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File 160978357784.jpg - (108.38KB , 879x1267 , b8db3932f68dcf996caceb589451ba63.jpg )
37253 No. 37253 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 37647 [Edit]
There's the mindset that having to die isn't as bad if you leave people on this earth. People who are kind of like you. It's like compensation. I don't buy into it, but I can understand it.
>> No. 37648 [Edit]
You're right, my perspective is probably biased by the fact that I'm neutral to mildly disinclined regarding existence in general. If someone viewed existence/life as a net positive thing, then I can understand why they would strive to create more of it: out of the belief that they're doing some "good," and as a counter against their own mortality.
>> No. 37651 [Edit]
File 161319344650.jpg - (202.07KB , 600x800 , 929fe4ed4e0bbbfd677de1069617d0f5.jpg )
A few times, when I felt afraid of the thought of disappearing from the world, nobody remembering me and nothing being left of my existence, I contemplated artificial insemination. Even if I could do that, I probably wont since it wont really be like how I'd want it to be. Being the patriarch of a large household kind of seems appealing to me, but that kind of thing doesn't exist much anymore.
>> No. 37652 [Edit]
>Right and good are, forgive the phrase, spooks.
I agree

>What is natural is technically the only RIGHT because it is the way things are driven by the forces of the universe. It's not that it is qualitatively desirable, but that there is no other choice.
Going further will only lead to a pointless debate but although I disagree, I will agree to disagree.
>> No. 37653 [Edit]
Pretty sure life goes against the natural direction of the universe since it takes simple things and makes them more complex.
>> No. 37654 [Edit]
Are you referring to entropy and how "life" seems to be a mechanism for locally lowering entropy (of course at the expense of a global increase in entropy elsewhere). In this view "life" is some sort of entropy-transfer mechanism. But there are other phenomenon in nature like this so although it's an interesting observation it's only a necessary but not sufficient characteristic of life.
>> No. 37655 [Edit]
>there are other phenomenon in nature like this
Sure, but aren't organic compounds the most complex in the universe?
>> No. 37670 [Edit]
Yes, thanks to carbon's ability to form many bonds with various other elements. In referring to "other phenomenon" I was speaking purely from an entropy-based viewpoint.
>> No. 37673 [Edit]
This is tangential (well I suppose it strictly counts as an annoyance) but I'm quite pissed that the non-black Hataraku Saibou S2 has skimped on medical content. I don't expect any sort of in-depth medical infodump, but S1 at least introduced some lesser known cell-types. S2 seems to have fallen prey to the issue of just sticking with the same formula and riding on S1's coattails; the most novel thing there is the (admittedly cute) lactobacterium but gut flora are relatively common knowledge at this point. Meanwhile the black version is willing to discuss things like reaction pathways and provides fodder for things to lookup in more depth later.
>> No. 37674 [Edit]
They did though, the lactobacterium episodes might have been dragged out too long but they also introduced langerhans cells and peyer's patch. They are certainly way too obsessed with cancer though and there were a lot of episodes that were definitely created with the pandemic in mind - viral infections, vaccinations and cytokine storms. The problem with "vanilla" is that the medium is so limited because they can't go "wild" as Black did. Black has more freedom to express many things because the "vessel" itself is also physically prone to illnesses. I might not have dropped Black if they hadn't pushed the whole adult angle so persistently and made the MC the "special one".
>> No. 37675 [Edit]
People's natural predisposition to belong to a "group" leading to everyone having the same mindless groupthink which in turn is very evident in every corner of the internet. There is no originality in thought, everyone speaks the same way and spouts similar tired nonsense everywhere and they are proud of it. Nobody looks for their own answers.
>> No. 37676 [Edit]
A sad fact that is. I'm not entirely sure if here is any different, but I'd like to think so.
>> No. 37677 [Edit]
People who "look for their own answers" will almost certainly come to the same conclusion or a slight variation of it which somebody, somewhere already thought of and wrote about. It's impossible to not be influenced by other people in some way, and a person who isn't influenced, like if they were raised by animals or something, can't make much of any ideas in the first place.
>> No. 37678 [Edit]
I miss 24/7 grocery stores. You were slowly seeing less of them before COVID but after they're completely gone. Officially they did it to "sanitize their stores at night" but that isn't happening. It's because of theft and overhead. They aren't coming back, they were already getting phased out. If it was about Corona they'd want people to spread their shopping out so there was less contact.

Long, leisurely trips to the grocery store at 3am. What a joy those were.

