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File 132010033174.jpg - (650.36KB , 1200x1531 , 18f6bbb82d9aeb721db77cdf643ede78.jpg )
11220 No. 11220 [Edit]
They say you learn something new every day. Let's see if that statement is true!

ITT post something new you learned today. Trivia knowledge is more than welcome.
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>> No. 11221 [Edit]
File 132010074924.jpg - (116.64KB , 500x334 , 2881524219_0d458c57cb.jpg )
I'll allow myself to break the 'today' rule just this one time, as this is more or less what made me create this thread in the first place.

Red spider lilies are technically not lilies. They are part of Amaryllidaceae family, whereas real lilies are part of Liliaceae family.
>> No. 11224 [Edit]
I learned that bestiaries weren't just compilations of beasts. Each animal symbolized something to show that the world was itself the word of Haruhi, i.e. pelicans symbolized Jesus.
Obviously this only applies to Middle Ages bestiaries, but still interesting.

Also, shouldn't this go on /mt/?
>> No. 11225 [Edit]
I guess I learned even postcards in airmail take a long time to get delivered.
>> No. 11226 [Edit]
I saw an amazing short film years ago, but I couldn't remember the name. All I had to do was ask my animation teacher, derp.
>> No. 11236 [Edit]

>Also, shouldn't this go on /mt/?

Maybe but not necessarily. In all honesty I didn't even consider /mt/ in the first place but I want silly stuff ITT, too. I posted something pretty scientific yesterday, coincidence has it that I'm gonna post something similar today but I want really stupid things here, too. Like, you know, H doujin knowledge and the like.

Don't think I learned anything funny/interesting today. The most important thing I realized is just how little I know about Pol Pot. I'll have to read a book about that.
But I digress. Piece of info for today: I realized string theory is quite old. I thought it's something recent as it gets debated all the time lately but it actually goes all the way back to 1960s (or even further than that).
>> No. 11237 [Edit]
I learned how annoyingly counter-intuitive After Effects can be.
>> No. 11244 [Edit]
S&W has a lot of potential for a stand. I don't know to what extent it's ability can go, but I don't think that Araki Hirohiko will disappoint me.
>> No. 11245 [Edit]
There are Steins;Gate character songs.
>> No. 11248 [Edit]
No one will give a shit about the photos you take of your figures, unless you also included flowers or some junk in the shot.
>> No. 11256 [Edit]
I learned how to correctly use the flash sync modes on my camera.
>> No. 11262 [Edit]
I learned that the Pole Star/North Star isn't actually any specific star and that in changes every once in a while.
>> No. 11264 [Edit]
I learned that "jazz hands" are supposed to be done with your elbows down near your waist and your forearms held out perpendicular to your body.
>> No. 11267 [Edit]
My friend in high school would always complain about that when people tried to do jazz hands.
>> No. 11270 [Edit]
Today I learned that 4chan's /int/ is the only board that's actually moderated, for the sole purpose of hiding the truth about the of the Freemason/Illuminati New World Order.

Fuckin' illuminati, man....

am I funny yet

Post edited on 3rd Nov 2011, 7:17am
>> No. 11272 [Edit]
File 132033587720.jpg - (12.44KB , 360x270 , 1121087094_icturesaaw.jpg )
You crack me up.
>> No. 11273 [Edit]
File 132034144855.png - (138.93KB , 410x404 , 1315273788645.png )
I'm just waking up at 11:30 AM...
give me a minute...
>> No. 11276 [Edit]
I learned that I should really keep figma parts in the bags they come with, and that keeping them all together ruins the matte finish as they run together over time.
>> No. 11278 [Edit]
Nothing comes to mind today. Oh, wait. I realized 'gofer' isn't an actual word in my language (I thought it means the same thing as in English but when I said it I got some weird looks and sure enough, there's no such word).
>> No. 11287 [Edit]

I totally forgot! The most important lesson yesterday was which is the front and which is the back of an envelope!

