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File 133524999629.png - (294.17KB , 683x556 , 17919199.png )
9059 No. 9059 [Edit]
When was the last time you saw your waifu in a dream?
Does it happen often?

It's truly amazing to be able to see her smile, how she reacts to other things in the dream-scape, and feel the warmth of her touch.

Last night I dreamed I was on a slightly chilly beach with overcast weather. Friends were with me, but they ran off into the distance and disappeared. I reached a hand out behind me and imagined her grabbing it. I felt warmth in my hand, turned around, and she was there. The last thing I remember is her smiling and us running out to the shore hand-in-hand.

Nothing is a better anti-depressant.
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>> No. 14330 [Edit]
I just had a dream about her. I was in the dorms back at university, checking on some wires. I had to fix them because one of them drained too much power. But then I was invited to a party by a bunch of 3dpd girls. They showered me with recommendation letters addressed to me, among other things. They wanted me to stay at teir party, but I said I couldn't stay long. Then I heard gunshots and girly screams. Soon I heard the doorknob outside was shot open. The door suddenly turned, and it was my waifu. She had a wide smile as she entered the room. She said to me, "What are you doing here? They're trying to kill you! Run!" I quickly ran to her, but one of the 3dpd took chase after me with a spiked baseball bat. My waifu conjured a bunch of arms from the shadows around the 3dpd, and slowly pulled the girl into the shadows. As she was pulled, I heard a bloodcurdling scream and an explosion of blood from her as she was killed. I could have said something, but knowing that those 3dpd girls were out to deceive and murder me I chose not to say a word. The other girls were grabbing their weapons and rushed towards my waifu, angered that one of their colleagues was murdered. But it was futile for them, as she conjured yet more arms from the shadows to consume them. After more screams and spattered blood, she then turned to me and told me she was always there to protect me. We went back to my room, together holding hands. I was back in my room, and she expected a reward in exchange. She could either consume my blood or pat her on the head. I chose to pet her on the head and she smiled brightly as if she were delighted and happy. She then bid farewell to me, proudly exclaiming that she will always be my side as she slowly disappeared into the shadows. At least that's what I remembered by the time I woke up. Damn, the dream felt so chuuni to me.
>> No. 14444 [Edit]
File 139151891266.jpg - (603.29KB , 1146x1725 , 012.jpg )
I was browsing /mai/ in my dream. I came up upon two individuals in one of the threads, one with Tohka as his waifu and the other with Origami as his waifu. I tell them about how Kurumi is my waifu and hoped we all become friends and that our waifus would settle their differences and become friends.

Post edited on 4th Feb 2014, 7:17am
>> No. 14489 [Edit]
File 139234983363.png - (7.88KB , 300x300 , 408.png )
I had my first success with WILD today! Well, kind of. I didn't do it on purpose but it ended up happening anyway, and the dream was kind of short.

I basically laid down and knew that I'd have to wake up within the next 45 minutes, so I relaxed and let my body fall asleep but my mind was still awake. Because my mind didn't completely drift as I knew I had to wake up soon, I didn't get very good visual hallucinations (he was indistinct but there), but I very vividly heard Keisuke... speaking with Steve Blum's voice (he has done a lot of roles so think more along the lines of Grunt from Mass Effect 2, although slightly more high pitched). Both he and I thought it was very weird but he said something to the affect of "I can't talk to you in a way that you can understand completely with my regular Japanese voice, so I wanted to try out this one." We didn't talk about anything of importance and I think he said he probably wouldn't keep the voice, but we both got a good laugh out of it, and it was nice to hear him.
>> No. 15325 [Edit]
File 140026988775.jpg - (11.80KB , 250x250 , 2005071133272d81.jpg )
I had another dream about Keisuke just now. (I've had a few more successes with WILD but they've all been pretty similar to >>14489 with slight variations, so I didn't think they were worth mentioning. This is a dream I wasn't controlling.)

I was visiting some antique/thrift shops in the northeastern USA, if you're familiar with the area, they were the kind that are off the side of the road and smell really musty and are run by old people, and half of the time it's in a barn. I went to one that was in a barn, and I went up to the top floor. There were shelves that looked like at one point had supplies for feeding and caring for chickens that were sparsely filled with random stuff. I was looking through some things and found a stupidly big collection of puzzles that featured Keisuke, like it was official merch but I had never seen any of the pictures before. I was extremely excited but the pricing on them was scribbled and I couldn't read them. The puzzles weren't very big, they were ~300 piece, but there were at least 20 of them (probably more like 40) with very few repeats and they all featured Keisuke.

