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File 132010033174.jpg - (650.36KB , 1200x1531 , 18f6bbb82d9aeb721db77cdf643ede78.jpg )
11220 No. 11220 [Edit]
They say you learn something new every day. Let's see if that statement is true!

ITT post something new you learned today. Trivia knowledge is more than welcome.
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>> No. 36280 [Edit]
>translations for anything and everything you can think of
Very few doujin have spanish translations compared to english. That's probably the case for anime and manga too except for the most popular series.

>Work, breed, die.
Ultimate normalfags.
>> No. 36281 [Edit]
Huh, I live in a border state as well and even illegals can functionally speak English.
My Dad is a doctor who speaks is bilingual as well and says that the only people who speak only Spanish are older people.
>> No. 36284 [Edit]
>I live in a border state
>illegals can functionally speak English
Perhaps they're more motivated to learn English since they might need it for work. E.g. if you're an illegal alien then your jobs will be limited to small-scale "under the table" blue collar jobs like gardening, for which being able to speak/understand basic English will be almost necessary as you'll need to communicate with the homeowner.
>> No. 36285 [Edit]
>Mexicans are seriously religious, something I attribute to poverty+ignorance
Destitution's ubiquity probably perpetuates it, but Catholicism originated from the Spaniards' and Portuguese's invasions, and I think as we all know, Catholics exhort devotion and reproduction. In contrast, the Dutch and British settlers were more eclectically religious. You can see this today in the US where Protestants are roughly twice the population as Catholics. That and British and Dutch rule seemed to be more competent.
>> No. 36286 [Edit]
yeah knowing English is pretty common with the younger generations born here. I've seen a lot of parents force their kids to act as personal translators. (myself included)
>> No. 36287 [Edit]
I thought mexicans had it better with english because US influence. I'm spaniard myself and I can say we have a problem with foreign languages here.
If a game doesn't get translated there's always a massive outrage, people don't want to even get in contact with other languages and can even find it very offensive. There's also this weird idea that spanish is the most important language in the world (obviously a lot more than english) so everything and everyone should adapt to it. I just can't imagine a person from Sweden or Denmark with the same degree of bullshit about those things.
>> No. 36288 [Edit]
>everything and everyone should adapt to it.
I think Spanish is an ugly language on multiple levels. It's essentially a sloppy lazy and obnoxious derivative of Italian.
As it was well pointed out in MGSV, the way people communicate says a lot about those people. language carries with it a certain way of thinking, mindsets, culture. You look at something like Japanese for instance, which revolves around context that requires people actually stop to think a bit more about what's being said and use common sense to figure it out. You compare that to the more precisely spelled out English where in people don't need to think as much, and you can figure out where a life time of not thinking can lead the average person. Spanish doesn't feel as exact as English, but more like a half added "whatever" of a language. Where neither context nor precession matter, as long as the person gets the general idea. I think it's the last language everyone should adapt to, because it's a culture not worth adapting to. They have no right to say things like that as a people who have contributed little to the world, with social and economic problems they refuse to fix, while being people who generally get treated as leaching pests to their neighbors. The US for all it's arrogance has at least given the world countless innovations while helping to connect the world with much of todays modern technology that we have them to thank for. If everyone was to adapt one language, English would make a lot more sense. It's already the standard in various systems across the globe anyway from air traffic control to computer programing.
>> No. 36289 [Edit]
>I think asking the average person to lean a new language for the sake of some casual media consumption is asking a lot.
Taking English classes for at least half a decade is mandatory in German schools. If asking people to learn English really is unreasonable, we should stop wasting time and resources on it. If it is reasonable, culturally beneficial and economically necessary to have people learn English, we might as well do it properly and at no cost.
>why bother if you're just watching an English movie once every couple months on average
The average German spends literally tens of thousands of hours of his life watching dubbed American movies and TV shows. All of that time is effectively wasted, aside from tnem being politically indoctrinated with the ideologies purveyed by Hollywood producers, which is desirable from the standpoint of the current regime Berlin, but not from mine.
If we leave the content in English, they will at least get something positive out of it in terms of foreign language proficiency.
Or maybe people will stop watching Hollywood garbage altogether and we will start producing more original content, which would be even better.
>For a lot of big dumb action movies with no plot, subs would only distract from the big dumb action anyway.
Yeah, I'll forbid subs too, of course. Except maybe in documentaries.
Those dumb action movies with no plot are great for language learning, since you can follow them just fine even when you don't understand everything, and you can figure out from context what most of the dialogue means.

