a recliner I lie down on and a monitor arm that suspends my monitor above me. Sitting multiple hours per day is terrible for your back.

>> No. 39681 [Edit]
Not the person you're responding to, but I'm still skeptical that 8GB is required. If having multiple tabs open on a browser then yes you will inevitably hit this limit (just as you can easily surpass 10GB on a desktop), but you should not hit that if you use well-written native apps. Of course those may be harder to find considering devs usually jsut throw an Electron wrapper over a webapp these days.

Also is 128GB internal strictly necessary? If the phone supports external SD expansion that should suffice?

>work should be done outside whenever the weather permits.
I'm curious, on what basis do you say this. I'd say that any health benefits from working outside would be negated by the use of doing this on a phone screen (working outside is better for eyestrain/avoiding myopia, but the phone screen counteracts that. Also the lack of contrast outdoors).

>Sitting multiple hours per day is terrible for your back.
This is party true, but having researched this (and the topic of ergonomic chairs a lot), the issue isn't sitting per se but chairs that restrict movement. Saddle chairs are much better for you, and you will naturally start to fidget and adjust posture, which alleviates most of the issues.

I've often wanted something like the reclining set up you mentioned though. How are you positioning the keyboard/mouse in your set up?
>> No. 39682 [Edit]
Part of why they make screens that big is because of idiots like you who watch tv shows and movies on their phone. I'm only offended by someone like you posting on here.

>work should be done outside whenever the weather permits
And you're calling others "wagecucks". Get the fuck out of here, phone poster faggot.

Post edited on 24th May 2022, 2:03am

>> No. 39683 [Edit]
I did say that 6gb would be enough, but 8gb means I don't have to buy a new phone quite as quickly.
>you should not hit that if you use well-written native apps.
and therein lies the problem, a lot of apps are written very poorly.
Just try it out yourself if you have a phone with 3gb or less, see if you can watch a video on LBRY, look something up online or in an EPWING app, make an entry in Anki while Telegram, a Termux instance with a custom script and some trading app with price alerts run in the background, then see if you run into the problem of apps closing before you want them to.

>on what basis do you say this.
Sitting inside all day causes depression and muscle atrophy. Getting some natural vitamin D and exercising your muscles and lymphatic system by walking around is healthy. People have been mostly working outside since the dawn of time, hunting, fishing, plowing the earth, herding cattle, collecting berries, building things, writing on tree bark and in the sand.

>I'd say that any health benefits from working outside would be negated by the use of doing this on a phone screen
It's not like the "work" I do on my phone involves staring at my phone screen for hours on end. I get an alert about some particular trading opportunity, then I set my orders and maybe study charts, news and order books for 10 minutes, and get back to working out, hiking or whatever.
Overall I work between 20 and 25 hours per week, on a schedule of my choosing, and most of the serious work is indeed done on my desktop PC.
>Sitting multiple hours per day is terrible for your back.

>I've often wanted something like the reclining set up you mentioned though. How are you positioning the keyboard/mouse in your set up?
I have a small keyboard (no numpad) resting on a pillow in my lap. I rarely use the mouse (check out Vimium), but I have a small table with a mouse and external numpad next to me for when I need it. If you need the mouse a lot, there are keyboards with built-in trackballs.

go back to work wagie, your boss might get angry that you're not making him enough money
>> No. 39684 [Edit]
Unless everyone involved in the production is Japanese, you complain about the producer committing cultural appropriation and keep calling it a cartoon. I swear, that's like, first-year social justice warrior class material.
>> No. 39685 [Edit]
>I think I've already bitched about that before, so I won't elaborate.
What followed itt after it really makes it special though. You knew what was coming and posted at the right time and place, didn't you? Nicely played, Nostradamus-san.
>> No. 39686 [Edit]
White people just can't make good animation anymore.
>> No. 39687 [Edit]
It's the fault of the economical incentives of the Western (and, increasingly, Japanese) animation industry: with a market focused on streaming and television over sales, it doesn't matter if your show is good, just if as many people as possible watch it. The two are not equivalent.
>> No. 39688 [Edit]
Be honest now, you guys even watch cartoons in the first place?
>> No. 39689 [Edit]
I still watch western made animated movies sometimes. The stuff made for television looks like aids.
>> No. 39690 [Edit]
last cartoon I remember watching was this German short film from 1944 about a snowman:
it was alright
>> No. 39693 [Edit]
The west never made good cartoons, they have a completely different philosophy behind cartoons in the first place in that they are goofy and heavily child oriented or they are satirical comedy(and still goofy). Probably the only good ones I can think of are Wakfu which is French and still kind of cartoony and Avatar which was animated in Korea and also probably wasn't as good as I think it was, it's just nostalgia speaking.
>> No. 39704 [Edit]
I think you're conflating animation quality with writing quality, or quality subject matter. The west has produced some technically impressive animation.