I've often had some "original" thought and only later discovered it was something already explored in greater detail. It makes me wonder if we came to those ideas independently or if some aspect of culture took inspiration from that idea and planted it in my head.
>> No. 37679 [Edit]
My initial rant is not about the originality of thought being independent of outside influence but rather the lack of critical thinking from people that leads to its conclusion. People are just parroting one another and taking things at face value wholesale. And now that more and more people from every corner of the world has access to the internet the whole situation is exacerbated further. It's normal to see these comments in places like youtube and twitter but you see them nowadays in places like mangadex as well even in lesser known titles. The whole imageboard situation isn't helping either with their tendency to promote hivemind behavior.

I'd like to as well, unfortunately small obscure imageboards are no longer that obscure and many are gradually dying.
>> No. 37680 [Edit]
> imageboard situation isn't helping either with their tendency to promote hivemind behavior.
I think imageboards proportionately contribute very little to the situation you mentioned. 4chan is the only imageboard with enough traffic in the anglosphere to make any impact, and even then the rate of language diffusion from 4chan to external sites is anecdotally a lot lower than e.g. the rate of diffusion from reddit to others. On the other hand even if there's little external diffusion, there's plenty of internal mixing so you still end up with most threads in 4chan devolving into the same stale, predictable posts.
>> No. 37682 [Edit]
File 161343463762.jpg - (468.02KB , 3080x4096 , texas' secret hobby.jpg )
Shipping. Ever since I first saw a character pairing when I was a kid I rarely saw pairings that actually make any sense. Many of them seem to operate on the idea that "opposites attract" but that's not only an inexperienced way to look at things but a very shallow one, especially when you consider that many opposites that are forced together tend to canonically hate and even try to kill each other, at times more than once. I sometimes assume that shipping is supposed to be about figuring out how two personalities would get along and love each other and what this relationship would look like. But that doesn't feel backed up when it looks like people drool at the thought of two characters with differing hair colors and constant feuds kissing. I guess that's just a consequence of it's primary demographic (women) but I can't help but expect better. Expecting better is something someone could probably tell me is unreasonable since even official media seems to put minimal effort into it's romances, even when the work in question is focused on that romance but that's a different rant.
What makes me angriest is that it could probably be done right and it wouldn't be as hard as people might initially think. But so few people think two people who get along and have common interests is "spicy" or "cute" so they make dumb "opposites attract" bullshit while they dumb people down to being as simple as atoms with opposing polarities and not finicky creatures with tastes, hobbies, personal beliefs, worldviews, and ambitions all while pointing to evidence that doesn't stand up to scrutiny unless anybody in charge of the official media happens to think the same way.
Also I don't appreciate seeing my waifu get paired with someone.
>> No. 37683 [Edit]
Yeah I just think shipping is fucking retarded. Romance is OK if it's done well, but it never is, so I can't care about it.
>> No. 37684 [Edit]
File 161343676242.png - (1.32MB , 950x1173 , __toki_ayano_yurucamp_drawn_by_nekosination__9fb41.png )
I feel the same way about shipping and the whole opposites attract thing. I never have interest in the romance genre although there are rare instances where it could "work". Perhaps my idea of romance is also different from what people usually seek. Personally I value platonic relationships higher than romance. I admire creators who have a clear vision of what they want to create without obfuscating it with unnecessary romance but sadly that isn't generally the case. I don't have a waifu but I can sympathize. Not directly related but not too long ago I watched an interview with a fujoshi and they mentioned how they retreated into BL to find a "safe space", I think this is probably also true to some extent for people who likes yuri. Also, it seems like the older I get, there are increasingly more things that I find off-putting and subsequently it makes it harder to find things to enjoy. On the plus side it can be as >>37544 mentioned.
>> No. 37689 [Edit]
Nobody knows what they're talking about. Shutting the fuck up is the only thing left to do. Trying to talk is a mistake. Listening is an unfortunate accident. 沈黙は金雄弁は銀お隠れは金剛。
>> No. 37691 [Edit]
The average person was already like that, it's just more noticable because of widespread use of the internet and probably more annoying because of the obnoxious behaviour they imitate.
I also disagree with the sentiment that everyone frequents the same circles, aside from facebook people tend to stick to linguistic spheres.
>> No. 37695 [Edit]
People who intertwine Japanese words or phrases into their otherwise entirely English message. It looks as ridiculous online as it does in real life.
>> No. 37697 [Edit]
ESL people tend to throw english words into their speech willy-nilly.
>> No. 37703 [Edit]
People who obsess over politics or make a singular thing/hobby there whole entire identity.
>> No. 37712 [Edit]
File 161358060435.jpg - (663.12KB , 850x1507 , sample_ed79b5bef314b28193fde4ffc8e4281a.jpg )
"No show socks". It's just another little thing about 3d women that annoys me.
>> No. 37715 [Edit]
File 161366469397.jpg - (95.13KB , 850x642 , sample_ad9cf28328e162fbce49f5dbdb22879c.jpg )
The idea of being a "game dev" or really anybody working on a long term personal project kind of annoys me. Not that they're making something, but that they choose to take the role of "person who is in the process of making a thing". Why can't people make their thing in quiet, and only talk about it once it's finished? I can't count the number of times I got excited about some project someone started only for it to be abandoned mid-way through or never released in any form.
>> No. 37716 [Edit]
I make a point to hide and never tell anyone about my plans because I always feel like a complete moron to get people excited about something I'm doing just to have to tell them I failed and I'm an idiot. Happened a couple of times. Told my parents I had decided to learn German and gave up after 4 or 5 months but mom and dad would constantly bring it up and ask me how I was doing. Did the same thing a year later telling them I was going to learn how to draw.

