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File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 [Edit]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 31045 [Edit]
So for a while now I've been using Comodo firewall as a precaution in case of a bad download or something, but as of late, it has started to for some reason block my access to sites like Nyaa. I'm not entirely sure why it feels the need to stop me from going where I please on the internet, but this is not a "feature" that I like.

I've looked for ways to work around this and nothing has really worked or done much in regard to my problem.
>> No. 31046 [Edit]
>So for a while now I've been using Comodo firewall
Uninstall it, then install Avira, which is free, if you need a firewall / anti-whatever that desperately.
>> No. 31047 [Edit]
File 151320233057.jpg - (262.31KB , 700x800 , bb4cb5251372f7651a28ad49c2d1b66b.jpg )
Getting rid of it helped. Thanks for the tip with Avira, I'll try out some things it comes with, not the extra, unnecessary garbage.

I feel liberated, and now I'm gonna look for H anime I don't have and fap to it until I can't feel anything. Or at least I want to.
>> No. 31065 [Edit]
What's the current program that people are using to encrypt harddrives and stuffs?
>> No. 31066 [Edit]
You can do it with newer versions of windows, or just use truecrypt still.
>> No. 31067 [Edit]
I listened to some ASMR with the sounds of a walk in the forest but then it made me sad because I don't have anybody to go on relaxing and romantic forest walks with.
>> No. 31072 [Edit]
Veracrypt? There are also HDD's with built in hardware encryption solutions.
>> No. 31073 [Edit]
My landlady gave me some food to have for dinner, raised my spirits a million times over after the turd of a day this has turned out to be.
>> No. 31077 [Edit]
I want to watch movies, is anyone aware of an internet website where I can go download western TV series and films the same way I easily do for Japanese animated drawings using
>> No. 31078 [Edit]
You could try terrarium tv
>> No. 31081 [Edit]
Thank you very much for the answers! Veracrypt being what it is seems like a decent option. I hope that it'll give me what I need without destroying my harddrive.
>> No. 31087 [Edit]
File 151395744580.jpg - (308.80KB , 800x883 , mortem_normalis.jpg )
The day was cold, wet and a random stranger wanted to beat me up, again. What a wonderful world.
>> No. 31115 [Edit]
Two dudes asked me to take pictures of them so I did, funny thing is afterwards one of em asked my address or phone number so he could contact me. Pfffft.
>> No. 31121 [Edit]
File 151423090669.png - (228.38KB , 640x480 , aint it nice.png )
I'm not alone on Chirstmas day here but it still feels pretty lonely at times, anybody with me?
>> No. 31122 [Edit]
Of course. Might as well be just another day as far as I'm concerned.
>> No. 31123 [Edit]
File 151423736999.png - (1.40MB , 1680x1023 , 6edf40df8c67b54a20074329425af6822b745d0693c061e190.png )
I don't know why or what it is but I feel the same way. Maybe it's because I don't have a 3D to lie and tell me they love me.
>> No. 31128 [Edit]
I feel you. I just got off work, and now I’m just sitting here alone, thinking about whether I should just start drinking wiskey or if I should try to go out somewhere to eat by myself.
>> No. 31276 [Edit]
I got a pair of $13 headphones, and they sound like ass. You know they're truly shit when it's coming from someone coming from equally cheap headphones that unfortunately broke. When listening to music the background noises overwhelm everything, and on vocal tracks you basically can't hear the vocals over it.
>> No. 31308 [Edit]
I can't go back to headphones like that after having bought myself some expensive headphones over the last couple of years.

Anyway, speaking of expensive headphones, I need new ones! These were the last headphones that I've bought that've lasted me for, like, 9 years

Can anybody help me find new ones just as good in quality or better? I'm saving my my NEETbucks for them, so I can't get them immediately or anything. The thing that held the foam on the headphones has finally broken on both sides, so it keeps falling out, and the tip of the plug is a little dinged up after it was unfortunately bent.
>> No. 31310 [Edit]
Exercise is going well. I'll be going on a solid year of lifting once we reach May. I'm very happy with my gains so far, it's a lot of fun.
>> No. 31330 [Edit]
There's the newer similar Sennheiser models and their higher-end stuff (HD600/HD650) is good, but may require an amplified output to drive well.

