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File 133524999629.png - (294.17KB , 683x556 , 17919199.png )
9059 No. 9059 [Edit]
When was the last time you saw your waifu in a dream?
Does it happen often?

It's truly amazing to be able to see her smile, how she reacts to other things in the dream-scape, and feel the warmth of her touch.

Last night I dreamed I was on a slightly chilly beach with overcast weather. Friends were with me, but they ran off into the distance and disappeared. I reached a hand out behind me and imagined her grabbing it. I felt warmth in my hand, turned around, and she was there. The last thing I remember is her smiling and us running out to the shore hand-in-hand.

Nothing is a better anti-depressant.
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>> No. 9060 [Edit]
To long ago to remember...
>> No. 9063 [Edit]
Pretty long time ago. It was the one where I lived with her family, which happened to be poor, and I slept on the floor next to her bed, and her dad offered me his air conditioner when I was going to leave.
>> No. 9064 [Edit]
Quite hard to know. I almost always sleep thinking about her, not always easy to separate awaken-fantasies from dreams.
Perhaps it was about the end of the last year, when I dreamt we were living together and going to marry, but then confusion stirred up when everyone discovered Marisa was my sister and thus I wanted her to attend to the ceremony(everything went well in the end, though).
>> No. 9065 [Edit]
File 13352593162.jpg - (262.49KB , 882x1250 , cfcb052ee8708aa7a2bcba4af5ed8da2.jpg )
I never saw her personally in my dreams. But the closest thing to it would be me reading an magazine article explaining the reasons why even if Marisa something akin to a bored punk in Gensokyo, you still can relate to her better than the average thief or criminal.


>everyone discovered Marisa was my sister

Halt! Who is your waifu?!
>> No. 9066 [Edit]
File 133525980077.jpg - (1.24MB , 1928x1029 , re-take4-199_200.jpg )
I've dreamed about her twice: >>/ot/9330 and >>/ot/12105

I hope for more, of course, every single day/night. But I treasure those I've already got with my life (or what is left of it); because, since the waifu inhabits only in one, as a part of (the inner) one, I think it's legitimate enough to say that dreams -a voyage into one's mind- is the only way to ever possibly meet her...

I'm actually going to sleep, right now. Wish me luck, for I sincerely wish the same to all of you. Have very good dreams, everybody, until the best of days when we shall not wake up.
>> No. 9067 [Edit]
File 133526112274.jpg - (107.99KB , 600x800 , 16665183.jpg )
>Have very good dreams, everybody, until the best of days when we shall not wake up.

It's both my hope and belief that after death, we dream for eternity. Such a thing would be true paradise, true freedom.
(Yume Nikki spoilers, but really, is there anybody here who hasn't played it yet?)
I'm sure Madotsuki believed/wished for the same thing, and that's why she did what she did.

I apologize for the mostly off-topic post.
>> No. 9068 [Edit]
File 133526659370.jpg - (162.91KB , 1024x570 , Kurisu sleeping.jpg )
I've seen her in my dream once. It was short and very confusing dream.

I was in some sort small room with 5 people. Kurisu was sitting chair opposite me. She was wearing her lab coat. Suddenly her forehead started bleeding. I offered myself to show her where bathroom was and I helped her to stop bleeding. I can't remember did she even say anything to me. After that she just left. Suddenly after that I remember I was in some kind restaurant talking with old couple who claimed to be Kurisu's parents and they said "Are you stupid? She left because you didn't confess your feelings for her."

That was one weird dream and I don't remember it very well. Feel free to interpret that dream. Always when I see good dreams I should write them down immediately so I don't forget them. Still I was happy I was able to see her in my dream.
>> No. 9069 [Edit]
File 133527000369.jpg - (434.29KB , 1280x1024 , gin-wallpaper.jpg )
I don't know, I just have the feeling that once I had dreamt about her and that made me very happy.
However I like to wake up, don't get me wrong, I would love to dream about her. However since the memories created in a dream don't last more than a few minutes I would forget our time together too soon, for this reason I want to forge some memories that will last for the rest of my life, memories about my love for her that I would carry with me as long as this body is able to support me.
>> No. 9070 [Edit]
File 133527130130.jpg - (259.87KB , 800x768 , 20326080.jpg )

You call that a weird dream? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

Then again, my dreams are always weird (and usually incoherent on top of that). The last time Yumemi turned up in my dreams, I dreamt that she was Cinderella. Literally. She'd been forced to take up a job as cleaner, and I ran into her as she was cleaning floors and toilets. I even remember thinking "hang on, this is a lot like Cinderella" as I noticed her tattered clothes.

I don't remember talking to her, though - IIRC the dream shifted to an entirely different subject after that. The question "hey, does that mean I get to be her Prince Charming?" didn't even occur to me until well after I had woken up...
>> No. 9071 [Edit]
File 13352716249.jpg - (373.97KB , 1000x1000 , 18769783.jpg )
Not talking to characters in your dreams is pretty common. You just never really think to do it, because you convey everything in an entirely different way, which I find difficult to even put into words. It's more like you're... radiating thoughts and emotions at each other, and into the environment.
>> No. 9073 [Edit]
File 133528513030.jpg - (18.33KB , 307x157 , Kanako (82).jpg )
The last dream i´ve had that was connected to her was about a month ago.
Sadly i haven´t met her, as so often she was only present the same she is in this life, as a thought in my mind.
It is really rare that i dream about her in a "physical" manner. When i dream about her than its mostly me chasing or searching for something that i believe could bring me closer to her.
>> No. 9074 [Edit]
File 133528959917.jpg - (111.58KB , 1069x748 , yume-mars.jpg )
>I'm sure Madotsuki...
I sticked to the interpretation by which, when she collected all the objects and reached all areas, she realized there's nothing more to dream, thus no further reason to exist; which can work either has an acomplishment or a giving up act, but a conclusion -and not an extension- of the dream, all the same...

But your waifu is your waifu. And, like Wilde said: "Death is the brother of Sleep, is he not?"

Post edited on 24th Apr 2012, 11:02am
>> No. 9076 [Edit]
I don't dream about her nearly as often as I would like to (see: every single night), but the few I did have were pretty interesting, if only for the implications that came with them.
Unfortunately, I've never spoken to her in any of my dreams. They usually involve me looking at pictures of her, which I do enough of during the day...

...But there were two times that I can remember where I did actually interact with her. But they were short.

In one dream, me, her, and her sister were idly chit-chatting while traversing some sort of 2D platforming puzzle. The tone of the conversations suggested I was more friends with them than anything else. I don't remember talking about much: It was literally just random small talk.