A woman (who, surprisingly, was dressed like a businesswoman and not like a antique shop owner, and was in her 30s-40s as compared to her 60s+) saw that I was looking and asked if I was interested and in how many. I said all of them because... I paused for a minute and said "I am a serious collector." She looked very relieved, saying that they had been there for a long time and honestly she just wanted to get rid of them, she was willing to part with them for $20 in total. I remember being so happy I almost cried but I accepted.

Things get a little fuzzy at this point but I do remember going home and starting on one; then Keisuke himself showed up. Things got a little sexual and dealt a lot with my personal issues that I'm going through right now at this point so I'll stop there.

Interesting that my subconscious chose puzzles of all things. Wonder what I was thinking.
>> No. 17389 [Edit]
Last night I had a dream that one of my Husbandos friends (even though there's a slim chance they'd be such good friends canonically ) had disappeared and he got really sad. So, I wrapped my arm around him and comforted him ♡
>> No. 17391 [Edit]
I haven't dreamt of Luna yet, but I had had dreams of my ex-waifu before while we were still together.

The most recent one was very simple--I got out of class and she was there waiting for me. We exchanged a few words and kissed. Then I woke up.

I really wish that I would have dreams with Luna. I think whatever part of my brain handles dreams hates me.
>> No. 17394 [Edit]
File 142103974828.jpg - (215.52KB , 648x856 , cooking.jpg )
Well I knew Hanako was my true love when I met her in an extensive semi-lucid dream. We explored the world and the universe just talking for what I am pretty sure was hours. I was overjoyed with love.
Recently I had a very short dream of her, but it got interrupted by somebody making a racket before anything happened.
>> No. 17400 [Edit]
File 142105481318.jpg - (42.41KB , 321x802 , coat.jpg )
In the course of a few months, I managed to go from no dreams remembered in years to remembering them pretty much every night.

Early on when I started keeping a dream log, I had a few dreams with her that were pleasant, if brief.

I've found out that I dream about her pretty much every day, which is great. However, most of them recently I can't interact with her, as I'm either watching scenes from the anime or posting about her in my dreams.

Managed a few semi-lucids too, and maybe one full-lucid, though I woke up almost right away, even after attempting to ground myself. A shame, really, since the one that I consider full-lucid involved me thinking about my waifu right away as soon as I was aware I was in a dream.

I really wish I'd get to do things with her again.
>> No. 17402 [Edit]
It's been awhile but the first time is what made me realize how much I love her.
It was one of those dreams that you very rarely have, everything felt real and like it went on for too long. But it was with her, we fell in love, we got married, had a kid, and grew old together. I lived a full and happy life with her all in one dream

When I woke up I had forgotten who I was, I was confused that she wasn't there next to me. I started to cry as reality started to hit me, I wasn't able to pull myself out of bed for hours.
I was familiar with her series beforehand but I had never felt anything like this fot her, I spent the next week learning everything I could about her, I re read her series, I read her wiki article, I looked at every piece of fanart I could find, and then started researching how to lucid dream.
It's a slow process but I'm still trying, I don't care what I have to do to go back.
>> No. 17555 [Edit]
Is she the Luna I am thinking about?
>> No. 17559 [Edit]
I've been fortunate enough to have this happen exactly twice that I can remember:

- the first time, we were in my dorm room, snuggling in bed and we ended up going all the way. It was really quite nice.

- the second time, we were out jogging somewhere hot and dry. It looked kind of like the canyons such as one might find in the American southwest, but in the distance, we could see skyscrapers like you'd see in the middle east.

I remember both fondly. I keep hoping I'll have it happen again; I occasionally try to focus on mental imagery of on holiday somewhere nice or at our wedding right before sleeping, but it doesn't seem to help...
>> No. 17567 [Edit]
I don't know, is she? Luna Platz, Mega Man Star Force.

Though, she isn't my waifu anymore...
>> No. 17570 [Edit]
I had my first dream about her last night. The details are quite fuzzy, but we were in the countryside together (of course), and Renge was singing that "rabbit pen" song. I stopped her before she got to the "dynamite!" part (in the show, she sings a song that ends with her shouting DYNAMITE and diving to the ground). As we were walking down this dirt path, Renge would point at nothing in particular and tug at my sleeve as if there was something amazing there.
>> No. 17644 [Edit]
It finally happened!

