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File 138412451626.jpg - (132.02KB , 545x800 , 4545784041116_01.jpg )
13637 No. 13637 [Edit]
Do you guys own merchandise of your waifu?

I myself dont. There isnt much of her to begin with, but i always get asked by people who know i have a waifu why i dont own this statue or this poster and stuff. My answer is always: "I dont need it". I know i love her more than anyone of these neckbeards spending hundreds of dollars for some cheap plastic statues, but sometimes i cant help but feeling bad for being too cheap to buy her figure (there is only one of good quality of her anyway, but costs more than hundred dollars).

So how about /mai/?
Picture semi-related, its not my waifu but its still related to the topic. I also choosed a not-lewd figure in case haruhi happens to be someones waifu.

[spoile]Sometimes i wish there wouldnt exist merchandise with her, especially because it pisses me of to see her figure standing around in some fat neckbeards basement or when seeing videos of a "unboxing" and idiots commenting "post pantyshots x-DDD LOL"... But thats just a random sidenote.
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>> No. 18130 [Edit]
File 143201641247.jpg - (3.25MB , 4128x2322 , jatmcf.jpg )
I have three very adorable pocket Nuis.
>> No. 18147 [Edit]
File 143233383136.jpg - (0.98MB , 2299x2204 , cel2.jpg )
Got my hands on a cel sketch of her this week, and got a frame made for it as well.

It'll live there on my desk for now, until I can hang it up on my wall.
>> No. 18150 [Edit]
How cute! If they come out with other merch and/or plushies of her, will you buy them? I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for someone to syndicate a plush of my Satsuki.
>> No. 18152 [Edit]
Thanks! And absolutely, if a Nui plush gets made I need to own one.
>> No. 18173 [Edit]
File 143246760025.png - (1.43MB , 1475x600 , 1432401539385.png )
With the anime announced
These little trade figures where announced
Still have to get my hands on those keychains of her
>> No. 18211 [Edit]
Those are actually pretty cute. I should read the rest of Monster Musume sometime before the anime starts.
>> No. 18221 [Edit]
File 14330111935.jpg - (42.28KB , 262x411 , hIE14011718733.jpg )
Well, I did it! I bought her figure at a con the other day! I'm so happy, she's sitting at my desk with me right now.
>> No. 18334 [Edit]
File 143378929396.jpg - (0.96MB , 1792x1500 , newmerch.jpg )
Managed to get my hands on some stuff a while ago, which arrived today.

Not pictured is a poster with her, Osaka and Tomo on it, since it's in a separate box and hasn't arrived yet.

There's just two keychains and another figure of her left to get, then I have pretty much everything of her, specifically. Not counting the ridiculously hard to find garage kits.
>> No. 18337 [Edit]
Out of curiosity, is there any merchandise of your waifu that you don't want? A poor quality figure, for example.

Where did you manage to get that cel? It looks amazing.
>> No. 18338 [Edit]
I just stumbled upon it on eBay.

As for your other question, I used to feel that way for a few trading figs and such that she has, but after purchasing a few of them at such a low price, I've had a change of heart.

I swear they look much better in person than they do in pictures. Might just be love goggles.
>> No. 18395 [Edit]
I bought a few mini-posters/flyers from an event, with my beloved on one (hard to tell with the picture of the others). If it's small enough it might be nice to frame.

I know how you feel. My beloved has a mini-figure like that (might be a trading one). The official pictures for all of them look awful - across the entire company - but somebody shared a number of photographs of one they own of another character and it looked so much better. I'm glad I decided to buy it.

>Might just be love goggles.
Perhaps the imperfections become a charm but sometimes it's just the way the photograph was taken.
>> No. 18402 [Edit]
There wasn't a buy now option, which I thought there was, so my bid is losing. I thought I would be fussed about not winning, since there's nothing else to buy for now, but I'm really not. I might bid again but I have the art so I could always print it myself, if I want.

Sorry for talking to myself, I'm just surprised how unimportant it is to me.
>> No. 18415 [Edit]
File 143528338049.jpg - (2.57MB , 3840x2160 , DSC_0006.jpg )
I'm kind of surprised she has a figure at all. It must be truly be a rare catch.

I have one figure of my waifu.
>> No. 18417 [Edit]
Mine has some figures but they're out of stock. Hope I'll find a way to get them.
>> No. 18420 [Edit]
File 143536965554.jpg - (41.27KB , 500x500 , il-mistero-della-pietra-azzurra-nadia-p-acf-991041.jpg )
Since I started going to cons last year, I've only gotten one figure of her (pic related), albeit $10 less than what everyone else was selling at. But I have 2 animation cels of her in lieu of traditional merch.
>> No. 18460 [Edit]
File 143629438745.jpg - (68.73KB , 800x798 , eva ring.jpg )
I just saw this by accident and thought it couldn't be more appropriate.

