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File 156527690146.png - (744.18KB , 850x950 , 6D4E2944-F8C3-4029-9E6A-9A1F87A6D6DC-2677-00000363.png )
32923 No. 32923 [Edit]
I've heard of The Well Cultured Anonymous before, a "self help book by anon for anon", but I only took the time to read a bit of it today. I skimmed through a couple sections and to make a long story short, it could be renamed, "You should torture yourself and pretend to be something you're not for the sake of attaining traditional measures of success". What I took away from the whole thing is that /b/ and 4chan as a whole was flawed from its inception. Moot made a futuba style website for english speakers interested in otaku culture. Maybe not a bad idea on paper. In practice, it accommodated normalfags and casuals who aren't even interested in learning the language. A big chunk of the first users were also from somethingawful, a forum with next to nothing in common with futuba. From that shitty little seed, a whole "culture" of online normalfaggotry and liking stuff for the sake of socializing was born that has spread out and gotten worse with time. People act like things were good there at some point, but it was entry level shit for people who would lose interest after a couple years from the start.

The book's education section makes it clear that the whole thing is self-congratulating, masturbatory drivel written by people who got light weight comp-sci or business majors or something. Pretty much everywhere it encourages the reader to do stuff not just for themself, but to impress others and improve their social clout. It celebrates and puts all the shittiest aspects of society and people on a pedestal. Be manipulative, be like this, do these things that you would never enjoy and enjoy them, don't be fake though, woman can tell. The dating section inadvertently highlights ever reason not to date. Play these games by these rules because that's what's expected of you and that's what you need to do to get laid, and don't try and date somebody you're actually friends with and got to like first because woman don't like that. The sex section highlights why it's not worth it. All of that for 10-15 minutes of a good time, occasionally. Even when you're having sex you have to worry about a million different things. It's not like the book talks about the other "benefits" of dating outside of sex, just how you should expend your time and energy on something you're supposed to enjoy doing.

It's normalfaggotry, pure unadulterated normalfaggotry, with some memes and "fucked up humor" thrown in, and it was written in 2007. Accept things as they are and mold yourself to fit in. You want to be "successful", right? You're just too closed off to realize what you actually want, and you'll enjoy it once you become a normal person. The author list is chock-full of tripfags. Going further, all self-help books are garbage. If a person's problems could be fixed by reading a book, they probably didn't even need it.

These "advice for female anons" quotes are all you need to read.
>First off, a lot of us are just regular, easy-going guys who happen to browse the myriad of -Chans and have a delightful sense of what's funny, right and wrong. However, about 45% of us are totally batshit loons who you wouldn't touch in a billion years (well, unless you're into that kind of thing)
>Also that he's actually dating means he isn't that much a looser.

Post edited on 8th Aug 2019, 8:37am
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>> No. 32924 [Edit]
To be fair, it was aimed at /b/, which even the users at the time of 4chan being good famously noted was never good. /b/ was considered the original crossboarder cancer like how /v/ or /pol/ are today, I wouldn’t take it to heart.
One could argue that websites like 4/a/ were never good, but there were other large western imageboards at the time like Wakachan and such. Hell, I’d even say western textboards are decent if they’re not 4-ch, world2ch was used by Japanese otaku for a decent while and was a legitimate competition to 4chan for an even longer while.
You gotta to learn to take the bad with the good, because except for some textboards, they were all inspired by 4chan or even /b/.

Post edited on 8th Aug 2019, 10:11am
>> No. 32925 [Edit]
File 156528509819.png - (793.23KB , 850x708 , AA0A2A3F-B849-43A0-965F-9E2F8DCECE48-2677-00000363.png )
>To be fair, it was aimed at /b/, which even the users at the time of 4chan being good famously noted was never good.
Yeah, but why? What drew people who weren't actually passionate about the overarching subject-matter of the website to come and shit the place up? Why wouldn't moot see the problem with their presence? Even smaller boards seem like they're marred by this, "we're actually just regular guys easy-going guys. We're not into that weird stuff for weird people. We're normal, we swear" mentality. They make up the majority. It just confuses me more than anything else.
>> No. 32926 [Edit]
Well one or more guys claiming to represent an entire community does not make them representative of it even if they actually are. The idea of self-improvement are at its core subjective anyway since everybody has different values and thus different ideas of improvement. Anybody telling you of an objective value all should strive for are deluded.

Kinda off topic but what kind of self-improvement would you consider to be representative or helpful the people of this website?
>> No. 32927 [Edit]
File 156529888946.jpg - (233.90KB , 850x850 , 03D02731-7C39-4950-895F-2360A56A4603-2677-000003E4.jpg )
>even if they actually are.
What? I'd say they reflect on their community.
>Anybody telling you of an objective value all should strive for are deluded.
Maybe, but there's things that make me hate a person more. Courtesy and cleanliness seem clear-cut like good things.