Today was another boring day. I learned to never trust any postal services ever again.
>> No. 11299 [Edit]
I don't think I learned a thing today. If anything I could tell you that florist's shop being closed is a surprisingly good thing sometimes but it's not much of a lesson. You could form some kind aphorism based on that, though, something like 'sometimes bad things lead to good results' or something.
>> No. 11300 [Edit]
Bobbing, slipping and weaving is slow and will always be slower than punching no matter how much you train these things to be fast. Therefore you shouldn't expect to be able to continuously dodge punches. Not unless you're Floyd Mayweather Jr or something.

Therefore, for the most of us low-tier martial artists, dodging is a one-time affair. It is slower than a punch, so you need to react to the signs or rhythm of the opponent to predict his next blow in order to dodge it. Not getting that feedback from the fists confuses the opponent and messes up his momentum. You exploit this and the gaps in his guard caused by overextension by hitting him back in his unguarded vulnerable spot. I believe this is called counterpunching.

Well anyway, thats my theory I developed after trying to improve the speed of my bobbing and weaving, if anything is wrong or you have someting to add feel free to tell me.
>> No. 11333 [Edit]
I learned that the Little Prince is not as well known as I thought it was.
>> No. 11341 [Edit]
I learned how to improve my terrible posture.
>> No. 11375 [Edit]
Dishwasher detergent tabs, when dissolved into a sink full of hot water, help to loosen thick brown tea stains on a sink. But not all that well.
>> No. 11435 [Edit]
Those people were right about the things I had to do to be a competent user of my weapon.
>> No. 11436 [Edit]
The french revolution led to an attempt to implement a special calendar and time system that divided the year as follows:
10 months (+5 miscellaneous days, 6 on a leap year)
30 days per month
10 days per week
10 hours per day
100 minutes per hour
100 seconds per minute

This made the length of the second equal to about .864 of our current seconds.
>> No. 11443 [Edit]
In a 2006 (women's) hanball game Faroe Islands defeated Albania 81:1.
>> No. 11565 [Edit]
Itinerant means: "Habitually travelling from place to place."
>> No. 11601 [Edit]
The evidence we have says that the first confirmable case of humans cooking food occurred 1.8 million years ago, but the first instance of humans building shelter was only 500,000 years ago.

Somehow I feel like they must have created structures way before then, just nothing durable enough to be recovered by archaeologists.
>> No. 11602 [Edit]

>> No. 11603 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi, that is really awesome!

I can't help but imagine that there are things living in that "ocean".

A giant space Ceadeus would be awesome!
>> No. 11604 [Edit]
I don't think any kind of intelligent life would choose to settle in, or arise from, the vincinity of a quasar...
>> No. 11605 [Edit]
That's why I'm imagining it.

I don't know enough about any of this to assume that it's possible for anything to live there, but I like thinking about it. I apologize if I wasn't too clear with it.
>> No. 11606 [Edit]
Just learned how disk fragmentation is not much of an issue in modern NTFS systems(even those without SSDs) and how it should be dealt with.
>> No. 11622 [Edit]
Today I learned one of the few people I vaguely care about hates me.
>> No. 11623 [Edit]
Ah, I know what that's like.
>> No. 11631 [Edit]
If you touch a fluorescent lamp while you're electrically charged, it briefly flashes up. Try it, it's fun!
>> No. 11656 [Edit]
that african slaves were fed well on average on slave ships and given time to exercise when they were away from the shore and whatnot. It was in a book in a bookstore I skimmed over called '100 bad things that happened in history' or something; it was a new book
>> No. 11658 [Edit]
Another thing is that the first black slave in British North America (or perhaps ex-british NA)was owned by a black man. Then a few years later white people decided to be racist, and black people could own land and etc.
>> No. 11660 [Edit]
An acute overdose of ginger is usually in excess of about 2 grams of ginger per kilogram of body mass, dependent on level of ginger tolerance, and can result in a state of central nervous system over-stimulation called ginger intoxication or colloquially the "ginger gitters".
>> No. 11666 [Edit]
Sexaulity is serious business in North Korea (then again over there everything else is serious business, too). Men can't get married until they turn 30, women until they turn 28 (and even then you need approval of your local community and governemnt officials). Sex before marriage is plain not allowed. Porn makers were sentenced to death back in the day. It's not a law (from what I gather) but forget kissing, even holding hands in public is not allowed. Skirts have to be at least knee length, short sleeves are not allowed. To get a room in a hotel you have to be married. Etc.
>> No. 11668 [Edit]
Alexander the Great was 32 when he died.

