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File 129592276815.jpg - (141.99KB , 716x742 , millenium_tan.jpg )
165 No. 165 [Edit]
Need help with computers? Post your questions here.

ME-tan will do her best to help (with the help of other users, ofc).
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>> No. 166 [Edit]
I'm not that knowledgeable with computers, but would like to upgrade my current video card.
I'm currently running a ATI Radeon HD 4600.
There are indeed a lot of better cards out there, but I would like to get something with an hdmi output.

I do still worry about compatibility problems as this would be my first time sawing out parts like this, though people do tell be it should be easy to swap out the parts.
The PC is a DX4300 pre-built by the way.

I was hoping to get a nice card used off ebay for around $50-$70, from what I've seen, they can be bought there for around half of their retail value. (I don't really have a ton of money to be tossing around)

Help would be appreciated.
>> No. 167 [Edit]
I looked up your computer specs, DX4300, and it seems you have an HD 4650, which was a mid-low-range card when it got out. So yes, it is getting older for today's standards.

To upgrade you would need to buy a newer PCI-Express (PCIe) card. Everything depends on your budget. I would recommend you get an HD 6850 which is the newest mid-range ATI card (~$150) and will last you a couple years.

If your budget is only $70 it is hard to really upgrade from that. See if you can get your hands on a HD 4670 (perhaps even an HD 5670) or Geforce 9800GT which are good cards for their price.

Tom's hardware has a "best GC for the money" every month, so you can check that too:,2834-2.html
>> No. 168 [Edit]
Forgot to say. All of this cards have HDMI, except for 9800GT which only a few models have. Your best bet is an HD4670.
>> No. 169 [Edit]
Thanks a ton, I'll be sure to check them out!
>> No. 170 [Edit]
a 9800GT is a high-end card brah, i don't think you're gonna find one cheap. maybe on amazon, but to find one with HDMI, that's gonna get a bit pricey
>> No. 171 [Edit]
9800GT *was* an high-end card, now you can find them for as low as 60 dollars. It's better to get an HD 5670 rather than an 9800GT so you'll get DirectX 11 and HDMI support.
>> No. 172 [Edit]
really? cause I have an 8600GT (which is below a 9800GT) and it's actually good (pretty much the only reason I can play modern games on this pile). I guess the geforce series of cards must be getting dated then.

also, a bit of a tip to the guy looking for a card with an hdmi, if you can't find a card in your budget with and HDMI out, you could get an adapter that can change the DVI to HDMI.
>> No. 173 [Edit]
File 129750427895.png - (103.42KB , 828x1111 , build.png )
I suppose this would be the place to post about this. Know a few people on here have experience building PC's and this is my first time building my own.

Looking to upgrade to this in a few days, though I want to run it by some other people who know more about these things than I do since I'm bound to overlook something I could have gotten better for the price or just fuck something up in general in choosing parts.

Budget is $800 for this (just computer, not mouse/speakers/monitor/etc). I will mostly surf the internet/watch videos but I also want to do some gaming hence the 6850, which is a good mid range card now from what I've gathered and should last me for a good while and then I can either upgrade it or crossfire. And on the x6 is it really worth it? I hear most games don't use more than 4 cores although looking at i7 that gets out of my budget range and I hear they just beat out i5's in performance. I figured since it beat out the i5 and was the best price:performance within my budget (that I know of) it'd be best to get, plus it'd get faster with time in games as they eventually start using more cores.

Lastly of things I (think) I know about, on the mobo there it seems a lot of people were getting ones that didn't support the x6's, due to old bios version on the board when they bought it. Though some say it just show up as unrecognized and a lot slower and to fix it they had to flash it. If I got unlucky and got one of the boards with an old bios would I be able to flash the bios with it not being recognized? If it just doesn't recognize the name and doesn't operate it properly then it'd be easy to flash to fix it, but if not that'd force me to get another board or processor to flash it so it'd actually work.
>> No. 174 [Edit]
I'd rather buy a gun or some neat hardware tools than a new pc.
>> No. 175 [Edit]

Considering this one is 5 years old and barely runs web browsers. I desperately need a new one.
>> No. 176 [Edit]
I wish I could build a computer, but I'm so afraid of things going wrong. I like having a place I can call and say "fix it" when anything fucks up. I'll probably try to build my next one/upgrade the one I have now myself, but that won't be for another 3 years when my warranty is up.
>> No. 177 [Edit]