I have my own ideas of virtue. The greatest being an unrelenting rejection of social pressure in favor of retaining your own interests and ideals. For people on this site, being good at something they're passionate about, financially independent, and capable of dealing with people regularly is the self-improvement which I think would be "most useful". I acknowledge that achieving these things is harder or near impossible for some people. A guide for how to be those things would be useless, even if it's a "tohno-chan targeted" one.

Post edited on 8th Aug 2019, 2:17pm
>> No. 32928 [Edit]
File 15653375319.png - (492.70KB , 811x1230 , 1564855681325.png )
See, personally I don't value social ability or even financial independence at all. How capable someone is of analyzing things they are told or believe and actually applying self-awareness to find out how valid it is would be my main idea of virtue. Someone without a clear understanding of, not the world, but how their own beliefs actually work, is what I would consider "bad". I still have to check myself and realize that something I've been saying or doing doesn't reflect what I believe, or even that something I've been blindly following is actually far less meaningful than I was making it out to be and I could have easily seen that I was falling for a meme, had I been aware sooner. As for cleanliness and courtesy, I have found that as ideals they cause a tedious restriction on casual behavior and mannerisms, and an obnoxious personality that intrudes on comfortable spaces. Not in the sense of debauchery like drugs or sex, but more along the lines of preserving the aesthetics of things, like telling someone not to wear lazy clothes, or not to sit in a rude position, or not use slang, or not leave their stuff unorganized even in a space that belongs to the person they addressed. Cultivate your own aesthetic alone, but don't be crampin my style. Note, I'm not trying to accuse you of anything, just playing a bit of devils advocate using a personal taste difference that conflicts with a supposedly "objective" value.
>> No. 32933 [Edit]
File 156535401475.png - (796.03KB , 850x1133 , 93A85078-2F58-4495-B5AC-AD632105587E-2677-00000434.png )
Being self-aware and capable of assessing your own beliefs before going along with group consensus is a useful skill, but you can get by without it. By "social ability" I meant being able to go a store and buy something, or check out a book at the library, or interact with peers when you need to, or go to an interview and do well. I didn't mean making friends or getting married or gong to parties. If you're not financially independent, and your parents or whoever provides for you dies or gets sick of you, you end up homeless. Without those two skills, your life is worse and you have far less options. You're restricted and a slave to circumstance and the whims of others. Being a functional person seems valuable to me, but feel free to disagree.

By cleanliness, I meant washing your hands and not licking your fingers and touching everything with them. If your living space is messy, and you somehow find a way to clean it regularly and get rid of dust, that's great. Courtesy to me doesn't mean formalities, it means being quiet on public transit, not littering or in any way desecrating public property, being mindful of your hygiene when in a public space and acknowledging when you're placing a burden on others.

Post edited on 9th Aug 2019, 5:41am
>> No. 32955 [Edit]
Now that's something I hoped I'd never see again. Old stuff indeed.
TWCA was always was pure normalshit cancer however it's not a representation of the state of what the site was at the time. It was a sign of the coming doom but back in the day the abomination was righteously shat upon.
Normalfags came from the outside, not the inside. Things really were quite good and the imageboard dimension wasn't killed by some inborn flaw. It was gentrified.
>> No. 32956 [Edit]
File 156563108154.jpg - (187.85KB , 400x545 , 26DB5132-3C5B-4735-96B4-B5094357BB1A-4382-000006EA.jpg )
Well, according to the book, 55% of "/b/tards" were normalfags in 2007. /b/ was always one of the largest boards too, right? Even if that percentage is complete bullshit, I wouldn't be suprised if normalfags were a very loud minority. The built in flaw is what attracted those people to begin with and what allowed them fester and take the whole thing over. Whether that's moderation style, or moot being a normalfag himself and not even realizing there's a problem, or something else, I don't know.

