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File 156565899124.png - (294.83KB , 1300x1800 , Buddha_v01_p028.png )
3766 No. 3766 [Edit]
I'm reading the classic manga Buddha since I want to read more anyway. It is honestly so bizarre seeing stuff that supposedly happened with such a cartoonish artstyle, and I know it's already going to be heavily fictionalized just due to the nature of religion and historical figures but still.
58 posts omitted. Last 50 shown. Expand all images
>> No. 3978 [Edit]
File 160918066585.png - (1.22MB , 1982x1413 , 18-aa8edf3367ffa4d8f395ad4f5d3a396da1c352d6cee539b.png )
I miss these girls already.
>> No. 3980 [Edit]
File 161008682454.jpg - (401.10KB , 1229x1753 , 雛接村.jpg )
Decent horror story with good art. Love the protagonist.
>> No. 3983 [Edit]
File 161313538886.jpg - (32.48KB , 381x537 , おじさまと猫.jpg )
I was perusing the gangan app last night and came across this very endearing series. Ended up spending all my coins reading the thing. Very wholesome story.
>> No. 3991 [Edit]
File 161420788312.jpg - (400.29KB , 847x1200 , 20583v5[1].jpg )
The Mermaid Princess's Guilty Meal.
>> No. 3998 [Edit]
File 161723425674.jpg - (51.98KB , 800x489 , 1617222443312.jpg )
Hoankan evans no uso.
>> No. 3999 [Edit]
File 161748677411.jpg - (473.77KB , 1080x1540 , shinumaeni.jpg )
What a great one-shot this is. Came out on Yuri Hime 4 of this year. It's basically a failed isekai architect that goes around meeting people that are about to kill themselves to try and make them sign a contract to be reincarnated in one of his shitty worlds. I feel there's potential here for a great series. I hope they pick it up.
>> No. 4016 [Edit]
File 163033925527.jpg - (280.28KB , 1125x1600 , 2.jpg )
Oneesan wa Joshi Shougakusei ni Kyoumi ga Arimasu

It's an ecchi comedy about a lolicon woman who babysits her next-door neighbors kid. Goes about how you expect it to, cute and funny.
Though there's some points in the story where I feel this would be better off as a drama. I'm only on chapter 23 for now, but I hope it addresses it. You can't just say you'll marry one little girl and then turn down another girl who you used to like because she got older...;_____;
>> No. 4022 [Edit]
File 164088693437.png - (1.60MB , 1644x2400 , index.png )
Not sure if this is the right thread for it since only one chapter has been translated so far but then again I don't see a reason to make a new thread just for this either. In any case, seems like this series is trending in Japan right now and for a good reason too. Thought I should bring /tohno/'s attention to it.
>> No. 4023 [Edit]
File 164809835852.png - (2.43MB , 1059x1508 , 1639425613942.png )
Finished reading Itou Hachi's Master and Mel series, both the serialized manga and the doujins.
Even though it's just a typical onee loli slice of life, the artwork is absolutely stunning and made every page a treat to look at.
It has that delicate feeling of traditional sketches and paintings but with a moe aesthetic.
The earlier works were very rough, but it's to be expected from a very short couple of self published works. I like how you can see the ideas progress further, it's rare you see that in real time upfront.
The conflict between the master and Mel herself was interesting, having a romantic/sexual realtionship with beastkin is basically zoo+pedo and in the master's case, homo all in one. I wish the laws regarding beastkin were a bit expanded upon in this series but that's not really the point of fluffy romance series...
I'm very excited to read Hachi's other works now.
>> No. 4024 [Edit]
That sounds really good. I feel like excellent art in manga is rarely appreciated because of how common speedreading is.
I understand your thought process but you might be overthinking this a tad. In stories like this unless they have hidden depth or this takes place as a subplot in a larger story
>> No. 4025 [Edit]
File 164813417385.jpg - (39.20KB , 474x355 , geassOrder.jpg )
finally got around to finishing the other half of this.
All in all pretty disappointing. Very little is revealed about C.C. or about the nature of the Geass, even though that's the premise of the whole thing. Yet none of the characters other than C.C. are particularly interesting, and Renya in particular remains the same annoying try-hard brat from beginning to end. Dash, Victoria and maybe Lorenzo have some potential, but they're not really explored to any great degree and remain rather one-dimensional. There's a hint of the political intrigue and plots-within-plots that made the original series great, but at no point is there a moment where you'd marvel at how beautifully orchestrated everything is.