Preferences in headphones are a subjective matter so it's hard to say what would fit your needs. I like low-end Grados and Alessandros myself.

It could be possible to repair your existing headphones, replacing the cable with one that has an intact 3.5mm jack should be possible with very little soldering, and the foam pads could be glued or taped on, in the worst case. I'm not sure exactly what is broken but the foam pads themselves can be replaced cheaply if it's just that part:
>> No. 31331 [Edit]
The other day, I overheard a kid being threatened with no anime for the weekend, as a punishment. Future T-C user?
>> No. 31332 [Edit]
As if anyone here actually watches anime!
>> No. 31333 [Edit]
I spent a few hours today cleaning, wiping down walls, counters, furniture, the floor, etc. I also got this chair thing out of the main room since I never use it, and I realized I could fit it down the "hall" into the storage room if I removed the feet. Now I've got a huge empty space that takes up probably half the room area, plenty of space to pace around now.
>> No. 31352 [Edit]
I cleaned off some speakers and this stereo I got from the dump and fixed an audio cable that the end came off of by cutting another off another spare cable and using that. I hooked two computers to it and now have both play out the same speakers, with a single output for headphones if I need it. Nice stuff, and free!
>> No. 31355 [Edit]
I went to the dump again and helped some people bring trash and get rid of a bunch of old matresses and box springs. There was a massive pile of christmas trees there that I didn't notice before.

Post edited on 20th Jan 2018, 1:15pm
>> No. 31359 [Edit]
Someone was talking about having multiple "waifus" earlier today and it bothered me, a little. I feel like the concept of having a waifu has been twisted around a lot, lately.
>> No. 31364 [Edit]
Seems for the last 5 or 6 days there has been yet another noise coming from my right ear, so I'm assuming after this long it's here to stay. This one is higher pitched than the other, and is louder, so it's kind of annoying now whereas I didn't really care before. Oh well...
>> No. 31400 [Edit]
I really, really wish I didn't have to spend every day awake until 3 am just so i can catch of few hours of silence
>> No. 31404 [Edit]
I started watching Kaiju Girls after seeing that the S2 episodes were coming out. It was honestly a lot better and more entertaining than I was expecting. It's really cute.

I'm excited to see what S2 will be like, even if the episodes are really short.
>> No. 31434 [Edit]
So, Crunchyroll decided to stream more anime on Twitch again. They showed some stuff they've already streamed like Dragon Maid and Kemono Friends, however, they showed some new stuff this time. They showed Netjuu no Susume, KonoSuba S2, Tsukigakirei, and some other shows I don't remember the title of.

I watched Netjuu and Tsukigakirei, which are romance animes. I don't usually watch these things because I get filled with hate just thinking about this kind of thing, however, I didn't when I watched these with the chat. I was there rooting for the romance garbage to develop and see the "happy" ends.

I think that maybe I got swept up by the mood of the atmosphere just like in Gatchaman Crowds Insight because I had nothing better to do, or maybe I actually don't hate those kinds of things that much and like to see "happy" things happen to not entirely shitty people? Either way, I'm still unhappy.
>> No. 31474 [Edit]
Tacos doesn't taste very good when you're eating it alone.
>> No. 31483 [Edit]
File 152255706894.jpg - (231.54KB , 900x900 , fluorescent-light-ceiling-panels-photo-6.jpg )
Woke up early this morning, not sure if that was due to a sound or what. Anyway, I looked up to see a mouse bleeding out on the clear ceiling panel under the flourescent ceiling lights. So, I had to take that down and get rid of the mouse and the panel. Didn't really feel like cleaning all the blood off, so I went to the hardware store to find a replacement. I needed a half size square panel which they didn't have, so I got a full sized one and cut it in half. Turned out surprisingly straight but got shards of the stuff everywhere. I can only assume that mouse crawled toward that clear panel since I accidentally fell asleep with a lamp on so it crawled toward that light it saw. Had that been off that mouse might have died in some random spot, only for me to find out later due to smell.
>> No. 31485 [Edit]
I realised today that I've been coming here for at least seven years, as I remember making a post about Gosick when it first started airing in 2011. I only check this place a couple times a month and it's always so relaxing. It's like going back to a simpler time. The layout, posting rate and general atmosphere of the site have barely changed from what I can remember. I like that - it's like it reflects how little the life of your typical NEET changes over time.