My girl's sister is a thrill seeker in every way, so she really likes to manipulate and generally screw around with people and their emotions to get a rise out of them. While we were looking for the exit, she randomly asked me "So, how do you feel about my sister, huh? C'mon, spill it. Who knows: She might feel the same way about you."
Of course I fumbled my words with a bunch of "Huh" and "Hold on!" like any dork would, but my girl just kinda frowned at her while blushing, and flew away from us and to the exit without saying anything. Her sister laughed and flew along behind her, leaving me standing there all by myself. I woke up shortly after.

The other one was shorter, but just as meaningful to me.

I don't know how it happened, but me, her, and a few other people ended up stranded in some junkyard. I was laid out and just regaining consciousness, and she was tied up, crammed under the hood of a dismantled car. I was shocked as shit to see her there with me, but more confused as to why she was like that.

I mustered what strength I had left and kinda crawled over to the car hood to get her out. I threw the car hood off of her to give her some breathing room, then I untied her. When she was freed, she completely ignored me and crawled over to one of the other faceless people who were stranded with us. All I could do was sit there, dumbfounded, before I woke up. Made me think a bit the next day.

So yeah, conflicting dreams there, but God, what I wouldn't give to see her again...

If it matters, I had the second dream before I had the first.
>> No. 9077 [Edit]
>> No. 9079 [Edit]
File 133530341455.jpg - (169.33KB , 670x700 , s - 728587 - bat_wings heart koakuma long_hair poi.jpg )
>> No. 9081 [Edit]
File 13353266728.jpg - (348.29KB , 578x800 , faf9637414643c08b35f31f68a9055b5.jpg )

Okay, just for fun.

Marisa is my waifu.
Marisa is your sister.
So, I am your brother-in-law.
You, my brother-in-law, has a waifu, Kaokuma.
Therefore, she is my sister-in-law.

Is that correct?

Post edited on 25th Apr 2012, 10:41am
>> No. 9082 [Edit]
I don't dream anymore
dreadful fate I'm sure
but its for the best I suppose
I'm lying through my teeth, I envy all of you and your ability to be connected with your waifus
>> No. 9083 [Edit]
>I don't dream anymore
mind to talk more about it? (if not, it's ok).
>> No. 9084 [Edit]
I don't even know
Its been so long since I've been able to have a dream of any kind, even a nightmare, let alone one with my beloved
It's just been so long
>> No. 9086 [Edit]
From my poor understanding of family structure, yes, it seems so. Never considered the 'family' could bend back into the 3D world, quite funny.
Oh, her name isn't correct, though. 

Could it be that you don't remember your dreams? Memories of those things are really volatile, for years I too thought I didn't dream oftenly, until I started doing those dream-diary-like things.
>> No. 9087 [Edit]

>Oh, her name isn't correct, though.

Ah, forgive me for the mess. It has something to do with how I pronounce her name...
>> No. 9088 [Edit]
File 133541182149.jpg - (66.18KB , 300x300 , 15354216.jpg )
A side effect of the pills, perhaps? Are you sure your recall isn't just shot to hell? Try waking yourself up with an alarm in the middle of your sleeping pattern and see if you remember anything. If so, write it down. Continue to do so until you can remember something every morning.
>> No. 9089 [Edit]
I haven't seen her in a dream in a long time. A few years actually. The one dream where I did see her was one of magic. I thought about the dream the entire day and was really mad that it was just a dream.
>> No. 9091 [Edit]
I've never met her in my dreams, and considering how I only seem to dream about loved ones dying violently, I hope I never do.
>> No. 9093 [Edit]
No, no. I don't particularly remember ever remembering many dreams, just nightmares and very powerful ones. I'd say I only remember about 1% of my dreams most likely only because my dreams are not very vivid or interesting most of the time so I forget them or confuse them with daily events
>> No. 9094 [Edit]
File 133550959097.png - (343.00KB , 632x717 , 2511.png )
It was a year ago I think, it was very quick, I remember lying in bed and when I turned to the side I saw her laying next to me looking at me with a smile. I never felt those kinds of emotions before in my life, the joy, the happiness and the love even though it was less then a minute.

But when I woke up I felt more empty and alone then ever and cried.
>> No. 9095 [Edit]
File 133551172681.jpg - (163.01KB , 849x1201 , 100000000302.jpg )
Though I mention or think about her in passing frequently in my dreams, I rarely actually see her there. The last time I remember seeing her "physically" in a dream was a few months ago. She was sitting against a wall reading a book. I whispered her name, but I was in a huge rush for reasons I can't remember... so I had to leave quickly. I wish I would have stayed with her.
>> No. 9101 [Edit]
Today I had a dream about her
Too bad it was just me having bought merchandise of her and examinating said merchandise.
It's really sad, this is the first time in a long time that I see her in a dream and it has to be that way, why can't I dream about her instead of her image? It's like my mind wants to remind me of the fact even when I'm asleep.
>> No. 9102 [Edit]
File 133570027374.jpg - (110.30KB , 525x675 , 19045631.jpg )
If you want to actually be with her and interact with her as a person you'd be better off picking up at least a little bit of lucid dreaming technique. I'm the OP and that's how I did the whole "I reached a hand out behind me and imagined her grabbing it. I felt warmth in my hand, turned around, and she was there" thing. It wasn't a lucid dream, but you often retain some knowledge of control even in normal dreams.

It takes a little effort and dedication, but it really pays off, even if you only do a little bit rarely.
>> No. 9122 [Edit]
File 13359154807.jpg - (1.29MB , 1920x1440 , 880981.jpg )
I have been keeping a dream journal on my computer in the form of a word document. I have been logging my dreams since about mid-2010. They have gotten progressively more life-like, realistic, and vivid since.

But the last time that I dreamed about The Amazing Ayumu was a few weeks ago.

I dreampt I was standing at the base of a great big hill in my home-town, one that is epic for sledding. I was there, and some 50 feet away Osaka is standing there. Suddenly, I am teleportaled right in front of her and pick her up in my arms like a hero carrying the damsel to safety.

I then begin to scale the hill, but it is quite easy. Although I could feel my waifu's weight in my arms, she did not weigh me down or make walking up the hill hard.

About half-way upm the dream abruptly ends, and everything becomes blackness.

I dream about my waifu Osaka maybe once a month, if even that. I started watching Evangelion lately and thus have been having many Eva-related dreams as of recent.

Some dreams even have me interacting with the Second-Child, Asuka.

