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File 160978357784.jpg - (108.38KB , 879x1267 , b8db3932f68dcf996caceb589451ba63.jpg )
37253 No. 37253 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 38490 [Edit]
I've seen people mock and criticize Hogwarts a lot over the years for not teaching math, among other subjects. It's like they're raising generations of morons.
>> No. 38491 [Edit]
And they have a misplaced sense of superiority too. Muggles went to the moon and could easily kill all of them with modern weaponry.
>> No. 38493 [Edit]
I think that example is annoying but it's relatively harmless compared to the norm. It's not like she is adding Maths into the books but has no understanding of it so every calculation she puts in is wrong, which is essentially what a great many authors do. She just leaves it out. I think it depends on what they are actually teaching them to become as well and what jobs they expect them to have. I never finished all the books or movies so I don't know what they actually end up doing but if they are just mixing potions and fortune telling then elementary school maths should be fine.

Maybe they went there with Kraut Space Magick and Neil Armstrong was a wizard and Nuclear bombs are magic too.
>> No. 38494 [Edit]
File 162551802643.jpg - (257.26KB , 850x1030 , card.jpg )
At least 70% of discussion on any /tg/ board is about role playing, hyper-commercial crap like war hammer, or the kind of throw away board games released all the time. The t in tg stands for traditional, not table-top, but there's nothing traditional about these three types of games.

There's very little place for people to talk about traditional games as everybody who doesn't use imageboards understands them. I can't relate to most discussion because I have nearly zero experience with those three types people actually talk about.
>> No. 38495 [Edit]
It's funny you should say that. The first time I went to an anime con, I got a bit excited when I saw they had table top games, and I assumed it would be stuff like board games. Then I got there and saw nothing but a bunch of fat nerds whipping their decks out, comparing deck sizes, rubbing their decks together and covering each other in mana. It was very disappointing, I quickly learned that's all table top means to the average person.
>> No. 38496 [Edit]
I've been living on the streets for a while, which means using lots of public restrooms. You know what drives me nuts? Assholes keep pissing all over the seats!
Even when urinals I available, I've seen/heard people use toilets to take leaks and they never lift the seats when they do. Just use a fucking urinal you insecure faggots, no one cares if you have a baby dick!
>> No. 38497 [Edit]
File 162559829458.jpg - (202.43KB , 789x1116 , 05bee5a70464829e7034da381892a830.jpg )
I've complained about this before, but it's fucking maddening. Why are smartphones such massive pieces of shit? Why is it so difficult just to get a god damn picture from your phone to your computer? USB-C ports are shit. They are not reliable or durable in the slightest. My phone doesn't even charge anymore unless I mess around with its physical position just right, and forget about using that port to transfer files. It got this problem only a few months after buying it and it's supposed to be a top of the line samsung model.

Bluetooth sucks too. It's like it's psychic. Every single time I really need it, it doesn't work. It just doesn't. It works reliably for wireless earbuds, but for some reason, not file transfer. Who makes this crap? Who goes out of their way to make such bad technology and then has the gall to pretend it's the holy grail?

I think they make it crap on purpose. They want you to use the cloud for everything, but the cloud is slow as hell among other problems. Uploading anything to the cloud is slow as hell, so it's not even convenient. Maybe it's just my connection, but that's still bullshit since I have no better options. Meanwhile, my camera from 2006 doesn't have this problem. It has removable storage, an sd card slot, like phones used to. I can take a picture and get it on my computer in literal seconds. Only problem is the resolution sucks.

This should not be a problem. You can't justify it by saying phones have to be small or whatever. Screens are massive now, so keeping your phone in your pant's pockets isn't comfortable at all anyway. Consumer technology has regressed.
>> No. 38498 [Edit]
>Why is it so difficult just to get a god damn picture from your phone to your computer
I always just email it to myself. Still the easiest way I know. There's also which uses webrtc to transfer files without needing to upload to a 3rd party server, but I can never remember the URL.

On a technical level, blame the fact that MTP is a garbage protocol that for some reason Android has adopted, and for which support varies between platforms (almost universally a terrible experience though). Back in the day (~Gingerbread era) things used to actually work because phones had a USB mass storage mode and it would show up just as a regular thumb drive on any platform and work flawlessly. But apparently that was deemed obsolete by the gods at Google or something. As far as usb-c ports themselves, they're at least better than micro-usb which had a much higher failure rate. Lightning is probably the best cable I've seen in terms of sturdiness but that's apple only.

