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File 143249319061.jpg - (188.70KB , 527x800 , 59a02864d0feab7a472e1bea63f53e3b.jpg )
26084 No. 26084 [Edit]
Do you guys get angry or depressed when thinking about sex? I normally do, especially when continuously exposed to pornographic material of any sort or sometimes when going out. The inexistent propects of sexual life for my are quite saddening. Does anyone else feel the same?
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>> No. 26101 [Edit]
Nah, I just fap. Fap through it all and ignore everything.
>> No. 26102 [Edit]
Not at all. I agree with both posts above me and I also don't like physical interaction in general plus I find real people unattractive for the most part.
>> No. 26103 [Edit]
Yes. Well, anger and hatred, not sadness, whenever I read of it, especially with kinkfags or polyamorists, whenever it's treated as something trivial and positive, and almost as much whenever it results in children, since no one is competent to reproduce.
I feel no such reaction to sex in mythology (or in certain anime, like Utena, which are as exalted and sacred to me as a mythology), probably since there sex's sacredness and accursedness are recognized- it isn't made into something for normalfags to feel ""postive"" about and degenerate with.
I do kind of feel sadness of when I realize I'll never have someone to love, but even that's so familiar and banal that the sadness is really just an affectation I put on so I have something to do and feel.
>> No. 26105 [Edit]
Nope. I'm not really in good health to constantly seek it and age has brought the urges down. Fapping helps to keep stress down but even that's hard to enjoy or get into the mood.
>> No. 26106 [Edit]
Yes, very much. I'd like not to feel anything but I can't help it.
But it's not just about love and sex, I feel like shit thinking about pretty much everything else that I'll never have or experience.
Now that I'm too old to hope for nice things to happen I feel more hatred than sadness as the world seems determined to keep shoving it all right in my face.
It's torture to know that being myself I will never be loved, never have friends, will never be understood and accepted.
Wrote a wall of text about it but I just erased it, pointless ramblings. Just wanted to vent and say that I tried to follow normalfags' advice, tried hard to "change" in different ways, trusted people and blamed myself for failing at everything for almost 3 decades now.
What I learned is that in society I will be accepted only when I put on a mask pretend to be someone else. That I can succeed when I'm deceptive, lying, ruthless and exploitative. For trying to be honest and true to myself I'll be punished without mercy and everyone else will still feel good about themselves.
I can't stand the world anymore, can't humbly accept their reason and reconcile with the normals one more time. Thinking about this shit is like lighting my brain on fire, hate is all I have now.
>> No. 26108 [Edit]
I will say: don't give up to your urges. I had sex after being a virgin until last month (I'm 26) and it's a really stupid thing to brood over. If you're the kind of poster that websites like this have, it's simply a useless endeavor and you won't "grow up" or be a better person after it. Don't get tricked by whatever bullshit society says about it. I haven't changed near one damn bit after the experience, I'm still socially awkward and shy. But I stuck it in a hole. Holy shit that's so cool. (not really)

(it was obviously not le gf, i paid for not one but actually several hoes. same result.)
>> No. 26110 [Edit]
Should have bough figs instead.
Realising sex is meaningless and not the cause of all your problems was probably worth the price of several prostitutes at least.
>> No. 26111 [Edit]
This was its only real use. Just breaking free of the eternal meme that everyone else on the family hammers you. ie "you're not enjoying le life" bullshit, was refreshing. Probably not at all worth the expense but considering it like this it was actually useful. Since then I've moved on and I do more stuff in my idle time instead of brooding about it constantly. But that would be blogposting, so I'll stop right now.

