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Recent News Post: Thanks again to A.F. by tohno - 9th Mar 2017
File 130181861477.jpg - (53.12KB , 575x323 , ezio.jpg )
2003 No. 2003 [Edit]
ITT, what you're curently playing for the time being, or just finished, new or old games alike.

As is, I'm on assassin's creed brotherhood myself after having finally gotten around to playing killzone 2, which was a tad bit on the disappointing side, but works fine for a mindless shooter I guess.
AC:B on the other hand is pretty good so far I think.
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>> No. 11500 [Edit]
I finally finished FFXII. The ending was a little weak but that might have been because of the first director leaving near the end of it. I'm glad the story ended that way but it was abrupt (didn't feel like it was working towards the ending) and the level/bosses were rather easy. I still need to finish the bonus bosses and hunts.

Overall I enjoyed it. Very good, except the ending.

Started Monster Hunter Freedom.
>> No. 11505 [Edit]
I've been playing Armoured Core: Verdict Day after an old friend went on a rant about how good the series is.

Is it supposed to be this hard?
Or do I just suck? I'm stuck on a mission set in a city, and you have to stop the animes from escaping.

It's nice to see Australia get repped in a game.

Tonnes. There's TWEWY if you haven't played it already. Disgaea got a good port. Devil Survivor 1 and 2 are great, although the first one is better. Strange Journey is also a great dungeon crawler.
>> No. 11506 [Edit]
FSR is a good game.
I think that playing the entire thing in two days may have contributed to your fatigue, seeing how the game is episodic in nature. I don't blame you though, these days I usually marathon games too even if they are not suited for such an approach. I'm so impatient.
I enjoyed the guide book element and immersing myself in everything Lospass had to offer. It may sound silly, but the game actually made me appreciate hot weather IRL. I just have to tap into that Mondo feeling and I'm good to go.

Also, the guide book was printed in physical form at one time; I find that very fascinating.

The game's predecessor may get a fan translation some time in the future too.
>> No. 11510 [Edit]
File 143289336130.jpg - (501.33KB , 1280x720 , WiiU_screenshot_TV_01769.jpg )
Here's a picture of my squid loli. She's so cute!
>> No. 11512 [Edit]
>She's so cute.
Is a non-cute loli squid even possible?

I haven't seen it possible to make a cute shota in that game though.
>> No. 11546 [Edit]
I'm currently playing the first Persona game. I was enjoying it up until the final dungeon. Basically no grind throughout and then suddenly 'you need to go up another ten levels' and leveling up in this game is slow, boring and tedious. If I was underleveled earlier the game gave no indication because I made it through the rest of the dungeons perfectly fine but suddenly it's jumped up.

I could try and see if I can manage through the rest but there's two massive floors (one is a massive "puzzle") full of harder random encounters - which I keep dying to - and it all sounds tedious as fuck as well. I'm probably just going to drop it after one or two attempts; doesn't seem worth any more attempts. Not exactly desperate to follow the story (not really interesting).
>> No. 11563 [Edit]
I really hope Exanima keeps getting updates. Permadeath, dungeon crawling and the hella real combat all makes me happy, and it has dat diablo 1 vibe going. Its been a long time since I felt this cool in a game.
>> No. 11564 [Edit]
I've recently gotten back into playing Minecraft, of all things, after a few years of not playing it.

It's a lovely game, it really is. There's something so innocent and peaceful about it. I'm impressed that despite the vaguely out of place RPG-ish elements, it still has the same open, natural feeling to the world as the early alpha versions. It is still far too easy, though. I'm playing on hard and, despite putting myself in quite a bit of danger, haven't even dropped below half health.

I sort of miss the old Tohno-chan Minecraft server. Does anybody know of any similar servers currently running?
>> No. 11565 [Edit]
File 14417944529.jpg - (249.27KB , 400x240 , HNI_0041_MPO.jpg )
Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX

I love Miku sooooooo much! <3

Also, the game doesn't seem too bad.
>> No. 11571 [Edit]
I'm nearing the end of my playthrough of LOTR: Third Age. It's basically FFX in Middle-Earth with more skills.

