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File 130181861477.jpg - (53.12KB , 575x323 , ezio.jpg )
2003 No. 2003 [Edit]
ITT, what you're curently playing for the time being, or just finished, new or old games alike.

As is, I'm on assassin's creed brotherhood myself after having finally gotten around to playing killzone 2, which was a tad bit on the disappointing side, but works fine for a mindless shooter I guess.
AC:B on the other hand is pretty good so far I think.
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>> No. 2004 [Edit]
I'm still playing Dragon Age 2 (on the last act now) and the Crysis 2 campaign. They're both pretty good, but I'm having trouble making time for them with all the anime and visual novels I've been watching/reading.
>> No. 2005 [Edit]
Angry Birds

That's seriously it
>> No. 2006 [Edit]
I Runescape for 15 minutes a day. Because I am a piece of shit faggot and thats the only game I actually can access.
>> No. 2007 [Edit]
I'm still downloading ACB from Steam, and once it's finally finished I'm going to start playing it.

Recently, though, I've just been playing Minecraft.
>> No. 2008 [Edit]
Currently playing Lost Planet 2, stuck on the Mission 5 boss.

It's not bad but it gets repetitive fast. The story makes no sense to me yet. This game should be more like Monster Hunter and less like Lost Planet. It has everything to make a great monster hunting experience and you can definitely see the inspiration. It would need even bigger guns, bigger enemies, more mecha. Yeah. I guess it would be a lot nicer if I had someone to co-op with.
>> No. 2010 [Edit]
I've been playing lots of osu to increase my accuracy in TF2. And plenty of minecraft, of course.
>> No. 2012 [Edit]
Metro 2033, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, CS:S, BFBC2 and Minecraft.

Personally, i'm in love with the Metro 2033 atmosphere
>> No. 2013 [Edit]
Mass Effect 2, and soon Portal 2
>> No. 2016 [Edit]
AC Brotherhood was OK. My brotherhood was entirely made up of elite female assassins. They still forced you to have guys whenever anything story related happened though
>> No. 2030 [Edit]
File 130186940557.jpg - (1.14MB , 1280x1024 , debut_screen_001 Black Prophecy.jpg )
Mass Effect 1 and Black Prophecy
>> No. 2032 [Edit]
Doing another playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas. My first playthrough was Yes Man/Guns, this one is NCR/Unarmed. I tried NCR/Energy Weapons but I got bored with it.

I'm close to the end, I'm over level 20 and have finished most of the NCR quests, already hated by the Legion.

Unarmed is fun, very different from ranged weapons and the little bonuses like the palm strike and the uppercuts really add to the fun. The only downside is the difficulty of dealing with enemies you're supposed to get the jump on at range, like Cazadors and Deathclaws. Other than them, it's easier than you might think.
>> No. 2033 [Edit]
Unarmed is a very fun way to play through a lot of games like that. Love punching people and making them explode. NV also adds some nice weapons for it.

I'm doing another run through of NV as well, what with having Dead Money now. The last few times through the hotel have been at the start of the run, so I didn't have access to a lot of the stuff. Gonna level up a while first then go. Also, mute girl is so cute~
>> No. 2034 [Edit]

You guys had better be using the shojo race mod! The only thing better than beating things to death with your bare hands is beating things to death as a cute little girl
>> No. 2035 [Edit]
I tried to install that (including all its pre-requirements), but it just gave error messages and I still felt like playing so I just went without.
>> No. 2036 [Edit]
That sucks. It worked flawlessly for me aside from some missing hair models
>> No. 2037 [Edit]
I wish I could be using something like that. I'm stuck on a console because of my computer.

It would also remove the need to go leveling, since I've always found that to be the worst part. I just want to explore and take everything in, not go out of my way to get EXP so I can do so.
>> No. 2038 [Edit]
That's pretty much exactly how I played. I maxed out all my stats at the very start. Like you I mostly played consoles up until last year, and so far I'm really loving my new home.
>> No. 2039 [Edit]
i'd be failing at crysis 1 if my coworker would bring in the flash drive with it installed on it for me to use.

not counting LoL, the last game i played was one of my emulator games, can't remember which but it was either a GBA or SNES game.
>> No. 2040 [Edit]
can't just download it?
>> No. 2041 [Edit]
Playing BFBC2 and the MAG demo along with GEB on ad hoc party.

I kind of miss KZ3, as scrubby as it was. I have a thing for games that let me live out my predator fantasies and cloak like a boss.I may try Crysis 2 if I can get a deal on it.
>> No. 2042 [Edit]
It's 7GB and the cracks never work properly for me.
I'd rather have a season of anime torrenting then a game that might not finish downloading or might act up in some way.
>> No. 2043 [Edit]
>the cracks never work properly for me
9 out of 10 games come with a "crack" in a separate folder (oftentimes you have to extract the files if the game is a .iso) you just copy the .exe and whatever files in whatever crack folder is included into your game's install directory, overwriting the normal launcher and other files as need me.
To avoid getting a bum download, just download the version of the game with the most seeds/peers, as this is usually a good indication of weather or not the game is riped and patched well, checking seeds either on the tracker site or on your torrent program within the first few minutes will save you from a game "not finish downloading" which is rather unlikely to happen unless you download a very old and or unpopular game.
Also, you can see what files come included in the torrent on most trackers before starting, so you can avoid downloading something slit up into files you don't know how to work with.