Agree on bluetooth, and the reason why it doesn't work is because everyone cheaps out on the hardware and doesn't bother about implementing the software stack. Bluetooth stacks on windows are known to be terrible, and forget about having it be reliable on linux. I think osx is ok here, but probably only because they support one configuration so all the workarounds are known. And not only do manufacturers cheap out on hardware, but bluetooth itself is comprised of serveral protocols (e.g. audio via SBC or APT-X, file transfer, etc.) and a lot of manufacturers only implement the audio protocols because that's what most people use. Besides, bluetooth is way too low bandwidth anyway so transferring files will be a miserable experience.
>> No. 38499 [Edit]
Email is pretty reliable, but there's limits to file size and there's a delay between sending and receiving it. If you need that file on your pc NOW, it's not a good option either.
I just tried this with my pc to my phone, and it failed for some reason. Even if it did work, to do it the other way, I'd need to input the url manually, or send it, or try and get qr codes to work on my pc.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2021, 2:03pm
>> No. 38500 [Edit]
>Why is it so difficult just to get a god damn picture from your phone to your computer
No kidding. This is why I use a personal discord server to upload photos to, then save them on the desktop app.
I used to use the imgur app for this but that broke.
>> No. 38501 [Edit]
> and there's a delay between sending and receiving it
What email provider are you using? Gmail is < 1 min delay.

And looking again at the justbeamit site, I'm actually not sure it's using strictly webrtc, so I'm not sure there's no 3rd party server involved.
>> No. 38502 [Edit]
I personally use ADB to transfer files and it isn't difficult to use in my opinion. It being a command-line program may not appeal to some people but I like the tab completion feature.
>> No. 38503 [Edit]
File 162562238845.png - (416.45KB , 500x859 , 7f57d503a1a2272bc5f79ea5d0f23ff7.png )
Maybe it's because I use an email client(thunderbird).
>isn't difficult to use
>command-line program
There's no such thing as a command line with no learning curve, and for this purpose I don't feel like putting in that much effort or that I should have to. The prospect of using a touch screen keyboard to type something into a command prompt also sends shivers down my spine.

Next time I get a new phone, it needs to have removable storage. I wont settle for less. I need something as reliable, simple and fast as possible.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2021, 6:46pm
>> No. 38504 [Edit]
Good point, I forgot about adb. But honestly transferring files via CLI is a pain compared to using a gui for this purpose. Especially when you're used to graphical conveniences like file preview.

For the technically minded, there's a fuse filesystem that uses adb under the hood which is reportedly more stable than mtp. But that's still ugly.

There are also solutions of installing an app to allow you to connect to your phone over ftp or smb (be sure to get your app from fdroid so the source can be vetted though) [1]

>> No. 38506 [Edit]
>using a touch screen keyboard to type something into a command prompt
You only need to plug your phone into your computer and run adb from your computer.

>But honestly transferring files via CLI is a pain compared to using a gui for this purpose. Especially when you're used to graphical conveniences like file preview.
I agree with this, but adb is good enough for my use case. Tab completion alleviates that pain to some degree.
>> No. 38507 [Edit]
File 162565092262.png - (522.34KB , 1035x740 , IOPM7327.png )
I don't post on imageboards at all anymore, and I sort of feel guilty for contributing to the rot and the userbase anemia of the medium.

It makes me sort of glum to see TC so deserted, I can see posts I made before I left on some of the slower boards but I'm glad people are finally posting on /an/ again. I hope the site migrated into the IRC as many other imageboards have.
I didn't mean to come off critical of the current state of the site or anything, if anything I feel partly responsible for the desolate feeling a lot of boards have.

I don't know if I will start again, it feels like a lost cause at this point and always leaves me feeling more depressed than normal because of the wistful nature of a lot of communities these days.
>> No. 38509 [Edit]
File 162565888894.png - (245.42KB , 640x360 , RZTK6635.png )
I hope everything is OK with you, anon.
>> No. 38510 [Edit]
Personally I barely spend time in hobbies anymore so I don't feel inclined to talk about them, it makes me feel bad in a particular way I don't really know how to describe. I guess I'm not the only case and that would explain why we have more depressing-posting than anything else, it must be part of growing up.
>> No. 38511 [Edit]
>You only need to plug your phone into your computer and run adb from your computer.
If I could do that, I would just transfer the files through the cable. The only thing that port works for(if I mess around with it enough) is charging.

>over ftp or smb
I guess I'll try that.
>> No. 38512 [Edit]
There's adb over wifi as well actually.