It's all right. I'm glad for anything like the FFX combat system but the addition of the skill system means a lot of grinding is required to get the necessary skills to proceed. It has two completely useless characters, except for minor use as back-ups, and the writing has some decent moments in it. It's fanfiction-tier when it's anything to do with the films/books but they tried when it came to some twists with the main character (it was fanfiction-tier as well but it was fanfiction that tried).

In the end I found the grinding location and finished it. Final boss was surprisingly meh.
>> No. 11574 [Edit]
I played Max Payne 3's multiplayer and Jesus fucking Christ, most of it's problems are overlookable but bomb suit and sawn-off shotgun is not.
These fuckers just waltz right up to you and blast you OHKO.

Also a full large team-deathmatch takes 10 minutes to freaking load.
>> No. 11601 [Edit]
File 144401751644.jpg - (271.72KB , 500x625 , z20151006.jpg )
There's more than 1 Max Payne game?
>> No. 11642 [Edit]
File 144677657268.jpg - (1.51MB , 1920x1080 , Tenryuu seems a bit less soft than in Kancolle but.jpg )
Due to a recent interest in Kantai Collection despite being unable to play/enjoy the actual game since I do not know moonrunes, I decided to try World of Warships, as it was obviously the closest thing to it.
Although I wasn't a huge fan of World of Tanks for the short time I played it ages ago for reasons I can't quite remember, I'm actually enjoying WoWS a lot. The gameplay is quite good and it doesn't seem pay to win for now, although I'm not in high enough tiers to have encountered premium ships yet so it's too early to judge that.
>> No. 11643 [Edit]
>as it was obviously the closest thing to it.
Sure, just like farmville is close to farming simulator.
>> No. 11645 [Edit]
I've decided to start playing KanColle because of your post. It was generally easy getting an account, but getting past the region block is another story until I actually looked around (I got help from this site: and )

I really like the girls. I hope that I can get Shimakaze easy enough ♡!

I can't upload the SWF file here because of its super length and girth, so I'll link it instead:おぅ おぅ おぅ.swf
>> No. 11648 [Edit]
That's good, have fun!
I did hear you can kinda learn to play from the wiki without knowing jap, but that just doesn't seem fun to me, so I'll have to pass unless a miracle happens and I get the motivation to seriously get to learning it.

>I really like the girls.
All the girls really are wonderful. Shimakaze is really cute, although my favorites would be Inazuma and Tenryuu personally.
Granted, my only knowledge of them comes from the wiki and silly safebooru 4komas but, assuming the wiki isn't completely off, they are the ones I find most adorable in different ways.

The fact that there are a lot of cute pictures/flashes/MMDs/other videos of Kancolle girls certainly is nice.
>> No. 11713 [Edit]
Playing Theme Hospital because I never finished it as a kid. Better than I remember - likely because I missed out on some of the mechanics - but I've also ran into a recurring bug I don't remember seeing before. Sometimes doors will just stop existing and people will walk at the gap indefinately. Only way I found to fix it was to load an old save.
>> No. 11806 [Edit]
Recently started playing Rocket League and boy am I terrible at it. Medium bots are utterly mopping the floor with me and I struggle with even the training mode. I'll need to practice for a long time before I find the courage and the skills to play against other rookies online. Right now, a stationary car parked somewhere in front of the goal would probably perform better than me.

I love the concept of the game though. It really seems fun once you get the hang of it.
>> No. 11836 [Edit]
File 145281044885.jpg - (240.70KB , 1143x918 , a20160117.jpg )
Playing Yatagarasu – Attack on Cataclysm
Just for fun.
>> No. 11874 [Edit]
File 145388511693.jpg - (39.38KB , 600x313 , c20160205.jpg )
Transformers: Devastation is fun but a mite repetitive.
>> No. 11878 [Edit]
I recently finished Arcanum. I love the game but simply never had the patience to push through the last few chapters before.
I tried rolling another character afterwards to try and redo the game using all the features of the unofficial patch + a rebalance mod. However I just didn't feel satisfied with the character concept I came up with and it was feeling like a chore, so I put it on hold for now.

