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File 129500069795.png - (43.50KB , 497x160 , wut.png )
476 No. 476 [Edit]
These slogans keep getting stranger and stranger. Not that I'm complaining or anything.
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>> No. 5364 [Edit]
I pledge my life to you. I shall live, and die, by the kawaii uguu~
>> No. 5369 [Edit]
File 141678120671.jpg - (258.53KB , 500x337 , wesley willis.jpg )
My mother was taken to the metal clink. They locked her up for being a loser.


For the second time I told the preacher to fuck off. I also told Reverend Henry E. Miller to suck a male camel's dick.

>> No. 5392 [Edit]
File 141972238995.png - (27.39KB , 530x167 , l.png )
tohno delivers
>> No. 5393 [Edit]
I Expect nothing, and I'm still let down
>> No. 5403 [Edit]
Translate server error
>> No. 5404 [Edit]
We can go no further. I am no more.
>> No. 5405 [Edit]
“Something cold and pure”
>> No. 5433 [Edit]
Yuri approved!
>> No. 5555 [Edit]
“Say "Yoyu-chi!" in cheerful face!”
>> No. 5574 [Edit]
File 143886759520.png - (61.41KB , 296x420 , Eri Kasamoto.png )
"You live then you die - all alone..."
>> No. 5616 [Edit]
File 143986026013.png - (48.16KB , 180x164 , I'm Nazrin!.png )
My heart is tainted but my crotch is chaste.

>> No. 5622 [Edit]
"No bully!"
>> No. 5626 [Edit]
File 144002172660.jpg - (67.53KB , 425x542 , 3756e.jpg )
"Follow the cold shiver running down your spine."
>> No. 5663 [Edit]
File 144078461016.png - (247.86KB , 572x800 , ec769e9d5b859d1781d643c81dbbebb2.png )
“Point me in the direction of their boobs!”
>> No. 5664 [Edit]
what right do you have to complain about the lack of 'quality' posts when you havin't made any yourself? I've been watching over this site every day I could, every week, every month for years. Even when away from the site I'm thinking of posts to make, ways to help it, improve it, creating themes and banners and so on. What have you done for the site? You come here contributing absolutely NOTHING and try to lecture me on how to run this place? You must be out of your god damn mind son.
>> No. 5665 [Edit]
>> No. 5666 [Edit]
Its true though.
>> No. 5761 [Edit]
if you insist
>> No. 5766 [Edit]
wasn't that a post from tohno?
why are you being so meta anon?
>> No. 5769 [Edit]
i'm fairly certain that was directed at me specifically and not you or anyone else in general *edit* hadn't seen that other thread yet, nevermind

anyway i just did see th

Post edited on 2nd Oct 2015, 11:48pm
>> No. 5781 [Edit]
“Somebody! Will somebody please help everyone?”
>> No. 5784 [Edit]
>The misery feedback loop went full circle.
>> No. 5813 [Edit]
File 14477622579.png - (233.94KB , 481x360 , These donuts.png )
>> No. 5814 [Edit]
>> No. 5832 [Edit]
Time flies when you're doing nothing.
>> No. 5841 [Edit]
"クソスレ" would be good
>> No. 5863 [Edit]
Meddl leude
>> No. 5879 [Edit]
"Tits are life, Ass is hometown"
>> No. 5882 [Edit]

what a shitty place to grow up.
>> No. 5883 [Edit]
You can leave Tohno-chan, but Tohno-chan will never leave you.
>> No. 5907 [Edit]
Would be cool if the boards had more slogans too
>> No. 5908 [Edit]
You mean if each board had it's own rotating slogans like the front page does?
>> No. 5909 [Edit]
Yes, exactly
>> No. 5911 [Edit]
Shit, I never even noticed that. Any suggestions for what to change it too?
>> No. 5913 [Edit]
Guess that'll do for now.
>> No. 5916 [Edit]
I think the problem with doing that is we already have tons of slogans on the front page that work for most of the boards, and unless we took some of them out it'd be a bit hard to think of many original ones for each board. In other words all the good shit's already being used else wear.
>> No. 5917 [Edit]
I tend to visit certain boards rather than the main page, guess I should check the main page more often
>> No. 5994 [Edit]
>> No. 6102 [Edit]
>> No. 6162 [Edit]
Do you ever think about consensual tentacle sex and suddenly find yourself bad at driving rocket fueled remote controlled cars?
>> No. 6163 [Edit]
Tentacles > footlong boyfriend
>> No. 6165 [Edit]
Life is a $20 whore and I've got 5 bucks.
>> No. 6168 [Edit]
"Ruby-chan gives me the strenght to smile every day. Thank you Ruby-chan. I love you and I will forever support you."
>> No. 6175 [Edit]
Kawanishi-Noseguchi Kinunobebashi Takiyama Uguisunomori Tsuzumigataki Tada Hirano Ichinotorii Uneno Yamashita Sasabe Kofudai Tokiwadai Myoukenguchi.
>> No. 6354 [Edit]
Is any one in this chatroom planning to commit violence against property, corporations, and/or human beings?
>> No. 6526 [Edit]
(fuck cube was underrated)
>> No. 6548 [Edit]
I believe... I believe... every day is a good day when you post
>> No. 6555 [Edit]
Around the world I've traveled, strolling trough dozens of countries and thousands of lands, taking my time to feed my knowledge with the wisdom that folklore and history brings along.
>> No. 6558 [Edit]
"Clench your asshole really tight and scream the word from the bottom of your heart!!!"
>> No. 6638 [Edit]
Hey kid, wanna buy some moe?
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