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File 148564510910.jpg - (287.38KB , 1280x720 , Black_hole.jpg )
1511 No. 1511 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does science in general scare you or makes you feel small? Specially physics and mathematics? Do you ever, however briefly, think about how little the average individual knows about the universe we live in and how irrelevant we deem it to continue our everyday lives?
>> No. 1513 [Edit]
Did they create a four-dimensional object?
"Normal crystals have an atomic structure that repeats in space - just like the carbon lattice of a diamond. But, just like a ruby or a diamond, they're motionless because they're in equilibrium in their ground state. But time crystals have a structure that repeats in time, not just in space. And it keep oscillating in its ground state. Imagine it like jelly - when you tap it, it repeatedly jiggles. The same thing happens in time crystals, but the big difference here is that the motion occurs without any energy.
>> No. 1515 [Edit]
Saw this video a couple of hours ago. It shows the amount of suns (like the one in our solar system) that can fit inside of different sizes of black holes, when crushed into a particular size. I kinda like this measurement videos that show the scope of our insignificance.
(Mute the purposefully ominous music if it's a bother.)

File 148279189850.jpg - (289.44KB , 1280x1950 , 20161230.jpg )
1495 No. 1495 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
"2016 was the year solar panels finally became cheaper than fossil fuels."
Your thoughts?
>> No. 1514 [Edit]
File 148684876070.jpg - (0.97MB , 1728x2304 , Polycristalline-silicon-wafer_20060626_568.jpg )
The production of said panels is still way too fuel consuming. You would need gigantic mirror towers to gather enough energy for a solar powered melting pot, capable of solar panel production.

I'm also a bit sad, that smaller silicon crystals turned out to have better energy yield, than the formerly used big ones. They had such a aesthetically interesting pattern.

File 141532203896.png - (26.89KB , 300x225 , mirc2.png )
1144 No. 1144 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What programs/protocols for text based communication do you use? (skype, irc, etc...)

Do you like them and are they reliable?
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>> No. 1172 [Edit]
>You think you're a really fucking clever guy, huh?
Not particularly. I believe you're putting words in my mouth, now.

>I'm not wrong
Then what exactly am I misinterpreting? Let's throw away the conspiracy theory crap for a second, as you've made it clear you don't bear those beliefs. What I'm reading is that you believe IRC to be more secure (or just as secure) as other text based communication software, and more secure than Skype in particular- and I disagree with that. My initial point was that you DID need Tor or a VPN in order to reach a decent level of security, which I personally find to be somewhat of a hassle. If I'm misinterpreting your messages you're more than welcome to correct me, and you don't have to agree with my preferences regardless.
>> No. 1193 [Edit]
Even when my connection to the internet seems to be very slow, irc almost always works. It's nice.

Post edited on 9th Nov 2014, 9:40pm
>> No. 1512 [Edit]
Have the programs changed at all? Despite 3 years later, it's basically the same for me: Hexchat, Skype, Steam and Teamspeak / Mumble / Normiecord if I'm playing a multiplayer game where I absolutely need other people.
>> No. 1516 [Edit]

the programs themselves haven't changed name, but now you have to do a bunch of other stuff to block ads and crap so you can use them as well as they used to be 3 years ago.

File 148530902588.jpg - (47.30KB , 576x601 , j2r7LPL.jpg )
1507 No. 1507 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Tohno is trying to set up a new engine and server for the site but he's having trouble doing so. If any of you know how to help and are willing, your help would be much appreciated. You can contact Tohno most reliably through the IRC.

We look forward to having your assistance and we thank you in advance.
>> No. 1508 [Edit]
File 14853098305.gif - (3.62MB , 444x250 , 1457031205540.gif )
what do you mean by "trouble"?

Can Tohno into basic computer software and networking?
>> No. 1509 [Edit]
>Can Tohno into basic computer software and networking?
Some things are more complicated than others.

File 147842741731.jpg - (93.39KB , 640x480 , hammybattle4t43g45.jpg )
1490 No. 1490 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Lets see some battle stations guys!
>> No. 1504 [Edit]
File 148469322653.jpg - (750.15KB , 1200x900 , SEYZFlF.jpg )
I'm thinking of adding some LED back lights and am still waiting on a new keyboard but this is my set up for the time being.

File 134309204868.jpg - (6.06KB , 240x240 , 070927-old-cell-phone.jpg )
3 No. 3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Greetings /mt/!