Now I decided to finally try that KotOR game people love so much. The controls are a bit of a nuisance but I'm loving it so far. The graphics still look sharp and pleasant and the world has me completely drawn in. I'm not usually too fond of Bioware titles, but hopefully this one will keep me entertained until the end and beyond.
>> No. 11911 [Edit]
File 145500225986.png - (2.63MB , 1594x896 , 0.png )
I started with Ys and just recently got into these series.
I'm currently on the second game and the series are really good, i'm kinda impressed and regret not getting into it earlier.

The first game was awesome from beginning to end but i've been let down on the SC so far (i'm on chapter 5), there are many fun sidequests but it kinda feels like a MMORPG at times, throwing us around... i don't like this for a single player game and SC is abusing it a bit, if the 3rd is like this, i'll skip some sidequests. Time ceased to be my ally a long time ago.

I'm enjoying it so far but the first game set the bar so high i'm a bit disappointed in the second, hopefully i'll finish it this week averaging 5~8hr/day, i got sucked into these series and now i can't quit until i see the end.
>> No. 11913 [Edit]
I take that back, the game actually picks up steam from C5 onwards.
It's been a while since a videogame has stricken emotions into this being.
Been a while since i've cried over a game.
>> No. 11933 [Edit]
Plants vs Zombies is fun!
>> No. 11953 [Edit]
Playing Marvel vs Capcom 3... wtf is going on?!?
>> No. 12028 [Edit]
File 145949447523.jpg - (1.38MB , 1920x1080 , screencap1.jpg )
Been playing the mad max game for the past few days. Pretty decent for a movie related game, but in general it's kind of... 'okay'. It's really just a lot of driving around in a farcry style sandbox with batman style combat at various locations on the map. The story is kind of.. non existent, and what little of a plot there is can honestly be pretty laughable.
>> No. 12032 [Edit]
and holy shit did this game have a horrible ending to it. I get they had to kill off every single character max came in contact with since it's essentially a prequel to the latest movie, but they way they went about it just moronic bull crap that doesn't make any sense, especially with killing off that hunchback. The game starts with him saving your life, and you spend the whole game building a car with him and working as a team to fight off countless enemies together and having eachother's back the whole way, just so at the end you can ram a truck off a cliff and destroy said car and kill that partner at the same time, all the while he sits on the hood and begs you not to do it. (only option the game gives is to hit the gas, nothing else works) This is a car built and designed to battle, one you've probably rammed other cars into destruction with hundreds of times by the end... and it gets destroyed by driving it into the back of a large truck... you could just push the truck off the cliff, shoot at it, anything... and the boss doesn't even die. To make matters worse during that final boss fight the mc hears the hunchback's voice cheering him on to kill the boss, after max killed him for no good reason. That's like some Kratos level of douche bag behavior right there.
>> No. 12055 [Edit]
Just got around to finishing Dark Souls (the first one). While I really did enjoy the game, I can't for the life of me understand where the "hardest game ever" marketing/meme comes from. I played the game completely blind without any grinding, and yet I didn't die more than once from any boss, and even the infamous Ornstein and Smough were easily mowed down on the first attempt. I almost felt bad- like I wish I could have seen more of their attacks and AI before blatantly cheesing them with high poise armor. The fact that you have 5-20 almost-full heals at any given time really makes it nearly impossible to die in combat encounters away from ledges (unless you do something blatantly stupid, like attempting to heal at point blank range before an enemy attack).

Disappointment with the "difficulty" aside, I'll still play the rest of them in the future. I enjoy the atmosphere and myriad of unique weapons to play with.
>> No. 12057 [Edit]
>I can't for the life of me understand where the "hardest game ever" marketing/meme comes from
Most people are retards and suck ass at video games.
>> No. 12058 [Edit]
Dark Souls III. It's really good and reminds me of Demon's Souls in a lot of ways. I don't like that it's still designed around sword+board gameplay though; the influence from Bloodborne is clear.
>> No. 12059 [Edit]
File 146115928668.jpg - (289.34KB , 548x674 , shenyong6345_011.jpg )
I decided to niche myself in a few consoles; Genesis, Gameboy Gameboy Color, Sega Saturn, N64. I'm considering to add PS1 and GBA to the list. Right now I'm playing Link's Awakening. I'm close to the ending now. After that I'll try to finish Momotarou Dengeki for GB.
>> No. 12076 [Edit]
File 146186657479.jpg - (626.65KB , 849x1000 , momotarou-dengeki-2.jpg )
Just finished the sequel. I'm planning to go for Super Bikkuriman now.
>> No. 12083 [Edit]
File 146213134915.jpg - (76.19KB , 425x495 , gbgenjin.jpg )
Finished Bonk's Adventure and Bonk's Revenge. Enjoyed both of them.
>> No. 12085 [Edit]
File 146215749388.png - (1.02MB , 1280x768 , 263300_20160501233527_1.png )

