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File 144593843750.png - (722.98KB , 1024x576 , cute anime screencap2015-02-08-04h27m25s13.png )
20868 No. 20868 [Edit]
Post cute anime girls in this thread every time you think about killing yourself
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>> No. 22775 [Edit]
File 149827516198.jpg - (52.94KB , 480x480 , 1490328894488.jpg )
really feeling it strongly now, if it wasn't because I fail at everything I try I would put a plan I wrote down time ago today I want to die not become a vegetable
>> No. 22777 [Edit]
File 149857990597.png - (662.63KB , 750x900 , 59259653_p0.png )
>> No. 22778 [Edit]
File 149862669652.jpg - (23.07KB , 450x338 , 1498032475758-r9k.jpg )
>> No. 22779 [Edit]
I can't imagine how you can deal with that for so long without losing it and murdering her. I have a hateful mother but she is nowhere near that bad.
>> No. 22780 [Edit]
File 149875291769.jpg - (1.95MB , 1500x2121 , 1492402160737.jpg )
I’m so alone . Alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone
Pit in my stomach .
Stab myself stab myself I want to stab myself I want to syab myslef
Will it go away if I stbab myself ?
Ai anwat ti tot gois away eplae go away
Iss tehre any way for it to go away ?
Plea se go away .
I wan tto die
Isn’T there anyway to not feel so alone ?
My stomach hurts .
I SHOUDL jstu gp die
I wihs it was easier to killmyslef
I’m tryin g not to self harm but it’ts so hard no tt o choke mylsef
I want to chokse myself
I nwat to feel it
uNTIL I pwass out
I wanst to feel it until I PAS SOUT
What’s ron gwith meWahts wrong wtih me
Whhyw hwywhywhyw whyw hwy why why why why why why why why why
Ther ies no relief why cna’t just be happy I want to be happy why whyw hy
There’s no palce for me in thsiw rold
>> No. 22783 [Edit]
File 149879320587.png - (403.58KB , 650x575 , unknown.png )
Lately I've found my mind wandering to ways in which I can shoot myself which would inconvenience others the most. Particularly certain people who make me feel like crap. Probably easier to just burn down their houses and cars. Would have to kill them as well or they might end up profitting from insurance claims.
>> No. 22786 [Edit]
what anime is that?
>> No. 22787 [Edit]
Original art by hitoshi (pixiv3340857)
>> No. 22789 [Edit]
File 149893941037.jpg - (389.09KB , 637x900 , 54293011_p0.jpg )
I wish that I could turn back time
>> No. 22790 [Edit]
File 149898232935.png - (1.57MB , 1282x1037 , 1498627409983.png )
I can't imagine killing myself in a way that would be convenient for others. I think anyone who recommends not troubling others with your death is the worst kind of person imaginable. If I am hated so much that the only reaction people would have to my death is irritation, I feel no obligation to please those people in my final moments. I sure as fuck am not going to leave this world kissing everybody elses ass.
>> No. 22792 [Edit]
File 149898622589.jpg - (16.41KB , 275x500 , edc0ccf372b672eabd2c66b8642a447b--poltergeist.jpg )
me personally i just would not care. the whole point of suicide is to achieve nothingness. do you guys believe in poltergeists or something? it's not like you'd be around to see if your death was convenient or inconvenient. you wouldn't be around to see if you caused some mexican janitor psychological trauma from finding your corpse, or negatively affected gun laws. you wouldn't be around to see if no one ever found you at all and your family's worries were all calmly put to rest with no tears thanks to your carefully crafted letter.
none of that matters one tiny bit cause you cease to exist. whatever happens is irrelevant.

poltergeist is a pretty cute anime girl. stop moving my furniture around, poltergeist-chan!
>> No. 22793 [Edit]
>worst kind of person imaginable
What makes you think that? Most (if not all) people that commit suicide, do so out of misery, despair or hopelessness... so is it bad to believe your last action shouldn't be one that causes others the type of feelings that drove you to do it in the first place? It seems only appropriate, and it has nothing to do with "kissing ass" but rather leaving in a higher standing and offering your last bit of empathy before going away. Regardless, if I were to finally commit suicide I would like to leave the least amount of "footprint" by doing so, so making a mess defeats that purpose.
>> No. 22794 [Edit]
>no pic