Building a computer is seriously so easy. Just purchase the right parts, and they simply just pop into each other and a few wires go here and there. Power it up, install Windows or whatever, install the drivers you get with the hardware and that's it.
>> No. 178 [Edit]
That's what I hear, but still I like having a safety net. Having my computer just up and die on me and having no idea why and nothing I could do about it isn't a scenario I want to be in
>> No. 179 [Edit]

You can still take a home built computer to a repair shop, you know.
>> No. 180 [Edit]
Assembling in it self might be easy once you get the right parts, but the main problem I think with first time computer builders is knowing which parts to buy in the first place, which parts will fit in the case together and if they're compatible.
I'd say it's very easy for someone to accidentally buy the wrong parts that don't fit together because they have the wrong ports/connections.
>> No. 181 [Edit]
That would require me to leave the house
>> No. 182 [Edit]
Looks fine to me. Although hexa-cores don't really have any benefits right now and in most benches a good quad-core comes usually first, except if you're doing heavy video transcoding and those sort of things. I'd get a better video card and an X4 965 BE instead for heavy gaymen. This build is fine as it is though, it should last you a few years.
>> No. 183 [Edit]
File 130071823510.jpg - (249.91KB , 1024x769 , acer-aspire-one-d255-01.jpg )
Does anyone on Tohno-chan know a thing or two about netbooks? I could use one for college but I'm indecisive as hell. It needs to have good battery (>3 hours) and not exceed $300. I was looking at the Aspire One D255 (pic) recently and it had great looks but I'm not sure it's the best I can get for the money or if I should wait and get a laptop of some sort.
>> No. 184 [Edit]
This is weird, because I just got a Samsung netbook yesterday. I don't have that many options about the make where I live, but it seems pretty okay. 200gb hard drive, 2gb ram, 6+ hour battery life. I plan on keeping this computer just for work and "clean", so if a family member wants to use it for whatever reason I don't have to worry about them finding anything I don't want them to see.
>> No. 185 [Edit]
Alright, this may sound dumb, but here goes.

Something inside my main computer broke and it all stopped working. Won't power on, so I assume it's the battery or something.

Instead of fixing it, I'm gonna build a new one. If I move the hard drive over from the old one to the new one, will it basically work the same?
>> No. 186 [Edit]
I don't know anything about computers (like at all), but I assume stuff like drivers would be an issue.
>> No. 187 [Edit]
Well, at least you admit you're dumb.

But yes, unless it's a hard drive failure (which it doesn't sound like it), you can put the hard drive in any other computer and it will run fine.

Also, it may not be the case, but if you have the older IDE hard drives, ensure the jumper is set right if you intend on buying a new hard drive with your new computer.
>> No. 188 [Edit]

Hm, alright. Thanks guys.
>> No. 189 [Edit]
Uh, no it won't. When windows boots, it'll be using the drivers for your old motherboard, so you'll bluescreen every boot.
>> No. 190 [Edit]
File 130222388370.jpg - (25.68KB , 318x322 , YES.jpg )
You mean....I was right about something!? Something computer-related!?
>> No. 191 [Edit]

You know, you can just put the old hard drive as a slave and boot the computer with the new one, keeping all your data.
>> No. 192 [Edit]
That you can do, you just can't boot off the old harddrive on the new computer. You'd have to install a fresh OS on the new harddrive. But he said "battery", so I think it's a laptop, which means no port for a second harddrive, so he'd have to get some external case or something.
>> No. 193 [Edit]
My computer won't start. I left it running for a while and it automatically went to sleep, when I came back and tried to wake it up it started for a second but the light on the front stayed flashing and nothing would display on my monitor and I couldn't get if to Start up again. So I turned it off by holding down the power button, when i started it again it tried to resume from the last time so I was still logged in and the Internet was still open but it was running very slow and eventually just froze. I then had to turn it off again using the power button and now the computer won't start at all. It's completely unresponsive, there is a green light in the back that is on (solid colour, not flashing), but other than that nothing.