I wouldn't say it's complete shit, but everything actually worth telling about this story could've been told in 2 volumes instead of 7.
>> No. 4026 [Edit]
File 164813792845.jpg - (385.94KB , 992x1519 , 骨の髄まで.jpg )
Just read the first 6 chapters of 骨の髄まで私に尽くせ (no idea if there's a translation)

It's about an average, somewhat nerdy guy who cheats on his pregnant wife with his childhood friend.
The story is ok for what it is, but I don't feel like reading any more of it.
>> No. 4027 [Edit]
>no idea if there's a translation
There is, but it's only available via an app. Not that I'd want to read something depressing like this right now, but boy do I hate this practice.
>> No. 4028 [Edit]
File 164816562855.jpg - (157.43KB , 725x1024 , SEDOUKA.jpg )
>it's only available via an app
That's pretty much standard practice on the Japanese market for anything other than doujin stuff, and I hate it. It's basically impossible to buy DRM-free digital books in Japanese, every publisher wants you to install their own app on your phone.

Also picrelated is what I'll be reading next.
>> No. 4029 [Edit]
>It's basically impossible to buy DRM-free digital books in Japanese
Christ, the odds are probably small that this trend will reverse itself, but I nonetheless hope for the best.

>Also picrelated is what I'll be reading next.
Looks good from the art and synopsis. Hope you enjoy it.
>> No. 4030 [Edit]
Just a little update. This manga is finally completed and officially translated. You can read it here.
>> No. 4031 [Edit]
Not him, but I just finished this. It started off really good, but the ending was sort of a disappointment. I was surprised it ended up being so short, feels kind of like the author ran out of ideas pretty quickly and just wanted to wrap things up. Particularly, the part with Takopii getting flung into the future felt really awkward. Having to trudge through this shitty half-functional mangaplus reader didn't help matters either.
>> No. 4032 [Edit]
I actually liked the ending for what it's worth but I agree that the part you mentioned and the pacing could definitely be better. I do think the mangaka did the right thing by not dragging the manga too long however, a lot of other manga have a habit of overstaying its welcome. Sorry you had to slog through that site, I only found out after I made my post that it is available on nyaa (there is also a direct download link).
>> No. 4033 [Edit]
Coincidentally, it seems like they have only just released the audio version of the first chapter.
>> No. 4034 [Edit]
File 164915660374.jpg - (145.18KB , 422x600 , ヤンキーショタとオタクおねえさん.jpg )
There's a fair amount of titles running on Gangan right now that have otaku characters filled with inside jokes about the tropes of the industry. Yankee Shota to Otaku Oneesan is, in my opinion, the best of the bunch right now. This is the tale of a fujoshi and shotacon fan called Kazuko, and her neighbor, Ryuou, a 3D shota (from her perspective) that starts to follow her around for reasons she doesn't understand.

It's a very light and fun comedy and Kazuko in particular is quite a hilarious character with her mannerisms and excessive inhibitions. There's a balance here between the funny moments that centers around the interactions between the main characters, and the more drama-like aspects of the story, centered around Ryuou relationship with his parents. They're good people but maybe not the best parents in the world. Don't worry though, it never reaches the point of tragedy, so you can read it always hoping to finish the volume in a good, uplifting mood.

