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File 129592276815.jpg - (141.99KB , 716x742 , millenium_tan.jpg )
165 No. 165 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Need help with computers? Post your questions here.

ME-tan will do her best to help (with the help of other users, ofc).
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>> No. 3411 [Edit]
Linux can be easily brought down to 400-600mb of ram usage without sacrificing usability, so 6gb ram total is a lot, unless you use heavy virtual machines or heavy corporate software. That's not minuscule. It's crazy how people grew to think about ram. And it's stupid how modern software sometimes fucks you up so badly, that even with 16gb of ram you reach swap.

Maybe, but instead of debugging bad software, it's more reasonable to try to avoid using it at all.
>> No. 3413 [Edit]
It might have been swap usage then, which would explain the transient period of slowness. I like to log cpu and memory usage so that such transient issues are easy to diagnose.

It's a lot in absolute terms with a lightweight OS, but for something modern and bloated like win10, 16GB is really the minimum. And then add on top of it modern browsers/frameworks which assume memory is endless.
>> No. 3432 [Edit]
File 171804075614.jpg - (273.33KB , 2507x3129 , db8023170a19711d4fea56163e321f6021e9aa26bd57ce604d.jpg )
I want to get an external HD. Which brand do you guys use and/or recommend? I looked onto Seagate first, but apparently there's some sketchy shit going on with them, with some reports saying it's the worst brand. Toshiba looks nice and at least where I live it seems much cheaper than Western Digital. But I heard the control board is directly built on the HDD itself and if the USB port develops any issues it's over.
>> No. 3433 [Edit]
You can check backblaze drive stats:

Seagate generally seems to have higher failure rates, WDC and HGST seem to have the lower ones.

File 150448609042.jpg - (110.47KB , 1280x720 , mpv-shot0028.jpg )
1547 No. 1547 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or Dennis Ritchie, come here to talk about what you are doing, your favorite language and all that stuff.
I've been learning python because c++ was too hard for me (I'm sorry nenecchi I failed to you), reached OOP and it feels weird compared to the latter one, anyway I never got it completely.
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>> No. 3371 [Edit]
File 171027336575.png - (220.85KB , 1888x1360 , usebashinstead.png )
Would it actually be better to write a bash script instead? I'm not too familiar with bash, but my assumption is that aside from not being cross-platform, that route would be harder to maintain and less extensible. Maybe I'm wrong about all of that though.
>> No. 3372 [Edit]
Learning Haskell from scratch is easier than conquering the beast known as FP Scala. Yeah, Haskell's operator soup can be confusing at first, but at least the language itself, even with the most commonly used GHC extensions, is rather slim. Scala, on the other the hand, is truly a multi-paradigm language with an impressive type system, and the commonly used IO libraries are bloated beasts. Powerful, but might be too much for my small brain.
>> No. 3430 [Edit]
File 171668094969.png - (78.38KB , 1704x1016 , wip.png )
I've been working on a port of Saya no Uta to Renpy. I found an unencrypted, pre-patched English version of the 2009 release, and am now working on a translation script of whatever it is they used.

I'll still have to do some things manually, but this should make it feasible within a reasonable time-span. For the first time ever, Mac and Linux users will have a native version. This obviously isn't legal, but I'm not worried about the legal team of Nitro+
>> No. 3431 [Edit]
File 17166968543.png - (60.13KB , 400x400 , 42d6c045511b61f0cc032c79c79f8b51.png )
I've got to say, Renpy's imperative approach, as opposed to a markup one, has made this more difficult than it has to be.
<voice name="瑶" class="瑶" src="voice/6/001405"> <I></I>"I Feel rEAlLy bad ABoUT YOur PareNTs&.<k><voice name="瑶" class="瑶" src="voice/6/001405_2"> BUt yoU'RE Not aLONE&. you HAve KoJi&, aND OMi&, anD&.&.&.<k><voice name="瑶" class="瑶" src="voice/6/001405_3"> you HAVe ME&."

which is all in one paragraph, becomes
voice 'audio/voice/6/001405' txt `"I Feel rEAlLy bad ABoUT YOur PareNTs.` voice 'audio/voice/6/001405_2' extend ` BUt yoU'RE Not aLONE. you HAve KoJi, aND OMi, anD...` voice 'audio/voice/6/001405_3' extend `you HAVe ME."`

If you're making something from scratch, this would probably be less annoying, but I feel like it would encourage a less dynamic, more stilted-approach. I get they're going for a "readable" screen-play vibe, but visual novels aren't screenplays, they're computer programs.

