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File 157040602334.jpg - (125.02KB , 1344x756 , 20191006.jpg )
33410 No. 33410 [Edit]
I browse wiki to read interesting stuff:

News, mainly tech news:

I try to minimise reddit/youtube as I can get addicted to it.
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>> No. 37292 [Edit]
>And to track interactions/views or users.
But you don't need JS to track users _within_ the domain that they own. Cookies should be sufficient for that. And note that even Google doesn't do the tracking via JS, they do it via a redirect link.
>> No. 37327 [Edit]
I decided to do some digging and it seems that the bloat is because they're doing client-side rendering via a single page app. So not malice, just incompetence enabled via the usual web frameworks. That also explains why the page doesn't work with JS enabled.

Interestingly, if you force the mobile version of the site you get a much more responsive version (at the expense of having fewer images per page).

Post edited on 9th Jan 2021, 3:21pm
>> No. 37417 [Edit]
File 161146349646.jpg - (239.43KB , 2048x2048 , 20210000.jpg )
Gramhum sometimes doesn't parse video but otherwise a good instagram front-end replacement.
>> No. 37435 [Edit]
File 161152771183.jpg - (692.36KB , 585x900 , 4cd4083ab50b8616665a547081325bdf.jpg )
Other than imageboards I just use youtube, reddit, and gelbooru. I don't have as many complaints about youtube as others do. I don't appreciate big youtubers essentially getting censored but thankfully it hasn't affected me yet. I have a bad habit of letting my curiosity push me to read the comments sometimes and it's almost never worth it. Otherwise it's decent enough entertainment either as a radio for background noise or providing nice videos to watch.
Reddit is something I could complain about a lot because it really does have that many problems. Though I've noticed the people who like to hate on it do for grossly outdated stereotypes (fedora wearing atheists and such) when the users are anything but that and at least those old stereotypes might be people who can think for themselves. Instead it's filled with teenagers and children who can't live without a constant supply of low-quality memes, smug ford drivers, radical liberals, lazy or powertripping mods, punishments for "wrongthink" (ie: joking about trannies or posting sfw loli), and recently bots.
But it's easy enough to subscribe only to subs I like which is why I'm subscribed to so many subreddits for anime art and certain anime traits like pink hair or maids. A few of the common problems to reddit as a whole still exist on even those but to a much smaller degree, sometimes not at all. I like to post on the smaller ones and I've even made two subreddits of my own which I have been trying to gather users for through crossposting in the past month. It makes me a little happy when I post a nice image that makes other people happy and I like to make silly jokes sometimes. I can and probably should just post images to boards instead but I think I enjoy doing it more on reddit because, at the risk of sounding like a karmawhore, the upvotes, comments, and especially the post awards, are a way of telling me someone liked the image I posted and (hoping they even know how) saved the image. On boards I can post images that I think people would like and I would never know if they liked it or not because imageboards just work differently. So I really can just post whatever but I prefer not to be so lazy about it. Reddit at least keeps my goal in finding and sharing comfy images from being a complete waste of time or effort.
I think I already posted about gelbooru before but I like using the site because I can be as picky with tags as I want and the blacklist function is really convenient. It's really nice knowing that I could do most of that even without an account though having one lets me pick up the slack for users who didn't tag images properly or missed an obvious tag to use. I almost always have a tab with gelbooru.