It's not rocket science.
>> No. 2044 [Edit]
File 130191106021.jpg - (254.66KB , 1024x768 , crysis 2.jpg )
Crysis 2, which has fully crackable online play.
>> No. 2045 [Edit]
I just finished the witcher which was around a 40 hour experience. Its a great rpg that puts any modern bioware game to shame.

I was thinking about playing crysis 2 next but i only hear bad things about it.

Somebody reccomend me a game. I'm kind of burnt out over rpgs after my morrowind , oblivion , and witcher marathon
>> No. 2046 [Edit]
i've had games with 40-50 seeders and only like 10-15 leechers and my torrent will error out and not let me finish it.
it only happens sometimes, it happened with assassin's creed 2, but it happens to all torrents of that game i try.

get it anyways, if i had money available i would just from videos i've watched of someone playing.
>> No. 2047 [Edit]
>I was thinking about playing crysis 2 next but i only hear bad things about it.
From whom?
>> No. 2050 [Edit]
I heard it got pretty consolized
>> No. 2052 [Edit]
File 13019461548.jpg - (355.70KB , 1010x810 , me.jpg )

1. I have no intention of buying it ever seeing what they did to both online and single player aspects of the game.

2. The game is really nothing like the first one at all. Single player has degenerated into linear map design without huge sandbox type maps. Online is basically cod with nano suits. No more vehicles or big maps.

Basically everything I've heard about the game is that its a cod clone and has even worse graphics than the original.
>> No. 2053 [Edit]

>has even worse graphics than the original.

Probably because it was made for consoles this time around. The PC version's opening screen even said "Press Start" until it was patched out, right? That alone says a lot.
>> No. 2054 [Edit]
>Single player has degenerated into linear map design without huge sandbox type maps

When did crysis ever have a "huge sandbox type map"?
they would corral you from one area to the other, it's not like you can go to the alien spaceship in the mountain or any of the towns on the island whenever you want.
>> No. 2056 [Edit]
The maps in crysis 1 were huge and didn't limit you to only 1 road. You could explore a lot in the maps without even paying attention to the objective. There were also enemies everywhere which was great.
>> No. 2058 [Edit]

This summarizes a lot of my feelings. Crysis and Warhead weren't really sandbox, there were just lots of times when you could explore various parts of the level out of sequence, but that rarely amounted to more than attacking the guard tower before the beach hut and vice versa. Crysis 2 has a handful of areas somewhat like that, giving you the option of doing the cover-based shooter thing from the rooftops, stealthing along the ground, or some dangerous combination of the two on a highly exposed catwalk. The only thing from the first game I miss are the wholly destructible areas. Not making the buildings destructible makes sense, but why not allow grenades to remove parts of the CELL mercenary camps? They're clearly non-permanent structures, so it seems like they'd be perfect for showing how the engine handles that sort of thing, instead you get one or two pieces of cover that chips away under gunfire, rather than the huts you could drive through with a truck in the first game.
>> No. 2066 [Edit]
True, but progressing from one area, "explorable" as it may be, to the next "explorable area" and so on, in accordance with the story progression, is still linear map design.
>> No. 2084 [Edit]
File 130216385766.jpg - (69.47KB , 303x521 , Gladiator_Begins_US_Cover.jpg )
I just played 10 hours straight of Gladiator Begins for the psp. Only heard about this game a few days ago and wasn't expecting much due to the low reviews but man, I found this game great. Normally, I don't like these kinds of button mashing fighting games (ex. Dynasty Warriors) but this one was just... fun. Not really sure why myself either.
>> No. 2160 [Edit]
Just finished Killzone3.
Found the premise/story really silly for most of it, and down right stupid at other times.
It's kind of petty of me, but one thing that bugged me early on into the game, was the gun training you do as a helgas, the targets are their's, but they make you shut targets with thir hands behind their head, and avoid the targets with guns pointed at you.
I would think that they'd be trying to convince them the humans are evil, and you know, give their solders a reason to run into out bullets, but I guess enemy motivation is to much to ask for from a fps, they're evil becuase they're evil, that's all you need to know!
I also didn't care much for the overdose of macho alpha as fuck steroid party theme the game had going, but I guess they're the people that are mainly buying games like this..
During many of the earlier cinematics I couldn't help buy say "wow, that sure looks cool, I wish I could play that, but they wouldn't want me messing up the game by playing it..."
I was unable to comprehend why they would have a platoon of solders guarding a junkyard so vigorously, why we sent dozens of our men to their deaths to save four prisoners or why one one of the characters says "no person should die like that" after watching a guy get killed by some green ray stuff, but then they nuke the whole planet with the same exact stuff, after which the main character asks how many people they just killed, as if he cares, then cut to credits~
I also think their transports are very stupidly designed, what good is a troop transport if the troops all fall off the thing in air and die?
>> No. 2161 [Edit]
>I also think their transports are very stupidly designed, what good is a troop transport if the troops all fall off the thing in air and die?