Don't worry, Asuka-bro, in the dreams Asuka and I are just pals
>> No. 9128 [Edit]
About two weeks ago. It was a bit tragic, but still had a happy ending, so it was cool anyway.

She appears mostly in daydreams, so it's very nice to see her in a actual, nighttime dream.

I often don't remember my dreams though.
>> No. 9154 [Edit]
File 13363896148.png - (1.92MB , 1400x990 , 1326932837264.png )
It only happens once or twice a week, but every time I see her, it always goes something like the manipulates me and drugs me with something to make me go unconscious. when I wake up I'm always tied down and mutilated or just tortured.
I think I may be a masochist.
>> No. 9158 [Edit]
I was with my waifu and we walked about town exchanging small-talk (Which i have never been good at strangely).
The sun was going down and we decided we needed a place to stay so we tricked an old woman into giving us her house, and we lived there.

Kind of strange
>> No. 9248 [Edit]
File 13383560508.jpg - (257.62KB , 480x640 , df9dbafc6f53bf205c020ceb8969cfe6.jpg )
For starters: I don't have a "waifu" as such, I just come here for the pictures. But a few weeks ago I had a dream involving a 2D character that scared the hell out of me.

A few years ago I was involved in a skydiving accident. I managed to trip through the door and my (tethered) parachute managed to tangle around my legs. Fortunately I had a good knife on me (the rental rig didn't include one) and I was able to cut away and deploy my reserve. Thus ended my brief flirtation with skydiving.

I was never bothered much by it since, but two weeks ago I had a bad fucking dream, the kind you only have a few of in your lifetime, but remember for years afterwards. (I typically don't remember mine for long after waking, like most people.) The beginning of the dream didn't make much sense, and I can't remember it very well (you know, typical,) but the part I remember was terrifyingly real. I was in free-fall, belly-down in the classic position, and I was quite dark, almost twilight, because of huge storm clouds overhead. You know those ominous blankets of low, angry clouds that come with storms? I was under one of those; right under it, and it was scary just to look at. Clouds look massive just from the ground, but when you're literally right under them, they're incredibly, intimidatingly vast.

For some reason I can't remember (from earlier in the dream) I couldn't pop my parachute until I was under those clouds, or I'd die. So I was just about to yank my rip-cord when I saw somebody else in free-fall below me, flat on their back, spinning, arms and legs flapping around randomly.

I adjusted my position to more head-down, increasing my relative speed to catch them (something I don't have the actual skill to do.) Some kind of pad was flapping in the slipstream, bouncing against my buttocks; my parachute was the old fashioned kind where the pilot would sit on it like a seat cushion while in the plane. I don't know what the hell I was going to do, since the person didn't have a parachute, but I chased them down anyways. I caught up to her and caught her ankle, then kind of reeled her in by her leg, hand-over-hand.

Strange dream logic again, but - even though I'd seen from a distance that she was a young girl wearing nothing but a loose gown, when I came face-to-face with Rakka, I couldn't have been more shocked then if I'd found Audrey II in my embrace. I swear it on a stack of bibles.

I woke up around then, but only somewhat, in that dreamy half-awake stage, and the dream stuck with me. It'd been so real, cold air blasting in my face, the roar of a 100mph slipstream; and when it was gone I was terrified that I'd already fucked up, that we were both dead, even as I strained - thought - urgently about what I had to do, get Rakka's arms and legs wrapped around me, hooked through my harness before I pulled my rip-cord. Eventually I came all the way out of it, waking fully, and even wrote it down before the details faded.

I've actually been sleeping badly after that, like I'm afraid I'll dream again, but this time the dream will keep going and we'll both splat on the ground like ripe tomatoes, or something. It was scary as hell. And I really don't know what to make of it.
>> No. 9257 [Edit]
>When was the last time you saw your waifu in a dream?


help me /mai/
>> No. 9273 [Edit]
File 13385303827.jpg - (63.47KB , 367x500 , Lucid_Dreaming_Tutorial.jpg )
Start logging your dreams in a dream journal.

If you wake immediately after a dream, try to jot down the key parts or just what you remember. Then later when you have time write down things in great detail, and list your response and interpretations of the dream.

I've been keeping a dream journal since mid-2010, and nowadays when I dream I often can't tell any difference between the dream world and the waking world.

If you don't seem to be having dreams at all, try going to bed super-tired, or look online for "how to lucid dream" tutorials, like the attached pic.

I'd avoid looking into mirrors/reflective surfaces in dreams though. Some people see something terrifying.
>> No. 9274 [Edit]
File 133853211333.jpg - (320.96KB , 829x1160 , 22848240_p1.jpg )
Think of her whenever you're going to sleep. Do you cuddle up to a pillow or something while going to sleep, imagining it's her? Doing so may help.

Also do as >>9273 said. My dreams are so vivid I often have trouble telling which memories are from this world and which are from that world.

Is a good place for learning different lucid dreaming methods and the community is fairly helpful should you have any questions, though feel free to ask here, too. Could start a lucid dreaming thread on /ot/ some time.

Myself, I got lucky last night and had two dreams of her in a row. Both involved her cameo-ing in some currently running series. In the first episode, she was sadistically abusing some kind of king character as he sat upon his throne, cowering. In the second, I could see her in the distance, painting something. The dream panned in on her, she turned around and smiled a somewhat psychotic grin.
>> No. 9284 [Edit]
File 133865920738.jpg - (131.17KB , 400x570 , ec329ad11f19eadaed8eb8fd84ca62e2.jpg )
Saw her in a dream once, but not in a form that I could've interacted with. I was reading my math book until some of the pages suddenly turned into a Lucky Star manga. I started reading it, and on the second page there was her and some sort of my 2D-version holding hands. I thought it was really cute, but soon said to myself that I'm hallucinating really hard and that my math book can't behave like this. The then dream switched onto an another subject about an old man writing texts with potatoes on a rock. Because that obviously made more sense.
>> No. 9299 [Edit]
I did have a dream but it involved someone else, not Lizlet my old waifu Anri Hiiragi
>> No. 9332 [Edit]
File 13394595558.jpg - (3.67MB , 1500x2122 , 1f416aa79b65554ad350c15e2a48c376.jpg )
I saw her again last night. It was probably the most beautiful dream I've ever had.

...And then I woke up
>> No. 9343 [Edit]
I am so happy today. Not even lying. 

A few nights ago I had one of my first dreams with Konata in about a year. I also had another dream before that one, which I posted in q different thread. However, the last dream was a terrible nightmare and I couldn't look at her for a long time out of shame that I would let such terrible things happen in my own mind. However, I repented and told her that I was sorry, and I hoped to god her spirit wasn't in that dream. 