Post edited on 24th Jan 2021, 2:48pm
>> No. 37437 [Edit]
>the upvotes, comments, and especially the post awards
>> No. 37443 [Edit]
>On boards I can post images that I think people would like and I would never know if they liked it or not because imageboards just work differently
I believe there's always tacit appreciation for any post on smaller boards. (Assuming the aforementioned post isn't low-quality drivel.) And, at the risk of being impertinent, divesting oneself from people's approbation (Especially of the low-effort variety as is the case here.) is a goal worth pursuing.
>> No. 37446 [Edit]
File 161162587212.jpg - (1.65MB , 1223x1738 , 5f4744b697ed21296314eab33f48de2f.jpg )
>divesting oneself from people's approbation is a goal worth pursuing.
I agree but it's hard for me since I'm the kind of person who doesn't know when I'm doing things right or wrong without some kind of feedback from someone who knows better than me. It could probably be argued that if nobody is angry at me then I must be doing something right but a lack of feedback, such as no replies to a thread, doesn't tell me how to improve on something. This is, of course, even after reading rules and lurking, in the context of imageboards, then I can only do what I assume would be best and hope for the best. Maybe I'm just too inexperienced and uncertain as a result.
>> No. 37448 [Edit]
My biggest complaint is their change to the search and related video algorithms. Used to be when you watched a video, there would be a ton of new videos that were related and you could go down a rabbit hole of new stuff. You could go from something about guns to something about car manufacturing in an hour or so. Now, it's all just 1) videos from the same channel, 2) videos you've already seen before, and 3) videos from channels you were already subscribed to. This sucks the most for music, because I used to use youtube to find new music but now it just circles me through the same dozen or so songs if I'm trying to click my way down through a music rabbit hole.
>> No. 37615 [Edit]
Feels bad that the web is now just facebook, instagram, reddit, twitter and youtube..

