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File 129500069795.png - (43.50KB , 497x160 , wut.png )
476 No. 476 [Edit]
These slogans keep getting stranger and stranger. Not that I'm complaining or anything.
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>> No. 477 [Edit]
Also, only half are punctuated and/or capitalized.
>> No. 480 [Edit]
I noticed this too because of my OCD but I was too afraid to say it.

Same goes for the Steam group in /vg/. It should be capitalized.
>> No. 484 [Edit]
Yeah, Just wait and see if blood doesn't start bleeding up your walls.
>> No. 490 [Edit]
there's UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS in there, but you never consecutively get the whole thing after f5ing it.
>> No. 493 [Edit]
Feel free to suggest your own.
>> No. 494 [Edit]
"Can't be this cute"
>> No. 495 [Edit]
"Hitori bocchi"
>> No. 497 [Edit]
"Ain't Nuthin' Ta Fuck Wit"
>> No. 498 [Edit]
"I told you, bro. I told you about Tohno-chan."
>> No. 499 [Edit]
File 129567841211.jpg - (105.66KB , 500x558 , 1291499350443.jpg )
>> No. 500 [Edit]
"Here is your clue. Make all the red blue."
>> No. 501 [Edit]
>Submitted for your approval, here is the story of a small community of outcasts, based in an alternate dimension.

I love these.
>> No. 502 [Edit]
"It's not just a tuba, it's a phone!"
>> No. 513 [Edit]
"See you, space cowboy"
>> No. 514 [Edit]
on the "Warning: chocking hazard - not suitable for children bellow 18" message "choking" is misspelled
>> No. 522 [Edit]
'Blah blah blah are you even reading this'
>> No. 559 [Edit]
"When I've been masturbating for 20 minutes, I expect a better orgasm."
>> No. 577 [Edit]
"It might be lonely up here, but I sure like the view!"
>> No. 581 [Edit]
Resent /riˈzent/: eg "That man resents his childhood."
>> No. 582 [Edit]
"Whats at the end of Satan's rainbow?"

The reference is obscure: see video ( Its fitting if you get it though.
>> No. 614 [Edit]
is like heg got BROAD SIDE SCHOOL FED up the BONE BULGE
>> No. 637 [Edit]
>> No. 638 [Edit]
When I visit Tohno-chan and see whatever slogan has come up this time, I can't help but find it extremely cute. I also think the little "- Tohno-chan took 0.03 seconds to load - " in the bottom corner is cute too.

I don't really get how something like that can be cute, but I still want to hug it none the less.
>> No. 639 [Edit]
We love Tohno!
>> No. 648 [Edit]
life is just a long wank with a much anticipated but ultimately disappointing orgasm at the end


life is just a long wank where you give up in the middle because you can't keep an erection anymore
>> No. 650 [Edit]
File 130189499085.png - (51.68KB , 552x186 , fap.png )
<--- Oh boy... that's my Tohno.

Also, I'd sugest:
>> No. 678 [Edit]
TetーTetーTeh~ NandeDESUKAAA~♬ ( ̄∀ ̄)ノ☆
>> No. 686 [Edit]
Dohoho. Too bad the yaisha slide one is too short.
>> No. 849 [Edit]
>> No. 851 [Edit]
Living at the top
When you're at the fucking bottom.
>> No. 853 [Edit]
More smiles with Tohno-chan.

Any time is Tohno-chan time.

Tohno-chan, the real obsession.

Start your day right, with Tohno-chan.

Tohno-chan, the smartest thing on Earth.

Follow the arrow and you follow tohno-chan.
>> No. 854 [Edit]
Tohno-chan - Sage
Tohno-chan - I hate this.
>> No. 875 [Edit]
"I wish I could use THAT"

"If it's for tohno onii-chan, I'll try my best!"

"If things get worse I can always kill myself"
>> No. 878 [Edit]
>"If things get worse I can always kill myself"
>> No. 879 [Edit]
That's my life's motto. It almost makes me feel better, in a way
>> No. 888 [Edit]
Proud to be wizards!

(You know, about the joke that if you're still a virgin at 30 you'll gain magical powers.)
>> No. 903 [Edit]
File 13050908389.png - (52.97KB , 520x171 , smoking.png )
wait what
>> No. 904 [Edit]
You stop smoking yet?
>> No. 905 [Edit]
Actually it made him start smoking. This experiment has gone completely awry!
>> No. 906 [Edit]

I never smoked.
>> No. 907 [Edit]
Actually, I thought about stoping, a couple months ago; but then I bought the Zippo with mai waifu on it...
Anyway, I don't smoke much anymore; usually just 2-4 cigarrettes a day (or night, to be more precise).