Can definitely recommend it to anyone who likes VNs and fighting games
>> No. 12087 [Edit]
>> No. 12102 [Edit]
File 146291325987.jpg - (178.22KB , 697x697 , 19413906_p0.jpg )
Started playing the first Raidou game somewhat recently. I really like almost every MT game but this one just isn't fun enough despite being pretty great concept-wise.
I mean I love the whole setting, having demons as your partner in investigations etc. but the gameplay and the same tracks over and over really worsen the experience.
I will finish the game because I've heard the second one is a lot better, I do find the story interesting and I really need to get Alice but it's been a while since I've felt forced to play a game.

I think having a game with some really good aspects but otherwise being pretty shitty is even worse than completely shit games because I drop those without a second thought.
>> No. 12134 [Edit]
File 146439593384.jpg - (166.91KB , 850x890 , g20160630.jpg )
I was hesistant as I felt that Blizzard 'ruined' StarCraft 2 and DiabloIII. However, this game was actually fun. Maybe Blizz just has to do new IPs to keep itself relevant.
>> No. 12136 [Edit]
I've been enjoying it as well, despite not having very high hopes or really any hopes for it at all prior to the beta.
>> No. 12143 [Edit]
File 146588582272.png - (186.47KB , 314x462 , qPykBOj.png )
It's been a while since I've played it but this game has kind of stuck with me and might be one of my favorites. It is Rodea the Sky Soldier. You have probably heard that it plays like NiGHTS but with speed like Sonic and it is basically that, flying around trying to get fast times. It's pretty simple, you just point where you want to fly and Rodea takes off but he can fly in arcs when you swing the controller so then you can swerve around stuff pretty fast when you get good at it. I think the B button was for flying and the A button was for boosting which is also his main form of attack. It's a simple game but I've seen one person say it gets repetitive and they might be right so the story might be your main motivating factor after a certain point. The story itself is one I enjoyed but might not be all that great in the eyes of others. A robot named Rodea is fighting in a war and he has to protect the person he loves but she sends him off into the future to protect the land that Emperor Geardo, the main villain, wants to take over. It then has you playing as Rodea getting from one point to another for various reasons. You can also get a few power-ups but you can only have one at a time and they are revealed to you pretty early so you don't have much surprise to keep you playing. That was the Wii version, the Wii U and N3DS version have you going into some kind of "pre-flight mode" where Rodea jumps up into the air, stops, starts spinning in place so you can choose a target, and then he starts flying towards the selected location that can be chosen with a cursor that is controlled using the control stick. While he flies towards his target he can only do so for a limited amount of time because his fuel runs out and it runs out even more quickly when you make Rodea boost. Thankfully there are energy cubes scattered around that Rodea can pick up but it still makes that function a problem. There is an upgrade to make him fly faster but his fuel runs out faster which makes it seem more like a sidegrade, he also can't arc normally, that is also obtained via an upgrade that must be purchased but the trade off is that there aren't too many objects that force you to arc around it such as the spider webs that are present in the Wii version. Thankfully Rodea can hold multiple power-ups at once and switch between them in the Wii U version but one of them is vastly inferior. Rodea also has some kind of special attack that he can use for fifty gravitons called "Shining Bullet" which wipes out all of the enemies on the screen, unfortunately it mostly just looks nice. A lot of the enemies aren't really necessary to defeat and some don't even pose a threat at all so it is really just there to look cool and it certainly doesn't help your times. On the topic of gravitons, it's kind of like this games' coins or rings, you collect them seemingly just for the sake of doing so but you can actually get ranks for how many you collected, the highest being an S rank but you end up collecting a lot. Just for an example I played a level where I scoured the whole level for as many gravitons as I could find and ended with a total of five-hundred-ninety five gravitons and I only got an A rank, I was probably five away from S. It takes a lot of time to find them all and you can lose all of them if you lose a life so it really take a while to get them all, thankfully your best ranks are saved so you can get an S rank for gravitons collected and then get an S rank for time later which is how I would recommend going about S ranking everything. Anyway, in the Wii U version they function as a back-up fuel source in case Rodea loses all of his fuel while flying. The problem with the Wii U version and it's flight mechanics seem to serve only to limit what you can do, Rodea is at risk when he flies for too long and it might get the stingier players to fly slowly if at all and not boost which is not how the game is supposed to be played. Rodea is able to fly freely and quickly in the Wii version, swerving around objects weaving in between things in the environment when you get good enough at the game allowing you to really shoot through the levels and giving you a sense of freedom, the only limiting factor being your flight range. The Wii U version has you limited all the time making you feel as if you have no reason to be flying and more reason to be walking. It basically limits Rodea and makes you feel like you aren't really playing as Rodea, I don't know how they thought this was a good idea. The Wii U version has more voice lines, some of which aren't really necessary, extra cutscenes and some scrolling text at certain points in the game. It does elaborate on the story which the Wii version leaves a little vague and the Wii U version does have better graphics but not exactly "better", just a bit better but not "good" for Wii U standards and it makes the game look unfinished. You can see stuff a bit better, at least. In general, the Wii U version has worse gameplay and cheesier voice lines than the Wii version but better graphics and the story is less vague. I tried playing the Wii U version but it was just slow, unpleasant, and made me scared to boost. Again, not the way it was supposed to be played. I haven't played the N3DS version and I probably won't.