I had a dream I was sitting in some kind of waiting room, maybe a government office, complete with a fern, horrid puke-brown carpet from the seventies, cheap furniture, and an
American flag conspicuously hung and left to collect dust, and she walked in and sat next to me.

We greeted each other like old friends and started talking/catching up/gossiping/whatever normal people call it, and I talked about how I had had limited success restoring a dead/dying 3D* relationship (I feel friendship and genuine care towards her, but not romantic love - but we're incompatible, haven't really been hanging out, and the romance left months ago, sadly). Rei, being Rei, was full of helpful, sensible advice, but the more we talked, the more I realized it was her I loved, not the 3D girl.

After a while, I couldn't take it anymore and I confessed my love to her, telling her how I needed her, how I liked that she did everything so intensely and passionately, how she was so beautiful, so kind, so wise, and how, even though we're supposed to be just friends, just being that close to her gave me butterflies, and how I experienced a sensation of calm and emotional well-being whenever I daydreamed about her.

After a few minutes of my babbling, she smiled and shushed me. "Stop it," she said, "you're making me blush."

"But do you love me back?" I wanted to know. "Well, yeah, kinda," she said shyly.

I remember feeling an intensely pleasurable happy sensation right then that persisted after I woke up. Even now, hours later, I still feel like I'm internally quivering with love and happiness.

It's kind of tinged with guilt and sorrow because I don't want to hurt the 3D girl's feelings any further and I guess there's something vaguely cheaty about the whole thing, but...

> 3D girl
* yeah, I know.
>> No. 17645 [Edit]
Sounds like a cute dream regardless.
>> No. 17660 [Edit]
File 142516849081.jpg - (24.96KB , 250x250 , photo[1].jpg )
I had an unusual dream last night because it wasn't about Ayana per se, but she was there. In my dream, I came home to find a lot of people sitting in the living room, waiting for me to arrive. I think there were three men and three women. All the men were wearing business suits, and all the women were wearing the female equivalent, with a pencil skirt and tights. Ayana was one of the girls. They sat me down and started explaining this grand plan to build a bunch of houses and shops near where I live. Each person would explain a bit, then the next person would speak. When it was Ayana's turn to speak, she sounded much livelier and spoke with a much higher voice than the rest of the people; she sounded excited, while everyone else just sounded bored.

In dreams, your mind simply shuts off the logic centers (centres?), and you accept anything that happens within them. For that reason, I think, I didn't find anything strange about Ayana in this role. Before I could figure out how their plan had any relevance to me, or why they were telling me this, I woke up.

Incidentally, I'm thinking of using a tripcode simply because 99.9% of the pictures of Ayana are lewd or revealing - I feel as though it's treading on some rules to post her, even though it's not stated in the site rules. With a tripcode and name (I was thinking "Ayana-friend" or something like that) people will know that I'm the brohno who likes her, without having to post any revealing images. Would it be frowned upon to do that? I feel as though it's a fitting circumstance.

Sorry for rambling so much; I'm kind of hoping that someone might have a clue what my dream meant, because I can't even begin to guess.
>> No. 17661 [Edit]
Can't say what your dream meant, but yes people don't mind trip/namefags on /mai/.
>> No. 17666 [Edit]

Perhaps it's a sign your subconscious mind shows interest in Ayana, and that she represents unorthodoxy in your life? Perhaps you've spent most of the last few years of your life living in a monotonous way, and she's changing all that.
It could possibly just represent the way you feel about her and how your perception of her is very different from other people's view of her, looking at all the lewd content there is of her.
It could mean nothing, though. Dreams are formed by the cerebral cortex reconstructing moments from your day along with your emotions and thoughts, I wouldn't be surprised if it meant nothing.
>> No. 17671 [Edit]

>Perhaps it's a sign your subconscious mind shows interest in Ayana, and that she represents unorthodoxy in your life?

I quite like this interpretation. I'm going to write down any other dreams I have involving her, but I won't post them here so as not to spam this thread.
>> No. 17673 [Edit]
Check box next to your name, delete button on bottom right of the screen.
>> No. 17774 [Edit]
File 142670804087.jpg - (165.79KB , 1920x1200 , f172d7dcb3267543b86a8f10216e61e39678a506.jpg )
Finally I had a dream with her.