I don't know what to do, my computer is basically my life and everything I've read says it's a power supply issue, but is there anything otherthan that it might be? If if is a power supply issue how expensive is that to fix and can I do it myself?
>> No. 194 [Edit]
Go ahead and ignore this post. I was able to get a power supply from an old computer my dad had lying around and everything seems to be fine now.
>> No. 195 [Edit]
I was linked to this thread since i was not aware it existed.
so i was in the market to buying a new internal drive and I notice some of them list their spin speeds as "intellispin" which I later learn was just marketing babble for 5400 rpm.
so has anyone here who have used 5400 rpm drives noticed any drop in performance when playing animu?
>> No. 196 [Edit]
Is it for a laptop? You should have no problems anyway, newer 5400rpm HDDs are pretty fast even faster than some of the older 7200rpm we had. Rotational speed is a big factor in finding the data on the disks and transferring it, so of course a 7200 would be best but you're totally fine with a 5400 and watching animu since the transfer rate of the disk is way higher than it is needed for video playback.

I have a 5400 in one of my laptops and it plays everything fine. The only thing that can limit you in watching videos is your CPU/graphics card and its ability to decode HD streams. I can barely watch 720p vids.
>> No. 197 [Edit]
its a desktop
defualt drive is 500 GB thats more than enough room for whatver i want to install
I just want that 2 TB for animu
>> No. 199 [Edit]
Disable sharing on the printer.
Print from the computer the printer is installed on.
Disable printer's advanced features.
Reinstall drivers if needed.
>> No. 200 [Edit]
what is PCI express 2.0 and would it work in a regular PCI express slot?
>> No. 201 [Edit]
PCIe is a slot on your motherboard, usually used for graphic cards. It should be compatible with 2.0 cards but of course that's going to bottleneck whatever you install on it, since 2.0 has a bandwidth of 500MB/s while 1.x only 250.
>> No. 202 [Edit]
It should not matter. Though PCI-E 2.0 is usually only for video, but anything that's PCI-E that's put into a PCI-E port will work, even putting an x1 card into an x16 slot will work.

Actually, PCI-E x16 is mainly graphics cards, PCI-E x1 to x8 could be anything.
>> No. 203 [Edit]
I want to upgrade my CPU but I have never done it before, I've only done graphics cards, RAM, and hard drives. I've done some research and can at least figure out which ones are compatible with my motherboard, but should I risk trying to install it myself? I am very wary since I heard the CPU was one of the toughest parts to deal with.
>> No. 204 [Edit]
There should be no problems if you're careful. Make sure you have thermal paste and apply it uniformly and very thinly across the surface.
>> No. 205 [Edit]
File 130330759167.png - (200.41KB , 1366x768 , retarded question.png )
I want the navigationbar intertwine with the tab as one instead of being separate.
May look silly

Windows 7 OS.
>> No. 206 [Edit]
Theres no need to spread thermal paste unless using a CPU cooler with exposed heatpipes. A pea sized blob will be spread by the pressure, and spreading will end up with air bubbles in between the cooler and the CPU which will increase temperatures.

The actual CPU die below the heatspreader is much smaller, so if only 75% of the surface is covered by a circle of thermal paste spread out by the pea method, it will have little no effect on temperatures because there is nothing generating heat on the outside edges.

Anyways, stock CPU coolers that are bundled with CPUs nowadays come with some shitty thermal paste pre-applied, which is perfectly fine for standard voltage.
>> No. 207 [Edit]
That's some major programming you're looking at there to change that. Though I see where you're going, and I could actually get to like that.
>> No. 208 [Edit]
File 130445981564.jpg - (169.65KB , 800x600 , 9847.jpg )
Using MS paint ,is there an easy way for me to simply copy the RGB color values that are in an event CG?
>> No. 209 [Edit]
File 13044598835.jpg - (83.67KB , 800x600 , 5815.jpg )
You see , I want to color Lamia the same shade of green that Aruru is,but I don't know how. Here is a feeble attempt to try and show what I mean.
>> No. 210 [Edit]
you'd have to use photoshop for something like that
>> No. 211 [Edit]
File 130446206774.jpg - (252.65KB , 800x600 , modif.jpg )
Did a pretty sloppy job, and I had a hard time getting the exact color, but here you go.
>> No. 212 [Edit]
File 130446218572.jpg - (252.57KB , 800x600 , modif2.jpg )
Now without green lipstick!
>> No. 213 [Edit]
File 130449073511.png - (1.17MB , 1280x2400 , 1275373438619.png )
Same technique.
>> No. 214 [Edit]
OK, so my vacation from college starts tomorrow ,but only lasts 4 weeks [summer school ;_;]. I can finally download eroge this summer since my parents finally upgraded past dial-up last year. What sort of programs should I download to download eroge and where should I look? P2P like bittorrent is out.
Also what sort of antivirus protection should I be using. Im running Windows XP right now ,and have spybot and AVG-free installed ,however I've heard that AVG will identify legitimate eroge bought from websites as a virus in a false positive. Is there something else better and free I can use?
>> No. 215 [Edit]
If you can't use bittorrent, your only other option that I know of would be to download a split .rar file, piece by piece, from megaupload or a similar site. Search for eroge names on 4chan's /rs/, or google something like "hongfire (eroge name)" and there might be megaupload links in there.
>> No. 216 [Edit]
What about eroge download ? Is there a program that you need to use it ...J something?
>> No. 217 [Edit]
JDownloader? Yeah, but you can also do it by hand.
>> No. 219 [Edit]
File 130560969277.png - (44.93KB , 176x168 , 1275519940226.png )
I just spent $600 on computer hardware even though I didn't really need it. Now I feel bad for spending so much money on this. What do I do?
>> No. 220 [Edit]
you can post it to me if you want
>> No. 221 [Edit]
File 130561053375.jpg - (127.27KB , 800x450 , gottomodo.jpg )

