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File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 [Edit]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 30547 [Edit]
Even though I couldn't like the Luluco anime because any kind of romance makes me angry and spiteful, I really like the ED to it. The fact that the song comes with two pretty enjoyable remixes is pretty nice as well.

Also, funny enough, somebody just released a batch of the Luluco anime that has twitch chat's posts going through it like if it were a Nico Nico video. I wonder if I'll show up because I did watch a couple of the last remaining episodes and shitpost quite a bit.
>> No. 30604 [Edit]
File 150711887365.jpg - (0.98MB , 896x1250 , this.jpg )
This girl. This girl is everything that I like.

I would like to get killed by a cute girl like this. I'm honestly a jealous of Deku.
>> No. 30606 [Edit]
She's cute in a creepy way, and looks like a human version of those Nintendo squid girls.
>> No. 30625 [Edit]
today I did not mych
I genreallty have othing to posst here I jis t do wat you gotta do out in these streets
>> No. 30628 [Edit]
I went outside today, I was supposed to go to a uni open day but I got nervous and didn't end up actually going in. Outside is no fun, would not recommend.
>> No. 30633 [Edit]
File 150763791150.jpg - (781.24KB , 2048x1152 , feXFug7.jpg )
Been in the process of moving out of our old home. Not sure why I never posted about it here. Guess that's because I mostly blog on IRC about it, that and don't wanna attention whore too much here.
Today (technically yesterday since it's 5am at the time of typing this) I had to manage a small crew working on fixing up the new place and they yanked out some trees in our backyard. Had to go to a hardware store to return a power tool I bought so one worker could remove the paint from our pool and he broke the thing. I've lost count of how many times I've been to the homedepot and lowes. Feels like I've been almost everyday now for the past month. Not to mention hitting up the atm to withdraw the maximum I can every other day on average to pay these guys. Also had another guy today start work on fixing up our laundry room and guest bathroom which I had been using till today. The main bathroom has this huge mirror behind the toilet that makes me not even want to use that bathroom. Last thing I wanna see is myself taking a leak.
Anyways, been living in the guest room this past month among stacks of boxes and all my junk, with barely enough space for a cot and a small desk/chair I kinda have to squeeze into. My actual room in this house is a lot larger than my last one, just needed a bit of work before I could move in was all. Still missing a shelving unit for the closet for one thing.
This whole thing has been extremely stressful so far to say the least. Didn't help my mom sold our old house before we found a new one. Ended up having to find a place to stay at the very last minute. I planed on getting an RV much in advance but decided not to when my mom told me she had a place for us to stay in a pretty nice house/area. Then the day we move out she tells me she doesn't like the owner because they're too picky/neat&clean and instead tries to move us into this dump that looks like a crack den. I was like "fuck, no" upon seeing it, and because my mom refused to go to the other place, we searched around town and settled for renting a small room in a trailer (shown) that we shared for just over three weeks. During this whole thing three of our fish died (two just disappeared). I got them a small temporary tank but was a tad late it seemed. The remaining ones have probably been suffering just as much as us. I'm just glad I got my laptop. It was a bitch keeping up with current anime without internet access. I'd hang around places with free wifi and leach as much as I could. I can't wait till I can get my pc set up and all my figs unpacked. I just want this to be over with already...
>> No. 30635 [Edit]
File 150767501022.jpg - (210.77KB , 850x817 , __kagerou_and_shiranui_zhan_jian_shao_nyu_drawn_by.jpg )
Moving is always a pain I used to have to move a lot as a kid though I once you finally get everything unpacked and set up the way you want it the feeling is fantastic and I hope you get to watch some of the airing anime this season there are some pretty comfy shows.
>> No. 30637 [Edit]
File 150771671835.jpg - (541.27KB , 863x1250 , Togaexplainingherquirk.jpg )
She really does quite a bit.

She's a cute female villain with a cute smile and I can't help but like her.

