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File 131383104983.jpg - (1.61MB , 1280x1024 , guns.jpg )
4311 No. 4311 [Edit]
Come on now, there's gotta be something you're sick of seeing get over used in videogame after videogame.
Something you wish they would just stop with already.

Personally, for one, it's most modern games limiting how many weapons you can cary at any one time to just two or three.
useualy being, one small weapon, such as a hand gun, and one or two bigger guns.
This I suspect to be not for realism, but to cover for their own laziness and unwillingness to make more available weapons for the game.
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>> No. 4312 [Edit]
Auto recovery health system.
I miss hp and medkits.
>> No. 4313 [Edit]
lack of HUD.
some games take it too far. and there alternatives are crap.

games taking a free roam approach but not really having anything fun to do.

and less penalties for dying. dying should f your day up, not be a slap on the wrist.
>> No. 4314 [Edit]
I really loathe unskippable cutscenes and developer logos at the beginning of games. It just puts me in a bad mood.
>> No. 4315 [Edit]
Health regen

Shitty PC ports

Launch day DLC

Character customization where you can adjust everything about a female character except breast size (or if you can, you can't go below a C cup)

>> No. 4317 [Edit]
Pointless DRM doing nothing but causing hassle for people who bought the game. Why bother, it will always be cracked in the end.

Even GTA4's draconic SecuROM DRM got cracked in a short time, as did Assassins Creed 2's requirement to be online all the time. It's actually easier to pirate and install both than it is to buy them.
>> No. 4318 [Edit]
Man, I was thinking of getting GTA4 but decided against it because it used GFWL, but it used securom too!? And rockstar complained about people not buying it, fuck
>> No. 4319 [Edit]
>rockstar complained about people not buying it
What did they expect when they crammed shit like that service you have to call into just to find out the name of the song playing on the radio (which all sucked), that then tries to get you to buy it off amazon or somecrap?
>> No. 4322 [Edit]
What? There was a phone call song identification thing, but it was using the in-game cell phone and wasn't real at all. I have no idea what you are talking about with the amazon thing, either
>> No. 4323 [Edit]
This is what you have to do to install it:

1. Insert disc
2. Install 'Rockstar Social Club' which is just a launcher that also does patching, it starts on Windows startup by default without asking and it must be open to launch the game.
3. Install Games for Windows Live, a completely useless piece of shit that again starts on startup by default and is required for the game to laucnh. You also can't play online without creating an account.
4. Start installing game
5. Spend 30 minutes figuring out why the fuck SecuROM isn't accepting your product key
6. Download patches, one of the recent ones exists solely to remove the 'Social Club' thing.

Then every time you want to play the game.

1. Insert disc (No-CD patches for retail versions don't work with mods thanks to SecuROM)
2. Start up Games for Windows Live: it's still necessary because :reasons:
3. Launch game
4. Wait 2 minutes for the developer screens to pass
5. Wait another 2 minutes for the long as shit loading times
6. Enjoy your extremely badly ported game that runs like complete arsegravy on every computer.

Rockstar can fuck off good and proper. What's annoying is that nearly all of this shit isn't necessary if you pirate it. Oh, and you still have to use Games for Windows Live even if you buy it through Steam. Why?
>> No. 4324 [Edit]
maybe it was itunes, but I know for sure they had some system set up for buying downloads of the in game songs.
>> No. 4325 [Edit]
No it was amazon after all.
>> No. 4326 [Edit]
Wow I didn't know about that (xbox version just identified tracks). If this is the shit they like to do with PC ports then I'm almost glad they don't care to do them anymore
>> No. 4327 [Edit]
They had this on the console versions when the game first came out, but I think they got rid of it by the time the pc version was released.
>> No. 4328 [Edit]
Sequels, remakes, and reboots. It just seems like a waste of time most of the time.
>> No. 4329 [Edit]
Depends on if the sequels actually expand upon the originals or are just made to cash in on the series name. Good sequels: GTA Vice City and SA. Bad: The CoD series
>> No. 4330 [Edit]
When done correctly it goes as
Part 1 introduced new ideas and is what makes the money
part 2 uses the money/experience to make a better game, which builds on part 1 but trys to be fresh.
part 3 does as before.

but what we have in the industry now.
part 1, include as little content as you can get away with, so you can use it as DLC or possibly use it for the sequel.
part 2, same as 1.
part 3, same as 2.