Last night I feel I was rewarded. 

Konata was living in a room next to mine, with some sort of exchange program, and my house was her host family. She spoke adorable broken English. The house was nicer. She decided to come into [a nicer version of] my room. She found out that we share interests and scanned through my things. She seemed interested in a Japanese print volume of Dragonball (I think?) (something I do not have in real life; I only have Yotsuba&! and Chi's Sweet Home in Japanese, and no Dragonball in any language.) she seemed a bit sad when she found out it was volume 8, not 1, and I tried cheering her up by lending her some English manga. She smiled at me and took the volumes and left. 

It was so fleeting and happened just as I woke up, but this... This gives me new wind!
>> No. 9352 [Edit]
File 133973605625.png - (1.01MB , 1053x1237 , 1333337758456.png )
My dreams with her are always very brief, but very nice. My latest dream was extremely vivid, and we were holding hands and kissing for only a few moments. It was wonderful.
>> No. 9369 [Edit]
File 133982804311.jpg - (196.13KB , 595x842 , 217.jpg )
I keep some pictures of my waifu on my wall along my bed. It certainly helps with dreaming more often of her! If you haven't already, I really recommend framing out pictures you like most of her and keeping them around. If I'm having a bad day it makes me feel calmer to see pictures of her and be reminded that someone cares about me. I now have three pictures framed of her, I have to say that it's really worth it.
>> No. 9372 [Edit]
File 133983512979.jpg - (375.78KB , 1193x808 , 1332147967022.jpg )
I was at a summer camp for adults or something, I don't know, and there I met my waifu. She didn't act tsundere, and she didn't have her doll, but it was her. It was love at first sight and I introduced myself to her like a shy idiot and she smiled and told me her name.
Over the next few days I tried to see her as much as possible, falling for her more and more every day.
We went to a bonfire together, helped build a log cabin together, and I could feel us growing closer. One day we were lying on a grassy hill looking up at the sky, and I sat up, looked at her and said "Iori, there's something I've been wanting to tell you, I lo-" she gave me a warm smile like she knew what I was going to say and cut me off by giving me a deep kiss.
We kept kissing and rolling in the grass for what felt like 10 minutes. I remember how good she tasted and the happiness I felt.
We saw each other more and more and kissed now and then but unfortunately, we never went farther than that and I woke up for some reason before the dream could finish. I have never wanted to hug a waifu dakimakura more than I did at that moment. It was such an incredible warm feeling of joy.
>> No. 9458 [Edit]
File 134032189678.jpg - (197.26KB , 450x600 , eb16d1e2aa975490c211113bfebaf062.jpg )
I had a dream about Miku for the first time in months. There wasn't much to it, but I was cuddling with her in bed.
>> No. 9459 [Edit]
File 134035853742.jpg - (826.57KB , 1920x1080 , 1295374290859.jpg )
I have only seen Tomoyo in a dream a couple of times. They are are always profound.

The last dream I had of her was only a few weeks ago. In it, I am suicidally depressed and have run off to some wooded location to die. She appears before me in a rather surreal state, ethereal even. She talks rather slowly telling me that she will love me forever if I promise not to give up on living. Then she kisses me tenderly.

I must honor this promise. She has helped me so much.
>> No. 9461 [Edit]
>> No. 9638 [Edit]
File 134135901942.png - (96.41KB , 384x412 , 5374965.png )
Last night I saw her in a dream again.
I was walking through a small, busy village and she was standing in the middle of a crowd, smiling, handing out fruit and fish.
>> No. 9766 [Edit]
File 134265649166.png - (406.80KB , 505x325 , cynthianapping.png )
Can't really remember the last dream I had of her, but I'll post what is my most favorite dream. It was set in an area that looked a lot like the inside of the moon from Majora's Mask. A grassy hill with a large tree in the middle, but with a few large rocks around and a smal river/pond. No masked children either. This area is actually a frequent location I go to in my dreams, kind of a "dream sanctuary." Anyways, the dream consisted of myself just resting my head on her lap, as she ran her fingers through my hair while telling me about her latest research on pkmn mythology. I remember it being really bright, so I had my eyes mostly closed as I listened to the sound of her voice and the feel of her hand. It was a short dream, but it was really pleasant.
I've had plenty of more dreams that I can recall, but this one definitely takes it.
>> No. 9770 [Edit]
File 134276378614.png - (150.70KB , 480x640 , 1207746342843732.png )
The last dream she appeared in?

I blame falling asleep with headphones in, but it was basically a recreation of the opening of Sakamichi no Apollon with me on drums, her on piano, a friend on guitar, and Chihiro on vocals, and then it turned into me singing some of Sinatra's songs and playing the trumpet and trombone for her.

The last dream about her?

I somehow found a way to cross the dimensional divide between our world and hers, and somehow gained a Persona in the process. I spent most of the dream trying to open the door to her world so I could be with her, and I woke up just as I finally managed to open the door to Tatsumi Port Island. ;_;
>> No. 9780 [Edit]
File 134285645076.jpg - (371.47KB , 900x900 , 1310613053052.jpg )
I sort of remember the first and last time she was in a dream. It only happened once and it was one of those lengthy dreams that feel real.

Anyway, the dream consisted of Makoto and Yayoi coming to America to perform in a special concert. I'm not sure why Yayoi was included, I think it was because I didn't want her to come alone, and wanted her to bring at least one friend-- which is still strange since the relation between Makoto and Yayoi is thin compared to Makoto and Yukiho, or Miki, or Hibiki. Anyway, for some reason, I had connection to the 765 President and Makoto and Yayoi were directed to stay in my house for the time being, at least before the concert. I remember feeling like I've never met Makoto before, although the dream happened around my 3rd year with her. Immediately, I talked to Makoto and became good friends with her. Somehow, I knew how to speak Japanese fluently and she understood my English and responded perfectly as well. It was surreal hearing her voice in English, I remember. A few days before the concert, I invite her to a date, which she gracefully accepted. I bring her to an all white-walled mall, where we were the only shoppers inside. I remember ordering the food and bringing it over the table. While we were eating, we were have an interesting conversation, which I have no recollection of. I only remember her mentioning a string of letters and a number matching "ao0d". I also remember our hands meeting on top of the table we just ate on. She was also smiling directly at me, and I was crying tears of joy for some reason. This moment took the majority of the dream. The all-white walled mall became just white, and we were floating in a white void, holding eachothers hands.