Can you imagine that? He conquered most of the known world at the age where most people might be looking for work just out of college.
>> No. 11677 [Edit]
Mercury, when in contact with your skin, can cause horrible damage.
>> No. 11684 [Edit]

>He was known as one of the biggest mass murderers in the history of mankind (and possibly the biggest in his own time) at the age where most people might be looking for work just out of college.

Damn, I'm so jealous.
>> No. 11695 [Edit]
Learned a bunch of x86 assembly instructions, how to make good use of a disassembler and some tricks to reverse engineer very simple programs.
Very productive day!
>> No. 13049 [Edit]
You can configure Internet Explorer as to ignore color instructions of websites. I set it up so that everything is displayed blue-on-black. And I like.
>> No. 13050 [Edit]
Could I see it?
>> No. 13052 [Edit]
File 132864370745.png - (93.22KB , 1920x1080 , Clipboard01.png )
Is what you meant? Btw, it can be set in Tools/ Internet Settings/ Accessibility.
>> No. 13053 [Edit]
sounds nice
>> No. 13187 [Edit]
Appeal to hypocrisy is fallacious reasoning.
>> No. 13389 [Edit]
Hunter S. Thompson died seven years ago to the day. Very quite sad.
>> No. 13416 [Edit]
"Anamnesis" means "remembrance" or "recollection".
>> No. 13428 [Edit]
File 132993892775.gif - (71.04KB , 610x255 , Fairywasp1.gif )
Today I learned there are wasps as small as amoebas. Now I'm freaked about these things potentially being inside me or living in my room, though I think they only live in Hawaii or something.
>> No. 13434 [Edit]
Mortgage is french for death contract.
>> No. 13458 [Edit]
There cannot possibly be a Haruhi because there was literally no time for Haruhi to exist in before the big bang.

Stephen motherfuckin Hawking
>> No. 13464 [Edit]
I'm sure if I told this to someone that belives in Haruhi, they'd simply say there was no such thing as the bigbang, and that haruhi made everything.
>> No. 13465 [Edit]
Have them watch this video. It's well explained.
>> No. 13466 [Edit]
>There cannot possibly be a Haruhi because there was literally no time for Haruhi to exist in before the big bang.

That's a tremendously poor explanation. You could just say the big bang created a Haruhi, who then engineered this planet.
>> No. 13468 [Edit]
But Haruhi is thought to exist outside spacetime.
>> No. 13469 [Edit]
No, because the bang and everything that came after the big bang is explained by the laws of nature and evolved according to them.

There is no "vacancy" that could be filled by a Haruhi-like being.
>> No. 13470 [Edit]
>explained by the laws of nature

luckily the people who believe in a Haruhi or Haruhis care about such things
>> No. 13471 [Edit]
That is funny because the big bang theory itself has its roots in Christian theology and the person to propose the big bang for the first time was a priest. I am also pretty sure that many, if not most, people who believe in Haruhi and are from a civilized country do consider the big bang a valid theory.

But the argument in >>13458 is just silly because it tries to apply physical laws to metaphysical being(s). I guess scientists, despite being brilliant in their own field, are still humans.
>> No. 13472 [Edit]
Don't talk like you think you've outwitted Stephen Hawking

He has a perfect Int value
>> No. 13474 [Edit]
Yeah, let's totally talk about this fucking subject.
>> No. 13475 [Edit]
Should I... make a thread, for it?
>> No. 13476 [Edit]
Depends on what direction you take it. I don't know if "existence of Haruhi" threads are allowed, because they are always, always shit and worthless. An astrophysics thread would be great though.
>> No. 13477 [Edit]
No. People have been discussing this for centuries and it never amounts to anything. You can't prove or disprove Haruhi. Nowadays those discussions quickly devolve into shitstorms anyway.
>> No. 13479 [Edit]
People haven't known for centuries what we know right now.