Post edited on 20th Aug 2011, 3:03pm
>> No. 4331 [Edit]
Pretty much.
>> No. 4332 [Edit]
File 131387814642.jpg - (80.90KB , 1050x439 , video games.jpg )
>> No. 4333 [Edit]
It's funny becuase some games have been found to already have the dlc they make you pay for, on the disk you already bought, such as with gtaIV for example, which was found to have stuff from the first expansion already in it.
>> No. 4334 [Edit]
I dont understand, whats the problem? They've just added a feature that allows people to buy songs they like from the game.
>> No. 4335 [Edit]
I dislike modern DLC, like in fallout new vegas the main game is 50 hours or so, yet they release a whole lot of DLC which are self-contained plotlines about 2 hours long. I cant be bothered going back to a game I've already finished just for a tiny self-contained adventure, I wish they made decent sized expansion packs like the old days
>> No. 4336 [Edit]
I don't know, but you know what we need more of? Underwater levels. I want a game that's entirely underwater levels, just like the good ol' days.
>> No. 4338 [Edit]
Agreed. Maybe the underwater action could have some ice platform levels in between. You know, for variety
>> No. 4339 [Edit]
duke nukem forever has a big underwater level
>> No. 4340 [Edit]
One of the most tedious ones in history too
>> No. 4341 [Edit]
Don't forget the escort missions. Just include a timer and/or a buggy AI and you'll be set.
>> No. 4342 [Edit]
I can't say for sure, but I think it was the reason all the songs in the game sucked.
if you look at the music in the old games, they were filled with classics, real awesome stuff, but with that game, no name bands with extremely bland music.
>> No. 4343 [Edit]
Ever play bioshock?
>> No. 4344 [Edit]
File 131390617466.png - (1.40KB , 256x224 , mario1-minus-world-6.png )
That doesn't count, silly. I mean REAL underwater levels, with swimming and everything. Bonus points if you have a time limit until you run out of air.
>> No. 4345 [Edit]
Dumbing down games so they will have "mainstream appeal". RIP Hitman series, you were really cool
>> No. 4350 [Edit]
>games taking a free roam approach but not really having anything fun to do.

I think the reason why open world games became so popular, is becuase the makers see it as a easy and rather lazy way of extending game play time by having the player spend 50% of his time playing the game just getting from one mission or event to the next, as they travel across the same clone stamped terrain over and over.
>> No. 4357 [Edit]
I'm tired of seeing brown everywhere. I keep seeing games that are set in the desert where you shoot generic brown people with brown tanks going by kicking up brown dust into my screen that has a brownish-red jelly on it because I just got shot 4 times by that brown sniper in the brown tower.
>> No. 4360 [Edit]
There's a reason for that, actually
>> No. 4361 [Edit]
Well I'm tired of seeing gray everywhere.
I keep seeing games that are set in dark gray cities where you shoot generic people in dark gray armor/uniforms with grey vehicles going by kicking up grey dirt into my screen which is dark gray-red because I just got shot 4 times by that gray sniper in the gray building.

Let's get married!
>> No. 4363 [Edit]
the real reason is that brown and grey are the colors of REALISM
>> No. 4390 [Edit]

Yeah I guess it's real. REAL SHITTY LOL
>> No. 4391 [Edit]
>> No. 4399 [Edit]
I played Quake for the first time recently and I was surprised by how complex and mazelike the levels were. It made me realize how linear games are now. Even if the levels themselves aren't linear there's always something showing you where to go and how to get there. I miss that feeling of being lost.
>> No. 4508 [Edit]
File 131499676255.jpg - (65.41KB , 467x325 , Vimage_FilthyCasual.jpg )

This genre is so overdone it's not funny. Even worse, it has a madden-level casual fanbase. The only two games my old man enjoys are Madden and FPS's, and he's the biggest casual known to man.
>> No. 4509 [Edit]
This is why a number of the most popular older FPS have scared me off, actually. I could just tell I'd be lost and raging for hours.
>> No. 4513 [Edit]
Someone once explained it to me this way:

It's not meant to stop smart internet users like me and you, it's meant to stop 12 year old billy from copying the game on a cd for his friend max. It seems like a silly explanation but if you go to any cracked game torrent you'll usually see hundreds of replies by people who can't even properly copy over the crack to the game files. Those are the people DRM is meant to hinder, not us.
>> No. 4532 [Edit]
why is it bad that a genre has a casual fanbase? do you honestly expect everyone to be as hardcore a gamer as yourself? and FPS games arent even casual; shit like cooking mama and carnival games is casual.
>> No. 4533 [Edit]
>FPS games arent even casual; shit like cooking mama and carnival games is casual

They are both garbage made for idiots.