Post edited on 18th Sep 2017, 9:14am
>> No. 26113 [Edit]
Kinda, but in a really weird way. Often when I think of sex it gives me an awful feeling that I don't understand. It's like a strange mix of terror and disgust. All of the tension in my limbs goes away and I get a numb feeling in my gut, like I have the flu or some shit. I've had to put down many things I was once enjoying because they had sex scenes (even vanilla stuff) that made me react this way. Has anyone else experienced this?
>> No. 26114 [Edit]
It depends on the context. If it's in the context of some shitty 3D porno where the people have no feelings for each other, or some camgirl with dead eyes getting tokens flicked at her, it's really disgusting. Everything just feels so gross and wrong. However, when I am reading a VN or listening to a voice work and I can feel genuine warmth and connection to a 2D girl, the sex feels really good.
>> No. 26115 [Edit]
I think of it as something unreal and confined to the realm of 2D. Thinking about how people actually do it just doesn't make sense to me.
>> No. 26116 [Edit]
No, but I do think it is generally disgusting and wish it would be less of a focus for a lot of people. I see no point in brooding over it, likewise with how indecent our media and culture seems to be. Oh well.
>> No. 26117 [Edit]
>Do you guys get angry or depressed when thinking about sex?
Yes, but only in the sense that when I think about it it makes me morally outraged and sorrowful that most people so desire that transient momentary pleasure that they seek it out no matter what the cost. That they don't care if it results in another person being born into a life of suffering or deprivation or pestilence or war or famine, and -as a matter of course- death.
>> No. 26118 [Edit]
Not sad, but utter disgust and hatred. I feel like I'm suffocating. When I think about it, I lose all appetite for food because it makes me feel like throwing up. You know hyperventilation? The chest tightness you get from hyperventilation? Yeah, I get that, but it's always out of disgust. Sometimes when I think about it I feel like I'm gonna get a heart attack.
>> No. 26119 [Edit]
For some reason, the sexual activity of a male or female human still feels like a great loss of... something. I can't explain why, since I never felt this way as a kid and I thought nothing of sex except as something that sounded desirable. Yet I get a sick feeling in my stomach even reading stories where two people in love with each other have sex. I think my mind might feel that sex itself, while incredibly erotic, and only more so for the wrongness I feel of it, is something very wrong to do, like you're betraying someone or something intangible.
>> No. 26120 [Edit]
I don't get depressed but I get angry with direct exposure to it. 3D porn does not trigger me, it is just erotic material devoid of any meaning, been trying to stop watching it. 2D does give me feelings of loneliness though, because it represents the ideal relationship, love, loyalty, affection and kindness. I only get triggered when its someone I know, its like stabbing me with a knife. After that I get irritated and frustrated for a bit. But mai helps ease the pain and mend the heart.
>> No. 26121 [Edit]
No. I don't want to have to deal with relationships or any of that. Too much effort and a waste of time.
>> No. 26122 [Edit]
I don't find it upsetting at all, I just find sex very strange to think about. Like I'm just not capable of comprehending that sex is a real thing that real people do with each other.
Something I've done occasionally ever since I learned what sex was is try to imagine people whom I know are married or in a relationship sleeping with their partner, and it makes no sense at all to me. I can't picture it or believe that it actually happens in real life. It's even more confusing trying to fantasize and insert myself into one of the roles.
>> No. 26123 [Edit]
Only recently, probably due to my new antidepressant combined with age

I used to love lewd pictures, now they're a mild annoyance like everything else in my life
>> No. 26124 [Edit]
I won't lie I do, I try to stay away from porn for the same reason. I just want the experience casually, no desire for relationships.
>> No. 26125 [Edit]
That's actually good. You should feel good about it.
>> No. 26126 [Edit]
Yes, but not in the way you describe. I just don't like the idea of sex and it has always been an uncomfortable topic for me. I remember back in high school a girl shamelessly told me that she wanted to fuck me and I lashed out at her. Just the thought of committing such an act fills me with sadness, anger, or disgust.
On another note though, I can watch hentai or ecchi and not be bothered at all. I suppose I am just a fickle person.

