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File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 [Edit]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 30690 [Edit]
I'm actually good at games, so I can't relate to those last couple of posts.

I, too, enjoy anime tits in my games. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head.
>> No. 30691 [Edit]
Anime tiddies are a problem for me too. Games and porn are my kryptonite. They just suck all my energy and the moment I stop I feel terrible and realize how I've wasted an entire day playing games and fapping.

It's not so much being bad at the game, it's not being the best. So I'll set some goal, attain it, and then move the goal further. And it never ends. The journey is great, it shows there's some hope for me in the future, even. But then I hit my skill ceiling and I can't go any further. Is this all I can do? All I can attain? Why? So I keep trying and trying to move past it, but I can't do it. It's maddening.

I suppose this is the same sort of thing bureaucrats feel. They've made their way up to the second, third tier of a companies management and their skillset just isn't good enough to move past it. Then the dread sets in. Even though it's fucking ridiculous. They make a million a year, have the trophy wife, but it's not good enough. I have that, but with video games. Shit's ridiculous.
>> No. 30705 [Edit]
File 150872947466.jpg - (62.19KB , 500x595 , e472c343079afc51c0b390cd5de8f0bec3ce6c04.jpg )
I haven't been sleeping with my daki lately. I feel like I should have last night because my back hurt quite a bit when I woke up.

But I have stopped because it makes me stay in bed too late, I already sleep through both of the alarms I set sometimes so a daki would make that even more likely to happen. I really hate waking up late in the afternoon or even near the evening sometimes.

It even makes me ashamed sometimes, like I'm the sort who sleeps with a pillow just to deal with the lack of physical contact. I feel lonely sometimes sleeping alone but I feel like it might be better than feeling ashamed every time I sleep with that pillow. There are more cons than pros to it.

It also made the lack of physical contact a bit worse the last few times I've slept with it. It feels bad thinking "If only it could hug me back".
I don't regret buying the pillow, I more regret buying the cover I purchased. It is nice to look at and it feels very soft and smooth but it brings me shame.

I might buy a blank white one someday from the same store I bought the previous cover from.

All that aside, it brought me fantastic sleep and even helped me get rid of some feelings I had been struggling with for some time so it wasn't a complete waste of money. I'm somewhat glad I purchased it, if only to experience what otakus like so much about them.
>> No. 30708 [Edit]
>it makes me stay in bed too late, I already sleep through both of the alarms I set sometimes so a daki would make that even more likely to happen. I really hate waking up late in the afternoon or even near the evening sometimes.
Without trying to sound preachy, why don't you go to bed earlier?
>> No. 30709 [Edit]
File 150876606759.jpg - (61.09KB , 473x590 , 45afa114a6f553d30835f2b9802ad1af3f8b12d0.jpg )
Usually when I get home I get home late and there is still stuff I need to do by then so sleeping late is inevitable pretty often.
>> No. 30710 [Edit]
So there's gonna be a Yugioh marathon of all/most of of the old shitty 4kids dub episodes on the TwitchPresents channel. They included a ton of pretty good emotes along with "Sex Pervert" Joey, so this is already getting a good start. Well, aside from the not starting the stream on time thing.
>> No. 30717 [Edit]
My hair is going white and I think my hairline started to recede too. How sad.
>> No. 30799 [Edit]
I had fun being able to post the words "Dragon" and "Dong" in all caps with 10k+ other people. It was great being able to shitpost almost constantly for an entire week.
>> No. 30828 [Edit]
I'm surprised the chip would even go in properly with a bent pin. Did you bend the pin back into place?
>> No. 30874 [Edit]
I can't get on Nyaa for some reason. Orz
>> No. 30875 [Edit]
Which one?
>> No. 30877 [Edit]
For me has been on and off along with it's H counterpart. Though I think there is another site called that is supposed to be the same as .pantsu though it doesn't have the H counterpart.
>> No. 30880 [Edit]
The .si one. I can get on pantsu just fine whenever it works, but it is clearly the inferior one at this point with everybody preferring the other one.

