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File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 [Edit]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 30003 [Edit]
No, I think the norm is for it to take a while unless you're extremely tired. Popular mass media has a tendency to portray unrealistic depictions of average human life. Besides it makes for easier story telling to change how the real world works sometimes.
>> No. 30004 [Edit]
It shouldnt take more than 20 minutes. If its an hour you should look into improving your sleep hygeine.
>> No. 30005 [Edit]
Taking 20 minutes to fall asleep isn't uncommon, even for people with a strict sleep schedule and no history of disorders- and it's heavily dependent on the amount of fatigue they've built up on any given day.
>> No. 30006 [Edit]
File 148973332661.jpg - (1.08MB , 1200x900 , psp.jpg )
I was dead tired all day from staying up till around 5am because of a large mosquito in my room, then being woken up at 8am by my mom's friend's kids. Started coming down with a cold too. Then found out someone apparently broke into my car and stole the psp I built.
Looks like the parts alone are gonna cost me roughly $160 to build a new one.
>> No. 30008 [Edit]
I showed Spice and Wolf to a sort of weeby little girl today and taught her to search with tags on safebooru.
>> No. 30009 [Edit]
Give me some context on that one, captain.
>> No. 30010 [Edit]
I was supposed to watch her for a couple of hours and I saw her use Google Images for anime girl pictures and I asked if I could show her a better way to look for them, and she asked where one of the pictures was from and I said Spice and Wolf and she watched some AMVs of it on Youtube.
>> No. 30011 [Edit]
I'm watching a Power Rangers marathon on Twitch right now. I've been doing this for days now. I'm really enjoying it.

I'm at the end of Time Force and it got a lot better toward the end, even though I did miss a quite a bit of the season and series as a whole.
>> No. 30012 [Edit]
what the fick
>> No. 30013 [Edit]
That's a cool looking psp. What are some great obscure games for it?
>> No. 30014 [Edit]
Try moejong.
>> No. 30018 [Edit]
What did people even talk about in the 50's? I can't help but feel it was a far better time period for people like us. You can't talk to people today about anything but sex and alchohol. If you're lucky you share a similar taste in music but that's about as good as it gets.
>> No. 30021 [Edit]
Guess what people drank and had sex in the 1950s.
>> No. 30022 [Edit]
But I doubt it was the only thing talked about. And it was handled differently; taboo kept it from being something you were proud of. Now if you don't care for getting drunk to the point of vomiting and fucking random women you'll never see again you're a weirdo, an outcast, a pariah.

It's some Brave New World type of shit.
>> No. 30023 [Edit]
Same things that people do now I suppose. The current affairs, what people were up to. The War if your country took part in Korea, then you had television come in the mid 50s. That said, the 1950s aren't of a massive appeal for me fantasy wise. There wasn't the same economic boom here that there was in Europe and the United States. If I'm remembering right, we had food rationing until 1950 even.

1950s weren't that prudish. It's actually kind of the beginning period of that trend towards vulgar topics losing their taboo. You want that to start being unacceptable, you go for the 1850s at least and even that's pushing it in some parts of the world. A lot of the European cities were surprisingly open societies by then, and in the US by probably the 1870s you had people like Nellie Bly showing up.

Then you have the parts that are still like the old world. In Kazakhstan for example, even today if you go into the really rural areas, people won't talk about their family at all if they don't know you well. Superstition regarding the evil eye that still lingers in the remote parts.

I can't believe I had to edit this shit twice. That's the last time I post just as I'm about to fall asleep.