I was actually going to mention this too.
>> No. 26127 [Edit]
My thoughts and feelings about it are more confusing, since I fantasize it almost constantly but they are in the 2D (even when it is with people from the 3D.) There is something quite unattractive about 3D sex for me and it's never been nearly a big concern on my mind that I haven't had it, as it seems to be with other virgins I see. Hentai, audio porn, and most recently erotic literature seem to be so sufficient for me that often I end up thinking that I don't need to worry about being virgin at all as long as I have them. Maybe the lack of intimacy will catch up with more when I get older, but right now I seem to barely care unless it's from feeling social pressure to have it. I only seem to care that I haven't had it because most of my peers already have, but it's something I want to desire myself, not just in order to fill in some sort of functional human checklist.
>> No. 26128 [Edit]
Every fucking time. I'm a virgin and I used to masturbate all the time and even love staring at anime tits for hours, but antidepressants and other events have contributed to immense guilt and a bit of self-hatred when I do masturbate. It feels like I'm vicariously participating in "sex culture" and nothing i can imagine about the act appeals to me
>> No. 26129 [Edit]
File 160375577451.png - (297.95KB , 662x842 , 69c380ccfa9283670e7ccd67781cebf1.png )
Extremely. While I don't want to detail every reason why, I always feel that it's pretty unfair. I didn't choose nor want this but I'm stuck without the same thing everyone else gets to have and brag about constantly. It's all kinds of soul crushing and I have to keep it mostly to myself, especially now since failed normals are basically not allowed anywhere on the internet so what probably would have been my last hope at finding people I can relate to is just shot. Every part of this is terrible but I think the worst of it is being demonized over it. Like virginity is what keeps me from being counted as a human and as long as I have it and a sex drive at the same time I'm some kind of filth that needs to be squashed by any means unless I start virtue signaling about how I voluntarily turned it away. I think the knowledge of how valued sex is has caused me to sour and become even more cynical. 2d is harder to enjoy unless it's 100% pure and even then it's in the back of my mind. You can probably imagine that lewd shit is even worse for me. I can still enjoy them sometimes but the mood that makes me watch or look at that stuff doesn't stick around for very long and I just stop. Waifus feel like an impossibility for me and naturally romance media just hurts to watch either because it was bad, it shows me the love I want but can't have, or both. I sometimes think if I could just have it once then maybe I might be happy but I would probably just want it more and it would just make the desire to be honestly loved even worse. It makes me question whether fucking a hooker would be a good idea after all. Maybe I'll do that before I kill myself but I found out that it's kind of hard to get one because there's a shit ton of laws simping for those poor women who choose to do that kind of work. It's all one of the many curses I think were put on me at birth, like some deity hated me or something.
>> No. 26130 [Edit]
File 160375845214.png - (380.96KB , 835x1000 , __original_drawn_by_40hara__6bac15c55caec699d524e9.png )
No. Mainly because I like being who I am and wouldn't want to be different. While I want sex, I want more than that too. I want a permanent relationship with someone I can spend all of my free time with. Somebody who will understand and accept everything about me. Expecting that from a human would be delusional.

Getting sex the way people are "supposed to" would require me to become a good actor and learn the ins and outs of dating or partying and whatever other social trapping come with that territory. Even I could do all that and succeed, it doesn't seem worth the time, energy, money and danger. For 5-30 minutes of sex on average contingent on the other person being in the mood it's not. I know the actual game wont be enjoyable to me unlike for some normalfags.

How long can I keep up the facade for? I imagine that actually living with a women would be complete hell. Their needs, their flaws, their own deceptions, their own unpleasant changes. The failure rate of relationships is high and then you have to start all over again, older this time. Ignoring personality, even if I managed to hook up with a women who I find attractive, they age, they can gain weight, their genitals might be ugly, and I would have no way of knowing it.

Women are made out of the stuff as dirt and rocks. The parts are arranged in a complicated way, but getting all of the things that make up a women is relatively easy. I'm banking on artificial, superior wives existing within my lifetime. It's my life goal. When it happens, I'll still be pure in mind and body. I probably sound crazy, but that's exactly why another human wouldn't be good.
>> No. 26132 [Edit]
>I want a permanent relationship with someone I can spend all of my free time with.