Encyclopedia Dramatica, Anonymous "hacktivists" and Reddit are all off-shoots of that cancer and they consider TWCA a classic.
>> No. 32957 [Edit]
This was something I had heard of in passing, but I had never bothered to actually take a look. It seems quite vapid and, frankly, boring. It's just generic self help but with bad /b/ memes and talking down to the reader.
>> No. 32959 [Edit]
Your assumptions were correct.
>> No. 32965 [Edit]
>What drew people who weren't actually passionate about the overarching subject-matter of the website to come and shit the place up?
The sense of freedom. Being able to make offensive statements and getting a way with it. That's probably what drew in a lot of people I'm assuming. Also, does anyone else find it odd that the anime or otaku aspect of 4chan didn't catch on with norms until around 2015 or so. And even then, it was mostly an "ironic meme" to them for the first 3 or so years.
>We're not into that weird stuff for weird people. We're normal, we swear
Yes, because regularly visiting a board that has been known to spam goatse and has even had some of it's users raided by the FBI is certainly what a "normal" person does. The mental gymnastics these wannabe norms do is insane.
>> No. 32968 [Edit]
>Encyclopedia Dramatica, Anonymous "hacktivists"
Surely these can’t still be around. Anonymous was always a joke though right? They uploaded their videos to fucking YouTube and were mostly about dumb shit like camwhore websites and whoever the FOTM target was.
And ED originally started as a LiveJournal website. Besides discovering Chris Chan they never really did anything of note.
>> No. 32969 [Edit]
>Surely these can’t still be around
Oh they are. Anonymous recently doxxed a couple mid level politicians, but other than that, they just call people racist on Twitter all day.
ED is still around but they completely lack the umph they used to have. Not only that, but now it has become a hangout for Gen Z "memers", /pol/fags, and E celeb drama whores. Oh what fun!
>> No. 32971 [Edit]
File 156573253179.jpg - (176.26KB , 850x1225 , EE57C503-E16C-469F-8EAB-E8BF6C9FBB93-8309-0000083B.jpg )
I don't know anything about it, but yeah, they still exist in some capacity, which is as pathetic as it sounds. ED's wiki is still up and they actually have a forum. Their forum pretty much encapsulates everythng the op is about. Not to mention the extreme circlejerking that comes from usernames, like worse than on any other forum i've seen. Their attitude towards anime or any other otaku related interest is confusing. These people supposedly came from 4chan, yet their attitude towards those things isn't just indifference, it's outright contempt. I don't think it's just "satire" either, whatever that even means in their case.

In 2005 a little known website called was created as an experiment to see what would happen if people could anonymously post questions and answers. The only form of moderation is an easily circumvented word filter. When I stumbled upon it, I couldn't believe my eyes. It has stage 4 cancer. It's the inevitable end state of what happens when you let faggots run wild for more than a decade. If you spend any amount of time on there you can see i'm not exaggerating.If you look through some of the oldest questions, you can clearly see how it declined.
>> No. 32972 [Edit]
Wow, you’re right. It’s not just obnoxious like most websites, it’s barely coherent. Kind of reminds me of /jp/ spin offs.
>> No. 32973 [Edit]
A few excepts from ed.
>Despite her retardation, Osaka does manage to be one of the better characters in the show, due to the amount of lulz she produces. Considering the competition, however, being the best character on this show isn't saying much.
>Even if one were to combine Chris-chan, Scientologists, and Tartlets into one persona, they wouldn't even compare to the complete and utter lack of rational thought in this chick's head.
>It's later revealed that she has an obsession with cats and all manner of things cute, which includes Chiyo. This results in her having a keen interest in bestiality and being a lolicon, while being a lesbian at the same time.
>Some argue that her obsession with cats is the true reason for Caturday, but people still don't give a shit because Caturday is awesome.
>It is extremely easy to troll the shit out of the Raki Sutah fanbase, as they are the figurine-collecting, futon-lounging, hentai-ogling otakus who most likely own at least one of those creepy pillows with an anime girl printed on it, and they honestly have nothing better to do than defend the show containing their imaginary loli 3DPDs.
>Keion is the result of a full degradation of anime industry for the sake of values of non-stop fapping cock-headed otakus who sleeping with dakimakura and have appropriate representation of wimmins' femininity and attractiveness.
From the touhou article, which was originally written by weev, but later edited to be more negaive.
>A third side effect is being uncontrollably stupid as a result of playing such a shitty game when you could be masturbating or playing a game that doesn't suck cock (See: the original author of this subsection.)
>Tolerated in /a/, violently hated in /v/ (because they hate weeaboo shit) Touhou, oddly enough, thrived on /tg/. Apparently, the lonely warhammer tabletop gamers - souls who spend their lives painting miniature figures as a substitute to discovering the joys of womenz and sex - have found an amorous attraction to this xenomorph
>Animu (sometimes called anime) and its comic book form manga (pronounced man-gay) are the autistic result of the Japanese population getting severe brain cancer from nuclear radiation. An entire slave race of Chris-chans forced by their Jewnited States masters to emulate and surpass Renaissance art: and the result was the most powerful brainwashing medium in the entire history of the Internet.
>A visual novel is a videogame genre with Japanese roots. It generally has prerendered backgrounds with text, accompanied sometimes by voice acting. It is a self-insert medium play by people with no lives.
>Just as Jews are responsible for Christians and Muslims, Wapanese are responsible for bronies and social justice warriors.
>The plot is simple: Yagami Light (prononuced I'm-a-gay-ass-fag), a typical prep-school jerk, god wannabe, 13 year old weaboo fuck, and part-time man whore, finds a magic notebook (teh Death Note) that kills people simply by writing their name in said notebook.
>The Well-Cultured Anonymous (abbreviated WCA) is a book containing informative sections describing how to be a well-mannered and social Anon. Written in true Encyclopedia Dramatica style, the Well-Cultured Anonymous promises hours of meme filled enjoyment that may actually get you ahead(cross out the a) in life.
>This book will teach 15-year-old WoW players who live in their mothers' basements how to make themselves seem normal to the outside world. And how to get head.
>The Well-Cultured Anonymous includes not one, not two, but FIVE chapters on Dating, Relationships and Sex! These are of utmost importance to the basement dwelling troll who would some day hope to attract and keep a wimmins in the kitchen. And it's all contained in a scant 110 highly enjoyable, easily digested pages is everything you need to know. And lots of things you didn't.
>> No. 32974 [Edit]
ED is written by 12 year-old psuedointellectuals. Don’t give their articles too much thought.
>> No. 32975 [Edit]
What’s with the Chris Chan obsession?
>> No. 32976 [Edit]
Maybe the articles are, but I have good reason to believe their forum is mostly made up of adults who think the same, as in ten people who make more than half of the posts and everybody else tries to emulate. I saw someone plainly state that being passionate about anything is an invitation to be mocked there while lurking a while back. One time I asked why they even have an anime section on their forum when every thread turns to shit. Some said it's because that's "their roots". They played final fantasy as a kid or something, but that was before "everybody got bug eyes". A mod outright said he always hated weeb shit.