Stephen Hawking slam dunked Haruhi's ass in that video above.

Post edited on 24th Feb 2012, 10:24pm
>> No. 13480 [Edit]
Yes, and it seems as time goes on, more and more people abandon religion.
so I wouldn't say these conversations are completely pointless.
It's always possible for a person to change their mind, one way or the other.

Thank you for linking to this video, I never was able to understand before the part of something coming from nothing, or what might have set off the big bang in the first place, that was a very enlightening video.
>> No. 13481 [Edit]
Using rational arguments and logic when trying to argue with religious people is arguably the most retarded idea I heard about this month.


>Yes, and it seems as time goes on, more and more people abandon religion.
>so I wouldn't say these conversations are completely pointless.
>It's always possible for a person to change their mind, one way or the other.

I'm glad you corrected yourself in the end - it's possible that they will change their mind, not that you'll be able to convince them using any arguments. Talking about this is absoutely pointless and from what I've seen the effect is the exact opposite to what you'd hope to accomplish - religious people feel threatened and thus they cling onto their beliefs that much stronger.
>> No. 13482 [Edit]
Yeah, people only believe in Haruhi because they were told to, or because they're afraid of what's obviously the truth. Those are completely the only reasons.

Holy shit, let's not get into this please.
>> No. 13483 [Edit]
>Using rational arguments and logic when trying to argue with religious people is arguably the most retarded idea I heard about this month.

is arguably the most retarded claim I heard about this month. Hopefully you do realize that for example Newton was extremely religious and you understand he used same rationalization and logic in his theological writings as he used in his scientific writings. Right, you do? The problem with most of these "rational" arguments and "logic" against Haruhi is they often attack a straw man, or are fallacious in some other way, and thus are invalid. Note that it does not make the opposing view correct or mean the arguments for Haruhi are not riddled with fallacies.

>it's possible that they will change their mind, not that you'll be able to convince them using any arguments. Talking about this is absoutely pointless and from what I've seen the effect is the exact opposite to what you'd hope to accomplish

Convince them about what? Accomplish what? Make people not to believe in Haruhi? You seriously sound like some missionaries of atheism.

Don't talk like you think Stephen Hawking is perfect. He has said some stupid things earlier e.g. beware, the aliens are coming.
>> No. 13484 [Edit]
dont start a religious argument please its a fucking dumb thing to argue about
>> No. 13485 [Edit]
or missionaries of common sense.

and his idea of aliens is no less silly of an idea than a zombie space Jesus.

Post edited on 25th Feb 2012, 10:37am
>> No. 13489 [Edit]
With all the ridiculously fucking enormity of the universe, alien life is a certainty.

They may not be coming to Earth, but they are out there and there can be no denying of that.
>> No. 13490 [Edit]
I think people that dismiss alien life as crazy talk, have no comprehension of how vast the universe is, how many galaxies there are, and planets like ours there might be.

but I do believe the idea of aliens showing up only to visit and abduct weirdos and crazy people to be silly.
If aliens wanted to invade earth, I think they'd have done so already.
>> No. 13493 [Edit]
People are quickly coming to that realization. Now we're finding new planets every month that have the possibility of supporting life. For example

Of course, now some retard might say he was abducted and anally probed by aliens from Gliese 581 g. You just can't win.
>> No. 13494 [Edit]
>alien life is a certainty
how can you say that? you have no idea how common life is, there is only one data point.

Post edited on 25th Feb 2012, 2:45pm
>> No. 13495 [Edit]
Preconditions for life to exist have been proven to be common throughout the universe(eg. water, carbon, light, etc.), life itself not. Not yet. We might discover some definite traces of microbial life on Mars pretty soon, chances are high.

And the assumption that life's common based on the conditions of Earth, is only taking into consideration life that's similar to us. There's also a chance of, for example, life that uses silicon instead of carbon or maybe chlorine instead of oxygen. The possibilites are endless.