Also, MHA is a lot better than I ever would've thought.
>> No. 30638 [Edit]
I was going through my closet earlier and found old CDs with backups I made of my 4chan folder years ago. It made me feel really bad. 10 years of my life wasted on imageboards. Leaving aside regrets about work and school (which you've probably read a million times by now) I think one of my biggest regrets is not making a single friend in all this time, I tried to but I was paranoid and stupid. Sometime in 2010 (I don't really remember) I tried joining the irc but left because everyone seemed to already know each other.
>> No. 30646 [Edit]
If you haven't finished already, then it will be just a little bit longer. Be strong. Soon you'll be staring at your gigantic collection of figs and merch like before.
Bummer, I thought she was just cute, but it's just a 3DPD-like insane girl. That annulled all appeal for me.
>I tried to but I was paranoid and stupid
You can always keep trying. Also the IRC is a collection of mostly strangers who lurk basically because they can. It isn't like some brotherhood or similar.
>> No. 30653 [Edit]
File 15079393578.jpg - (24.46KB , 500x375 , b79ea9e1a0fc2488a6927b0f539bcaaf.jpg )
I went out to eat at a nice restaurant today and the waiter immediately seated me in the 21+ section. I almost said "No, that's okay, I don't drink" but just went along with it.

It's actually pretty nice and quite obvious when you think about it. Restaurants with bars (usually sports bars) don't allow for drunken behavior and it selects for a better crowd. Generally a male-dominated thing; if women are present they're accompanied by a man. No crying children and the waiters usually double as bartenders so they're good at juggling lots of customers.

Maybe I should ask to go to that section from now on. Sure beats the crowds and the wailing children.
>> No. 30667 [Edit]
I got my laptop back from the shop today. They had to wipe everything and put a new body on it, but it's alive again. It was short notice and I wasn't able to save everything on a backup drive, but I still have most of my music tools, a lot of my internet/imageboard folder, and the desktop background of my waifu that I made. I'm confident I can rebuild.
>> No. 30668 [Edit]
I was anticipating not having electricity for a week but it looks like the media exaggerated how bad the storm was going to be and everything is fine.
>> No. 30669 [Edit]
File 15081738232.png - (447.41KB , 952x1000 , 13378f821f83d51e4ee79003b876e317.png )
I have noticed that recently the media has been trying to hype up natural disasters more so than usual and where I live even a simple storm might start calling for them to say there could be a flash flood or tropical depression though it might be the wave of hurricanes that have been coming through that have gotten them a bit paranoid or maybe it's just the way they love to bring out the worst in everything.
>> No. 30671 [Edit]
File 150820797368.jpg - (390.64KB , 1800x1230 , cb7ef218f408caa1eddbcc8511fffc6895b3f37e708a5461d5.jpg )
Money has run out. I have no food until the end of the month. And if things don't get better, monthly bills will be left unpaid. I'm not the type of guy to love food, but I'm feeling quite hungry already. This hole in the belly feels really awful. I'm afraid of how these next two weeks will be like. And I can't even imagine what will happen if things don't improve by the end of the month.
>> No. 30677 [Edit]
File 150828341632.png - (806.76KB , 1020x1100 , 27ec563d91fef3f380a952503f565a1bf10febdf.png )
Well, I think it has been a month since I last played a video game and I'm really happy about that. I truly do hope it keeps up as it has been something I have wanted to stop involving myself with for years now.
This brings up another problem though, that was my main hobby. Now I only have one left and that is drawing. I may try my hand at the other things I wanted to do but never got around to before I kill myself (whenever that may be). Maybe soon I'll finally take up aggressive inline skating like I wanted to do.

The lack of geimu da yo also severely cuts down on my chances of ever finding a waifu, something I consider both a good thing and a bad thing. I would like to experience what love is like again and I read once that having a waifu could be a very powerful and positive force in someone's life. On the other hand, I want to feel love that is returned, otherwise I am just feeling the same painful feeling as before. Not to mention I may feel ashamed as I can't help but regard the thoughts and opinions of others as important (cuz i a smarty like thayt). I have seen many people with waifus and husbandos feel unhappy, usually because the one they love isn't real, and it makes sense why they would feel like that. I don't think anyone should blame them for feeling unhappy, it's just human nature to want to be close to who you love. It's just biology and psychology at work, it's not anyone's fault.
If I had one, wouldn't I feel like that too? Wouldn't my hands feel colder? Wouldn't I want to just hold that person's hand in mine and feel their fingers in between my own?
It sounds very lonely to me. Very painful. I don't know if I want to feel emotional pain too much more since I will inevitably feel more of it the more I live.
Also saying the word "waifu" out loud feels really stupid. If I had one I would just call her my lover, wife, 3DPD, or anything that doesn't sound like a bastardization of the english language (yes, I know it's origins, engrish azumanga and all that).
These thoughts I can't help but think about the practice of having a waifu. Sure 3D can do all that with you but... well... we all know the many downsides of 3D.