Haha, so I wasn't the only one who thought that.
>> No. 2452 [Edit]
Resonance of Fate. On Chapter 5 right now, and swapping weapons around to level up some more.

Not a bad game. Looks great, even on my 6 year old regular TV.
>> No. 2458 [Edit]
Well now that i've gotten my GW1 account back, i'll be playing that quite a bit.
>> No. 2473 [Edit]
File 130326243647.jpg - (53.34KB , 291x500 , Loh6_The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_in_the_Sky.jpg )
This is probably one of the best RPG I played in recent years, the combat and graphics are top notch. It kind of reminds me of Ragnarok Online, if anyone played that. The only thing that bothers me is the narrative/dialogues which go on for reallllllllllyyyyy long every time, and this every 5 minutes of exploring/combat. Seriously these guys keep on rambling about stuff no one cares. You have to be really patient sometimes. I wish I had these games when I was a bit younger and had no Internet.
>> No. 2485 [Edit]
File 130328644049.jpg - (195.85KB , 1031x764 , Untitled.jpg )
Ar Tonelico 2. It's a kind of RPG/VN hybrid. The gameplay/battle system is okay so far, but the real draw is the art, music (Akiko Shikata did a fair bit of the soundtrack) and character interaction, which is where the VN elements come in. It's also full of fanservice that it really doesn't need, because the characters and plot of the series stand pretty well on their own merits.
>> No. 2487 [Edit]

That looks interesting, I think I'll pick it up.
>> No. 2488 [Edit]
File 130331234714.png - (105.87KB , 298x353 , DeathSpank-.png )
Finished Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue just now.
Okay Diablo clone with some chuckleworthy dialogue from time to time. Becomes pretty addicting once you start getting the quests rolling and traveling all over the world.
>> No. 2490 [Edit]
Oh fuck I can't wait for the next Assassin's Creed.
But yeah, Persona 3 FES.
Atlus games and xanax are a deadly combination.
>> No. 2568 [Edit]
File 130381008173.jpg - (99.24KB , 1920x1080 , 1303767931476.jpg )
I'm thinking about getting the third one. I haven't played any of the others but they look appealing. The only thing holding me back is the fact that it appears to have received a lot of negative reviews.
>> No. 2570 [Edit]
Both DeathSpanks were addictive and they had good writing, if really mindless at times. I'd really like to see the IP expanded on a bit more. Classes, stat allocation, much more loot, more dungeons with bosses and sub-bosses, post-game content, which both sorely lacked. etc.
>> No. 2571 [Edit]
File 130382039151.jpg - (26.24KB , 400x300 , wizardhat.jpg )
I've been playing Might and Magic Clash of Heroes HD which is a port of a DS game. I decided to try it out after seeing some positive reviews online. the way the campaign progresses kind of irritates me and the storyline is stupid but its a fun puzzle game. havent tried multiplayer yet.
>> No. 2628 [Edit]
File 130414519233.jpg - (1.89MB , 1409x1600 , golden-sun-dark-dawn-wallpaper-dragon.jpg )
Just started Golden Sun: Dark Dawn today. Out of the three hours I've played so far, I think a good 30 to 45 minutes was spent reading text. I played the original Golden Sun when it first came out, but I never finished it, although I don't recall it being so text heavy. Hopefully it's only really a problem in the very beginning, which I'm past now.

It looks great for a DS title, with really colorful and vibrant graphics. The combat's somewhat easy, because the Djinn's (collectible monster things that can be equipped and alter your characters' classes, use their own special abilities, and also be used to perform special summon attacks) really enhance your characters, and your Psyenergy (Golden Sun's equivalent to MP) replenishes pretty quickly as you walk around. Where the game really shines thus far is its use of environmental puzzles that are very similar to the Legend of Zelda series. The abilities you have can be used to manipulate the environment in various ways. It's good so far, and I'm pretty eager to see what new abilities I'll acquire and how they'll be utilized in upcoming puzzles.
>> No. 2629 [Edit]
File 130415052095.jpg - (101.67KB , 256x362 , Sotc_boxart.jpg )
Are you a bad enough dude to climb some rocks to save your waifu? The very idea of this game is just so appealing to me.

I'm at the final boss, and it's just...ridiculously frustrating to me. I haven't been throwing-controller frustrated in ever. I get onto his other hand, he moves it around too much, I lose my stamina, fall, climb back up, and repeat. I'm going to love the feel when I finally beat him.
>> No. 2632 [Edit]
File 130415605932.gif - (116.10KB , 277x400 , Azunyan laugh.gif )
>I'm going to love the feel when I finally beat him.
Sure you are.
>> No. 2636 [Edit]
I ragequit End of Eternity. That fucking cardinal in chapter 11 kept kicking my ass, even after leveling up in the arena, alone, over 10 levels.

Started Rule of Rose.
>> No. 2642 [Edit]
You made it farther than me, anon.
>> No. 2652 [Edit]
How far did you get?
>> No. 2662 [Edit]
File 130445125327.png - (201.74KB , 700x700 , 17667117.png )
Just finished playing Bayonett and Jesus. Fucking. Christ. This is hands down the most fun I've had playing a game since... I don't know, Godhand or something. Ridiculous, over-the-top, hilarious, just how I like my videogames to be.
>> No. 2663 [Edit]

Really? that good?
Everyone seems to have different opinions about that game, I guess I should give it a try.
>> No. 2664 [Edit]
Agreed, Bayonetta is an awesome game. Looks good, plays good, got lots of things to unlock and it gives you a really good challenge on higher difficulties.