The point is how common this mindset is. On 8chan, on most 4chan boards, and most smaller chans in that vein.
>> No. 32977 [Edit]
>They played final fantasy as a kid or something, but that was before "everybody got bug eyes".
Can’t stand this reasoning. Tetsuwan Atom even had the “bug eyes”. God, Key overdid it a bit in the 2000s and that image has stuck. It pisses me off so much!
Regardless, that’s not an uncommon way of thinking. But you really shouldn’t care, especially not about ED. And while I agree about large imageboards having this mentality, I do have to disagree about smaller boards as most are friendly to Japanese stuff. I’m not gonna name any names as I don’t want to turn this into meta, but for every shitty liveboard there’s a nice slow one with real discussion. Some even go as far to ban stuff from larger boards and people can’t stand strict moderation for whatever reason.
But yeah, bullying passionate people isn’t anything new. Hell, we’ve even ourselves got linked on Kiwi Farms in a thread about waifuists. These are insecure normalfags that have to look down on others to feel good/“self-improve”. I’m just kind of afraid talking about ED and KF will bring negative attention to us.

Post edited on 13th Aug 2019, 4:38pm
>> No. 32978 [Edit]
Good lord! Those last three passages made me feel dirty reading them. Admittedly, I used to read quite a bit of ED articles back in the day, and one of the things that drew me to it was that everything was made fun of and nothing was off limits. Things you loved, things you hated, things you didn't care about, all were made fun of. But, this WCA praise is just gross.
I honestly don't know. Sure he was, shall we say, quite the character, but this talk of him is honestly getting old and kind of creepy. In fact, this obsession has gotten so ridiculous, that Chris Chan himself is actually making money off of it now. So, there's that.
I know you probably meant that as a joke, but one of ED's youngest moderators was 11 years old. And if you want to go even deeper down the rabbit hole, this same kid shot up a school recently (no I'm not kidding):
>> No. 32980 [Edit]
They actually have their own version inspired by it. It's the same generic advice, but way less detailed and more condescending. Here's some nice tidbits.
>Even if you may not be, (and let's face it, you aren't) humans are social creatures and social interaction is a vital part of life. It directly impacts everything, from your friends, your job, and your partners. It gets you known, gets you noticed, gets you places, and gets you laid. But if you have the social capacity of Chris-Chan meeting and talking to new people can be quite daunting. But never fear, you social retard, this feeling of insecurity and rejection can be overcome. Read on.
>Party drugs come in all colors and flavours. They are great on their own, or with a complimenting variable. So let it be known that there are hundreds of ways you can snort, smoke, sniff, shoot, stomach, scrape, score, sell and cram up your ass to ecstacy.
>There are two types of people in this world, male and female. Both males and females converge in bars, clubs, venues and other social settings in order to meet people who they are attracted to. Once they find someone they like, in both their personality and looks, they attempt to commence dating this person. This is what we call a relationship.
I'll admit that I was a fairly prolific poster on the forum for two years. I knew the shooter. One time a guy posted about how he had a manga collection in highschool, but sold the whole thing to buy weed after his 3DPD laughed at it. He was bragging about it and other users were applauding him. This was in a "what's your manga collection" thread. Beneath the veneer of "making fun of everything" there's a prevailing idea on ed that being a normalfag is praise worthy and every niche hobby or interest is something to be embarrassed about and hidden at best. It's bizarre.