Post edited on 25th May 2024, 9:17pm

File 161580064478.jpg - (75.71KB , 1280x960 , IDK.jpg )
2209 No. 2209 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
tfw I'm posting from an e90 communicator. idk how to update internet (I tried everyhing, trust me) and this chan is one of the few sites which my phone is able to surf.
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>> No. 3426 [Edit]
>type of attack that you believe TLS will protect you from
In the developed world I think it is most likely going to be limited to sniffing.
>there are no non-public messages
TLS provides padding of data, so AFAIK there is no plausible way to tell that you made a certain post just by observing the encrypted stream of data.
>> No. 3427 [Edit]
>TLS provides padding of data
No, only tls 1.3 does, with an optional extension (I also don't know whether this is actually used in practice). Padding also only reduces the granularity of content length that can be observed (because there is an inherent tradeoff between padded cipher text length and overall throughput). Moreover, you are completely forgetting about the whole suite of traffic correlation attacks that are trivial when messages are public. Even if you use DoH and use TLS with ECH or ESNI (which are both perpetually in draft state, and currently not widely deployed), the destination IP is sufficient to deduce the site you are visiting (even on "shared host" sites like TC.) From there, correlate packet timestamps with post time and content length again allows you with high probability to attribute a post to a given source IP. That's not even mentioning the wealth of metadata present in the TLS handshake itself (even with ECH, other side-channels like the cipher suites the client/server negotiate, packet latency, etc. make targeted deanonymization feasible).

All of these are table stakes for the adversary you are concerned about, because they are pretty much the same techniques use to deanonymize TOR traffic.

Post edited on 12th May 2024, 3:53pm
>> No. 3428 [Edit]
Seems TLS 1.3 padding is not used much in practice (based on anecdotal experiments in wireshark by others). Go doesn't support it either [1]. Makes sense since no one wants to waste bandwidth for a feature that's made pointless by the bevy of other side-channels anyway.


>admins of many small imageboards are more trustworthy than an average ISP.
That really doesn't matter if things are not self-hosted. TC uses DreamHost I believe. They are based in LA, the implications of which should be clear. In fact apparently in the past they've already had a warrant to hand over all info.

Post edited on 12th May 2024, 4:23pm
>> No. 3429 [Edit]
>Seems TLS 1.3 padding is not used much in practice
OK you win. The only more or less valid point I have left is that targeting plain text traffic is sweeter than elaborating with timing attacks.

File 14269825194.gif - (43.50KB , 120x90 , sAWJYKX.gif )
1280 No. 1280 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
A bit late with this one, but whatever. To start off:
117 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3361 [Edit]
I was sure that the entire thing was some copy-pasta but I could not find hits on either /g/ or /pol/. I still suspect it might be though.
>> No. 3364 [Edit]
Yeah, you won't find it, it's not copypasta. I decided to write that as a joke or something. Basing it on the style of other copypastas, but it's 100% original. It was just an lame attempt at humour done in jest, and not to be taken seriously. It's more of a /lol/ post than anything.
>> No. 3399 [Edit]
Google(the Zürich part probably) has released a new JPEG coding library that back-ports some of the advancements of JPEG-XL. That's nice and all, but I really, really want JPEG-XL itself to have browser support. Pic rel was a PNG of about 30 MB I converted with it. The decrepit Kusaba X refuses to post it though.
time ./cjpegli beach.png --chroma_subsampling=420 beach.jpg Read 7028x5002 image, 31189749 bytes. Encoding [YUV420 d1.000 AQ p2 OPT] Compressed to 3934801 bytes (0.895 bpp). 7028 x 5002, 95.470 MP/s [95.47, 95.47], , 1 reps, 1 threads. ./cjpegli beach.png --chroma_subsampling=420 0.82s user 0.09s system 93% cpu 0.970 total

When I tried using the XYB colorspace, the result was only 1.81 MB, but while it looked fine in a browser, it had a weird, green tint in my image viewer and MS Paint.

Post edited on 25th Apr 2024, 9:13pm
>> No. 3400 [Edit]
>The decrepit Kusaba X refuses to post it though.
She tries her hardest everyday!

