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File 129592276815.jpg - (141.99KB , 716x742 , millenium_tan.jpg )
165 No. 165 [Edit]
Need help with computers? Post your questions here.

ME-tan will do her best to help (with the help of other users, ofc).
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>> No. 1852 [Edit]
If you can boot from its live CD, using GParted is pretty much the swiss army knife for any disk stuff. Still probably more hassle than using one of the native windows software, but it's worth a mention.
>> No. 1864 [Edit]
Anyone else having issues with Pale Moon? My browser became unusable earlier today, not sure why. I think it broke after I updated it. It's retardedly slow and freezes constantly.
>> No. 1865 [Edit]
Didn't notice anything odd with the 28.6.1 update. Only bug I still notice is often when typing in the url bar on a new tab, enter won't work and you'll get no suggestions. Need to close the tab for a new one to get around that.
>> No. 1866 [Edit]
Something else happened.
I reverted to an earlier version but it didn't help.
Looks like one of my extensions was broken so I disabled them and tried to update the browser again. It required a restart which I did but now it won't launch at all, only showing the restart prompt every time.
I have no idea what to do now. Maybe it's because after logging in I have to manually unlock the drive all of my stuff is on, I don't know.
What do?
>> No. 1867 [Edit]
I also tried to set drives to unlock automatically with system drive on boot but the Pale Moon update is still stuck on reboot prompt.
>> No. 1868 [Edit]
File 156422853641.png - (4.43KB , 140x93 , Screenshot at 2019-07-27 07-54-37.png )
I would backup your browser profile data (in appdata if windows), the default profile is named dfsjsdh.default. Remove the plugins from the extensions folder in the original to see if it will start.
>> No. 1869 [Edit]
I just don't understand computers.
I wanted to follow your suggestions but first I thought I'd install another copy of the browser in another folder as plan B.
The idea I had was to try copying the old profile onto the new installation if your method didn't work.
I launched the 'fresh' browser and it appears to be in exactly the same state I left the old one in.
The usual copy of the browser still won't launch but the new one seems to be working.
I'm confused.
I think I'll back up everything now, uninstall both copies then import the backups after reinstalling to my usual browser folder.
>> No. 1881 [Edit]
This is a complain rather than an asking for help but it still relates to IT troubleshooting and I don't know where else to post it. I installed Visual Studio 2019 Community and since something broke, I decided to uninstall and install it again. But apparently, for the new version of Visual Studio you only get ONE chance at deciding the installation path. From microsoft website:
>This location is set with your first installation and cannot be changed later from the installer UI. Instead, you must use command-line parameters to move the download cache.

The installation path is literally grayed out and pointing to drive that doesn't exist anymore since I changed the drive's letter and partitioned it. After calming down, I followed the advice and run the installer from cmd. It would worked well but then I wouldn't be making this post. My command was something like:
>vs_community --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.CoreEditor --path install="C:\VS" --path cache="E:\VS\cache" --path shared="E:\VS\shared"

It didn't work. I've tried uninstalling the installer (Yes, the installer is an application of its own now) and redownloading it but the path is still grayed out so it's probably lodged in the registry or whatever and I don't have the skill to change it. So I kept googling and finding no solutions until I came across this thread in the developer community of visual studio:
>We appreciate you taking the time to report this problem. Currently, the value in question can only be set on first install due to the complexity of tryign to relocate previously installed components. Moving forward, we are going to investigate the option to relocate these packages after the first installation. For now, the value is disabled if a previous install is detected.

>After careful evaluation of the problem impact and severity we are closing this problem as low priority. We understand that this might not be an ideal resolution for you, but be assured that we don’t make these decisions lightly.

