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File 165345946060.png - (1.05MB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20211027-182344.png )
39694 No. 39694 [Edit]
Have you ever tried "nofap"? That is when you do no fapping, sex, porn-watch for certain length of time. Or ever tried restricting your fap or porn-watch habits? (like never-ever-3D, or no more than 1x a day) if yes, how it went?

I did stop it in the past for months but for me personally it didn't result in any profoundly positive change. Apart from time saved. Didn't even have any intense withdrawal symptoms that some people describe. I'm trying it again because it feels like fapping makes me feel tired and demotivated.
>> No. 39695 [Edit]
It's ford driver placebo. If fapping is (perceived to be) causing negative effects, do less of it, just like with anything else.
>> No. 39696 [Edit]
Thank you for sharing your opinion, though I wasn't trying to make an opinion / debate thread.
>> No. 39697 [Edit]
See also >>38874 and >>36602. I don't really have anything to add on top of what's already been said there, but the supposed benefits people claim are usually one of 4 things: physical benefits (which I believe are mostly placebo), mental benefits (which would stem from watching porn, not masturbation in and of itself), psychological benefits (related to previous I suppose, only more strongly), and "spiritual benefits" (those who approach it from a semen retention standpoint which is also a bit questionable to me, but that's another story entirely).

There is obviously some correlation in how masturbation affects hormone levels over time, but then again anything you do (e.g. eating) will affect hormone levels since the body isn't an isolated system so I don't know if there's anything to draw from that. You also feel tired directly afterwards, but that shouldn't really last past 3 hours or so?

> (like never-ever-3D, or no more than 1x a day)
I really like to hope everyone here already does the former?

Ah and since this thread was asking for personal experience, I think I went a year without due to circumstance of living in shared quarters with little privacy, and I didn't see any difference (that is to say, I felt as weary and jaded as I usually do). Other than that, I don't fap when I'm diverted by something else (and conversely fap only when bored and aimless), so while there is a correlation between that and mood, the causality is reversed.

Also I ascribe positive value to anything that helps you pass the time. I don't really see why watching tv or reading a book is any better than masturbation, when all of them result in the same goal of distracting you from the tedium of life. Even meditation which has become all the rage recently is really just another means of passing the time (except you're withdrawing from the world instead of being distracted by it.

Post edited on 25th May 2022, 12:47am
>> No. 39698 [Edit]
no fap is a meme, fonnt listen to OP
>> No. 39699 [Edit]
You really need to learn some inhibition. Nobody here cares or want to know what you do with your genitals.
>> No. 39700 [Edit]
You behavior shouldn't be affected if you stop fapping. If you do get strong negative effects, you are suffering from an addiction. I think nofap or limiting the amount of faps does make my mood better and I think I'm more energetic. It also certainly saves time. Also, some people childishly think that their genitals stop working if they stop fapping (which isn't the case, of course).
>> No. 39702 [Edit]
I've never really been that driven by it in the first place. I do it when I have a shower so once every three days but that is more a cleanliness thing as if I don't do it for a week or more I end up getting wet drams.
>> No. 39703 [Edit]
I never bothered personally. I think the people who go on and on about the magical benefits of nofap are really annoying and deluded. A lot of bad things in this world, including a lot of anti-anime stances involving fanservice or eros, come from this idea that sex is magical in some way.
>> No. 39706 [Edit]
It's just more 4chan bullshit, like the Christianity fad. People trying to compensate for their dissatisfaction with life by "optimizing".
>> No. 39707 [Edit]
And to answer OP's question, I've only withheld involuntarily because I had no privacy for extended periods. I do it in a bathroom in those situations now, because I can't focus otherwise.
>> No. 39708 [Edit]
Not watching porn is a good thing, but not fapping is retarded far-right nonsense
>> No. 39709 [Edit]
Try to add substance to your posts next time.
>> No. 39714 [Edit]
Semen retention is a well established theme within the far-right. Try not being retarded
>> No. 39716 [Edit]
My sex drive went from being below average at 20, to all but gone at 30, and now almost entirely gone.
Maybe it's because I'm schizoid, or maybe it's the byproduct of a life devoid of any romantic encounters at all on top of crippling issues that make it hard to trust anyone let alone find them attractive, either way I almost have to force myself to fap sometimes. I think it's probably not healthy to go too long without doing it at all. I'd say I average 1-2 times a week, but have gone multiple weeks without doing it without thinking about it. Maybe a month+, I don't exactly keep track. It doesn't help maters when I'm very particular about what I do fap to. Normies just need to see some slut's ass and it's on. Used to be I could get aroused easily by my fetish if nothing else, but even that doesn't do much for me anymore.

For the record, I generally try not to push my more "prudish" lifestyle on others and certainly never pushed the idea that fapping is bad for you. I prefer "safe for work" material, but that's just me. I think there's anything wrong with fanservice. Just because I can't have fun, doesn't mean I have to ruin it for anyone else. But it does annoy me when it gets injected into places it shouldn't be. The OP used a screencap of DogDays for example, which I really enjoyed at first for how cute and wholesome it seemed, it didn't seem like the sort of thing that would be full of nudity and ecchi shenanigans. I found it very disappointing because of this, and I guess the creators assumed it wouldn't sell otherwise.
>> No. 39718 [Edit]
>Normies just need to see some slut's ass and it's on.
That describes me. I can like someone's body without liking them as a person. In fact, I have a hard time connecting the two in my head.
>> No. 39719 [Edit]
>Try not being retarded
You REALLY shouldn't be calling others retarded when you're giving credit to the "far-right" for practices that have been documented for thousands of years around the world.
Try getting your info from somewhere other than fucking reddit, retard.
>> No. 39720 [Edit]
>practices that have been documented for thousands of years around the world.
Yes but in contemporary discourses it is almost always tied to far-right politics, dear retard
>> No. 39722 [Edit]
>almost always
That's indicative of your browsing habits, not reality.
>> No. 39723 [Edit]
You're acting like it's an idea with any value worth taking credit for.
>> No. 39724 [Edit]
If that's how you wish to interpret it, then so be it, anon.
>> No. 39725 [Edit]
So you're another pretentious, pedantic autist. Got it.
>> No. 39726 [Edit]
I'm still waiting for my membership card, but yes.
>> No. 39727 [Edit]
Your membership card was denied. They deemed you neither autistic enough nor pedantic enough.
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