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File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 [Edit]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 27209 [Edit]
I'm about four days into a month long vacation right now. It's cold as fuck, and thus extremely uncomfortable, I'm bored beyond my mind and cannot life a finger of motivation to do anything other than stay at home in bed browsing imageboards and useless sites all day long. I feel depressed and I wouldn't mind not waking up tommorow, and I bet the rest of my vacations are going to be exactly how it has been so far.
>> No. 27210 [Edit]
An average day off. Slept in, woke up feeling okay, started feeling like crap in the afternoon, and now I've calmed down.

I need to stop stressing over "IRL" matters like my job situation so much,
>> No. 27212 [Edit]
It been such a long time since I had sweet stuff, my hot chocolate which I remembered being mildly sweet is now overwhelmingly sweet. I don't know if this is a natural or a reflection of my dietary choices.
>> No. 27213 [Edit]
Make sure you eat properly, or at least eat something. The thing I find with depression is that you can't be bothered getting out of bed to eat, then that causes you to have even less energy and feel even worse. I get headaches if I don't eat for a couple of days.
>> No. 27214 [Edit]
File 143628830872.jpg - (182.15KB , 475x720 , 926905.jpg )
I drank a forty and a 32 ounce beer last night because I celebrated the fact that I don't owe anyone any money anymore.

A reason to celebrate, sure, but I don't want to drink alcohol anymore. I thought that I was getting better, but it turns out that relapses are common. I feel like a dumbass, even though it really could have been a lot worse.
>> No. 27219 [Edit]
File 143633108394.png - (572B , 300x300 , tree in winter.png )
I think I got a defective cinnamon stick. I'm chewing on it like I normally would but it doesn't taste like cinnamon at all.
>> No. 27232 [Edit]
File 14364105583.jpg - (19.69KB , 500x394 , wq.jpg )
Let's try this again!

I've recently started seeing a Psychologist, referred by a Psychiatrist I saw. The Psychologist is female, and from what I can tell she is not very good at her job. Or perhaps she is, as egotistical as this sounds (believe me, it's intended the opposite), simply not equipped to deal with a patient like me. This woman, a small town specialist, seems to be more used to dealing with 16 year old girls, fresh from a weekend hospital stay for signs of small cutting after being jilted by an ex-lover. Her mannerisms are patronizing, and she talks a lot. Ordinarily talking a lot would be ideal, but she wastes time. She seems to waffle on and on, to the point where I found myself fairly agitated during yesterday's session, finishing her drawn out explanations of simple exercises and ideas for her in rushed, irritated tones. She also forgot my name at the end of the session, her notekeeping was less than adequate (she found herself forgetting key events I'd made sure to highlight at her request during the previous appointment for future discussion) and she seemed to lack the appropriate agency with which to decisively correspond with my Psychiatrist regarding my treatment. She asked me at the end of the session what I wanted her to say to the Psychiatrist.

I could probably deal with all of this if it weren't for her awful sense of humour. She's like a spinster clown in a hospice. But getting in to see this woman was a months-long ordeal I'd rather not go through again. I'm just going to ride it out and hope I get prescribed Adderall or something.
>> No. 27233 [Edit]
Do you still browse /jp/?
>> No. 27235 [Edit]
I went to go turn in my resume at a store because their website said they were hiring, but the person on duty said that they weren't. Defeated in less than a minute.
>> No. 27237 [Edit]
File 143648763232.jpg - (410.44KB , 1584x1188 , 1433290164835.jpg )
I do still browse the jay, not often as I used to but I still do.
>> No. 27238 [Edit]
And the illusion that you will meet nice people and make friends?
>> No. 27240 [Edit]
Gelbooru is down.
>> No. 27241 [Edit]
File 143650242929.jpg - (176.90KB , 703x1024 , 1433806843645.jpg )
I understand my ear pro better now why some people don't like it. Its not because its shit but rather the way it handles sounds. Instead of filtering out the loud sound removing it. Rather the microphone picks it up too and lets you hear it at a lower decibel which is still loud but not damaging.
>> No. 27243 [Edit]
I found out that the little sweets I used to enjoy as a kid were called Koala Yummies. They're currently called Koala's March and I ordered some from Amazon along with some other sweets because why not.
>> No. 27250 [Edit]
I talked with my mother today, my brother has some (serious) problems with the degree he's doing (read: he's doing jackshit) and she's worried. She's has a lot of problems and this is the last one for her, she doesn't like her job any more but she doesn't want to quit because the plan was for her to leave it to my brother.

