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File 128925790236.jpg - (165.63KB , 650x1100 , minagi2345678.jpg )
20 No. 20 [Edit]
I'm just gonna go ahead and list off know missing features that need implemented, and know bugs/problems that need fixing.

missing features

-post editing
-spoiler images
-multi image upload.
-theme switcher for the front page
-404 page

bugs/problems that need fixing

-repairs to themes not yet fully converted to current site.
-maximum supported upload seems to only be 7mb for the time being.
-image expansion should be switched from file names to image themselves
-more file type support on more boards.
-more embedded support
-paging table needs fixing

I can't guarantee this will all be fixed soon, or at all for some things, but I assure you, am working on it.

If I forgot or missed anything, please let me know.
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>> No. 23 [Edit]
This >>13
>> No. 27 [Edit]
>404 page
i didn't even know that previous Tohno had one... you know: nothing ever expired in there.
>> No. 28 [Edit]
It's all good man, don't push yourself too hard.
>> No. 33 [Edit]
We had a 404 page on ib4f?

Also, I think the biggest thing that would come in handy is multi-image upload and spoiler images, we can edit posts in a way, by copying it, deleting it, pasting it and then editing it then posting it again, won't be in the same order/number, but would be manageable.
>> No. 34 [Edit]
we kind of had a 404 page

one we have now looks like something broke.

Don't worry guys, we haven't stopped working on things around here or anything like that, some of that stuff will just take some time to fix or implement is all.
>> No. 125 [Edit]
now that spoilers are working (thanks), i realized they aren't shown with the initial "[spoiler]" or something, on the home preview. that could be problematic.
>> No. 144 [Edit]
Yeah, you don't need to worry too much about getting things set up so quickly.

The only thing I'm really missing is the post editor, since with a place like this, it feels bad to post again if I forget something.
>> No. 1361 [Edit]
report button.
>> No. 1374 [Edit]
There's one in the bottom right corner.
>> No. 1378 [Edit]
File 131192458028.jpg - (852.70KB , 1003x642 , Untitled.jpg )
is anyone else getting this?
>> No. 1437 [Edit]
No... but looks cool; you should make a banner with it.
>> No. 1443 [Edit]
File 131367980781.png - (32.72KB , 131x136 , loliamacatsuckmydickwhorewithastrapon.png )
Could not find a appropiate thread to post on..
but I would suggest a Anonymizer because I really do not like tripfags unless they are mods.
>> No. 1444 [Edit]
Deal with it.
>> No. 1445 [Edit]
>> No. 1446 [Edit]
You might want to check out /bun/
You may like it.
>> No. 1449 [Edit]
Just add "*" to the included pages section.
I don't use it here, since I like some of the tripfriends, but /a/ on the other hand...
>> No. 1615 [Edit]
may be a odd request but a "sauce,mediawiki" button in the future would be nice(built in)
>> No. 1731 [Edit]
The Word filter doesn't seem to work
>> No. 1732 [Edit]
>> No. 1734 [Edit]
There seems to be a problem on the music page.I can't get it to load at all.Just letting you know.
>> No. 1807 [Edit]
File 132386754420.jpg - (38.70KB , 1040x181 , erorr.jpg )
Keep geting these when trying to post images on /an/ (and only there).

Post edited on 14th Dec 2011, 4:59am
>> No. 1887 [Edit]
Curious question, but where would LNs actually belong?
/vn/? /ot/? /ma/?
>> No. 1888 [Edit]
Good question, indeed, at this point.
>> No. 1890 [Edit]
>> No. 1891 [Edit]
I would think /ma/
>> No. 2025 [Edit]
I know /ddl/ have a ton that of support for various formats but could webm. be added to that list also? Of course there is no neccesary need to.
>> No. 2026 [Edit]
Also, it would be nice if /mp3/ supported .flv uploads -- I have some music-centered Flash animations I may upload sometime.
>> No. 2030 [Edit]
wtf is webm?
>> No. 2031 [Edit]
web mobile I guess?
>> No. 2032 [Edit]
Not that guy, but it's a video container. It's intended to be an alternative to mkv that can hold VP8 video and Vorbis audio, for use with HTML5 streams. It has no real advantages to mkv for local playback, mainly due to how limited it is with the formats it will contain.

For archiving the file, I would recommend muxing it into an mkv with mkvmergegui - For uploading it to /ddl/, just put it in a zip or something.

Post edited on 9th Feb 2012, 9:35pm
>> No. 2034 [Edit]
>>2026 OMG, you really did it. Thank you. Could you please enable .swf too?

Post edited on 11th Feb 2012, 7:30am
>> No. 2043 [Edit]
why do we need new mods? did some quit? I hope you choose carefully!
>> No. 2044 [Edit]

Post edited on 22nd Feb 2012, 12:23am
>> No. 2045 [Edit]
which ones quit?
>> No. 2046 [Edit]
All but two.
>> No. 2047 [Edit]
>> No. 2048 [Edit]

Well, I also hope that you choose carefully.
>> No. 2049 [Edit]
Ignore me if you think it's just going to cause drama, but why did they quit?
>> No. 2050 [Edit]
we dont need new mods tohnos just being passive agressive
>> No. 2051 [Edit]
They left becuase I'm passive agressive.
>> No. 2052 [Edit]
File 132989939090.jpg - (87.16KB , 704x396 , 1248269819290.jpg )
Dammit Tohno, you gotta stop letting people quit like that! Its not like they have lives to attend to if they are here in the first place.