There's a third one? I've never used the .pt one, but I think that I'll avoid it because this is the first time I've seen it mentioned.
>> No. 30881 [Edit]
File 151086036483.jpg - (0.96MB , 1095x890 , 1486516022724.jpg )

.si is managed by the old boys club of moderators from

pantsu is managed by a group that isn't a bunch of egotistical fuckwits.

pantsu extracts all of the torrents and information from .si every couple of hours, so it really shouldn't be obsolete.
That said, they are both about the same. And since they are hosted by different entities, if one gets DDOS'd you have a back up.
>> No. 30910 [Edit]
I'm very much enjoying my Thanksgiving break. University is going alright but it's an exhausting experience, I appreciate this time to recharge. Played a video game for the first time in almost a year, started reading Slam Dunk, got caught up on Hajime no Ippo again and read through all the translated chapters of Made In Abyss. Just have to remember to also do my homework, eventually...
>> No. 31016 [Edit]
The cold winter air is very nice, it feels good today.
>> No. 31023 [Edit]
File 151284485092.png - (3.71MB , 1800x1350 , 62732811d1dedce4d988406ade008a6167905acb.png )
I want to believe people still do this, especially Tohno-chan. I can see Tohno-chan users having dates with their waifu stil but I don't know about other places since the word waifu doesn't mean anything anymore, sadly.
Is there lots of snow? Remember to do something nice for the winter with your waifu.
I hope you will anjoy your winter break soon!
>> No. 31025 [Edit]
File 151285123994.jpg - (527.77KB , 1400x933 , IMG_20171209_1.jpg )
There is snow, yes.
>> No. 31026 [Edit]
>> No. 31027 [Edit]

A few still do.
>> No. 31045 [Edit]
So for a while now I've been using Comodo firewall as a precaution in case of a bad download or something, but as of late, it has started to for some reason block my access to sites like Nyaa. I'm not entirely sure why it feels the need to stop me from going where I please on the internet, but this is not a "feature" that I like.

I've looked for ways to work around this and nothing has really worked or done much in regard to my problem.
>> No. 31046 [Edit]
>So for a while now I've been using Comodo firewall
Uninstall it, then install Avira, which is free, if you need a firewall / anti-whatever that desperately.
>> No. 31047 [Edit]
File 151320233057.jpg - (262.31KB , 700x800 , bb4cb5251372f7651a28ad49c2d1b66b.jpg )
Getting rid of it helped. Thanks for the tip with Avira, I'll try out some things it comes with, not the extra, unnecessary garbage.

I feel liberated, and now I'm gonna look for H anime I don't have and fap to it until I can't feel anything. Or at least I want to.
>> No. 31065 [Edit]
What's the current program that people are using to encrypt harddrives and stuffs?
>> No. 31066 [Edit]
You can do it with newer versions of windows, or just use truecrypt still.
>> No. 31067 [Edit]
I listened to some ASMR with the sounds of a walk in the forest but then it made me sad because I don't have anybody to go on relaxing and romantic forest walks with.
>> No. 31072 [Edit]
Veracrypt? There are also HDD's with built in hardware encryption solutions.
>> No. 31073 [Edit]
My landlady gave me some food to have for dinner, raised my spirits a million times over after the turd of a day this has turned out to be.
>> No. 31077 [Edit]
I want to watch movies, is anyone aware of an internet website where I can go download western TV series and films the same way I easily do for Japanese animated drawings using
>> No. 31078 [Edit]
You could try terrarium tv
>> No. 31081 [Edit]
Thank you very much for the answers! Veracrypt being what it is seems like a decent option. I hope that it'll give me what I need without destroying my harddrive.
>> No. 31087 [Edit]
File 151395744580.jpg - (308.80KB , 800x883 , mortem_normalis.jpg )
The day was cold, wet and a random stranger wanted to beat me up, again. What a wonderful world.
>> No. 31115 [Edit]
Two dudes asked me to take pictures of them so I did, funny thing is afterwards one of em asked my address or phone number so he could contact me. Pfffft.
>> No. 31121 [Edit]
File 151423090669.png - (228.38KB , 640x480 , aint it nice.png )
I'm not alone on Chirstmas day here but it still feels pretty lonely at times, anybody with me?
>> No. 31122 [Edit]
Of course. Might as well be just another day as far as I'm concerned.
>> No. 31123 [Edit]
File 151423736999.png - (1.40MB , 1680x1023 , 6edf40df8c67b54a20074329425af6822b745d0693c061e190.png )
I don't know why or what it is but I feel the same way. Maybe it's because I don't have a 3D to lie and tell me they love me.
>> No. 31128 [Edit]
I feel you. I just got off work, and now I’m just sitting here alone, thinking about whether I should just start drinking wiskey or if I should try to go out somewhere to eat by myself.
>> No. 31276 [Edit]
I got a pair of $13 headphones, and they sound like ass. You know they're truly shit when it's coming from someone coming from equally cheap headphones that unfortunately broke. When listening to music the background noises overwhelm everything, and on vocal tracks you basically can't hear the vocals over it.
>> No. 31308 [Edit]
I can't go back to headphones like that after having bought myself some expensive headphones over the last couple of years.