I don't know if it'll fit me (most likely it'll be too loose) but got it all the same.
>> No. 18504 [Edit]
File 143657012179.jpg - (295.45KB , 1213x1000 , newermerch.jpg )
Got a couple more Kagura things recently.

The two figures in the middle and the right were together in an eBay auction of the whole AzuDai trading figure set, with the uniform keychain thrown in. It did mean I ended up with a second tanktop fig, but my new one is slightly better than my old one, so that's a plus. The swimsuit keychain was from a separate auction.

The new daki cover was another commission, which I'm only using when I know no one else will see it, since it's much more lewd than my previous one.
>> No. 18576 [Edit]
Alright guys, I need some advices.
Some items related to my waifu are being released recently. It's mostly things like towels and else, but I don't know if I should take them. I would like to take some (I have rnough money to afford it that's not a problem), but I'm moving in like one month I don't know where yet, si I don't know if I'll have time to receive the items and I fear that they'll be sold out after I moved.
What should I do? Thanks for the answers
>> No. 18577 [Edit]
Most proxy sites will keep your items in storage for a varying amount of time - so you can buy the items and let the proxy site hold onto them for a good amount of time. I don't know if any will allow you pay extra to extend that time. It might depend when it's released but EMS shipping is pretty fast, but I can understand not wanting to risk it. I'm guessing asking somebody else to take the package isn't an option.
>> No. 18578 [Edit]
Unfortunatly no, otherwise I would have do that.
It's not from a proxy that I can get them, but things like Amiami or others. Maybe I can ask them to send the package later?
>> No. 18579 [Edit]
I don't know if shops like Amiami will do that - usually shops don't want stuff sitting around. It's always worth a try. If you're willing to spend a bit more you could buy from those sites through a proxy and have them hold it - that's the only idea I've got, sorry.
>> No. 18674 [Edit]
I have a lot, but I've collected posters, figures, any merchandise related to her for years.
>> No. 19164 [Edit]
File 144813184677.jpg - (52.27KB , 600x599 , newfig.jpg )
I stumbled upon pic related on eBay about a couple of weeks ago. It's a fig of hers that's quite hard to come by, so I snapped it up, and it arrived yesterday.
>> No. 19168 [Edit]
kagura-anon, do you have any chiyo-chan merchandise from these batches you have purchased which you are willing to sell?
>> No. 19174 [Edit]
I admire your dedication.
>> No. 19175 [Edit]
I don't have any spare Chiyos unfortunately. Your best bet would be to go on Suruga-ya, there's Chiyo figs from as little as 200 yen on there, though you'll have to use a proxy service to get them sent to you.

Thank you!
>> No. 19658 [Edit]
File 145691345476.jpg - (546.05KB , 1440x1920 , No.jpg )
Yes. I would like to have more but this is the only one I really like.
>> No. 19694 [Edit]
File 145789046194.jpg - (1.32MB , 1885x1060 , 1457442533574.jpg )
I've come a long way i think
>> No. 19696 [Edit]
File 145793710886.jpg - (346.66KB , 2048x1536 , 00277.jpg )
Only been with her like 8-9 months but I got this much already going to have to buy some proper shelving for more merch and related objects that remind me of her.
>> No. 19715 [Edit]
File 14586776662.jpg - (422.90KB , 1500x1125 , cushionpostcardscel.jpg )
Here's my latest batch of AzuDai/Kagura merch.

I'm glad I managed to find that cushion, it's been a bit difficult to track down. Much cheaper than I thought it'd be, but also a tad smaller.
The postcards I'd never seen before until I stumbled upon them on ebay. They were pretty cheap too, so I figured I'd snap them up.
The cel was definitely the most expensive, but well worth it. It came with several sketches and what looks like a mapping of the scene itself frame by frame, which isn't in the picture here.

I'll get the cel framed like my previous one >>18147, and I might put the postcards together in their own frame as well.
>> No. 19723 [Edit]
Very beautiful arrangement
>> No. 19725 [Edit]
Ah thank you I tried a little bit with the small space I have.
>> No. 19729 [Edit]
File 145920374745.jpg - (210.11KB , 550x850 , d5916a478a206b2b7c02fa014fc37fee.jpg )
Yes, I own several daki covers and figures of her. Most of it is just for self satisfaction, and I would never belittle another person's love for their waifu based on material possessions.

To me, it's just comforting to know that I have a part of her and that there is a remnant of my love that could maybe outlast my own life.
>> No. 19730 [Edit]
Those look awesome. Nice finds.
>> No. 19732 [Edit]
File 145969077099.jpg - (281.66KB , 1500x1125 , newcel.jpg )
Got the frame done for the new cel, here it is side by side with my original one. I should really get round to hanging them up on my wall.