The bosses are over-the-top crazy fights and thanks to all the different weapons you can get there are lots of ways get you through the game, since every weapon has a different fight style. Gotta love those ice skates.

Get this game! Totally worth your money if you like beat 'em ups.
>> No. 2665 [Edit]
Yeah you really should. I've heard people complain that it's just boring button mashing or that it's just stupid/immature but ended up being really impressed by the whole thing. The presentation is excellent.

I'm quite surprised I actually liked it so much considering that I wasn't all that taken with similar games like God of War or the DMC series.
>> No. 2666 [Edit]
Just finished that a few days ago also, the game was really awesome, like devil may cry without dungeons and item finding bs that kept me away from the games.
>> No. 2667 [Edit]

You don't like dungeons or item finding?

How do you feel about Zelda or Metroid?
>> No. 2670 [Edit]
Yeah not really, seems boring and tedious to me, and like a lazy way on part of makers to extend the length of time it takes to get past an area of the game.
But I don't mind it when the items are just sort of extras, things you dont need to get, but that do help out in the game in some way to collect, being forced to find a specific hidden key (in whatever shape it might come in) before I can move on, really makes me lose interest.
Same for endless copy/pasted maze like dungeon hallways, I find them boring..

Never cared much for zelda, and never played meteoroid aside from a small demo for it that came with my ds.
>> No. 2671 [Edit]
File 130445632611.jpg - (75.08KB , 529x485 , sm_map_censored.jpg )
You would probably HATE Metroid.
>> No. 2672 [Edit]
File 130445848792.gif - (94.96KB , 2080x1440 , metroid_ii_world.gif )
IMO, only Super Metroid, and especially Metroid II, have overly complex map layouts. The original Prime does to an extent, as well, but the map is very useful, so it's not a huge problem. That's one thing I'd say the Metroidvanias have improved on over Metroid itself. The areas are more self-contained, and it's easier not to get lost or confused as to where to go next.

Fusion streamlined everything, perhaps too much, but Zero Mission nailed it. Nintendo really need to do a new in-house, 2D Metroid for 3DS. I can only imagine how great it would look with 2D sprites/backgrounds in 3D.
>> No. 2682 [Edit]
Chapter 4 or 5, I forget. I quit more out of boredom than difficulty, though.

It's a shame because I really liked the characters and cut scenes. But it just wasn't worth the tedium at that point. Oh well.
>> No. 2704 [Edit]
File 130458482321.jpg - (122.30KB , 641x477 , Foto+Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+II+Gold.jpg )
I'm going through my old games at the moment.
I just finished HoMM II, probably going to play either Grim Fandango or LBA II now.
>> No. 2722 [Edit]
I got BF2, runs quite well on my crappy computer but go damn is it hard to hit anything. I also got Project Reality but it runs kinda slow.
>> No. 2726 [Edit]
I lost all my saves due to motherboard blowout right before I finished the NCR route in New Vegas, and yet I still went back and played through again. This time using Guns (instead of Unarmed) and with Boone and ED-E as my companions.

The main difference is that with the ability to shoot at range, I had a slightly easier time killing the Deathclaws in the Quarry, and I got stung by Cazadors a hell of a lot less when I encountered a swarm of them. Other than that, nothing was particularly harder.

I like shotguns, I wish they did better damage to armored enemies -- even with the Shotgun Surgeon perk, I still get the shield saying I'm not punching through, but with This Machine I don't get that.
>> No. 2732 [Edit]
Really? I never had that problem. I always used the Dinner bell, as my shotgun, after completing the quests for it. Damn good shotgun, made even better with the shotgun related perks.

I've got to say that I'm fond of the automatic rifle from Dead Money, though. As well as the holorifle, once you fix it up, it's essentially a shotgun energy weapon.
>> No. 3690 [Edit]
Playing Ocarina of Time on 3DS. I can't recall exactly the last time I played Ocarina of Time, but I believe it was either the same year Twilight Princess was released or a year before. It's certainly made me realize just how much Twilight Princess' dungeons shit all over Ocarina of Time's and Wind Waker's.
>> No. 3692 [Edit]

Personally, I liked WW's dungeons (and WW period) more than TP. Hard to compare it to OoT as I played it well over a decade ago.
>> No. 3814 [Edit]
Been playing the shit out of Pikmin 2. Just repaid the debt and got a gold ship.

It always makes me happy when the sequel to a game is better than the original. That is something that doesn't happen nearly as often as it should.
>> No. 3822 [Edit]
Just started Parasite Eve. First time through it, pretty fun so far.
>> No. 3858 [Edit]
Ocarina of Time 3D.

I was going to go for a run of not dieing once... yet last night, I managed to end up blowing it since I had forgotten how to beat Bongo Bongo.