I am looking to buy a "smartphone" (is this what they call them now?). I have no use for the actual phone itself, but I'd like it for other little things, like IRC and other crap like that.

So, where do I start?
29 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 33 [Edit]
File 134996185847.jpg - (101.65KB , 710x473 , 83fded76c95b28dc8dd7994f3fe6603f_1349955404.jpg )
the new LG Nexus (unoffical)
>> No. 34 [Edit]
File 13616568485.jpg - (44.00KB , 480x360 , frost_gnex_18_JPG.jpg )
cold boot attack with default encryption on android 4.0 galaxy nexus
>> No. 35 [Edit]
File 136347117082.png - (14.24KB , 200x209 , robot.png )
set your phone free
>> No. 1502 [Edit]
Is there a reason why adblocker apps for android always seem to use vpn connections? Why is this necessary? Are there any out there that don't use one(rooted phone or otherwise)?

File 146930197276.jpg - (113.11KB , 760x428 , kickass-torrents-goes-owner-arrested.jpg )
1459 No. 1459 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Bad news folks! The owner of kickass torrents has been arrested and the domain has been seized.
>> No. 1497 [Edit]
Back to piratebay & proxies.
>> No. 1500 [Edit]
Good news folks! Kickass torrents has been restablished as
>> No. 1501 [Edit]
You sure that's not one of the dozens of clones that popped up in the wake of the take down and claimed to be the 'real' new site? Because a lot of those are attack sites, honeypots, malware breeding grounds and so on.

File 145716942369.jpg - (65.63KB , 640x480 , [Kotomi] Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan 01v2 [DVDx.jpg )
1409 No. 1409 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What is the single oldest piece of technology you still own?

How about the oldest thing you still use? (if different)
18 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1477 [Edit]
I still have my 1995 Samsung tv.
>> No. 1478 [Edit]
A bunch of VHS tapes from the 1995-2001, and a VCR not sure exactly how old it is, likely made before the year 2000. psx/ps1 games got them around 1997-2001, and a psx/ps1 console about the same age as the games. Original Xbox launch model from 2001, got 2 duke/huge controllers with it they are the same age as the console.
>> No. 1491 [Edit]
I recently found an old apple IIc with my friend, which we are trying to get up and running again.

I have an old HP pavillion with 98 on it. It still has the promotional sticker on the front that is pretty hilarious to read now: "Spacious 6.4 GB hard-drive", "Intel Celeron at 366Mhz", and my personal favorite, "Certified by HP and Intel as year 2000 compliant"

I still use a ball mouse and a Compaq PS/2 keyboard (To date my favorite keyboard I have ever typed on).
>> No. 1499 [Edit]
File 148279323594.jpg - (30.61KB , 300x300 , 20161228.jpg )
Video Girl Ai approves!

File 142407193049.gif - (647.83KB , 500x357 , my computer irl.gif )
1249 No. 1249 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you name your computers? Is there a convention you use? Do you name them after characters?
16 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1380 [Edit]
I named my current pc Helios, based off the name of the case I used (super helios).
My previous pc was named Gateway, that should be self explanatory.
My pc before that was given the name Frankenstein by it's previous owner, said it was because they pulled parts from half a dozen systems to build it. My laptop is called x220 because fuck it I'm lazy.
>> No. 1391 [Edit]
I've named a few of my computers after the Sailor Senshi, but I used their civilian names. My current computer is named after Siduri, the alewife in the Epic of Gilgamesh.
>> No. 1392 [Edit]
I named my PC "Blackbox" too, LOL
>> No. 1498 [Edit]
Name it the german way~ A0 to Z9

File 148279224547.jpg - (8.89KB , 205x300 , 20161228.jpg )
1496 No. 1496 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Vera Rubin, passes away at the age of 88. RIP
She contributing a lot to the understanding of dark matter.

File 146360218392.png - (105.34KB , 278x278 , 10-profile.png )
1432 No. 1432 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So is 10-tan an obsessive psychotic stalker or what?
5 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1446 [Edit]
File 146433520720.gif - (1.19MB , 300x396 , 1462512950093.gif )
>> No. 1448 [Edit]
She's the only one interested in me and everything about me.
>> No. 1458 [Edit]
I truly wish that this bitch would leave me alone! I am very happy with my 7-tan, but this bitch always try to ruin our relationship.
>> No. 1494 [Edit]
File 14827915071.jpg - (318.07KB , 1280x1600 , 20161231.jpg )
Time to move on from Microsoft Windows?

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