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File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 [Edit]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 29924 [Edit]
After just dabbling into pizzagate I wonder how deep and fucked up these satanic (for lack of a better term) pedophilic cults go.
>> No. 29926 [Edit]
Pizzagate is a false news report designed by alt-right wingers from Twitter, that was spread by fucking BuzzFeed, who wanted to disparage the Clinton campaign (not she needed to be disparaged, she's a terrible person and a liar - Trump is no better for the record but I don't want to get into that).

It was based around, obviously, satanic cult reports in the 80's/90's. I am fairly certain it's all absolute bullshit.

Look into Ted Gunderson, who kind of started this whole shtick. I'm inclined to not believe him after looking into his stories beyond the surface but maybe you'll have a different reaction. It's certainly compelling regardless of the truth.

The powers that be call this "perception management" - Altering public perception of an event to make it fantastical and surreal in order to make it that much less believable.

Are there sick fucks who torture people (including or perhaps even especially children) for their pleasure and may or may not be in positions of power that they abuse? Absolutely. Is the CIA kidnapping children and putting them through satanic ritual abuse? It's safe to say that I'm on the fence about that.
>> No. 29927 [Edit]
>wanted to disparage the Clinton campaign
>> No. 29928 [Edit]
It was picked up by BuzzFeed after they discovered the mentioned tweets. BuzzFeed was stupid enough to run the story.

Post edited on 3rd Feb 2017, 2:04pm
>> No. 29929 [Edit]
the cat in OP is female btw
>> No. 29930 [Edit]
I think I just slept for about 14 hours.
>> No. 29931 [Edit]
The point I think they were making is that the idea of a giga-leftist tabloid like BuzzFeed doing anything to attack the Clintons or associate with "right-wing" conspirators is hilarious, to say the least. It's like Alex Jones promoting the Clinton Foundation.

Either way, none of this political dreck belongs here. This post included.
>> No. 29939 [Edit]
I watched a bit of Yuri on Ice to see what the hype was about, thinking that it would be about figure skating lesbians as the name implied. I was disappointed.
>> No. 29941 [Edit]
File 148638461596.jpg - (665.46KB , 1280x1024 , billy-goat.jpg )
I just had to drink half a gallon (not hyperbole) of a barium sulfate mixture for a CT scan of my liver at the hospital.

An internet post describing the shit as "goat semen and chalk dust" is unfortunately very accurate. I could barely manage it without horking.
>> No. 29942 [Edit]
It definitely would've been talked about more on /an/ if it were about cute 2D lesbians, but not many cared for what it really was.

Apparently the op (or ED?) was decent or something? I remember some guy on some stream mentioning it and playing it to focus on the game he was playing.
>> No. 29948 [Edit]
It truly is awful stuff. The one time I had to drink that shit I couldn't keep it down at all, but then again at the time I couldn't keep anything but water down. Take good care of your gall bladder, kids.
>> No. 29952 [Edit]
I dreamt that NERV was real and that I released 2 pet rats into Tohno's house because I wanted to initiate conversation with him. Also, my grandparents ate pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and said it was pizza.
>> No. 29955 [Edit]
I need some sourcing help.

I saw a really cute poster of some anime series or maybe game series. Looked world war II inspired and colour scheme was sullen browns and purples with pale skin. It had three characters on it. A gakuran wearing boy with an officers hat. A serious looking girl in an victorian style bonnet. And another playful looking girl in an officers hat and a cloak with knee socks.

If anyone could help that would be cool.
>> No. 29956 [Edit]
If by 'purple' you mean blue, then I might know what you're talking about.
>> No. 29957 [Edit]
File 148716735964.jpg - (1.95MB , 2592x1944 , DSC08242.jpg )
found it
>> No. 29958 [Edit]
File 148717547557.jpg - (74.87KB , 426x600 , 2453167i.jpg )
That's not WWII, damn it man. That's the Taisho era.
>> No. 29963 [Edit]
File 148761686468.jpg - (408.39KB , 1024x1024 , 20161025_175022_HDR_1024x1024.jpg )
I couldn't find online the Sora no Woto patch so I ordered custom made a couple of weeks ago. Today I found it by chance on a site. I could have saved over 45 euros.

