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File 157040602334.jpg - (125.02KB , 1344x756 , 20191006.jpg )
33410 No. 33410 [Edit]
I browse wiki to read interesting stuff:

News, mainly tech news:

I try to minimise reddit/youtube as I can get addicted to it.
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>> No. 33456 [Edit]
File 157062167392.jpg - (32.83KB , 620x314 , 20191020.jpg )
Also Whirlpool
Love them washers and dryers.
>> No. 33457 [Edit]
File 157062242882.jpg - (4.56MB , 4276x3035 , Hakurei_Reimu_full_831934.jpg )
I just hop chan to chan daily, and listen to music. Rarely ever watch youtube it gets harder and harder to find good channels.
>> No. 33462 [Edit]
>Rarely ever watch youtube it gets harder and harder to find good channels.
I've grown weary from a lot of these channels begging for money. It's obnoxious, and I feel a lot of these people don't really put out enough quality, subjective as it is, content to justify having a Patreon or whatever.
>> No. 33463 [Edit]
Same. Fuck them.
>> No. 33473 [Edit]
File 157111715575.jpg - (189.39KB , 760x596 , 20191013.jpg )
What are some good webcomic sites?
>> No. 33477 [Edit]
Most likely none. And certainly not this poorly drawn unfunny normalfag so-quirky-and-ironic hehe xDDD facebook memer shit you've posted. Revolting.
>> No. 33500 [Edit]
File 157144993596.jpg - (137.37KB , 1200x840 , ter.jpg )
I like Ars
>> No. 33520 [Edit]
File 157173595011.jpg - (142.38KB , 1029x1029 , 20191027.jpg )
Is there a place for Waterling, the Hushed Male?
>> No. 33537 [Edit]
File 157196693744.png - (66.75KB , 1024x250 , 1503205424399.png )
This seems like the perfect place to ask

Do you guys know what imageboard this is? I saved this some time ago and the place seems comfy, /a/ and /g/ are enough for me to survive. I'm not asking on 4ch*n because I doubt someone would tell me
>> No. 33541 [Edit]
File 15720731628.gif - (116.10KB , 400x200 , 20199999.gif )
Maybe ?
>> No. 33544 [Edit]
That's mayoichan, an imageboard its admin advertised on another circlejerk board called /tea/. Last I checked the site was gone. It used the .net TLD.
>> No. 33546 [Edit]
Seems like it was actually .org TLD. It does seem to be down though, and unfortunately their robots.txt disallowed crawlers so there's no archives anywhere.

>on another circlejerk board called /tea/
On an unrelated note, I like the concept of ephemerality behind /tea/ but find the implementation with doushio liveboard to be lacking. The issue with liveboards is that you have a few people monopolizing the conversation, and it tends to result in short lower-quality posts. The non-linear conversation flow and more frequent back & forth interactions also make it harder to join an existing thread, making it feel more like it's some sort of pseudo-private dialogue between individuals rather than an open forum.
>> No. 33588 [Edit]
File 157260534893.jpg - (210.62KB , 906x1200 , 20191027.jpg )
Desuchan is so dead...
>> No. 33589 [Edit]
Good, faggot mods deleted the loli board instead of switching hosts.
>> No. 33841 [Edit]
File 157637692979.jpg - (21.33KB , 171x256 , qVToXVU8AAZ0Cm.jpg )
reddit is such a time-waster
>> No. 33848 [Edit]
I'll write down enough to account for 98% of my online time, apart from e-mail and map/navigation services.

Khan Academy, various programming language reference sites
various dictionaries (,,,,

Various chans

Semitic Controversies
wikileaks, FBI/CIA reading room, various other historichal archive websites for everything from ancient texts to newspaper articles, haaretz,
>> No. 33849 [Edit]
File 157663147326.jpg - (73.25KB , 850x680 , __djeeta_granblue_fantasy_drawn_by_hanosuke__sampl.jpg )
What is this shit, anon? You actually buy into this 1950's, anglo-sphere, christfag, psedu-sophisticated crap? These people aren't your friends and they don't share your interests, that is if you're on tohno-chan for the right reasons. They'd fuck us over first chance they got.
>> No. 33851 [Edit]
Not him, but I have beliefs which I'd like to see fulfilled even though it's not in my personal interest.
>> No. 33852 [Edit]
Who's interest is it in then and why do you give a fuck?