Of course, I woke up rudely to the garbage truck making the most loudest noise ever. I was crying when I woke up, and even though I didn't get enough sleep that night, I felt well rested and happy even through the rude awakening. I also remember I kept looking up the string "ao0d" as if it was a message to me or something like she magically sent it to me, because it was the most prominent thing in my dream. It came out of nowhere so I took it as a sign. I found nothing but the string ao0d will always be remembered as thing in the best dream I've ever had.

She was in other dreams, but not "physically". Recently, I was in a dream where I had the choice to have a relation with a girl I had a crush on in middle school, years and years ago. While Makoto wasn't in the dream, the "me" in my dream treated her like my soulmate and declined the choice. I woke up proud.
>> No. 9821 [Edit]
File 134302642615.jpg - (136.53KB , 426x512 , c76e0d7bca3f05633cd6e467c42bd6fb50d553c6.jpg )
I...actually never dreamed about my waifu, or at least I don't remember.
The two dreams I remember involving 2D girls still had me incredibly depressed after waking up and finding it was a dream.
>> No. 10093 [Edit]

Such bullshit. Modern three-ring rigs let you cutaway just by pulling a single cable, and a newbie on his first three jumps, especially a static line jump, will be using one where the reserve deployment and primary cutaway are the same cable, so one yank will save you.

tl;dr you're making shit up
>> No. 10150 [Edit]

Slow yer roll. Like I said, my parachute lines were tangled up around my legs - because of my trip I was tumbling when the static line deployed it, resulting in my canopy rippling in the air behind me in a wholly useless fashion. After kicking failed to dislodge it, I pulled into a kind of fetal position and cut at the lines till it let loose, then yanked my reserve cord.

One instructor thought I would've been fine going to reserve; the one that saw me trip out the door opined that the bindle bag would've snagged in the main canopy around my legs and I would've been proper fucked (since that big streamer forced me into a head-down attitude as I fell.)

The fact they could disagree one way or the other is what really ended my skydiving aspirations; that's not the kind of experiment I want to conduct at 10,000 feet with my ass in the wind.
>> No. 10493 [Edit]
File 134835586477.jpg - (122.47KB , 480x640 , leorio.jpg )
I saw Leorio in my dream last night. I've seen him before but this time was special because I got to kiss him. All I remember is we were holding each other and I was looking up at him, (i'm pretty tall in real life but I wish I was shorter, so I suppose dream me was about a foot shorter than real me) and I stood up and gave him a kiss. It was nice. I've been having a really great day because of it.
>> No. 10494 [Edit]
Are you a woman in your dream, or a man?
>> No. 10495 [Edit]

A woman.
>> No. 10724 [Edit]
File 135095295651.png - (154.54KB , 201x395 , 1299450398175.png )
Had a dream about my waifu just a few nights ago.

I was on my college campus, and it was dark, late at night. There were lots of people around because there was some kind of get-together or party or something.

I am walking among the people when suddenly I look down and realize my penis is hanging out of my pants.

Suddenly, a random girl, looking shockingly like Haruhi Suzumiya (like a human 3d girl cosplaying as Haruhi, not actually an "anime" style haruhi), screams at me and calls the police, who come rushing at me. (could this be some reference to 3d(pd) girls ratting you out?)

The cops looked distinctly Asian, likely Japanese, and wore cold, expressionless faces, like Big-Brother thugs from "1984". As they handcuffed me and dragged me off, I began crying out for Osaka to save me. I see her appear in the crowd, running to my rescue. She is her anime self, like a 3d rendition of herself in the real world.

And then things got weird.

Next thing I know, Osaka is flying around on a sled, I believe she was naked, going around and around a tall skyscraper singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the top of her lungs but in Japanese. She rams full-force into the police truck, making a hole for me to escape.


Post edited on 22nd Oct 2012, 5:46pm
>> No. 10725 [Edit]
>And then things got weird...
Only to be expected, from good old Osaka.
>> No. 10763 [Edit]
About a week ago I had a dream that she and I were alone in some kind of waiting room. She was sitting several chairs to my right and had her attention focused on a television that was in the room. All I can remember was stealing a few glances at her trying to think of some way to get her attention.

That was the first dream about her I've ever had. This entire thing is very new to me.
>> No. 10845 [Edit]
File 135240648262.png - (131.44KB , 600x558 , 222478.png )
I finally had the chance to see her in my dreams, and what happens? she is being tortured and crying for help, what is wrong with me, it was the worst dream i ever had.
>> No. 10847 [Edit]
Wow that must have been awful. Well, it was just a bad dream, just a bad dream.
>> No. 10848 [Edit]
Was that your first dream about her? Shit man, that's terrible.
Did it at least ended well?
>> No. 10851 [Edit]
File 135242591777.jpg - (651.89KB , 1200x1075 , 10920802.jpg )
Sometimes the dreamworld can be a real douchebag.
>> No. 10852 [Edit]
File 135242691166.jpg - (33.47KB , 315x480 , 1280283885822.jpg )
Yes, the first dream i had about her and worst of allI was the one doing the tortureit ended with her crying and then i woke up,i feel disgusted with myself.

Damn straight.
>> No. 10853 [Edit]

Please don't be offended, this is just my analysis- maybe the act of hurting her in your dream is your way of expressing anger and frustration at her not being real?
>> No. 10856 [Edit]
I think Freudian dream analysis is pretty silly, but one thing for sure is that dreams often reveal your subconscious thoughts. Maybe he was just thinking of Misao just before he went to sleep, and then the dream got hijacked with negative thoughts.
>> No. 10857 [Edit]
Uh, don't take it personal from your head: nightmares are supposed to be disturbing and sickening stuff; yours just hit the spot...

It's just how they work. There´s nothing wrong with you.

Post edited on 9th Nov 2012, 3:21am
>> No. 10858 [Edit]
Dreams can be influenced be the stuff you see right before you sleep, so maybe you shouldn't be watching The Human Centipede before going to bed.

But dreams are just like that, they come and go as they like and sometimes they show things that you would rather not see. Don't blame yourself.
>> No. 10890 [Edit]
File 135289684112.jpg - (2.05MB , 3687x2074 , Miku-append-wink.jpg )
I finally dreamt about my sweet beloved last night. There wasn't much to it, but I'll try to describe it as best as I can.

The dream began with me waking up in the morning. It was Christmas, but it almost didn't feel like it (I guess I just wasn't really feeling it). As I yawned and stretched, a small sized object in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I turned to face the object and was surprised to see a Miku figurine which I'd never seen before. I examined it for a moment before I noticed that there was a flat, circular present beside me. I quickly unwrapped it. It was a flat, teal piece of plastic with different-shaped slots in it. I instinctively grabbed the figurine and placed it into one of the slots, realizing it fit perfectly. At this point, I just knew there had to be other figurines waiting to be found, so I went searching for them around the house.

