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File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 [Edit]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 30063 [Edit]
Fuck, BakaBT went private and I can't remember my username and password for the account I made years ago.
>> No. 30064 [Edit]
Hey, funny, been having the same problem. They prune accounts after 11 months or so, if that gives you any solace. Apparently there'll be an official announcement tomorrow as to the state of things. I haven't heard anything yet but wild speculation.
>> No. 30065 [Edit]
>They prune accounts after 11 months or so
Yeah, that would probably explain it. I haven't logged in since 2013 from what I remember.
>> No. 30066 [Edit]
Has anything major changed with them?
>> No. 30067 [Edit]
Work sucks. How do I avoid giving into stress from a particularly bad string of days and avoid just up and quitting from it? Things have gotten better lately (better hours, overall less stress) but some days just fucking suck, and they make me yearn for when I was a NEET.

What do
>> No. 30068 [Edit]
>BakaBT went private
Oh fuck.
Actually, this might be good. It will stem the flow of normies. Still sucks for the rest of us, damn normies ruin everything they touch.
>> No. 30069 [Edit]
When that happens I just try to remember that I'm working towards a cute house on a nice piece of land. And that if I don't go through all this bullshit I'll never have it.

Thankfully I have hundreds of gigs of stuff already downloaded from them.

I'm surprised it took them this long though. They've always acted like a private tracker despite being public.
>> No. 30070 [Edit]
I keep getting NSA career ads on youtube.

Are they gonna come after me?
>> No. 30071 [Edit]
just stream your anime. It's not like it used to be, the streaming sites are less shady and add new episodes quickly and stream in like 720p.
>> No. 30072 [Edit]
I wish people would get over the streaming meme. 9anime.to and kissanime stream in 720p and it's fine. I don't have room to download anime (had 800mb of space just today and had to clear out my hdd) so I've watched tons of streaming anime. If it weren't for kissasian or crunchyroll tokusatsu would be pretty hard to find. Especially since the crunchyroll rips of the most recent Ultraman were no where to be found on nyaa for days and only had about 3 seeders each. I had to start downloading the Spanish release and get the sub track separately but that got tedious so I just streamed it.
>> No. 30073 [Edit]
Do you also wish everyone had good internet connection speeds, and wifi everywhere they go?
>> No. 30074 [Edit]
That's a good point, but the average person has decent enough internet. Even when my internet was getting really bad buffering for a few minutes worked fine.

As for that second part, I'm hikki so I've never really been without like that. I mostly mean for currently airing stuff too. Downloading movies are complete batches is usually the best way to go especially for older shows. Still thinking it's cancer because of quality is being ignorant.
>> No. 30075 [Edit]
>Still thinking it's cancer because of quality is being ignorant.
So you don't mind watermarks and yellow hard coded subs?
>> No. 30076 [Edit]
Then when the streaming site drops your show you'll never be able to see it again.

Storage space for hard drives is super cheap nowadays so it's better to just download it and have it forever.
>> No. 30077 [Edit]
Streaming still produces lower quality, even if the resolution is 720p.
Like, YouTube audio does not match 320kbs even at highest quality.

I didn't download madVR and ReClock for nothing.
>> No. 30078 [Edit]
That's really sad. Cats are very huggable animals.
>> No. 30079 [Edit]
Kissanime's watermark is tiny, barely visible in the corner and the subs are nice, smooth white text with a black outline.
>> No. 30080 [Edit]
I bought these little baby chocolate bunnies in gold foil, and I gave one of them to my pet cockroach. She looked so cute when she crawled up to it and felt it with her palps and antennae, but then I worried the chocolate might make her sick so I took it away and gave her kanten instead.
>> No. 30081 [Edit]
That's pretty cute. Cockroaches can live without their head for some time though, a little chocolate won't hurt her.
>> No. 30082 [Edit]
>When that happens I just try to remember that I'm working towards a cute house on a nice piece of land. And that if I don't go through all this bullshit I'll never have it.

Thanks. I do have a goal in mind, I plan to move in with one of my friends sometime in the next 6-12 months once his current roommate leaves. That's my main goal right now. The alternative is being forced to stay with my parents, which would honestly be fine, but they are moving across the country around the same time frame, and I really don't want to move so far away from my friends.

Honestly, if my parents were staying put or in the immediate area, the temptation to stay NEET would skyrocket... but that would just bite me in the ass in another 10-15 years once they got older.
>> No. 30083 [Edit]
So I was heading to bed in my dream when I hear a drumming sound outside that started off slow, some kids started screaming and the drumming got faster and louder until a explosion went off and I woke up in my bed with ringing in my ears.
At first I thought all that happened was real until a second later I remembered I have tinnitus.
The transition seemed so smooth.
>> No. 30084 [Edit]
File 149287910343.png - (1.20MB , 1280x738 , Yamcha.png )
After Dragonteam stopped subbing Dragon Ball Super, I kind of didn't know what to do since I didn't want to deal with getting subs from a shitty group, so I ended up not watching DBS for a long while.