i think ur in the wrong thread, dudette
>> No. 22795 [Edit]
File 149930474642.png - (570.84KB , 795x648 , 1481447328402.png )
>> No. 22796 [Edit]
File 149962359122.jpg - (739.87KB , 1200x1600 , sample_fc9ffe0963780f4898e0209a89bd7a62.jpg )
>> No. 22797 [Edit]
File 149965902775.jpg - (49.02KB , 500x449 , Best Girl.jpg )
Hope you like Beruka spam
>> No. 22798 [Edit]
File 149966451378.jpg - (31.69KB , 600x450 , 49297245_p10.jpg )
>> No. 22799 [Edit]
File 149968837718.jpg - (28.95KB , 599x581 , 1499687985708.jpg )
If I was gonna die, I'd like to die in a methanol fire.
>> No. 22801 [Edit]
File 14997184484.jpg - (967.19KB , 1280x912 , Sleepover.jpg )
I wish I could just sleep forever.
>> No. 22803 [Edit]
File 149974032756.png - (766.81KB , 600x849 , __al_azif_demonbane_drawn_by_yan_yo_yan_yan_yo__a4.png )
>> No. 22808 [Edit]
File 149999925714.jpg - (221.13KB , 800x1000 , 20718636_p0.jpg )
>> No. 22809 [Edit]
File 150000379788.png - (465.03KB , 555x800 , 1445960133313.png )
>> No. 22814 [Edit]
File 150013496396.jpg - (35.30KB , 600x679 , B_NL6mSUwAAsJOs.jpg )
>> No. 22815 [Edit]
File 150022239492.png - (706.81KB , 600x800 , __original_drawn_by_ichinose_sorario__57ed8df6b35a.png )
>> No. 22816 [Edit]
File 150026381232.jpg - (119.92KB , 1024x768 , CXDerTAU0AA9pUB.jpg )
>> No. 22817 [Edit]
>> No. 22818 [Edit]
File 150033902352.jpg - (190.49KB , 648x781 , 1419927848268.jpg )
glad u like
>> No. 22819 [Edit]
this one is cute too
pls don't kill urself my man i need someone with fine taste like you to post cute anime girls
>> No. 22821 [Edit]
File 150051584740.png - (263.06KB , 600x338 , miyu death.png )
>> No. 22827 [Edit]
File 150063128291.png - (771.51KB , 810x623 , amou a cute.png )
>> No. 22828 [Edit]
File 15006550867.jpg - (0.96MB , 1302x1239 , 59022479_p0.jpg )
>> No. 22833 [Edit]
File 150068612981.png - (121.65KB , 734x660 , 1371a2dbd5901325e296988006e347ce60a60f50712d2ab48f.png )
>> No. 22835 [Edit]
File 150088309452.jpg - (104.93KB , 850x721 , sample_3e6f3425ce7b5560071fe0c15179e12c.jpg )
Part of me wants to die in a very hilarious and shocking way. Like going to a bridge with busy traffic under it and bungee jumping off it, but with the rope tied you know where.
>> No. 22845 [Edit]
File 150102776598.png - (0.98MB , 1224x1584 , 1500437845561.png )
I just don't understand a thing anymore. Absolutely nothing makes sense. I don't even think I exist. I now think I don't exist at all. I dunno what is the appropriate term to describe this, but I think it's something like "bad trip". I never did drugs but from lurking am familiar with the idea. My life is a really, really, really, bad trip. Today between 2PM and 9PM local time I just cried and screamed like an animal for no apparent reason in what can only be described as mental insanity. I recognize I am a subhuman, cancer, an animal, something terribly disgusting, a parasite. I feel extreme disgust just looking myself in the mirror. Today during this interval of time I just closed my eyes and started playing rock music on headphones ad loud as I could to the point it started physically hurting my ear drums just to try to escape from this reality, it is complete paranoia, I didn't want to see anything, I just shut my eyes and started playing random very loud music with headphones. Right now the slightest of noises are extremely disturbing, not because of what happened today it has been getting worse and worse long ago. When I hear cars outside or a neighbor doing something or just birds, it is extremely irritating and I start punching myself in the head. I really wish I could describe how much hatred I have for myself. English is not my first language, so I stopped thinking and writing in my native language completely because I am disgusted at it too, I feel reminded of the subhuman I am when I think in said language. The amount of disgust and insanity is just unthinkable. I'm a fucking wild animal. I'm not exaggerating or being unfair with myself, I'm genuinely convinced I'm the epitome of everything bad a human could ever be. I'm like a filter of bad things. Everything I get involved with becomes worse. It's fantastic that I can fuck up everything I make contact with. I just want out of this ride.
>> No. 22847 [Edit]
File 15011156768.png - (497.17KB , 853x482 , anime screencap2017-07-14-03h35m16s093.png )
>sluurrpp! liiiicck!
>> No. 22848 [Edit]
/420/ here, that's not really how a bad trip feels.
A bad trip is more like; you're convinced you're gonna die and no one can convince you otherwise. Like, "Drugs really are dangerous, I should have listened to my parents" and you start to feel really sick, even if you aren't.
It's a panic attack with a definitive cause; the substance.