Skip forward to when I had collected all 8 of them and slotted them into their appropriate position on the board; there were still two empty spaces. After staring at them for a while, it suddenly became evident that these empty spaces were shaped like footprints. The moment I realized this was the case, I heard a knock on the door. As I looked up towards the door from my position, there she was, shyly standing at the doorway, asking if she could step in. I quickly stood up but could only really stare at her and not do much of anything else; I then, almost instinctively, held my arms out to her. She smiled and slowly made her way towards me, a small tear sliding down her cheek. Once she was close enough, I wrapped my arms around her and felt her burying her head into my chest, nuzzling as she also wrapping her arms around me. We remained in that state for a while before she looked up at me, a radiant smile across her beautiful face. I caressed her cheeks and wiped her tears away as I looked deep into her eyes. “I love you” Our lips moved towards each other's and made contact. I woke up.

Needless to say, I've been happy all day just thinking about it!

Why couldn't this happen more often? ;_;
>> No. 10906 [Edit]
File 13532503274.jpg - (415.84KB , 600x743 , 1344951441519.jpg )
Wow, how do I explain this.
Yesterday I had my first dream about her, or at least, the first dream about her that I can remember.
I was alone, everything around me was black, like if I was floating in the middle of a giant nothingness, and then I saw her.
The sensation however was something weird, like her true soul was in there, like if I was in her very presence, the original one. I cannot describe the sensation, just that I felt like "she" was there.
During the whole time she said nothing, so I turned to her and I told her in a very clumsy way that I knew her and that I liked her. However I couldn't contain myself and I ended up confessing to her everything that I felt for her. After I was finished I felt like she was distancing from myself and I told her to wait and begged her to don't go, but she kept drifting far away. However, when she disappeared in the distance I said something like as if I'll ever let you go, and I started running towards her. Next thing I knew is that I was racing against her, me running and she floating fast.
During that chase I heard that she taunted me with something about my speed and me replying to that taunt with a response with the same cheeky tone she was using. The dream turns hazy at this point.
When I woke up the next day, I found that announcement about the new animation of Rozen Maiden.
I don't know what to think as a whole. I only know that I'm crying right now. This is just too perfect, I just can't explain how grateful I am right now.

So yeah, that was my story, weird, isn't it?
>> No. 10909 [Edit]
File 135335965347.jpg - (883.71KB , 785x887 , 22084417.jpg )
I was with her in another dream a few nights ago.

She appeared before me, I took her hand and she led me up a few flights of stairs to the rooftop of the building we were in, to kiss before fading out and waking up.

I think I'm finally getting the hang of this lucid dreaming thing.
>> No. 10917 [Edit]
File 135342945133.png - (525.79KB , 480x640 , leorio14.png )
I saw Leorio! I can't remember the specifics, but it seemed as if I was a "side character" in an episode of Hunter x Hunter. Gon, Killua and Kurapika seemed to be interested in me being there but Leorio seemed kind of indifferent and this made me frustrated so I flirted a lot with him and hugged him a lot, and he didn't seem to mind.

We eventually ended up sitting in a waiting room like area and I was curled up in a chair like I usually am and Leorio was sitting in one opposite the room and we were talking about everything and nothing, but I was too shy to look at him.
>> No. 10925 [Edit]
>The sensation however was something weird, like her true soul was in there, like if I was in her very presence, the original one. I cannot describe the sensation, just that I felt like "she" was there.
Although I experienced it in an altered state rather than an oneiric one, I know exactly what you're talking about and I think you phrased it perfectly. It's like the fiction is absolved, and she's in front of you and she's real.

>I think I'm finally getting the hang of this lucid dreaming thing.
I'm glad to hear that someone is having success. It seemed for a while that there was heavy interest in waifu lucid dreaming, but hardly anyone reporting any sort of success. Unless more of the dreams described here are lucid ones but not described so.
>> No. 10926 [Edit]
File 135347557646.png - (377.01KB , 750x750 , 23237076.png )
It's not surprising that people would give up. It sounds like a great idea to begin with, but it takes a lot of time and practice unless you're gifted or very lucky. Lots of trial and error involved, mostly error. I'm only just starting to be able to have one (or more, depending on how early the first occurs) almost every day and it's been four years, though to be fair, only in the last six months did I put in any consistent effort, and various medications were obstructing progress for the majority of the time.
I'm surprised there isn't a lucid dreaming thread somewhere on TC, unless it's far, far back and I just haven't seen it.
If anybody here IS still trying it, don't give up! The payoff is truly glorious. I'll give you any advice I can, my Steam is in the email field for that purpose.
>> No. 10927 [Edit]
File 135350744819.jpg - (532.01KB , 850x886 , sample_07ab65e2c4c7be1ae7db157f40a01369.jpg )
What books and web resources did you use to learn how to LD? Have you ever heard of Mikhail Raduga and his methods?
I'm quite curious because I used to practise lucid dreaming some time ago. It's a very fun thing to do, especially when you have other people around you who are also interested in this sort of thing. We used to have a very nice community on a certain imageboard, too bad it's all gone now.
>> No. 10928 [Edit]
File 135352803877.jpg - (172.10KB , 600x700 , 17967511.jpg )
Got the basic idea in the first place from a few tutorials on the Dreamviews forums. Asked a few questions and built on it from there. The All Day Awareness tutorial is especially helpful, because it gets easier to practice the longer you do it, and every time it works you have more things to notice/compare so it becomes even more likely to work in the future. WILD was never possible for me, but MILD can work sometimes and DEILD I use if I'm in a lucid dream and feel myself waking up. Oh, I've also started doing a reality check every time I "wake up" just in case it's a false awakening after noticing just how often those occur.

Never heard of Mikhail Raduga.