Go look for a lot of old monitors and emulate a lot of games at the same time.
>> No. 222 [Edit]
if it was me I'd probably starve myself by eating instant noodles for a while to make up for the waste.

anyway I just bought a new computer for my dad today. his old one came up with a blue screen of death then it wouldnt boot, it was just a blank screen with no POST beeps. I put a different graphics card in there but it didnt work. I'm guessing its bad RAM or perhaps a hard drive crash? or power supply?
I figured it was just easier to buy another refurbished computer on ebay instead of trying to fix it, it was just a shitty pentium 4 or something so I'm getting him a cheap dual core now.
>> No. 223 [Edit]
File 130581258357.gif - (142.47KB , 320x180 , 1282841832881.gif )
I received my stuff and the motherboard was defective. Didn't even POST. They want me to pay $25 to send it back.

I knew I shouldn't have bought MSI, they got absolutely no quality control. I feel even worse now. Ugh.
>> No. 224 [Edit]
>they got absolutely no quality control
Pretty much. With the current MB brand availability it's tough to go wrong, with mostly Asus and Gigabyte boards on the shelves; unless you choose MSI... I don't know why they're still in the game with their lousy quality/service reputation.

You can do your investation justice by utilizing your extra juice (when you get your new board). Even if you say you don't strictly need it, you can still have some fun with it. Hey, I run a low power cluster as a file server. Either of those nodes would suffice in itself, but creating systems and building up redundancy is fun. I'm not that into going state of the art with a single desktop, and a $600 windows box can be very reasonable concidering what you usually get for that price. If you go futher than that, you're looking at a poorer performance/price ratio.
>> No. 225 [Edit]
File 13058239518.png - (81.38KB , 674x532 , hurp.png )
I guess I got lucky with my motherboard, but I wouldn't be surprised if it died on me in a few months.
>> No. 227 [Edit]
If your chipset temperatures are fine, i.e. doesn't boil your skin on touch, and you don't overclock - you should be good.

MSI boards tend to get good reviews, because your average reviewer won't test reliability sufficiently, and usually sport good spec for their asking price. It's in times like these that end-user feedback actually matters.
>> No. 228 [Edit]
Not sure if this is related to this thread, but here goes:

I'm getting a new external drive, however I'm torn between a pre-built HDD or a combination of internal + enclosure.

I have been owning two externals, one WD 2TB and one Seagate 1TB for six months, and so far have had no problems with them. However there are rumors about pre-builts having a high failure rate, which led me to this contemplation.

Th reason I still hesitate to buy an internal with closure because of the seemingly complicated setup and I hear that sometimes computers don't recognize them (I'm not very knowledgeable with this stuff)

So any advice /tc/, or share your experience with externals in general?