The whole thing has always been mismanaged and severely dysfunctional.

Post edited on 13th Aug 2019, 5:11pm
>> No. 32981 [Edit]
Oh no, why do normalfags hate the things I like. What can I do to ease this frustration that not everybody on earth can accept my lifestyle. I know. Let me fill a whole thread complaining that normalfags are being normalfags.
>> No. 32982 [Edit]
File 156576098487.jpg - (526.98KB , 1407x1000 , 1565590207982.jpg )
I think the idea was that normalfags have always been on imageboards.
>> No. 32983 [Edit]
you have it backwards, its worse when they start to like the things you like
>> No. 32985 [Edit]
Fuck off normalshit.
>> No. 32988 [Edit]
Caturday was a thing at least since 2006.

Post edited on 14th Aug 2019, 4:30am
>> No. 32992 [Edit]
Agreed. I'm not sure why people complain about normalfags hating things they like considering the alternative would be much worse. Just look at any anime page on twitter or youtube that isn't owned by an anime corporation and then tell me with a straight face that normalfags hating what you like is a bad thing.
>I knew the shooter
As did I. I remember him being one of the only people on that site that had the balls to constantly make jokes about mass shootings (Which in hindsight, were red flags, but I was too retarded to notice).
>One time a guy posted about how he had a manga collection in highschool, but sold the whole thing to buy weed after his 3DPD laughed at it. He was bragging about it and other users were applauding him.
That's just weak and he deserved to be mocked. And why he wasn't is beyond me.
>there's a prevailing idea on ed that being a normalfag is praise worthy
Which is odd considering that the moderation team of ED is full of geeks and no normalfag would accept them. I mean, they aren't complete losers because they have jobs and maybe even 3DPDs, but if you have ever listened to their live streams, you will get what I am saying.
>> No. 32996 [Edit]
File 156582285758.jpg - (153.60KB , 850x544 , 28E0AE29-576C-4120-B19B-8A1EE10C644E-171-0000005B8.jpg )
Found this old thread by accident.
It's kind of funny. I think you could place the blame on moot for a lot of things. He imported the anonymous imageboard from Japan, and he fucked it up. Then he convinced himself he was the same as zuckerberg. If somebody better than him decided to do it first, maybe things would be better.
>> No. 32997 [Edit]
World2ch did it first I think. Moot and his goon friends just popularized it, I wonder what the internet would look like if w2ch was the big thing instead of 4chan.
>> No. 32998 [Edit]
Yeah, i'm looking into the history. I want to know just when exactly it went to shit and how. RIR7, creator of world2ch, also made some kind of imageboard, maybe more than one, but it was taken down by its host because of guro.
>ADTRW is notable for being one of the less-lame anime forums out there. The users aren't nearly as pathetic as they tend to be elsewhere and the Japan love not nearly as strong. A lot of the fandom is tongue-in-cheek and it tends to filter out good series quite well where others tend to think anything from Japan is of equal merit. I will thank it for exposing me to Azumanga Daioh which I hate to admit I like.
I don't know what this means exactly. This is one of the few threads I could find archived. Not sure how to feel about it.
>> No. 33001 [Edit]
I believe in not purposefully being a dick for no reason. How one chooses to interpret that is up to each individual. Willful ignorance is harder to tolerate than plain old ignorance though.
It was recently unearthed on 4-ch that was the earliest English imageboard.
>> No. 33002 [Edit]
File 156587044383.jpg - (430.74KB , 798x866 , 481B5FBE-8139-4AB9-A76F-2DAF705FB6B4-171-000000B6F.jpg )
Oh wow. I can barely wrap my head around this. So a guy named moondabor decided to make a website which included a shrine to some attention whore who got 15 minutes of e-fame and an imageboard. Both the imageboard and forum were always complete shit from what I can see. It's mind boggling. Now i'm worried that futaba is just as bad, but I wouldn't be able to tell. I think anime expo is like ground zero for this cancer.
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