Just reading this makes me feel stressed, claustrophobic.
It also makes me think about how some of us can be virgins for completely different reasons.
>> No. 26133 [Edit]
>Just reading this makes me feel stressed, claustrophobic.
Why? Can you not imagine a person you would feel comfortable letting loss around, acting like you would when you're by yourself?
>> No. 26134 [Edit]
Not him, but I don't even like it when someone else is in the same room with me.
>> No. 26135 [Edit]
File 160513425795.jpg - (36.84KB , 417x337 , mizoreShirayuki.jpg )
>Can you not imagine a person you would feel comfortable letting loss around, acting like you would when you're by yourself?
No, I literally cannot even imagine that. I very intensely dislike being around other people. Living alone was what I always dreamed of when I was a kid growing up with my parents and brothers, and now that I have been living alone for 6 years, I haven't made an effort to change this circumstance. On the contrary, I'm looking to get a better job where I have to spend less time dealing with people.

I've had sex a few times, and concluded that to me it's not worth having to put up with another person day after day.

Sometimes I fantasize about having children, and then I start to think that maybe a deal like this might be something for me:
But then I think back to when I had a cat, and how tedious and bothersome I found having to clean up after it, having to feed it, play with it, groom it, take it to the vet...
Children are a much bigger responsibility. I'd probably get so stressed out from raising them that I'd kill myself at some point.

(I'm not the guy you were responding to.)

>> No. 26136 [Edit]
File 160513533043.jpg - (111.61KB , 850x568 , sample_391bd66be009bc4f89b6c3589789a470.jpg )
Do you struggle to put up with yourself? What does "putting up with a person" mean? What a shallow, awful way of viewing things, especially sex.
>> No. 26137 [Edit]
File 16051395825.jpg - (255.14KB , 1024x1084 , ce609c3f973ff3abbe37eba21bb41c55.jpg )
>What does "putting up with a person" mean?
Not him but sometimes it can mean they might take patience just to tolerate the things they do that you don't like whatever those things may be. Sometimes people or pets have demands or wants that pull you away from things you prefer doing, whatever those things may be. They might feel like obligations, obstacles, or just something or someone you generally don't want to be around. It's not that different from anything else you might think is annoying.
>What a shallow, awful way of viewing things
It is but it's not something that can exactly be helped, as far as I know, beyond exercising patience.
>especially sex
Come on, anon. You and everyone here knows sex hasn't had any genuinely romantic meaning in the eyes of the masses for a long time. But if that's how you see it that's fine too.
>> No. 26138 [Edit]
File 160514186417.png - (56.59KB , 300x300 , 67efcd00e5f4e219c2d8ededb1192528.png )
An artificial wife is always going to be on the same page as you and want what you want. People assume the only way for intelligent life to be is like humans and take the way they think and get motivated for granted. An artificial wife's source of motivation could be you. They wouldn't have any demands and their wants would be the same as your wants. There would be nothing to "put up with". What's shallow is that people can't even imagine something like this.
>> No. 26139 [Edit]
I certainly do. Not sure what to do about it. Just endure.
>> No. 26140 [Edit]
File 160517436997.png - (1.02MB , 1000x847 , 14d6ff2038e8d4ebcffed5896d716dd551a5124b0d1a4a10ef.png )
At this point I'm indifferent about it. Getting angry at those who "get it" doesn't change anything. However the feeling that I have "missed the boat" for having the experience of sharing genuine intimacy, romance and love with another person makes me pretty sad if I think of it.
>> No. 26141 [Edit]
File 160517533492.jpg - (390.78KB , 1012x1000 , 1f9a7c00ecbdf5811dd44753bb44e40e.jpg )
>However the feeling that I have "missed the boat" for having the experience of sharing genuine intimacy, romance and love with another person makes me pretty sad if I think of it.
I know that feeling all too well. It's why I avoid romance media. It's hard though since so much media is practically required to have at least a drop of it. It's just painful seeing that, especially knowing I didn't miss my opportunity but instead I never had even the shadow of a chance in the first place.
>> No. 26142 [Edit]
Yeah, that's my tulpa, and lots of times I ask her to leave me alone in my free time because I enjoy being just by myself and I need to breath.
Even if you love the person to death I would still find the idea of not being alone when I want to incredibly stressing. I don't know if this is normal, maybe it isn't. I always wondered how the normals can even live in couples having so little freedom and forced to share all their time with people that aren't even that compatible with them, it seems like hell to me. And I know some of them can barely deal with that and preffer to stay at work than going home, but they still keep living that kind of life nonetheless. I guess there's some biological imperatives there that don't work for me.
>> No. 26143 [Edit]
I think some wrong kind of romanticism contaminate minds, both normal and abnormal, like a disease. Makes me suspect ancient people were more feet on the ground sometimes, even with their prejudiced open misoginy and sometimes homosexual ways.
Not having experienced something can take you to permanent idealization and regreet, I see it all the time.
I think I preffer to look like the fox that despised the grapes, kinda like Schopenhauer, than falling for that.

