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File 132010033174.jpg - (650.36KB , 1200x1531 , 18f6bbb82d9aeb721db77cdf643ede78.jpg )
11220 No. 11220 [Edit]
They say you learn something new every day. Let's see if that statement is true!

ITT post something new you learned today. Trivia knowledge is more than welcome.
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>> No. 23928 [Edit]
Read an article based on research that suggests after the age of 24 we start to experience a decline in cognitive motor skills. Better start making an exit plan.
>> No. 23929 [Edit]
25 is the new old for everything. I lost all faith in my body around that age too and now I only hope for the transhuman possibility of jumping out this sinking boat.
>> No. 23965 [Edit]
Kinder eggs, along with basically any food with a toy inside, are banned in the USA.
>> No. 23971 [Edit]
Apparently the technique for UFO catcher machines is not to grip and pick up the toy, but to use the clecnhing action of the arm to nudge it over the chute over a series of tries.
>> No. 23972 [Edit]
I doubt this is an universal technique. The UFO catcher machines in my country maintain all prizes on a lower level when compared to the hole where you have to put them making it impossible to use the technique shown in the video to work.
>> No. 23973 [Edit]
Yes, the toys I know here in Australia have a clear plastic barrier around the chute. Its not very fair especially considering that the soft toy costs less to make than it does to play. Actually picking up the toy is near impossible considering the weakness of the grip and the only way this is possible is by freaks of positioning e.g the arm got hooked on something, or something.
>> No. 23975 [Edit]
>the only way this is possible is by freaks of positioning e.g the arm got hooked on something, or something
That, or you can bang the machine to the side, tilting it in a way that makes the prizes fall into the hole. Of course this is only possible if there are no attendants looking and if you are strong enough to tilt the machine.
>> No. 23979 [Edit]
Also note that machines of chance are essentially slot machines with a final dexterity requirement. If there is no "easy solution," what actually happens is that the machine is programmed to pay out once in a set of tries, then either reset or continue the current set then reset. After playing the game "Stackers" constantly as a kid, the machine would always give out one win, if you played it properly, per 300 iterations. Or at least following that rule gave me consistent net wins, and they eventually changed it to where this no longer applied. Or maybe I was just lucky consistently for a period of time. The former seems more reasonable, though.
>> No. 23981 [Edit]
No they actually are for a fact usually programed to pay out at set intervals.

"the technique for UFO catcher machines" is actually to not play them but rather watch other people play. wait for someone to win then count off how many times people play before the next win. you may want to do this two or three times just to make sure. after that wait for the next golden opportunity and play the machine at that point.
>> No. 23986 [Edit]
I got to the top of a Stacker machine twice and it didn't let me win. I'm not good enough to get to the top every time. So jealous of people good enough to play till they win and get to the top almost every time. I want to win all the big prizes and sell them for money.
>> No. 24016 [Edit]
So apparently clitorises are real. I always just thought it was a porn myth or something.
And men have the same number of ribs as women - I thought they had two more on each side.
>> No. 24052 [Edit]
Today I learned that tohno rhymes with bono, mono, como, homo, promo, mafioso, photo, solo, polo, rococo, hobo, dodo, cocoa, modo, loco and logo among others.

Here are my poems, spoilered for artistic integrity:
Tohno is a hobo playing polo on a dodo for his promo.
Tohno drinks cocoa with a loco mafioso on a rococo.
Tohno is homo for bono with several photos but runs solo modo.
Como, Tohno, como...

Post edited on 20th May 2014, 11:39am
>> No. 24055 [Edit]
File 140064004873.jpg - (416.49KB , 1200x1600 , asdadas.jpg )
I actually won something. It took me $10 though.
>> No. 24056 [Edit]
Nice. The feeling of triumph of winning anything at those machines is worth more than any money
>> No. 24058 [Edit]
I know. When I won I felt a rush I haven't felt for years. It felt great. But I wouldn't want to do it again.
>> No. 24330 [Edit]
I learned that that website has a waifu/husbando option in the "about" section of people's profiles. I don't know what to think about this... That site looks like an anime themed social network and I don't particularly like it.
>> No. 24331 [Edit]
they were giving those cards out @ ACEN and some peope IRL i know have those cards
>> No. 24451 [Edit]
Among the new top level domains is .moe.
Too bad I've already wasted my vanity domain allowance on a .みんな.
>> No. 24455 [Edit]
How is that fundamentally different to Tohno Chan, a website where people socialise, talk about anime and also announce who their waifu is?
>> No. 24459 [Edit]
For one it's not anonymous, and a social network circlejerk (ala Facebook) at its core. I assume the waifu option is just another shitty, casual "this is my current favorite character" kind of feature.
>> No. 24522 [Edit]
You gotta bait better than that.
>> No. 24542 [Edit]
Baculum is a latin word that used to define a cudgel that was used, amongst other reasons, to beat slaves and children. It is used now as the term that defines the penis bone that some animals have, although absent in humans, which serves to auxiliate in erection during copula. These penis bones can sometimes be big enough to make a cudgel out of depending of the animal, especially because some are extremely hard and can be used as a bludgeon or club.
>> No. 24543 [Edit]
This could be used as the opening quote to an H-game.
>> No. 24635 [Edit]
The first ever hentai OVA series was serialized starting in the 23rd of February, 1984, with the name of Lolita Anime. That same year had the start of another hentai OVA series, Cream Lemon, both originating from the same magazine.
>> No. 24648 [Edit]
WD Greens are far too slow to be used as OS drives.
>> No. 24711 [Edit]
Although I didn't exactly learn this today, I just remembered about this strange fact. Anyway, Doraemon is being shown on one of Disney's channels.
>> No. 24846 [Edit]
File 140789301467.png - (280.05KB , 452x710 , 1365656584147.png )
I learned Robin Williams Died today...
>> No. 24850 [Edit]
whats more is they say he killed himself.
>> No. 24854 [Edit]
WD My Book external hard drives use hardware encryption even if you don't encrypt your data. So if you take the hard drive out of the enclosure, your data is fucked.