I think it's also an economical difference. Though you'd think hobbyists with no budget would produce better things than they have, considering what Japanese hobbyists have produced. I think there's a problem with art in general in the west. It's completely degenerated and the vast majority of people drawn to it are the wrong kind of people to produce anything of value.

Not to say no good art comes from the west now, but animation requires cooperation and exceedingly large amounts of time.

Post edited on 25th May 2022, 8:56am
>> No. 39712 [Edit]
"Government mandated wife"
I find it a little annoying when guys (half)joke about this. It's an incredibility stupid and short sighted idea that sounds fun for a half second at best. I say half joking because I know there's a lot of lonely guys who want a 3DPD but refuse to look for one, then cry about how lonely they are. So of course nothing would make them happier than to have some cute girl dropped into their laps with no effort on the guys part. These guys are absolutely unable to even start to understand the reality of how this would work, or maybe they don't even want to?
IF something like that was to ever happen, do you really think you're going to get assigned some adorable and sweet 16 year old school girl straight out of a manga so you can live out your romcom fantasy? really? A program like this would give people a reasonable chance to find someone on their own, at worse they'd give people a deadline in their mid to late 20s to find someone if they don't want to be assigned someone by the state. The dating pool for people in their late 20s early 30s is already more reminiscent of a landfill than a "pool".
People in this hypothetical world would have a huge insensitive to find someone before their time is up. If a woman fails to find a man by that age, with that incentive in mind, do you really think such a person would be ideal marriage material? Or do you think it's more realistic that you would end up with a woman no sane man wanted? You're getting assigned the garbage no one else wanted, simple as that. (and that's how the women will view it too)
See, my big issue with this "Government mandated wife" bullshit is that I don't want to be forced into a marriage with some disgusting cunt. These lonely normalfags don't seem to understand (yet) how horrible relationships can be. When covid started and couples got locked in together, domestic abuse cases skyrocketed. This was with couples that CHOSE to be together! What do you think is going to happen when you force absolute strangers together?! She's going to make your life a living hell, that's what. You'll beg god to let you be single again.

And before the normie police start pointing fingers, no I'm not married or ever have been. I've never so much as had a 3DPD in my life. I simply pay attention and learn from the mistakes of others is all. Only idiots learn from their own mistakes, people with half a brain learn from the mistakes of others.
Look at boomer humor and comics, how they always joke about how horrible their wives are. Again, these people chose each other. They likely rushed into these relationships for short sighted reasons, but they at least picked their partners.
Imagine if you will the most horrible revolting and disgusting excuse for a human that you can, someone who have nothing in common with and don't see any appeal in, then imagine being forced not only to marry them, but to also have sex with them, repeatedly, as many times as it takes to produce children. After all, if "Government mandated wifes" became a thing, it would be for procreation if anything. Why would the state give a shit about how sad you are? You might have no sympathy for the women's side of the issue, but at least think of your own, really 'think' about it.

Post edited on 25th May 2022, 7:23pm
>> No. 39713 [Edit]
I'd be more worried about the responsibilities forced on me. Say you could get out of this mandated marriage, you'd not only probably have to pay fines but also be forced to pay alimony or some shit. Even worse, if you simply put up with it so as to not completely screw yourself over, you'd probably have to live with the restrictions some random miserable bitch puts on you. Say goodbye to your belongings because they make the house look bad for guests that don't exist. You want to watch anime? She'll make a compromise and you can watch some netflix live adaptation of another anime. Or maybe you have a cool one and you can watch the netflix dub of Eva.
I don't hate women simply for the fact that I don't have to tolerate their nonsense. Being forced into marriage though? I'd rather be a slave. Restrictions are less arbitrary that way.
>> No. 39715 [Edit]
Reminds me of something I overheard a guy say the other day; "ha, yeah, sometimes my wife lets me make decisions. Not often, but sometimes".
>> No. 39717 [Edit]
Yeah, the government wife thing is extremely dumb and nobody who's lucid is serious about it.
>> No. 39728 [Edit]
File 165371699719.jpg - (298.64KB , 818x1200 , 18d8b154ca92416f0ff957cbc642baea.jpg )
Why would a calendar app require an account, or an internet connection or more than 100mb of ram? Why is that the norm? I just don't understand...
>> No. 39729 [Edit]
I don't know. I really hate it, as someone with a far outdated machine and a lack of income for upgrades.
>> No. 39730 [Edit]
It was made by morons.
>> No. 39731 [Edit]
I guess I'll just never understand the insane amount of "respect" and idolisation some men have for women. They put women on a pedestal like something to not be sullied. As if it devalues them to treat them with lust like the animals they are. Women are just other ordinary things in this world. Like any other mortal thing, they are a fallible entity to be effected upon as you will it. I don't say this out of hatred for women, just pure amazement at how many men glorify women in their head to t he point of de-sexualising them, and treating that state as if it is the objectively morally correct way to treat them. As if assigning women a more base character is not just an opinion, but objectively morally wrong.
>> No. 39732 [Edit]
File 165375420889.jpg - (1.24MB , 3541x2508 , ab978975f2f4ea4edb7ecd6676013bed.jpg )
It's a deeply ingrained cultural thing. Shame and self-denial, are some of the most persistent cancers in human culture. It's a means for the powerful to control others. Powerful men, never cared about any of this shit. Women go along with it, because it also benefits them. Even the so-called "sexual liberation" hasn't changed the "expectations" placed upon men.
>> No. 39733 [Edit]
It can help reduce the spread of disease and unwanted breeding by people unable or unwilling to properly raise offspring. Both of which are common place among people who "never cared about any of this shit". Self control isn't a bad thing, those who lack it make life worse for themselves and everyone around them.
>> No. 39734 [Edit]
You're pointing out practical purposes for not breeding. That's different from what me and the person I'm responding to are talking about, which is about emotions and culture.