The ending is something that really left me unhappy, huge spoilers ahead.

Rodea is in love with Princess Cecilia, Emperor Geardo's daughter, and is also her royal bodyguard. After being sent into the future he later is repaired by Ion but loses his memories but he still remembers a promise he made to Cecilia. He promised to protect Garuda from Geardo, who wants it for it's resources and fertile land. His promise is talked about a lot throughout the game and he later remembers Cecilia. Even further on he is given the chance to save Cecilia but fails because she falls, presumably, to her death and for some reason he doesn't fly down after her. Afterwards he has to defeat Geardo once, Valghis once (another one of the robots he has to fight), and Geardo a second time after he turns into some kind of giant robotic beast. The disturbing thing about this fight is that Geardo keeps calling out for Cecilia despite the fact that she is dead. You have to fight him but by the end I don't feel like I defeated a cold hearted tyrannical emperor, I feel like I killed a grieving father in cold blood. Rodea then shuts down after the fight and uses the Key of Time that he obtained from Valghis to send Ion back to the future but she later digs him up from his grave and repairs him and the other R-series robots. It can be assumed that Rodea and Cecilia were buried together but Rodea and Ion end up together by the end of the game. The whole time there was a build up to Rodea and Cecilia being together and it felt like it was all for naught. It was even romantic but I felt like it was torn away from me. I played the whole game wanting Rodea to be with the person he loved and it didn't happen! Rarely do I care about romances but this one that I did care for was just ruined and I didn't feel very happy. The story itself is a bit dark since Rodea essentially turns on his entire kingdom for the wish of a single person, he has to fight his friends and even somebody who claims to be his sister, the whole time I thought that the silver lining would be Rodea and Cecilia's happiness, I kept playing for his noble love and it didn't happen. You have to fight one of his friends, one of his rivals, his sister, and a new robot who is Geardo's right hand man but also does not fully have allegiance to Geardo, and then the father of the woman he loves while he is grieving and they don't end up together! Not. Happy. At all. My OTP was broken... At least Rodea is still husbando material.
>> No. 12153 [Edit]
Did Cecilia at least know why Rodea was doing all of this for her? Or did he intend to confess after he had fulfilled his promise?
>> No. 12158 [Edit]
She did know, she had him make that promise in the first place. I don't know if he was going to confess, exactly. It kind of seemed like they were already in love but it isn't explicitly said, just really heavily implied. Sorry if I sound like one of those crack-shippers on tumblr.
>> No. 12171 [Edit]
File 146975149741.jpg - (216.64KB , 1283x869 , xenogears 3.jpg )
This game is really something.
>> No. 12172 [Edit]
That's one word for it.
>> No. 12176 [Edit]
Yeah, have finished it recently. The music, atmosphere and story are fucking great.
>> No. 12222 [Edit]
File 147321452631.jpg - (578.47KB , 1920x1080 , 20160903160918_1.jpg )
Path of Exile
>> No. 12324 [Edit]
File 148450730574.jpg - (95.93KB , 800x600 , QQ0VFTA.jpg )
The last game I finished is one that I remember the most from childhood. Sonic Heroes ranges from being one of the many "love it or hate it" games of the franchise to "hate it" and as much as I hate saying this, it's for good reason. It was fun enough to continue playing and functional too, but there are these little quirks and issues that might become more apparent when you play as Team Dark if you haven't noticed the issues before like how the power characters can completely slide off a platform without stopping themselves right at the edge like the speed characters do. Omega kind of has it the worst, the dude just blasts himself forward without giving two mechanical shits if you hold the control stick in any direction. There's also a problem where team mates seem to spend an annoying amount of time unconscious after launching them at an enemy, again, I noticed this mostly with Omega while the other characters didn't knock out their teammates for quite as long.