Post edited on 24th May 2011, 5:15am
>> No. 229 [Edit]
File 130629912995.jpg - (49.97KB , 300x300 , wdfMyBook_World_H1N.jpg )
Why not buy another one like the ones you have?
>> No. 230 [Edit]
I've always built my own external hard drives and never had a problem getting my OS to detect them. For the setup, you're just putting the drive in the enclosure and securing it with the screws it comes with. It's really easy.
>> No. 231 [Edit]
So...yesterday My parents took me to bestbuy to buy me a laptop for my birthday.I'd already decided on an ASUS as they have the lowest 3-year failure rates among all major laptop brands. My parents did the actual buying as I prefer to avoid talking to people. I was browsing stuff when my mom came up to me and asked me if I wanted them to "set it up" for me by deleting pop-ups or some shit.. I've heard this shit before and figured they were just trying to con me out of 100 bucks. The guy told them that I should make a recovery disc since they don't come with one. I get home insert the battery and plug it up. I do all the new computer stuff like choosing a password and nickname. When the desktop finally loads there are just three pop-ups:one was for trend micro which I said no and closed. The other two were some PDF reader that started with N and a prompt to make a recovery disc. I put in an DVD and hit start and when it's at about three percent my mom tekks me the guy said to delete pop-ups before I made the disc. hit remind me later on the PDF reader and closed it and a second window that appeared when I started burning a recovery disc. Am....Am I fucked? ;_;
>> No. 232 [Edit]
Not at all, they're just annoying "BUY THIS" popups which are common on pre-installs. You'll just have to delete them again when you use the recovery disks. If you're worried about it, delete the popups and create a fresh recovery disk set.
>> No. 233 [Edit]
You don't even need that recovery disc. It's just a backup of useless programs they want you to keep. Don't bother.
>> No. 234 [Edit]
Good to know. I'm having a problem with my desktop in that I cant upload images on tohnochan,4chan,or bunbunmaru. The browser simply loads forever on Bun ,and on 4chan it sits there for a minute and then says updating index and returns me to page 0 and doesn't make a post. I can post replies without images fine. I think it has something to do with when I select the file it says file type"all files" and I don't know why. Two days ago A window from my wireless card popped up telling me I needed to choose The netgear smart wizard or windows zero configuration. I selected the smart wizard and started having problems that night. Could it have something to do with it?
I realize chan posting isn't very serious ,but I'm worried it may extend to other things as well such as uploading documents when my uni classes start up again. :\
>> No. 235 [Edit]
My guess is you have Norton installed. Get rid of it if you do, and install one of the antivirii from here >>601.

>The netgear smart wizard or windows zero configuration
Well, check if the settings are correct. You can also try and switch to the windows tool.
>> No. 236 [Edit]
Well if he doesn't have windows by itself, then he sorta needs it since it has windows on it, and has drivers. You could always uninstall that extra shit after you run the recovery process.

Based on the timing of it and how everything seems to fail to load or be redirected elsewhere, I'd say that would be your problem, or at lease the source of your problem. See if you can find any "security" or "Privacy" options or some shit like that and turn it off.
>> No. 237 [Edit]
It turned out to be a problem with a new cordless phone my parents bought. We don't have dial-up so....whatever.problem solved.
>> No. 238 [Edit]
Laptop and other guy here. Can anyone post a tutorial like this for Paint.NET. I want to turn her hair magenta ,but it keeps "covering" it.
>> No. 239 [Edit]
File 13085988872.jpg - (156.74KB , 800x600 , lamane.jpg )
And done. My first manip.
>> No. 240 [Edit]
anybody here... please help me...
how to make files with SJIS encoding on their name work in Linux... terminal can't recognize the characters, I can't open them....
>> No. 241 [Edit]
Edit: Nevermind, misread it. This might work:

Post edited on 23rd Jun 2011, 5:51pm
>> No. 242 [Edit]
I finally got around to building my own computer

however I seem to have one flaw--my GPU won't work right. Everything else, as far as I can tell is working flawlessly as it is supposed to besides it. (it's a gigabyte 6870.) if I plug in the two PCI connectors and start the computer the fan and such will turn on, so its getting power, but for some reason there will be no picture. It did work once however, why it quit I am unsure. (For a further explanation of this I didn't realize my monitors power button was where it was, and hence I turned it off and restarted after making sure everything was snugly fit in its place. After realizing I was an idiot and didn't have the monitors power on it showed a picture. Although during one time of it being on I hit a few keys on my keyboard accidentally and reset the bios upon noticing that) Without it plugged in (just the PCI connectors) the computer works fine, save the shitty on board graphics gimping it.

is this just some bios thing I need to fix or has my GPU possibly fried somehow? Couldn't find much help on google so I thought I'd ask some brohnos. Don't think I killed it by static as I took the proper precautions to ground myself first.