Post edited on 27th Mar 2017, 9:06am
>> No. 30024 [Edit]
People were drunk as fuck back then. In Casablanca (and other movies from that time) they're drinking in nearly every scene, they showed smoking and alcohol in children's cartoons, people drove drunk like it was nothing, there were popular songs about being drunk and men were almost always a little buzzed.
>> No. 30028 [Edit]

A lot of people have noticed that among the very old, the 50s were their favorite decade. I really don't know why. To me, it always seemed like it was a fake decade, although it was in between two major wars. My father glorifies the 50s even though he grew up among the hippy generation and became an adult in the early 70s.
>> No. 30029 [Edit]
File 149089319865.jpg - (364.72KB , 640x480 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I got a new bitch last night.
Her name is Aki.
>> No. 30031 [Edit]
I'm not normally a massive dog person, but that is a nice looking dog.
>> No. 30033 [Edit]
Is she still a puppy?
>> No. 30034 [Edit]
cute dog.
>> No. 30035 [Edit]
Maybe I just buy too much into the Norman Rockwell ideal. Still, it feels like things had to be different then looking back into childhood when people like my Grandpa were still alive. And I don't think my generation will change any as they age, or even gen x... you've got 40+ year old men rocking hair dye and going for drinks every weekend to distract them from reality. They don't have a clue how to fix anything, how to make anything. And they're so used to comfort. It's just sickening. I want off this ride.

Beautiful dog, makes me think of one I had follow me home last week.
>> No. 30036 [Edit]
>40+ year old men rocking hair dye and going for drinks every weekend to distract them from reality
This used to bother me, but now I think it's actually necessary. It is tragic that we seem to have lost the will (or maybe means) to have agency over our own lives, and that many people will go through life in a perpetual state of adolescence. However, the more people that disconnect from the system, the sooner it will change. I don't mean this in an anarchistic or communist way - the change could be that future generations will see us and be disgusted, driving them to become assertive and dignified in a way that we aren't. Or maybe it'll all collapse and we'll end up as slaves to the Chinese or whoever.
>> No. 30037 [Edit]
>> No. 30061 [Edit]
I've been reminiscent of the past, specifically from playing games made in early-mid 2000's (Touhou, A tale of two sisters, Kingdom Hearts, etc) it's hard to describe but it makes me kind of sad, as these are the games that have the most "heart" to them, they're innocent, like you can really feel the devs enjoyed making the game. They were from a time where you didn't have to worry about the world ending, no marxism, no threats of ww3, no PC bullshit, etc. Nowadays games and a lot of works in general just feel like they don't have a "soul".
>> No. 30062 [Edit]
File 149187946045.jpg - (86.37KB , 400x240 , 1489126400913.jpg )
Wish I wasn't allergic to cats.
>> No. 30063 [Edit]
Fuck, BakaBT went private and I can't remember my username and password for the account I made years ago.
>> No. 30064 [Edit]
Hey, funny, been having the same problem. They prune accounts after 11 months or so, if that gives you any solace. Apparently there'll be an official announcement tomorrow as to the state of things. I haven't heard anything yet but wild speculation.
>> No. 30065 [Edit]
>They prune accounts after 11 months or so
Yeah, that would probably explain it. I haven't logged in since 2013 from what I remember.
>> No. 30066 [Edit]
Has anything major changed with them?
>> No. 30067 [Edit]
Work sucks. How do I avoid giving into stress from a particularly bad string of days and avoid just up and quitting from it? Things have gotten better lately (better hours, overall less stress) but some days just fucking suck, and they make me yearn for when I was a NEET.

What do
>> No. 30068 [Edit]
>BakaBT went private
Oh fuck.
Actually, this might be good. It will stem the flow of normies. Still sucks for the rest of us, damn normies ruin everything they touch.
>> No. 30069 [Edit]
When that happens I just try to remember that I'm working towards a cute house on a nice piece of land. And that if I don't go through all this bullshit I'll never have it.

Thankfully I have hundreds of gigs of stuff already downloaded from them.

I'm surprised it took them this long though. They've always acted like a private tracker despite being public.
>> No. 30070 [Edit]
I keep getting NSA career ads on youtube.