I'm now at Ganon's Castle and hope to get it finished tonight. I want to play Master Quest soon as that's one of the thing on OOT3D that gives you a more challenging experience.
>> No. 3902 [Edit]
I just got Freelancer yesterday, because I had a craving for space action style. I remember it being pretty fun from playing it years ago, but the protagonist is kind of a boring jaded tough guy type. It just reinforces my opinion that every game would be better with a cute girl protagonist instead.
>> No. 3922 [Edit]

I've been playing this lately.

Beautiful soundtrack.
>> No. 4059 [Edit]
Playing through Mass Effect 1 since I got it via the Steam sale.

It's like Fallout IN SPACE, with the quality knob turned down on everything.

I guess shooting Geth troopers from the vehicle is fun.
>> No. 4060 [Edit]

It was never intended to "be as RPG as" Fallout, for lack of a better phrase. Mass Effect has always been a bit more FPS focused, they just added a lot of great dialogue elements (which IMO surpass Fallout, where you just click through text staring at a face), as well as minor experience points systems, that affect your performance, weapons and armor.

Though I haven't played ME2 myself, but from what I hear that had even less RPG elements than the first.
>> No. 4061 [Edit]
The combat is probably the worst part of it, though.
>> No. 4062 [Edit]
I really liked mass effect 1 and 2 when I first played them, but I've played through both again recently and I didn't really have fun. I guess it's because the gameplay itself is dull as hell but the story/world is kind of cool.
>> No. 4063 [Edit]

>It was never intended to "be as RPG as" Fallout, for lack of a better phrase.

Fallout (3 of course, because that's what we're talking about I guess) is barely an RPG, though. We talked about it a little on /irc/ a few days ago (or rather I was bragging how modern 'RPGs' suck).

I myself have played through Arkham Asylum a few weeks ago and I was absolutely shocked about how paper thin the gameplay was. If games like this are winning GotY awards now I kind of lost interest in games I guess. Apparently they are for the core crowd, too. I guess I'm just not 'hardcore'. It's the prime example of

>I guess it's because the gameplay itself is dull as hell but the story/world is kind of cool.

The game has nothing going for it except for nice graphics and atmosphere and the goddamned Batman. The only thing that was kinda nice were the stealth bits where you had to eliminate everybody in the room but despite giving you lots of choices after you've done it once it will stay the same throughout the whole game.

Fallout 3 was a little like that, too (it reminded me too much of Oblivion which was a massive disappointment after Morrowind) and Mass Effect (haven't played ME2, lucky~) is a prime offender. Of course it's not just 'RPGs' (I hope some day we can stop using this term to describes games such as these, I still hope to see some real cRPGs before I die), there are lots of genres that's even worse of (beat em ups with MadWorld and something I'll never quite get - NMH). Style over substance everywhere.

I said that for me RPGs died after they turned 3D. That's not far from truth but later I realized that the moment I really stopped caring about them was switching to the WSAD control scheme. Once they dropped the isometric view + point'n'click approach it was pretty much over for me (and I think that even if I were to go and replay Morrowind now I wouldn't enjoy it).

I'm currently re(rerere)playing Arcanum. I actually plan to create a separate thread for cRPGs in a few weeks, to reminiscent and talk about some ideas.
>> No. 4066 [Edit]

RPG's didn't "turn" 3D. There has always been an RPG-FPS hybrid genre, dating back to 1994 when System Shock came out, and it really hasn't stopped since. Deus Ex is another example, from 2000. Ultima even delved into what I guess you could call "2.5D", which was as close as it got in those days. It's only one subgenre of the entire RPG world actually.

The reason I think you feel this hybrid genre has taken over RPG as a whole, is because there are so many of them out now. Whether for good or bad, developers aren't really constrained by technology or size limits as they once were, and powerful easy to use consoles can be bought cheap nowadays.

There are still loads of isometric or similar games that come out, they're just not as commercialized as like Mass Effect or Fallout, because not many isometric games are released on consoles. Plus, I think it's just the way things go. Give it 25 years and I'm sure we'll have games so interactive that they can manipulate human senses, and you could essentially live in them.
>> No. 4071 [Edit]

>RPG's didn't "turn" 3D. There has always been an RPG-FPS hybrid genre,

I don't see many 2D (c)RPGs anymore and when I do they are small games developed by one guy or a small group.

>There are still loads of isometric or similar games that come out, they're just not as commercialized as like Mass Effect or Fallout, because not many isometric games are released on consoles.

There are a few every now and then but those are RPG-action hybrids/hack'n'slash. It's been a while since I've seen a traditional cRPG.
>> No. 4193 [Edit]
Played through LIMBO yesterday. It's really similar to NightSky. Somebody got ripped off I guess. Normally you'd just assume it's NightSky that ripped off LIMBO but I heard about the former as far back as 2007 (if not, 2008 at very least).
>> No. 4198 [Edit]
>I don't see many 2D (c)RPGs anymore

Gamers today are too casual to play games that require small amounts of thought. There isn't anything you can do about it, just wait for indie devs to make the games you like because no game company anywhere else is going to invest in a low-profit venture like cRPG.

