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File 156780600874.gif - (872.63KB , 346x360 , computer_screen.gif )
33182 No. 33182 [Edit]
Sort of a hybrid between the book club and "post something new you learned." Post any interesting essays, articles or prose you've stumbled across on the internet.

I'll start:
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>> No. 33935 [Edit]
File 15778048622.jpg - (124.87KB , 850x600 , __original__sample-ef54d3d219a2a7be65d176a7aad38ea.jpg )
A Comparison of Japanese and European Cultures
-1585 by Luis Froís, a Portuguese Jesuit missionary
Short and interesting.
>> No. 33936 [Edit]
When Talking About Burakumin, NEVER SAY "BURAKUMIN!"
>> No. 33939 [Edit]
That was fascinating, thank you for sharing!

I'll share "How a White Lie Gave Japan KFC for Christmas"
>> No. 33940 [Edit]
>10.1. We write with 22 letters; they use 48 kana letters and an infinite number of characters in various kinds of letters.
It's like an old version of "there are more kanji than there are stars in outer space"
>> No. 33941 [Edit]
File 157782959824.jpg - (160.05KB , 850x1202 , __original_and_1_more_drawn_by_mamuru__sample-468f.jpg )
I found this in tohno-chan's archive. It's very interesting.
The Adventures of Eggplant

Post edited on 31st Dec 2019, 2:00pm
>> No. 33946 [Edit]
It's interesting.

>2.34. In Europe, young girls are always very strictly kept in their houses; in Japan, girls go alone wherever they want, for one or several days, and are not answerable to their parents about that.

In the Hagakure, it says that one should keep their daughter at home never allowing them to even visit a temple and never allowing them to interact with men. That seems quite the opposite to this, maybe common people allowed them to do whatever they wanted but the rich didn't or maybe he says to do this but it was not so common.
>> No. 33979 [Edit]
The Genetics of Sex Differences in Brain and Behavior
>In this paper, we will review sex differences in brain and behavior that are not due to the action of hormones secreted by the gonads—which has been the dominant mechanism associated with such differences—but from what we term `direct genetic effects.' These are effects that arise from the expression of X and Y genes within non-gonadal cells and result in sex differences in the functions of those cells.
>> No. 34069 [Edit]
File 158084194371.jpg - (182.53KB , 850x797 , __kokonoe_aya_original_and_1_more_drawn_by_enoko_z.jpg )
>The Japanese translation of "Lord of the Rings" by Teiji Seta and Akiko Tanaka may be regarded as one of the greatest translations in Japan.
>> No. 34081 [Edit]
Do you have the full text by any chance?
>> No. 34082 [Edit]
It appears it was a translated excerpt from "Tratado em que se contem muito susinta e abreviadamente algumas contradições e diferenças de custumes antre a gente de Europa e esta provincia de Japão." Even though it should be well out of copyright there don't seem to be any freely available versions. There's a preview on google books of some pages.
>> No. 34202 [Edit]
I couldnt find the original BUT an english translation with extra commentary by robin d gill called topsy-turvy 1585 is fully available on ggl books(~700 pages).Search for his name there and you ll find all his books.You can use a small programm like ggl books downloader to download it fully as images or pdf.
The guys site is paraverse dot org and he has quite a few books(most jap related) fully uploaded.The book is really good but a lot of the aphorisms are not quite right-some abt portugal/europe some about japan are quite misleading as they are presented.Happy reading
>> No. 34361 [Edit]
File 158483495722.jpg - (63.46KB , 738x415 , 1580266809529-1.jpg )
I've never seen a more strangled and miserable interpretation.
>> No. 34362 [Edit]
That cover is borderline false advertisement.
>> No. 34363 [Edit]
I'm not reading all that but I saw they cited tv tropes and that's all I needed to know to throw it all out.
>> No. 34364 [Edit]
I didn't know "moral event horizon" came from tv tropes. I never heard of it before this though either. Coming this fall, a whole volume of Mechademia, a peer reviewed "academic" journal, on "Queering" is coming out.

Post edited on 22nd Mar 2020, 7:36am
>> No. 34389 [Edit]
>> No. 34656 [Edit]
File 158758514193.jpg - (129.14KB , 623x800 , 14dd499486b982d85e84213a4f0b4d8d.jpg )
Glossary of eroge terms in Japanese
>> No. 35257 [Edit]
Fenn's treasure has finally been found
>> No. 35306 [Edit]
The Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa. He was among the first from Japan to visit the US, studied English and introduced Western culture and ideas to Japan, and ultimately helped bring about the transition of Japan from an isolated feudal society into its modern nation-state.

There's a narration of one of the chapters:
>> No. 35408 [Edit]
File 15939235957.jpg - (30.42KB , 409x266 , 20200628.jpg )
B4RN is Rural internet doen right

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