I'll take quality over quantity any day, and tc still has the best snr ratio I've seen.
>> No. 38513 [Edit]
It really bothers me how irritated I get over things, sometimes. My head can reason out why I shouldn't be, and I genuinely believe that...-But, it's like my body can't put it to rest.
(´。・ △ ・。` )⁾⁾

I don't show it, but I'm honestly seething sometimes, and realizing that bothers me even more. I think, "maybe I'm really not a good person".

Really, so many pointless things irritate me.
>> No. 38514 [Edit]
"Open relationship" is one of the most disgusting combination of words I can think of.
>> No. 38515 [Edit]
If it makes you feel any better "open relationships" are often just a polite/politically correct way to describe consensual cuckold relationship/swinging/group arrangements etc. Most of the shit people go on about it are just attempting justifying it non-sexually/trying to rationalize it but they know deep down that it's a fetish.
>> No. 38516 [Edit]
That contributes to it being disgusting.
>> No. 38517 [Edit]
File 16259069924.png - (47.50KB , 1128x510 , horror2.png )
Who the fuck did this? Who designed this? Which mental midgets at google thought this was an improvement?
>> No. 38518 [Edit]
File 162590820935.jpg - (28.19KB , 500x355 , 08854257.jpg )
"Relationship" already feels disgusting to me.
>> No. 38519 [Edit]
I think they want to increase comment engagement
>> No. 38520 [Edit]
??? I don't understand. what that is meant to be and what the issue is.
>> No. 38521 [Edit]
Recent change to the youtube ui. They've made the title of every video bold, centered the menu, combined the metadata(date, views and description) into one line, and added a box below that to display the most liked comment.

Post edited on 10th Jul 2021, 8:47am
>> No. 38522 [Edit]
Use invidious. The only annoying part is instances going offline or out of date.
>> No. 38523 [Edit]
It looks like it is designed for tablet PCs.
>> No. 38524 [Edit]
I guess they don't want to maintain a mobile version, so instead they'll drag everybody into the hell that is "smart-phone friendly" design.
>> No. 38530 [Edit]
Could be worse. "living on the streets" makes it sound worse than it really is.
>> No. 38531 [Edit]
What's your hygiene situation?
>> No. 38532 [Edit]
I'm able to take showers nearly everyday. It's been a while since I've been in a situation where I couldn't.
>> No. 38533 [Edit]
How do you deal with the lack of privacy?
>> No. 38534 [Edit]
File 162604046521.jpg - (486.58KB , 1920x1080 , 2021070818134666.jpg )
Again I think living on the streets was misleading. I'm living in a motorhome. Privacy could be better but when I lock myself in it's little room with it's block off windows it's easy to forget where I am, even if that location is on the side of the road, a parking lot, or a dirt field.
>> No. 38535 [Edit]
I suspected it was you, Tohno...
>> No. 38536 [Edit]
You got me...
>> No. 38541 [Edit]
Repetitive greek symbols in various fields. Just make a new symbol for that specific usage. It's like the least difficult part and people somehow managed to make it needlessly confusing.
>> No. 38542 [Edit]
Huh? Instead of choosing an existing symbol which usually already has established conventions (e.g. theta = angle, psi = wavefunction, etc.) you're proposing to create an entirely new symbol each time? I don't see how that's any better, and it's going to make things physically harder to read since you have to lex these previously unknown symbols.
>> No. 38543 [Edit]
Here are some of the things lower case pi can represent
>The mathematical real transcendental (and thus irrational) constant π ≈ 3.14159...
>The prime-counting function in mathematics.
>Homotopy groups in algebraic topology.
>Dimensionless parameters constructed using the Buckingham π theorem of dimensional analysis.
>The hadron called the pion (pi meson).
>Economic profit in microeconomics.
>Inflation rate in macroeconomics.
>A type of chemical bond in which the p orbitals overlap, called a pi bond.
>The natural projection on the tangent bundle on a manifold.
>The unary operation of projection in relational algebra.
>Policy in reinforcement learning.
When looking at an equation, I'd rather know exactly what it is because the symbols are unique than rely on context. There's a reason programmers use every variable in one way and one way only. Yes they make a new variable for every usage.

Post edited on 14th Jul 2021, 2:50pm
>> No. 38544 [Edit]
Yes all of those are true, but it's usually clear from context. If you're reading an ML paper and you suddenly see π, you can bet it's not going to refer to bonds.