That's assuming by "fps" you mean things like CoD, anyway.

Post edited on 4th Sep 2011, 3:50pm
>> No. 4534 [Edit]
There's casual as in 15 year old kids that rarely play video games if it's not with their friends in the room, who think it's "gay" to play video games alone, and who only do so as they use that time to yell at random people on xbox live.
(Today I was playing a game with a pop up that kept coming talking about how I can play with my friends online or some crap, I told my tv to fuck off and that I have no friends.)

Then there's the type of casual gamers that are little dumb kids or just old.
The type that don't know shit about video games and need helping hands for everything in games.
They're the ones with your cooking mama or other such interactive and overly simple games.

Oh and let us not forget the hipster type of casual gamers, the type that mostly just play iPhone games, and who show off their mario shit because it's so cool and nerdy, the ones who only play interactive console games at home which can be played with friends, like on the wii or the move or konnect.

I think we might need more terms to expand on "casual" since it has clear sub genres, which game developers treat very differently and market to differently.
for the frat kids they make call of duty clones
for the idiots you got all those simple puzzle games, and games that practically play themselves.
for the hipsters you got games like rock band, or whatever else required waving around a big plastic dildo in front of a tv.
>> No. 4536 [Edit]

holy shit

"hey guys my whack-a-mole cover shooter is HARDCORE and MLG QUALITY because my mother couldnt figure out how to walk around in them! total ownage bros!!!!"

Post edited on 4th Sep 2011, 4:19pm
>> No. 4537 [Edit]

You do realize he is being sarcastic, right?
>> No. 4538 [Edit]
I really hope he is
>> No. 4541 [Edit]
I was trying to be serious but some of you guys are so out of touch with reality I don't even know why I bother
>> No. 4542 [Edit]
We might be out of touch with reality, but you're in denial of it if you think call of duty is a hard core fps.
>> No. 4543 [Edit]

My mom couldn't get a hang of moving around in SMG. I'm not sure if it proves SMG is hardcore but here you go.
>> No. 4545 [Edit]
>There's casual as in 15 year old kids that rarely play video games if it's not with their friends in the room, who think it's "gay" to play video games alone
You completely made this up.
It is. People just don't want to be associated with retarded frat boys.
>> No. 4546 [Edit]
If my mom failed at Barbie's horse adventure, would that make it a hard core game?
>> No. 4547 [Edit]
File 131524228819.jpg - (91.86KB , 640x478 , barbieHorseAdven_050603_02_640w.jpg )
Dunno, but it looks fucking awesome!!1!
>> No. 4548 [Edit]
File 131524369237.jpg - (61.27KB , 552x438 , The-Epsom-Derby-1821.jpg )
Reminds of the Epsom Horse Racing paiting, because both look horribly unnatural.
>> No. 4549 [Edit]
My mom can't figure out how to use Microsoft Word. Pretty hardcore, I'd say
>> No. 4583 [Edit]
having to wait an eternity before you can do anything.
Why do almost all game devs act like you can't be introduced to the story as you play it?
>> No. 4823 [Edit]
I am completely and utterly fed up and pissed off as hell with pc games and their 360 controller crap.
I do not own a 360 controller, I do not want to buy a 360 controller.
There is nothing wrong with the usb game pad I currently own.
When the hell did it get this way? it's like every single dev forgot there are game pads out there that are not xboxbox controllers.
When a game says "press Y" how the crap am I supposed to know what button is 'Y'?

Earlier I tried playing some game, this menu says press B to exit/return, I have no idea what button is supposed to be B, but then I find it, I change the keybindings in the game's menu for my pad to something that works for me, and now that I exited the key binding (with their B button), that button isin't B anymore, but they still tell me to press B to exit/return after the binding has changed, but all the menu keys have also changed becuase of the binding, and because those ass hats only show the actual number of the keypad during binding, I have no clue whatsoever what button is what.
God I wish I could kick ever dev in the balls that does this crap.
the game recognises the numbers of each button on my pad, and the pad has those numbers on the buttons, yet they still show 360 buttons everywhere outside of the key binding sub menu.
Is Microsoft forcing pc game developers to do this in order to push their peace of crap game system?
seriously, fuck them, I'm sick of this.
>> No. 4824 [Edit]
Why are you playing with a controller on the PC? What game is it?