If you like to watch socially inept women forced into social interaction, and you want the comedic aspect of those interactions expressed, then you'll certainly enjoy this title, because that's what this is at its core. Liking meta jokes about the anime and manga industry tropes will also help you out here. Like I said, there are several titles like this running right now, but to me, what makes this one the best is Kazuko and how likable she can be without trying too hard. There aren't any absurd moments purely for comedy (like with Watamote), her reactions seem more genuine and this adds a certain tenderness to it that really gives this title the edge.
>> No. 4035 [Edit]
File 164951320254.jpg - (142.78KB , 422x600 , Hatarakanai Futari.jpg )
It's funny, I read a few chapter of this last year, really liked it and intended to read all of it but for whatever reason I completely forgot it ever existed until I saw it's available at Piccoma by accident. It's a lighthearted comedy about a pair of hikineet siblings hanging around the house. Looks like the stuff I would like.
>> No. 4036 [Edit]
File 164960364062.png - (384.56KB , 1280x720 , doraemon-1979.png )
Mr. Fujiko passed at the age of 88 a couple of days ago. Doraemon was the first manga I read from beginning to end in Japanese. Here's a post to celebrate his memory. I'll be reading Dora for the next couple of days.
>> No. 4037 [Edit]
File 16496586612.png - (27.93KB , 204x280 , FP-wbJNaUAAEvsR.png )
I used to be annoyed that the manga stopped being about only Tomoko but now I love all the weird characters
>> No. 4038 [Edit]
File 165080525097.png - (424.30KB , 438x630 , itai.png )
To follow the life of Itai Shiori is like watching a tiny and precious trainwreck. It gets personal very quickly, too, because you’ll care about her from page one. Itai wants a boyfriend but she doesn’t quite know how to go about it and is not the best at reading social situations. And so comedic yet painful events follow.

The way the story unfolds is really clever in this one. Most of the text is not dialogue, but narration, like we’re watching Itai’s with the narrator and she too often will get flabbergasted about her actions. This really puts you in a position of wanting to help Itai. A lot. But you can’t. You’re forced to watch as she moves along being silly and living her painful comedy day by day.

A very engaging narrative and a very interesting read. If you enjoy awkward female protagonists and painful laughter, this title has you covered. The art is simple but it has a very unique charm I don’t quite remember seeing anywhere else. The author has a way of coming up with excellent facial expressions for the characters and even though it’s a simple, straightforward way of drawing the characters, there’s an attention to detail to the expressions that really adds a very special quality to them, it’s hard to put my finger on it. I guess you’ll have to read it to find out by yourself.
>> No. 4066 [Edit]
File 16521338391.png - (418.83KB , 798x670 , Itai onesan sukidesuka.png )
Aren't you guys happy that she has such a nice dad? Her sister is pretty nice, too.
>> No. 4067 [Edit]
File 165376631738.jpg - (549.70KB , 837x1200 , Yougen no Chi_c017_003.jpg )
Finished reading what English translations were available for Yougen no Chi.
It's got that early scanlation scene scuff, so it was a bit difficult to understand at some points. Especially when different groups decided to change the name of some terminology or how a name is written.
It doesn't help the manga itself straight up just redacted a plot point because the mangaka didn't like it as per author notes, so it's just ignored entirely later on. Unless that's just translation scuff again. Very hard to tell.
The translation group that was currently working on it never finished the rest of the fourth volume, and the series went on hiatus after the release of it anyway. It's mildly infuriating...
I'm going to track down the raws to read the rest myself, even if my own Japanese skills aren't the best.
At the very least, the art is great. I love the rough style of late 90s-very early 2000s manga, and the colored pages like pic rel give it a dreamy feeling.
It reminds me of those AI programs that color in pictures for you, funnily enough.
>> No. 4068 [Edit]
I read the few chapters available of midnight children and, I'd say it's pretty meh. 6/10
>> No. 4111 [Edit]
File 167673834280.jpg - (1.08MB , 1400x1989 , 9782302031234-X.jpg )
I don't know why it took me so long to get into Rozen Maiden despite seeing it everywhere for years. I had very different interpretations of characters because of it, so it was interesting finally seeing how they actually act.
Right now I'm still reading II, on volume 2. The ending for the first series was the most blatantly obvious "publisher cutting a series early" incident that I've ever witnessed.
>> No. 4116 [Edit]
File 16797687436.jpg - (1.19MB , 1250x958 , Final_tale.jpg )
Finished it finally. I came in expecting it to be a shonen style work for some reason (probably from watching fangame videos) but it felt more like a collection of character studies. I really feel for Kirakishou...
I'll read 0 next and maybe reread just the raws to get some clarification on things.
>> No. 4118 [Edit]
File 168098487293.jpg - (133.52KB , 680x1000 , Hitsuji_no_Uta.jpg )
Reading Hitsuji no Uta. I'm still on Volume 3. Wasn't expecting incestous grooming in my vampire manga but I'm not complaining.
>> No. 4122 [Edit]
good read, was well written from beginning to end
>> No. 4123 [Edit]
File 169188442573.jpg - (132.62KB , 1000x1000 , lgvslaxdoohb1.jpg )
I have wonderful news! After doing a measly amount of research, I discovered that there are websites that, with a monthly subscription fee, let you read manga! I can read manga legally, with no piracy!