I was on a bus heading home, and she called me asking when I was going to be home. After telling her that I'd be there soon, it suddenly cut to me walking in through the front door. We were living together in an apartment. We migrated to the bedroom so I could put some things away and chat...

...when suddenly two people busted in through my ceiling. A big bald man and a young girl with orange pigtails. I don't know who they were. The girl abducted Mayu while the man brutally murdered me. The dream gave me a nice third-person view of being torn to shreds.
>> No. 17775 [Edit]
Sounds like the direction my dreams usually go.
>> No. 17776 [Edit]
My dreams are usually nothing like that at all. They're usually just super mundane or a little weird (such as going about my day but I'm floating two inches off the ground the entire time). So this stood out to me quite a bit.
>> No. 17777 [Edit]
>such as going about my day but I'm floating two inches off the ground the entire time

Heh, I've had something like this, except 2 inches was more like a foot. I was hovering up and down, and went very slow.
>> No. 17796 [Edit]
Last night but only for a flash, he was on a TV.
>> No. 17817 [Edit]
I unfortunately don't have many, but the one really memorable one I had was Chuunibyou as fuck. It was a great dream, but I was not proud of my subconscious when I woke up.
>> No. 17822 [Edit]
Ugh, I wish I could say my dream of her was happy, since I don't dream about her at all.

I dreamt she was... getting raped , in one of the doujinshi style of art. Why does this shit have to be in my dreams, damn. I'd rather not have dreamt anything at all than this.
>> No. 17823 [Edit]
Sorry to hear that. I wouldn't take too much away from it, as unpleasant as it was.
>> No. 17824 [Edit]
I had a dream that included her last night. She was drawn as I visualized her on a wooden plank I was holding, and several counters were ticking, like clocks. One said "3 days, 75 hours, 2 minutes and 6 seconds", another said "5 days, 2 hours, 56 minutes and 7 seconds". I can't remember where the other counters were at, but I think it was a list of times until which she would disappear from my life.
I've shown signs of me trying to separate myself from her as if she were a curse, both subconsciously and consciously, for some reason. Yes, I know I don't deserve her and all those things... I've gone through this one time too many. Bad things are going to happen.
>> No. 18453 [Edit]
I got to be with her two nights ago.

I tried one of those supplements that is supposed to make your dreams more vivid, and it does seem like it helped, although it might be the placebo effect, but...

In this dream, we were outside on a sunny afternoon and were standing beside a house we owned somehow, but it was unlike anywhere I have ever lived in the waking world. I do remember that she was shorter and smaller than I thought of her as being, as if her height and build had reset to their canon sizes, but it was definitely her. I found myself transfixed and unable to speak, but I recall feeling like I didn't need to - cutting through the feelings of surprise and disbelief, I could feel the love radiating between us as I gazed down into her hazel eyes...

Unfortunately, I became so overjoyed and excited that I stupidly woke myself up in my elation after what couldn't have been more than a few minutes, but still...
>> No. 18459 [Edit]
I had a dream about Ian last night. He was giving one of his lectures in some theater somewhere and I was in one of the front rows, watching him. The theater had a thrust stage (one that extends into the audience) so he was getting close to the front rows of seats, and at one point he walked right in front of where I was, looked right at me and smiled. Unfortunately, I woke up a minute or two after this, but it was great while it lasted.
>> No. 18492 [Edit]
File 143645391737.jpg - (105.59KB , 480x480 , 22.jpg )
Last night, Keisuke visited me in my dreams again. He was warm and we hugged for a very long time, for pretty much the entire duration of the dream.

The predominant thing I remember is his scent, which I hadn't ever picked up in a dream before, but it was definitely him. It felt like we hadn't seen each other in a long time in the dream and held each other very tightly. He was tender and his hair was soft and the last thing I remember was him kissing the side of my face, right next to my right eye.
>> No. 18621 [Edit]
I haven't had an actual dream with him in it yet, but this morning I had a sexual dream with someone random, after it was over in the dream it hit me that I was cheating and that everything I just did was a mistake. The rest of the dream I felt disgusted and terrible that I hurt him in such a way. It's all I could think about.

Once I woke up I still felt guilty, but luckily he's level headed and he told me it was just some silly dream that meant nothing.
>> No. 18623 [Edit]
The last time I dreamed about him, it wasn't something I actually remembered, I just woke up with the vague sense that we had been holding hands. I can't really say that counts since I'm not sure if it actually happened, but it was nice.

