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File 160124398683.jpg - (151.31KB , 1400x912 , little shit.jpg )
36079 No. 36079 [Edit]
Love them or hate them, what are your thoughts on hololive and vtubers?
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>> No. 36080 [Edit]
File 16012442487.png - (5.73MB , 3300x2400 , lolidress.png )
Too boring to form an opinion on.
>> No. 36081 [Edit]
Never saw the appeal of watching people play games, and from what I gather vtubers are the next incarnation of that? At best I suppose it could be like a watered down slice of life, but doing a SoL properly requires effort put into developing the friendships between the characters (and thus indirectly the bond between the viewer and the characters). And given that most vtubers videos have just a single person doing things, it makes that requisite setup hard to achieve.

A second factor is that vtubers seem to be in that uncanny valley where the first person feel overrides the usual suspension of disbelief that anime girls are endowed with. (Interestingly shorts such as One Room didn't evoke this weird feeling, so I suppose it's not necessarily the "first-person" viewpoint but also the implicit knowledge that this is a stream). A large part of the vtuber experience also seems to be in keeping up with the community, and I don't have enough energy for that.

That said I only base my knowledge on watching a few shorts (mainly from the kizuna-ai period; not much idea about this newer generation of "vtubers"), so I may well be wrong on any of the above.
>> No. 36082 [Edit]
>doing a SoL properly requires effort put into developing the friendships between the characters
Why does SoL necessitate friendship? There's genre conventions, but fundementally SoL could be about anybody's daily life, including people with no friends. Strict expectations breed formularism.
>> No. 36083 [Edit]
File 16012495159.png - (867.77KB , 1223x935 , annoyed null.png )
I really hope this site won't be obsessed with vtubers too.
>> No. 36084 [Edit]
I doubt it. Considering the general curmudgeon-ness of TC, most new things are ignored or disliked.
>> No. 36086 [Edit]
File 160125198453.jpg - (294.63KB , 1203x1472 , __null_and_peta_robo_nullpeta_drawn_by_takeshima_n.jpg )
I'm glad someone else on this site watched Null Peta.
>> No. 36087 [Edit]
Like this anon said >>36081, I've never liked "lets plays" or celebrity culture. Videogames are an interactive medium, to watch people play them feels like it defeats the purpose, unless it's tips on how to get past a difficult part or an actual review of the game. A person who's opinions I respect sharing their thoughts on something I've played/watched as a review can be interesting, watching them watch/play it just ruins the intended experience.
With celebrities, I could never understand the obsessive fascination people can have with some person they've never met and likely never will just because they're on the big screen. I guess it's like a 3DPD waifu to them? I just see movie stars as normal people being paid to do a job as part of a product to be sold to consumers. Some do a better job at it than others, but that's speaking purely from an objective standpoint. I wouldn't watch a movie just because Joe Douche is in the lead role.

I also couldn't give less of a shit about Japanese idols, which I think vtubers are basically a more accessible extension of. I mean it's basically the same thing. I've enjoyed some anime about 2D idols, but those typically have plots, and moderately competent writing making them worth watching. It rarely goes past that because I just don't see the point. Even from the waifu perspective it's hard to picture myself forming an attachment to someone who's job it is to seduce men and suck their wallets dry. You'd have a slim to none change of forming any level of relationship with people like that, they'd treat you like just another fan. Maybe I'm just weird but idols give off this weird sort of non-sexual prostitution vibe. ..which isn't helped by all the rumors of them sucking their way to the top, intentionally sexually suggestive songs, slutty outfits, and bat shit crazy perverted stalker fan bases.
V-tubers are just subpar idols hiding behind a 2D mask with lower expectations. From what I've seen, they range from retards to cretans who deserve neither fame nor fortune. A couple can sing alright, but for the most part they have no skills or talents that make them worthy of admiration. They're just lucky enough to have been born with a vagina which allows them to take advantage of sad pathetic lonely men who many of which use these videos to pretend they have a friend.
>> No. 36088 [Edit]
>given that most vtubers videos have just a single person doing things
From what I gather, it seems to partner up a lot.
>> No. 36089 [Edit]
>idols give off this weird sort of non-sexual prostitution vibe
I feel exactly the same way. People just need to feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves, somebody to look up to and obsess over, no matter what. It's just another one of humans' deficiencies.

Post edited on 27th Sep 2020, 5:27pm
>> No. 36090 [Edit]
Idols, at least the IM@S ones I follow, are really about the music and cute fanart.
It kind of feels like touhou with more official works.
Vtubers are the same as well but have less talent and production value, I have never seen a vtuber video aside from the old school Eileen videos and still find art of them cute! Stop being so bitter and misanthropic about everything when there's good aspects of some.
>> No. 36091 [Edit]
The shark girl has a really cute design.
>> No. 36092 [Edit]
I like some VTubers, but not enough to watch them regularly or give them money. It's kind of astounding to witness how much money the more popular ones can receive just in superchats. The streams/videos where the Hololive VTubers mention or interact with each other tend to be more entertaining than the ones where they're essentially just monologuing.