Nice to know
>> No. 37633 [Edit]
File 161304412156.png - (321.00KB , 525x524 , GXKY9221.png )
>I try to minimise reddit/youtube as I can get addicted to it.
There's something about Youtube that's just so sticky.
Just being able to passively consume video is very addictive
>> No. 37638 [Edit]
For this reason I've reduced my youtube consumption to weekends only.
>> No. 37671 [Edit]
Out of curiosity, what types of videos do you consume? Because outside videos I actively search for and the one or two times the suggestions have been appealing, I find the auto-recommendation close to useless and the quality of content mostly terrible. I suppose my use of youtube is closer to a fungible video hosting platform accessed through external sites rather than as a sticky "content hub."
>> No. 37803 [Edit]
Proxy instagram
>> No. 37805 [Edit]
Let's see...
Bloomberg Quicktake
Proof Bread
Drone U
Wendover Productions
Technology Connections
All Things Comedy
Fresh Out
Real Stories
Scam Nation
Conan Fanatic
David Hoffman
Ctrl Shift Face
The Science Elf
The Gaming Restoration
Duncan Trussell
Forgotten Weapons
Unreported World
Channel Super Fun
Way Out West Blow-in blog
Brave Wilderness
BSoD Gaming
From The Waters Edge TV
Modern Vintage Gamer
Daves Archives
The Minute Hour
Ben Starr
Marques Brownlee
Captain Disillusion
Vahchef - VahRehVah
FSUE Mosfilm cinema concern
The British Museum
Comedy Central Stand-Up
The Cooking Foodie
Jay Foreman
Prusa 3D by Josef Prusa
Real Engineering
This Does Not Compute
Professor Messer
Ground School USA
Libbie Higgins
Jim Sterling
Mike Tyson
植物男子 Asu
Applied Science
Momma Cherri
Grand Illusions
Channel 4 Comedy
Abroad in Japan
Craft Computing
Sam O'Nella Academy
Fat Dino
Theo Von
The New York Times
BBC Earth
Lights Out with David Spade
Ethereal Snake
Modern History TV
Cartoon Hangover
Cowboy Kent Rollins
Breanna Fields
John Kirkwood
Westbred Diamond
74 Gear
The Guardian
Bad Friends
Internet Historian
Digital Foundry
This Week in Tech
Gaming Historian
Bob Ross
Stuff Made Here
Game Maker's Toolkit
Flatbush Cats
Cooking With Cast Iron
Indiana Drones
BBC Earth Unplugged
Kitchen Nightmares
Frog Leap Studios
Speaking of AI
NPR Music
Made Man
You Suck At Cooking
Pilot Institute
Food Wishes
Corridor Crew
Marc Rebillet
Ike Does Stuff
CBC Docs
Explore Always
There I Ruined It
51 Drones
bald and bankrupt
Tenement Museum
Ewan Dobson
Knowing Better
Michael Mac
The New Screen Savers
Curious Droid
Cellar Crowd
LA Turtle
The Office
Wall Street Journal
Hannah Boulton
Team Coco
The Atlantic
Florent Roque
The Modern Rogue
Drone Film Guide
Coffee Break
The Gravel Institute
Immerse In Nature
Great Big Story
Marshall McGee
Filthy Casuals
Ben Wonder
60 Minutes Australia
Billy Kyle
Flossy Carter
Cee Marshall
Babyhemyth Productions
MEIMUNA Official
Stephen Robinson
David Barton aka That Drone Guy
Random TV
Bon Appétit
Voices of the Past
Casually Explained
Alt Shift X
PC Centric
The Hunting Public
The Uncharted Zone
mitch amyotte
The Graham Norton Show
Two Minute Papers
Michael Reeves
Otava Yo
Chris and Jack
Dimension 20
CG Geek
Wax Audio
Angle of Attack
The Art of Photography
GameTrailers Archive
Film Riot
Fatal Farm
History Dose
Gamers Nexus
PBS Eons
Business Casual
CGP Grey
TA Outdoors
Kitchen Nightmares - Full Episodes
Futuring Machine
Rich Charpentier
Scott The Woz
Adam Ragusea
JCS - Criminal Psychology
Harmonix Music Systems
Flashback '
FND Films
Gadget Inspector
Ghost Town Living
Zavtracast – пoдкaст oб игрaх
Primitive Technology
Sassy Justice
Twin Perfect
Unseen64: an Archive for Beta & Cancelled Games
Taste Show
Tom Segura
Epic Gardening
Vic Berger
Linus Tech Tips
Peep Show
The Tim Dillon Show
Miniature Drums
Shaun Spalding
Dumbest of All Worlds
John Stark
Internet Today
Ryan Sickler
Archana's Kitchen
The Great War
Super Bunnyhop
My Self Reliance
Ars Technica
PaymoneyWubby Highlights
The Whitest Kids U'Know
Safety Time
Gordon Ramsay
All Gas No Brakes
Fredrik Knudsen
>> No. 37807 [Edit]
I'd recommend deleting your channel and all of its subscriptions. If you do that, there's less temptation to "keep track" of what all of these people are putting out. I did that years ago. On the front page, there's now also an option to stop getting recommendations from specific channels.
>> No. 37808 [Edit]
>On the front page, there's now also an option to stop getting recommendations from specific channels.
Where's that?
>> No. 37809 [Edit]
Next to recommended videos on the front page, there's three dots with an option to stop receiving any recommendations from that channel. This applies to recommendations on the front page and every video. This feature works, despite being needlessly cumbersome and dumb ui wise. You have to be using the newest ui, so if you're on an old one for some reason, change it.
>> No. 37811 [Edit]
I've been using that feature for a long time but it really is a sisyphean task to filter out all the garbage yt throws at you. They have a virtually infinite pile of crap to throw your way while my patience is rather in short supply. Only thing that worked for me was to abandon the front page entirely and go straight to the subscription tab instead.
>> No. 37812 [Edit]
Aside from a different front end, which has its own problems, I can't think of any way that youtube could be improved when it comes to curation. There is an uploader based tagging system, but that's worth fuck all to other users. When internet speeds get fast enough for p2p video streaming to become tolerable, if that ever happens, I wonder if monolithic, poorly designed services like youtube will become obsolete. I feel like there's got to be a better way. I have been recommended things I ended up enjoying before, so boxing myself in to only things I know about wouldn't work for me.

Post edited on 27th Feb 2021, 2:38pm
>> No. 37813 [Edit]
My main gripe with it is how dumb it is. Say, I spend 4 months searching for a specific type of music on yt but if I click one solitary 30 seconds video clip of a shitty justice league movie, yt completely forgets everything I was doing and destroys my main page by dumping shitty cape shit movie clips. Shouldn't there be a balance in there somewhere? Doesn't seem hard to implement. It's been a long time since I visited my front page so maybe they improved that, I don't know.
I actually like yt, there's ton of stuff I would never know it existed if weren't for it, so my complaint is really just a small thing in the end. Doesn't really bother me that much but since we're talking about it, I feel like bringing it up.
>> No. 37814 [Edit]
If you could choose whether of not youtube "remembers" you watching a video instantly and an option to prioritize a video you like in recommendations, that would a step up. Private/incognito mode exists so, you can use that for anything you don't want to include.