It made me remember all the time I wasted when I was doing my bachelor, the fact it took me 5 years instead of 3, and all the other related things. It feels horribly, what's worse is that I can't go back and fix it.
I told my mother if I can do something to help but she said no, and that I should go on with my own life. I'll hug her and be depressed all day.
>> No. 27256 [Edit]
File 143667696130.jpg - (1.75MB , 2918x2000 , 140846.jpg )
I sent off the last 24 orders of my patches yesterday. It took the mail guy a total of 20 minutes to get through all of it and I got a receipt little over 2 feet long. Today it felt good to wake up and not have that fat stack of letters stare at me.
>> No. 27268 [Edit]
File 143694162558.jpg - (55.38KB , 600x600 , 1433782603868.jpg )
the past 4 years I've shut my self off from the world in order to avoid what I'm experiencing right now. Haruhidamnit why now of all places. This was not supposed to happen this way. I should have done my share of the work, come back, act akward the entire time, sleep then leave the day after but no I just had to forget about acting akward and unsociable the entire day. Fuck now I got people interested in me in record time (<12 hours) and now my week is dedicated to being with them. Hell one of the girls even likes me to the point of sharing meals and walking together. I'm digging myself a normal person hole with an excavator and I can't get.out of it.

I apologise for blogging but I feel this might be my final post on this site with the way things are going.
>> No. 27269 [Edit]
wow drama
>> No. 27270 [Edit]
Rather nervous about my final riding exam tomorrow. I've got a Japanese lady from 1986 sitting in my garage which keeps me focused, but I still feel the pressure. To top it off, the lessons got me into a 'small' debt. A motorcycle might make it easier to find an alright job, though.
>> No. 27292 [Edit]
I bet half of the items in your house were made by a 14yo Chinese slave
>> No. 27293 [Edit]
who gives a shit who makes your dishwasher
>> No. 27297 [Edit]
Korean products are lower quality.
>> No. 27298 [Edit]
Yes, Korean and Japanese appliances are shit. We all know Europe makes the superior products.
>> No. 27299 [Edit]
>Europe makes the superior products.
Kill you to buy american?
>> No. 27301 [Edit]
Japanese appliances are on par with European.
>> No. 27302 [Edit]
Don't bring /pol/ into tohno-chan, thanks.
>> No. 27303 [Edit]
This is but an innocent conversation about consumer appliances.
>> No. 27304 [Edit]
Too bad now everyone makes their products in China with cheap underage slaves and cheap poisonous plastic.
Go to any big store and you won't see much "Made in Germany", or Switzerland etc.
We need fascism once again.
>> No. 27309 [Edit]
Today my mother bought a led light bulb and put it the living room. I was amazed by how they light up the entire place. I did some research about it, and apparently the japanese men who invented this received a Nobel prize for it.
>> No. 27310 [Edit]
File 143761889117.jpg - (543.50KB , 1920x1200 , 1405791185995.jpg )
I got my new dive mask today. Its higher volume than expected but I like the aesthetics of oval style masks more.
>> No. 27312 [Edit]