Edit: It just occured to me that I am putting the cable for the monitor into the motherboard, and not the GPU. That would be simple to fix if they both had the same types of connectors, but they don't. Could this be causing the problem? Should be able to pick up an adapter pretty cheap to solve it.

Post edited on 29th Jun 2011, 9:59pm
>> No. 243 [Edit]
I finally got around to building my own computer

however I seem to have one flaw--my GPU won't work right. Everything else, as far as I can tell is working flawlessly as it is supposed to besides it. (it's a gigabyte 6870.) if I plug in the two PCI connectors and start the computer the fan and such will turn on, so its getting power, but for some reason there will be no picture. It did work once however, why it quit I am unsure. (For a further explanation of this I didn't realize my monitors power button was where it was, and hence I turned it off and restarted after making sure everything was snugly fit in its place. After realizing I was an idiot and didn't have the monitors power on it showed a picture. Although during one time of it being on I hit a few keys on my keyboard accidentally and reset the bios upon noticing that) Without it plugged in (just the PCI connectors) the computer works fine, save the shitty on board graphics gimping it.

is this just some bios thing I need to fix or has my GPU possibly fried somehow? Couldn't find much help on google so I thought I'd ask some brohnos. Don't think I killed it by static as I took the proper precautions to ground myself first.

Edit: It just occured to me that I am putting the cable for the monitor into the motherboard, and not the GPU. That would be simple to fix if they both had the same types of connectors, but they don't. Could this be causing the problem? Should be able to pick up an adapter pretty cheap to solve it.

Edit 2: That fixed it, leaving this here though in case anyone runs across the same problem. I was unaware that DVI-I and DVI-D were backwards compatable until googling it.
>> No. 244 [Edit]
I got my CPU upgraded a little while ago, and while I normally leave my computer on 24/7, when it shuts down now, I have to turn the power supply off to get it to start back up.

If I just restart like one usually would, it will just kind of repeat the "windup" sound and not actually start up, but if I switch the power supply off then back on it starts up. Though I have to reset the time in Windows every time, it always defaults to sometime in 2001.

Not exactly a problem that demands immediate action, but I'm wondering -- if the power flickers when I'm not around and it restarts, could the repeated "windup" phase damage anything somehow?
>> No. 245 [Edit]
Is there any way to have a hidden wallpaper on my laptop?
I want to have an eroge wallpaper as my background,but It would be unpleasant if my parents or professors saw it. Can I make one wallpaper appear on startup and change it with a button?
>> No. 246 [Edit]
On linux you should be able to assign it to a hot key with ease. Get the name of the command, assign it to hot ket with Xkeys(Ithink).

sage because you probably ddon't use linux.
>> No. 247 [Edit]
Nope you're right. I'm using Windows 7. Bump for advice from windows users.
>> No. 248 [Edit]
Just don't. What if you or someone else accidentally hits the button? What if you walk away from the computer and have it still on there and someone walks over and sees it?
>> No. 249 [Edit]
is it really true that if you forgot your lock code in a Verizon cell phone the verizon people can't do anything about it? got a used cell phone from a garage sale and so I went to a Verizon store to get my account change to that phone, but then the lady tells me she can't do anything about the lock code, she did take the phone to the back and tried some stuff to unlock it but to no avail.
is it really true that they Verizon themselves can't get past the lock codes? or did I just get woman that doesn't know what she's doing?
cause if its the latter I don't want to spend 8 hours (cumulative with the assumption that each code requires 3 seconds to input) just typing numbers to try to find the code.
currently I'm on 0400 and I've got 9599 more combinations to go.
>> No. 250 [Edit]
The time resetting upon turning off your power supply sounds like your cmos battery is dead, though I don't think that would solve the powering up thing, That could be something else, not sure what. Did it start doing this right after you put in the new cpu or shortly afterword?
>> No. 251 [Edit]
It was right after switching the CPU. The shop that did it said it got to the windows login screen just fine.
>> No. 252 [Edit]
Than I'm pretty sure it has something to do with that CPU. Probably a faulty chip, or maybe your motherboard don't play nice with that chip. If you still have your old chip, put it back in and see if it works properly. Also, did the bios clock reset when you unplugged it before?