And I agree, where are all the isometric games? I want some new Fire Emblem games or something already.
>> No. 4199 [Edit]
>Gamers today are too casual to play games that require small amounts of thought

Not true at all. You could argue that the most popular modern RPGs are dumbed down but I would say that games like Dragon Age have simply removed some of the annoying idiosyncrasies of the genre.

Besides, most popular games of the past didn't really "require thought" either. And for every Mass Effect 2 there is a Class of Heroes, Diagaea 4, Avadon etc.
>> No. 4201 [Edit]
Gamers are not any stupider, but to be fair the games that are going to sell, or in other terms the games that big name publishers and developers are going to push out, are designed to sell to the much bigger market of casual players that has emerged recently.

Sure, Dragon Age did remove some of the more tedious parts of Baldur's Gate, but it also removed any real difficulty the game had and had a story that was a much more stock standard fantasy than any of Bioware's earlier cRPGs were liked. Dragon Age 2 only exacerbated the problem.

I'm sure some day a big publisher will take some kind of ridiculous bet on something like a cRPG, a publisher that you could probably liken to universal in the film industry, but the chances for an actual big budget game of that type with hype is very unlikely.
>> No. 4207 [Edit]

>Gamers are not any stupider

Yeah, they are not stupider. They just suffer from ADD. It's not thinking itself that scares them, it's complexity. If they ever hear the mere notion that it might be wise to look at the manual before playing the game they will stay away from it as far as it's physically possible.

The more complex the game is the less likely it is to sell (we could probably say the same about difficulty but that's a different matter). And even if there is some actual complexity there must be some good looking graphics to back it up and distract the gamers. I have no idea when I last played any (decent) Master of Orion like XXXX game. Most likely it was GalCiv II and it's been a while since it has been released; on top of that, even in GalCiv it's kinda obvious that they spent a lot of money on stuff like graphics instead of investing it development of the actual game. Also, the current trend in 4X is to make everything real time (as opposed to standard turn based). I think this fact speaks for itself.

There are tons of franchises that turned (or are slowly turning) shit because of average gamer's ADD (Civ, Elder Scrolls, Anno, Hitman, Splinter Cell and lots of other I'm too lazy to even try to recall) and it will only get worse. If there will be good graphics to distract them gamers will be fine with just about anything (bonus points if you can shoot somebody). Eventually we will end up at a point where there will be two genres left: shooters and movies with occasional QTE. The joke here is of course the fact that people who play them will call themselves 'hardcore' and complain about 1$ games from App store.

Of course I exaggerate but you get my point.
>> No. 4216 [Edit]
If you have an SDK game (HL2, TF2, Gmod, CSS etc), I highly recommend you try this mod/game:

It's called the Stanley Parable and it has a great narration (and music). It's a game about free will and determinism and the existence of a higher power and there's lots of different endings depending on what you do in the game.

Give it a try, you will like it.
>> No. 4218 [Edit]
I just saw this; looks promissing, at least because it's pretty and the control feels real good.

C79 trial-version + omake (vid):

C78 t-v:

left/right arrow keys - move character sideways
double left/right - dash (wings, while jumping)
(up/down - combo tricks)
z/a - attack, decide
c - jump (double c - double jump)
defense - v

... or just plug in you control pad and figure (easier).
>> No. 4220 [Edit]
That was a fun little thing, and I still feel like there's shit I haven't done. Thanks for bringing this to my attention
>> No. 4248 [Edit]
File 13130131669.jpg - (687.40KB , 1599x900 , manhunt2.jpg )
Just finished up on Manhunt 2 today, could have got the whole thing in yesterday had I started 2 hours earlier...
I never played it till now because of all the bs that surrounded the game, the delays for the release plus the pissed off overreacting parents that got this game gutted before it came out, at which point it had horrible filters over violent segments that could easily give you a migraine.
I even tried my hand at patching a copy of it and running the iso on my ps2, but that came out all screwed up (turned out to be the wrong region)
fews years pass, and I lean there was apparently a uncensored version released for pc some time latter (which is supposedly rated ao), hell yeah.

Anyways, about the game.
I must say strait away, it wasin't anymore gorry then the first I think, I dont really get what the big deal was, maybe becuase the exacusions are somewhat interactive? I think it was probably that/being on the wii, wii being a kids system, parents don't want a game on it in which kids play as a escaped mental patient as he brutally kills anyone in his way, that and performing the killing actions with the wiimote (such as stabbing at the victim, twisting around a crowbar implanted in their skull ect)
In the pc version that's all done with the mouse (wasn't able to use a pad on this)
I think it adds a nice level of interaction, and it's not by any means hard to do.
Still, I think they were all really overreacting about this game.

I really think the game would have been better if they didn't have guns/projectile weapons, or at least made them hard to come by.
It's a lot more interesting as a stealth action game, in which you lurk in the shadows, picking off enemies one by one as they get separated from the flock.
Sure, it might be the time of game in which one wrong move can get you killed, two guys beating down on you and you're screwed, but guns make it so stupidly easy, all it takes is walking from point A to point B and shooting anything that moves in the head, but at least it never failed to amuse me whenever I did get a head shot, seeing their heads blown off into chunks.
still, when they came out with the assault rifles, it was like I didn't even need to try anymore.
Something that kind of bugged me was how the graphics settings didn't effect the cinematic segments.
I had the game on max settings, yet when cutscenes come up, they play at the lowest settings, but I guess rockstar isn't well known for good pc ports...
Must say, I kind of preferred the character designs from the original, but this one tryed a little more in terms of plot.