The last dream about him that I remember was the most vivid lewd dream I've ever had. That was ~a month ago.

Other than that, he's shown up a few more times but it's not usually much. Something I find interesting is how I had my first dream about him before I fell in love with him. I waved at him, and he waved back. A hint at things to come, perhaps?
>> No. 18732 [Edit]
One of the first dreams I had with him involved really stuck with me and made me realize how serious I was (and am).

I'd been forbidden, somehow, from loving him ever again, and I had to get rid of everything related to him and give him up. (He existed there the same way he does here, as an idea, so the relationship worked the same way as it does here and now.) I was calmly packing away my little shrine of him, and the dream heavily implied that I would kill myself afterwards.
It shocked me to realize I felt so strongly about him that I would rather die than not love him.
I still don't quite know how to feel about it.
>> No. 20146 [Edit]
File 148279710330.png - (324.43KB , 404x583 , 1457248717694.png )
>When was the last time you saw your waifu in a dream?
Last night.

>Does it happen often?
Some would say too often. Almost every night that I can remember, since I met her.

The dreams themselves are always different, but she manages to be in every one of them. Some of them are relatively normal dreams that have nothing to do with her, but she'll still be there somewhere. Sometimes I won't even see her, but I'll know somehow that she's there.
Recently, the dreams have always been good. They tended to be quite tragic and horrible during the first few months.
>> No. 20150 [Edit]
File 148286530652.jpg - (512.89KB , 768x1024 , 2e9f3ea0b73b5a54b85d44628d59beaa55ac8434.jpg )
I know that she was part of at last 2 dreams but I almost always forget everything I dream.
I have a few dream that I know that I want to remember but I don't know if it's because of her.
The dreams I remember are chaotic nonsense.
>> No. 20155 [Edit]
Last night, I feel asleep around 12 and had a weird dream where I was in an anime (I wasn't directly in the scene, it was more like a camera point of view), and there was this ugly guy had to choose between two cute anime girls and he chose one of them. I woke up at 3 and couldn't fall back asleep, and felt kind of saddened. But I'm not sure if I was sad because they were both faithful to each-other and loved each-other for who they were and that's just not the reality of relationships, or saddened because the ugliest person got a cute girl. There was also music playing in my dream, a song called "Terrible Things", even though it had been about a year after I last heard the song and forgot about it. Not really related to my waifu, but I've had this on my mind and been feeling down from it all day. I have accepted the fact that she will never be real, but my dream made me feel otherwise.

This is the first time I had dreamt of cartoon characters. No matter how hard I try, I just can't dream of my waifu.
>> No. 20313 [Edit]
Actual dreaming, once a week at least. Day dreaming is constant. I have tons of nightmares but she can always turn a nightmare into something pleasant
>> No. 20434 [Edit]
I had a dream the other night that I was in the N64 version of the Temple Of Time but instead of walking in and the Door Of Time being straight ahead, the temple split into different halls. At the end of the halls there were different rooms (it was like a whole bunch of Temple Of Times inside one building). Anyway, in each of the temples rooms my waifu was there but her hair colour was different for each room. I chose the one with her actual hair colour and kissed her and told her she was the real one. I can't remember what happened after that.

Also, an "update" on >>20155 I kept on thinking and it kinda reminded me of episode 8 of InuYasha, the ugly prince gets the girl. Maybe in my dream I was like Amari.
>> No. 20448 [Edit]
I think it's lucid dreaming, but I just have this thing where I don't notice falling asleep sometimes and retain a lot of my waking mind while experiencing a dream, especially during a simple nap. The dream I had this afternoon during a nap was truly wonderful. I was sitting on a small hill, and she was a small ways away under a tree doing her thing. She came up and wrangled me around the middle and hauled me off to where she had her things. She sat me down between her legs in the shade there and put her head on my shoulder and her arms around me. Then she took her sewing back up and started along with it again while humming a tune that I can't remember. In the way that dream dialogue works I asked her why she physically picked me up and brought me to her spot, and I remember her reply quite vividly. 'I wanted to keep an eye on you.' I could feel her movements slightly pressing into me while she stitched away, it was so realistic. I felt warm and safe there in her arms. She may be my wife, but she sure as hell knows how to mother me too. I wanted to spend an eternity there, but the waking world called. It's done me a lot of good though. I feel like the weight of living apart from her has been eased a bit.
>> No. 20793 [Edit]
File 151497665019.jpg - (542.11KB , 927x796 , 21122419.jpg )
I had a really special dream last night with my waifu in it.