In those seven years I was forced to go to college, fucked it up, dropped out, NEETed for 5 years straight, was forced to go back to college, and am in the process of fucking it up once more. I'm still on the same chair in the same spot of the same room. I still haven't got a job in all that time. I still have the same interests. I wonder if it's like that for most people here too.
>> No. 31603 [Edit]
It was all a pipe dream.
I'm going to die here, aren't I?
>> No. 31616 [Edit]
File 152849168112.png - (81.48KB , 1284x540 , 1448586369022.png )
I turned myself into a wage slave for this summer, I had no idea how bad the lifestyle was until now. I fucking hate myself for it and I wish that I listened to my family and to just enjoy my summer break from college for the time being. If I actually have to do this sort of thing I'll just off myself, it's absolutely unbearable.

I normally hate to do nothing on my extended summer breaks, because I thought I could always do better than laying around playing videogames, but don't get me wrong, playing games is fun, but leaves a lot to be desired at the end of the day, I never really felt accomplished or fulfilled, so I thought if I got a job, ANY job and worked hard on it, I'd be happy. Sounds good on paper, work hard for most of the day and play on the rest

Boy, was I fucking wrong. I landed myself a job for the summer and god, I hate it. I hate everything about it, the waking up an hour and 30 minutes before work, the agony of doing extremely boring, menial tasks, the fact that I have to sit on my ass for 9 fucking hours a day with an unpaid lunch period, the fact that you have to go through rush hour and go home at 6pm, giving you only a few hours to relax and unwind which is never used to actually do that because your more often than not so goddamn tired from work and stressed for the next day.

It's not all hopeless though, I'm barely monitored at all so I still get plenty of time to post on 4chan (or in this case Tohno chan), listen to music and play Touhou on this laptop a good amount. I love it when my best friend comes online though, talking to him makes time go by extremely fast at work.

Still though, I've never been this unhappy in a long time. My only solace is the fact that this is a temporary position, September 1'st is going to be the happiest goddamn day of my life I tell you.

Never again will I get a 9-5 desk job like this. I'd rather die than live through this horrible grind again, the fact that this is legitimately how most people live their life is beyond me.
>> No. 31617 [Edit]
I would never work a job with a daily commute, driving more than 10-15 minutes to work can take it up the ass. I'd strongly suggest finding something closer. Good luck getting through it, but I will ask, why not work part time instead?
>> No. 31618 [Edit]
That post and your own speak the truth. I'm two years into my current job and struggle to find the time to do anything anymore. I rarely get enough sleep because I spend my time after work getting in as much as I can while I'm home. It sucks.

I've found that audio books while driving to and from work can make a commute feel far less like a waste of time.
>> No. 31619 [Edit]
I'm retarded with a lot of things, and one of those things is computers. Can somebody help me and tell me if this is a good computer to buy? I've heard that prebuilt are currently cheaper than building one right now because of the whole crypto mining thing, however I'm not in the loop so I don't really know too much.

I really need a new one and I also need a pretty strong one since I'm planning on trying out the whole streamer thing. The chances of me getting anywhere are pretty slim and I'm not sure if I could do it, but it's worth a shot.
>> No. 31620 [Edit]
>I also need a pretty strong one since I'm planning on trying out the whole streamer thing
Wouldn't the proper way of going about that be to get something decent but affordable, since you need one anyway, and to upgrade it later if need be if your streaming idea works out or what have you. That's an unnecessarily expensive pc that just seems like you'd be blowing money for no good reason.
>> No. 31621 [Edit]
>this is a good computer to buy?
No, slightly overpriced (by ~$200-300) for what it offers. You'd get it cheaper by building it yourself.
>trying out the whole streamer thing
>it's worth a shot
It's not worth it, at all, unless you're very physically attractive, are exceedingly good at any of the currently popular games (Fortinite, Overwatch, League of Legends, etc.), or are a woman. Remember that there is no winners without losers, and this goes especially for online entertainment business. Just check videos about failed streamers to wake up a little. Either way, good luck.
>> No. 31623 [Edit]
I don't even know what's considered decent or how to upgrade a computer.