After seeing DBS brought up an alarming amount of times earlier this week, I decided to get back to watching it, and thanks to some great people seeding the non-shitty versions of the subs, I downloaded everything and watched, like, 30 episodes or something. It was fun and I enjoyed it.

On an unrelated note, I seem to forget that it's 2017. I guess it just seems so irrelevant to me that I can't help it.
>> No. 30085 [Edit]
The new arc is decent. I had dropped DBS but started watched since then again and I haven't been disappointed (again) yet.
>> No. 30095 [Edit]
Society is going to be fucked way more than it already is with all this stuff happening. I just want to get enough money to live on my own and watch anime and play video games for the rest of my life. But life ain't so simple, I got burdens to take care of and what not.
>> No. 30096 [Edit]
Same. I'm hoping that by the time my parents pass, which will be probably another 25 years or so, I'll have inherited enough from them to basically retire early. It's not gonna be a lavish lifestyle, but enough to live in a not-shit apartment or rental, pay bills and food, and torrent anime and video games until I die.

That's the life I want.
>> No. 30097 [Edit]
Don't bother with renting anything, it'll cost more. Don't buy a house either; build one/get one built.

Something like what this guy did: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCymqbXEQ6qfPi5v8DUZr6dA

If you can handle the small space it can be done quite cheaply. Sure it'll earn you the eccentric label quite fast, but brohno's were going to do that anyways, and as for space, well, we've spent so much time confined to our rooms anyways it can't be much different right?
>> No. 30106 [Edit]
File 14937363715.png - (254.76KB , 704x400 , yeah.png )
I've been biking around traffic for the first time since I need to get a job and a bike is all I have. I fell over in the middle of street because I went to fast and turned wrong and was about to hit someones car. My hands hurts so fucking much. I wish I never had to go outside again. Watching NHK was a mistake I want to just live the way Satou does until I fall over dead from no food.
>> No. 30123 [Edit]
satou goes outside and has wacky adventures with his friends in every single episode of that show

that was back in the days before all anime neets were cute imoutuses
>> No. 30126 [Edit]
There's periods where he doesn't. Also currently reading the novel right now and it's much darker.
>> No. 30128 [Edit]
Nothing is stopping me from doing anything. I could run out into traffic or set all my belongings on fire or cut myself up until I'm nothing but mashed-up skin and blood and bones. I keep thinking about it and it scares me so much.
>> No. 30129 [Edit]
Went to Knotts berry farm today and took my mom. Posting from their train ride, place has free WiFi all around the park which is pretty cool.
>> No. 30150 [Edit]
I find it hilarious that it is now possible to create and play as your own Sonic OC in the new Sonic game.

>> No. 30222 [Edit]
Trying to find some alternatives to Steam for PC games, I searched around the Windows Store and Facebook Gameroom (I know).

My god, they are hot fucking garbage and it's fucking stupid. They're not even trying with the Windows Store anymore, only Microsoft games will ever be uploaded on that and Facebook Gameroom, oh man, the only single game that was worth playing out of the rest was a mindless zombie FPS that I enjoyed on mobile, but had to drop because playing an fps on a tiny screen with no controller is terrible. And guess what? It didn't even fucking work, the mouse wouldn't be recognized and this issue is impossible to fix for now.

Which brings me to another point, why are mobile game companies so against PC ports? There are some really nice mobile games that would be much better and more convenient had they'd be released on a PC, but they're nowhere to be found on a pc, some of them will even simply not launch if you're using a third-party program such as android emulators on pc.
>> No. 30223 [Edit]
>why are mobile game companies so against PC ports?
They probably think there's not as much money in it or that people would be less interested in buying them. Android games are often made for tiny screens which means remaking textures and images. They use touch interfaces that might not translate to mice, more so with multi-touch games. You've also got tilt to take into account too in some games. In some cases they're designed for vertical use on phones, try full screening something like that on a pc. Being on pc would make it easier to cheat/hack games too. For example I was able to give myself unlimited money and no wait times on some Jurassic park game using blue stacks + cheat engine. Made me realize just how shallow and lacking of content these games truly are when you take away all those horrible wait times. You can do it on mobile too, but it's a lot more tricky. It'd also be easier to create multiple accounts which could be an issue for some types of games. Some games make switching accounts a pain in the ass and might not even have log out options. In the case of Soccer spirits for example you have to uninstall the game and re-download/install everything if you want to log into a different account.

There are some ports out there however. Off the top of my head I recall seeing plants vs zombies (I think this is originally a mobile game???) on steam, Sono Hanabira and other VNs have also made the jump, all be it with horrible texture/image resolutions.

>some of them will even simply not launch if you're using a third-party program such as android emulators on pc.
Yeah android emulators are surprisingly shitty, but I found that bluestacks is pretty decent if you use an older version, disable updating, and block/uninstall their default launcher while using one of your own.