One of the biggest issues is that youtube has things it recommends by default. It's impossible to completely wipe the slate clean since youtube already has its own idea of what people want to/ should watch.
>> No. 37840 [Edit]
File 161466761031.jpg - (1.19MB , 1100x1530 , 992d5a28bae748394f381313481db09a.jpg )
Jewtube has a watch history that you can turn off so it won't continue piling things onto you based on what you watched. You can also toggle your notifications in the settings. With that said, I'm not sure how much it might help you. Youtube doesn't bother me too much because I have those things in place but also because I kept marking videos as "not interested" or "don't recommend this channel" until it eventually stopped which I think took a few years, I don't remember for sure but it's the best I can think of.
>> No. 37919 [Edit]
Use proxy sites for youtube like this one:
>> No. 37931 [Edit]
Very useful, thanks.
>> No. 38041 [Edit]
File 161831018318.gif - (1.08MB , 200x200 , z1ball.gif )
38041 as a twitter proxy
>> No. 38163 [Edit]
ExHentai for pornography.
Arch Linux Wiki for general Linux information.
A small variety of anonymous imageboards for when I have downtime.
>> No. 38340 [Edit]
File 162235364695.jpg - (170.00KB , 1200x685 , 4mtg.jpg )
Down? Try
>> No. 38366 [Edit]
Reddit is still uneeded in your scenario. If you want to find "pink haired maids" go look up tags on a booru or pixiv (As you have said, you use gelbooru). And why do you care about recognition for your posts so much? Just like >>37443 said, if you post on a smaller imageboard, your posts will be more valued than somewhere like 4chan.
>> No. 38417 [Edit]
If you have to use reddit, use teddit as per >>37266
>> No. 38681 [Edit]
Removed still has good content but the auto-play videos and too much focus on nerdy pop-culture is slowly ruining it
>> No. 38823 [Edit]
I like tanks
>> No. 39252 [Edit]
Sounds edgy
>> No. 40092 [Edit]
File 16585975593.jpg - (97.27KB , 680x558 , 4eb.jpg )
I looked through two sites that list other imageboards and I found nothing I will browse in the future.
Some boards looked nice at first glance, but browsing though them revealed that it was nothing I would like. This entire adventure was quite disappointing, there are a lot of boards I can't read because of the language (Russian, Japanese, Spanish), a lot of boards that shooed me away immediately (modern memes, politics, porn) and a lot of boards that were dead.
Overall TC is still the last imageboard that I enjoy. Since years I poke around to find other boards, but never ever I found one. If TC ever goes down, I most likely will quit imageboards, a thought that frightens me, because TC is the only interaction with likeminded people I have. ... I miss the 00s. Late 90s or early 10s would also be okay.
>> No. 40093 [Edit]
File 165859781922.png - (654.05KB , 704x995 , 516be4308ad31c70537b2a34d906414c.png )
I looked through two sites that list other imageboards and I found nothing I will browse in the future.
Some boards looked nice at first glance, but browsing though them revealed that it was nothing I would like. This entire adventure was quite disappointing, there are a lot of boards I can't read because of the language (Russian, Japanese, Spanish), a lot of boards that shooed me away immediately (modern memes, politics, porn) and a lot of boards that were dead.
Overall TC is still the last imageboard that I enjoy. Since years I poke around to find other boards, but never ever I found one. If TC ever goes down, I most likely will quit imageboards, a thought that frightens me, because TC is the only interaction with likeminded people I have. ... I miss the 00s. Late 90s or early 10s would also be okay.

