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File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 [Edit]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 30406 [Edit]
No addiction is easy to break, but any problem can be broken down into smaller problems and solved.

If you want to spend less time on the internet, I can give you solid advice.
>> No. 30413 [Edit]
File 150257298221.jpg - (0.99MB , 1062x961 , thinking.jpg )

What advice do you have?
>> No. 30414 [Edit]
Getting friend requests is really embarrassing! I might be pretty good at the game and sometimes pull off some pretty impressive things at times, but I'm not sure if I should be sent friend requests, especially since I don't accept them most of the time.

Mou, it's so embarassing!
>> No. 30415 [Edit]
File 150268248397.jpg - (46.75KB , 500x491 , bootleg.jpg )
I've been considering buying a bootleg fumo to take it apart and have pieces to help me know how to make a custom fumo myself.
>> No. 30416 [Edit]
Great idea Sid.
>> No. 30417 [Edit]
You have to start by adding something else into your daily routine besides just being on the computer the whole day.

I realized at one point that my entire life was being played out online. I broke it up into parts, but it was all on my computer. I might play games for a while, lurk 4chan for a while, and watch anime for a while. That's how I broke up my entire day.

You have to start bringing yourself back to reality one piece at a time. Start going for a walk every day. Mow the law once a week. Check out a thrift shop once in a while. Go to the library once a week.

The point is to add something small, piece by piece into your days that are not getting on your computer. I don't expect your first step to be getting a job, but that really is the final frontier. It gives you money and something that you feel obligated to do. It gives you a purpose.

After a while, you'll come to a point where you realize that your real life is in real life, and you'll feel happier because of it.
>> No. 30422 [Edit]
File 150325315077.png - (275.96KB , 450x600 , cVo3lS2.png )
anybody who has ever been in a relationshpi doesnt desrve too complain about beign ""unhapppy"
>> No. 30423 [Edit]
Wouldn't being in one make anybody unhappier by default? I'm sure that eventually people get tired of each other and then cheat on one another or whatever it is that 3D bitch pigs do.
>> No. 30424 [Edit]
People do tend to complain about relationships and talk of how freeing and fun being single is, but I think they're full of shit. People who say stuff like that are usually the kinds of people who enter into relationships to use and abuse their partner, then discard them when they've gotten what they wanted. If they really thought being in a relationship was so horrible they'd leave them and never go back. These people just want something to complain about.
I get where >>30422 is coming from. When you've never been in a relationship and you see ungrateful people complain about not being happy with it, it can feel like a starving African watching a fat American complain about their food tasting funny.
>> No. 30425 [Edit]
/ot/ - Relationship Advice
>> No. 30426 [Edit]
Are you surprised when the mods are ford driving normalfags? Pretty much any mod on any imageboard is a well-adjusted piece of shit. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And if they let shit slide, it'll slide. As above so below etc.
>> No. 30427 [Edit]

I didn't see anybody give any kind of relationship advice at all but if you want to throw a hissy fit then have fun.
>> No. 30435 [Edit]
Does anybody have any good ideas on how to hide wrist cuts that don't look suspicious? I don't have a lot of money so I can't buy a watch and the straps on watches aren't very wide. I used to wear wristbands too but it's hot where I live and they're very uncomfortable.
>> No. 30436 [Edit]
not a lot of options in your case. you could try using some cream for scars to make it less conspicuous. most people won't care though, if anyone asks just says it's because of a cat or something, everyone will buy it unless your scar is huge.

this is why if you are cutting without the intent of suicide you should do it somewhere easily hidden.
>> No. 30437 [Edit]
File 150354597541.jpg - (72.29KB , 570x428 , il_570xN_1123129687_nryw.jpg )
Maybe something like this? Any type of wrist wear/bracelets potentially could, at least, obscure the cuts from casual view.
>> No. 30453 [Edit]
File 150372282026.jpg - (87.05KB , 422x600 , e61265fdae42eaf2576bffa30259fc315691b379.jpg )
You know your life is in a bad place when you are jealous of people who are in love with a fictional character.
>> No. 30460 [Edit]
You know you just insulted half the site here right?