There's another obnoxious issue with the flight characters where they will bounce up a little bit when a teammate returns to them in some instances. It's probably put in with good intention but sometimes you want to travel as far as you can with a single jump before flying and it becomes kind of annoying since the distance you can travel might be reduced with this when you needed it to be maximized.
Then there is the speed characters, you have a move called "Rocket Accel" where the characters line up with the speed character in front and they will launch the speed character forward, the closest thing you have in this game to a Spin Dash. They will ask something like "Ready?" and then blast forward but if you did it early they will do an alternate move. Sonic and Shadow kick, Espio throws a shuriken, and Amy swings her hammer. It's kind of unreliable sometimes though, it could be really helpful for speed running but sometimes the visual cue, the characters lining up, might mislead you and make Sonic just kick.
Then there is the special stages, oh boy, the special stages. These special stages get so much of my salt. See, you have to collect orbs to gain boost so you can catch up to the emerald but you can't hold down the button like you can with rail grinding because that makes it run out incredibly fast, instead it's best to mash it sometimes. In certain stages it's easier to get the emerald in certain parts like at the beginning or the end and there might be simple, almost stupid solutions, like playing as a power character to get as many orbs as possible since the power formation spreads out the characters (believe in Big) but in other times you might really need the speed characters. There is another solution that seems to work for some people such as running and staying on the ceiling the entire time just so that you don't run into the mines and slow down. The floor itself is also a problem too since it feels like it's actually pushing you backwards and gives you the idea that this is part of why the boost is so necessary aside from the emerald being so darn fast. Going down actually slows you down sometimes, and accelerating after being stopped by the mines is just painful since it takes a while to get going again. Not to mention the instances where your character might start walking backwards for a little bit, which is why I don't like running on the ceilings or walls. In short, the special stages are weird and annoying and I hated them.
Outside of the special stages I think the game controlled just fine and I'm aware this opinion is unpopular. I might be willing to say it controlled too well. The characters can maintain their speed somewhat well and the speed characters can turn quickly but it feels like they can turn too quickly, like they can turn on a dime and run off a platform entirely which makes me scared change directions when I'm going straight. Thankfully guardrails exist in the game to prevent you from running off. It becomes a bigger problem when you fight the Egg Emperor though.
Story is pretty simple:
Team Sonic - Stop Eggman.
Team Dark - Wreck his shit, take his shit, and get information out of him.
Team Rose - Find Chocola, Froggy, and Sonic.
Team Chaotix - Complete the mysterious client's requests.
There is also some bits of character interaction here and there, which was really nice to see. As for music, this has one of the best soundtracks in the series. Perhaps up there with Unleashed and CD but it would be hard for me to say which one was best since it's all subjective anyway and Sonic soundtracks are pretty good most of the time.