Post edited on 28th May 2022, 10:18am
>> No. 39735 [Edit]
>Shame and self-denial, are some of the most persistent cancers in human culture. It's a means for the powerful to control others
When no sexual norms and restrictions are enforced, the natural tendency is for multiple women to be bred by a single, powerful male, while males lower on the hierarchy hardly get access to fertile women. You will find men with multiple wives to be a common thing in every society that allows polygamy, while women with multiple husbands are very uncommon.

Enforced monogamy and the self-denial that goes with it (from the perspective of males on top of the hierarchy) is basically sexual socialism. It makes it possible for men who are low in the social hierarchy to have wives.
>> No. 39736 [Edit]
Shame and self denial are what separates us from animals and it could very well be argued are what has enabled us to even be where we are today.
This goes back to religion as well, sure religion, shame and self denial are tools to control the masses, but that's okay, the end results speak for themselves.
>> No. 39737 [Edit]
>what separates us from animals
That's language and long term planning.

I have no interest in your good little cog ideology. When you're dead, none of it matters. Nothing that comes after you matters. You can go ahead and cut off your dick if you think self-denial is so great.

Post edited on 28th May 2022, 7:34pm
>> No. 39738 [Edit]
>When you're dead, none of it matters. Nothing that comes after you matters.
So why bother replying to that guy? And why are you so aggressive? Take it easy.
>> No. 39739 [Edit]
Not really, language does you no good if all anybody is worried about is fulfilling base desires, nor does long term planning as it doesn't take long term planning to achieve said aims.

It does matter because it affects how you live here and now. It helps to form the society that you live in. I'm not advocating for anything like that... Also your posts are kind of odd in that way, you type like you regularly have sex with women or something, or else why would you want people to behave like that? Why would any of this actually affect you?
>> No. 39740 [Edit]
Really? The impression I got is the opposite, he is super sexually/socially repressed because no social skills and baptist parents or something and goes anon to safely lash out his frustrations onto others. He already told you to cut your dick off (wth?), I bet if you disagree with him one more time he'll tell you to kill yourself. Just remember not to take it personally, he's obviously struggling.

Now I'm wondering if that poster is also behind a couple of other conversations I've observed here at Tohno this past few days that quickly nosedived into name-calling for the most trivial shit.
>> No. 39741 [Edit]
"Enforced monogamy" is unrelated to why women are still put on a pedestal.

>if all anybody is worried about is fulfilling base desires
I didn't suggest this should be the case. There's other reasons to not do this than shame(and religion). Pragmatism is enough. The point is, shame is why women are put on a pedestal. Then you come in, say that's a good thing, and change the subject to why people SHOULD be tightly controlled.

>why would you want people to behave like that?
I am completely sick of being shamed, and then you say it's a good thing. Why would I accept that? I want to be accepted exactly the way I naturally am.

Maybe if society wasn't so repressed, there'd be legal prostitution, and I wouldn't be so pissed off. But, no. You don't want that, because you're a prick who hates any kind of freedom. You can take your precious "social skills", and shove them right up your ass.