What you're going though sounds like anxiety, anhedonia and depressive disorder.
Your reaction to stimuli sounds akin to typical dissociation which can easily lead into a more advanced dissociative disorder.

I can't responsibly suggest anything other than asking your physician to recommend a therapist or other specialist. You can call the reception at the clinic and tell them it's just a checkup, or if you have parents and don't want them to be suspicious.
>> No. 22860 [Edit]
File 150131559542.jpg - (247.83KB , 1384x1507 , satanai kawaii.jpg )
>> No. 22864 [Edit]
File 150145736813.jpg - (152.74KB , 469x818 , 235738987596c8b0ef4c037db7b80fda.jpg )
what did i do to deserve this
>> No. 22865 [Edit]
I ask myself that question every day.
>> No. 22866 [Edit]
File 150146767619.jpg - (213.48KB , 1358x1868 , DDEZOd2UwAAwJHY.jpg )
It never ends.
>> No. 22876 [Edit]
File 150169249470.gif - (535.09KB , 400x226 , 1425591542812.gif )
>> No. 22878 [Edit]
File 150182962431.jpg - (180.49KB , 514x878 , cute(24).jpg )
>> No. 22881 [Edit]
File 150196115831.png - (0.99MB , 720x923 , 29918975.png )
I just returned from a 4-day bus tour to the USA. People on the bus were mostly family with children and there was a happy couple. I watched them do things normal people do, like the couple holding hands and walking, like a father feeding daughter cookies. I'm very tired of feeling jealous at these kinds of things. I'm 26 and never even dated, my childhood has few happy memories and lots of the CAS fucking with me for many years. I'm so far down a different path from those happy normal people. I just sigh and think, maybe in my next life.

Atlanta was nice, very clean. Personally, modern western architecture doesn't appeal to me but walking around there had a very laid-back vacation feeling. New York was littered with trash more than I expected.

Spending so much time with normal people was very draining emotionally, mentally and physically. I will never let my uncle talk me into this again.
>> No. 22882 [Edit]
File 150196346324.png - (1.22MB , 900x900 , 1395537995729.png )
>> No. 22883 [Edit]
File 150198820410.jpg - (734.46KB , 850x1180 , cute(59).jpg )
That sound like a horrible experience but I hope you at least got to see some cool sites.
>> No. 22892 [Edit]
File 15022161474.jpg - (717.10KB , 1200x1200 , 1419926810479.jpg )
>> No. 22895 [Edit]
File 150301267754.jpg - (52.06KB , 1200x825 , 1502557328990.jpg )
This thread is a paradox, because every time I see it while scrolling I am reminded by it how much I want to die, and then I end up posting in it. Maybe paradox isn't the right word, maybe self fulfilling prophecy
>> No. 22896 [Edit]
File 150307176118.jpg - (385.92KB , 640x904 , 1502598305091.jpg )
I think I might have a heart attack really soon. Over the course of the last years I have always had different kinds of pains on the upper left chest, and over the last weeks it has been getting much worse. But for three days now I'm feeling it constantly, a very heavy squeezing feeling that is unpaused from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. A feeling of impending doom is a symptom of heart attacks, so there's also that. I'm mentally preparing for the moment my heart explodes, telling myself to remain calm and think of good things, and not to call an ambulance. I'm writing this in advance because I might not be able to make a goodbye post when the time comes. When you have a heart attack and don't call an ambulance, that's called a 'passive suicide', or so I have read. I hope it won't hurt as much as I think it will. I pray that upon death I can wake up into my ideal life, if not just being given a second chance with better starting stats would be great too. I really wish for that, but sadly my dream will instead vanish forever and my molecules be recycled by Earth's ecosystem for billions of years. I'm sorry for these posts. I wish there was something good.
>> No. 22897 [Edit]
File 150307323332.jpg - (72.95KB , 1024x748 , 5b7faaabc653fedb561d8a362c9effd22aaaaa11_hq.jpg )
If that's what it is, then you could indeed end up with a heart attack any time now. I assume you have no interest to go to a doctor ASAP like you should, in which case I guess you're planning to let it take you down. If so, then I hope your sweet release is tranquil and serene.
>> No. 22899 [Edit]
Best of luck, whatever happens. See you around. Or not.
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