Post edited on 10th May 2011, 10:56pm
>> No. 908 [Edit]
Most of us are 22 though.
>> No. 909 [Edit]
Smoke weed errday
>> No. 910 [Edit]
>> No. 911 [Edit]
Stop attacking SSRH!
>> No. 912 [Edit]
"This is good.... isn't it?"
"You're pretty good."
Don't want to flood the slogans with MGS quotes but those two I feel fit.
>> No. 945 [Edit]
"Cheer up you're not dead yet"
>> No. 946 [Edit]
I think not being dead yet would actually have a negative effect on most people here.
>> No. 969 [Edit]
also so is "below"
>> No. 1123 [Edit]
I don't know if these misspellings are meant to be deliberate, but this one has a typo.

"Self hate and depression are now is style!"

Post edited on 2nd Jun 2011, 4:44pm
>> No. 1312 [Edit]
'Have you heard about our legend?' is kinda cool but I think it's okay to be a little more in-your-face with a reference in this case and just go with 'Our legend begins in the 12th century'.
>> No. 1343 [Edit]
But in the end, I wouldn't want to trade my dream girl for a real one.

Welcome to Tohno-chan. Our main service is living. Or more appropriately, dying.

Does my mum count?
>> No. 1348 [Edit]
Moe? Is this MOE?
>> No. 1349 [Edit]
I have a suggestion. Maybe instead of having the quotes above in rotation, we can take quotes taken from really good lines from the posts on TC?
>> No. 1360 [Edit]
maybe... but I really like the derpy quotes as well.
>> No. 1365 [Edit]

Same person
>> No. 1366 [Edit]
Also this guy probably

>> No. 1375 [Edit]
Can't see the posts your're referencing, but I didn't write them.
>> No. 1376 [Edit]
504 Connect to BLABLABLA.onion:80 failed: SOCKS error: host unreachable
>> No. 1377 [Edit]
Our princess is in another castle.
>> No. 1393 [Edit]
"Does my mom count?"
>> No. 1475 [Edit]
"I wouldn't know"
>> No. 1481 [Edit]
swimming in a sea of mental disorders
>> No. 1514 [Edit]
(╯°□°)╯︵ uɐɥɔ-ouɥoʇ
>> No. 1515 [Edit]
I like this.
>> No. 1521 [Edit]
Our legend begins in the 12th century

The hell does that even mean?
>> No. 1524 [Edit]
it's from soul eater
>> No. 1636 [Edit]
one of the slogans mentions the admin password. It's fake right...?
>> No. 1675 [Edit]
in the one that says "Is there anything better then moe?", the then should be a than
>> No. 1676 [Edit]
1-4-O . O-4-1

>> No. 1677 [Edit]
That's Tohno's trademark.
>> No. 1684 [Edit]

Really? I thought 'specking' is his trademark.
>> No. 1707 [Edit]
>> No. 1708 [Edit]
Lack of spelling in general is his trademark.
>> No. 1724 [Edit]
"Give me moe or give me death."
>> No. 1750 [Edit]
How about (source is Danbooru's "Quotable Dialogue" pool):
>Already pitching a tent in our crotch.
>The forest is ripe with the stench of bitches!
>Someday, this board will definitely open up its asshole.
>> No. 1757 [Edit]

That all sounds very lewd.
>> No. 1777 [Edit]
I just noticed the "Fear is the mind killer" one. Couldn't help reciting the rest in my mind
>> No. 1808 [Edit]
>I'm always forgeting my password, this should be a good place to keep it! name:admin pass:f5l33t247365

Please, never ever change, Tohno-chan.
>> No. 1823 [Edit]
"Stop the life, I want to get off."
>> No. 1874 [Edit]
Well, well, ring a gong everybody, cuz it's TOOOHNOOO-CHAAAN
>> No. 1875 [Edit]
Lives in sente.
>> No. 1877 [Edit]

As one who is getting into the Metal Gear Solid series, this put a smile on my face.
>> No. 1878 [Edit]
"You are not the worst."
"Failure is an illusion."
>> No. 1879 [Edit]
"Kick logic to the curb, let the hate flow through you!"
>> No. 1880 [Edit]
"tohno put this line into rotation or else i will feel left out"
>> No. 1919 [Edit]
"cool and cute"
>> No. 1941 [Edit]
"Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment."
>> No. 1996 [Edit]
"Do you have the courage to be a lazy bum?"
>> No. 2017 [Edit]

Directly from the source code.
>> No. 2020 [Edit]
File 132849699237.jpg - (134.63KB , 1440x810 , nisemonogatari-episode-1-034.jpg )
>"The courage to be a lazy bum"

>> No. 2021 [Edit]
found that by chance last night while adding in some more.
or might have been another version.

(it's a few lines out of date by the way)
>> No. 2022 [Edit]
I didn't realize there were so many.
>> No. 2023 [Edit]
"Don't worry, I still love you."
>> No. 2029 [Edit]
``Disappointment is an everyday thing."
>> No. 2033 [Edit]
the "LEAVE ME ALONE" one scared me for a bit
>> No. 2035 [Edit]
File 132900004043.jpg - (71.51KB , 1001x164 , untitled.jpg )
Oh shit nigga...
>> No. 2036 [Edit]
I just saw that one, hahaha.
>> No. 2040 [Edit]
"You can't spell 'Tohno-chan' without 'oh no'."
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