Anyway, speaking of expensive headphones, I need new ones! These were the last headphones that I've bought that've lasted me for, like, 9 years

Can anybody help me find new ones just as good in quality or better? I'm saving my my NEETbucks for them, so I can't get them immediately or anything. The thing that held the foam on the headphones has finally broken on both sides, so it keeps falling out, and the tip of the plug is a little dinged up after it was unfortunately bent.
>> No. 31310 [Edit]
Exercise is going well. I'll be going on a solid year of lifting once we reach May. I'm very happy with my gains so far, it's a lot of fun.
>> No. 31330 [Edit]
There's the newer similar Sennheiser models and their higher-end stuff (HD600/HD650) is good, but may require an amplified output to drive well.

Preferences in headphones are a subjective matter so it's hard to say what would fit your needs. I like low-end Grados and Alessandros myself.

It could be possible to repair your existing headphones, replacing the cable with one that has an intact 3.5mm jack should be possible with very little soldering, and the foam pads could be glued or taped on, in the worst case. I'm not sure exactly what is broken but the foam pads themselves can be replaced cheaply if it's just that part:
>> No. 31331 [Edit]
The other day, I overheard a kid being threatened with no anime for the weekend, as a punishment. Future T-C user?
>> No. 31332 [Edit]
As if anyone here actually watches anime!
>> No. 31333 [Edit]
I spent a few hours today cleaning, wiping down walls, counters, furniture, the floor, etc. I also got this chair thing out of the main room since I never use it, and I realized I could fit it down the "hall" into the storage room if I removed the feet. Now I've got a huge empty space that takes up probably half the room area, plenty of space to pace around now.
>> No. 31352 [Edit]
I cleaned off some speakers and this stereo I got from the dump and fixed an audio cable that the end came off of by cutting another off another spare cable and using that. I hooked two computers to it and now have both play out the same speakers, with a single output for headphones if I need it. Nice stuff, and free!
>> No. 31355 [Edit]
I went to the dump again and helped some people bring trash and get rid of a bunch of old matresses and box springs. There was a massive pile of christmas trees there that I didn't notice before.

Post edited on 20th Jan 2018, 1:15pm
>> No. 31359 [Edit]
Someone was talking about having multiple "waifus" earlier today and it bothered me, a little. I feel like the concept of having a waifu has been twisted around a lot, lately.
>> No. 31364 [Edit]
Seems for the last 5 or 6 days there has been yet another noise coming from my right ear, so I'm assuming after this long it's here to stay. This one is higher pitched than the other, and is louder, so it's kind of annoying now whereas I didn't really care before. Oh well...
>> No. 31400 [Edit]
I really, really wish I didn't have to spend every day awake until 3 am just so i can catch of few hours of silence
>> No. 31404 [Edit]
I started watching Kaiju Girls after seeing that the S2 episodes were coming out. It was honestly a lot better and more entertaining than I was expecting. It's really cute.

I'm excited to see what S2 will be like, even if the episodes are really short.
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