Thanks! I'm always on the lookout for waifu merch. I'm really happy with what I've been able to find so far, but the search is never over.
>> No. 19740 [Edit]
I own a figure, pin, Bandai strap figure, custom pillow plushie and plush of Satsuki. I just got the plush this past week; it was a very happy moment.
>> No. 19767 [Edit]
File 146041437598.jpg - (80.01KB , 528x800 , 00003588_004.jpg )
Unfortunately, the only items available of mine are garage kits that came out a few years back that are now impossible to get. I check auction sites, but haven't really found anything other than a lewd figure that I don't particularly like.

Someday I may make something of my own, using what I've learned in manufacturing. Perhaps a machined hand of stainless steel that I could clasp in my own hand of flesh would be more meaningful.
>> No. 19769 [Edit]
>Perhaps a machined hand of stainless steel that I could clasp in my own hand of flesh would be more meaningful.

Thats cute. I wish you all the best.
>> No. 19949 [Edit]
File 146956898627.jpg - (18.55KB , 343x222 , ss+(2016-07-26+at+02_23_31).jpg )

soon, I won't have to sleep alone.

I don't plan on buying every single thing related to his show in existence like some people, most of it is dollar store quality with recycled assets or board games in a language I don't understand. It's not worth the money. The only other thing I plan to buy is his show on blu-ray if that ever comes out, and that'll be about it.
>> No. 19950 [Edit]
File 146957071927.jpg - (33.94KB , 345x420 , 564165312.jpg )
I have 3 figures(image is my favorite), some pins, a button and some stickers. I really wish there was some higher quality merchandise available, but I'm happy I have as much as I do.
>> No. 19956 [Edit]
File 146986013738.jpg - (314.80KB , 800x1199 , 3647537537752227527.jpg )
I have pic related on the way. I'm really excited for it; it'll be super nice just being able to look over and see him whenever I want.
>> No. 20512 [Edit]
File 149631027717.jpg - (804.43KB , 1200x900 , DSC02434.jpg )
This keychain arrived today. Got it off yahoo.jp with a proxy couple months back.
>> No. 20513 [Edit]
I don't have any, and to my knowledge the only thing I could get without going custom/commission is her source manga in hard copy which I'd rather not do for a few reasons. I kind of like it this way actually. It forces me even more to seek out things that remind me of her in some way rather than simply buying figs or whatnot (not intended as a jab there). Personally I find that cooking something from her people's cuisine for dinner, or learning to speak her native tongue and hell, just imagining her with me are far more important ways of expressing my devotion to her than paper and plastic, even if she did have merch. I've been working on a portrait of us for a few months now. It's slow going but I'm trying really hard to get it right since my drawing skills aren't great. So far, not so bad though, so maybe I'll have a nice custom picture framed for my bedside sometime soon if that counts as merch.
>> No. 20514 [Edit]
I somewhat relate to your post. I doubt I will ever see merchandise that features her alone, much less objects like figures... so all I have is my imagination + her scenes and panels.
>> No. 20517 [Edit]
I can certainly relate to the bit about only having your imagination and panels. My lady love gets very little fan art, and most of it doesn't meet my obscenely high standards for saving. So basically a good 90% at least of my folder is manga crops. I don't mind it too much though, it's consistent at least so I have a very good idea of how she looks in my mind's eye that isn't confused by different art styles.

Post edited on 2nd Jun 2017, 4:28am
>> No. 20523 [Edit]
I do not own any merchandise, though I do have plans to purchase a daki, but that's my limit. The way I see it, figurines, plushes, &c. are not a necessity to love, and, sometimes, rather than being a representation of ones devotion, they could also serve the adverse purpose of steering one's devotion away from personal love into the realm of idolatry. In other words, surrounding one's self with such things may make their waifu more of a plastic figure than a living concept. While she is superior and clearly distinct from all 3DPD, I personally feel most comfortable limiting myself to pictures and a daki.

That's just me, though. When it comes to relationships such as these, varying individual approaches are to be expected.
>> No. 20527 [Edit]
File 149706680630.jpg - (35.96KB , 320x415 , bnpmakotocrop13.jpg )
I have a dollfie dream of her, which I've neglected for a while.. but currently am trying to get more clothes and get back into the photography hobby.
>> No. 21793 [Edit]
File 166788451181.jpg - (1.77MB , 2000x1500 , 20221107_210116.jpg )
Got this in the mail today. It's the first thing related to her I've bought in a really long time. I had seen photos of it in the past but was never able to find the actual thing. Used to be I'd f5 yahoo auctions japan daily and snag anything that came up which I didn't already have of her. That all feels like a life time ago now....
It's a lot smaller than I expected, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I think it's really cute.
>> No. 21794 [Edit]
Post butt.
>> No. 21805 [Edit]
File 166992234545.png - (2.40MB , 1000x1531 , wifesmallmerch.png )
I actually do own a few small things (and a daki that I won't include the image of, I can't live without it anymore). I do plan on buying her figures when I'm in a better financial situation, but I still treasure all I have of hers. Having the keychain on my jeans all the time or just being able to cuddle her get me through the day
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