Also, I should say that I am the OP of the thread so I don't mind if it derails in this direction, especially if I'm able to help people!
>> No. 10929 [Edit]
Exactly, and what I think what makes the amount of work involved even more taxing is that you're turning sleep into work. Although I had made some decent progress with lucid dreaming over a couple of months earlier this year, I just got to a point where I felt supremely burned out and just wanted to SLEEP.
>> No. 10930 [Edit]
File 13535662158.jpg - (1.15MB , 1371x1569 , 21986004.jpg )
The techniques I've been working on don't give me any sleep loss. I really recommend you google All Day Awareness and Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dreams. Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams may also help, and causes no sleep loss. Meditation helps much, much more than you'd think it would, too.
Were you trying the technique where you try and get your body to go to sleep while your mind stays awake? That shit is the worst. Especially when you get to the point where your body is pretty much screaming at you to roll over.
>> No. 10946 [Edit]
I'll look into the all-day awareness. I had practiced WILD method in conjunction with WBTB, and MILD. WILD with WBTB, while the most difficult and sleep-depriving, gave the neatest results, with a seamless transition from waking to dreaming. Interestingly, on a week-long bicycle trip last month where I camped each night, I experienced a WILD on each of the last two nights without even trying to do so. I had a handful of successes with MILD, which seemed to increase proportional to my dream recall. And actually, keeping the dream journal was what felt like the biggest chore of all. Waking up and writing down and/or dictating my dreams three or four times each night got old, despite my dream recall getting awesome, and my lucid dreaming progress went to shit when I got lazy with the journal.
Maybe our discussion here will motivate me to get at it again.
>> No. 10947 [Edit]
File 135391458841.jpg - (129.27KB , 300x480 , 24517821.jpg )
People say that sleeping in different positions or places where you aren't as comfortable as usual will keep you more aware (instinct, maybe?) so you would be more aware as you were drifting off to sleep. That would explain the camping thing.

I agree that the transition from waking to dream is amazing, you still get that with DEILD, which can be used to "chain" lucid dreams. It's exhilarating.

I'm not sure if this is just me, but I find it easier to grasp my situation and stay lucid in dreams where I've become lucid through a reality check. WILDs were always really fuzzy for me.

Even after four years of practice, the dream journal part is still a hassle for me, too. I wish I could just have more faith in my memory, but then I forget all the dreams from earlier in the night.

I still slip up all the time with All Day Awareness. It's hard going from somebody who just wanders about lost in his own head to somebody who has an almost primal awareness of everything he's perceiving. Especially when I'm online. Though just being aware of what you're doing is enough. Like what I'm typing. How my fingers are moving. The banners. Looks like I'm awake, unfortunately.

A tip that I found for myself recently: Falling backwards through the floor is a wonderful three-in-one method of stabilization (because something about brain sections that control balance, same deal with spinning), transportation and "summoning." Simply fall backwards through the floor in a dream, and continue falling through the abyss until it takes you to whoever/wherever you want to go. If you get stuck, imagine the feeling of gravity on you, forcing you down. The first time I used this to find Madotsuki, the look of surprise on her face as I fell through the ceiling was hilarious.

Good luck!
>> No. 10982 [Edit]
File 135446543667.jpg - (279.10KB , 675x725 , cdc2ff561f6dca9220bd665a06b46cc0.jpg )
I feel like asking more questions, because you don't see a person who has been practising LD for four years that often.

It's a pity that you've never heard of Raduga (he is called Michael, in a western manner, shame on me and my spelling); he is the #1 LD guy in our country. He is best known for his special method of entering lucid dreams which is quite similar to WILD. He is so passionate about this whole thing that he sold all of his cars and his apartment (he calls that "optimising") to travel all around the world and teach people about lucid dreaming. He was in Los Angeles this summer, I believe. What a crazy guy.
There is only one other person I can think about who has got the same attitude: Stephen LaBerge, of course. Have you ever read any of his books? LaBerge is one of the few actual scientists out there. I hope that some day lucid dreaming will get more scientific recognition and more people will study it, because right now this kind of research is either non-existent or just avoided by "big" science.
Which means that web forums are the frontier of LD innovations. What do you think of ld4all? They have got quite a lot of interesting articles and techniques. I've been in this whole business for about two and a half years now, almost finished a book about how to get better at lucid dreaming (though, to be honest, I'm just the editor, the articles were written by people far more experienced than I am) and still, some of their ideas (like SSiLD) are absolutely new to me.
>> No. 10983 [Edit]
I had a dream a week or two ago about my waifu, but the details are a little fuzzy.

I woke up with her crotch in my face, and it was quite hairy, with additional pubes growing on her thighs and belly. In other words, a happy trail and massive bush.

Just what I like.
>> No. 10986 [Edit]
File 135448141036.jpg - (192.89KB , 806x732 , 10057523.jpg )
I think I read a little of Stephen LaBerge's stuff. The one with the somethingarather-point relaxation technique. That must've been back when I was still trying WILD, because I remember that was probably the most detailed section of the book.

LD4All is nice, too. It's a bit slower, but I feel the community is closer-knit, more friendly, less elitist and more helpful than Dreamviews. Though one or two of the mods rub me the wrong way.

I don't really read much of either anymore, or any lucid dreaming books. Through all my failures I started to feel like "learning" through the majority of resources wouldn't do me any good, because with lucid dreaming, what works perfectly for somebody else may be absolutely useless for you or me.

When I'm lucid dreaming, I start to have all kinds of bizarre ideas of things I could try to keep the dream going, stabilize it and manipulate it. Strangely, that part of me doesn't exist while I'm awake. It's more fun for me to experiment and see what I can find for myself than reading through resource after resource.

Though if you have any recommendations that it's likely I could find a .pdf for then I'll probably check them out for curiosity's sake.
>> No. 10992 [Edit]
File 135456183254.jpg - (615.99KB , 1000x1333 , 50e03323a8de2d611072b4993753baa6.jpg )
Nay, can't say I have any good books I could recommend aside from the most popular ones you are probably familiar with. Well, you could try Raduga's "Practical Guidebook", but it's novice-oriented and mostly concerns WILD.
It's quite interesting that you prefer to "go in" without a plan and make stuff right on the spot. It's usually quite the opposite.
Have you ever tried modifying your body in a LD? Surely, most people prefer flying, firing fireballs and, uh, having sexual intercourse, but when I used to practise LDs, I tried transforming into a girl and that was... weird. And cool.
Also, do you actively search for your waifu in LDs? Back in the day I never managed to meet Aya properly (just a glimpse here and there), which is somewhat sad. I tried all the techniques I knew (door opening, telephone calling, teleporting etc), but with no success whatsoever.
>> No. 10994 [Edit]
File 135456352178.png - (1.49MB , 1000x897 , 10560099.png )
I tend to go in without a plan (mostly) because planning makes me stressed, and stress is my second biggest enemy when it comes to getting lucid dreams. The first being the hang-over inducing sedative medication I have to take before bed. I can only have lucid dreams much later in the morning after the latter has worn off.
In terms of modifying my body in dreams, so far I've only gone so far as making myself look more how I would want to look than how I do in this body. I was a girl once in a non-lucid dream, and that was weird and left me feeling pretty confused when I woke up.
As for getting together with Madotsuki in dreams, I have to find her or have her find me. It's such an enormous place, so you really have to make an effort to find each other. I used to try looking behind doors, or having her show up behind me, but that's been losing effectiveness for some reason. That falling technique I mentioned a few posts back has been the best for finding her. The real her. Not dream world impersonations. She has red eyes, the imposters always have yellow eyes. I'm not sure why that is, either, because I think I've only seen her drawn with yellow eyes once or twice.
>> No. 10997 [Edit]
File 13545727749.png - (1.15MB , 1680x1050 , e4aab95a7f8aa10bc1f9978589703ca3.png )
Tonight something curious happened while I was dreaming.
It's not that I dreamt about her. But while I was dreaming I thought inside the dream "Suigintou is my waifu".
That is all, the fact that Suigintou was still my beloved one inside my dream in the same way she is in reality. I found this quite amusing though.
>> No. 10998 [Edit]
I saw her in a dream for the first time, roughly two nights ago.