Absolutely positively epic.
>> No. 30461 [Edit]
File 150423761480.jpg - (378.29KB , 858x711 , 3c7bb9f8369a15389821743c898fbf300a13d27a.jpg )
I did not know that, I didn't mean for what I said to come across as offensive, I apologize.
>> No. 30462 [Edit]
Nah, don't worry about it. All I meant was you could interpret your words as saying all people who love fictional characters are depressed and doing poorly. Sorry for calling you out, and wish you the best if you truly are in a bad spot. I could stand to act like less of an ass at times myself. Although we are anonymous, we are both human and each have our own feelings, so don't feel bad because of me.
>> No. 30464 [Edit]
My depression right now is at it's worst, just when I'm trying to get my life together by attending college and getting a job at the same time, really makes me think.
>> No. 30471 [Edit]
I wanted to ride my bike, but it turned out to be raining. Instead I went to sit at the scenic bush overlooking bench.

I made a backup of my hard drive in case it fails or I accidentally delete all of my data again.
>> No. 30476 [Edit]
So I spilled some alcohol in the sink while I was trying to disinfect some cuts and now my eyes feel a bit weird since I had to be in the bathroom for a few minutes to deal with the cuts. I know it's because of the fumes but should I be worried? Should I call someone? Or is this just normal?
>> No. 30477 [Edit]
Nobody can do anything by now. In future try to work in a well ventilated area, especially with a fan.
>> No. 30478 [Edit]
You're life is over.

Alcohol fumes are relatively harmless, they can cause your eyes to sting a bit though.

Post edited on 4th Sep 2017, 3:08pm
>> No. 30480 [Edit]
You'll be fine. Fortunately, the eyes (along with the tongue, iirc) are the fastest-healing parts of the body, so you have little to none to worry about.
>> No. 30485 [Edit]
I'm in a similar place right now too, it really sucks. Just when you can see things getting better, you start to climb out of the hole you're in and then BAM it hits you again but worse. For me the worst thing is that it ends up with me pushing away the people I'm close too just by existing, which then makes it worse. I am very thankful to have places like here and other online friends and websites where it's possible to speak to people who you can relate to.
>> No. 30487 [Edit]
So I bought a bootleg Sakuya fumo to make some modifications to but apparently the hair isn't held to the head by threads but glue. Is there any way I can remove it without having to practically destroy the head?
>> No. 30488 [Edit]
Can't you just cut off what isn't glued to the head, of the hair, and then you can hide the remaining hair with the new hair that you wish to add to it...?
>> No. 30490 [Edit]
Copying all files for backup. This is taking a very, very long time. About half way done.
>> No. 30491 [Edit]
I bet this is something most of the other users, including myself, should be doing -right- now. It's always "I'll do it tomorrow" until it's too late.
>> No. 30494 [Edit]
Well, this is the first time I've really done it to such an extent so it's a first for me too.
>> No. 30503 [Edit]
I'm converting the original drives to ext4 from ntfs now that the backup is done. Time to wait again....
>> No. 30527 [Edit]
File 150568387749.jpg - (363.34KB , 768x1024 , hoodlum.jpg )
Yesterday was one of the hardest days I've gone through for band. I have work to do but I'm so blown, I've wasted the whole day so far. I'll just do a little more imageboard browsing and then I'll get started, I promise...
>> No. 30529 [Edit]
I'm so burned out of my dully repetitive and stressful office wageslavery, I basically drop in bed and can't stomache even more than 20 minutes of anime in the whole weekend. I've wasted it basically lying in bed trying to be as lonely as possible and in 7 hours from now it's back to it again. I just want to die.
>> No. 30530 [Edit]
File 150579169172.png - (375.92KB , 736x617 , Possible hair color.png )
ho w do i get rid of romantic feelings for someone?
>> No. 30531 [Edit]
2D or 3D?
>> No. 30532 [Edit]
File 150579380179.jpg - (67.97KB , 774x700 , 3d6e0850c25d5c041cc5214f5139434c740e5593.jpg )
>> No. 30533 [Edit]
I mean, think to yourself and make sure it isn't some sort of infatuation. That should go away soon enough. If you really love someone, especially 2D, what benefit is there for you to ignore that? If it's that painful, or whatever you may feel, you might want to take a look at the /mai/ archive for others in your position while waiting for replies.