Also the blame is probably 100% on lazy shitty game devs

EDIT: Oh, I see what it is on your steam. Yeah car games are probably better with controllers. Given the game's low as shit score I can't really be surprised that they took shortcuts when it came to things like gamepad support

Post edited on 30th Sep 2011, 2:40pm
>> No. 4825 [Edit]
Yeah that pisses me off too, have you tried binding the controls to keyboard buttons and then using xpadder to get your controller to use those keystrokes as buttons?

I'm pretty sure it is just microsoft being assholes, same deal with GFWL.
>> No. 4826 [Edit]
File 131742140286.jpg - (276.25KB , 1600x900 , xboxbuttons.jpg )
yeah racing/car games don't work well with keyboards I think.

The thing is though, it's not just low budget games, most games out there do this.
this was something that was actually added into the game dead island with an update, the game originally had a mouse icon before with the door smashing mechanic, but it then got switched for a 360 analog stick when I updated, and I wasn't even playing that game with a pad.

what's worse is when it's fully incorporated into the game play of a game.
When I was playing just cause 2 using a pad, They had minigame quicktime event things, requiring you to press something like 10 buttons in the order they show up as in the time limit.
Not as easy as it sounds when the buttons they show are buttons you don't have.
I tried modding that game just to replace those stupid icons, but was never able to find where those icons were saved in the game's data, they were pretty well hidden.

then there's crap like this, image related.
the hud and pick up items are based around xbox buttons, and the possession of those hud buttons ignores custom key binding.
They're not being lazy, they're doing this completely on purpose.

Post edited on 30th Sep 2011, 3:31pm
>> No. 4827 [Edit]
Can't say that I have.
Might be worth trying for the games that really push this more then others.
>> No. 4831 [Edit]
the game is probably an xbox port
>> No. 4846 [Edit]
File 131764897027.jpg - (35.89KB , 739x610 , xbox-360-new-wireless-controller-pic-1.jpg )

I just have a rough time with the XBox controller in general. I suppose I am too used to having a gamepad on the left and 2-4 buttons on the right.

I don't own a XBox, so whenever I play some game with my roommate and his friends, our skill levels (though I would normally be well above them... in terms of fighting games like Blazblue for instance) are more or less turned even because I can't get the commands off on that strange controller. They do it like it is no problem though.

Wth do they put the D-Pad on the bottom?
Shit like this makes me feel old.
>> No. 4848 [Edit]
File 131765147342.jpg - (255.49KB , 486x1103 , Vimage29.jpg )

Also, signing in (on your own console) to play a game is just the strangest thing to me. I still haven't gotten used to it. Never really into online play on consoles.
>> No. 4850 [Edit]
Microsoft sucks dicks, that's about it.
>> No. 4856 [Edit]

>I just have a rough time with the XBox controller in general.

Really? I don't own an Xbox and have no intention of ever getting one (unless someone will be willing to give it to me for free) but I love the 360 controller. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's my favorite controller of all time*. Only two other controllers ever felt as comfortable for me - some Logitech pad (can't say which model, I borrowed it from a friend of mine a few times) and Wavebird. If the 360 used Wavebird's assymetrical button placement I would never use any other controller again.

* I have fond memories of Megadrive controller, too, but that's mostly nostalgia
>> No. 4870 [Edit]
Yeah, it really is quite astounding that they went from the abomination that was the original xbox controller to the xbox360 controller.
>> No. 4872 [Edit]
So that makes it okay to force it onto PC gamers?
>> No. 4873 [Edit]
no. but if youre going to force a controller on someone you may as well force the best.

I hate the sticks on PS3 controllers. and the triggers. just my opinion as someone who owns both consoles.
>> No. 4874 [Edit]
You should really learn to separate opinion from fact before you make more of an ass out of yourself.

Just becuase you prefer something, that doesn't make it the best, it only makes it best for you.

please, if you're going to keep this fanboy console war bs up, take it to /v/, they love this crap over there.

Post edited on 6th Oct 2011, 3:03am
>> No. 4876 [Edit]

>Just becuase you prefer something, that doesn't make it the best, it only makes it best for you.