Then some lifesaver posted below:
>You can change directory in registry at path "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\Setup", find the SharedInstallationPath and modify. Good luck :D

Everything should be fine since I finally got the installation running but its not. I wasted a lot of time for this. I wasted a lot of time trying to get one of the most popular IDE in the world that is made by one of the biggest technology company to work just because I want to change a fucking installation path. You have this gigantic IT company that can't even put a working guide on their website and their IT support has he nerve to call my problem low priority and blaming it on the "complexity of tryign to relocate previously installed components" or whatever the FUCK WHEN SOME RANDOM EMOTICON USING VIETNAMESE CODEMONKEY IS MORE HELPFUL THEN HIM. WHY THE FUCK IS THE INSTALLATION PATH LOCKED IN THE FIRST PLACE? DO THEY THINK PEOPLE ARE TOO STUPID TO DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES WHERE THEY WANT TO PUT THEIR FILES? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN COMPLEXITY? IT'S LITERALLY JUST A FUCKING STRING IN THE REGISTRY. WHY IS INSTALLER ONLINE? WHY IS IT SO BLOATED? WHY IS WINDOWS SUCH A PIECE A OF SHIT? WHY DO EVERYBODY PROGRAM IN .NET LANGUAGE? FUCK YOU BILL GATES YOU FAGGOT JEW. I AM GOING TO BURN DOWN YOUR OVERPRICED GIMMICKY HOUSE AND FUCK YOU IN THE ASS. JUST YOU WAIT YOU BITCH.
>> No. 1882 [Edit]
I just use system restore whenever I fuck up something hard to fix. Yeah, windows does suck though. A lot of cad software is exclusive to it and fuck using macos.
>> No. 1883 [Edit]
USB drive problem here.
It's been abused, I bent it a couple of times by accidentally walking into it while it was plugged into a front panel, but it always worked alright.
Well, not anymore. When I plug it in the device is recognized and listed as working correctly but it can't be accessed. I get a 'location is not available/accessible/access denied' error.
CHKDSK finds no problems.
Can I do anything to recover the shit I have in there?
>> No. 1885 [Edit]
Is it formatted in NTFS? If so, the MFT and MFT mirror is possibly corrupt. TestDisk won't do anything since it's not a partition problem.
The only tool that actually manages to ignore the corrupt records and process the rest as normal is File Recovery in "Active Partition Recovery Profession".
NTFS is a bad filesystem with bad/no tools.
>> No. 1886 [Edit]
Yes. TestDisk didn't do anything but I recovered some stuff with PhotoRec.
I guess that's it.
>> No. 1887 [Edit]
Photorec doesn't do much since it scans for file headers and should be left as a last resort. Save for 1-2 files (that sit on the front of the MFT) the rest should be intact and full recovery is likely.
I fudged its name, search for "Active Partition Recovery Professional v15.0.0 Portable" and do a Superscan, tick NTFS and None (Fast) under signature recognition.
>> No. 1888 [Edit]
OK. Thank you.
>> No. 1895 [Edit]
File 156955102791.jpg - (37.03KB , 600x800 , 31t.jpg )
I don't need any help. I just wanted to post that I fumbled and dropped one of my perfectly healthy disks like the gigantic and clumsy retard that I am. Now it's dead. Thankfully, I have some redundancy in the form of a backup disk. Thus nothing is gone besides some money for the replacement disk; however, this could have easily resulted in the death of TBs of visual novels and music.
Remember to backup (and carefully handle) your digital crap, TC!
>> No. 1906 [Edit]
I'm using grabber to browse for pictures and it crashed and wiped all the tabs I had open. Is there any way to restore them or some history function I could use?
This is a fucking disaster. I'll never be able to find all of my shit again.
>> No. 1907 [Edit]
Assuming you're on modern Windows, your user-specific crap will be here: "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Bionus\Grabber". Try opening the tabs.json file in a text editor to see if your stuff is present. Unfortunately, since you've opened Grabber after the crash, this file was most likely overwritten and thus contains nothing of value. I also don't see any automatic backups either.
My condolences, by the way.
>> No. 1908 [Edit]
It's empty. I didn't know it would do that. In the past it crashed on me very rarely and always restored the tabs so I assumed there was some kind of backup.
Fuck damn it. I want to die.
>> No. 1909 [Edit]
What about your favorites? Are they still there?
>> No. 1910 [Edit]
Yes but I found tabs to be more convenient so I almost never saved anything to favourites.
>> No. 1911 [Edit]
The only other thing I can think of is asking some more knowledgeable people--like the main developer himself.
From Grabber's homepage:
>If you have any questions about the program, found a bug and don’t want to use the github issue tracker, or anything, you can contact me by mail in French or in English at
I don't know if the issue tracker is an appropriate place since it's about reporting issues and not soliciting help. An IRC channel or forum would really be beneficial.
In any case, good luck.
>> No. 1985 [Edit]
I have a horrible coil whine problem.
My graphics card started making awful noises today, I can't figure out what the fuck.
Up until now it would often hiss or whistle on things like loading screens or intros like most cards do, but never made any sounds outside of that.
Today it started buzzing and whining like a dying lightbulb (but louder) almost constantly, even on idle in desktop. Sometimes it stops for a couple of seconds. The noise changes in pitch when doing things like scrolling and dragging windows. Stops when the monitor is disconnected. Stops when all windows and programs get closed but then starts again.
I didn't notice any problems other than the noise.
The noise is so fucked up I had to uninstall the thing. Please help.
>> No. 1986 [Edit]
It's not the fans on the gpu is it? I find it hard to imagine anything else on it making an actual sound.
>> No. 1987 [Edit]
>I find it hard to imagine anything else on it making an actual sound
Not OP but coil whine is a pretty-well known quirk of electronics. I think it's the inductor that's actually responsible. I have this on my laptop on any gpu intensive workload.