Post edited on 4th Jun 2017, 8:12pm
>> No. 30224 [Edit]
>Trying to find some alternatives to Steam for PC games
May I ask why? What do you find wrong with it?
>> No. 30225 [Edit]
File 149680256633.jpg - (527.86KB , 1200x900 , DSC02449.jpg )
Bought some decals for my car (shown on the right side of the pic). Went with some not so obviously anime ones (ie power-level concealing). The rather cool seller (http://www.ebay.com/usr/e2works) included the ones on the left for free which are mostly related and share that same concept theme. This really made my day, which has otherwise been pretty crap. Just makes me wish I had a nicer car to slap em on.
>> No. 30226 [Edit]
I'd be a little wary of adding the type-moon one. Someone might my scratch your car.
>> No. 30227 [Edit]
What makes you say that?
>> No. 30236 [Edit]
I need to write this to someone because I am going crazy here.
So basically I was waiting before an exam at my uni, and near the xerox machine I saw a copy of another exam I had to do that day. I left the building and called a guy to tell him the questions, telling him to not tell anyone else. When I was calling him, I think someone saw and heard me, and when I walked back in the copy with the questions was not there. When I finished the test, the professor said something like "the other students should be inspired by you" which literally doesn't make sense, and I spent the past 18 hours having paranoia attacks to the point of not sleeping.
>> No. 30237 [Edit]
>"the other students should be inspired by you" which literally doesn't make sense
Are you a good student? If no, maybe the teacher or someone who told them saw you seeing the paper and walking away... maybe that's all they know and nobody actually heard your conversation. Why not just ask the teacher (or mail them)?
>> No. 30240 [Edit]
My father's been emotionally scarring me again, I hate it when he fucking yells at me for making the slightest mistake and then patronizes me on the little details afterward. Sigh, more proof I'm better left alone anyway, can't wait to move out and have full independence.

At least I have places like these for my feelings, every time I let my emotions go with this family it always ends up being fucking worse. I'm rarely ever open about my own personal problems because every time I do they either don't understand and end up thinking even less about me (Did I mention it's SO FUN when your family almost has no hope in your future plans for reasons you don't understand).

I'm just surprised I can keep my emotions bottled up like this without snapping.
>> No. 30253 [Edit]
> someone who told them saw you seeing the paper and walking away
It could be that, or it could be that he knew about me doing 3 tests the same day. I didn't ask them because I was afraid of finding out, I'll know for sure the next week.
>> No. 30265 [Edit]
I want to go home.
>> No. 30268 [Edit]
What's up, anon?
>> No. 30311 [Edit]
though some about what i might post in the weekly report thread on saturday not telling yet
>> No. 30335 [Edit]
So when I woke up in the morning, my PC that boots from an 8 year old hard drive would not boot, it got stuck on a error that said "Repairing disk errors, this may take over an hour to complete". I let it wait for about 5 hours and it would still not complete, so I just assumed that, like all hard drives, it finally gave in, which I'm honestly surprised it lasted that long. I'm not sure if it's just the boot process that's fucked or the entire hard drive, I've yet to check that, but I already backed up most of the important files on the 2nd hard drive. However it still has some pretty special files I still need to backup.

I was generously given a SSD, with Windows 7 already on it, but I have to say, it doesn't feel the same, maybe it's because I've naturally grown attached to windows 10 and it's features, or maybe it's just the hard fact that all those years on those hard drive are going to be reduced to nothing. I've got this nagging, aching, sad feeling in my heart that wont go away. I've still got some work to do so I'll give a detailed update either soon today or tomorrow.
>> No. 30336 [Edit]
I'm sorry to hear that. Losing a hard drive is never easy. I've lost a few as well, including those with important files that I can't get back, so that pain is also known to me.

Hopefully it's just a little error and nothing is lost.
>> No. 30338 [Edit]
Hopefully the errors are just in the booting or OS sectors and you are able to recover what matters. Good luck.
>> No. 30339 [Edit]
It's been almost a year since I've been here last, but not a lot seems to have changed. It feels good. I may or may not have something seriously wrong with me, I'll be getting checked out next week. Depending on how that goes I may or may not be reporting how soon I'll be dying to this thread.
>> No. 30340 [Edit]
Thank you guys so much for your support, it means a lot to me. It was a very long, grueling and tedious 3 day process but in the end it worked out just fine!

When I was booting windows from the ssd and inserting the hard drive in, I was greeted with windows disk checking, the drive needed to be checked for consistency. After a 5 hour long process it was clear to see that the hard drive was pretty busted up. Disk Check found a lot of bad sectors within the hard drive and a ton of unreadable segments. So I didn't expect much when it was done the long process, but amazingly enough, the hard drive was entirely usable, the Users folder took a while to load and that gave me quite a scare, but eventually it was accessible and everything was intact.

So I backed up EVERYTHING of relevance into the hard drive, the games, the anime and manga I never read or watched again, art books, music, the save data for those games and my steam library, etc. I even backed them up into Google Cloud, just as another measure. All with no problems whatsoever, thank god.

I got a unused 1tb hard drive, installed Windows back on it, put the backup from the SSD into the new hard drive again without errors. Gave the SSD back to it's rightful owner and here I am, perfectly fine and relived. I will say that the hard drive served me well for the 8 years it was in use, lots of good memories in general. Back up your data folks, you may not be as lucky as me and instead one day it would just completely break with no way to recover those precious files.
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