In some sense this is just convention you have to familiarize yourself with. Assigning a new symbol each time seems strictly worse to me because it's like reading a new language every time, it's harder to physically recognize the symbols. E.g. if we started randomly using kana characters or wingdings so that we can assign a unique symbol, it's going to take you about three times as long just to physically parse it. All your muscle memory on recognizing glyphs goes out the window, all for not much benefit in the first place since it only marginally benefits those who are new to the field.

There are larger fish to fry. You could take issue with the overloaded use of the word "normal" in mathematics. Normal distribution? Normal vector? Normal subgroup? These are much more ambiguous, and unlike π where it is clear just from the context whether it's being used to mean the irrational number, or as a function, "normal" as an adjective so overloaded that you can't really tell at a glance.
>> No. 38548 [Edit]
File 162640221724.jpg - (199.81KB , 850x1130 , __clover_theater_drawn_by_observerz__sample-28c789.jpg )
I hate ragefags and I hate how common it is to tolerate them. The type of people who type in all caps and fly off the handle at the slightest of slight provocations. They actively look for more things to get pissed off about and give them an excuse to antagonize others. Not only do they never produce anything worthwhile themselves, they actively make things worse for others.

It takes just one of these cancerous lumps of bitterness and spite to ruin a place. And yet mods don't care 9/10 times. Mandating the most basic level of civilized behavior is seen as an over step on imageboards. It makes no sense. Websites that are about having fun have no interest in keeping people like that around.
>> No. 38553 [Edit]
File 162676654834.png - (1.90MB , 2048x1446 , 1626330697578.png )
Recently I've been playing an rpg. I don't play them often, but when I do, I spend entire days sucked in. Thinking about why I do this, I realized it's because these games and their stories are so much more interesting than my own life and real in general, I'd rather live in them to the point of ignoring my actual life.

The question is, how'd people ever even conceive of something so much more interesting than reality? Where did they get the ideas from? In any game dungeon, you can walk around and find all sorts of interesting things left by other people or just naturally there. Real life caves are pretty much nothing like this.

So how'd someone get the idea to make an interesting cave?
>> No. 38611 [Edit]
People who talk to themselves out loud. Especially around other people.

All three of my roommates do it. It has to be the single most obnoxious non-violent habit that a person could ever have. The people who do it have no reason to do so, and it's offensive and inconsiderate. I grew up with just one parent who didn't speak unless they were speaking to me, and so I naturally stay quiet. Hearing a voice makes me thinks something is happening and it raises my anxiety significantly any time it's happening.
>> No. 38612 [Edit]
I completely sympathize with you, anon. People are inconsiderate and disrespectful. I wish every single person in the modern western world could experience a week of what it's like to be a neurotic and noise etc sensitive person. They would suffer so much, but the world would be better off for it.
>> No. 38654 [Edit]
File 162979504974.jpg - (254.59KB , 700x840 , 354ece707f60c5b22fccff97c1ece0d1.jpg )
"Realistic" military combat is an awful premise for games and the culture that's formed around them is one of the most noxious hell pits of faggotry ever. In real life, "camping" is the go to strategy, but people endlessly bitch about it being done in video games among other "unfair" tactics(offensively sniping). You never see chess players complain about forking.

It's almost like real life combat is boring as hell + luck-based and video game designers should be blamed instead of players for easy exploitation.

The whole aesthetic is ugly as hell too. People waste hundreds of dollars to feel like they're in the middle of a dirty, decrepit shit hole. It doesn't make sense.

Post edited on 24th Aug 2021, 1:56am
>> No. 38655 [Edit]
I agree, and I think I saw a lot of the same sentiment when Day Z was at the height of it's popularity. The general consensus seemed to be that no one cared about the boring and lame arma until that mod came along, and that it was the only reason most people even bought the game.

I think people are drawn to those types of games because it's a sort of Disneyland grade facade. See, these parks have various themed areas and rides to match, they let people feel like they're in the middle of a jungle or alien world while still being (mostly)safe and comfortable. I've noticed las vegas does the same thing. One of many examples is the location based on Venice, which of course focuses on the best and most romanticized parts, and even has gondoliers who aren't massive duchbags who treat you like cattle. One of my favorite spots to hit while there is a facade that mimics the streets of newyork, but without all the hobos and taxies and constant fear of being mugged.
The point being, these people can pretend to be soldiers, get a taste of that feeling, without having to do any of the hard work or step out of their comfort zone.

Very related:
>> No. 38660 [Edit]
In real combat most of the time you wouldnt be able to see who you are shooting and the people shooting you wouldn't be able to see you. Its pretty lame.
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