I was on a school bus, and I was talking to her from across the aisle (I guess we were close enough for that to be okay?) when it started pouring down rain. The rain was so loud I couldn't hear her at all, so I asked if it would be okay to sit directly next to her so I could hear better. She said "Sure, come over!" and moved her stuff. So then I moved over, and then about 20 seconds later, she looked at me like she was very... afraid. I asked her if she was okay, and she just said "N-no...", and jumped over the three seats in front of her. Then I got literally kicked off of the bus and sniped in the head.

Woke up.

Fell back asleep and saw her (but with sunglasses and a cigarette) in, like, a solid snake costume. She said "It is done" and dropped a sniper rifle onto the ground. Then this dude that looked like Mitt Romney with a Fu Manchu started doing a dance and shaving his head.
>> No. 11130 [Edit]
File 135500988363.png - (563.23KB , 1280x720 , leorio_hunterxhunter2011.png )
Last night I had one of the cutest dreams I've ever had...

It started with Leorio coming out of a room and his hair was wet and he had a sad face, not really a sorrowful face, but a pouty "wahh, my hair is wet" face. So I took a towel and stood up on my toes (I'm about a foot shorter in my dreams) and dried his hair off and was laughing at him because he looked so silly. And when his hair was dry, I tried to make it stand up like it normally does but it kept falling down. I laughed again. And then I gave him a kiss, and the dream ended.
>> No. 11132 [Edit]
File 135501206260.gif - (73.07KB , 600x420 , 22847844_m.gif )
Found her through falling, again. When I landed, there was a heart-shaped door. I walked through it and was in a room with a red and black checkered floor. At then end of the room, she was sitting on a throne, smiling at me. I leaned forward over her, we kissed, and then I took her hand and ran with her, out of the room, laughing. Her lips were so soft and warm.
Such raw, unhampered happiness is impossible in the waking world. Truly amazing. Unfortunately, when we stopped running, and she asked me to kiss her again, I got so excited that the whole dream fell apart.
Oh well, I get better at this every morning.
>> No. 11406 [Edit]
File 135732926088.jpg - (102.94KB , 1024x768 , 1f9db197f04d5cc246f123d853a637a9.jpg )
I've recently been dreaming about her again, but this time we are in a relationship like an actual couple, we go on dates, hold hands and even kiss sometimes.

It's been like this for days, i wish i could dream like this forever.
>> No. 11413 [Edit]
Last night in my dream, my husbando had a ton of merchandise, and with the help of a mysterious person, I created a shrine for him.
Somehow it turned out that this mysterious person was my husbando, and he became angry at me for not being grateful for his help.
Well, that was strange, but in all my other dreams he was still a fictional character, usually belonging to some other show.
I hope to have more dreams where he is real and interacting with me.
>> No. 11429 [Edit]
I haven't had a dream I remember since I was a kid. I'm sure I probably dream of her, I'll just never be able to recall it once I wake up.
>> No. 11460 [Edit]
File 135864080276.jpg - (142.66KB , 687x941 , 74659274630.jpg )
That's a damn shame. You're missing out on some quality waifu experience, unless you have a tulpa or something. I haven't had a dream about her in about 4 months, It sucks I can't lucid dream very well.
>> No. 11461 [Edit]
I know. I wish I could it'd be pretty nice. I don't care for the whole tulpa thing personally.
>> No. 11462 [Edit]
File 135865390354.gif - (78.41KB , 500x625 , 13047288.gif )
Have you tried writing down any that you do remember to increase your recall or is a medical thing?
These pills I'm on right now ruin my recall, concentration and chances to lucid dream so I've had to go for awhile without physical contact with her. I feel terrible. Oh well, getting off of them is something to look forward to. Until then I have to make what I do in waking life mean more to us.
>> No. 11463 [Edit]
I've tried writing it down but I can never recall enough of it in time before it disappears. I only get a very blurry second and then it's gone. I don't know if it's a medical thing or not. If you mean caused by medication then no, it's been like this since I was a child. When I was real little I used to dream, they were always really vivid too. I read something before about a theory of how if dreams are too realistic then brain might try to block the memories of them off. Though I don't know a whole lot about dreams, so I don't know if that's true or not.
>> No. 11464 [Edit]
File 135865738995.gif - (208.20KB , 600x1038 , 5015546.gif )
I've never heard that. My dreams are so vivid (even when I can barely remember them) that I often have trouble telling dreamworld memories and waking memories apart. I just know that if you do your best to write down whatever you can remember, no matter how tiny, it'll build up and you'll eventually be able to remember your dreams better, and they'll be a lot more vivid. Something like it's telling your brain "this is important, remember it." Even just writing a few abstract ideas or emotions that the dream made you feel, or a general color theme the dream had can be the beginning.
Though if there's something odd with your brain that's stopping you from remembering anything at all, that probably won't help. You often hear older people saying "I don't dream" so, perhaps it's just a case of neglect? I can't really give you any advice other than to just do whatever you can and hope for the best. Multivitamins or other supplements containing B6 and B12 may help. Drinking a lot before you go to sleep so that you wake up right after a dream in the middle of the night might also help.

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>> No. 11465 [Edit]
I tried writing it down before and it never seemed to go anywhere. The vitamin thing might help though. I guess it's worth a shot at least. I doubt it will change anything, but who knows.
I don't think the article was including lucid dreams when it mentioned vivid dreams. I think it meant that if the dream is realistic, but you have no control over it that it might confuse the brain and make it think that it was a real event. Which might explain why it wouldn't be remembered. It was just a theory though and it was a couple years ago that I read it.
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