File 163696117380.jpg - (196.22KB , 707x1000 , f57d134f27578d7936a88ca395828b04.jpg )
2493 No. 2493 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Might as well make a general thread for this.
Article on search engines with their own index:

I'm interested in making and hosting a curated search engine(hand picked domains to index) with the following feature set:

Site specific searching
Date range specific searching
Exact string mandating
Image Search
Maybe document type specific searching too
Maybe a synonym system

After hours of research, I still have no idea where to start, like whether it'd be better to make everything from scratch, or cobble together things that already exist, and what if anything I'd need to make myself with the latter option. This post pointed me in a general direction >>/ot/36920 but both Solr and Elastic Search seem meant for searching internal text based documents. I found virtually no information about using them in this kind of context.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3392 [Edit]
File 171170458641.jpg - (765.30KB , 2149x3034 , 39fc90f87f1ebc40d2bbfded6985bde2.jpg )
Since posting this thread, I wrote an imageboard engine, and now I feel like coming back to it. I want the index to be distributed, and I'm debating between two approaches, Bittorrent's DHT, or a distributed database like CoackroachDB. I'm leaning towards the latter. From what I understand, the entire DHT would need to be crawled, and that would have to be filtered to leave only the "index". It just doesn't seem suited to the problem.

Cockroach DB is key-value, but its compatible with PostgreSQL's FTS syntax, so it could be self-contained.

Some kind of federation scheme, so users could opt into multiple, curated indexes, would also be nice.
>> No. 3396 [Edit]
File 171290144159.png - (2.01MB , 888x1245 , 116290029_p0.png )
I made something bare-bones that partially crawled lainchan's webring, along with a few other sites. It crawls seed url's to a depth of 3, and does a single-page scrape for cross-domain links. I underestimated how slow and computationally expensive web crawling is, but the result seems somewhat promising.
>> No. 3397 [Edit]
File 171308458420.jpg - (2.33MB , 1158x1637 , 108913776_p0.jpg )
If you have an ip6 address, here's an instance you can try out.

It's usable for independent use, so figuring out index sharing comes next. I really underestimated how lengthy a process crawling is.
>> No. 3398 [Edit]
This link should be usable by anyone:

File 16698735903.png - (1.55MB , 1920x1080 , SUPPA HAKKA.png )
3044 No. 3044 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Hello gentlemen, and welcome to the Advent of Code: TOHNO-CHAN Edition.

Post your solutions!
Ask questions!
Have fun!

Leaderboard: 1795791-8781b07c
61 posts and 40 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3374 [Edit]
The spam filter has claimed yet another innocent victim. I apologize for the inconvenience and removed your ban.
>> No. 3375 [Edit]
Yes, the problem was caused by reading the schematic and writing it without the \n character. This was useful for part 1 and I was building on part 1 to do part 2, but I did part 1 months ago and didn't suspect anything about that.
Here's a link that will help you debug your programs(using a URL shortener because i suspect something in the url triggered the spam filter.)
Thanks. First time seeing that ban video, very fun.
>> No. 3394 [Edit]
File 171245977282.png - (145.87KB , 1336x1015 , aocsolutions.png )
>> No. 3395 [Edit]
File 171246030411.gif - (189.94KB , 1023x1000 , つらら005a294e19aa4e7ab9315f0fd703aca2.gif )
oh, maybe I should've read the rest of the thread...

File 171088592917.jpg - (29.89KB , 304x383 , r07-rika-figure.jpg )
3378 No. 3378 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
You can archive entire websites with the command
wget -r –page-requisites –html-extension –convert-links WEBSITEYOUWANTTOARCHIVE
I just archived the entirety of tohno-chan. It took 10 hours and it ended up being only 27 GB.
>> No. 3379 [Edit]
Please add some timeout otherwise you'll end up bringing down small sites that are hosted out of a tin can. Also 27GB seems quite large, is the majority coming from images?
>> No. 3380 [Edit]
For an imageboard that been running over a decade. Doesn't really auto-delete threads, and allows 7-10 mb files, that's pretty small.
>> No. 3381 [Edit]
On a side note, does tohno-chan's software offer an API endpoint? Requesting a JSON file is way better than downloading a raw static page and then parsing it as an HTMLDocument
>> No. 3382 [Edit]
>API endpoint
I don't believe kusaba has this. The HTML is very structured and easy to parse anyway.

File 168954451050.jpg - (1.14MB , 1100x1501 , 0f991d16e8a5a8e19bc7d56960b9693c.jpg )
3230 No. 3230 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A thread to speculate where technology is headed.

I'll start by asking whether you think PCs have a future. You may have heard that Microsoft is planning of making Windows 365 available to consumers. So thin clients that rely on an internet connection to be used, will probably become more mainstream at some point.

Right now, there's a few things I can think of which would prevent thin clients from rendering full-fledged PCs from becoming "obsolete". Latency being one obvious barrier, but internet speeds are getting faster.

There's also the issue of gaming. While there is a niche of people who expect 120 fps at a minimum, that might not be a large enough market to keep PCs afloat. Maybe normal people playing on consoles, and a hostile landscape, will kill off the temporary boom that PC gaming is having.