Now I never tell them anything and it's a good thing, too, because since then I have given up on a lot of stuff.
>> No. 37717 [Edit]
It's nice that you have supportive parents. Every interest of mine is point of criticism.
>> No. 37718 [Edit]
It is. I know I'm lucky, it's one of the reasons I feel so bad about disappointing them. I'm sorry to hear you don't have supportive parents. I was going to tell you to try to ignore their shit but I know it must be pretty hard thing to do, specially if it's happening since you're a kid.
>> No. 37719 [Edit]
I suppose it has to do with the initial excitement and euphoria, similar to how people feel the need to share every little thing on platforms like twitter. Personally I don't understand the need to express and feel embarrassed to share anything incomplete but there were times when I had to convince my parents as >>37716 did but ultimately ended up feeling like a complete idiot when I failed.

That's nice. My parents tend to keep quiet about my interests until it has become evident that I have failed after which they would pile miseries upon me.
>> No. 37728 [Edit]
It's not in my place to scrutinize about the proper usage of the English language but I'm mildly annoyed by the frequent use of addicting in place of addictive on the internet.
>> No. 37736 [Edit]
The trend of artists making doujin "shorts", I know its to milk fanbox subscriptions but its annoying to see on exhentai.
>> No. 37793 [Edit]
The kind of people who only check their email in the morning despite convenient, desktop email clients and phone apps making it possible to check them instantly with no fuss. When you need something from them within two to three hours, you end up having to wait an entire day.
>> No. 37794 [Edit]
I really hate how instant communication has made people feel entitled to instant responses. I check my email daily only on a good week. I just can't get into the mindset of constantly checking for new information every fucking hour. If someone wants to contact me quickly they'll have to call me, or just expect that I won't be available. I want to get rid of my cellphone for the intent purpose that I won't be "available" at all times of the day, but the modern world practically requires it.
>> No. 37795 [Edit]
File 161414524230.jpg - (1.54MB , 3000x2750 , 1610501270039.jpg )
People can get awfully mad if you don't answer calls even late at night. I don't even use the usual messaging shit and when people know about that they look at you like you're handicapped or have some mental problem, even randomly throw you a tantrum and tell you how you can't possibly live without it as if it was some sort of sin or sacrilege.
I hate living in this kind of world of permanent connectivity and socialization, I can't live like this from a pure mental health point of view but for most people is the only possible way to exist. It's like living in 1984 or one of those dystopic novels, I just don't understand how we have degenerated into this and everyone's happy about it. I can't imagine how harsh this could become if I ever reach old age.
>> No. 37796 [Edit]
I feel the same. For the longest of time I didn't have (nor wanted) a smartphone until I was gifted one by my father. I still get anxious about having to receive a call and hate the "social obligation" of owning a phone. Sometimes I feel like I've slipped into a parallel timeline where I shouldn't be, like I'm sitting on a lone boat drifting in a direction different from everybody else. Oftentimes I find myself struggling to understand how the world ended up the way it did and how everyone readily accepts it. The long years I've spent as shut-in adds another layer to make me feel like a time traveler each time I try to make sense of and "connect" with reality.
>> No. 37797 [Edit]
I relate this to the kind of feeling old people must be used to. Living in a world that's nothing like the world you were born, a world you don't understand, you don't like, taking refuge in the old things you're familiar with.
You don't know how new technology works, you don't understand what people talk, all seems ugly, tasteless, violent. You're scared, out of place, waiting to die.
But I'm only in my 30's, that's the fucked up part.
>> No. 37798 [Edit]
Yeah, I was reluctant to admit it before but that's how I saw it too. Simultaneously, I guess that point of view might be the thing that also helps them to eventually accept death. The funny thing though is that a lot of old people nowadays are also into this whole technological connectivity as well. I'm also in my 30s.
>> No. 37815 [Edit]
File 161447415153.jpg - (1.14MB , 850x1295 , sample_3b339c85815f0fc495d0b0c77b80d8af.jpg )
Lately I've been annoyed by porn where the girl shows no agency what so ever and is strung along by male characters. For some reason it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Nice, naive girls kind of disgust me. I gravitate towards femdom type stuff a lot more now because it's better for my mood.
>> No. 37816 [Edit]
You are overthinking and overanalyzing porn.
>> No. 37817 [Edit]
When you can spend several hours, multiple times in day looking at porn, that tends to happen.
>> No. 37832 [Edit]
I'm not sure if I understand you correctly but maybe that's the reason why NTR especially pisses me off so much. I also dislike nice, naive girls but I'm not exactly into femdom.
>> No. 37857 [Edit]
File 161496359576.jpg - (217.56KB , 1046x933 , 4799e76d3d1e116a49d39d017f2d1132.jpg )
Sukiyabashi Jiro kind of annoys me. It's a famous sushi restaurant located in a tokyo subway station. It can only accommodate 10 people at a time and doesn't even accept reservations from regular people anymore. The problem is the location. A subway restaurant is supposed to be for commuters to grab something quick to eat. It's supposed to be the opposite of ultra exclusive, and that's how Jiro's started out obviously. Now, if a random person goes in without knowing better, they get angry at you, like you're supposed to know this subway joint is off limits.