It's not even subtle.
>> No. 36290 [Edit]
>Taking English classes for at least half a decade is mandatory in German schools.
You'll have to forgive me as I'm not German and didn't know this. With that and the rest in mind, yeah it does seem weird that they'd avoid original audio so much.
>> No. 36291 [Edit]
I think this stuff about language and mexico should probably be taken to /tat/ no?
>> No. 36292 [Edit]
>Don't most of the EU countries have pretty good knowledge of English already?
No, 9/10 times they're dogshit. Unfortunately most normalfags here have convinced themselves they're almost fluent.
>> No. 36293 [Edit]
I learned about cheese sharpness. That was fun.
>> No. 36294 [Edit]
>Unfortunately most normalfags here have convinced themselves they're almost fluent.
yeah, my co-workers all insist that they know English just fine. "I always had good grades in English" they say. Yet they can't even understand movies or the news in English, let alone anything written that goes beyond simple instruction manuals or juvenile literature.

This also goes to show how useless language courses are. All my English teachers in school admitted that I speak this language more fluently than they themselves, and people often assume I'm some sort of genius for knowing Japanese. Yet I was the kid who almost never bothered doing my homework in English class, and I've never even taken any Japanese classes. Playing video games and watching anime in a foreign language is far more educational than attending a language course.
>> No. 36295 [Edit]
Language courses are a convenient source of speaking practice. It might also work as a motivational thing since staying ahead of the class feels nice.
>> No. 36296 [Edit]
>Spanish doesn't feel as exact as English, but more like a half added "whatever" of a language. Where neither context nor precession matter, as long as the person gets the general idea.
Curious – do you say this as a speaker of Spanish? Granted I only learned enough Spanish to pass a mandatory HS foreign language requirement, but Spanish and English seemed to have more commonalities than differences. With the exception of gendered nouns (*), the grammatical constructs map almost directly onto the other – there didn't seem to be any differences in "context" required (unless you count dropping subject pronoun, which is unneeded since the verb conjugation carries the same information).

>It's not even subtle.
What was this referring to?

(*) It's an interesting linguistic question as to how gendered nouns arose in the first place. I suppose it can help avoid ambiguity and can be used as "error correction" of sorts since you have more info to reconstruct off of. Supposedly Old English had gendered nouns as well but the vairous vowel shifts and pronunciation changes wiped those all out.
>> No. 36309 [Edit]
File 160249395389.png - (136.86KB , 300x200 , 1483179209680.png )
This made me reflect a little about myself. I always had terrible grades in english and was told my language skills were really bad. Even recently, I almost lost my job because my english wasn't good enough and got rejected when I was trying to get some other job about teaching children because I couldn't even pass a simple test. But I read relatively complicated books, write everyday and watch lots of media even without subs. I doubt the average person does any of that.
So it could be that the way to evaluate language skills in my country is really wrong, my lack of social skills plays a big part, or maybe I'm just lying to myself and I'm a lost case who can't properly learn a language even after a decade of daily use. If it's the last then I'll be fucked because I've been trying to learn japanese for some time already, and I'm not going to make it. It's really depressing.
>> No. 36311 [Edit]
I nearly flunked my end-of-highschool exams because they included an oral English part and the pressure of having an entire group of people sitting there evaluating me caused me to stutter and forget words.
It's probably similar for you, lack of social skills and speaking ability is a real problem when interacting with wider society, which is why it's better not to.
>> No. 36343 [Edit]
I just found out that BIOS actually means "life" in Greek (βίος)

I wonder how many acronyms there are that I use frequently but have no idea that they're actually backronyms.
>> No. 36345 [Edit]
I think that might just be a coincidence. I couldn't find any strong evidence that it was intentionally chosen as a backronym.
>> No. 36346 [Edit]
File 160282213170.gif - (76.07KB , 580x500 , anim_jis90-2004_mincho.gif )
Two tidbits about written Japanese (learned recently but not today):
• With JIS2004, the recommended renderings of several kanji were changed, many of them from a simplified form to a more traditional form (pic related). Nevertheless, it's still quite common to see the pre-JIS2004 renderings.
• In Japanese Braille, the particles は and へ are written phonetically as ⠄ (ワ) and ⠋ (エ) respectively. (There is no hiragana/katakana distinction.)
>> No. 36348 [Edit]
Oh fuck. It looks like they add or remove a stroke or literally change an entire radical. If I didn't know better, I would probably assume it's a different word.
>> No. 36349 [Edit]
This is what makes it hard for me to try to read kanji text that uses fancy fonts (let alone handwritten kanji). There are sometimes extra flourishes and I have no idea whether it's a kanji I've learned or whether it's something else.
>> No. 36390 [Edit]
File 160341394533.jpg - (164.27KB , 850x1196 , sample_be352124467eb00ee5421fb36168f72d.jpg )
Sayonara o Oshiete has been translated into spanish. There is no english translation. This seriously rustles my jimmies.
>> No. 36391 [Edit]
Spanish translations are usually machine translated or translated from English. You're not missing much
>> No. 36393 [Edit]
Their website looks pretty legitimate.
>> No. 36395 [Edit]
Since ES->EN machine translation is a lot better than JP->EN, you could probably hit it with gtranslate if you really wanted to read it.

