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File 128925790236.jpg - (165.63KB , 650x1100 , minagi2345678.jpg )
20 No. 20 [Edit]
I'm just gonna go ahead and list off know missing features that need implemented, and know bugs/problems that need fixing.

missing features

-post editing
-spoiler images
-multi image upload.
-theme switcher for the front page
-404 page

bugs/problems that need fixing

-repairs to themes not yet fully converted to current site.
-maximum supported upload seems to only be 7mb for the time being.
-image expansion should be switched from file names to image themselves
-more file type support on more boards.
-more embedded support
-paging table needs fixing

I can't guarantee this will all be fixed soon, or at all for some things, but I assure you, am working on it.

If I forgot or missed anything, please let me know.
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>> No. 5384 [Edit]
You should knew from the other thread that it is a lost cause.

Thanks for trying, though.
>> No. 5385 [Edit]

I don't think this would benefit /akb/'s residents, either. I know they're well aware themselves of how 3D is viewed here as a whole. Making it visible would just cause an unnecessary shitstorm and userbase divide.
>> No. 5386 [Edit]
yep, couldn't agree more.
>> No. 5394 [Edit]
test post
>> No. 5396 [Edit]
File 142069246622.jpg - (365.21KB , 1364x584 , tc broken.jpg )
I'm getting this type of pages after I post in all boards, but apparently they're computing alright.
>> No. 5397 [Edit]
I changed some things yesterday to enable spoiler pictures in all boards. If anything, that's what causing it, but it shouldn't.
Anyway, it's just warnings that have been there since forever. I just need to find a how to prevent them from showing, again.

Sorry for the inconvenience, gonna takke a look at it.
>> No. 5401 [Edit]
Ok, it should be gone now. Unless another file starts giving crap, which might happen.
>> No. 5402 [Edit]
It's fixed.
Thanks a lot.

Post edited on 8th Jan 2015, 10:50am
>> No. 5425 [Edit]
File 142274556167.jpg - (50.48KB , 1110x428 , Capture.jpg )
I'm getting two subject fields on /an/, and it was strongly advised I note it here.
using Firefox 35.0.1

It works correctly for the new thread posting on /vn/ /mt/ and /ddl/.
the reply posting works correctly on /vn/ /mt/ /ddl/ and /fb/

everywhere else gives the two subject lines, as shown in the attached image.
I have no idea how you manged to break the site everywhere but in those very specific places, but you did. You should be proud of yourself.
>> No. 5426 [Edit]
Try doing a full refresh(ctrl+f5 on most browsers) on the page affected by that issue.
And what style is that that you are using? Might(but should not) have something to do with it.
>> No. 5427 [Edit]
the refresh fixed it, did it on this board and now it's fixed for all the boards.
Probably had something to do with me having a cache from the previous iteration of the site.

Also, using paisley.
>> No. 5438 [Edit]
Do feature requests go here? I just wanted to share that it would be nice if there was an option to show more than the 15 last posts on the front page, like 30 or 50 posts.
>> No. 5446 [Edit]
Seemed simple enough so thought I'd give it a shot, way things were coded that wasn't really the case and I kinda broke things while messing with it...
I'll try playing around with it more and see if I can figure it out.
>> No. 5451 [Edit]
Thank you for your effort, it's much appreciated.
>> No. 5512 [Edit]
All the stuff in the top bar is now a semi-broken link. They need a / added to the end.
Clicking them gives you a white screen with :

Moved Permanently

The document has moved here.

with the link going to the correct url.
>> No. 5513 [Edit]
The link to the ebay store on /fig/ needs to be updated.
>> No. 5527 [Edit]
I'm planning to begin another round of site improvements soon™. The list for this one is fairly short so I'm taking suggestions for tweaks and/or new features you'd like to see.
Keep in mind kusaba is a mess and I may be unwilling to deal with things that require too much fiddling with the internals and things dependent on tacking new third-party libraries/software onto the site might be off the table too.

