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File 156565899124.png - (294.83KB , 1300x1800 , Buddha_v01_p028.png )
3766 No. 3766 [Edit]
I'm reading the classic manga Buddha since I want to read more anyway. It is honestly so bizarre seeing stuff that supposedly happened with such a cartoonish artstyle, and I know it's already going to be heavily fictionalized just due to the nature of religion and historical figures but still.
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>> No. 3767 [Edit]
I'm reading spice and wolf at the moment. Pretty good so far. I also have a habit of obsessively reading Girls Last Tour over and over because I just love it so much.
>> No. 3768 [Edit]
File 156582566137.jpg - (637.32KB , 768x1157 , 0004 - x4_jpg x4.jpg )
Code Name wa Sailor V - The prequel to Sailor Moon's manga has been good fun, especially for something aimed at girls!
>> No. 3769 [Edit]
File 156593749742.gif - (872.63KB , 346x360 , 1565430997538.gif )
A lot of the manga I enjoy reading are ongoing series with slow translations, typically. At this rate it looks like a lot of kirara will never be translated.
>> No. 3770 [Edit]
Off topic, but I used to love doing that to the computers in middle school. it was almost like the screensaver was made of velvet or silk. It used to piss the teachers off so much, hehe.

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