It's not a great game, it's probably not even a good game, but I don't know if I honestly think it's a bad game. I'm probably biased but I kind of enjoyed it. For what it was it was kind of fun and I'm glad I got to finally finish one of the games I remember the most from when I was a carefree, foolish, smiling kid that had no idea that all life was suffering. Team Chaotix and Team Sonic were probably my favorites, the Chaotix missions were very boring but the characters themselves really liven it up and are possibly some of my favorites in the series along with Eggman and maybe Silver. I have no idea why Marc Biagi wasn't around to voice Vector after this game though, every voice after his was one I didn't like.
>> No. 12325 [Edit]
Jesus Christ, now that's a wall of text.
>> No. 12327 [Edit]
He's a sonic fan, what did you expect?
>> No. 12341 [Edit]
File 148548292927.jpg - (147.46KB , 960x544 , 2013-04-13-125409.jpg )
I finished Uncharted for ps vita recently. It was pretty decent and made good use of the vita's various gimmicks. motion, touch, light, etc. Did get a bit annoying at times though, especially with bridge crossings that broke the flow of the game and stopped you so you could do a balancing mini game at random. Story was kind of weak but for a portable game you can't really expect much better. voice acting and motion cap was on par with the console versions, and the graphics were pretty impressive for a portable game. It's a bit of a relief that you don't fight zombies/mutants by the end of the game for a change. That said the back and forth between some character they establish as your friend, then enemy, then friend, then enemy, is kinda weird and doesn't make much sense.
>> No. 12350 [Edit]
File 148805659065.jpg - (31.53KB , 470x259 , news_mgsv_60_fps_e3_trailer-15559.jpg )
I just finished the Metal Gear Solid V
Regarding all the drama about the voice actor change for snake, it's kind of retarded. Snake barely speaks during the course of the game and when they do it sounds close enough to me.
One of the reasons for the voice change might have because you don't actually play as the real snake, but some rather some copy with his memories. Which in itself was a pretty stupid and pointless plot twist. I wouldn't be surprised if the only reason that twist was there, was so people wouldn't be 'as' pissed about the voice change if there's a reason for it in the story.
Speaking of the plot, I felt it was probably one of the weakest yet. Interesting idea with the outbreak, but so much of the game felt needless and pointless by the end. This is largely due to the twist however which I mentioned before. It felt like the equivalent to ending a large passage in a story by saying it was all a dream.
It reminds me of MGS2 with ridden, but the thing is that actually went somewhere and felt like it had purpose. Like him or not Riden did still have a character ark and an actual story. The twist in this game doesn't add to the story, it only takes away from it. Rather than seeing an extra passage in the life of Big boss, you watch a copy cat recreate what big boss made, and that's about it. At first I thought maybe this was so that the Big Boss you kill in Metal gear(NES) wouldn't be the real Big Boss and instead his copy, but then it turns out The real Big Boss is going ahead with building up the real outer heaven, meaning he actually is the one you kill in the NES game after all (I'm guessing) and that makes your efforts in this game feel all that more pointless. At the end of the day you're just a fake snake building a pointless base that wont have any impact in the future time line.
That may change if Konami decides to make another meta gear game that's set between this and the NES game, but it seems like Kojima wont be involved so even if they do, I doubt it would feel like a real/cannon meta gear.
Game mechanics were some of the best to date however. I kinda feel bad for only ever using a handful of guns in the game, since they offer boat loads of them with customization options. Quiet was 3dpd and as such I didn't much care for em, but they made the game easy mode if you use them.
I wish I knew why the different sections of mother base were so massively spread out. Logically it makes sense to space them out a bit in case of enemy attack, but needing a slow helicopter ride or five minute drive at top speed is excessive. Speaking of, I loved how vehicles handle in this game. They handle in such an insainly unrealistically way that it's like playing crazy taxi every time I drive one. I couldn't stop lauging the first time I took off with one like a bullet and instantly started drifting and pooping two wheelers while telling physics to go fuck itself.
Also gotta love how every little thing in the game is so over dramatic and played up, right down to the dramatic sound effects and camera angel every time you get in a jeep. It's like watching a stage performance or something.
Speaking of over dramatic, it boarders on comedy how fucked up and twisted the paz story is over the course of these games almost feels like it would have been better to have let her die and rest in paz already, but I guess she does have a role to play latter into the timeline I believe.
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