I am mad at myself, very mad.
>> No. 29966 [Edit]
Today I spent a lot of time thinking, I seem to find a lot of connections in things recently. Numbers seem to influence things, seemingly unrelated things seem to influence each other. Also I was thinking about how nice it would be to have friends
>> No. 29972 [Edit]
>seemingly unrelated things seem to influence each other
Carl Jung spent a lot of time thinking and writing about that same thing.

>> No. 29977 [Edit]
did you know that 99% of people who die in car crashes have eaten macaroni and cheese?
>> No. 29978 [Edit]
100% of people who eat macaroni and cheese will die.
>> No. 29979 [Edit]
Harem anime, but for children.
>> No. 29981 [Edit]
Harem anime is already for children.
>> No. 29982 [Edit]
I wonder if Tohno ever gets tired of playing internet babysitter.
>> No. 29983 [Edit]
Insects are so perfect and beautiful.
>> No. 29984 [Edit]
>> No. 29985 [Edit]
Goddamnit, I missed the fun.
>> No. 29992 [Edit]
This is cool, thanks anon.
Looking back, I think I was thinking too much, sometimes my mental state gets strange and I see patterns that aren't there, sometimes I even see things out of the corner of my eye but as soon as I look it vanishes. A couple times I even heard people whispering that weren't there. Couldn't make out what they were saying unfortunately, I'm sure it would have been something interesting. People that aren't real always say the most interesting things.
But anyway, coincidences really are strange and fascinating, we wouldn't exist without them right? That story about the beetle on that guys wikipedia page was very interesting. I need to talk to someone who knows these things and find out what's what
>> No. 29996 [Edit]
God, I don't even know what I like any more.
>> No. 29997 [Edit]
I bought a ps4 which showed up today, and I don't even know why I got it...
I was n64 kid on christmas levels of happy when I got my ps3, but the ps4 was unappealing when it lunched and it's still unappealing now that I got one connected to my tv. Could be because I became a PC gamer since then, could be because there's very few games for the thing that interest me, or could be the hefty price I paid for it ($600 for a 20th anniversary edition) but I'm pretty "meh" about it so far. Also doesn't help the seller neglected to mention some scuffs on the system, and that there's apparently some compatibility problems with my TV which makes the picture look like pixalated shit. The filmwear is too high to hack, and the specs are much better on the pro version making it feel even more useless. I'm not upset about buying it, I know I could probably flip the thing for $700+, it's just a funny feeling is all. I wish I could be as happy about it as I was when I got my ps1,ps2, or ps3, but instead I just don't care...
>> No. 29999 [Edit]
So I think that I might've found a somewhat decent app that can actually get my worthless brain to learn more than 10 Kanji. It has things to help learn how to draw kanji and a bunch of things to teach you what words are tied to or can be used with the kanji or something like that. It seems to have the bells and whistles needed to properly learn kanji, however it seems that only the beginner lesson {80 kanji) is available and you have to pay to unlock the rest of the stuff.

Anyway, the thing is called Japanese Kanji Study with some Japanese stuff written after a hyphen. This thing might actually be useful.