Post edited on 28th May 2022, 9:32pm
>> No. 39742 [Edit]
True there are other reasons but shame is a large part of it, shame and pride. Pragmatism could fall under both of these as well(pragmatically I don't want to be shameful as it lowers my standing and pride vice versa can lead to an enhanced standing). But pragmatism alone is not enough without shame, pride and other motivators, because again, pragmatically, assuming shame and pride do not exist, why should I not live solely on animalistic impulse? Barring rape and murder of course as there are strong motivators not to do that without shame involved but I could still spend my life pursuing women and instant animalistic gratification in other ways and act in completely shameless manners to achieve those ends, or any ends really. And again, this behaviour is not conducive to building and maintaining an advanced society.

Shame isn't why women are put on a pedestal if they even are. Ironically enough I would say that the people that put them on a pedestal are still the people that are viewing them as sexual objects(see only fans and the like but also you have men that act like that in the hope of making women like them).

It is a good thing, it's what got us to where we are.
I'm shameful in my own way really, being that I am a NEET and have no interest in working, that does not mean that I don't see why NEETs should not be shamed or that I don't want them to be. If we were all NEETs no work would ever get done, people should be shamed into working.
>> No. 39743 [Edit]
File 165381771649.jpg - (178.13KB , 971x1200 , 1651432713377.jpg )
>"Enforced monogamy" is unrelated to why women are still put on a pedestal.
wrong, because those most guilty of putting women on a pedestal are incel simps who think they'll get some pussy that way. Before "sexual liberation" almost everyone got married, women were subservient to men, and incels weren't really a major phenomenon.

>Maybe if society wasn't so repressed, there'd be legal prostitution
If strict monogamy and the taboo on pre-marital sex were still as strong as 150 years ago, maybe you'd have a wife that you could have sex with every day instead of impotently bitching about your complete lack of sexual satisfaction on an image board.

Also, there's legal prostitution in many countries, including nice expensive ones (Netherlands, Germany), nice affordable ones (Czech Republic) and dangerous ones full of criminal brown people (El Salvador). But you're not gonna move there because you don't have the wherewithal to manage an international migration.

Truth is, prostitution goes on in every country, including yours, you're just too much of a sperg and lack the social skills to take part in it.
>> No. 39744 [Edit]
File 165382038948.png - (2.24MB , 1920x1080 , 468.png )
Thus, I have witnessed a discussion about 3DPD, on a board which supposedly doesn't care about about 3D people. I am disappointed.
>> No. 39745 [Edit]
My sentiments.
>> No. 39746 [Edit]
File 165382657646.jpg - (409.34KB , 1278x2048 , 1653390843983.jpg )
2d is just a coping mechanism and you know it
>> No. 39747 [Edit]
File 165382787612.jpg - (245.37KB , 1500x1500 , FTG_m4AakAAMIbk.jpg )
Maybe, but it doesn't have much relevance here, as we're coping together as a community.
>> No. 39748 [Edit]
I get everyone here is probably a newfag, but the userbase here used to be viscerally against even mentioning 3D people.

Which, in retrospect, was obviously preferable to the cringe reeeee women incel shit which sprung up in the middle of the 2010s
>> No. 39750 [Edit]
Would be great to have that once again, or at least to have the incel shit stomped out. If some really have the need for that, then there are other places for that. No need to have that here to. Tohno always stood out because it had what early 4chan had, embracing being different, celebrating it even.
>> No. 39751 [Edit]
I hate VLC. A lot of times I'll start an episode of some anime and watch for a minute or so until I realize I don't really know what they're saying. Even setting my preferences for subtitles and audio doesn't work a lot of the time.
Maybe I should finally commit to learning Japanese so I don't have to bother turning on subtitles constantly.
>> No. 39752 [Edit]
I don't understand why anyone wouldn't like VLC.

Is it because manually installing all your codecs allows you to feel intelligent?
>> No. 39753 [Edit]
It's mildly inconvenient. Everything should work perfectly exactly how I want it to all the time without any effort on my part.
>> No. 39754 [Edit]
I like mpchc.
>> No. 39756 [Edit]
>almost everyone got married, women were subservient to men
They were still on a pedestal. They were not treated as mundane and not special. That was the whole point of this conversation until it was twisted it into something unrelated.

>you're just too much of a sperg and lack the social skills
So? Even if legality had nothing to do with it, how would any of this be my fault? You're trying to criticize me for things that have no weight here. I'm not going to engage in self-hatred and self-blame because you think I should.

Nobody mentioned incels until you did. They're not related to the topic of discussion. It's just a buzzword used by normalfags, to shame people for wrong think. You really love shaming others, huh?
>> No. 39757 [Edit]
File 165384443428.png - (2.71MB , 1920x1080 , atena.png )
I'm glad to interrupt this shitflinging. This is going to be locked for a few days.
>> No. 39793 [Edit]
Addendum: I have come to the conclusion that making a new thread is a better option.
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