Lastly, a lot of companies would get fucked over if thin clients became the norm, like ones that specialize in certain PC parts(Crucial, AMD, Noctua, etc.). There would also be no justification for higher-end hardware in stuff like laptops.

What do you think?
7 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3238 [Edit]
The point I think he's making is that there's way more more "semantically meaningful" information handled by the client (i.e. text buffers, codebase metadata, etc) with the "LSP" (specialized client + RPC mechanism, really) approach, which might make it easier to leak remote data (either intentionally or, say, by local caching and whatnot), as opposed to the desktop streaming approach, where all you have is a bunch of pixels from your remote screen and all of the meaningful state is on the remote end.
>> No. 3239 [Edit]
At my dad's job, he uses all kinds of software, not just an IDE. Database managers and all kinds of built-in-house stuff. They also use Excel files stored in Windows network folders, and stuff like that. None of that can be accessible from his host OS.
>> No. 3240 [Edit]
Yeah that's fair, although I find it hard to imagine a threat model where an adversary can access in-memory text buffers but wouldn't be able to just capture the entire framebuffer (thereby accessing remote content). Usually the threat model with regard to thin-clients for FAANG companies is to avoid any code hitting disk, which is fairly easy to guarantee even with an LSP-type approach.
>> No. 3353 [Edit]
File 170866410566.jpg - (334.44KB , 725x900 , 28827636_p0.jpg )
A few things have come out in the months since this thread was made. First of all, ARM CPUs are coming to the mainstream. Apple has already made the transition, but now both NVIDIA and AMD are planning on getting in on it. I think this will constitute a new "era" of personal computing, ending the one that started with Windows XP.

On the software-side, compatibility with win32 applications will become less emphasized, and maybe even gradually phased out. Compatibility layers are bound to be imperfect, and most users don't care enough about that for it to affect their purchasing decisions. Web-based applications have become popular even in the corporate sphere, and while there's a few irreplaceable professional-applications, all of those will get ported. On top of all that, emulating a windows 7 machine is becoming increasingly trivial on modern hardware.

On the hardware-side, lower-end GPUs will probably go extinct as iGPUs get better. Power efficiency might become more emphasized, which ARM contributes to. Those 1300W PSUs might disappear. Socketed ram might also go extinct because there's performance and energy advantages to coupling it together with the CPU. Most people upgrade everything all at once anyway. It really depends on how AMD and NVIDIA decide to handle desktop ARM.

The gaming industry as a whole doesn't seem to be doing too well. Games have become too expensive to make, and they're kind of crap now for the most part. I don't know how much interest there is among the general populace in non-mobile stuff. This will affect PCs too, but I'm not sure how and to what extent.

File 167417499482.png - (25.19KB , 376x304 , ae2a74ae917b54983d63fb992ff39ec1.png )
3111 No. 3111 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A thread to talk about media formats. New and exciting, or old, but interesting.

This file is an animated png, which to my understanding has entirely been superseded by webp. If the former has some advantage though, tell me about it.

Post edited on 19th Jan 2023, 4:58pm
22 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3340 [Edit]
File 170690147633.png - (196.22KB , 400x400 , 828c72ce7d29e37a6e279a4b1565eb4e.png )
Tangentially related. Don't know anything about tracker formats, but when trying to figure out how to listen to s98 files, I discovered a windows program called KbMedia Player that works well

>Do you two see the same ratio improvements regardless of compression range or is it mainly noticeable for lossless?
I haven't encoded enough video to make those observations. I would like more releases to at least be in h265 since smaller file sizes have no down side for me.
>> No. 3341 [Edit]
The jump from h264 to h265 is fairly big, most single-episode releases go from 1GB to ~400MB. The improvement from h265 -> av1 isn't quite as big as that, looks about 400MB -> 200MB or so.

h264 releases will likely keep getting made forever since its the lowest common denominator. h265 re-encodes are fairly available.
>> No. 3342 [Edit]
>h264 releases will likely keep getting made forever since its the lowest common denominator
GPUs could stop supporting it like with VP8. Sure h264 is way more entrenched, but streaming is only getting more common and faster. If you're encoding everything in AV1(or something else) to begin with because of that, there's no reason to encode things in h264 for the blu-ray release. I'd say this shift will happen within 25 years.

Post edited on 2nd Feb 2024, 11:47am
>> No. 3343 [Edit]
>GPUs could stop supporting it like with VP8
I don't think vp8 hwdec ever had wide adoption in the first place? Unlikely that gpus would stop supporting h264, there is so much legacy media that it's worth it for that alone.