Instead of moving to a more suitable location, they've just kept occupying that subway location instead of letting an accessible restaurant take its place and make proper use of the space. To me this seems extremely selfish and I can't see how it fits into Japanese values. I wonder how Japanese people feel about this place.
>> No. 37860 [Edit]
Well, you're wrong. I am a little annoyed. I have complete confidence that reservation only, let alone no reservations open to the public, restaurants don't belong in subways. Doesn't matter what country you're in. The food is legendary. The location isn't and shouldn't be. It's not the same as when it first opened. When it first opened, that location probably made sense. Now it doesn't. I doubt they don't have the funds for a location change either.

If I'm in a subway, don't expect me to know that a specific restaurant there is in its "traditional" location, but is off limits. You can't make that sound logical. It's a subway, hole in the wall. There's nothing sacred about it just because an old guy has been there for some decades. Maybe when he dies, they'll convert it into a shrine to him. Restaurants in subways are for commuters. That is an unalienable truth.

Post edited on 5th Mar 2021, 12:36pm
>> No. 37861 [Edit]
That sounds pretty shitty.
>> No. 37863 [Edit]
You're glad I can't do anything to a restaurant you will never enter and eat in because you have an emotional investment in it for some reason. You're white knighting a restaurant. That sounds like a joke to me.

Post edited on 5th Mar 2021, 1:11pm
>> No. 37864 [Edit]
File 16149841759.jpg - (154.65KB , 850x554 , sample_114355d4e75c90f8846ba90922419c31.jpg )
5ch thread about Jiro, apparently some people agree with my sentiment.
>「写真撮影禁止です!(キリッ」 「あ?シュワちゃん!!どぞどぞ写真撮ってください(ニッコリ」
>> No. 37866 [Edit]
Did you forget to read this part of my first post?
>I wonder how Japanese people feel about this place.
Get over yourself. If you regret posting, maybe you should stop doing so.
>> No. 37869 [Edit]
File 161501884631.jpg - (477.59KB , 1200x1600 , 31280804_904999997_433156436_28499985_ENq-f_5UcAII.jpg )
>If you regret posting, maybe you should stop doing so.
If you're going to start an argument with someone here expect them to defend themselves in it.
>> No. 37870 [Edit]
People in that thread are also saying its the best sushi in Japan, I kinda get the exclusivity if its that respected but putting something like that in a subway station is pretty tacky.
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