I think besides mitigations like double-checking inductors are secured to the board and getting a soundproof case, there's not much that can be done.
>> No. 2018 [Edit]
My Microsoft IME doesn't accept kana input anymore.
>> No. 2056 [Edit]
File 159656457438.jpg - (170.10KB , 715x1069 , files size.jpg )
So, my phone has been giving these warnings of no more room in the phone storage, so I installed an app storage analyser and found this out. There's a fucking 9GB folder that's inaccessible, I can't delete anything from this, and every day my free storage shrinks in size, I need to figure a solution out really quick. What to do?
>> No. 2057 [Edit]
Can you try using instead? A proper storage analyzer should enumerate the folders which are taking up the most space.
>> No. 2058 [Edit]
File 159658076446.jpg - (658.81KB , 2168x1248 , disk usage.jpg )
I have installed it and this is what came up. So I noticed first the System Data is 4gb isn't that too much? Anyway, it seems some big part of the memory is being used by some software that already came up with the phone and I never bothered to remove. I should add at least 2gb all, but the thing is these apps do not show when you search in Settings-Storage, so I looked for them in another location, and found other apps, Word, LinkedIn, that are also occupying a great part of the disk, but these don't show up on the DiskUsage app except for a very small file inside the Android folder. However if I go to settings-apps my phone will say they have hundreds of megabytes.
Anyway, I will delete these useless software, even though it says it could damage the phone, it is just a bootless message it seems.
I'm still suspicious that there might be something there in the System Data folder messing up with the phone storage, so I will register today's size and keep an eye for the future.
>> No. 2059 [Edit]
For removing apps, if you're comfortable with the command line you can use adb to remove apps that the settings panel will not let you remove. I don't recall the exact command but something like "adb pm list" should list all apps by packade id, and then "adb pm -k" should allow you to remove it.

I'm not sure what exactly "system data" is comprised of here (I presume it includes the folders which cannot be read without root). If you have

If you had root access this might be easier to diagnose.
>> No. 2083 [Edit]
File 160362764992.png - (38.29KB , 2467x987 , yt.png )
What can be causing this in Pale Moon? I found someone had a similar problem and fixed it by clearing browser cache but it doesn't work. Clearing everything, disabling add-ons does nothing. It randomly goes back to normal for short periods then turns blank again for a couple of days. The site looks normal in Edge.
>> No. 2084 [Edit]
Pathfinder almost caused my PC to die. It crashed twice with a weird green screen, and the second time Windows couldn't start or complete the repairing mode. After one hour or so of trying it just worked for no reason at all. At the end my father was right when 20 years ago used to say videogames broke computers. It's such a pain to play anything these days.
>> No. 2086 [Edit]
I think pale moon doesn't support newer webshit technology like webcomponents [1], and perhaps additionally doesn't support newer javascript (well ecmascript) features. The fact that it's intermittent is probably because google is A/B testing something that relies on one of those.