The current list includes:
- Revamping the spam honeypot.
- Working on >>5438 's request.
- Taking a look at our ages old password problem.
- Ruining the site's styles with CSS3 fuckery.
- Making a javascript yukkuri that follows the mouse cursor and explodes into a fine, 3D rendered with webGL, bloody mist when you click on it.
- Putting a button to ban y'all fuckers who reports posts with "lol that dude is a faggot" as a reason.
- the ablity to use avatars with posts, with built in post counts and a PM system. and the front page could show who has the hightest post count
- posting to facebook and twitter
>> No. 5528 [Edit]
I think I had a good idea a few months ago but I can't remember it right now, give me a second
>> No. 5531 [Edit]
I would greatly appreciate a preview post button.
>> No. 5532 [Edit]
I'll examine, but sounds pretty doable.
Thinking of making it pop in a box using the JS resources we already have in place because I don't want to mess much with the template engine too much.
>> No. 5533 [Edit]
Thumbnails for webms maybe.
>> No. 5534 [Edit]
File 143522012077.webm - (2.93MB , d5c117275fda5d8054382fd686f7094e.webm )
I thought we already had that?
>> No. 5535 [Edit]
File 143527080814.png - (58.85KB , 572x216 , some things should stay broken.png )
>> No. 5542 [Edit]
Multiple file uploading, 2+ images per post
>> No. 5543 [Edit]

Could be neat. We used to have that an I vaguely remember using it a couple of times.
>> No. 5544 [Edit]

this or remove the error you get when trying to upload files with a comma in the file name.
>> No. 5545 [Edit]
Nope, that would involve lots of internal tweaking to do it right. It sounds useful and I might give it a try if tohno approves of the idea, but it's certainly out of the timeframe for the next patch.

I'm not sure about that, it would involve either changing the separator to another character and having the problem again when someone tries uploading a file with that character in the filename or completely overhauling the way kusaba handles multiple files per post so it's not a problem. Which means I won't touch that until I begin working with multiple file uploads, if I do, unless it's extremely simple to fix.
>> No. 5546 [Edit]
Where do you discuss learning Japanese if the Japanese board can only be used in Japanese?
>> No. 5548 [Edit]
>> No. 5561 [Edit]
there is a thread for it on /ot/ go find it.
>> No. 5568 [Edit]
Thanks for the new feature on the front page, man.
>> No. 5569 [Edit]
Clicking on post numbers doesn't work anymore for me. Used to take me up to the comment box and inject the post number, but now it does nothing.
>> No. 5570 [Edit]
In a sense it injects the post number, just on the wrong form. Yeah, that went completely over my head, I'll try to fix it later today.
>> No. 5571 [Edit]
the front page has been reverted back to its old layout for a few days or a week maybe. When /navi/ was added there was the update where a few more boards got listed but now that is gone.
>> No. 5572 [Edit]
That's my bad too. I completely forgot Tohno had modified the front page so I was working on an old version and that's what I uploaded.
I'll see if tohno has any backups, if not I'll have to ask for a screenshot of how it looked to reconstruct it(does anybody have one?).
>> No. 5573 [Edit]
Both should be fixed. Just need some time to rebuild the html files for all boards. If reflinks are still not working after some 15min from now do a full refresh and try again.
>> No. 5598 [Edit]
File 143925012775.png - (224.87KB , 926x822 , tc-snap.png )
>> No. 5599 [Edit]
What's weird?
>> No. 5600 [Edit]
It's perfectly fine here. Your browser's fault.
>> No. 5683 [Edit]
I've noticed that when replying to a thread, instead of being redirected to the board it stays on

does this happen to anyone else?
>> No. 5701 [Edit]
Whoever said that has no idea what they're talking about.
What probably happened is that the hosting company changed our php version and it broke the custom settings we had in place and kusaba needs to work properly.
I already did what is needed to fix, just need time until the server picks it up or until I can convince tohno to do it manually.
>> No. 5702 [Edit]
And the server picked it up. We shouldn't have any more problems until the hosting company kicks us up to another php version again.
>> No. 5704 [Edit]
Thank you for keeping tc working nicely~
>> No. 5718 [Edit]
I made a post recently, and it gave me these errors. The post still went through and it didn't happen again, so.
>> No. 5740 [Edit]
Are you a mod? You shouldn't be seeing that unless you are.
Anyway, I already know about that thing. It's harmless as far as I can tell and getting rid of it will involve far too much work for me to bother with.
>> No. 5948 [Edit]
So, what was the april fools thing supposed to be?

I get the feeling a 500 internal server error wasn't the intended outcome of that.
>> No. 5978 [Edit]
I added em in, but yeah I don't think anyone bothers with that section. Took a few minutes to realize what you were talking about myself. I think the boards are kinda self explanatory anyways to tell the truth.
>> No. 6098 [Edit]
I'm not sure how much is the page related to Tohno-chan but there sure are many unused and joke(Snoop Dogg?) sites
>> No. 6188 [Edit]
quick question.

would a mod account allow one to post in a locked board?
>> No. 6204 [Edit]
yah I think so.
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