I had issues posting this, sorry if it came though twice.
>> No. 40094 [Edit]
File 165861689545.png - (54.50KB , 1280x800 , bandkun.png )
I've found a few other decent places, but I agree, no other imageboard has quite the same vibe as here. My guess is that it's due to simply being around for a long time and developing an identity and culture of our own. By comparison, the newer altchans don't have staying power and their culture is defined entirely by people fleeing the latest shitstorms on the larger sites.
I also think both the rules and the old-school presentation filter out the younger crowd who would otherwise ruin everything because they've only known the modern shitty Internet.
>> No. 40095 [Edit]
I wonder if something like KS will ever be done again.
>> No. 40096 [Edit]
Yeah, I love TC's rules. I wish more sites would have similar rules, but then again, I doubt they'd work as well anywhere else. You really have to appreciate how firm moderation is.
As for the presentation, I don't know what you mean about old-school. Maybe I'm out of touch, but it seems fine to me. I feel right at home here, despite probably being one of those younger crowd.
>> No. 40097 [Edit]
Some other altchans are a little flashier, with more modern-looking layouts, more bells and whistles like uploading multiple images per post, not having to manually use noko, etc.
TC is very classic, which is part of the charm in my opinion. I'm just saying it might ward off a lot of the Gen Z types who are used to everything on the Internet being streamlined to the gnat's ass.
>> No. 40098 [Edit]
Oh, I see. It feels fine to me. I don't really bother with sites that aren't simple. It just seems strange to have a bunch of features that don't really do anything. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", as they say. Coincidentally, those sites usually suck. They generally lack purpose other than being the same as a site, but more up to date and all the wrong users.
You're probably right, though. I figure most people around my age are used to all of that nonsense.
>> No. 40099 [Edit]
May I ask which boards you consider decent?
I know this is very personal, so feel free to ignore my curiosity.
The rules are truly god sent, they prevent everything I loathe and provide an oasis straight out of the old Internet I loved.

I highly doubt it. Katawa Shoujo was something that came forth during the peak of Internet and imageboards. Maybe it's the reason why I consider 2012 the last good year on the Internet, who knows.
>> No. 40100 [Edit]
File 165866342022.jpg - (121.70KB , 500x444 , 1656758882539.jpg )
Lately I've been on an imageboard kick, revisiting sites I used to spend a lot of time on in the days of yore. ED has an alright list of alt chans, although it could benefit from being updated since some of the listed entities are now defunct.

I'm curious though; what other imageboards do people here use? It would be cool to know of some that aren't filled with /pol/yp cancer and actually have active moderation*chan_boards
>> No. 40102 [Edit]
File 165867633871.jpg - (222.54KB , 1024x806 , 8a2fe922909f34cf299755fb1dd6e0ea~3.jpg )
>>40100 is pretty good, from my experience with it. Similar to a couple boards here but less moderation.
>> No. 40103 [Edit]
What a weird layout for an imageboard
>> No. 40104 [Edit]
>ED has an alright list of alt chans
I use this list:
>> No. 40105 [Edit]
File 165870742726.png - (2.66MB , 1800x1273 , 24317d72141a4e8bb3bb05d3688eeececf25ea25.png )
Both of these lists are pretty outdated... I think by at least 6 months. I don't have a better one for you, but you may be missing out on some decent boards.
>> No. 40106 [Edit]
Agreed. Not a fan.
Anything that disappears after 6 months, or is less than 6 months old, probably isn't worth looking at in my opinion.
>> No. 40107 [Edit]
File 165871509310.jpg - (534.11KB , 1681x2378 , EjtQRUPVkAAeU9y.jpg )
>May I ask which boards you consider decent?
Nenpo (it's back), Smug, /late/, /kind/, Lainchan and Uboachan all come to mind. Some of them are quite slow, unfortunately.
The Channel4 BBS textboards are also still around, believe it or not, and still pretty much the same as they were in 2005.
>> No. 40108 [Edit]
I tried all of those before and wasn't particularly impressed with any of them. Channel4 textboards are actually the best of the bunch in my opinion in terms of quality.
>> No. 40109 [Edit]
Maybe 6 years ago.
>> No. 40110 [Edit]
Lain and uboa comes up with interesting stuff every now and then so I check them out sometimes but the more I actually interacted with people there the more I want to purge those places from my browser history even.
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