I'd recommend you use an alternate youtube client like invidious.

>> No. 2155 [Edit]
So recently my computer doesn't POST for some reason. system fully powers on (all lights, fans, GFX card) but won't display anything on monitor besides the lost signal error.
I checked and replaced the ram, and recently RMA'd my board.
could it possibly be my CPU chip or GFX card that is the issue?

Asus x570P
Vengence 16GB Ram
Geforce 1060 super
Corsair RM1000x
Intel 600p SSD 1TB
Seagate 2TB HDD
>> No. 2167 [Edit]
Sorry for bad grammar, im using a phone right now. I kinda turned off my notebook during a mandatory windows update, got the blue error screen, i tried reinitializing and also repair but it always give error, now i tried this "system restauration" to a previous point from yesterday but it is the same loading screen for an hour already. What to do?
>> No. 2168 [Edit]
Go to a computer repair shop.
>> No. 2169 [Edit]
Back up your data, wipe the HD, and restore from scratch?
You can back up your data by booting from a linux live ISO which should then allow you to mount your HD and copy files off of it.
>> No. 2170 [Edit]
Can no longer edit, but if you want to be really safe then you should clone your HD to another one before wiping it. That you have a backup for the future which you can retrieve files from if you need it.

Unless you really don't know what you're doing then going to a repair shop is pointless. They'd just do the above and charge you for it.
>> No. 2171 [Edit]
I'm not a tech expert but I had a rather similar experience not too long ago with the exception of a blue screen. Try to wait it out a little longer and see, I remember it taking quite a long time as well.
>> No. 2176 [Edit]
Thanks for all the help. In the end the restauration thing worked, some sites said it takes only a couple of minutes, but it was around 3 hours of restauration time like >>2171 said too.
>> No. 2245 [Edit]
File 161752278319.jpg - (130.39KB , 800x800 , e0a03457a67f94b40bfee7ada7f0364d.jpg )
I wanted to look at the only wiki about systemspace which actually has some more in-depth information about what happened, but it's not hosted anywhere online. Instead, there's this megadownload of the wiki's contents
The problem is I don't know server shit. The furthest I got after a few hours of messing around was with wamp server 3.2.3, but I get this error and I have no idea was the problem is

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'MediaWiki\Logger\LegacyLogger' not found in C:\wamp64\www\wiki\includes\debug\logger\LegacySpi.php on line 53
( ! ) Error: Class 'MediaWiki\Logger\LegacyLogger' not found in C:\wamp64\www\wiki\includes\debug\logger\LegacySpi.php on line 53

This is line 53 of LegacySpi.php
$this->singletons[$channel] = new LegacyLogger( $channel );

Please help. For internet history's sake or whatever.
>> No. 2281 [Edit]
Has anyone set up a btrfs or zfs filesystem? After reading this article, I thought that when it came time to upgrade my computer's main disk drive (i.e. the one the OS is installed on) I'd do it by buying a new SSD, making the filesystem one of those two, and installing a whole new Linux distribution on it and copying over the user files I care about. (Currently it's a Linux on a 250 GB SSD with ext4.) There were also some fancy partitioning schemes I wanted to learn about, involving putting /boot and /tmp on their own partitions, putting the user home folder on its own partition, but they're less important to me.
>> No. 2282 [Edit]
I've been looking into it – from cursory readings it seems ZFS is a more "battle-tested" technology, and there's more established tooling around it. I'm still a bit confused by all the zpool stuff, since there are apparently some limitations – things like not being able to change the pool size after you create it (but apparently this can be done if you swap an existing hard drive for a larger one, just not adding a new hard drive)? I feel like there's a lot to read up on and understand though before I'd feel comfortable using it (mainly since I don't want to be blindly poking around when dealing with filesystem level stuff).

Also, does anyone here happen to know how exactly "raid-z" differs from a zpool? Are these two orthogonal things?