And so, I'd like to announce that I'll soon begin reading Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind. I really enjoyed the movie, so after watching it, I went onto YouTube to see more content regarding it, and somebody said that the movie is actually an anime-adaptation, and that Miyazaki had actually made Nausicaa as a manga first, and then made the movie. Then, after the movie, he finished the story of the manga, and then, to little fanfare, that was that. Most people don't even know that the manga exists. I thought the manga was so old and so obscure that I would probably die never reading it, but lo and behold, has the manga! Man, gentlemen, we are truly in a blessed age.
>> No. 4124 [Edit]
I can't tell whether this post is sincere or not.
>> No. 4125 [Edit]
...I got too happy too quickly. Yes, there are websites that, with a monthly subscription fee, that let you legally read manga for the fee, and yes, I did find such a website, but, although Nausicaa's manga is listed on the website, that doesn't mean it's readable for the fee! You have to actually buy the volume, regardless of whether or not you're already a subscriber.

Man, I got happy, for no reason. I mean, I guess the Nausicaa manga's quite cheap on Amazon, but yeah, reality isn't what I thought it was. I'll find something else to read. Sorry for the false good news guys.
>> No. 4126 [Edit]
Any reason you don't just torrent it?
>> No. 4127 [Edit]
I have religious reasons that prevent me from doing so. I think I'll ask my pastor about this nonetheless. Due to its age, perhaps this instance of piracy is permissible in his eyes.
For the time being, I think I'll pick up The Promised Neverland.

I heard from another YouTuber that the anime adaptation's second season was horrifically butchered, so much so, that the staff that worked on it didn't even put their names on it, in order to protect their careers. Everyone wanted to keep their hands clean of that mess. Nonetheless, the manga might be good? I'll give it a go!
>> No. 4128 [Edit]
NTA. Those reasons being? If you are fine with me asking. If a reason is stealing being bad I do think that it is theft only if you are pirating something which you would have spent money on if that was the only way of acquiring it
>> No. 4129 [Edit]
> I think I'll ask my pastor about this nonetheless
This is kind of hilarious, and would be a good setup for a rakugo tale (I'm reminded of the joshiraku audio drama).
>> No. 4130 [Edit]
I consider pirating college textbooks a moral good.