But I agree that I'd be skeptical of whether it's a proper translation. Their having a site doesn't mean much.
>> No. 36445 [Edit]
Most mammals in South America actually came from North America, they crossed through Central America, when the continent emerged and arrived there. Only few mammals in North America are native South America mammals.
>> No. 36450 [Edit]
File 160368440165.jpg - (31.04KB , 450x360 , ELBn23JUUAEkeTB.jpg )
Why Three Different Arrow Tips? by JoergSprave
Hunting, battle, practice.
>> No. 36590 [Edit]
File 160472481693.jpg - (64.77KB , 637x658 , 20201115.jpg )
The blonde elf's name in Capcom's D&D: Tower of Doom & Shadow over Mystara is LUCIA.

Modern bows can get really expensive...
>> No. 36623 [Edit]
Yellow, orange, and red bell peppers are sweeter and way more delicious than green ones. Only downside is, they're more expensive. And this is because the green ones aren't actually ripe.
>> No. 36624 [Edit]
> And this is because the green ones aren't actually ripe.
I think they're different varieties, not just unripe.
>> No. 36628 [Edit]
I hate any kind of bell pepper because they're sweet. Sweet vegetables aren't my thing.
>> No. 36668 [Edit]
Put them veg into a quiche
>> No. 36762 [Edit]
Viggen is Swedish for "the bolt" or "the tufted duck".
>> No. 36833 [Edit]
Sweden has a Gotland class stealth sub
>> No. 37203 [Edit]
File 160929705066.jpg - (19.46KB , 474x266 , smalltofucar.jpg )
Horsepower is officially defined as "the amount of energy required to lift 550 pounds, one foot, in one second." This definition dates back to when cars didn't even exist and, despite the worldwide acceptance of the metric system USA not withstanding), the definition remains in use today.
>> No. 37207 [Edit]
The first Soviet Jet the Mig 9 actually used German engines. They used the BMW OO3 and then a Soviet produced version of it, the designer of this engine would actually move to France and his new engines would power many French cold war aircraft.
>> No. 37233 [Edit]
I just heard of MF DOOM.
>> No. 37291 [Edit]
Current PLA Chinese jets are just knock-offs of Russian fighter jets. The cycle repeats.
>> No. 37363 [Edit]
X-bows don't work so well underwater..
>> No. 37488 [Edit]
File 161198459911.gif - (349.35KB , 255x255 , zred.gif )
China's SECRET Heavy Tank, the WZ-111 | Cursed by Design
>> No. 37614 [Edit]
Zombie Apocalypse Archery
>> No. 37714 [Edit]
File 161364819528.jpg - (176.67KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kiniro Mosaic – 12 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
I found it amusing that the Japanese term for "backscratcher" is 孫の手 (mago no te), literally "grandchild's hand". Originally, the term was 麻姑の手 (Mako no te), "Mako's hand". Mako is an immortal woman of Chinese legend who is said to have long, bird-like nails, which, if used to scratch an itchy place, felt very good.
>> No. 38021 [Edit]
Greek Easter bread Tsoureki & Hot Cross Buns are an old tradition.
>> No. 38044 [Edit]
File 161831188226.gif - (124.50KB , 1097x805 , zCopelandOS.gif )
>> No. 38091 [Edit]
moot's moving on from google:
The discussion that took place on Hacker News is also amusing(ly stupid).
>> No. 38092 [Edit]
5yrs is a pretty decent tenure. I believe he was in the Tokyo office on the maps team for most of his time there.
>> No. 38206 [Edit]
File 162055757789.jpg - (274.37KB , 1600x771 , MTGCOFF2.jpg )
Pilum time
>> No. 38376 [Edit]
File 162332380664.jpg - (82.62KB , 890x1011 , 2021VEGA.jpg )
Why there are still shortages of stuff
>> No. 38705 [Edit]
File 163192730789.jpg - (28.25KB , 474x257 , Clipboard01.jpg )
How the Korean horn composite bow is made (w/ subtitles)
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