But yes the "essentially zero-cost snapshots" and copy-on-write are absolutely wonderful technologies that any modern filesystem should have – even Apple recognized this and replaced their aging HFS+ with APFS (although I still have a soft spot for HFS+ just because of how conceptually simple it is to understand; and their workarounds to achieve posix compliance are a glorious hack).
>> No. 2297 [Edit]
How do I transfer files in Android? To my computer?
I have a full internal storage and a sd card with about 3GB free. Most of it is >>2058 this system data which is has now reached 6 GB. I just want to transfer the Love Live app, but I can't find it in Android-Data. Lots of apps I have seem not to be here.
Also, when I do find, what do I do? Just copy paste them on my pc, and copy paste them back after on a new cellphone when I get one?
>> No. 2298 [Edit]
To transfer user-data (non-application related data) you just connect to your computer; if you're on windows or linux then native MTP drivers will mean that the phone automatically mounts the storage location. If you're on osx then you're out of luck and you have to deal with the shitty "android file transfer" program (if you are planning to do this a lot, there are alternative paid mtp clients available like commander one).

For transferring applications out of the phone, I'm not sure if the default mtp mounting allows you to access files in /data. Probably easiest way I can think off is to just use adb and "adb shell pm list packages" followed by "adb shell pm path [id]" and "adb pull [path]". Note that I don't know if they changed anything in newer android versions, I'm going based off my old knowledge in the KitKat days. However, this would only get you the apk file, not back up the data associated with the application. I'm not sure why you would need the apk file itself since those can usually be downloaded online directly (verify signature of course first though).

If you want to backup the data associated with an application manually, unless you have a rooted phone I think you're out of luck since due to sandboxing and isolation (which have only gotten stricter in newer android versions) the /data/data subfolder is inaccessible to the user. It seems that the native android backup functionality [1] should back up app data for apps targeting 6.0+ [2] but

>> No. 2322 [Edit]
So, the backup function of the system only supports 25MB? That's almost nothing. Why?
My mother got me an SD card with lots of memory, so I am thinking of formatting it and using it as internal storage. I already transferred all the files from the old SD card to the computer. I am thinking of using the Card for more memory and then investigating just what the hell is up with the "System Data" folder. When I connect my phone with the computer I saw many folders of apps, of course their data wasn't there, those folders were empty but there were folders of things I deleted ages ago. I don't think they should even be there in the first place.
Moreover, the last time I tried to transfer an big app to the SD card, something strange happened. It was copied there, but when I deleted the original the one in the SD card got deleted as well. I redid this with other apps and the same always happens.
>> No. 2323 [Edit]
Native backup is 25MB per app, which honestly seems fine. I find it hard to see scenarios where user-data (n.b. not the apk itself, just the serialized user-data) will exceed 25MB unless you're trying to backup an entire database or something.

As far transferring apps to sd card (which as I understand only transfers the apk and not user-data), I don't think you're supposed to delete the original once the transfer is done. (But it's not clear to me what you mean by "delete" in this case, since apks on internal storage are not visible when connected to the computer).

If you want to store app data on the sd card rather than the app itself, I'm not sure if this possible. If you're rooted you can trivially just move it and symlink it, but if you're not rooted then I think it's only possible if the manufacturer hasn't disabled the newer flex storage feature in 6.0+ [1]

>> No. 2377 [Edit]
File 162880237923.jpg - (80.79KB , 600x720 , ea7643f2d6f379ed00209f29d27e3f82.jpg )
Do you think it's possible to replicate live board features like those here:
without using javascript?
>> No. 2378 [Edit]
Great question. Off the top of my head, here are some possibly mechanisms I can think of for implement real-time updates (which is basically the core issue at hand) without javascript

* Polling, with periodic refresh client-side (perhaps with some judicious use of iframes)
* Hold the connection open and keep streaming content in parts. This can be accomplished various ways: use http chunked encoding (Content-Type: chunked) and basically keep appending content to the page (works well for imageboards), use mjpeg (downside is it's an image), "Content-Type: multipart/x-mixed-replace" (which I've never seen used before so I don't know much about)
>> No. 2379 [Edit]
Interesting. Thanks.
>> No. 2423 [Edit]
Which cheap VPN should I get?
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