It costs 12 dollars to unlock the thing. That's quite a bit a shekels that the greedy jew that made this thing wants, but maybe its worth it?
>> No. 30000 [Edit]
I'm trying to play newgrounds games but there's a jumping spider on top of my monitor, staring at me.
>> No. 30001 [Edit]
Twelve-dollars is not much if it actually works. Can't expect teachers to teach for free, unless you like Communism.
>> No. 30002 [Edit]
File 148935607594.png - (215.58KB , 539x297 , 14 - uR8MMxt.png )
Are there really people who can sleep almost as soon as their head hits the pillow like I read in books or see in movies? There's often characters who fall asleep a lot in anime too. Is this a real thing? It always takes me at least an hour to get to sleep after I've gone to bed even if I'm really tired. Am I abnormal?
>> No. 30003 [Edit]
No, I think the norm is for it to take a while unless you're extremely tired. Popular mass media has a tendency to portray unrealistic depictions of average human life. Besides it makes for easier story telling to change how the real world works sometimes.
>> No. 30004 [Edit]
It shouldnt take more than 20 minutes. If its an hour you should look into improving your sleep hygeine.
>> No. 30005 [Edit]
Taking 20 minutes to fall asleep isn't uncommon, even for people with a strict sleep schedule and no history of disorders- and it's heavily dependent on the amount of fatigue they've built up on any given day.
>> No. 30006 [Edit]
File 148973332661.jpg - (1.08MB , 1200x900 , psp.jpg )
I was dead tired all day from staying up till around 5am because of a large mosquito in my room, then being woken up at 8am by my mom's friend's kids. Started coming down with a cold too. Then found out someone apparently broke into my car and stole the psp I built.
Looks like the parts alone are gonna cost me roughly $160 to build a new one.
>> No. 30008 [Edit]
I showed Spice and Wolf to a sort of weeby little girl today and taught her to search with tags on safebooru.
>> No. 30009 [Edit]
Give me some context on that one, captain.
>> No. 30010 [Edit]
I was supposed to watch her for a couple of hours and I saw her use Google Images for anime girl pictures and I asked if I could show her a better way to look for them, and she asked where one of the pictures was from and I said Spice and Wolf and she watched some AMVs of it on Youtube.
>> No. 30011 [Edit]
I'm watching a Power Rangers marathon on Twitch right now. I've been doing this for days now. I'm really enjoying it.

I'm at the end of Time Force and it got a lot better toward the end, even though I did miss a quite a bit of the season and series as a whole.
>> No. 30012 [Edit]
what the fick
>> No. 30013 [Edit]
That's a cool looking psp. What are some great obscure games for it?
>> No. 30014 [Edit]
Try moejong.
>> No. 30018 [Edit]
What did people even talk about in the 50's? I can't help but feel it was a far better time period for people like us. You can't talk to people today about anything but sex and alchohol. If you're lucky you share a similar taste in music but that's about as good as it gets.
>> No. 30021 [Edit]
Guess what people drank and had sex in the 1950s.
>> No. 30022 [Edit]
But I doubt it was the only thing talked about. And it was handled differently; taboo kept it from being something you were proud of. Now if you don't care for getting drunk to the point of vomiting and fucking random women you'll never see again you're a weirdo, an outcast, a pariah.

It's some Brave New World type of shit.
>> No. 30023 [Edit]
Same things that people do now I suppose. The current affairs, what people were up to. The War if your country took part in Korea, then you had television come in the mid 50s. That said, the 1950s aren't of a massive appeal for me fantasy wise. There wasn't the same economic boom here that there was in Europe and the United States. If I'm remembering right, we had food rationing until 1950 even.

1950s weren't that prudish. It's actually kind of the beginning period of that trend towards vulgar topics losing their taboo. You want that to start being unacceptable, you go for the 1850s at least and even that's pushing it in some parts of the world. A lot of the European cities were surprisingly open societies by then, and in the US by probably the 1870s you had people like Nellie Bly showing up.

Then you have the parts that are still like the old world. In Kazakhstan for example, even today if you go into the really rural areas, people won't talk about their family at all if they don't know you well. Superstition regarding the evil eye that still lingers in the remote parts.

I can't believe I had to edit this shit twice. That's the last time I post just as I'm about to fall asleep.

Post edited on 27th Mar 2017, 9:06am
>> No. 30024 [Edit]
People were drunk as fuck back then. In Casablanca (and other movies from that time) they're drinking in nearly every scene, they showed smoking and alcohol in children's cartoons, people drove drunk like it was nothing, there were popular songs about being drunk and men were almost always a little buzzed.
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