I had a job for a week but lost it because of some stuff that is kind of a hassle to explain here but to make it short I had to choose between work or school. I'm upset that I didn't hold it down for very long like I wanted to but maybe it's good I don't have the job anymore. My schedule went busy really fast and I had no time to work on my personal project, study, or even play geimu da yo. Only work, work out, and sleep. It did help me stay away from geimu though so I'm happy about that.

It's October, I opened the backyard door, the screen door is closed, and I'm listening to FumosTV fumo bath videos as I type this. I want out of this life, it's horrible and I hate it. I'm a genetic trainwreck with no redeemable qualities but right now life feels good. Maybe it's mostly because I haven't played a game in a while. For the first time in a long time I don't feel like killing myself quite as much. It feels good. The sky looks nice (though it could do with more clouds), the bugs sound good, the sounds of kids playing outside is peaceful, the cars driving by is good. I almost want to ask:
"Is this what life was all along? Is this what I was missing? It almost doesn't seem as bad as everyone told me it was."

I might give out candy to kids this Halloween. I hope we get trick-or-treaters, I really like seeing kids enjoy one of the most fun holidays of the year. It makes me sad to look out the window and see an empty street on the day where kids practically get candy for free and get to be their favorite characters for a day.
I used to love Halloween so much when I was kid myself. I liked dressing up as Freddy Krueger, I even bought a really cool looking glove that looked like the one in the remake movie. I liked the originals far more but that glove was the best around at the time without getting one custom made.

I miss those days, unpleasant as they were sometimes.
[end baka thoughts]
>> No. 30679 [Edit]
>I have no food until the end of the month
That's terrible, it's barely half way until November. Aren't you able to enter some form of welfare? You don't share details so no clue where you live, so I can't really give any advice. I hope it gets better for you, anon, I wish you the best of luck.
>> No. 30681 [Edit]
Is it necessary to quit videogames that are ruining your life? Maybe you can find a way to adjust your attitude, hours, and try to make them a positive factor again. I thought about quitting many times but eventually I settled on enjoying the addiction in spite of the bad parts.
>> No. 30682 [Edit]
File 150830185978.jpg - (33.35KB , 500x500 , de62f049b0435ff4c41734e5584c1a4931d95fba.jpg )
Yes. Very much so. Games have become frustrating, boring, saddening, or have given me any other negative emotions and always amount to nothing but wastes of time for me. I never really got good at them either even in all these years of playing so that made games even more frustrating.
It's not possible to enjoy the addiction, I never enjoy it. I think I even tried to practice discipline and manage my hours but I slipped eventually. I would rather have it out of my life entirely, I have grown to hate games as well as the people who play them. They bring me nothing but anger and I want them gone entirely. I still feel the need to relapse now and I really don't want to.

I could rant so much about how much I hate video games, gamers, and myself for wasting so many years of my life on games. It's better out of my life than moderated and even if it isn't, I still want them out. They were just wastes of time and money in the end.
>> No. 30683 [Edit]
I can relate. I more or less settled on being bad at videogames and accepted it would amount to nothing, moving to a more casual mindset and playing whatever I feel like on my own pace. Even if there's no value or results the act is still worthwhile on its own.
>> No. 30688 [Edit]
What made me start hating the video games was the anger and frustration.

I don't seem to naturally take to any of them; I can just brute force my way into the top ~3-5% of players in any given game through hard work and autism. I mean it sounds great but it makes me so fucking salty. I'm better than almost everyone that plays but I'm just below competition level. And these fucks who compete seem to have such an easy time reaching that place I had to put tons and tons of work into. It makes me hateful. Both of myself and others.

If I didn't hit a ceiling in every game I'd be okay. But it's like I'm forced to always be second rate no matter how hard I try to reach the top tier of players. Just within my grasp but still out of reach, no matter how hard I try... I just wish I could employ these skills in real life. If I could I wouldn't have any issues. But instead it seems limited to near-uselessness.

As I get older I hate them more and more. If I poured the same thousands of hours into drawing, fiddling with computers, crafts, hell, watching anime; I'd have something to show for it. But really, there's just nothing. Eventually I realized the need for "Just say no" like an alcoholic.