The kazoo is an elegant instrument
>> No. 27313 [Edit]
I've a test tomorrow and I'm shaking, I spent the day studying but I realized there is still so much stuff I don't know. Fuck I'm panicking hard, feeling like not even showing up. Please god let it be a hail storm tomorrow
>> No. 27314 [Edit]
Me too. I didn't even study today. Or ever, for that matter. It's frightening how blazingly fast a day can pass.
>> No. 27326 [Edit]
Desu is an anagram of deus. Coincidence?
>> No. 27329 [Edit]
File 143801869948.jpg - (132.21KB , 727x619 , ayy2.jpg )
I have been playing riichi on Tenhou pretty much nonstop for three days now. I didn't knew a single thing about riichi back then, but now I've already memorized all the yakus and tiles and sequences of dora indicators. I've even won a game whilst knowing what I was doing. It's a very addicting game after a while.
>> No. 27331 [Edit]
I've been thinking about this lately, What do you guys think of a measurable intelligence such as IQ, or intelligence in general?

Personally, I think IQ is a very small indicator of how smart a person is, and a even smaller indicator of what a person is capable of, it angers me when some people believe they're superior to others just because "My IQ is at least 25% higher than yours". Sure we can tell if a person is smart or not if we get to know them well enough, but if we know a person that much then we probably would find some qualities enjoyable about him other than intelligence that would've made us want to know him and hang out with him so much.

Even if IQ is valid, I'd rather hang out with the nice guy with a IQ of sub 90 than the dickwad with an IQ of 140. Intellegence is all about how you use it, not how much you have, famous people like Shakespeare, Einstein, etc. never were popular because they were smart, but rather because they did/made/said things that changed the world as a result of how smart they were.
>> No. 27332 [Edit]
File 14380340477.png - (27.46KB , 342x980 , Untitled.png )
While it's not something to obsess on, I'd say it's a valid indicator overall.
The people who couldn't get past the stone age usually score 80 points or less while at the top you have places like Italy, Switzerland etc.
Also singapore but everyone knows those chinks cheat.
>> No. 27333 [Edit]
thats because the test wasn't invented by those people. its like dropping a bunch of Jewish guys in the middle of Somalia.
>> No. 27334 [Edit]
File 143804332013.png - (46.79KB , 1350x625 , AverageIQ-Map-World.png )
The test used was invented by europeans, but asians seem to be the best at it.

This is Flynn's test, it only takes into account the natives' IQ. ie, australian test was given to the abbos.
All the places in the 70IQ area in this map were stuck in living with mud houses and the like before the European came to give them civilization, or attempted to.
Is it really just because it wasn't made by their people that they scored so bad in an intelligence test?
And how could they hope to make a test of their own, if they couldn't even figure out the wheel and are still stuck in living in such an underdeveloped way?

Post edited on 27th Jul 2015, 5:29pm
>> No. 27335 [Edit]
lol, australia
>> No. 27336 [Edit]
Okay, so lets drop a bunch of Chinese people in Australia 40,000 years ago. You think they'd be able to build a better civilization?

Actually that experiment has already been done since the Australian Aboriginal people originally came from Asia.
>> No. 27337 [Edit]
>You think they'd be able to build a better civilization?
>> No. 27338 [Edit]
They're completely different ethnic groups/lineages. Think Papua New Guineans vs Indonesians, Taiwanese aborigines vs Taiwanese or Ainu vs Japanese. Maybe they came from Asia but they're not asian in the sense that they're related to the main ethnicities living in east asia right now.
>> No. 27339 [Edit]
But those people all came from the same place originally; we are all the same species. The difference between groups is due to where they ended up. People on mainland Asia took a different route because they had many different people to trade with, animals/plants to domesticate, fertile land that allowed agriculture to develop and cities to be built.