Well, I don't mind helping out, if nobody else offers up, but I think Hamish is right about it for now, we don't really have too much traffic, and the posters are generally well behaved(From what I see, anyway), so unless things take a spike again, things should be fine for now. Unless there is something going on behind the curtain that I don't know about that would cause trouble? Which is entirely possible, but its pretty hard to hide things from people like us.

Just let me know if you do end up needing more help. Love this place(Probably too much), don't want to see it go down hill.
>> No. 2053 [Edit]
nobody quit they just lost interest in moderating and dont do anything. its mainly me and stalwart. tohno checks the site all the time too but he doesnt want to mod for whatever reason. if he has a problem with the moderation who knows, because he refuses to talk to anyone
>> No. 2054 [Edit]
Nah, it's like you say, it's pretty calm.
Just thought, I'd toss it out there, or something, I guess, I donno...
>> No. 2055 [Edit]
Then my point stands. As things are you two are doing a good enough job to keep things running smooth. Sure, another opinion never hurts, but as it is right now, we should focus on keeping things running smoothly, not messing with things.

I understand where you are coming from, bro, I just don't think we really need any more right now. Still, as I said, I am always willing to help the site out when you need it(I've even donated to help when I had money), so it is really up to you. If you feel there should be more people, and find people that have the interest of the site at heart, then go for it, but be careful of too many voices being thrown around in a room, you may lose the ability to hear the ones that matter most(If that makes sense? It probably doesn't. Sounded better in my head), and remember to take it easy from time to time.
>> No. 2056 [Edit]
I think just you and Stalwart is enough. Its not like the site is very active or anything you b-baka...
>> No. 2057 [Edit]
>> No. 2058 [Edit]
File 132990201137.jpg - (39.21KB , 301x267 , 1250674673845.jpg )
Just go with what you feel is best, man.

>That email.
Cut that shit out.

Also, come back to the channel. You've been gone far too long. All these people gathered because you made the site for yourself and them, don't avoid something you've created. You don't have to even really talk, just your presence would be a step in the right direction again.
>> No. 2059 [Edit]
Would be weird if a mod left. This is the cleanest site I've been to.
>> No. 2060 [Edit]
I didn't even know we had more mods than you and stalwart. I know theres some other mods on irc but I thought they were only on the irc side of things
>> No. 2156 [Edit]
The "feeling" wordfilter kind of messes things up


Post edited on 11th Mar 2012, 9:06pm
>> No. 2157 [Edit]
and that link takes me to a 404 even though I can see the post is there. weirdness abound!
>> No. 2300 [Edit]
I know I've brought this up before but I really wish the hide thread button stopped posts in it from appearing on the front page
>> No. 2699 [Edit]
This. It makes whole hide button useless.
>> No. 2700 [Edit]
That would be awesome.
>> No. 2701 [Edit]
The catalog is pretty nice.
>> No. 2702 [Edit]
Yeah the catalog is cool, good job. Makes threads much easier to search for. You could probably put the link somewhere less obtrusive though.
>> No. 2705 [Edit]
Is Tohno-chan's software custom? If not I don't see why not switch to Northboard, it's quite nice.
>> No. 2706 [Edit]

Tohno-chan runs Kusaba X with some slight alterations done by one of the admins.

I've never heard of a link?
>> No. 2707 [Edit]
slight alterations is a bit of a understatement.
>> No. 2708 [Edit]

>> No. 2715 [Edit]
Some suggestions for the catalogue:

First this: >>2702
Second: have the catalog cover the archive also
Third: Don't use thread titles as the summary for the thread, they're often vague
Fourth: Make the summaries for each thread larger for easier ctrl+f
>> No. 2718 [Edit]
>Don't use thread titles as the summary for the thread, they're often vague
There's anything wrong with using the subject.
It's really just the fault of people who make the threads for not including proper subjects, or using vague images that have nothing or little to do with the topic.
/bun/ does so as well for their catalog, and they strongly encourage people to use the subject field properly when making threads.
this is a perfect example of the OP not the catalog, being the problem, in the example linked, even if the catalog used the message inplace of the subject, it still wouldn't work becuase the OP didn't even bother to use a message
>> No. 2722 [Edit]
No, thats not a good idea. Heres why:
-Can't be applied retrospectively. All the threads already made will have bad/no titles.
-Incompetence: people are too lazy/stupid/didn't know they had to make good thread titles
-Theres only so much information you can put in the title.
-Its hard to ctrl+f. People usually remember the body of the text, they don't even read the title. Its better to provide people the whole information rather than a summary of it.