Post edited on 19th Oct 2017, 6:25am
>> No. 30689 [Edit]
File 150842260540.jpg - (66.68KB , 1280x720 , Dragon's Dogma_ Dark Arisen Screenshot_264.jpg )
I don't have this problem at all since I only play games for anime tiddies, and references to Friedrich Nietzsche and Franz Kafka.
>> No. 30690 [Edit]
I'm actually good at games, so I can't relate to those last couple of posts.

I, too, enjoy anime tits in my games. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head.
>> No. 30691 [Edit]
Anime tiddies are a problem for me too. Games and porn are my kryptonite. They just suck all my energy and the moment I stop I feel terrible and realize how I've wasted an entire day playing games and fapping.

It's not so much being bad at the game, it's not being the best. So I'll set some goal, attain it, and then move the goal further. And it never ends. The journey is great, it shows there's some hope for me in the future, even. But then I hit my skill ceiling and I can't go any further. Is this all I can do? All I can attain? Why? So I keep trying and trying to move past it, but I can't do it. It's maddening.

I suppose this is the same sort of thing bureaucrats feel. They've made their way up to the second, third tier of a companies management and their skillset just isn't good enough to move past it. Then the dread sets in. Even though it's fucking ridiculous. They make a million a year, have the trophy wife, but it's not good enough. I have that, but with video games. Shit's ridiculous.
>> No. 30705 [Edit]
File 150872947466.jpg - (62.19KB , 500x595 , e472c343079afc51c0b390cd5de8f0bec3ce6c04.jpg )
I haven't been sleeping with my daki lately. I feel like I should have last night because my back hurt quite a bit when I woke up.

But I have stopped because it makes me stay in bed too late, I already sleep through both of the alarms I set sometimes so a daki would make that even more likely to happen. I really hate waking up late in the afternoon or even near the evening sometimes.

It even makes me ashamed sometimes, like I'm the sort who sleeps with a pillow just to deal with the lack of physical contact. I feel lonely sometimes sleeping alone but I feel like it might be better than feeling ashamed every time I sleep with that pillow. There are more cons than pros to it.

It also made the lack of physical contact a bit worse the last few times I've slept with it. It feels bad thinking "If only it could hug me back".
I don't regret buying the pillow, I more regret buying the cover I purchased. It is nice to look at and it feels very soft and smooth but it brings me shame.

I might buy a blank white one someday from the same store I bought the previous cover from.

All that aside, it brought me fantastic sleep and even helped me get rid of some feelings I had been struggling with for some time so it wasn't a complete waste of money. I'm somewhat glad I purchased it, if only to experience what otakus like so much about them.
>> No. 30708 [Edit]
>it makes me stay in bed too late, I already sleep through both of the alarms I set sometimes so a daki would make that even more likely to happen. I really hate waking up late in the afternoon or even near the evening sometimes.
Without trying to sound preachy, why don't you go to bed earlier?
>> No. 30709 [Edit]
File 150876606759.jpg - (61.09KB , 473x590 , 45afa114a6f553d30835f2b9802ad1af3f8b12d0.jpg )
Usually when I get home I get home late and there is still stuff I need to do by then so sleeping late is inevitable pretty often.
>> No. 30710 [Edit]
So there's gonna be a Yugioh marathon of all/most of of the old shitty 4kids dub episodes on the TwitchPresents channel. They included a ton of pretty good emotes along with "Sex Pervert" Joey, so this is already getting a good start. Well, aside from the not starting the stream on time thing.
>> No. 30717 [Edit]
My hair is going white and I think my hairline started to recede too. How sad.
>> No. 30729 [Edit]
File 150942312010.jpg - (154.96KB , 1024x1448 , 527a7ada0a5006e05cf8eeb2f622068884c820ee.jpg )
Sometimes I don't feel that bad for the victims in school shootings. I do feel bad for the innocent victims but knowing some victims were the ones who kept pushing and shoving the person around who became the shooter takes away some of my sympathy for them.
I like to think Tohno-chan is the only place that won't hate me so much for this opinion but I've been wrong before.
>> No. 30730 [Edit]
People are not entitled to others' sympathy, so you shouldn't feel bad about it. Remember this goes both ways though, so you shouldn't probably feel bad if others might not have sympathy for you.
>> No. 30734 [Edit]
I'm actually indifferent to all those shootings, but you bring up a pretty good point there. I never really thought about that.
>> No. 30736 [Edit]
I think is a fair point in the case of revenge against bullies. What I pitty is the guy who had to do it by himself because no one would help him.
>> No. 30799 [Edit]
I had fun being able to post the words "Dragon" and "Dong" in all caps with 10k+ other people. It was great being able to shitpost almost constantly for an entire week.
>> No. 30828 [Edit]
I'm surprised the chip would even go in properly with a bent pin. Did you bend the pin back into place?
>> No. 30835 [Edit]
File 151038709014.jpg - (80.05KB , 600x600 , 8f7fff7eaba3fe8d8f8ba8549e5044b5d4d98ff7.jpg )
I am having a hard time making an important decision.