Post edited on 18th Dec 2019, 5:10pm
>> No. 33856 [Edit]
File 157690245681.gif - (884.20KB , 500x375 , z1ball.gif )
Opps.. I forgot to donate to wikipedia. Time to set that right.
>> No. 33858 [Edit]
I'm convinced Wikipedia donations are a complete sham. There are other foundations (Internet Archive) that require several times more resources, have a tenth of the funds, and manage to do much more. I really don't think that Wikipedia needs any more money to pad their bureaucratic overhead, and your funds would be better donated to places like the Internet Archive.
>> No. 33859 [Edit]
If I had to guess, and be generous here, It'd say maybe it's the bandwidth. It's such a well known site that I'm sure is the go to for educational institutes around the world.
>> No. 33866 [Edit]
I don't think bandwidth would be too significant a problem because pages should be able to compress nicely (mostly plain text), and the traffic patterns would be very amenable to a cache/CDN. Compare this to internet archive where a majority of modern pages are pretty much 3MB of minified javascript, and access patterns will be much less cache friendly. And either way Wikipedia has plenty of money already, at least according to:
>> No. 33983 [Edit]
File 157821304655.jpg - (59.31KB , 640x480 , opie.jpg )
There's also
>> No. 33992 [Edit]
I use DuckDuckGo as my homepage. Aside from that:
-ANN for the database because I like the non-cancerous way you can link to more information about directors, VAs, and studios.

(Very infrequently these days)
-porn streaming site

That’s pretty much it. Mostly just a search engine and youtube.
>> No. 33995 [Edit]
File 157854546458.png - (1.53MB , 1380x1941 , 1457494374778.png )
I don't browse many sites.
Mainly Youtube for music and a couple of anime sites.
Quit 4chan because holy shit is it cancerous nowadays.
>> No. 33997 [Edit]
File 157856765396.jpg - (210.29KB , 850x1370 , 20200105.jpg )
Use whenever you can. Also youtube-dl. Using those will stop Google's youtube from tracking you.
>> No. 34009 [Edit]
Besides rating sites for media (Anidb/mangaupdates/RateYourMusic) and sites to stream/download said media (nyaa, madokami, filehost scrapers, libgen, streaming sites, boorus) I don't really go anywhere on the internet anymore, it has been homogenized into cancerous shit filled with/pandering to/advertising to ford-drivers. Even if you want to find niche content google et al always try to push generic popular shit on you. It sucks.

If it weren't for the fact that there's basically no really functional movie, game, book, or comic rating site I'd probably never go to any other part of the web at all. As it stands I occasionally search around for recommendation blogs or even recs on forums. It would also be nice if there was a booru site for art in general. There's wiki-art and google's art thing, but they both are patchy and have shit search functions.

>>33473 is a site for indexing and tracking webcomics, I don't know how many webcomics exist so I don't know how complete it is, but it is far better than the old crappy webcomic indexes at least.

Don't forget that wikimedia also has a for profit arm wikia(now ""), that ad riddled shit that hosts tons of fan wikis. Gotta wonder where the money from that went.
>> No. 34010 [Edit]
(not the anon you replied to) Holy shit, thanks anon. I forgot about that again
>> No. 34013 [Edit]
>also has a for profit arm wikia
I was aware of the site, but didn't know it was actually connected to the Wikimedia foundation
>In 2006, the Wikimedia Foundation shared hosting and bandwidth costs with Wikia, and received some donated office space from Wikia during the fiscal year ending June 30, 200
That's disgusting. It also helps explain why Wikipedia's been deleting a lot of articles on fictional works (no matter how significant).
>> No. 34014 [Edit]
>now ""
I had no idea they were actually affiliated, which is embarrassing since the change to that absolutely ruined anything of value they hosted and made it unreadable.
>> No. 34015 [Edit]
If i'm looking at the english monster girl encyclopedia wiki, the last things I want to see are star wars and cape shit ads.
>> No. 34058 [Edit]
File 157999508511.jpg - (426.21KB , 1050x1530 , blade.jpg )
Just tried it again. Forgot how fast it is...
>> No. 34059 [Edit]
Board velocity doesn't mean anything if 95% posts are worthless filler and garbage.
>> No. 34291 [Edit]
File 158416692045.jpg - (167.96KB , 1024x768 , 20200313.jpg )
You are right about that...
>> No. 34294 [Edit]
Giving a lame and generic looking car the markings of a famous car, still makes it a lame and generic looking car.
>> No. 34296 [Edit]
All cars are generic.

Post edited on 14th Mar 2020, 7:05am
>> No. 34540 [Edit]
No, they are not.
>> No. 34548 [Edit]
>>33410 (/b/,/n/,/cd/)

Pravda. Question more n' shit, kulaks!
>> No. 34594 [Edit]
What a weird article. Was there some quak commenting there telling people to protect themselves from this with an iron deficient diet? At least it looks like that comment was shoved out.
>> No. 34602 [Edit]
Bruh did you really just link to wikipedia?
>> No. 34604 [Edit]
Bruh did you rly just wtf bruh don't even bruh common bruh??
>> No. 34619 [Edit]
Bruh close your eyes bruh. What do you see? Nothing?

That's my life without you bruh
>> No. 34731 [Edit]
File 158779871645.jpg - (51.38KB , 720x342 , 20200426.jpg )
Science news
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