>I do think that it is theft only if you are pirating something which you would have spent money on if that was the only way of acquiring it
Which doesn't apply in this case. You can buy physical copies.
>> No. 4131 [Edit]
Huh, I see
>> No. 4132 [Edit]
Yeah, piracy being bad is basically the reason. I actually don't know if anyone of repute within my religion has actually commented on this matter, since piracy is such a new issue, but yeah, it's probably, basically, always wrong. I intend to ask though.
Sometimes, you're pirating something that's inaccessible legally (e.g. geographic restriction, or in the case of old media, it's been abandoned, so nobody is offering a legal way to access it).
Sometimes, you're in a small internet community, and some files have been made accessible to the community by a single person or group of people. Is this really piracy? Isn't this like sharing with friends? I think some really rich people have cinemas inside their own homes, but they get into dangerous waters when they start showing home cinema screenings of movies to audiences of like, 50 people or something. That's not really like a small family get-together. That's starting to enter into the territory of public screening, without a license. Since home cinema screenings for large gatherings seems to be bad, this implies the converse - sharing in small communities, even with digital copies, is okay.
Nonetheless, I seek my pastor's input on this matter. It's weird, because it seems to be more of a legal matter than a religious one.
Not only that, but, there's even the matter of Law Enforcement. Does a law really matter, if nobody enforces it? Is it even possible to be a totally lawful person? Even if it's illegal, do I have to obey?
These are the questions I look forward to getting clarity on.

I don't understand your post. You pirate college textbooks, and believe this is okay, because you can buy physical copies? Don't you mean can't? Don't you mean that this is okay, because you can't buy the physical copies? You can't buy them, therefore, as you would have never obtained them fairly anyway, it's okay to pirate them.
>> No. 4133 [Edit]
>because you can buy physical copies?
That was in reference to the manga you mentioned.

Me pirating college textbooks is unrelated and I do so because they're absurdly expensive and part of an exploitative business model, where they release new editions every other year even for topics that don't change like math and physics.
>> No. 4134 [Edit]
Like I mentioned, I find the idea of asking your pastor about copyright law and ethics hilarious. You might be interested in following the recent internet archive lawsuit [1] which seeks to answer just this question, whether it is legally permissible to archive abandoned and inaccessible works.

From a legal perspective though, for the manga you mentioned it is pretty cut and dry. It's not abandoned or inaccessible in any sense, since you can purchase it legally. And as the author is still alive, there's no case within the existing legal framework for this even remotely being "abandoned" work.


Yup, I consider copyright law nonsensical, and as such have no qualms with it. In fact I'd even consider it your moral duty to pirate it, since when you give these middlemen an inch they always end up taking a mile (see the recent IA lawsuits). They've even ruled fansubbing as illegal.
>> No. 4135 [Edit]
This is also another interesting scenario: when obtaining something legally, means paying an observably, deliberately inflated price. It's ironic because, your motive to pay is rooted in avoiding stealing, and yet, with the inflated price, the seller is, in a sense, stealing from you! I guess being a volountary victim of theft is okay, but then there's the little issue of the fact that you've now financially supported a thief. It's an interesting scenario.

>And as the author is still alive
I don't want anyone to come back to this discussion some day, at a time when Miyazaki is dead. :(
>> No. 4136 [Edit]
>means paying an observably, deliberately inflated price
If you're an ancap/libertarian, any price the market offers is by definition fair.
>> No. 4137 [Edit]
Not always, especially considering how many aspects of the market are really distorted by unnatural forces, like higher education and healthcare in the US. And then there's the fun fact that the currency most people use is not kosher by the standards of those ideologies, same as IP law.
>> No. 4138 [Edit]
Explain to me, how there's such a thing as "price distortion," if somebody, somewhere, is willing to pay that price?
>> No. 4139 [Edit]
NTA, but demand can be manufactured and supply artificially limited. Most people would rather be manipulated than live without what's considered a necessity or highly desirable.
>> No. 4140 [Edit]
If they're willing to be manipulated, have they not, intrinsically, accepted the price?
>> No. 4141 [Edit]
It's like accepting the price of mafia protection. You could say no, but then they'd break your legs. It's coercive.
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