>I never had even the shadow of a chance in the first place.

So you dodged a bullet since it seems you could have easily falled at the first chance.
>> No. 26144 [Edit]
>> No. 26145 [Edit]
>Do you struggle to put up with yourself?
what would that even mean? Why do you ask such stupid questions?
>> No. 26146 [Edit]
>what would that even mean?
Your assumption is that being around somebody would necessitate "putting up with them". If you don't have to "put up with yourself", that means that being around someone doesn't necessarily mean having to "put up with anything". You're around yourself and your own personality and your own thoughts all the time. You couldn't understand this from my question because you've got a predictably shallow mindset.
>> No. 26147 [Edit]
>However the feeling that I have "missed the boat" for having the experience of sharing genuine intimacy, romance and love with another person makes me pretty sad if I think of it.
Yeah, I get this too. My life played out that I wasn't even in a real position to TRY dating until I was 25 and at that point my lived experiences were so outside the norm that picturing myself with some girl feels difficult. There just aren't enough abnormal women to go around and of those abnormal women many of them don't want an abnormal partner. I worry even if I find someone it's not going to "feel real" for lack of better word. Normals seem bathed in relationships from cradle to grave. They're doing chemistry experiments while I'm studying anthropology. Finding a girl who's also spent her life studying anthropology and has mutual attraction... very difficult.

Honestly at this point I just want to get over sexual hangups resultant from "muh childhood". I'm afraid of sex and it's humiliating enough it makes me not even try to find someone. The best way to conquer that seems through direct exposure. I'm planning to hire an escort in a few months. Ideally it's boring and "a waste of money". I think it'd be a decent counterweight against my current sexual fears. It'd be nice to have my consensual first experience with somebody who cares about me but how many years is that going to take.
>> No. 26148 [Edit]
>I'm planning to hire an escort
Don't. You're going to hurt yourself more than you know.
>> No. 26149 [Edit]
This thread is starting to make me feel uncomfortable.
>> No. 26150 [Edit]
Good, talking about issues so personal never is.
>> No. 26151 [Edit]
Not really. 2D is great and 3D shit is something to ignore.

You're not only one.
>> No. 26152 [Edit]
File 160540762691.jpg - (533.53KB , 1920x1200 , irl37.jpg )
True that, though I wouldn't put it so aggressively.

It bothers me how this stuff consooms people's lives, makes them depressed and jeopardizes their judgement and decision-making capabilities.
I know way too many cases of people in shitty relationships and life situations, blue pilled by coitus.

I'm currently in a 2D relationship, but even before that I had sworn celibacy for personal development reasons, influenced by the aforementioned.
Now that I think about it, it was probably all of this combined that made me receptive to 2D love.

Either way, don't feel like I'm missing anything at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

Post edited on 14th Nov 2020, 6:36pm
>> No. 26153 [Edit]
>blue pilled
And so thus this island too was reduced to a vestige as it began to sink under the weight of overseas lexicon.
Maybe it should be moved to /tat/? It doesn't seem to have produced much fruitful discussion and to me seems like a blight on the other threads.
>> No. 26154 [Edit]
I don't know why people insist on repeating the same stupid lingo of the week everywhere. I wouldn't be able to write that without being embarrassed.

Post edited on 14th Nov 2020, 7:50pm
>> No. 26155 [Edit]
File 160542561113.png - (0.98MB , 1280x720 , kanae9.png )
I would've locked it, but your suggestion might be better.
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