Seagate external hard drives require a special pentalobe screwdriver to open the enclosure, which was designed by the dark lord Satan himself.
>> No. 24855 [Edit]
buy regular drives and external enclosures
>> No. 24857 [Edit]
I do now. I found out while consolidating all my externals into one large enclosure. (In my previous case the GPU completely covered the SATA connectors so installing internals was a pain in the ass)
>> No. 25020 [Edit]
There's a natural cycle of blocking and freeing air passage on individual nasal passages.
I always thought I breathed mostly with one nostrill at a time because of sinusitis/rinitis and possibly deviated septum and all normal people always used both at the same time.
>> No. 25022 [Edit]
Wow, I've always had this and was always received with confusion when I explained it to people and asked them if they also had it. Good to know it's a natural thing.
>> No. 25023 [Edit]
It's very relieving to know this. Here I was thinking my nose was just always stuffy.
>> No. 25024 [Edit]
I heard it's so you can smell better, for some scents the air has to go through the passsage slowly and for others it has to go more quickly.
>> No. 25262 [Edit]
They're releasing new 10 euro notes now.
>> No. 26303 [Edit]
File 142383380359.png - (153.46KB , 600x321 , pathways.png )
Not something that i've learnt today, but it's something that i've learned very recently. Pic related
And, that the anatomy of migraines is not direct nerves damage, but inflamed blood vessels from some (excessively released) chemical that neurones release.
>> No. 26304 [Edit]
(pic related is reward system)
>> No. 26305 [Edit]
That's wonderful. It may be before the next century that we find a cure for normalcy.
>> No. 27218 [Edit]
There is a city in Australia called Eromanga.,_Queensland
>> No. 27221 [Edit]

Looks like somebody watch Samumenco.
>> No. 27352 [Edit]
攻撃 (kougeki) means attack in Japanese
>> No. 27353 [Edit]
You learn that the second you start playing rising storm, valkyria chronicles or any videogame that includes japs doing war stuff.
>> No. 28134 [Edit]
File 145066411095.jpg - (102.53KB , 845x846 , Ha_ha_wall_diagram.jpg )
There's a type of wall called a Ha-ha wall. It's a wall built on a level below the overall ground level and combined with a pit so that it can offer an obstacle to outsiders while not blocking the view to the other side.
>> No. 28143 [Edit]
A randoseru is a backpack made from leather or leather-like synthetic material, most commonly used by elementary schoolchildren.

It was a tag in a doujin I was reading.
>> No. 28161 [Edit]
I learned that waka/iichan is back.
>> No. 28165 [Edit]
I learnt the difference between noir and neo-noir.

Noir was heavily dependent on the era it was released in. It was a time when overt sex and violence was forbidden in film and technological limitations prevented the presence of colour however it was these very restrictions that caused noir to have the impact that it did. With those restrictions lifted, violence and sex have to be much more overt to have the same emotional impact on today's desensitised audience than what was necessary for the audiences of the '40s.

Neo-noir is an attempt to create the same impact that noir did despite the technological and cultural changes that have occurred since the '40s. Some believe that noir to be an inimitable cultural phenomenon that will only ever exist within the bubble of time that was present during its creation. Others have continued to experiment with the neo-noir genre and prove otherwise.

Personally, after watching Chinatown, I can safely say that I don't get it. I'll probably need to watch it again to get it though. Preferably with subs since I seemed to have missed most of the dialogue.
>> No. 28167 [Edit]
Yesterday I learned that x64 Windows has only one HAL.DLL, because the x86_64 is so standardized that there's little configuring OEMs can do. x86 versions of Windows have a few HAL.DLLs for the inclusion or absence of stuff like APIC.

Today I learned there are 100% Animal Crossing speedruns. They average for 70 hours but the world record is 63 hours. And the runners don't take breaks.
>> No. 28921 [Edit]
It used to be that if you google 241543903 you get images of people sticking their heads in a freezer. Now googling 241543903 brings up images instructing people to google 241543903 to see images of people's heads in freezers.
>> No. 31657 [Edit]
I finally found something that explains in laymens terms why we consider time the 4th dimension, what a dimension really is, and what the dimensions 0-10 are. A dimension is really a way of measuring the location of something along a certain axis of displacement.
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