The end felt a little sloppy/rushed to me, the way they made that alter ego into the villain as if he wasn't helping the main character out this whole time.
it was almost out of nowhere that he just came out with his "haha, I killed your wife, and now I'm gonna take over your body!" and almost as soon as that came out, the game was over.

I found the stage with all the shipping crates and security guards kind of amusing, it really reminded me of my old days as a security guard, working in a area like that at night, I could almost imagine it was my old coworkers who I was repeatedly stabbing in the chest with a broken glass shard, burning alive in a pool of gas, and stabbing in the face repeatedly with a pen.

also, if I didn't know better I'd swear that second chapter was based off the film Hostel.

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>> No. 4250 [Edit]
File 131301898718.png - (3.41MB , 1680x1050 , gtaiv-20110720-103140.png )
I think you might find this interesting, Tohno:

They redid the San Andreas map with the GTAIV engine and the first beta is out. It requires GTAIV though and you can only fuck around.
>> No. 4251 [Edit]
File 13130223494.jpg - (3.82MB , 1544x3060 , gtasaremake.jpg )
Yeah I head about it, sounds kind of cool.
It would have been nice if SA had the physics IV does, but you can still make SA at least close to current gen with enough mods.
Gtasa hd comes has most of the game's textures redone, project oblivion overhauls almost all the plant life in the game, emb series gives the game some realistic lighting/shadows and much better water, effects overdose for effects that look tons better, namely fire/explosions, there's also countless car mods out there allowing you to replace every car in the game with it's real life counterpart, or at the least a much better looking car, I even came across some physics mods for the game, making for a ragdoll effect when you jump out a moving car or hit/blow away peds.
as for peds, moders have converted many of gtaIV's peds for inserting/replacing in SA.

with those combined, it's as good as a remake of the game.

for those interested:
nature mod:
shadow/light mod:
Effects mod:
HD textures mod:
Car mod pack:

Post edited on 10th Aug 2011, 5:53pm
>> No. 4253 [Edit]
Now I understand why Rockstar is beginning to ignore the PC market: Because modders are making them look like chumps. Seriously a professionally done remake of SA would sell a billion copies
>> No. 4255 [Edit]
File 131304490164.jpg - (1.83MB , 1280x1024 , gta_sa 2011-08-10 23-35-13-33.jpg )
Yeah seriously.
>> No. 4257 [Edit]
File 131307216524.png - (140.17KB , 250x265 , Catherine_Cover_Art.png )
Currently playing Catherine(deluxe editions boxers are unfortunately too small for my arse to fit right) I am five hours in and it has been a quite thrilling adventure so far but I seem to be "selfish" in my own actions.
Playing on easy at the moment but when I will take on normal difficulty I will be a complete asshole and spend all my time with Catherine.
The only minor thing I do not like are the controls when playing the puzzles the character is mirrored so have I to push the left direction when moving(seconds of life and death)to the right but not to annoying to quit playing.
>> No. 4544 [Edit]
Slight hijack (as creating another thread to ask a silly question would be a waste). I'm a guy who doesn't really care about video games but I play something every few months and recently I've been thinking about playing some Fallout 3. What mods should I download? If possible I want to keep it rather vanilla for the time being, just a little streamlined. So I'm interested in stuff like Project Beauty, texture packs (like NMC's), reanimations (like Alender's) and other stuff that fixes bugs and the likes (like Master Fix). I'll save stuff like Wanderer's Edition for later (if I'll feel like replaying it).

So, Master Fix, Project Beauty, NMC's texture pack, Alender's reanimations pack. Am I missing something essential?
>> No. 4567 [Edit]
File 131538140268.jpg - (1.20MB , 1400x881 , Balladofgaytony_art_gtahq.jpg )
Finished playing the baled of gay tony today, and played the lost and damned right before that.
The lost and damned was pretty much what I expected, short, pointless and the same repetitive crap from IV.
I think the lost and damned must have had all of 12 missions, if that, and almost all of them were the same repetitive cover based shooter missions that IV was made almost entirely of.
I was just so sick of that glueing yourself to cover crap, I just slowly walked into gun fire and I quickly as easily took down the enemies, as I ignored the ai teammates yelling at me to get to cover, I basically told them to shove that cover up their ass, and that I'll use it when the enemies don't all just stand there like idiots and let you shoot them.
I think only one out of ten ai enemies will take cover and shoot at you, the rest just act like target practice dolls most of the time.
and this is what most of the game is!!
I really think they should have had less enemies, but smarter and harder.
It kind of kills the impact and fun when you're fighting a army of idiots.
I mean, these games are supposed to be more on the realistic side, yet you have platoons of brain dead morons practically asking you to shoot them.
There was one mission in which you hunt down vans and blow them up, and another which is a rail shooter, the rest are just going from point A to point B and doing the old cover shooter thing when you get there, but sometimes you might get in a shoot out on your way to point C... heh...
The story seemed pretty stupid to me and poorly done, leader of the biker gang gets out of prison, and acts like a dick, the gets sent back, and the guys in the gang blame you for no good reason, and they make this big deal about you being in change now, but I'm sitting there thinking, what changed? what were they doing before their leader was released from prison? why are they ignoring this point? it's just going back to how things were a few days before.
So you kill the guys calling you a rat, then kill your old leader because he was talking to cops on the inside, and the club kind of disbands, end of story.
oh and there was some full frontal male nudity at one point, I guess rockstar really need a shot of controversy for this game, sometimes that seems to be the only way they can sell anything anymore.
Anyway, lost and damn had some new mini games added, but I didn't give a crap, arm wrestling and some card game, seems pointless.
It's what I expected, a very small addon to IV, just more of the same crap.