Imagine aboriginal people meeting Europeans for the first time and administering an intelligence test based on their own culture and the challenges of their geography. They might conclude that Europeans are dumb because they don't know how to find water in the desert or build a canoe.
>> No. 27340 [Edit]
Europeans building the best 'canoes' is how they came to conquer the world.
>> No. 27341 [Edit]
China had better ships but the Pacific was too large for them to cross
>> No. 27342 [Edit]
I had an IQ test recently, something about determining if I had the autism or some such nonsense. It didn't seem like it had any sort of memory testing on it. As such, I did fine. My working memory works fine, but two minutes later, I won't remember shit. The supposed intelligence measured is useless if you can't remember anything...
>> No. 27343 [Edit]
I'm thinking about picking up drawing as a hobby again. There's just so much different and new porn I want to see but nobody has drawn or will draw it ever. The only thing that stops me is knowing I'll need to put so much effort and time into it to get to the leve I want to be.
>> No. 27346 [Edit]
File 143823138735.jpg - (539.52KB , 2560x1440 , route_1_0278 (1).jpg )
Working on my terrible global ratio. I'm up from .34 to .78 now but shooting for a higher than 1.0 ratio. Feels good man
>> No. 27347 [Edit]
Ah, I know what that's like. I didn't like my ratio being that low so I left myself seeding very often and eventually got my ratio to +100.0 . I'm not sure if I can check the ratio on Deluge or if it even has a kind of system that tries to throttle my download speed for not seeding, but I like to seed either way since I like helping out other people since I was also helped out by other people.
>> No. 27350 [Edit]
I had another dream about work again. It's starting to get to the point where my one ultimate sanctuary where I'm safe, my bed, is being violated. I don't know what to do.
>> No. 27355 [Edit]
File 143832416624.jpg - (2.51MB , 4128x3096 , IMG_20150730_175432.jpg )
Well, I just got a cat.
>> No. 27356 [Edit]
Tonight's blue moon really does light up the night

Cute cat dude
>> No. 27357 [Edit]
Cute. What are you going to call it?
>> No. 27358 [Edit]
Nightmares don't necessary mean problems. Sometimes I dream awkward stuff and realize not until later what it meant, if at all. Yesterday I dreamed about some association were computer scientists taught undertakers how to operate computers, enabling them to control their incinerators.
>> No. 27362 [Edit]
Nice, but holy shit learn how to post images dude.
>> No. 27372 [Edit]
File 143856503289.png - (446.41KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_2015-08-02-18-17-53.png )
I know I be moved further down as the week goes on but damn does it feel good to be 11th place especially after all my fuck ups right before.
>> No. 27374 [Edit]
I've waited 3 months for my mom to visit so she can clean the house. Finally!
>> No. 27375 [Edit]
It's not hard to do it yourself!
>> No. 27376 [Edit]
File 143871624380.gif - (904.25KB , 500x532 , 1413642432412.gif )
It's very, very hard.
>> No. 27377 [Edit]
I love to clean. Last week I cleaned behind my washer and dryer. I can't wait for the weekend, I'm gonna clean so hard.
>> No. 27378 [Edit]
Serial killer detected.
>> No. 27383 [Edit]
You're not the first person to say that about me.

I haven't killed anyone yet but I do love reading about serial killers. Israel Keyes is my favourite.
>> No. 27384 [Edit]
Albino, huh. Is it deaf already? Looks a little scrawny as well.
>> No. 27385 [Edit]
You're just jealous of its whiteness.
>> No. 27386 [Edit]
My fucking chest/heart hurts, but I know for sure this isn't the result of strong physical pressure, it's actually emotional pressure, but goddamn does it feel real. It's amazing how closely physical and emotional pain are.
>> No. 27387 [Edit]
I got drunk out of my fucking mind, threw up and passed out on the floor while trying to crawl to the bathroom. Woke up with my hair soaking up the vomit and an angry stomach.
I also called my mom before passing out but she had a sleeping pill and didn't hear me. Guess she's gonna have to clean again, oops. At least she's not angry.
>> No. 27388 [Edit]
Almost all politicians sound terrible on paper and great on the podium.