Post edited on 18th Sep 2017, 9:35pm
>> No. 30534 [Edit]
File 150579617832.jpg - (129.70KB , 850x1048 , sample_3b82633f28e498301a1438d768724c79382504cf.jpg )
its ben on and off for years now ,more than five i think
>>benefit to ignore that
it breaks the waifu rules and i know for a fact she d doesnt love me back i just want to leave t hees e feelings behind alr ready i w ant it to stop
its kind of comp licated i cant say everything abot it becase the othr users wil get mada t me but she s so good to me and so perec t taht no one has stoeln my feelings and held themm since she did
>> No. 30536 [Edit]
File 150605407955.jpg - (145.98KB , 494x800 , 4dc9a4fefc1c56bb11a72d124bdfcecb27e64489.jpg )

i stil need help and i alre ady read the archivd /mai/ posts
>> No. 30537 [Edit]
I was called a slur by a random person in passing on my way home last night. Hopefully today will go a little better.
>> No. 30538 [Edit]
3D normie trash is usually incapable of being decent and tend to be shit.
>> No. 30539 [Edit]
I was freezing my ass off in a long line waiting for x-ray and I think some bitch not so sneakily took photos of me to document encountering a creeper or whatever. Not too sure about this time but it did happen to me before, what's going on in 3D heads to pull shit like this is beyond my imagination, hurts like a motherfucker.
And they label me a psycho, a piece of shit and an asshole.
>> No. 30540 [Edit]
Taking photos of strangers in general is fucked up.
Privacy really took a turn for the worse since that social media shit.
>> No. 30541 [Edit]
what a cunt I know that people will do that sort of shit just to post on social media and get attention and sympathy because now no one questions when a woman says that a guy is being creepy when she says that he is and what was the x-ray for?
>> No. 30543 [Edit]
>it breaks the waifu rules
There are no specific rules so don't worry about that.

Okay, so you say you believe she doesn't love you back. Are you having trouble with yourself? Or feel unworthy or unfit in some way? Do you feel hopeless?

I don't have much to say, but an attempt at advice. The real help you will need is from time. You need to give yourself time. You need to be perfectly and completely honest to yourself. Think about the reason she would not love you for. Is it because of you yourself, or because of one/some of your actions? Think of the reason why you love her. Do you cling to her in any way? If you do is there a reason why? And many more.

The reason for all the questions is not for you to reply here to me. Don't do that, instead go think about these or other questions you may have for yourself. Go lay down and think to yourself with no distraction. All I can say is, may things play out well.
>> No. 30544 [Edit]
Chest and hand. Had pneumonia but I had to wait so long for an appointment it went away. Punched a wall last year and my hand won't stop hurting, every retard doctor prescribes me ketoprofen gel but it doesn't help at all.
>> No. 30545 [Edit]
That sucks I hope you didn't get hurt too bad I know I broke my toe once kicking something and it hurt like hell.
>> No. 30546 [Edit]
>Punched a wall
>every retard doctor
Hmmm.... So, why did you punch a wall?
>> No. 30547 [Edit]
Even though I couldn't like the Luluco anime because any kind of romance makes me angry and spiteful, I really like the ED to it. The fact that the song comes with two pretty enjoyable remixes is pretty nice as well.

Also, funny enough, somebody just released a batch of the Luluco anime that has twitch chat's posts going through it like if it were a Nico Nico video. I wonder if I'll show up because I did watch a couple of the last remaining episodes and shitpost quite a bit.
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