I'd say that it's pretty safe to assume that life is relatively common.
>> No. 13496 [Edit]
Considering the billions of planets and suns out there, it's beyond crazy to think there isn't life in any shape or form out there.
Megalomania doesn't even begin to describe it.
>> No. 13497 [Edit]
File 133021466210.jpg - (4.32MB , 3100x3100 , HubbleUltraDeepFieldwithScaleComparison.jpg )
Which is quite silly.

>They may not be coming to Earth, but they are out there and there can be no denying of that.

True, the problem is that Hawking claimed aliens might come and conquer the Earth if we try to contact them and thus we should stop the attempts to contact them. The argument has numerous problems, for example the mere distance between us and the closest habitable planet is enormous. And even if the planet is habitable it does not mean there is intelligent life or life at all as Earth might be more atypical planet than previously thought. Even if intelligent life exists in the planet, it has to be extremely developed and solved all the problems related to interstellar travel. This includes capability to achieve faster-than-light speeds. And faster-than-light travel seems impossible according to the current information.

If assumed that a such civilization exists they would still need some motivation to conquer or destroy us. Hawking suggested resources which is plausible because scarcity is something every advanced civilization has to deal with. If there is something they really want on Earth which is not found anywhere else more easily (unlikely) they still would have to allocate resources for the operation. The resources needed for the operation might be greater than the gains. Furthermore if a civilization is really so developed it is capable of interstellar travel they can find us even if we don't try to contact them. And if Earth really has something so precious and rare it is likely that some Aliens would have taken it already as >>13490 suggested. Especially considering the age of Earth.

See image, the number of planets is so vast it becomes likely that a number of them contain life no matter what kind of conditions it requires. And as >>13495 pointed out the life can exist in forms that are completely different from Earth. Even the life in Earth can vary as the discovery of GFAJ-1 showed us. And we don't really know what forms of life for instance the hadal zone has.
>> No. 13498 [Edit]
I learned that there's going to be a Pokemon B/W 2.
>> No. 13500 [Edit]
I knew they were gonna run out of colors sooner or latter
>> No. 13504 [Edit]
Come on, they didn't even do Pokémon Indigo & Crimson yet. Indigo and Crimson are awesome colours.
>> No. 13509 [Edit]
I learnt that the 'GFAJ' in GFAJ-1 stands for "Give Felisa a Job".
>> No. 13525 [Edit]
A 'square go' is a faair fight in scottish english.....asked a scot about thta who I skype with, he said it is probably more Glasgow area (he lives by edinbuurgh)

Asked him this after TIME mentioned it in a little blurb on the girl heroine in the Pixar film.
>> No. 13594 [Edit]
today i learned that if you get a copyright claim filed against you on youtube, they force you to watch this video and take a test on it before you can use your account again
>> No. 13595 [Edit]
Asymptotic giants are red giants that no longer pulsate and produce carbon from helium by the triple-alpha process.
>> No. 13596 [Edit]
I had to watch that video too when someone intentionally filed a false copyright claim. I know that YouTube doesn't give a damn about false copyright claims because they're so routine.
>> No. 13597 [Edit]
>15,000 dislikes
That alone is hilarious.
>> No. 13610 [Edit]
Mapping XML to objects to GUI elements is really difficult.
>> No. 13647 [Edit]
You've got to have one major log sized stick up your ass to go around deleting remixes of your work and getting the users banned for it.
>> No. 13745 [Edit]
I learned the phrase "chuunibyou" (中二病).
>> No. 13789 [Edit]
File 133133112590.jpg - (3.91MB , 2480x1753 , 5c52aeaa29c38bee49529bde0c7b4df162cfa701.jpg )
You need 6905 flawless samples, if you need to estabilish a fault ratio of at most 0.001 with a confidence level of 99.9%.
>> No. 13884 [Edit]
Sim City 5. 2013. Can't wait.
>> No. 13888 [Edit]
Oh shit. This is wonderful news.
>> No. 13889 [Edit]
It's probably going to be filled to the brim with shitbookgarbage just like they did with The Sims. sorry
>> No. 13895 [Edit]
Madason is the name that Pankraz tried to give to the main character in Dragon Quest 5.
>> No. 13900 [Edit]
From what I've read about it, it seems like more than a probably, since they're making a big deal about multi player.
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