Fuck, I am terribly weak to human wiles.
>> No. 27391 [Edit]
I know that feeling. At its worst it feels like something is squeezing your heart and it really hurts, but the emotional pain still felt stronger than it when I felt it.
>> No. 27396 [Edit]
You should probably visit the other anons never cleaning their rooms.
>> No. 27398 [Edit]
Who's going to wear the maid uniform in that relationship?
>> No. 27399 [Edit]
Tohno-chan bros seem to be pretty high on the legitimately insane spectrum. I'd be careful.
>> No. 27400 [Edit]
Today is my birthday, but I'm more excited for tomorrow, our anniversary together! I can't believe it's going to be a year already, I can recall when I first fell in love like it was yesterday. I think I'll save what else I have to say for tomorrow, I can't wait!
>> No. 27401 [Edit]
Happy birthday.
>> No. 27402 [Edit]
Happy birthday.
>> No. 27403 [Edit]
File 143933747230.png - (24.64KB , 228x239 , 1437975147864.png )
Found more stuff in my room thats not mine and my bed smells like someone else again. I wish people would consider this room mine instead of like a bathroom, but I guess that just how it is right now.

You doing anything to celebrate?
>> No. 27404 [Edit]
What is the story behind your lack of privacy?
>> No. 27405 [Edit]
File Could_.swf - (3.50MB )

Not an interesting story. I got in a fight with my dad so my relatives felt guilty or something about not being able to do anything and as a way to make up for it they decided to swoop me up while I was looking for a place to sleep. So here I am 2 months later occupying their "guest bedroom" while I save up to get out.
>> No. 27406 [Edit]
Happy Birthday!
>> No. 27407 [Edit]
Wow, thanks a lot guys! I didn't do anything special for my birthday but I did save up some foods and a drink to celebrate the 1st year anniversary I've been in love with her for today. Currently waiting for some privacy, can't wait!
>> No. 27410 [Edit]
File 143943784693.png - (86.43KB , 720x1280 , the future is in my hands.png )
I looked at my data usage, only to find that apparently, my phone visited the future briefly. What is even going on? There are several things that annoy me about this phone (Galaxy S3), and this is only the most recent thing. Another is that for some reason, when playing music via Bluetooth, it doesn't always send the song metadata or something, although that might be a problem with the receiver. When using the newest version of Spotify, Bluetooth crashes between every song, so I had to download an older version from not the play store (as far as I can tell, you can't download old versions from there), so I hope that that program isn't doing bad things. The default browser is shit; for some reason sites are occasionally convinced that I have JavaScript disabled.

This might be an issue with the carrier, but one time a text message wouldn't download until I restarted the phone. Another time, I tried to make a call and it said something like "not registered on network," and I had to restart.

Also, the home button feels a little recessed, I think a piece of sand got in there or something, and I find out that the only way to remove the button to clean it is to remove the entire screen, held into place with adhesive fashioned from the jizz of ten thousand nerds, and essentially requires destroying the screen to remove it. I guess making one of the few mechanical parts of your phone goddamn impossible to clean is a good idea?

Also, hidden locations that do specific things are pretty frequent, it's like UI designers actively loathe the user. Surprise! Touching here while a video is playing changes the volume. No, you can't delete part of your data usage history. No, the default keyboard doesn't have arrow keys, if you want to edit something, you'll slide your grubby fingers all over the text trying to get it into place.

This is my first smart phone, are they all this much of a mess?