I'm curious about what anime fans who dislike VTubers think of Tesagure! Bukatsumono, and what people who like that show think of VTubers. Are there people who have watched both and like one but not the other? They're not quite the same thing, but they do feel kind of similar with the use of CG and a large part of the appeal being the seiyuu ad-libbing.
>> No. 36093 [Edit]
File 16012585178.jpg - (421.59KB , 850x588 , sample_b0f03d080494f831c0ba79302cf66397.jpg )
>I'm curious about what anime fans who dislike VTubers think of Tesagure! Bukatsumono
I watched five seconds of it before my eyes couldn't handle it anymore and forced me to stop. I've heard some good things about it, but seiyuu ad-libbing has been done in more visually tolerable ways like in Joshiraku.
>> No. 36094 [Edit]
File 160125899579.png - (324.03KB , 627x885 , bitcoins.png )
I liked Tesagure! Bukatsumono, as well as gdgd, Himote House, and Straight Title Robot Anime. I'm also someone who don't care for v-tubers all that much.
I see what you're getting at. Half the appeal of those "anime" being the ad-lib segments which felt like an interesting change of pace to hear characters talk in a more realistic way, stumbling over words and talking over each other, and dare I say it felt authentic. This made it feel fun, like watching SoL characters drop the formalities and 'really' be themselves with each other. So I can understand the appeal of that from fans of vtubers, but... then there's Naria☆Girls, which was similar to the likes of Tesagure and gdgd, but with damn near no effort put into it. By the time it came out I was really into these adlib "anime" that looked like they were made with MMD, so I was expecting to love it, but it felt like an insult to the very small following these sort of anime managed to acquire. I could go on and on with the problems with it, but at the end of the day it came across like a cheap cash in from people who must of thought they could put out absolute garbage and still have it sell. This is what vtubers feels like to me. It lacks the structure and contextualization that made some of these enjoyable to watch. It's one thing for characters in a school club to talk about school clubs while going off script, it was another for magical girls to suddenly start talking about their weird dreams or whatever else is completely unrelated to what's going on. Sure they're playing games and 'generally' talk about the games, but even then it's one sided discussions mostly talking to themselves while occasionally trying to crack a joke or make funny noises when they remember people are watching. At that point it stops being entertainment and feels more like one sided socializing, like when someone wont shut up about themselves and/or something you couldn't care less about. It's the difference between being an entertainer, and a narcissist. I followed Ai chan when she first debuted, but quickly lost interest when she soon went from the former to the later.
>> No. 36095 [Edit]
I see and hear of that happening a lot. There's no denying they're not the best looking things. Kemono friends had the same problem and was why it never caught on outside of japan. But I think if/when you get used to how it looks, they can be legitimately entertaining.
>> No. 36096 [Edit]
File 16012644151.jpg - (287.84KB , 1536x864 , ramanjuan_works.jpg )
There's at least three
Yes you're absolutely right. I was thinking mainly along the lines of the cgdct+SoL shows (e.g. kirara-esque) that Vtubers seem to be gunning for though, in which the inter-character interactions usually play a major part.
>V-tubers are just subpar idols hiding behind a 2D mask with lower expectations
This probably explains that "uncanny" feeling I mentioned. In anime, the only real 3D aspect that leaks into the experience is the seiyuu, but even then the fact that it's not in real-time helps maintain the implicit separation. (Interestingly enough though, there do seem to be seiyuu fans much akin to idol fans).
With vtubers the distinction between the character portrayed and the person behind that is blurred, and the fact that everything is set against the backdrop of a live, watching audience changes the situation from that of "a person merely voicing a character (with emphasis on the character being portrayed)" to "a person being anthropomorphised via a character (with emphasis on the person behind the character)".
This distinction likely also holds for the ad-libbed dialog mentioned >>36092.
>> No. 36097 [Edit]
File 160126512152.png - (1.30MB , 1616x908 , have a great day.png )
Peta-nee is such a good older sister.
>> No. 36098 [Edit]
I like them but I can see why people wouldn't. I usually keep them on as background noise, sort of like a podcast, while I'm doing something else.
They usually just talk about boring or simple things and it's quite relaxing to listen to. Other type streamers usually try and make everything as AMAZING and HYPED UP as possible, and then you have some Vtubers who just spend entire streams building random things in Minecraft talking about whatever comes to their mind. Despite the sort of reputation that streamers can get, I don't really think any of the Vtubers I've watched are genuinely bad or narcissistic people. I feel like I'd know something like this, at least from a gut feeling level.
That being said, Vtuber companies can be pretty retarded. Especially Hololive's company, which has a scandal pretty much every month since about April. The most recent one was a streamer implying that Taiwan was a real country, which made China mad and ended in the banning of two different streamers for three weeks. Very, very retarded managing. Maybe that's just part of being an "idol" though.
>> No. 36100 [Edit]
File 160129481415.jpg - (320.41KB , 1102x1192 , __matsumoto_kouko_watashi_ni_tenshi_ga_maiorita_dr.jpg )
I wasn't aware there was an OVA until I saw your post, thanks.