Are they gonna come after me?
>> No. 30071 [Edit]
just stream your anime. It's not like it used to be, the streaming sites are less shady and add new episodes quickly and stream in like 720p.
>> No. 30072 [Edit]
I wish people would get over the streaming meme. 9anime.to and kissanime stream in 720p and it's fine. I don't have room to download anime (had 800mb of space just today and had to clear out my hdd) so I've watched tons of streaming anime. If it weren't for kissasian or crunchyroll tokusatsu would be pretty hard to find. Especially since the crunchyroll rips of the most recent Ultraman were no where to be found on nyaa for days and only had about 3 seeders each. I had to start downloading the Spanish release and get the sub track separately but that got tedious so I just streamed it.
>> No. 30073 [Edit]
Do you also wish everyone had good internet connection speeds, and wifi everywhere they go?
>> No. 30074 [Edit]
That's a good point, but the average person has decent enough internet. Even when my internet was getting really bad buffering for a few minutes worked fine.

As for that second part, I'm hikki so I've never really been without like that. I mostly mean for currently airing stuff too. Downloading movies are complete batches is usually the best way to go especially for older shows. Still thinking it's cancer because of quality is being ignorant.
>> No. 30075 [Edit]
>Still thinking it's cancer because of quality is being ignorant.
So you don't mind watermarks and yellow hard coded subs?
>> No. 30076 [Edit]
Then when the streaming site drops your show you'll never be able to see it again.

Storage space for hard drives is super cheap nowadays so it's better to just download it and have it forever.
>> No. 30077 [Edit]
Streaming still produces lower quality, even if the resolution is 720p.
Like, YouTube audio does not match 320kbs even at highest quality.

I didn't download madVR and ReClock for nothing.
>> No. 30078 [Edit]
That's really sad. Cats are very huggable animals.
>> No. 30079 [Edit]
Kissanime's watermark is tiny, barely visible in the corner and the subs are nice, smooth white text with a black outline.
>> No. 30080 [Edit]
I bought these little baby chocolate bunnies in gold foil, and I gave one of them to my pet cockroach. She looked so cute when she crawled up to it and felt it with her palps and antennae, but then I worried the chocolate might make her sick so I took it away and gave her kanten instead.
>> No. 30081 [Edit]
That's pretty cute. Cockroaches can live without their head for some time though, a little chocolate won't hurt her.
>> No. 30082 [Edit]
>When that happens I just try to remember that I'm working towards a cute house on a nice piece of land. And that if I don't go through all this bullshit I'll never have it.

Thanks. I do have a goal in mind, I plan to move in with one of my friends sometime in the next 6-12 months once his current roommate leaves. That's my main goal right now. The alternative is being forced to stay with my parents, which would honestly be fine, but they are moving across the country around the same time frame, and I really don't want to move so far away from my friends.

Honestly, if my parents were staying put or in the immediate area, the temptation to stay NEET would skyrocket... but that would just bite me in the ass in another 10-15 years once they got older.
>> No. 30083 [Edit]
So I was heading to bed in my dream when I hear a drumming sound outside that started off slow, some kids started screaming and the drumming got faster and louder until a explosion went off and I woke up in my bed with ringing in my ears.
At first I thought all that happened was real until a second later I remembered I have tinnitus.
The transition seemed so smooth.
>> No. 30084 [Edit]
File 149287910343.png - (1.20MB , 1280x738 , Yamcha.png )
After Dragonteam stopped subbing Dragon Ball Super, I kind of didn't know what to do since I didn't want to deal with getting subs from a shitty group, so I ended up not watching DBS for a long while.

After seeing DBS brought up an alarming amount of times earlier this week, I decided to get back to watching it, and thanks to some great people seeding the non-shitty versions of the subs, I downloaded everything and watched, like, 30 episodes or something. It was fun and I enjoyed it.

On an unrelated note, I seem to forget that it's 2017. I guess it just seems so irrelevant to me that I can't help it.
>> No. 30085 [Edit]
The new arc is decent. I had dropped DBS but started watched since then again and I haven't been disappointed (again) yet.
>> No. 30095 [Edit]
Society is going to be fucked way more than it already is with all this stuff happening. I just want to get enough money to live on my own and watch anime and play video games for the rest of my life. But life ain't so simple, I got burdens to take care of and what not.
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