Post edited on 12th Aug 2015, 9:08pm
>> No. 27411 [Edit]
File 143943880719.jpg - (297.85KB , 717x717 , 1432353591407.jpg )
I can't seem to pull myself to leave the room so I haven't drank or eaten anything today. Am I going down a road I shouldn't?
>> No. 27414 [Edit]
Starving yourself is a very bad and stupid thing to do. I did it when I was pretty depressed and all it got me was being sick and getting weight from overeating afterwards.
>> No. 27416 [Edit]
File 143952483869.png - (446.85KB , 850x786 , 1434063008129.png )
Its all so weird. I looked out the tiny crack in the curtains right before the flash happened and looked at my computer right before it lost power like I knew it was going to happen.
>> No. 27417 [Edit]
File 143953068168.jpg - (99.63KB , 998x810 , 142683891929.jpg )
Walking home from buying some fast-food cause I can't cook, I seen this guy walk out of his car to use an ATM. Leaving both the keys in and the door open, as I was walking by someone cut me off, jumped in the guy's car and drove off. Almost hitting me.

A cop then drove by, seeing all that happen he just phoned dispatch and kept driving off.

I just sighed and kept walking home.
>> No. 27418 [Edit]
You should've jump in the car with him and start a new life of adventures and fun.
>> No. 27420 [Edit]
Getting arrested and brutally raped to death doesn't sound like fun.
>> No. 27421 [Edit]
It takes all types
>> No. 27422 [Edit]
File 143959848355.jpg - (554.62KB , 1023x723 , 1335819261410.jpg )

If it was someone like Marisa behind the wheel I would of for sure.
>> No. 27425 [Edit]
Leaving his car like that was just asking for trouble.
>> No. 27426 [Edit]
File 143961339450.png - (312.30KB , 389x386 , 1435901235737.png )
It appears my internet connection depends on the time of day as during work hours I easily get 200Kb upload but on a friday night like this I can only get 3Kb at most. Kinda sucks
>> No. 27429 [Edit]
File 14397552458.jpg - (36.87KB , 444x800 , 1439643238440.jpg )
God, I hate sundays so much. It's the one day of the week that takes the longest to pass and I always have to spend them all doing nothing from morning till night on the computer browsing imageboards. I wish sundays would stop existing.
>> No. 27430 [Edit]
I'm going insane !!!!!!
>> No. 27431 [Edit]
File 143979408950.gif - (407.09KB , 431x415 , 1421782918796.gif )
Me too!!
>> No. 27432 [Edit]
File 143979866046.jpg - (75.71KB , 650x811 , 1400191404484.jpg )
Killed two porcupines tonight. Never thought I'd have a legitimate complaint about hollow point rounds.
>> No. 27433 [Edit]
Thank you for the concern.

I've been coding in Python! It's fun stuff. Yesterday, I took a nap in a graveyard and listened to roommates' problems while chatting on IRC.
>> No. 27457 [Edit]
File 144012955763.png - (547.52KB , 649x720 , 1399356703328.png )
I tried mountain biking today with a wallyworld bike. I left the mountain bruised, battered and with a new nickname "one pedal wonder". I'll stick to using on my own two legs and not to use cheap shit.
>> No. 27472 [Edit]
File ronald_sexy.swf - (5.15MB )

I've started looking at a bunch of flash videos because I wanted to catch up on whatever I've missed out during the last 6 months to a year.

I've found a few interesting things, I found out that Zone is still making videos, and I found a flash where some people were making Japanese girls say inappropriate things in English.

I guess it was okay and stuff. The experience is kind of reminding me that I do need to wander around the internet a bit more often to find some interesting things since I've been very detached from everything as of late.

I did find this incredible flash just now, however. I love it. I know that people here don't like Kancolle, so I'll put this old Ronald flash that I was reminded of during my time awake during these last hours.
>> No. 27473 [Edit]
I currently hate myself intensely, to the point that I cannot stand being around myself. I've enrolled myself into a small kind of scholarship in my university where I have to correct exercises and then help students with their mistakes in class. I don't know how I didn't noticed that this would clearly not work since I have to stand in front of fifty people and deal with them, but I ended up taking this up. I did my first day of this yesterday and I believe it was truly a trainwreck. Now I feel horrible about myself and the prospect that I shall have to repeatedly shame myself in public every friday morning. I wish I could dissapear right now.
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