Is Ueda Reina the best older sister VA?

Joshiraku wasn't ad-libbed though, it was a scripted adaptation of the manga.
>> No. 36101 [Edit]
>The most recent one was a streamer implying that Taiwan was a real country
It's sad that this caused a scandal.
>> No. 36102 [Edit]
I think those segments where they wore casual clothes and talked about random locations were ad-libbed.
>> No. 36103 [Edit]
>Stop being so bitter and misanthropic about everything
You don't sound like someone who belongs here.
>> No. 36104 [Edit]
Liking some things is part of tohno-chan. This isn't wizardchan.
>> No. 36106 [Edit]
You're behind the contrarian curve, hating everything and being overly cynical is mainstream.
>> No. 36107 [Edit]
Hating most things is a part of it too. If you expect to walk into a place and tell everyone to change instantly to how you want you don't belong.
>> No. 36108 [Edit]
If they're not Kizuna Ai they're good. Hololive makes some cute wives and vtubers do engrish a lot which is adorable!
>> No. 36110 [Edit]
Really bad I hate them. Kizuna Ai was sort of okaish to bedin with, it was novel and she didn't actually just play games, in fact most the time she was not playing games. There is alimit to what you can do even with that and the novelty wears off. The rest are just streamers putting on airs and I don't like streamers.
>> No. 36112 [Edit]
>hating everything and being overly cynical is mainstream
No, it isn't and never was. Claiming it is is a poor defense mechanism invented by people whose feelings were hurt by someone daring to dislike what they like.
Things would be much better if it did become mainstream though. Streaming and similar low engagement, low quality entertainment would never be profitable for example. Dull people who consume it would be disparaged, while in reality they are the core being pandered to.
There's not an ounce of cynicism or even a trace of critical thought surviving in the mainstream. They're eagerly gobbling up every embarrassing fad and product.
>> No. 36117 [Edit]
Her humor was just not for me. Her design is good for that, though.
>> No. 36119 [Edit]
It is now, and has been before. The 90s had a period of very mainstream cynicism for instance. But that aside, I think you're conflating a critical view (which is certainly lacking) and cynicism, which can be as blind as simply consuming whatever.
>> No. 36120 [Edit]
I think a lot of people fixate on the 'game streaming' aspect but that's only one activity out of many. I really enjoy the karaoke streams personally, since I like karaoke but don't really have any way to go do it myself.
>> No. 36121 [Edit]
I think people just don't find most thing vtubers do interesting, considering that they rarely have a plot.
>> No. 36122 [Edit]
Virtual idols... irl girls don’t stand a chance
>> No. 36123 [Edit]
>There's not an ounce of cynicism or even a trace of critical thought surviving in the mainstream. They're eagerly gobbling up every embarrassing fad and product.

There's too much. Everything is cringe and everyone is worried about looking bad, 2020 and everything in it sucks, the world is ending etc. Cynicism is everywhere.
Critical thought, though, I don't know. I don't know enough about the norms but I doubt it considering some of the things I have read on my forays into social media.
>> No. 36126 [Edit]
To me they seems just like another part of internet personality and streaming culture, just with a 2D spin. I can understand the appeal for people that are into it.
>> No. 36127 [Edit]
File 160141508281.gif - (424.25KB , 500x355 , __shijou_takane_idolmaster_and_1_more_drawn_by_dk4.gif )
to be fair, 2D and 3D idols are a very different audience. Communities for the overlap of the two are ghost towns.
>> No. 36152 [Edit]
File 160149018047.webm - (2.50MB , みなぎるNYN姉貴 BB.webm )
I prefer following voice actresses who make those dumb 2hu fanfiction videos
>> No. 36187 [Edit]
I regularly watch Korone, Watame, Coco, Risu, and Gawr Gura. They're cute and cuteness is justice. Korone plays older games, which is interesting, Watame sings and has quite a fluffy personality, Coco is Coco, Gawr Gura and Risu are pure cuteness.
Are their VAs playing a character? Sure. Do I fall in love with their VAs? No. Though I'll admit that this mindset might be in the minority when I look at more mainstream forums.