There is a friend I am considering giving money to because I think they could use it well to improve their life. It would be my life's savings (which isn't much, unfortunately) and in doing so I could hopefully make somebody's life better, something I always wanted to do since I was a child.

Or I could use my life's savings to buy a gun and some ammunition to kill myself.

As it stands I am in between fulfilling one childhood dream over relief.
I could just get a job and save more money for both but I am not so good at holding down jobs and school is hectic for me because I am so slow of mind. I also don't want to go on living much more. It's so painful and pointless, life gives me all kinds of emotions all the time and so few of them are good. The more I go on and the more I try the more it becomes clear to me that I truly am a useless being with no business living.
Making somebody else happy makes me happy but it's been wearing off over the years.
Dying is something I want so much but I'm scared of what comes after I pull the trigger.

I'm sure that, because this is Tohno-chan, somebody will give me an answer that makes me feel worse off than I did before so I'm not sure why I'm posting this. I just am.
Acceptance is not good advice, don't bother.
>> No. 30836 [Edit]
If it really has to be one or the other I'd say handing the money over would be the lesser of the two evils. Neither idea sounds all that great. I don't suppose it's possible to use that money to improve your own life? Maybe treat yourself to some things you might enjoy?
>> No. 30838 [Edit]
You seem to be in desperate need of tough love, so I'll be the one who will give you the answer that makes you feel worse off:
>because I think they could use it well to improve their life.
Are you certain of this? Are you sure they wouldn't use the money for something else? Maybe they end up saving it and then buy you a gift, which would delete your explained purpose for doing this.
>buy a gun and some ammunition to kill myself.
If you want to die so bad, there are dozens of other ways you can kill yourself without spending a dime. Maybe hundreds if you count variations. I don't think you actually want to die, because you would have done so already no matter how scared you claim to be. There are sites that thoroughly rate and explained most methods of suicide, but I bet you don't about it because you don't care and this is just despair. Which brings me to...
>As it stands I am in between fulfilling one childhood dream over relief.
The thing about childhood dreams in general, is that they are based on an outlook of life from the point of view of a child who pretty much knows nothing about it. Romanticizing an achievement so that you can rest in peace will only leave you with an existential void after it's completed because you make it a focus of your identity instead of a bonus of your character. I all but guarantee you that you'll be in the same spot if you give your friend your money.
>Acceptance is not good advice
True, but only if you take it as a platitude. Acceptance of life's hardships isn't about you facing them and surpassing them, but to learn how to keep relative peace of mind and understanding how to keep balance between what makes you suffer and what gives you joy. Someone telling you to accept life as it comes isn't telling you to suck it up and stop whining, they're telling you to get a grasp of reality and study it so you can learn of ways for it to stop bothering you by re-framing issues and downgrading them to inconveniences.

If you think you're an useless being and are tired of trying to prove yourself wrong, then own up to your incompetence and bypass the issue by becoming a hedonist, or accept your uselessness and find jobs that even a brain-dead normal could do, like most of manual labour. If you keep suffering on an existential level because you're unable to accept yourself, then stop caring about attention and validation and stop trying to morph yourself into what you think other people would like you to be.

Even if it turns out that the real you is a massive degenerate piece of shit, you still it owe it to yourself to meet this person, and that's the only dream you should focus on... because you can't fix what you don't understand.
>> No. 30839 [Edit]
Hard for us to say, since we don't know the man.

'Whatsoever thy hand is able to do, do it earnestly: for neither work, nor reason, nor wisdom, nor knowledge shall be in hell, whither thou art hastening.'
>> No. 30840 [Edit]
I don't even know what to call this but it's not tough and it sure ain't love.