Now, the ballade of gay tony, that I can safely say I enjoyed.
Maybe I'm biased here because I like the night club thing they got going on, and the character's mom reminds me of my own, but I think it really was pretty decent.
the weapons were better, the music was better(in my opinion) and most importantly, the story and missions were better.
Those diamonds were a considerable part of IV, but they didn't fill us in on all the details, which is what the ballad of gay tony does.
I'd say this does a very good job of intertwining the story of the game with that of IV, yet still having it's own and keeping it it's own.
I didn't give much of a damn about the characters in lost and damned, but here the characters are flushed out pretty well, you can get to know them a little and maybe even care about the problems they face in this game, and how they deal with it.
The missions had a lot more diversity to them then IV and LaD did, by far, this game actually makes me wish IV could have been more like this, sure, some of them don't make much sense, like jumping onto the back of a train, and making your way to the front car as you fight off attack helicopters, so that it can be air lifted away, but whatever, fun is fun right?
although there are still those same old cover based shooter type missions, they make up only half the missions or so, for the others, you get to do things like literally scaring the shit out of a blogger by tossing him out a helicopter, then skydiving to catch him mid fall, or shooting down a tank being air transported and running from the cops in the thing.
Just the fact this instalment finally introduced the tank should make it clear that this was what IV should have been, even if it is a mini swat tank type thing.
this one also easily has the best weapon selection of the 3 installments, The remote detonated sticky bomb alone was awesome, but that actually kind of pissed me off a bit.
I mean, rockstar purposely held out on GTAIV, specific with weapons, just so they could use them in DLC like this, There's no reason they couldn't have had these weapons in IV, in fact, they did actually, with other things from the DLC, to think they had the balls to leave content you have to pay for to get at, in the game you already paid for... man..
At least it wasn't so bad in the vehicles department, sure the vehicle selection in IV sucked, but it sucked just as much in t.l.&d. and t.b.o.g.t.
t.l.&d. added some new choppers, but who really cares about that? they mostly look the same anyway oh and some van type of thing.
t.b.o.g.t. added in the tank and some gold car, but that's about it for that.
Money sure is useless in both DLC games, in t.l.&d., they give you max ammo before the last mission, and there's like nothing else to buy other then ammo in the game.
as for t.b.o.g.t., all the guns they give you are better then the stuff they sell in the game, which is all just the junk from IV.
I finished the game with only ever buying armor, and food here and there for health.
oh, something else worth noting here, in each DLC game, you only get one save spot for some reason, and also, the map is completely open from the start of both, yet both take place in the same time frame as IV, which had closed bridges, just thought it was a bit off.

Currently playing Amnesia, tad bit on the dull side... I tried getting into it and playing in the dark, that sort of thing, but meh, maybe main stream games have screwed ruined me a little, making me expect something to blow up ever five minutes.
Heck, I was even carrying around objects at first to use as weapons for a little bit there, but then this isn't that kind of game...
I think what I know about the game has kind of screwed with the experience.
I haven't seen very much game play of it, or know anything about the story, but everyone would always talk about how it doesn't have enemies popping up all the time, and it's more about what isn't there.
So I was able to go around without caring much, because I knew enemies were rare to pop up, although this might change as I get feather in, so far all I've seen is a quick glimpse of one walking down a hall, I chased after it but it was gone.
Yeah sure, it's got a lot of spooky noises, with the constant scratching sounds and the footsteps coming from nowhere, most of them I found more annoying then creepy or spooky, I started to tune out those foot steps and not care.
Well, although I haven't peed myself yet, I guess I should hold off on to much of the criticism until I've gotten father into the game.
>> No. 4575 [Edit]
Yeah BoGT was awesome and the club stuff was cool because it really gave off a cool atmosphere. Getting the "tone" of things right is where GTA4 really excelled imo
>> No. 4584 [Edit]
^sounds interesting. I never bothered with the DLC since I havent even finished the main story yet. I think I'm supposed to be doing missions for some Irish guys but all I ever do is harass pedestrians and kill hookers. GTA IV has the best NPC dialogue.
>> No. 4585 [Edit]
As I touched on a bit, the DLC games take place during the main story, a few of the missions are actuality shared with other characters.
For example, Nico does a drug deal gone bad along side the main character from the lost and damned, then latter again with a diamond exchange, which is broken up by the main character from the ballad of gay tony.
also, TBoGT starts off during one of those Irish guy's missions.

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