The cynicism in the mainstream is there, it's just hidden behind the facade of irony and parody.
Critical thought though...
>> No. 36188 [Edit]
>what are your thoughts on hololive and vtubers
Same thoughts I have about streaming in general.
The bottom just keeps dropping, doesn't it.
>> No. 36189 [Edit]
File MASK_OF_FAKE_NYN.mp4 - (4.17MB , MASK OF FAKE NYN.mp4 )

For memes these things have weirdly deep lore
>> No. 36193 [Edit]
I say this and a week later after the Taiwan drama there's drama about janitors.
God I hate Nico Nico. I wasn't sure a few months ago but I think I can say for certain that, whatever it was before, it's turned into a pile of shit now.
Also if you don't like drama you might want to avoid Hololive as a whole. There's been at least one drama issue every single fucking month. Nijisanji or independents like Ponpoko are probably a better bet for drama-free viewing.
>> No. 36213 [Edit]
File 160193998475.gif - (90.36KB , 450x325 , 1571050340547.gif )
Nico Nico being trash has become almost comical.
>> No. 36214 [Edit]
Are there any better alternatives? Why would nico nico of all places get ruined?
>> No. 36216 [Edit]
mismanagement more than anything.
>> No. 36223 [Edit]

I don't really care about them but they are really exploding in popularity lately and I suppose I can see why.
>> No. 36224 [Edit]
What happened?
>> No. 36229 [Edit]
First two girls (Coco, Haato) got suspended for three weeks for mentioning Taiwan (which made the CCP-landers hilariously angry).
Then a couple of them joked about janitor being a shit job and that somehow got people's panties into knots too. It's like nobody remembers how to take it easy nowadays.
>> No. 36233 [Edit]
That's stupid, how does it relate to niconico though? Aren't all these vtubers mostly on youtube?
>> No. 36237 [Edit]
The janitor thing was pushed by people from NicoNico, largely salty that most Vtubers used to be NicoNico personalities before and seeing them as traitor of a sort.
>> No. 36241 [Edit]
Well that's harsh, thanks for telling me. People are really incapable of taking it easy nowadays as you've said.
>> No. 36243 [Edit]
>It's like nobody remembers how to take it easy nowadays.
I think people just like drama, and these people know it.
>> No. 36262 [Edit]
I request posting about vsluts to be bannable.
>> No. 36263 [Edit]
File 160223029917.jpg - (205.83KB , 429x612 , bellnoa thumbs up.jpg )
I agree fully!
>> No. 36265 [Edit]
While I might not be a fan, for better or worse they're a part of otaku culture now.
>> No. 36266 [Edit]
It's done less damage than mobile games, at least.
>> No. 36267 [Edit]
Are you sure they're not just a part of the "culture" of normalfags who pretend to like anime?
>> No. 36269 [Edit]
Only the western ones. Look on futaba. there is a faction of actual japanese aniota that love this shit.
You just feel like that because they're popular.
>> No. 36282 [Edit]
File 160237279441.jpg - (55.29KB , 500x500 , 1565656645347.jpg )
It's funny how polemic vtubers of all things are. They're harmless if you're not an idiot who throws money at them.
>> No. 36350 [Edit]
File 160291496092.jpg - (149.29KB , 1200x922 , FZlash.jpg )
>hololive and vtubers
They're just fun fluff; I leave them on in the background if I feel like it.
>> No. 36705 [Edit]
>> No. 36976 [Edit]

>> No. 36978 [Edit]
This is a joke, right?
>> No. 36979 [Edit]
Far as I can tell, it doesn't seem to be.
>> No. 37023 [Edit]
Just another shitty branch of the streamer culture that the post-2010s kids on the internet seem to like.
>> No. 37030 [Edit]
Too 3DPD for me. I care about neither idols nor seiyuus, so why would I be interested in something worse. And when I want to watch videos of someone playing a game, I want no commentary, no reaction shots, and no twitch chat. Nothing but gameplay.
>> No. 37034 [Edit]
>when I want to watch videos of someone playing a game
That alone is weird to me. I've done it before as a replacement for buying and playing the game myself.
>> No. 37092 [Edit]
In that case why not download a pirated version of the game first as a trial version? Supposedly steam also supports refunds, but I refuse to install monolithic drm'd software (that also means I only end up playing chintzy indie titles, but it's good enough for me).
>> No. 37093 [Edit]
I've only done it with stuff I couldn't or didn't feel like emulating ten years ago. Video games aren't really part of my day to day life.
>> No. 37235 [Edit]
I like the smol shark
>> No. 37535 [Edit]
I can't relate to your disgust because I can't even understand why people would like vtubers. Is it just loneliness? Are people unable to tolerate not having somebody's voice in their ear constantly? Anime and masturbation is a faster and more enjoyable solution.
>> No. 38682 [Edit]
File 163132242215.jpg - (15.23KB , 474x248 , 20210926.jpg )
I shrimp for GawrGura's singing.
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