If you think you're bad now taking this advice will make you much worse. Even if becoming evil and vain would somehow make you happy it's wrong, destructive and should never be accepted.

Psychopathic platitudes but still: platitudes.
>> No. 30841 [Edit]
>Even if becoming evil and vain
Where does it imply you should be evil or vain, much less that it would make you happy or destructive? It's a phase that you can't move forward in life until you have some semblance of self-love. If it turns out they are evil and vain by default, and they shouldn't seek peace with that personality is destructive, then you're okay with them eating a bullet? Is that the ideal outcome? You're quick to criticize but offer the desperate poster zero solutions. Not even a shallow pick-me-up.
>Psychopathic platitudes but still: platitudes.
No such thing in that post. Are you implying not hanging to every word and opinion others have about him would make him a psychopath? Is lowering your expectations about life a mistake?
>it's not tough and it sure ain't love
Tough love doesn't mean you actually love the person, so maybe a language barrier thing, but regardless, the last thing the poster needs is a hug box, which ironically is exactly what he wants (per his post), yet won't work, because he hates himself. No amount of reassurance will get him out of that rut. Life doesn't get easier unless you are "blessed" by chance over and over.

Post edited on 11th Nov 2017, 7:26am
>> No. 30869 [Edit]
File 15105312583.jpg - (87.30KB , 1024x768 , fe7153713809368803ebe7cf85e1f61b3b8b3f02.jpg )
>I don't suppose it's possible to use that money to improve your own life? Maybe treat yourself to some things you might enjoy?

I could do that but I wanted to save my money for only the most important of things and my two options are quite important to me.
Whichever I choose would not be the first time that I spent my savings on something unimportant, I actually took from my savings once to buy my Wii U and I am not proud that I did so.
The one thing I hate most is being awake and alive but I may continue pushing on and get a job soon. I want to be sure I can afford the means to kill myself and maybe I can save up enough money to buy something lethal for me and have a good amount left over to give to my friend before I end myself.
I'm thinking about getting nembutal instead of a gun, it would let me die the way I want to, in my bed at peace.
>> No. 30870 [Edit]
Money is just numbers. Don't place so much value in it, it's only as good as what you can buy with it. So you blow money on stupid crap, big deal, you'll get more money in time. Blow what you have on whatever you feel like and make your life more comfy, just hold onto a set minimum for emergencies. If you regret buying something (such as a wiiU) sell online and buy something else.
>> No. 30874 [Edit]
I can't get on Nyaa for some reason. Orz
>> No. 30875 [Edit]
Which one?
>> No. 30877 [Edit]
For me has been on and off along with it's H counterpart. Though I think there is another site called that is supposed to be the same as .pantsu though it doesn't have the H counterpart.
>> No. 30880 [Edit]
The .si one. I can get on pantsu just fine whenever it works, but it is clearly the inferior one at this point with everybody preferring the other one.

There's a third one? I've never used the .pt one, but I think that I'll avoid it because this is the first time I've seen it mentioned.
>> No. 30881 [Edit]
File 151086036483.jpg - (0.96MB , 1095x890 , 1486516022724.jpg )

.si is managed by the old boys club of moderators from

pantsu is managed by a group that isn't a bunch of egotistical fuckwits.

pantsu extracts all of the torrents and information from .si every couple of hours, so it really shouldn't be obsolete.
That said, they are both about the same. And since they are hosted by different entities, if one gets DDOS'd you have a back up.
>> No. 30906 [Edit]
File 151115338262.png - (415.71KB , 811x1200 , 64167f1f72654341ee02c7ba757bfc8bbc916979.png )
I guess you're right. Like I said, my life savings aren't much so what I have now is at that set minimum for emergencies. Still, I get what you're saying and I'll keep it in mind for the future. Thank you for your advice, it does mean a lot to me.
I have been wanting to sell off some of my things that I don't want anymore, I just have not gotten around to it. But I think I will do this soon and maybe I will put all that towards something I do want.
>> No. 30910 [Edit]
I'm very much enjoying my Thanksgiving break. University is going alright but it's an exhausting experience, I appreciate this time to recharge. Played a video game for the first time in almost a year, started reading Slam Dunk, got caught up on Hajime no Ippo again and read through all the translated chapters of Made In Abyss. Just have to remember to also do my homework, eventually...
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