I was at my computer desk and we were listening to an unreleased album by our favourite artist from over a decade ago, that I had downloaded yesterday. She was sitting on an ottoman beside me, wearing a my black long-sleeve shirt(which draped majestically on her), a red skirt and a pair of black knee-high socks. She was so vivid, so real. A perfect translation of an anime girl into a human being.
I asked her to speak, she opened her mouth and pointed, and I understood that she must be mute. I reached out my arm towards her and she moved toward it, I gently pulled her in and she sat on my lap facing me. I could feel her weight, every point at which our bodies touched. We began to kiss passionately as only true lovers could; rehearsed placement of lips, playful duels of tongues.
Though I consistently lock my door in real-life, my younger sister unexpectedly began to walk in to the room. I threw a small green blanket I keep on my chair over my waifu's head. My sister repeatedly asks; "Who's that?!". I yell at her to leave and threaten to kill her, she meekly turns around and leaves. I lock the door behind her and return to my chair, as I lift the blanket off of my waifu's head and put it over mine, our eyes meet underneath and the dream begins to fade quickly in a flurry of motion.

I awoke in bed feeling so good. My blood felt warm and pure, my muscles so relaxed, a pulled shoulder was completely healed.
Today I feel so inspired, I want to listen to that album all day, get started on so much and put my life back on course.
>> No. 20801 [Edit]
I had a nightmare where Shadman drew my waifu.
>> No. 20804 [Edit]
Not exactly the most recent, and not particularly eventful. I was in a circular building that was essentially a flea market inside. I crossed paths with her once while there, and another time in a field behind a playground by a school.

Post edited on 16th Jan 2018, 9:37pm
>> No. 20810 [Edit]
The times I've dreamt about my waifu, it's just left me feeling sad and empty once I've woken up.
>> No. 21023 [Edit]
I dreamed she was an ojou-sama and me a poor boy that was playing in her garden, we started playing until her father appeared. She tried defending me but she said something that probably would've brought me even more problems, but it was incredibly sweet. I wish I didn't wake up at that exact moment.
>> No. 21024 [Edit]
Some months ago I met her on an empty road in the middle of the night. She handed me a cake and blushed. It was a great morning.
>> No. 21032 [Edit]
I had a dream of my wife within the past couple months. Most recently, I dreamed that she was crying and very sad; I do not remember why. She normally does not cry in response to hardship, so that dream struck me as particularly odd. The occasion before that, I briefly dreamed that we were both amorphous balls of goo, but it seemed happy within the context of my dream, so that's good.
Broadly speaking, dreams about my wife are infrequent but very pleasant. If I do dream of her, it is common for me to be engulfed by a sense of pure elation. We'll usually spend time doing mundane things together or sitting around relaxing. Nothing makes me happier than that. It would be nice if I could dream of her more often.
>> No. 21710 [Edit]
File 164458962051.jpg - (722.24KB , 764x1087 , shamakho_2.jpg )
Once 4 years ago with my ex- garufurendo? I don't consider her wife. I did and do like her but it wasn't true love as I found out 9 months later when I met that who is now maiwaifu.
She who only appeared very recently in a dream. At the end of my sleep when becomes light sleep that's when I usually have some sort of dream as my mind is nearly awake. In this case it was a bit of a carnal dream.

I don't dream often. And in both cases it was a simple appearance of the girl in question with little to no interaction. Nonetheless it's a pleasing and memorable experience.
It's comfy being surrounded by them and not longing for 3DPD.
>> No. 21711 [Edit]
It used to happen every now and then from the typical "what if date IRL" to surrealistic scenarios. One dream I had last was where I was in elementary school again and she was a fellow student, so I tried to pester her for attention, and treated her as if she was a bit slow. She snapped, telling me not to assume that she's something she isn't, and since then I haven't had that many.
I don't know why but something about that dream stuck. Like my subconcious knows that I shouldn't fall for someone if I can't really know them as a true person. But also it's given me some writing inspiration regarding how canon and fanon work in media (making assumptions vs the artists truth) so everything has it's purpose.
I still love her of course, just feel more embarassed...
I'm jealous of those who have comfy idyllic dreams with their loves. And that's coming from someone who can lucid dream.
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