> If you're encoding everything in AV1(or something else) to begin with because of that, there's no reason to encode things in h264 for the blu-ray release
No one is encoding av1 but hobbyists and big streaming companies right now because encode cost is too expensive, and almost no devices support av1 hwdec. It's been about 20 years since h264 was released, now most devices can hwdec h265 and yet h264 is still popular. I doubt it will go away that easily.

File 155347009566.png - (669.83KB , 940x720 , 1553084321341.png )
1813 No. 1813 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do I get this?!?! I wanna have Miku sitting on my desktop like that!
My OS is linux ubuntu, by the way. I've been searching all over the internet but I can't find a way to install this!
9 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1872 [Edit]
Actually I didn't check before posting because I thought the software died years ago but it got updated in June, my repos is lagging two versions behind. I compiled the new one the menu works fine now. According to dmesg it was a GTK problem.

Thanks anyways.
>> No. 2062 [Edit]
I had some linker errors trying to get this to build on Linux. Seems like some GCC defaults changed since this was working to disallow for some undefined behavior, which MaCoPiX needs to be patched for. In the meantime, it can be worked around using `make LDFLAGS=-Wl,--allow-multiple-definition` for the make step.
>> No. 3338 [Edit]
I couldn't get this working by building from the source, because it kept saying it couldn't find X11/XFree despite me having the most up to date version of xorg and all of those related packages.

In any case, I got this to run just by using sudo apt-install macopix.
It's a little janky and all of the official mascots are from 2007 and take forever to download despite being tiny (less than 1mb) files and I honestly don't think I'd run this outside of a VM, but it's still very cute and quite fun to have a look at.
>> No. 3339 [Edit]
File 170689233162.png - (194.13KB , 1117x1028 , Screenshot_2024-02-03_02-14-12.png )
Image for reference.

File 161811634729.jpg - (7.33MB , 1600x2300 , eefdb99c068cdc0d245e8a15f77d2223.jpg )
2260 No. 2260 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Surprised this doesn't exist yet.

So what do you think the future of AI is? Do you think eventually, we'll be able to give an AI general instructions and have it program something based on that? Like "write a play station 5 emulator" and then it would actually be able do it? Would that be a good or bad thing?
40 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3171 [Edit]
> it wouldn't know how to properly deal with the concepts
It well might, assuming that diffusion models can reproduce any source distribution (which is a big claim). But I agree it would be a lot trickier, one pixel off in a photorealistic (or anime-esque) image will not matter much, while one pixel off in a pixel-art will ruin the thing. But jaggies/anti-aliasing should be handled trivially since even conventional 2D image processing can do it via simple conv filters, same for outlines and dithering.

Also fine-tuning doesn't require as much hardware as de novo training, supposedly even few-shot training would work.
>> No. 3308 [Edit]
Looks like music generation is about to have its diffusion moment:

What I can't find is what the actual model they're using is. Previous attempts at music generation used some sort of autoregressive thing (e.g. MusicLM) or diffusion-type (Noise2Music). My guess is that they're basically combining several recent achievements: something like MusicLM to generate the beats, then using some TTS model (vall-e?) on top for the lyrics. Presumably they might actually train both of these at once so they can share some information in embedding space, so that lyrics and musical downbeats align.
>> No. 3309 [Edit]
Do let us know when it can generate a song on the level of The Gates of Delirium that won't sound like garbage.
>> No. 3322 [Edit]
File 170665054720.jpg - (14.84KB , 176x176 , onlymusicc.jpg )
Hopefully. Regarding percieved standalone potential of present models (i.e prompting only, no assistive file to mimic) generative music has far more of interest to offer, and so piques mine. I don't think it will be capable of generating anything that tops good creative direction, especially for any genre which has a heavy focus on atmosphere, lengthy progressions or production nuances (with the exception of ambient drone I suppose). Similarly I think attempting to mimic vocal music (in a single pass, for everything) is a mistake. However, for genres that are instrumental, purely monotonous in tone but quite varied yet very similar in melody composition (of which there are many) I could see it being very satisfactory, for instance: most any traditionally influenced genre (Bossa Nova[!] and celtic especially), Math rock to an extent, and dnb/jungle.

It would be made more interesting if it was capable of producing tracker formatted music, given that format is far more efficient in file size, more configurable and is more structurally specified and so easier for it to produce, and easier to reference. Though I imagine the methods used aren't suitable for doing such directly as the database is certainly raw audio, so the best one could hope for is a post-convert...
Maybe one day I'll be able to run a bgm generator that either live generates and appends a running mod file in ram or simply generates an 18h file that I can listen to throughout the day, for only 50mb and maybe 2-3 minutes of peaked resource usage, at startup.

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