First of all, this is pretty damn obvious. There's no reason to add 'if you ask me' or other crap like that every time you voice an opinion.

And even then, he actually did do that, most likely in an attempt not to anger people who are offended if everybody and their mom doesn't agree with them.

>just my opinion

I mean it doesn't get any more obvious than that. It's plain impossible.

Second, you can stop getting angry whenever someone mentions a gaming system that wasn't developed by Sony. You like them, we get it. Hey, I like them too. PS2 was by far the best paltform of the 6th gen. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy other companies' products and point out that while Dual Shock felt comfortable to me over 10 years ago it doesn't do the trick for me anymore. You are free to disagree of course but please, don't get angry again, I bet it's bad for your health to be under this much stress.

If anyone brings /v/ angry attitude over it's definitely you. ... Oh, I forgot. Just my opinion.
>> No. 4877 [Edit]
When did /tc/ become so aggressive?

Chill out, take it easy, and play some video games.
>> No. 4878 [Edit]
video games make you angry

especially when they're on an inferior console like the xbox 360
>> No. 4879 [Edit]

That post was the funniest example of unintentional self-contradiction I've seen in a while. Good going.


MAG for the PS3 has both of those features. It saddens me as an obsessive MAG player that this FPS (& many other good games) are slowly being suffocated under the mainstream.
>> No. 4880 [Edit]
I wasn't sure where else to post this, so I will post it here. I hate everything about this
>> No. 4881 [Edit]
He said it's alight to force the 360 controller on pc gamers because it's the best controller, in my opinion, that's being a console fanboy faggot.

Adding in my opinion at the end of anything you say doesn't always makes it okay.

on a unrelated note, I think jews deserved to be burned alive, blacks and browns should get the same treatment because they're ruining America, also, japan deserved the earthquake because of what they did to pearl harbor, those freaks need another nuke in my opinion.

Post edited on 6th Oct 2011, 2:08pm
>> No. 4886 [Edit]

Is that fucking for real?

Didn't they change their name to Xe?

What a disgusting piece of PR either way.
>> No. 4917 [Edit]
File 131894104433.jpg - (8.89KB , 234x288 , James standing in line.jpg )
Wait, wait, wait. Blackwater/Xe? As in the mercenary group responsible for a great deal of war crimes but never has to go to military court due to diplomatic immunity mumbo-jumbo? They're getting a game?

That's pretty disturbing.
>> No. 5059 [Edit]
wow, that guy looks like a jackass playing that, and the game looks like shit.
>> No. 5542 [Edit]
File 132289946371.jpg - (121.57KB , 1000x638 , zero_4.jpg )
Annoying announcers on starcraft streams.
Day9 show how it is done PROPERLY.
>> No. 5543 [Edit]
File 132290215745.jpg - (441.10KB , 1680x1050 , 2011-12-02_00001.jpg )
Crappy multiplayer netcode.
>> No. 5550 [Edit]
-Auto-Aim on consoles.
-Can't back up through dialog incase you missed what it said.
-No split screen multiplayer/co-op.
-On PC, no split screen multiplayer/co-op. This one sounds odd, but if it was a common thing we could just replace consoles with PC, and hook them up to our TVs, and it could do everything a console/DVDplayer/Cablebox/AudioSystem/etc does.
-In RPGs all the endless battles that offer no challenge. Sometimes I wish there was a mode where you could play without the battles and just enjoy the story.
-No more unlockables, I already know I am capable of getting them that is why they exist. Give me access to everything from the beginning and if I want a challenge I won't use it.
-Limiting options and game modes, You should be able to directly manipulate every single constant/variable in the game. ie: change gravity, # of teams, handicaps, # of enemies, enemy weapons, weather, AI level, objectives, etc, etc. Within reason though, as long as the system doesn't crash it is ok.
-Can't save after you die, forced to spend hours leveling up. This is usually how most Final Fantasys end (especially 3).
>> No. 5551 [Edit]
Which commentators do you find annoying?

Personally, I think humor is more important than professionalism in the world of game casting. I can forgive a lot of amateurish moves as long as there's humor and viewer connection. My favorites are day9, lagtv, artosis and tb. The rest that I'm familiar with just doesn't intrigue me on that same level. I think it's a matter of originality vs effort when it comes to my personal preferences on casters.


On topic:
I'm in general tired of the various trends modern consoles advocate. For example the menus and navigation there of in TESV. The controller limitations are ever so present, and I'd be cool with that if I was playing with a controller, but I'm not - I'm playing with a keyboard and mouse.