And for that repeated windup problem if the power were to going out with you away, I'd go into the bios and see if you can find some setting that tells your motherboard to stay off if power is lost.
>> No. 253 [Edit]
disregard this post
I brute forced it by hand
>> No. 254 [Edit]
File 131091446948.jpg - (3.41KB , 126x126 , 6300_support_main.jpg )
I have been considering of buying a new phone Nokia Meego n9 or a Nexus S, but I am concerned about security,privacy and encrpytion .Does anyone know about if Meego will be supported at all in the future,what should I choose? And I will be using pre-paid card for better anonymity.Maybe I should just throw my phone away.

pic related it is my phone that nobody calls to.
>> No. 255 [Edit]
Wouldn't it be better to get a very old phone, with no GPS/etc in it, and using it with a pre-paid card? What do you need a new phone for?
>> No. 256 [Edit]
My phone is an old model. I wish I could buy a new one for the simple existence of a place to put phone straps in it. I would keep it with me for the sole purpose of the straps since I never have a call on cellphones.
>> No. 257 [Edit]
nothing much really,now when you put it that way.Thought it maybe be some kind of "challenge" fiddling with it. You are absolutely right ,I rather buy a good book instead of wasting money on electronics never to be used at it's full potential.I will stop to pollute this thread now,bye!
>> No. 258 [Edit]
So recently I dicked up, and spilled some water on my computer which has a open top/grate thing for cooling fans. It wasn't a lot but enough to cause concern. When this happened my monitor turned off and I immiediatly turned my computer off, cleaned as much of it up as possible. Most of it looks like it got on my graphics card but it appears that some got on my motherboard close to the SATA ports. Then I went to bed and turned it on ~16 hours later and it booted up fine.

Today I went to turn it on and told me it couldn't find my desktop or something similar, and it showed a black screen with just the recycle bin and the default theme (the one like windows 98 with no fancy image for its titlebar/taskbar/etc) restarted, and it was fine. I also had a odd problem where one of my minecraft mods somehow uninstalled and I just had to reinstall the mod to get it working again.

Should I be worried and is this a sign of things to come perhaps?
>> No. 259 [Edit]
Better put it apart and see if there's no water drops somewhere, then use an hair dryer.
>> No. 260 [Edit]
Somehow I dnt recommend hair dryer, dont want residual static to fry your chips.
>> No. 262 [Edit]

A program to hopefully get hard to find traces out of the registry after you uninstall
>> No. 263 [Edit]
Also if your internet is slow, go to the program files full list and look for pando media booster->uninstall.

Your computer is now fast as shit.
>> No. 264 [Edit]
My mouse is starting to double click when I only click once. It only does it sometimes, but it's still really annoying. I could order a new mouse, but is there a way to fix this one?
>> No. 265 [Edit]
Mine does this too so any info would be appreciated.

Also, My brother torrented Fight Club last night apparently. How fucked is my family ;_;?
>> No. 266 [Edit]
Same here, it does it all the time and it pisses me off to no end, but I blame it on the fact the mouse is a cheap peace of crap.
It not only does the double click, it also wont hold stuff, it drops things that are being dragged and clicks things at complete random.
I can't wait till a replacement I ordered shows up, I'm thinking of taking this old mouse out back and beating it to peaces with a hammer.
>> No. 268 [Edit]
I've been having this really bad problem with my laptop lately.
it seems like there's a limit to how many things I can have open at once, windows, programs even tabs in programs.
after restarting the laptop, that limit might be around 7 - 10, but after being on for some time, it gets to where I can't even have 3 things open at once.
I mean, damn, you know you're shit's fucked up when your computer wont let you open a folder, until you close an unused tab in mirc.

This laptop used to be pretty cool, and ran nicely, but now it's acting like a pc from 1990.

It's running windows XP pro
2gb of ram
1.6 processor

also, I haven't downloaded much of anything onto the thing, haven't been using it for much other then streaming a radio, which I did for a long time before without complications.
scanned for viruses and found nothing.
I thought that I maybe put something together wrong when I took it apart and put it back together a few weeks ago, like maybe the ram isn't connected right, but it all shows up to be working fine, and the laptop isn't being slow, it just doesn't want to do anything, can't even right click the desktop if to many windows are open, don't matter how long you wait, it just wont.

any clue what could cause it to act like this?

Post edited on 15th Aug 2011, 1:37am
>> No. 269 [Edit]
the cause could be a million things but reinstalling windows will probably fix it
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