If I had any knowledge about this, I wouldn't have made this post to begin with since I would much rather do things on my own without any help, but I have absolutely no knowledge on any of this as I've never had anybody tell me anything about computers, much less a friend with knowledge of it.

I don't consider myself attractive, however, I do seem to have a certain aptitude for MOBAs. I love making competent builds that bring out the best of the character that I'm using while also prepping myself for the most threatening opponent on the opposite team. Granted, I have no experience with League itself, these clones I've been playing should've been good enough practice. I might even get into DOTA after a while since it looks similar and interesting.

As for the failure thing, I don't think that I'll lose much if I fail at it. I'm already a NEET with no real aspirations or desires outside of playing video games. I don't have a social life to lose. I don't lose money on games since I already want them, and I won't lose money on the computer because it'd be nice to have a pretty strong computer that should last me a while.

Honestly, I think that I could have a good chance at it since I already play video games all day, so letting random people watch me do it couldn't be too bad, and people like watching idiots like myself do things in games as long as I succeed. Hell, I think that I can do this just because I'm a worthless trash NEET that doesn't mind wasting time and life playing video games all day.

The biggest and only hurdle is getting a new and pretty strong computer to start streaming with and stream for, like, 8+ hours a day for months. As long as I can make people laugh and feel comfortable I might be able to do it over the course of a couple of years.
>> No. 31624 [Edit]
I'd genuinely recommend finding something else to do with your stream, there are better games to focus on.

MOBAs are trash.
>> No. 31625 [Edit]
File 152885485238.jpg - (27.48KB , 237x239 , 1487064776288.jpg )
Failed another year, again.
It is impossible for me to be productive in any way.
>> No. 31626 [Edit]
What do you mean you failed a year? Like in school? Time isn’t a test.
>> No. 31627 [Edit]
Sometimes, I just wanna go to "Fuck it" mode and abandon all my dreams and aspirations, and just NEET it up, and stay away from any forms of societal contact (including looking up what's going on in the world online) and do nothing but play video games in a dark room with no windows or light and keep playing this until my brain deteriorates rapidly and I die at 30 due to the unhealthy lifestyle. Maybe even throw in a polyphasic sleep schedule.

However, reality sets in and it reminds me why this will never work in any sort of realistic way:

-I don't have any money to support such a lifestyle
-I'm too prideful to leech off of others (parents) to do this
-I'd probably get really bored of playing video games after a while (have so in the past multiple times)
-I don't have any other hobbies to practice on in the massive amounts of spare time I'd have (Drawing, second langauge, etc), thus I'd waste it and feel even worse than before

My only hope is to continue suffering the way I am now and hope that I land my dream job and said dream job is everything I want it to be or close enough that I enjoy it and it's not a chore/boring/me hating it.
>> No. 31628 [Edit]
Focusing on getting a dream job is pointless. Just start working now, whatever works, focus on jobs that will let you slack a bit even if you get paid a bit less. Minimum wage is high in many places now anyway. Live a lifestyle with as little expenses as possible, save all you can. Maybe in a few years after you've saved a decent amount you can buy a small house in a rural area (real cheap, buy in full), and cut back working after that for a while or go part time. That way you're never busting your ass at a shitty job, and you'll have something to work towards. That's what I hope works out in my case at least. I can very much relate to those thoughts and would certainly do the same myself if I could. Never is pleasant being and living around so many people, a life of peace quiet solitude is the only thing I want.

Post edited on 14th Jun 2018, 4:48pm
>> No. 31629 [Edit]
>my dreams and aspirations
>I'm too prideful
>I'd probably get really bored
You'll never be NEET with this attitude.
>> No. 31630 [Edit]
I mentioned in >>31616 that I already have a shitty minimum wage job that pays 14hr. I fucking hate it, I'd rather die than live this lifestyle of the terrible 9-5 grind.

Part time however, that's actually not a bad idea. I can live with such a thing if the hours aren't unbearably long like a full time position just in case my plans don't work out.
>> No. 31633 [Edit]
Yes but also in general.
It's not so much the waste of time but the lack of willpower that makes me not fulfill my personal and given goals.
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