That's a point of annoyance that I feel hits me as of now. There's another point that I feel is just waiting to bite me, and that's social gaming. I'm so afraid of this trend and everything it manifests that I have to this day more or less effectively evaded it. Forced profile creations are bad, but now I know more or less what games to evade in order to free myself of these gaming profiles. Luckily for me, those games with their respective companies don't much appeal to me. If, however, this trend becomes the definite norm, it might just end up hurting me bad, and I'll be forced to compromise even greater on my gaming.

Lastly there's DRM, and if it weren't for game clients such as Steam, it would probably lead to me quitting on games alltogether. I don't buy physical copies of games unless I know it supports steamworks. I despise discs for a number of reasons, and threw away my DVD drive long ago just to force myself off of this terrible storage medium. My condolences to those stuck on slow internet connections.
>> No. 5552 [Edit]
When a game has a painfully awkward control scheme and theirs no option to change it.

I really think developers are trolling me when they do that.
>> No. 5592 [Edit]
File 132360109584.jpg - (256.48KB , 700x2443 , z39.jpg )
Companies buying gaming franchises and running it to the ground.

RIP Command & Conquer and Westwood...
>> No. 5593 [Edit]
the sequel to C&C Generals is being made by Bioware
>> No. 5594 [Edit]

I just died a little inside.
>> No. 5597 [Edit]
so how many romance plots can we expect
>> No. 5600 [Edit]
To be fair it is actually being made by Bioware group, so it is less likely to have romance plots and more likely to be just a huge heap of shit like RA3 and C&C4.
>> No. 5601 [Edit]
I think I'd prefer a Generals with gay romance subplots than another RA3 or C&C4
>> No. 5679 [Edit]
File 13247191349.jpg - (36.71KB , 489x343 , zdeep.jpg )
Why you hate casuals? Why are self-proclaimed [email protected] gamers so elitist?

See what happens when you don't try to increase your costumer base;
>> No. 5683 [Edit]
File 132476531980.jpg - (262.62KB , 520x445 , eng jp.jpg )
I'm so completely sick of westernization of game box art.
taking things that are nice and making them bleak dark gritty or just hiding it as the case is with many games, pisses me right off.
They're sending a clear message that you should be ashamed to buy something nice/cute/happy
good example of this would be all the Kirby covers they use and keep the same except for making him look pissed off in the American versions.
This shit is a complete insult to western gamers and needs to stop already.

and for what? so some little bastered who's ashamed of his hobby can pretend to be buying something socially acceptable at the cost of the rest of us?
or is it because they think most Americans are retarded and wont buy a game that doesn't have tits and guns on the cover?

more here.
>> No. 5685 [Edit]
The god damn Ico art is what irritates me the most out of all of those. The original is so damn beautiful and appealing, as opposed to the American version which is, frankly, hideous.
>> No. 5686 [Edit]
I don't like the growing trend of not making the music of the games playable outside the game itself, especially on consoles. I mean, I still listen to music from games like Morrowind regularly, and I miss the days when I could simply pop a game CD into my CD player and listen to the soundtracks of games like WipeOut and Rise 2:
Can't do that with my PS3 games, at most they might offer the tracks on iTunes or something.
>> No. 5687 [Edit]
File 132480508480.jpg - (108.84KB , 737x327 , angry kirby.jpg )

>> No. 5688 [Edit]
Overpowered final bosses, or final bosses that are unbeatable without a certain set of skills/equipment/resistances. This has happened in a lot of JRPGs I've played lately.

I just want to continue with the story, I want to see the ending. But no, I have to drop everything and go grind somewhere. Completely ruins the build-up to the final boss and ending.
>> No. 5689 [Edit]

I would be angrier to find out the final boss was some kind of wimp whom I managed to one shot.

Then again I rarely finish any games, once I get my fill I just stop playing (instead of forcing myself to finish it just for the sake of it even though I got past my 'saturation' point long ago).
>> No. 5690 [Edit]
File 132483945666.jpg - (28.82KB , 250x347 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

To be fair we have come a long way in that regard.
>> No. 5691 [Edit]
I have no problem with challenging final bosses, e.g. Luciferfrom SMT3:Nocturne. I'm talking about bosses that you're required to grind for, because no amount of strategy using what you have when you reach the boss will work.
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