Its better to just apply this simple technical solution than fight a constant battle against people's attitudes.
>> No. 2728 [Edit]
>Its better to just apply this simple technical solution than fight a constant battle against people's attitudes.
Aren't we on TC fighting a constant battle to keep it from becoming a Ford Driver filled 4chan clone?
I don't know about you, but from what I'm seeing, the vast majority of threads here were in fact made properly.
screen cap or image from series + title, real fucking hard.
there are only a small handful of poorly made threads.
Rather than just accept it, we should also encourage people to post properly.
>implying we don't chew out people for typing like this
>mfw fighting the system keeps people from doing this shit and makes the site work better.
It's always been up to the OP to make the thread properly, for example, I try to tell people not to start threads with youtube videos, becuase they get deleted, marked as private, or 'embedded disabled' all the god damn time. and you end up with this
This was a bad way to make a thread even before the catalog existed, but it's not the norm, just a bad apple.

Besides, it's already set to read from the message field if there's no subject.

Post edited on 25th Aug 2012, 2:04pm
>> No. 2731 [Edit]
what's with the linkbucks thing on the front page? are you hurting for money tohno?
>> No. 2732 [Edit]
Nah, being a NEET actually pays pretty well!
>> No. 2733 [Edit]
are we in danger of going down? ;_;
>> No. 2734 [Edit]
Man, I knew people were gonna make a big deal about it...
>> No. 2735 [Edit]
I don't see how you're going to earn mroe than $5 a year from linkbucks
>> No. 2736 [Edit]
Nor do I
>> No. 2737 [Edit]
I donated $50 to the site a few months ago and I think it'd be great if people who care about the site could do the same, even if it's not so much, to insure it lasts for a long time... I'm that lame guy who changes his nick in IRC all the time, for you guys thinking it may just be Tohno begging for donations (he's not ;_;). This site should stay up for as long as possible
>> No. 2738 [Edit]
Whenever I get my own bank account I might donate a few bucks
>> No. 2739 [Edit]
As poor as I am I donated a bunch of money once. If you can spare it, I think it would be helpful to do.
>> No. 2740 [Edit]
I'm not asking for donations.
and the site wont go down any time soon.
I'll keep the site running even if I have to sell all my stuff to do so.
>> No. 2741 [Edit]
I'd give you my own server first before I let you sell anything for TC.
>> No. 2742 [Edit]
Oh haruhi, I don't want TC to die! I'm gonna try to donate on sunday.


Even though my snarky passive aggressiveness has seeped into a couple of my posts, I still like this site more than any other.
>> No. 2743 [Edit]
Charles fucking Darwin, you guys need to relax and calm the Michigan down.
I'm telling you, it's nothing I can't handle.
but thanks for letting me know you care.
>> No. 2744 [Edit]

I-it's not like we like the site or anything...
>> No. 2756 [Edit]
If the board catalog link is obtrusive, where would you prefer it to be placed?
>> No. 2757 [Edit]
I think it's fine where it is
>> No. 2758 [Edit]
I think it should be here for a couple of weeks more maybe(so old users who don't check the news get to see the link) and then maybe you could move it to the points under the post formulary(like it is on most other imageboards)?
>> No. 2761 [Edit]

I think it's okay where it is. Maybe just remove the line breaks, if you'd like to minimize it.
>> No. 2762 [Edit]
It looks like ass

Somewhere below the last line break, perhaps above the delete/report buttons.
>> No. 2764 [Edit]
board catalogue function is looking neat. thank you.
>> No. 2765 [Edit]
great site
>> No. 2783 [Edit]
Has catalog disappeared?
>> No. 2784 [Edit]
Right above the report box.
>> No. 2785 [Edit]
No, people didn't like the link being where one could easily find it, so I moved it to where one could easily miss it.

Post edited on 16th Sep 2012, 1:29am
>> No. 2786 [Edit]
Why would you do that?
>> No. 2787 [Edit]
More people were against it's first placement than were for it.

>> No. 2788 [Edit]
You could make a button for it. Also, another good place to put it is in the blotter.
>> No. 2828 [Edit]
I don't know if making it a button would help any, I also didn't know we had a blotter. ...or what a blotter is.
>> No. 2830 [Edit]
Making a button would make it more visible. Blotter is that bit with the mini-text thats under the area where you write your post.
>> No. 2831 [Edit]
Ah okay, guess I could try putting it there.
>> No. 2834 [Edit]
File 134815335335.jpg - (55.55KB , 1280x720 , wallpaper-1085729.jpg )
I think it would be useful if the thread title was also placed in the page name.
This way one can know which tab is what in their browser.

Soemthing like:
"stuff that needs work - /fb/ - Feedback"
instead of
"/fb/ - Feedback"
>> No. 2835 [Edit]
Interesting idea.
>> No. 2874 [Edit]
When trying to post images of high resolution,

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1348 bytes) in /home/tohno/ on line 82
>> No. 2875 [Edit]
all boards have a 7mb limit. host/sever wont allow for any more than that in any single file upload
>> No. 2876 [Edit]
I never said big filesize, just big resolution.
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